North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XXXV11, No. 29
SHELBY. N. C. MONDAY, MAR. 9, 1931
Published Monday. Wednesday and Friday Afternoons
'<) Mail oer rear no ulreoeei
I arner orr reer. no annum
'.'niton, per lb. ...._...... 10c up
."olton seed, per bus-«el; —. -33.'
Fair Tuesday. i
Today’s North Carolina Weather
Report: Fair tonight and Tuesday,
sot much change in temperature.
Fight Sales Tax.
Raleigh, March 9.—The vanguard'
of an army of 2,000 state merchants I
mobilizing for a mighty attack upon,
any form of sales tax descended |
upon the Capital last night ready
to launch the tenth legislative week
with a bank when the joint finance
committee grants them their much
delayed hearing at 3 o’clock this aft
ernoon. The gathering of the mer
chants, preceded by thousands of
telegrams, letters, and petitions car
rying uncounted names, overshad
ows the regular session which will j
begin with both senate and house i
meeting at noon to consider calen
dars bulging with important bills. I
Shelby Quint
Wins Tourney
In Finul Game
Defeats Lumberton j
At State College
Locals Cop Hass A. Honors Saturday j
Night In Raleigh. McSwain
Tops Scorers.
Another silver loving cup was
added to the trophy room of the
Shelby high school’s athletic de
partment this morning as the
result of Shelby’s cage victory
over Lumberton at Raleigh Sat
urday night which gave the lo
cal quint class A honors for the
state In the annual state college
tournament. The score in the 1
championship game was 13 to 9.
To win state-wide class A honors
the Cleveland county basketball
champions defeated four teams—
Mt. Airy. Lucama, Wilkesboro and
Another Honor.
While Shelby's Morris-Falls team
was capturing the class A cham
pionship the strong Rutherfordton
.earn was defeated by Conway, for
he class B title of the tournament.
Vs a matter of local interest the
last Conway team, class B champs,
was coached by Jonah Morrison
native Shelby boy, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Morrison.
The local cagers had a tough time
merging victors from the tourney.
The highest score Shelby made in
any game was 15 points and prac
tically every game was a nip-and
tuck affair with the final outcome
in doubt until the fast whistle. In
the semi-finals game with Wilkes^
boro it was necessary to play three
overtime periods before Shelby could
defeat the husky Wilkesboro quint,
fn the final game Shelby’s ability
to toss foul goals was the only thing
shat defeated Lumberton as the
locals made only three field goats
during the entire contest while Lum
berton looped In four. Steady de
Hit In The Leg By
Accidental Shol
Gun Goes Off When He Shoots At
Dog After Doves On Front
Mr. Everett McDaniels, who oper
ates a service station near his home
on Highway 20 in the western sec
tion of Shelby, received a flesh
wound in his left knee this morning
when his .38 calibre gun was acci
dentally discharged.
Mrs. McDaniel heard a noise cn
the porch where some Jap-dese
doves were kept and called her hus
band about 3 this morning. He se
c ured his gun and stepped to the
porch, as he opened the screen door
,t flew back and struck his hand
just as he was preparing to shoot at
a dog which was attempting to get,
to the doves, and the gun fired, the
bullet going through the flesh of the
leg and on into the porch. He fol
lowed the dog and shot at ;t again
Wore calling a physician to have
the wound treated.
S. Shelby School
Wins Flag Contest
Seventh G-aders Given Copy Of
Constitution By American
Legion Auxiliary.
The seventh grade of the South
Shelby school, of which Miss Selma
Webb is the principal and Miss Isa
bel! Hoey Is teacher, won the flag
code contest sponsored last week by
the local post of the American Le
mon auxiliary.
The contest was held in all high
school grades and the seventh grades
or the city school system, the win
ning grade making a higher ranking
in explaining the flag code such at
the proper exhibitionbf the flag and
respect due thereto. The 8. Shel
by class was presented with a fram
ed copy o* the Unit'd States con
Htutlon by Mrs Tom Gold and
•fher official? of the auxiliary.
Webb Contzst
Won By Kings
Mountain Girl
Shelby Boy Winner
Essay Medal
No. 8 And Baltimore Girls Get Hon
orable Mention. Bay Brown
Second In Essays.
Miss Jean Ware, representing the
Kings Mountain high school, was
the winter here Friday night of the
annual Selina Webb recitation con
test for high school girls of Cleve
land county.
During the contest it was also an
nounced that Felix Gee, Shelby
high school boy, was the winner of
the annual Selma Webb essay con
Others Good.
Miss Ware's subject was “Pro
Palria.” M*>» Vera Arrowood, of
the No 8 school, won first honor
able mention with her recitation
"LHtlest Rebel." Miss Genevieve
Blanton, of Lattimore, was accord
ed third honors.
Other entrants in the contest
were Misses Hazel Wilson. FaUston;
Frances Walker. Moore, boro; Mae
Ledford, Bclwood, Ruth Hunt, No.
3; Beth Randall, Grover; Mamie
Lou Forney, Piedmont; Mary Sue
Holland, Bolling Springs; Willard.
Brackett, Casar; and Mary Lillian
Speck, Shelby.
The judges of the recitation con
test were Mrs. George Falls, Miss
Irene Sox, and Mrs. R. L. George, of
Essay Contest,
Felix Gee was given the es;;ay
medal for his essay On "Big Ben.”
Ray Brown, Shelby football and
basketball star, won second place in
the essay contest, and Miss Barbara
Summitt, Kings Mountain, was
The judges of the essay contest
were Prof. W. F. Warlick, principal,
and other members of the Conover,
Catawba county, school faculty.
The contest, drew a large crowd
to the central school auditorium.
Several musical numbers were on
the program. There was a chorus,
"Boats of Mine,” by the Shelby
school, a solo, "Roaming in the
Gloaming,” by Howard Bettis ,of No.
3, and two numbers, “San Lucia”
and “The Echo,” by the Lattimore
Express Truck In
New Jersey Wreck
Turns Over. Hits House. Truck And
House Both Burn
■ \ '
A big motor express truck, of the
K and S motor line, Shelby to New
York, carrying a load of textile mill
i goods from Shelby, turned over,
crashed into a house and both the
j house and truck burned up Friday
! night in a small New Jersey town.
James Roberts, of Shelby, son of
i Capt, and Mrs. J. F. Roberts, was
'One of the two men on the truck.
Along with the other man, White
sail, of eastern Carolina. Roberts
was taken to a New Jer.ey hospital
but was found not to be injured.
Whitesall suffered, it is understood,
an injury to his back.
Full details of the wreck have
not been learned here. First infor
mation had it that the big truck was
sideswiped by another truck and
knocked off an embankment plung
ing into a small, unoccupied house.
■ The truck then caught on fife and
burned along with the house.
A Correction.
In publishing a list of pledges to
!the Boiling Springs college budget
| fund the pledge of the faculty wee
S given as $195 when it should have
(been $350.
Soars High Above the Highest
Ruth Nichols, of Rye, N. Y., '
smiles gaily as she receives con
gratulations of Clarence Cham
berlain, tran3-Atlantic flier, at
the completion pf her thrilling
feat when she captured the wo
men’s altitude record with a
flight of six miles above the
towers of Manhattan, Diagram
at the left shows a comparison
of Ruth Nichols’ flight with other
records and famous heights.
Gardner Reorganization State
Government Assured; Assembly
To Continue Session Ten Days
McSwafn At Home,
Says Assembly To
Continue 2 Weeks
Much Work Yet To Do, No- More
Pay. Edwards Wants Revalua
tion Halted.
Senator Peyton McSwaln, home
from Raleigh for several days, says
that the general assembly will not'
likely be able to complete its work !
for two weeks yet. After Saturday,
the end of the regular session, the
lawmakers do not draw pay. With
the revenue bill yet to be written
and presented Senator McSwain
does not see how the assembly can
complete its program under 10 days
at least. j
Saturday notice was served on the
house by Representative Henry B.|
Edwards of Cleveland that a state
wide bill to allow county commis
sioners to postpone a revaluation of
real property in their discretion
would be presented the body. Gov
ernor Gardner has favored postpon
ing revaluation until 1933, and un
der the Neal act the work, which
was supposed to start January 1,
was postponed until March 15.
Shelby Senior* Plan
For Annual Play
Will Present Booth Tarkington's
Well Known Comedy
• "" ■ ■ • '■ j
Members ot the senior class ofcj
the Shelby high school are busy re*,
I hearsing for the annual senior playj
which will be presented at an early1
| The play chosen this year Is
| Booth Tarkington’s well known
j comedy “Clarence,” which ran for
[several months on Broadway’ and
'was made with a motion picture
1 with Wallace Reid as the star.
Several members of the cast ap
peared in the junior play last year,
and several are making their first
appearance on the stage.
James Shephard plays the part
of Clarence and other members of
the cast are: Sarah Thompson,
Mary Jenkins. Mae Lattimore, Kath
leen Laughinghouse, Matilda Jenks,
'Hubert Wilson, Pegram Holland,
'John Corbett and Everette Toms.
Ask For N. C. Ballot Boxks
In Pritchard Challenge Of
Bailey Election As Senator
Gardner To Cooperate. Bailey To
Help Clear Up Pritchard
Charges. -
: Washington. March 1).—The sen
ate elections sub-committee to hear
tite contest against Senator-elect
Josiah W. Bailey has requested Gov
ernor Gardner to turn over the bal
lot boxes used in the last election to
the investigators here.
Governor Gardner is requested to
direct tSe state legislature to in
struct North Carolina election of
ficials to transmit all election ma
terial to Washington. This is the
! same procedure as in the Alabama
'case, wherein Senator Heflin con
tested the election of Senator-elect
: In the Alabama ri.-c. the -eivite
[ adopted a resolution calling on the
i Alabama state legislature to turn
'over election paraphernalia to the
[privileges und elections committee.
In the present North Carolina case,
the subcommittee acted in the be
lief that it had the power to im
pound the boxes without the sen
ate’s having passed on it.
Senator Bailey appeared before
the committee Friday morning be
fore leaving for Raleigh in the com
pany of Senator Cameron Morrison,
: Bailey promised to cooperate with
jthe investigators and proposed he
jsee Governor Gardner and urge the
latter's cooperation as well
The defeated candidate and for
| mer congressman, George M. Pritch
j ard, who charged illegal practices,
, CON’TrttCFrj ON PACT rtOHT.i
Road Bill Was “Hindenburg Line"
And It Carried. Working
Overtime Now.
(By M. R. punnagau)
(Star News Bureau.)
Raleigh, Mar. 9,—Governor 'a*'ti
ller's program of reorganization of
state and local government:, has
gained such impetus during the past
week by the enactment of part of
his bills and test votes on others
which Insure their possage, that it
is confidently expected that ali of
the measures he desires enacted will
come very near becoming the law.
He probably will abandon one or
two of his for mer proposals on the
ground of probable improvement on
the plan or that, the aim has been,
in part, reached, by consideration o:
the measures.
The road measure w as looked upon
as the “Hinderburg line” and
all agreed that if that went over,
most, of the other administration
measures would have easier sledding
That is why Governor Gardner stak
ed his program on that bill, and
whin it was enacted he was ,'ssured
of practical success in most ol the
ether measures proposed and push
ed, Test votes in one or both house;
on his bill provided a director of
personnel, his director of purchases
and contract measure, and the con-,
sc filiation of the three higher edu
cational institutions as the Uni
■'ersity of North Carolina assure
the success of his program.
Most Important.
The local government commission
measure, already enacted, in prob
Clever Whiskey .
Storage Is Found
Demijohn Under Floor With Valve
Pump To Draw Out Booze Nab
bed Bv Officers.
A clever storage tank, built abound
a five-gallon glass demijohn, was
located and captured Saturday by
county otiicers in the home of Vaucr
Jolly, colored.
The demijohn was beneath th*
Poor of the house where-it could lx
reached through a trap-door. Lead
ing from the demijohn to the open
ing were two small pipes, one an in
take pipe and the other with a valvt
pump connection for drawing ou'
the contents. In the jar when it was
pulled out officers found almost i
gallon of whiskey
Jolly contended that he did no
know the container was there anc
insisted that it must have beer
placed there before he moved ink
the house,. However, he was fined
$25 and the costs in county cpurl
Officers making the raid were
Deputies Buren Dedmon, Bob Ken
drick, Henry McKinney, Ben Cooper
Gus Jolley and Bunyan Jones.
Mr. King Leaves
Hospital, Better
Mr. Pink King, who has been in
the Shelby hospital since Saturday
night suffering with lacerations oi
the limbs,, was able to be removed tc
Ills home today. His friends will lie
'dad to know that bis condition is
-1 improved that he eorld bo moved
! "t has been in ill health 'or some
Hoover Names
Jonas To Job
In Recess Move j
May Prosecute At
Term Here
Former Congressman OeU Recess i
Appointment. Must He Ap
proved Inter.
Chius. A. Jonas, of Llncolntoh.
whose term as congressman of this
district ended last Wednesday, in ay
act as district attorney of federal
court for the first time here Monday
week when the spring term at U. 8
courts convenes here.
Given Job.
Washington, March 9.—President.
Hoover Saturday gave Charles A.
Jonas, former Representative of the
ninth North Carolina district in
congress, a recess appointment as
United States attorney for the
western district of North Carolina.
Jonas, who was defeated for re
election was nominated for the
place several weeks before congress
adjourned'but failed of confirma
Senator Morrison, Democrat, North
Carolina, asked the judiciary com
mittee to withold a report on. his
confirmation and his name was re
ferred to a sub-committee which
never reported.
Charlotte, Mar. 9.—Recess ap
pointment of former Congressman
C. A. Jonas as district attorney.j
United States court Western North j
Carolina district, means that he]
may serve without confirmation 01 ]
the senate for the time being but
sooner or later he must have the
senate’s approval. The matter is
expected to come up at the next
session of congress.
It Is expected that Mr. Jonas will
move the district attorney’s office
here from Asheville if lie accepts
the appointment. The office Is now
in Asheville where it was moved
from here when Thomas J. Harkins,
of Asheville, lately resigned, became
! district attorney.
The first of the spring terms of
the court will begin soon in Shelby
and the question of whether or not
Mr. Jonas will accept the recess ap
pointment is of importance in view
of that.
Prof, tiomll
Buried Sunday
Taught In Cleveland and Gaston
Counties For Twenty Years.
Dies In Atlanta.
Prof. Robert L. Howell, native of
Cleveland county and brother of
Grover and Mills Howell, of Shelby,
was buried here Sunday afternoon
in Sunset cemetery, following the
funeral service conducted by Dr.
Zeno Wall at the L«tz and Jackson
funeral home at 2:30 o’clock. A
third brother, George, lives at Gas
Prof. Howell was born in Cleve
land county In 1867 and after at
tending school under Capt. Bell,
went to the University of North
Carolina where he was graduated
in the class of 1896. He virtually
worked hLs wsy through school and
deserves a great deal of credit for
having become a prominent educa
tor in the section. For twenty
years he taught schools in Cleveland
and Gaston counties, served for
eight years at Grover and a number
of years at El Bethel school.
Prof. Howell joined New Prospect
church some 42 years ago and was
a fine Christian gentleman, pleas
antly remembered by hundreds ef
older people in this and Gaston
counties. For a number of years ne
had been living in Atlanta in broken
health. After a long illness, he de
veloped pneumonia last Wednesday
and died Friday evening at 6:30 at
the age of 63 years. Surviving are
two sons and one daughter, Robert
Spencer Howell, a student in Au
gusta Military academy, Aubry
Howell of Atlanta, and Mrs. Wilma
Kischner, of Miami, Fla.
Active pall bearers- were: Ben
Suttle, S. A. McMurry, J, J. Latti
more, Rush Hamrick, Stough.Wray,
Wm. Hagley.
Mr. Newton Shows
Improvement Now
J. Clint Newtom county solicitor,
is much improved at his home on
West Marion street where he has
been sick for the past three weeks.
He is still troubled with nausea and
has little appetite, but is not suffer
ing so much and has hopes of com
ing to his office within the nest
four or five days if his improvement
"ontinues. The nurse has seen dis
missed and he sits up in a chair
, -cmc each rlnv,
Jonas Given
Recess Place
i'ormcr Congressman ('has. A. Jonas
was given a recess appointment us
federal district attorney for this dis
trict. Mr. Jonas has accepted the
appointment, and may art as pros
ecutor In the district court term here
next week.
Nash To Opm
Store Of Own
Well Known Business Man To Start
Exclusive Shop For
It was announced today by Mr.
Joe E Nash, well known young
Sfelby business man, that ne would
at an early date open an exclusive
ready-to-wear , store lor ladies to be
'.mown as Nash, Incorporated.
Tire new firm will be located in
the storeroom formerly occupied by
Abernethy's Jewelry between the
Cleveland Drug store and A. V.
Wray's on LaFayette street, just
across from the court square, Mr.
Nash, who leaves Tuesday for New
York to purchase a stock vt new
spring goods for his store, states
that his new store will be opened
before Easter, probably by March
20 Mrs. Henry Woodson will be as
sociated with him in the operation
of the store.
Mr. Nash came to Shelby 10 years
ago and Is one of the city's most
popular and efficient business men.
For several years he was manager
of the Fanning and Paragon depart
ment stores here and in Hickory,
and man recently he has bejn as
sociated with Mr. Mai Spangler ir.
the operation of the Paragon furni
ture store. No young business man
of the city is better known to the
trade of this section than the pro
prietor of the new store
Veteran Railroad
Conductor Passes
Capt Claude S. Morrison, veteran
Southern railway conductor. who
served for 51 years without a repri
mand and was one of the best
known railroad men in the state,
died Friday night at Charlotte
where he lived. Among the survi
vors is a daughter who ina-ried
Hugh O. Boyer, son of Dr. H. K.
Boyer, former Shelby Methodist
Brought From Norfolk.
Deputy Jerry Runyan and Zeb
| Beam and Max Connor returned
Saturday night from Norfolk, bring
ing with them Stacey Gamble who
was under bond for a hearing at
the next court term here.
Road Tax Levy Cut
From 10 To 45 Cents
Closing Of Kings
Mountain Bank Is j
Undergoing Probe
Depositors Organize To Investigate .
Management And Condition
% Of Hank.
Kings Mountain, Mar. 9.—A ma&s
meeting of the depositors of the
Commercial Bank Ac Trust company
was held in the Woodmen of the
World hull here last week.
The meeting was largely attend
ed. and it was estimated that about
two hundred were present, the mn-|
lority being from Kings Mountain
and the surrounding community,
and a few from Lincoln and Gaston
At the meeting a depositors* pro
tective committee was appointed
with power to employ and to take
such action as the committee shatl
direct, and to agree upon the terms
of employment. Information, taken
f"om the reports of the certified
public accountants who made an
investigation and audited the af
fairs of the bank after It closed, was
made Known. It. is understood that
these reports are alleged to show
that the bank was in a very deplor
able state for some time prior to its
"losing, and representatives of the
depositors say that there is every
reason to believe that there was
"rose mismanagement o» the part
of the officers and directors.
The Commercial Bank & Trust
company was capitalised at five
hundred thousand dollars, and had
a surplus of one hundred thousand
dolars. The Gastonia bank several
verrs ago merged with a Mount
Holly. Umcoluton. CherryvUle, and
Kings Mountain bank, and at the
time of Its failure was one of the
larget financial Institutions in the
Piedmont section of the Carolines.
The. bank failed on April 4, 1929,
and with the aid of the stockholders
assesmenis has been able to pay
three ten percent dividends, but the
depositors are not hopeful of receiv
•ng much more. After the failure of
the br nk, G. N. Hensou, the cash
ier and vice president and director
of the Institution, was appointed li
quidating agent, which position he
held until a short time ago when he
was promoted by the chief bank
examiner to take charge of the
failed Central Bank and t rust com
pany, Asheville, and a number of
Other insolvent banks nearby which
were placed in the hands of the
corporation commission for liquida
Eastern Star Will
Name New Officer!
A regular meeting of the local
Eastern Star wilt be held Tuesday
evening at 7:30. Officers for the
coming year will be elected and all
members are urged to attend.
I ' __ . ■
Auxil:ary Meet*
At Court House
I The ladies auxiliary of the Span
! American war will meet, tonight
at 7:30 in the court house. All mem
;bers are asked to be present.
Get Your Free Map Now
Showing The Road By Your House
It’s a Highway Map of Cleveland county, showing
} the 793 miles of highway which will he taken over and
maintained by the state.
This map is new, having just been finished from a
survey by the Federal Bureau of Highway and the State
! Highway Department.
Size 16x17 inches, printed on good paper, showing
consolidated schools, township lines, various types and
classes of roads by townships.
It shows the road passing your door if you live on
a county road.
You can get one of these new maps by paying fl
or more on subscription to The Star, either at the office
or one of our subscription agents, P. S, Gettys or Q, J.
The Cleveland Star
The Prize Newspaper Of North Carolina Outside
The Daily Class.
No. 2, 10 Townships
Cut Most
No. (5 Township Tax Remaining Will
Be Lowest. Interest Levy
With nil county highways, being
maintained under the new Rtata
■system after July I the road tax lev
ies In the various townships ol
Cleveland county will be reduced
ftom 45 cents in No. Two and No. 1(1
townships to 10 cents in No. 6 town
The new system will eliminate ail
levies for maintenance purposes but
hut will leave the levy for bond in
terest and sinking fund purposes to
take care of indebtedness already
made. In other words, only that, part
of the levy designated for mainten
ance will be removed. This, however,
'. ill be considerable relief to all town
Although No. G township, with tha
exception of the Lawndale district,
lias the lowest maintenance levy and
will therefore get the smallest cut
the township will have a township
levy of only five cents remaining
because of low Indebtedness. No.
Two and No. 10 township will have
n levy for bond interest and sinking
fund remaining of 20 and 30 cents
Reduction Shown,
Tlie following table shows the an
ticipated reduction by townships
In tlie first, column is the present
total levy for the townships. Includ
ing maintenance, bond interest and
finking fund. In the second column
is the portion of the levy for main
tenance purposes, which will be
eliminated, and the third column
shows the levy that will remain aft
er the maintenance levy is deduct
Township Total
No. 1.70
No. 2 _85
No. 3_40
No. 4 ..... 18
No . 5._40
No. 6 ..... 20
No. 7 .... 43
No. 8 .... 50
No. 9 .... 35
Lawn Die 14
No. 10 ... 75
No. 11 ... 70
Main- Remaining
tenance Levy
20 50
45 SO
28 14
10 3
35 n
15 !»
30 13
30 20
18 7 ■
3 11
45 30
40 30
Cleveland Farmer
Lespedeza Booster
J. It. Price. Casar, strong For Les
pcrieza As Soli Builder And
Hay Crop.
If Cleveland county farmers will
take the word of Mr. J. R. Price,
well known Ca.sar farmer, they can.
not go into the growing of lespedeza
too strongly.
Mr. Price has been growing lespe
deza for six years and is perhaps the
oldest lespedeza grower in the coun
ty, according to Farm Agent R. V,’.
Shoffner. His six years experience
has convinced him there is nothing
better as a hay crop and soil build
'lakes Wheat.
This year he has 11 acres of fine
wheat which followed lespedeza
which was turned last fall. Due to
the soil huitdiug of the hay crop he
used only 200 pounds of acid phos
phate to the acre and has a wheat
field that stands out.
The value of lespedeza In building
the soil can be seen on the Price
farm with the naked eye. A glance
across the wheat field clearly shows,
by the difference in the wheat, what
portion had been in lespedeza and
what had not.
He had 32 acres seeded to Tenn
essee 76 lespedeza and 15 acres to
the common lespedeza and states
that in his opinion that the Tenn
essee variety is the best suited to
the soil of this section. Mr Price
has a home-made seed pan and
gathers his own seed for future
crops. Last year, he says, he aver
aged a ton and one-half of hay to
the acre.
Lattimore Orator
Loses In Contest
Catawba Lad Beats Cleveland, Lin
coln And Gaston Rep
Lincoln ton, March 9.—Tom Worth
Crowell, of Newton, representing
Catawba county, Friday night was
declared winner of the 16th district
American Legion oratorical contest
and will compete far state honors at
Raleigh March 30.
In competition with representa
tives of three other counties, be de
feated Lyman Martin of the Latti
more school in Cleveland county,
Mabel Seagle of Lincoln and George
Markhnm of Gaston

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