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Of Current Week
Organize Teacher Training School
At Friendship, Mr. Williams
Out of Hospital.
(Special to The Star.)
Fallston, Marl7.—Pres. S. W Tav
lor met at Friendship , M ,th»Xli5t
Pro&stant church Saturday after
noon and organized a 'cachers
training school to be held in July
The following spent Sunday ir
Charlotte. Mr. and Mrs. C. Hoyle,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mooie and
Mrs. A L, Hoyle.
Mr. and Mrs. Fields Toney and
ynother Mrs. W. A. Gantt visited
Mrs. A. A. Toney near Double
Shoals Sundav afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Broudus Dellinger
and family visited Mr. and Mrs.
Brantley Dellinger Sunday after
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lewis and fam
ily visited Mr. and Mrs. .i.harlli
Self near Ltncolnton Sunday aft
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Royster vis
ited Mrs. P. P. Duncan near Lawn
dale who Is very sick Sunday after
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bridges end
mother visited Mr. and Mis G A
Wright Sunday
Pres. S. W. Taylor of Kannarwlls
spent Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. D. h. Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cline and fam
ily spent the day Sunday with Mrs.
Cline's father Mr. E. f: Deiiinger
Mr. Coins Williams has leturncd
from the Presbyterian hos Mtal in
Charlotte where lie had his leg am
putated. He is improving.
Mrs. Adlai Elliott has mumps we
are sorry to know.
Mr. C. C. Palls has returned from
a business trip to New Jenev
Mr and Mrs. Richard 'vloo-r. ol
Rutherfordton spent Saturday night
with Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hoyle
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Mi.tin and
family visited Rev. and Mrs. J. M.
Morgan Sunday.
Misses Charline and Janie Stamey
were In Charlotte on Fri
Mr. and Mrs. E. O Spurting and
sons spent the day Sunday with
Solicitor and Mrs. L. S, Spur ling at
Misses Wray and Charline Hen
drick of the Pleasant Grove ecti.m
visited Misses Viola and .dra
Wright Sunday afternoon.
Mr, and Mrs. Hubert Simmons
and Mr. E. N. Jarrett and ligh
ter of Newton sreht Sunday vith
M-s. S'mmons parents Mr. md Mrs
J. M. Voder.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwlu Barnette of
West Jefferson s"ent the day Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. P, O ho*.*
Mrs. Barnette is spending ‘his week
with Mr. nnd Mrs. Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeCamp of
Gaffney. S. C., visited Mrs TlaUr
Be"m Sunday.
Miss Rhea Lattinlore vlsPed Miss
Ruth Morgan Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Royster and
family and Mrs. T. M. Sw *esy vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Odus Royster near
Lawndale Sunday afternoon Hr.
Royster is very sick we are sorry to
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stamey vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Gerald amev
near Bel wood Sunday afterpoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Sloan Elliott vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Coleman V'l'ct
in the Pleasant Grove section Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Wnvne Brackett of
Belwood spent the day Sunday with
Mr. nnd Mrs. Max Boggs.
Messrs Warner Stamey tod Tom
Harris of Shelby were the dimer
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claud
Stamey Sunday,
Mrs. W. P. Hamrick and ehtid'en
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Orady Wilson In Shelby.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Lattirnore and
children of near Polkville spent
Saturday night with Mr. and Mrc.
E. G. Sperling,
The following visited Mr. and Mrs
W. A. Wright Sunday afternor, Mr
andw Mrs. Doffie Leatherman of
Connelly Springs Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Willis and Mr. and Mrs. Charley
Mr. and Mrs C. L. Roys* “r and
children and Miss Minnie Hunter
spent the day Sunday with Mr ard
Mrs. L. G. Bowens near Double
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stanwv of
Shelby visited Mr. and Mrs Claud
Stamey Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G Bridges and
children visited Mr. and Mis O p
Rumfelt at Blacksburg, S. C„ S-,n- |
Mr. and Mrs. Stoiigh Beam vij_
lted Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Edmonus
Sunday evening
Mr. W. F. Hamrick spent the day
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 5d Ham
rick in the Pleasant Grove e -tun.
Misses Annie Pearl and ,«>utvra
Hunt visited Misses Madeline and
Mary Kate Mart'n Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs, R. A. Lackey *?Mted
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lackey ,
Mr. E. A. Hoyle visited Mr. Pin!
Crow near Tbluca Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Beam vLited
at the home oi Mr. and Mrs. Ham
Costner in Shelby Sunday aP> moon
Master Lamar Hoyle visited Mat
ter Hugh Clay Sunday afte-ntvu
Misses Thelma Hoyle via- Net'
Stanley were Shelby visitors Shhi
Only n> Latin is honu* declined.
LouisvlUa Courvn - Journal.
“Lore Marl"Flourishes in Movie Colony
••• •••
Woman Bares Secrets of Love “Bazaar" and Tells How Girls,
Between 15 and 19, Were Card Indexed
to Await Wealthy Patrons
(By AI.Kfi ALDEN.)
Hollywood. Calif. -Youth for sale,
beauty at bargain rates, wealthy
patrons putting in an order for a
lovely little blonde to add lustre to
I an evening’s entertainment. These
{are the highlights of the story of a
I hideous trafficking In young girls
| that has Just been disclosed with the
l arrest of the principal figures in
Hollywood’s love bursar.
Ciirls of School Age.
Details of the medium whereby
beautiful girls could be ordered for
an evening's entertainment—and no
questions asked, were whusperad
about In Hollywood and Its environs
for some time, but the film colony
Ls reputed to be shocked at the rev
elations of the far-flung operations
and ramifications of the girl empor
ium where elderly millionaires could
buy the attentions of girls of school
age. Mrs! Olive Clark Day, one of
the three arrested and arraigned on
these hideous charges, asserted that
her stock, which was carefully card
Indexed and classified, was recruit
ed from pick-ups In the street, pick
ups that were always young, fresh
and pretty. ,
Arrested with Mrs. Day are her
common-law husband, William Jo
belmann. and John P, Mills, weulthy
real estate operator,’Numerous girls,
including Alice Blake, told the dis
trict attorney of the activities of
Mrs. Day's "love market."
$20 The Price.
Two hundred dollars for youth
and beauty. That was the standard
price of the wares at the love-mart.
The glrlr. received approximately $20
each out of this. Twenty dollars In
exchange for all that girlhood holds
dear. No wonder Mrs. Day constant
ly reiterated to her girls that noth
ing was wrong, only thinking makes
It so! And what of the patrons, the
elderly men of wealth who made the
business so profitable by their In
satiable demand.;? One of them kept
a regular order for u. new girl eueh
week an dothers were noted for fre
quent re-orders. Many of them are
known to be hiding from the au
thorities but It is believed that sen
sational revelations will be forth
coming when several millionaires art
arrested and confronted with their
Dazzrd By lights.
Surely the love syndicate could
have selected no better location than
Hollywood for their nefarious traf
Life is soft, It Is luxuriously easy
here and the eye is constantly daz
zled by the beauties to be found in
even "one-arm" restaurant.. For to
Hollywood flock beautiful girls from
all over the country, town girls,
little timid "country-mouse" girls
who never knew anything more ex
citing than a trip to the county fair,
before they came west. Girls lured
Amce- ^
Vfcrnotto . iitt
VHra - ytriate too •aay
- proapoot - najfco'
X - drunkon tlp-orar.
M 2 - too old • 25 -
• proapoot - to tr«
Joaa - ooaro olotfeos
- Proparoo at on*
oppolatoonti i
pAfciL FKUM MuS. DAY'S CATrtl.Ofc.UE
Detail* of the emporium in Hollywood where elderly millionaire*
could buy the attention* of girla of (choel age were made public by
Mr*. Olive Clark Day, who auerted that her *tock, which vu care
fully indexed and claaaified, waa kept on file ao that wealthy patron*
could be (upplied with entertainment at a moment’* notice. Kcreated
with Mr*. Day are her common-law huaband, William Jobelmr 1, and
John P- M ila, San Diego oil man. Alice Blake wa* one of a iverel
*rl» who told tfeo Diatrict Attorney of the “love bureau.”
by the glamorous possibilities offer
ed by the movies. Girls who are cer
tain that they can turn the trick,
and tread the rose-strewn path to
.tardom. that rose-strewn path that
Is also replete with sharp.ugiy
Still They Come.
And so, they pass, this unique ar
ray of beauties, easy prey for love
syndicates and others who traffic in
tender, young loveliness. For despite
constant wan tings by the chamber
of commerce and other civic bodies
as well as welfare societies, each
train continues to deposit its cargo
of beauty at the film center. Some
are plentifuly supplied with funds,
others have but a few dollars after
they arrive. But ail are confident of
quick success or at least work as ex
tras almost at once. And then come
the weeks of making the rounds of
carting directors and agencies, where
to their amazement, these girls meet
other beauties, exquisite girls, who
haven't worked steadily in months.
Often Oo Hungry. ..
Some of the girls are sensible.
They take work in stores, in offices,
in restaurants, glad to do jobs that
they would never have thought of
doing back home. But others hang
on, clutching at each shadowy hope
and promise, certain that they will
succeed. They often go hungry, ihus
making them easy prey to the
stranger who talks to them so sym
pathetically while he stakes them to
a good meal. With money gone, hope
gone, clothes shabby, dark despair
enveloping these beautiful creatures,
it is not difficult to see how love
markets can flourish and constantly
replenish their stock, so that their
wares can be kept fresh and allur
ing. Far more terrible than any
manufactured melodrama is the
heart-rending story of Hollywood's
party-girl revelations.
Should Salaried Husbands Permit
Wives to Retain Commercial Positions ?
• * * • • • . . .
Despite Orations of Reformers That Woman’s Place Is in the Home,
Analysis Reveals the Weaker Sex as Keen Competitors of Man,
Winning Laurels in Commercial Pursuits.
L Foote y!
One Gentlemen
Critic Keeps a
Full of Water
and Hurl? the
Me 9
Gvadvs /
Ktes* AnwaE reyver.
Dr Florence S>abin
Bullalo, N. Y,,-—probably she most
unpopular gentleman among mar
ried women today is Assemblyman
Arthur L. Swartz, ot Buffalo, New
Jhis gentleman has never r arriv
ed any pattteufc# notice torn the.
American press until he proposed
the legislative inquiry to uunt out
women who 'lOlrl pofc
lie jobs anti have husbands able to
support them.
His colleagues shook their heads
at the controversy that gentlemans
plan had aroused.
In a discussion with Mrs. Murired
*• alnier, secretary ot the \a\on«1
Womaft’s party, the asSmnbUunan
i pheid '’hs views and stated -h.« wo
cr,n »•»» infinitely more impotent
i as a mother than as economic fac
tors. or even as geniuses.
That married women will be
Torced out of the office and bac*
into the kitchen, however, is evi
dent by ruch proposals as .hat of
4 ssemblymRn Swartz, whirh have
f'sken place in several stat» legisla
tures. One was passed recently In
Massachusetts. As a result one firm
in Lynn discharged more than 100
women whose husbands w;ic able
tr support them according to the in
vestlgators. The places of these wo
men will be taken by widows, spin
sters and flappers. How min/ of
the latter are supported by their
papas is a factor which has not befn
Already the marriage rate is de
lining, which may be due to econ
omic depression, but why put such a
■Slice on marriage?
The findings of the Woman's bu
eau. according to Mary Anderson,
of the state department of labor, re
i rts that “based on sclentificaliy
imducted investigations, show that
‘he majority of married women who
are working are doing so because
their wages are necessary for the
upport of the home and family”
This deals with the matter from
an economic standpoint. * Ar-jther
f^ct Is that many women who en
ioy office positions are unfitted for
the duties of the kitchen. For.laps
a week of their cooking would give
f iend husband a different view on
Another aspect Is presented b/ the 1
husband who grants his wife tc go
to work. There Is, for instance the
case of Smith vs. Smith, In the Su
preme court, Brooklyn, N. V., where
It is alleged that Mrs. Smith wanted
more money, so her husband told
her he would pay her way through
business college so that she could
get a job.
There are several instances In
which woman has shown to be more
than equal to -nan in the field of In
iustry and, through her efforts,
have reached a place In the com
mercial life of the nation, which. It
is even doubtful, that, with equal
opportunity, could be attained by
Among the outstanding femin
ists who have proven their ability
in the fled of industry, are Alice
Foote MacDougall, who began her
now famous restaurant business ct
28. Twenty years later she was the
owner of a $2,000,000 a year busi
Another example Is Mrs. Anna
E. Keyser, executive assistant in
the office of D. H. Hoover, chief of
the Federal Steamship Inspection
service, who is said to know ship
construction from bow to aiem
Women not alone show their met
tle In the industrial world. They
have also taken their place in the
realms of science. A notable In
stance Is that of Dr. Florence Sabin,
celebrated throughout the world
for her constant research for the
purpose of mitigating human suf
fering, through which she has Grav
en woman's place Is also In the
medical laboratory.
Honeymoon—Paris to Paris
Major Frank B. MaeNeil, 65, of Paris, Tenn., with his 16-year-old
bride, pictured in the Mayor’s home. Mayor MaeNeil has accepted
the Invitation of the Paris, France, Municipal Council, to visit the
French capital with his young bride.
Always Ahead With Values
Ladies Wash
All sizes 14-50
36-In. Dress
5-piece Criss
Cross Curtains
220 Weight
Lad es’ Full
Silk Hose
Printed Crepes
Around The
(With Apologies To
We have had any number
of our patrons tell us they saw
"EAST LYNNE" In Charlotte
last week and they mtendec
seeing It again. This speak*
mighty fine for this show
Maybe we had better get our
ropes out for this show next
The Parent - Teachers o!
Graham School will have one
ING shows this Saturday, at
10:00 A M. The picture will
he ‘‘THE SPOILERS." featur
admi.sion is 10 cents tc.
everybody. Proceeds will be
used for books and curtains at
that school. If you can't come
send your DIME to tHe GRA
HAM SCHOOL, and it will be
We are having a goodly
number of comments on our
ers of these are rather proud
of them.
Just read a review on
picture, “HONOR AMONG
LOVERS.” Claudette Colbert
is his leading lady, and they
say his work is great. Yes, we
have it coming.
Willie, motioning to-a scene
in the Fox News, “Mother,
look at that big fish.”
"Hush, honey, that is only a
zeppelin,” replied his mother.
Submitted by R. L.
young lady for cashier, refer
ences required. Phone 446 for
Congratulations From Th? Makers Of
Central And Rolin Hod Shoes
Central Shoe Company is glad to have this opportunity of extending
best wishes to Cohen Brothers oipon their first anniversary in Shel
by, North Carolina.
The people of Shelby and vicin
ity are to be congratulated, too,
in having in their midst a store
where they can purchase high
quality merchandise, underpric
ed, with the guarantee of satis
faction offered by Cohen Broth
Central and Robin Hood shoes
are guaranteed solid leather.
They are made by skilled work
men in factories where the most
modern methods are employed.
They are styled to suit every
taste and priced to fit every
Select Your Next Pair From Cohen Brothers’ Stock Of Central And
Robin Hood Shoes.
You Don’t Have To Bj Rich
To Be S:>L'h In T’ss: Shoes
$1.49 to 03.98
A Full Selection In All Price Ranges.

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