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We Are Laying Our 0»n,
Everybody knows of course that
my family is in the poultry busi
ness My, it's fine to get up pvery
morning- and hear several old hens
cackling, and several old roosters u-j
crowing and a few old mommer
hem ciucking around the coops|
looking foi their 2 doubtful descend-;
Well, everything was getting,
along fine till one day last weok.j
Prom 23 hens, we were gathering up i
between 3 and 4 eggs every day. We!
had already hatched out 5 settings
of eggs, and 8 little chickens were
the result of our motherly care of
the trusted eggs. But the old lady!
informed me that we needed more
hens’ nests.
I looked around and found a car
penter who had been out of work
for 3 or 3 months. He condescended*
to work for me at $6.00 per day,
jrovlded that I would hire his two
rephews who were also loafing at a
atlsfactory figure. We traded. They
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AND UP—£. o. b. Flint, Mich.
Uu-m* M Hutrp+uUrkf, uuprrsm mtdtb
•/mi Bluet S/r,.*,/ Ei***, «,//*. <•«*.
nmmrr *w4fm\l
J. Lawrence
worked. Tliey quit. I fainted. They
built H new nests, but all of hens
that are laying are all laying in the
same nest. Five old huzzies are set
ting « single nest on 3 glass eggs.
I tried to figger up the items
that ran my bill up to $28 85 After
checking yie .lob over, I found that
here’s what I paid for:
Driving 12 nails ..$1.25
Bhoo-lng hens away_ 2.00
Trimming pencils 3.00
Smoking cigarettes_.... .90
Waiting for a scantling 1.00
Time off for lunch__ 3.00
Squaring a 2 by 1 __ 1.00
Picking teeth . 1,75
Tlelng shoes 2.00
Filling pipe _ __4.00 j
Sneezing and coughing 2,00 j
Whetting saw* ......_ 4.00 i
Toting 55 planks _ 180
6 pieces lumber .._ 15.20 I
But everything's all right now
with the poultry. They seem per
fectly happy, especially the roosters.
They enjoy scratching all of the
excelsior and hay out of the nests
and otherwise disturbing the peace
and tranquility of the yard. So far
I am out only $80.92, and we have,
eaten several eggs and 2 hens. A
broiler looks very much (at present!
like a July breakfast to me. There
are thousands of other fools In the
country besides us.
Imaginary Facts.
I have been ftggering consider
ably here of late-trying to deter
mine Just which classes of our folks
are bearing nearly all of the ourdcn
of our present republican period of
anticipated pros|>erity. Below—you
will find a list of the stuff that has
not declined In price:
1. Postage stamps.
2. Dollar bills.
3. Freight rates.
4. Taxes.
8. Licenses.
6. Salaries of political employees.
7. Prescriptions.
8. Telephone tolls.
8. Electric light rates.
10. Tobacco and cigarettes, (man
11. Oarage work.
12. Hospital charges.
I We cannot of course enumerate
| everything that has gone down in
[price during the past few months
but the following list contains such
items as have declined from 5 per
cent to 40 per cent.
1 1. Cotton, c
2. Corn.
3. Wheat.
4. Wages of Industrial laborers
8. Cows and hogs, exit beef mar
6. Real estate.
7. Chickens and eggs.
8. Raw tobacco.
9. Frog's legs.
10. Permanent waves
State or North Carolina,
Department of States.
To All to Whom These presents huv Come
Whereas, it ..ppears to my aatlstaeUon,
«}• duly authentic* ted record ol the pro
ceedings for the voluntary dissolution
thereof by the unanimous consent of all
the stock holders, deposited In my office
that the Crawford Chevrolet Company, In
corporated, a corporation ot this strte.
whose principal office 1* situated in the
town of Bhelby, county of Cleveland, state;
of north Carolluu (J. R. Cran ford he tug
the agent therein and in chutge thereof,
upon whom process may be served), has
compiled with the requirements o.' chap
ter 23, consolidated Statutes, entitled
• Corporation*," preliminary to the issuina
of thla certificate of dissolution
Now therefore, t, J. A. flurtness, eecre
ary of state of the state of North Caro
lina. do hereby certify that the said eor
uoration did. on the #th day ol February,
twi, *Ue la ray office a duly executed
and attested consent in wilting to (hr
dissolution of said cornoration. executed
by all the stockholders thereof, which said
consent and the record of the proceedings
aforesaid are now on file In my said office
as provided by lnvr.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereto get
by hand and aimed my official seal U
Raleigh, this 8th day of February, A. D
J. A. H ARTNESS, Secretary of Btato,
It Feb 13c
By virtue of an order ut the ;u per tor
court In special proceeding entitled, J. B.
Sills. Adr.. et ill. vs. Hay Moss et el." 1
"d! sejl to the highest bidder et the court
House door m Shelby on,
Saturday, March '}#. IBM. et l* u clock M,
or with In legal hours, the following de
scribed real estate:
(el Situated In the town of Grover, Be
itlnnlng on a largo maple, W. J. Hoes'
corner, la Or. Oates line and runs with
W. J Moss' line south 3-4 west 1.18 chains
to a small maple In his line; thence a new
tine aouth 61>Hw west 7 16 chains to a stake
ou southwest side of a branch in Oates
Hue; thence with his line north % east
4l"4 chains to a store, his corner; thence
with another line of his horth a«V* east
6.10 chains to the beginning, containing
11.66 acres.
(hi 1.-One-filth undivided toiteraet. of
i W W. Moss in the lands of W. A. Moss,
' subject to the life estate of Minnie Moas,
.widow, to-wtt: That lot containing 6A,
acres, betug lot No. 3 of tlie J. B, Moss
land, adjoining lands 9! Mr. Welle, W. J.
Moae. Dr. Oates, R. D. Moss and described
m deed recorded in book 3-v, page 1(6,
2 Containing 3.» acres, being a part of
lot No. 4 of the J. P Moss land, deed re
corded in book 3-V, page 1(7.
3. Containing 38 U acres, bounded by
lands of George Oates. Anthony Adams
Gladden lands, and others, deed record
ed la booh 3-V, page 268. all of the olflos
of the register for Cleveland county, M. C
to) An undivided 1-26 Interest in the
lands owned by J. P. Moss at the time of
his death. aU being subject to the life es
tate of Mrs. P. A. Moss, containing TMg
acres, adjoining the lands of Dr. George
Oat#* J. Q. Westmoreland, and lot No. 1
and fully described in deed recorded m
book 2-D. pagf 392 of the register's of
flee for Cleveland county, N. C.
Terms of sale; One-half cash on day of
sale, balance in aix months.
This the :’n>> day of February. 1931
J B KU.UJ. Adiainir 11.lor of W W
M< ■■ ■ Fstaifi.
* t- I'»U AJ-SJ.
«( Fvb "Sn
11. Pea wmp.
12. Haw goobers.
So, friends, the farmer and his
tenants are shouldering the butt
end of the hard times, then corne
cotton mill and other Industrial
workers, and last, but not least, the
business men—who are having to go
along without profit—plus the same
taxes, wages, rents and neaVly every
thing else—that he paid while Hln
denburg was battering away at Ver
dun—these are the guys who are
suffering, and suffering hard.
What caused such condition as we
have? I say: First, Stock gambling.
Second: Installment buying. Third:
The tariff bill. Fourth: Public
waste, extravagance, graft and fed
eral, state, county, city, and school
district debts. BUT—(This was writ
ten at the request of a man who
thinks I'm smart but I alnt'.)
Music Pupils
At Lattimore
Give Recital
(Special 10 The Sun.)
Lattimore. Mar. Mar 17.—The mil-,
sic pupils of Miss Wiloree Calton
and Mr. Karl Jordan will give their
annual music recital Friday evening
March 20th at 8 o'clock In the Lat
timore high school auditorium. The
program follows:
Dolly Dimple—Virginia Green. Joy
ous Days—Pauline Hewitt. To You—
Jasper Greene La Madonna—Mar
tha McBrayer. My Heart Is a Haven
—Clyde Oardner. Lavender and
Lace—Louise Hamrick. Sunshine of
Your Smile—Max Padgette. Daffo
dils—Mary Sue Walker. Luxem
bourg Gardens—ibtta Jones. Ttosella
-James Greene. Ciellto Undo— Ai
leen Crowder. Little Blonde Waltz—
Montrose Simmons. Home m the
Itange—Tom Lattimore. Chimes in
the Valley—Julia Hunt. Msdttatlon
—Etta Jones. My Mother Bids Me—
Annette Blanton. Narcissus—Gene
vieve Blanton. Pussy Cat Mine—Mor
garet Reynolds Tell Me NoL—Lyman
Martin. Stolen Kisses—Aileen Crow
der. Sols Bole—Elizabeth Hewitt.
Trio—Close of Another Day—Greene
Blanton, Crowder. Lo. Now the
Dawn—Glee Club. Santa Lucia—
Glee club. Good Night Beloved
Male Quartet, McGinnis, Padgette,
Lattimore, Martin.
Dr. Bolton of Hendersonville, who
Is now working In Interest of Boil
ing Springs Junior college, brought;
a very interesting message at the
Lattlmore church at the regular
preaching hour Sunday morning
Mrs. Forrest Crowder and chil
dren, Marietta and Forrest Jr., left
Friday for a visit to the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Hastings
of Hiekory, Va. Mrs. Crowder was
called home on account of the seri
ous illness of her father.
Miss Don n Is Gold of Tlkkcry
spent Saturday with her sister Mrs
L. C. Toms. She was accompanied
back to Hickory Sunday after .'.Qon
by Misses Katie Mae Torn*. Wll
oree Calton. Mrs. Julian DeBerry
and Mr. L. C. Ton>s.
Dr. Bolton of Hendersonville, and
Rev. and Mrs. W. C. lunch of Bod
ing Springs were dinner guests Sun
day of Mr. and Mrs. Kail Jordan
Miss Katherine Eastep spent the
week end at her home in Statesville.
. Miss Mada Wilson of Clarempnt,
spent the week end with her sister
Mrs. Onnie Smith, Mi«s Wilson Was
accompanied by Miss Mabel Littii
of Claremont. Mrs. Smith and
Misses Wilson and Little spent the
day Saturday in Charlotte.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion D. Blanton
from near Cliffside spent Filday
night with Mr. and Mrs. Karl Jor
dan. \
Mr. and Mrs. Shaw Moore of
Shelby, were dinner guests Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Beam of Shel
by visited Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hay
burn Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Harritl and
Miss Candace Rayburn visited Mr
and Mrs. Gardie C!tampion at
Avondale Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hawkins of
Having ttue day qualified as executrix
of the estate of F. K. Gardner, late of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, this is
u> notify all persons having claims against
the sett! estate to pfeeent them to im
properly proven on or before toe 33rd duv
of February. 1933. or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of any recovery thereof
All persons owing the said eatate will
please make Immediate settlement to the
undersigned. This Feb. 33rd. 1931.
*, Slidby, Executrix of F. N. Gard
ner. Estate. St Feb 33p
State of North Carolina
Department of Stats.
To All to Whom Those Present.* May Come
Whereas, It appears to my satisfaction,
by duly authenticated record of the pro
ceedings for the voluntary dissolution
thereof by the unanimous content of all
the stockholders, deposited In my office
that, the Colon Light company, a corpora
tion of this state, whom principal office Is
situated In the town of Shelby, county of
Cleveland, state of North Carolina (A. A
Mclnttre being the agent therein and tn
charae thereof, upon whom process way
be served) has compiled with the require
ments of chapter 93, Consolidated Statutes,
entitled "Corporations," preliminary to the
issuing of this certificate of disaolution
Now therefore, 1. J. A. Ha vines, secre
tary ol state of the state of North Caro
Kha. do hereby certify that the said cor
Duration did. on the 93rd day of February.
1931. file In my office a duly executed and
attested consent tn writing to the dissolu
tion of said corporation, executed by a)
the stockholders thereof, which said con
sent end the record of the proceedings
aforesaid arc now on file In my said office
as provided by law.
In testimony whereof. 1 have hereto set
my hand sT-rd my official seal at Rs
-f.'-Ch. this 23rd day of February, A. Ik
4 A, UARTNESS .Secretary el Suite
- — .. — 1 .11 — i ■ii.jinMii.i.Bjsai
Hollis spent the day Sunaay with ]
Mr. and Mis. Hatcher Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bridges ol
Rock Hill, S. C„ spent the day ben
day with their grandfather Mr. A.
B. Jones,
Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson of
Shelby spent the week end with
their parents Mr. and Mrs. George;
Miss Grace Eades of Shelby, who
visited Miss Mary Ada Monroe last
week, returned to her home Friday ;
She was accompanied by Miss Vlon-i
roe, who will spend several days
with her.
Miss Beaufy McSwaln spent the
week end in Shelby a guest of Mrs
Nola Cooper.
Those calling at the home of Mr
and Mrs. George McSwaln Sunday
afternoon were as follows: Mr. W. O.
Sherar, .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shentr
and small sdn Charles, Mr. and Mrs.
P. W. Smart of Shelby and Messrs
Franklin and Freddie Monroe.
Miss Audrey McSwaln of near
York Is visiting Mr. atid^Mrs. Thur
man Blanton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Horn and chi!- j
dien Margaret. Ray. Merial and
Jack spent the day Sunday with Ml-,
and Mrs. W. C. Harrlll.
Messrs Paul Wilson, Ray and ViT- i
gil Weathers of the University of N I
C. , arrived home Friday night for.
the spring holidays. * j
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Harrill, Mrs I
R. Ij. Hunt and children Julia and j
Robert spent Sunday with Mrs. J.
3. Blanton.
Dr. R. L. Hunt son Jack, and Mr
Ben Gamble visited Mrs Gamble
who is taking treatment under aj
specialist Sunday.
Mr. Chlviis Blanton and childrens
of Mooresboro spent Sunday after
noon with Mr. and Mrs. T. M.!
Miss Maude Mooreheud who is |
teaching at Pallston, spent the week!
end at home.
The meek may ultimately inherit!
the earth, but it's go-getters who]
are buying The World.—Weston:
I Leader.
'Stomach Agony
Headache Gone
“My "whole iystem was upset and
my head ached constantly," stated
i B. C. Driggers, 61 Romney St., Char
l leston, S. C. “I was badly constlpat
cd, subject to dizzy spells, and suf
fered agony with stomach trouble.
No medicine seemed to help me, un
til 1 started taking Sargon, and I
felt sluggish and tired all the time.
It was amazing how quickly the Sar
gon treatment straightened me out1
It fixed my stomach up so that I
can etu anything, and Sargon PUls
set my liver to working right-~i he
constipation disappeared, and thA
headaches and dlzsy spells along
with It. I feel good all over, with
strength and energy far anything.'’
Sold in Shelby by Cleveland Drug
Co., in Kings Mountain by Summers
Drug Co. uiv
listing qualified u executors of the
• 111 of C. C Hamrick deceased, late of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, this la
to notify all persons hating claims agatnst
the estate of said .deceased to exhibit same
Itemised and terlfletl to the undersigned,
at Shelby, North Carolina, on ov before
the asth day of February, 1931, or this
notice trill be pleaded in bar of their re
covery. All persons Indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment to us
of such Indebtedness,
this the twth day of February, 1931.
C. O. HAMRICK, Kxeoutors.
Sewton Ik Nacton, Attve. tft Feb "ac
noting this day qualified as acmtnis
tratrlx of the estate ot J O. Jones, do-1
ceased ol Cleveland county, North Cr ro
tlna, notice 1* hereby given that nil uer-i
sous having claims against the estate o!1
the deceased will present them to me ui {
Jhelby, N. C., tor payment on or befou j
the 4th day of March. 1931, or this notlci '
will bo pleaded In bar ot any reeo.ery
thereof. All persons owing the smtd estate,
will please make Immediate Daymen t
the undersigned. This March 4th, 1931.
ESSIE GREEN. Administratrix cl
Estate of J. Y. Jonee. 6t Mch 4»
Onuer and by virtue of the authority j
contained In a certain deed at trust give,,
to secure an Indebtedness to the South
Shelby Building and Loan association,
which deed of trust It recorded to book
167 at page 169 in the ouiee of the reg
ister ot deeds of Cleveland county', civ
undersigned trustee will, on April *ib.
1931, at 3 o'clock p. m. sail at the coon
house door in Shelby to the highest bid
der for cash to satisfy said tndebtednus
the following dcserioed real estate:
Beginning at a stake in the west edge
of North LaFeyette sireet, comer of loi
No. S and runs thence north with said
I street -100 feet to a stake; thence south
100 feet to a stake; tbenoe east 191.8 feet
to the beginning. Same being that lot
conveyed to Samuel H. Burch by Robert
U Low men by deed recorded In book 3-E
at page 979 in the office of the register
of deeds of Cleveland county. North Coto
This March 2nd, 1931.
•» at Mer 4o
——~ - 1 .ggg
Man-Sized Job
William H Wattis (above), Frear
dent of Si* Companies, Inc . which
has been awarded the Boulder Dam
contract This will be the greatest
engineering feat ever undertaken
to the United States, ranking sec
ond in magnitude onlv to the Pan
ama Canal The entire project is
estimated to cost a total ol *lGo,
Mt. Sinai News
Of Current Week
Surprise Birthday Dinner, Voting
People Gather At Mr. Sam
(Special to The Star.i
Mount Sinai, Mar 17.—The rela
tives apd a number of friends slip
ped a stirprised birthday dinner on
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hunt Sunday.
Dinner was served in picnic style.
A large number was present and all
went away wishing them many more’
happy birthdays.
Mr. and Mis. t. R. Putnam and
two children, Ezra Lee and Willie,
spent the week-end at Mr and Mi’s.
Resaw; Putnam of Shelby.
Mrs. W. N. Weaver and Miss Della
Weaver were guests Tuesday of Mr.
and Mrs. Reggie Weaver of Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hamrick
.and family of Sharon spent Satur
day night with Mr. and Mrs. Lebron
Mtoes Vernia Ellis and Emma
f,ee Clary were spend-tlie-night
guests of Miss Glenn Frazier of
Earl Wednesday]
Miss Queen Runyans of Earl spent
the week-end with Miss Ruth Hunt
Mtsses Norine Rollins of Gaffney,
S. C.„ Buna Rollins and Mr. Coran
Rollins visited Mr. and Mrs. Law
ton McSwaln of Earl Sunday aft
Mr. J. J. Spurlin near Boiling
Springs visited Mr. and Mrs. L. R
Putnam Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ector Ledbetter and
children of Poplar Springs wert
guests of the latter's parents, Mr
and Mrs. W. N. Weaver Tuesday
Mr. John Randall of Dravo ami
Mr. Reuben McSwaln were in Spar
tanburg on business Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Padgett and
Children of Beaver Dam spent Sun
day with relatives in this commun-1
The iollowlng attended a surpris
ed party at the home of Miss Glenn
Frazier near Earl, from this com
munity Wednesday night: Misses
ithea Hunt, Nora and Vernla Ellis,
■tuna Rollins and .Emma Lee Clary:
Messrs. Andrew, Wayne and Forest
Hunt, Hiigh Conley, Elma, T. F„ Jr.,
and Zaj Bridges, Shafter, Gay find
Orvll Putnam find Jessie Clary.
On Saturday evening from 7:30
until 10:30 o’clock the young people!
of this community ami a lew invit-i
ed guests were graciously entertain
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Conley with a farewell party. Mr !
and Mrs. Conley and family who
have lived in this community for,
everal years are expecting to
move in a few days. They will be
greatly missed. The guests out of
dlls community included Misses
Stella, Ruth and Opal Smith;
Omellla Wilson of Sharon, and Mr
John Borders of McBaryer.
Those attending the funeral of
Mr. Ben Hughes Sunday at Boiling
Springs were Mr. and Mrs. L. R.
Putnam and family and Miss Della
Mrs. S. A. Clary. Miss Rlreamer
Clary and Mr. Jessie Clary spent
Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Vic
tor Hamrick of Flint Hill,
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Ellis and
Aliases Nora and Nell Ellis were din
ner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs
Jim Humphries of Swainvtlle.
There Is reported a number of j
eases of roseola In our community |
Miss Mary C. Clary was the week
end guest of her sister. Mrs. Victor;
Hamrick and Mr. Hamrick of Flint!
Mrs. Dorothy Baber of Shelby
and Miss Edna Putnam visited Miss
Agnes Weaver In Boiling Springs
college Sunday alternuon.
Mi-, and Mr;. L. E Weaver ol
Gaffney were callers at the home of
Mrs J H. Rollins Sunday. *
Miss Vernla Ellis spent Sunday
with her grandparents Mr and Mrs
X. L. McSwatn of Swain vilic
Misses Rutli and Rhea Hunt;
Messrs. Chas. Herd of Fallston, J
G. Ellis and Zay Bridges accompan
ied Miss Queen Runyan to her horn
near Earl Sunday p. tn.
We are equipped to Dip your Potatoes with the
Scientific Solution approved by potato growers
In the near future we will construct a large potato
storage house at Swainsville, N. C.
Make your storage reservations now.
.See or Write
Willard Batteries
Willard Storage Batteries need no introduction. They stand out as, the
Superior Battery like a beacon. In comparing Batteries, we usually say*
“Is this battery as good as a WILLARD.”
You will always find our stock complete and fresh, so as to recommend the
proper size and type to meet your requirements.
Service Department
OUR BATTERY SERVICE DEPARTMENT is the most complete in this
section of the State, being able to service any make and type of battery.
Ideal Service Station
We Have Drummed Up Some
Exceptional Values For You
This Week
Living Room Suites
$35.00 and $30.50
John M. Best Furniture Co.

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