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    DR. S. F. PARKER
Office Phones 64 and No. 2
Residence Phone 129-J j
— PHONE 188 —
Especial Attention To
* Pyorrhea.
(Or CfaattoM* N C.I
flptpcb Al
urs. Harmon's ileiustitehin#
(tinder Chocolate dhoo
(tester? *nd Knitted Oendp Neitlj
Ail Hois Must Wo Laundered
Cure Colds, Headaches, Fevei
6 6 6 SALVE
Dr. D. M. Morrison
Woolworth Bids. Shelby. N. C
Office Days: Wednesday And
Eyes Examined. Musses' Fitted
And Repaired.
^ivil Engineer And
Kami Surveys. Sub-divis
ions. Plats and General
Engineering Practice.
- Phone 417 -
a ---•»
Visit the Shelby Cigar and
Billiard Parlor and
barber shop
For ('lean Sports and
Barher Work.
Corner South I .a Fayette
and East Graham Sts.
S" 11 ..
T. W. Ebeltoft
Grocer and Book
Phone — 82
and Weak*
"I think Cardui is a wonder
ful medicine, far I improved
j greatly after taking »t," e^ye
Mrs. A. VV. English, of R. F. D.
4, Roanoke, Va. "When I was
just a girl of 13, my mother
gave this medicine to me, and
it did me a great deal of good.
I waa weak and run-down.
After I had taken Cardui
awhile, I felt much better.
"In 1924, my health was poor.
I felt miserable, and hadn't
enough at.eogth to do my
housework. It took all my
willpower to keep up. I was
pale and weak.
"I got Cardui again and
took it My improvement was
wonderful I can recommend
Cardui to others, for my
health was so much better
after I had taken a course of
the Cardui Home Treatment”
Ht'lpj? Women to Health
(Take Thedfonfe Black-Draught (
*er Constipation, Indigestion. I
BHIenaneas. Only I cwi a dose. |
| GEE McG£E—
llat rock Items
a big vollentlne party war. lirir
Ht the summer and winter home of
mrs. oldhaui on niartch the 4. about
the time the party wits half! oyer,
somebody discovered that the party
was hell on the wrong date, as feb
bywerry the 14 Is the correct date,
but a goo time was enjoyed by ail
present, and sevrnl games was play
ed ansofort. poss m. hunter lost 3 fine
dogs by death last Week, their dead
buddies was took to town to a vctln
erry surgeon and cut, open by hhn,
and he detlded that. 2 of them come
to their death by glass aijd the ver
dict in the lost dog wus that he
come to his death from reasons un
known to the jury. mr. hunter
thinks they was plzened, which
seems to be true, he has locked Ills
other 11 dogs up and hopes to keep
same In health.
...a big rain came last week and
ketched most everyboddy without
stovewood, but It was needed for
fish, as most of the creeks was near
ly drtde up. the farmers of this com
munity has not made a start at a
crop, as they are all waiting on mr.
hoover s dry relief which was passed
by the red cross In congress not long
ago, but the post master says none
has come thru yet.
...dr. poke a. long has been real
1 blzzy here of late, he Is so slow, he
met one of hts pattents In the
hearse on the way to the graveyard
last monday. they sent for him frl
day. but he forgot about it till sad
day. then he got another call sun
day, and when he got roddy to go,
she had benn dead ever since mid
night while her folks was at church,
her remains was berried by the side
of her seccont hue band who suc
ceeded her to the great beyond by
over 2 ^sars.
...the third house of this town got
burnt down by fire tuesday morn
ing since december, and 2 of same*
was blamed on a fire bug, but the]
last one was a pure axcldent, as she
had no Insurance, the last fire start
led In the pantry, and then it enter
ed the kitchen and come on to the
front room, where she was sleeping
and the smoke woke her up and
when she hollered fire, fire, fire. 3
times, the roof had fell in. nearly
[all of the Installment furniture and
the graffer foam was saved, and so
was the cat
...well. mr. editor—1 could send a
longer peace, but anny time you
want a hole collum, plese rite or
foam me. and 1 will send It to you. 1
enjoy yore paper a heap but it
seems ever boddy likes my artlckkles
better than anny thing el-e ontier
count of tehir names being In It.
yores trulte
mike dark,
cony spondent.
...Russia boasts of no labor trou
bles, no unemployment and no noth
ing that's bad. And Russia's claims
are possibly right. One-third of her
people are working for the govern
ment and one*third of them are
watching the government employes,
and the balance of the guys are In
jail or on the chaingangs.
.. .We blame nearly everything on
Russia except rainbows and republi
can successes. Russia rulnt the
wheat market and tore up the lum
ber business and " whispered" tiTt she
busted our banks. Somebody is tell
ing it around that Russia shipped
them 2 fruit flies to Florida that Mr.
Hoover spent $6,788..9!)9.00 to kill,
and then let both of ’em get away.
...Wonder tf Russia had anything
to do with that Wall street failure*?
Bet she did. It woulddent surprise
me at all if that drought we had
last year wasn't caused by Russia,
either directly or indirectly One of
our legislators* told his wife last
week that Russia was fighting the|
drought relief bill so’s nearly all of1
our democrats would starve to!
death and thus keep the republicans i
in power. Russia can handle a re- j
publican administration, but she’s j
afraid of us democrats. We are hon
est. . . ' ..
Dr. Rlnestone intimated in his
talk at prayer-meeting last Wednes
day night <2 other men and their
wives were also present! that the
first hookworm ever used in the
United States was brought over by
an emigrant irom Vladdy Vostock
wrapped in a banana peeling. The
question of who shipped the boll
weevil to Texas is still being discuss
ed in the senate, and the correct in
formation thereon will no doubt be
sent to pen. Smedley BuMer one dav
next week. —■ ,
-.-Russia owes Uncle Sam (for mon
ey borrowed and ammunition bought
on credit! the little sum of $4,5oS.
1666,765.23, plus interest from one
iday last week Naturally, we can’t
afford to recognize Russia with, her
' in our debt: We might get too fa
1 miliar with her pretty soon and for-1
get that she owed us anything. Un
cle Andy Mellon would recdgnfcr
Russia tomorrow It she would send
us her check today In time for us
to "rite or foam" Orest Britain and
find out If ft was good of bogus.
...The folks whom I owe and don’t
Intend to pay don't recognize me
unless I make a noise like I am
reaching for my check book-then
their eyes nearly pop out, and they
even smile upon rue; but after they
find out that X was really and truly
hunting a match so's I could ask
them for a cigarette, they walk off
and forget me. Russia will become a
real nation as soon as the 98 per
cent of her citizens (now being op
pressed) get an upper-hold on the
proletariat and lynch ’em.
Eating Eggs Not
A Difficult Task
Man Who Ate 2 Dozen At One Time
Say* Sponge Cake Eating; Is
New York —Irving Woh), manu
facturer's agent for toothpicks and
feather dusters, captured the egg
eating championship of Bayard
street and the Bowery in what
might pass for a blaze of glory.
Irving absorbed 24 soft-boiled
ggs in less time ’than it would trke
to hard-boil them, thereby winning
$25 and putting Alphonso Apioella,
fish-monger to: the people, very
much to shame.
Surrounded by hundreds of feath
er dusters, scores oi whisk brooms
and tens of thousands Of toothpicks
the new title-holder r ’ this
interviewer hi his litt e hop Just of
Chinatown's Mott st eco a lew
hours before the great contest
"It wes like this," said Irving,
plying a toothpick as he talked, "me
and Alfonso were sitting around
alklng about, bank failures and
one thing and mother and some
how or other the subject of eating
comes up, as such subjects some
times come up when fellow are just
talking sorta
"Well, I says to Alfonso that I
am probably the greatest er.ter that
ever come down the pike, Alfonso
says he can do a little plain and
fancy eating himself in a pinch
rnd we got to taking digs at each
other. You know how fellows do.
"Well, I let go the remark that I
could eat 20 eggs without so much
as blinking an eye and Alfonso let
out a nicker
"I bet you 25 bucks you cant, cat
no 30 eggs," says Alfonso.
“I wouldn't have took him ser
iously only he celled me a dope and
that made me kind of sore. So 1
says for lilm to lay out his dough,
which he does. Then we goes over
to Alfonso's fish market across the
street and we come to a gentle
man's agreement that he will soft
berl these eggs that I cm to eat. Al
fonso says by rights I ought to eat
hard-boiled eggs, but I am not that
kind of an egg-eater.
"I am a fellow* that can eat three
minute eggs, but no hard-berled, so
Alfonso comes to this agreement.
So we b:'rl these eggs and I sprinkle
a little aerlt and pepper on them
and go after them Just ns if they
were a piece of bread and butter or
vice versa.
When I have got 20 eggs down
1 turns to Alfonso and says.
‘" Now you little runt, you! You
called me a dope and I'll just show
you a little fancy egg-eating. Put
on four more eggs to berl and I’ll
nu ke It an even two dozen.' So 1
took on four more without a bit of
trouble "
Irving leaned buck in his chair
nnd patted his midriff.
“You want to know what Is the
hardest thing In the world to eat?”
he asked. “Well, you take a pound
spunch cake and try to eat. it with
out no water. There's the hardest
thing to eat I ever saw.
“I ate six Charlotte rooses one;
night and followed ft up with T- j
bone steak, but I'm not a fellow
that can cat a pound spunch cake
without a drink In between.
iff you would cate to clean up a
little dough, just bet some fellow
that he can't .cat a spunch cake
that wav. You’ll laugh your head
off when his mouth begins to get
Aimee’s Daughter Marries
■tx» Angeles, .Mar. 4.—-In fai -off
Singapore, near the land where zhe
was bom 19 years ago an the daugh
ter of a missionary., Roberta Sem
ple McPherson was married today
to a ship purser William Br .dley
Smyth, 23 years old. A cablegram
to Angelos Temple here from, the
young woman's mother, Aitnte Setn
i'le McPherson, the evangel;A, told
of the ceremony. W: ,
Stand Schools Where There
Is No Apology For Religion
(By R. L. Bolton.(
The church schools are not sup
ported by the tuxes of the people.
They are supported by the
gilts of the people. We would not
have It otherwise.
All this effort to do anything well
without emphasis on religion has
not gotten us anywhere. Religion
left out of business means the col
lapse of business. We can t Ignore
religion In education, Man Is in
curably religious. To try to alll the
religious instinct In man is as fool
ish as to try to destroy the instinct
of self-preservation, the sexual in
stinct, the appetite for food or the
thirst for water.
Poor old Germany nationalized
and militarized her schools. The
resultant Is an exiled ruler, lost
provinces, and a national debt over
which the German people will sweat
blood for many a day. poor old Rus
sia Is making an experiment In
"democracy,” This so-called "de
mocracy” laid Its foundation In
sand when It ruled out reliyioo.
The Godless Soviet's days are num
bered. Science has learned its les
son. Great scientists today. men
like Jeans and Eddington, have dis
covered that materialism will not
explain everything. The men of
science have hit a stone wall. Their
microscopes and telescopes have not
been long enough to see God. They,
are now talking about the spiritual
Interpretation of the universe.
The Juveniles who have been so
conspicuous as criminals in Amer
ica during these recent years prove
that education without religion Is a
mighty bad thing. The American
lathers and mothers are thinking.
They want reverent sons and dangh
ters. Godless sons and daughters, al
though they hold diplomas from a
great university, are no satisfaction
to parents who have had ‘A travt 1
the Journey of life leaning on God
and the Bible. Civilization Just can
not survive without religion; That
is Just the long and short of it.
Thoughtful people know tills.
Thoughtful donors want their
money to go where young men and
women are taught to fear God and
regard man. A Christian college
outs living a lifp before making a
living. The philosophy of making a
living without regard to living a life
has filled Chicago with gunmen and
has made Al Capone king of “crook
A school like Bolling Springs be
lieves that the fear of God and the
regard for man is the beginning of
wisdom. Out at Bolling Springs re
ligion and education go hand in
hand. 8uch a school Is not ashamed
of its policy and program. Those who
make their gifts for its support make
ah investment which will enablj an
institution to carry on for the glory
of the state and the glory of God
“The soul of all Improvement is the j
improvement of the soul'
Indianapolis, Ind.—The state to
day neared the end of its evidence
against Harold Herbert Schroeder,
Mobile, Ala,, on trial for the killing
of an Unidentified man whose body
was found in Schroeder’s burning
automobile near here last May 31/
Testimony by former local police
officers who were active in the ar
rest and questioning of the Mobile
man will end the state’s case, at
torneys said.
The prosecution produced a sur
prise witness yesterday to attack
Schroeder’s contention that an un
known hitch-hiker he picked up in
his automobile suffered a broken
rteck when the machine left the
road between Marshall and Mar
tinsville, 111., and then fearing he
wquld be accused of murdef, he
drove back almost to Indlanapclls
and set fire to the body.
Profits are shaved when Income
taxes are filed.—Winston-Salem
Nonli Carolina, County of Cleveland.
In the Matter of The Peoples Bank of
Under authority of subsection 10 oi
section 218 tc), Consolidated Statutes, all
persons who have claims against the above
named bank are hereby notified to present
proof of claim at Waco on or before the
ith day of May, 1931.
Failure to present claim on or before
the above date bars the claim not pre
sented except as to the assets of the bank
in the hands of the Corporation Commts
sion for the account of said bank at the
time the claim is presented
Objection to the allowing of any claim
may be made by any Interested person by
UUng such objection In the pending action
;ti the office of the clerk of the court ol
this county and by serving a copy therco,
on the chief state bank examiner or the
liquidating agent of this bank.
This the 7th day of February, 1931.
JOHN W. 8IMP30N, Liquidating
Agent of The Peoples Bank oi
Waco. Waco, N. C. At Feb 16c
Have Your Eyes Examined
DRS. H. D. & R. L.
Office Over Paul Webb th
Son’s Drug Store
Build With Brick
When in need of FACE OR COMMON BRICK write us,
or phone 75m, Mt. Holly, N. C. With our fleet of trucks,
we can make quick deliveries to jobs, saving fre "ht and
double handling, thereby putting brick to jobs in much
better condition.
I I - -
\A/hATEVER your business
—whether you spend all or
part of your time on the
road—you can save tire
some trips, valuable time
and avoid large expense
accounts by using the mod
ern, high speed long dis
tance telephone service.
The personal touch that your voice
alone can give, the advantage of getting
on immediate answer and the low cost
of the service are causing more and more
people to h>m to the telephone for out
of-town business and social contacts.
The next time a trip seems necessary
or a letter inadequate, try telephoning
instead. In most cases, Station-to-Station
service will answer every need, and you
will be surprised at the small cost. Ask
"Long Distance" for rates.
Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Labor Lost?
Mrs. Geraldine Davies, secretary
to Representative Campbell of ]
Pennsylvania, arriving at the >
White House with the Veterans' j
Loan Bill, which President Hoover
said he would veto.
LEAVE SHELBY:—9:45 a. m.: 3:46 p. m.; 8:45 P- m ;
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:40 a. m.; 11:10 a. m.; t:H) p.
m.; 4:40 p, m.: 9:40 p.'m.
LEAVE ’SHELBY11 :t0 a m.
LEAVE SHELBY;—7:40 a. m.; 11:10 a. m.; 1:40 p. m
Think of it! Every fourth second! Just count them off! One, two,
three, four—another Riverside sold. One, two, three, four—
still another! and so on through the day. Every fourth second a
new rugged Riverside goes out into the world to roll up its
thousands of miles of dependable tire service.
Every Riverside Tire Is
a First Quality Tire!
There are several grades of tires. When you’re quoted a price on a tire,
ask "Is this a first quality tire or a second line tire.” Don’t let anybody
quote second line tire prices against Riversides—because Riversides are
first line tires—and should be compared only with first line tires.
No Other Tire Can Give
a Greater Guarantee!
■—because Riverside’s guarantee is UNLIMITED. Unlimited in time
unlimited in mileage! Who can give more than that? Who could ASK
more! So why pay MORE when Riversides give all that can be givenl
Save 10% to 15%!
This is the average saving on Riversides compared with other FIRST
LINE tires. And remember, Riversides are FIRST LINE tires! No wonder
another Riverside is sold every four seconds!
Riverside 4-Ply
"First Quality"'
30 x 4.50
Riverside 6-Ply
Heavy Duty
30 x 4.E0
"Super - Servics"
30 x 4.50
139-141 S. L?FayeUe St. Phone 167 ShelLy, N. C.
/ /JUy m full6—More

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