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Mrs. Drum can no reached at her home. Phono 713, afternoon and nights
Because my subtle body glows with
flame ns kenc as youth,
Because I smooth men's vanity while
giving them some truth,
The young men seek my kisses and
my words, and woo me well-*
But howr those young men bore me.
no mortal tongue can tell.
Old loves have made me passionate,
old sorrows made me kind;
I am tolerant and subtle, and wise
of heart and mind,
And years of setvtng beauty have
touched me with their grace—
And the young men entertain me
with the latest commonplace!
I wish you girls would come and take
your boys away with you.
Or even my long practiced tack may
suddenly break through,
And some Inane young egoist a*
strutting at my door
May hear plain truths about himself
he never heard before.
flub Announcement
Error Corrected.
Correction Is to bo made in the
announcement of the American
homes department of the Woman’s
club as made In the lost Issue. This
meeting will be held on Monday aft*
emoon at 3:30, but with a miscel
laneous program and with Mrs. J. L.
McDowell, Mrs. John McClurd nnd
Mrs. Reid Young as Joint hostesses
Any member who may be unable to
attend Is requested to notify the
Regular Meeting Of
Mule And Arts.
A regular meeting of th« music
anti arts division of the Woman’s
club was held on Wednesday after
noon at the club room with Mes
dames Oscar Suttle and P. C. Gard
ner as hostesses. After a business
meeting a brief program was ren
dered. Mrs. Esley Pendleton read a
paper on "Percival Leonard Ros
seau,” Mrs. Jimmy Blanton read a
paper on “Alice- R. Huger Smith,”
and Mrs. Charles Williams read a
paper on ’’Elliott Dangerfield."
A social half hour was enjoyed
during which the hostesses served
sandwiches and tea.
Mr*. Gerald Morgan
Entertains Club.
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs
Gerald Morgan was a cordial host
ess to members of the Tuesday aft
ernoon bridge club and a few Invit
ed guests. Three tables were arrang
ed in the spacious living room and
bridge was played during the after
noon. Mrs, Shem Blackley received
the award for high score and Mrs
Herbert Champion won the low
score prise. Mrs. Morgan was assist
ed by Mrs. B. O. Stephenson In serv
ing a salad course with sweets.
Those playing were: Mrs. Black
ley, Mrs. Champion, Mrs. Stephen
son, Mrs. Oliver Anthony, Mrs R.
W. Morris. Mrs. Ed McCurry, Mrs.
Brevard Henneasa, Mrs. Paul Webb.
Jr., Mrs. Renn Drum, Mrs. Frank
Kendall, Miss Isabelle Hoey and
Mrs. D. Z. Newton.
Contemporary Hook
Club To llavr Meeting.
Mrs. Ilobert Hord will entertain
members of the Contemporary book
club at ft regailaa meeting: at. her
home on S. DeKaib street on Tues
day afternoon at, 4 o’clock.
Mrs. niauton Is
Club Hostess.
Mrs. George Blanton was u grac
ious hostess to members of the
Thursday Afternoon club yesterday
afternoon at her home on W. Mar
lon street. The rooms were deco
rated with a variety of spring flow
ers and bridge was played at three
tables during the afternoon Mrs.
Joseph, of Spartanburg, mother of
Mrs. Tom Lattimore, was a guest Of
the club on this occasion.
Mrs. Blanton was assisted by Miss
Caroline Blanton and Mrs. J. D
Llneberger In serving a salad course
_ ________
Mrs. I.ovelace I*
Hostess To Clubs.
Mrs, Grady Lovelace was hostess
at a lovely party on Wednesday aft
ernoon when she entertained mem
bers of the Cecelia music club and
the Ishpetdng literary club jointly
at a social meeting. The rooms were
might with spring flowers and
! bridge was played during the after
noon at ten tables. Easter tallies
were used and the Ea ter idea was
carried out on the refreshment
Mrs. Lovelace was assisted by Mrs.
John Lovelace. Mrs. A. Pitt Beam,
| Mrs. Aaron Quinn, Mrs. Elarl Ham
rick and Mrs. J. H. Quinn In serv
ing creamed chicken with .acces
Ilerent Banquet For
Basketball Team.
Last Friday evening at the home
ot Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Cox mem
bers of tiie Cracker Jack and Lucky
Thirteen clubs entertained at a ban
quet in honor of the basketball boys
High school teachers and principal
were also among the guests. The
high school colors, gold and black,
were used In decoraitng the banquet
room. A delicious plate dinner was
served. Miss Mary Llnebcrger acted
as toast mis tress.
After the banquet the guest* went
to the home of Miss Annie Ruth
Dellinger where dancing and pro
gressive conversation were enjoyed
during the remainder of the even
ing. Punch was served during the
Meeting Of First
Afternoon Division.
The first afternoon division of the
Woman's club held a special meet
ing at the club room on lust Friday
afternoon, with the entire division
acting as hostesses to other mem
bers of the Woman's club. The main
feature of the program was a talk
cn Parliamentary Law given by
Judge B. T. Falls. A group ol two
songs was rendered by Messrs. Hor
ace Easorn, Mai Spangler, Howard
Gold, Dr. II. S. Plaster, Mr. Bow
ling and Dr. B. M. Jarrett with Mrs.
Plaster os accompanist. Dr. Plaster
played a violin solo with Mrs. Plas
ter accompanying, and Miss Min
In The Store Next To
(Abernethy’s Old Stand)
nie Eddlns Roberts contributed 8
piano solo. Miss Carobet Lever con
cluded the program by giving a
Mesdames John McCliyd, May
nard Washburn, W. E. Crowder and
Evans Shull served simple refresh
First Afternoon
Division Meets
On Thursday afternoon at the
club room Mesdamcs Roscoe . Lutz,
J. C, Newton, Dennis Beam and
Mix* Laura Cornwell were hostesses
at an interesting meeting of the first
afternoon division of the Woman's
CluB. Mrs W. E, Crowder was lead
er for the afternoon, The first
number on the program was a piano
solo played by Miss Mildred Earl
Mrs. Alger Hamrick read a paper
written by Mrs, W. H. Jennings on
"County, or County Group Hospi
tals for North Carolina.” A paper
on "County, or County-Group
Homes for the Poor” was read by
Miss Nora Cornwell. Little Miss
Jessie O'Shields gave two attractive
readings, and n third paper was
read by Mrs. G 8 Dellinger on "A
State System of Port Terminals and
Water Transportation." Miss Aileen
Webb concluded the program with
a piano solo.
The hostesses served simple re
Interesting Meeting
Of Evening Division.
On Thursday evening Miss Ettalle
Moses and Mrs. Doyce Dellinger
graciously entertained members of
the evening division of the Woman's
club, entertaining at the pretty
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hud
son on. W. Marlon street. During n
business meeting the following com
mittees were appointed: Program
committee: Miss Isabelle Hoey, Miss
Elizabeth Alexander and Mrs. Low
ery Suttle; nominating committee:
Mrs. Ceph Blanton, Mrs. Mary E.
Yarborough and Miss Maytrie Caba
Mrs. Ben Suttle opened the pro
gram by singing, ''There Is a Green
Hill Par Away.” She was accompan
ied by Miss Mary Helen Lattimore.
Mrs. Lowery Suttle was in charge of
the program and the subject was
"Easter Morning in a Carolina
Town.” Interesting papers on dif
ferent phases of the Moravian serv
i ice at Winston-Salem each Easter
I were read by Miss Oeland Wash
burn, Mrs. Roy Newman, Miss Eliz
abeth Roberts and Miss Elizabeth
Alexander. The program was con
cluded with a piano solo, "Pantasle
lmpromtu" by Chopin, played by
Miss Mary Helen Lattimore.
Miss Flossie Grice and Mrs. Hugh
Jolly were added to the roll as new
A social half hour was enjoyed
during which simple refreshments
were served.
Mew House Section
Personal Mention
Miss Ituth Walker Entertains. Sev
eral People Sick. Training
School Closes.
(Special to The Star.)
March 19.—Farmers In this sec
tion are very busy plowing. House
wives are also busy in gardens
planting vegetables In order to live
The Ii. Y. P. U. training school |
-closed last Friday night. Tests;
were taken, after which all unions';
gathered downstairs where a social -
period was enjoyed.
'Miss Ruth Walker very delight- j
fully entertained with a party Sat
urday at the home of her parents, ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walker, honoring
Miss Sara Harrill of Ellenboro who
was the week-end guest at the Wal
ker home. Games and conversation
were indulged in until a late hour
Mr. D. G. Davis who lias been
stele, is getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs, Duran Brooks vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. n. C. Greene Sun
Mrs. Thomas Doty of the Dobbins
community Is spending the week
with her daughter, Mrs, Crayton
Hawkins and Mr. Hawkins.
Miss Belle Walker spent the law
ter part of last week with her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Mc
Kinney of near Ellenboro.
Miss Dorcas Walker has returned
homo* from the Shelby hospital and
continues to Improve.
Little Miss Dell Mauney Gold,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Gold, who 13s in a plaster paris cast
for a dislocated hip Is reported to
be getting along nicely.
| Miss Vashtie Philbeck who has
I been sick for the last two weeks
. with neuritis Is Improving slowly.
Mrs. J. A. Greene continues about
j the. same.
j Mr. and Mrs. J. P Walker enter
, tained with dinner Sunday honor
| ing Miss Pauline Hamrick of Mnt
J thews. Covers were laid for the fol
lowing: Miss Hamrick. Misses Sara
Harrlll, of Ellenboro, Mae Hamrick
I of Hollis, Vernle and Ruth Walker,
| Mrs. Ed Walker and Messrs. Mark
Funderburg of Matthews, Elmo and
Ed Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. Crayton Hawkins
and Mrs. Thomas Doty spent Tues
day in Shelby with Mr. and Mrs.
Fay Doty.
Mr. Stough A. Davis ts sick and In
bed at this writing, with high blood
Mr. Ed Walker has been on the
sick list this week but is improved
at present.
Mrs. h. S. Jenkins has also been
on the sick list. She too is improv
ed. i
Mrs. C. C. Brooks of Charleston,
in wonderful sheer and service materials—
chiffons, crepes and prints—
—from manufacturers of national favor.
in prints that are new for Spring 1931—
SUB-STAND ARD— (Not Imperfect)
All the newest Spring shades—Silk from top
to toe—full fashioned.
J. C. McNeely
Co., Inc.
3. C. is spending some time with her
Jarents, Bey. and Mrs. J. D. Brid
Mrs. George Cubanlss and baby.
3etty Walker, have returned to their"
loine in the Cabunlss -section after
spending sometime with Mr. and
Mrs. D. Walker
Double Springs
News Gleanings
II. S. Students Conduct Services.
Personal Items Of
;Special to The Star.)
Double Springs, Mar. 1.0,—We
cure very glad to have representa
ives from Boiling Springs Junior
:oliege with us last. Sunday. Mr
iCnox, a young ministerial student
jreached tor us and Jliss Philbeck
dso gave a most interesting talk.
3pedal music was furnished by girls.
Misses Nettle Jones. Reba Davis,
Mary Lou Lee, Reba Moore, Vela
Jovington, Kathleen and Edna
3-riffin and Lois Brooks spent Sun
lay with Misses Annie and Faithe
Miss Selma Davis of Boiling
Springs Junior college accompanied
by little Miss Ella McNeal Jenkins
of Boiling Springs spent the week
end with the former's parents, Mr
and Mrs. W. S. Davis.
Miss Eliza Brooks visited her sis
ter, Mrs. Fred/Grigg last Monday.
Mr, and Mrs. J, D. )Lee, Mr. and
Mrs. Grady Brooks, Mrs. Jap Lee
and children, Miss Patln Hamrick
and Mr. Bate Bridges spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Plato Lee,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Brooks visited
Mr. and Mrs. M. Brooks Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. Broadus McSwain
and Mr. and Mrs. Schienfan Mc
S\uain visited Mr. and Mrs. M.
Brooks Sunday.
The many friends of Mrs. B. Cub
aniss will be sorry to learn she has
been very sick. We hope she soon
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Carpenter and
children, Gladys and Garland, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hawkins
Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hawkins and
Miss Bertha were visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. M. Brooks Sunday.
Misses Francis Cabaniss and Ar
melia Bracket visited Misses Vernia
and Susan Brooks Sunday.
Miss Alda Hawkins spent Sunday
with Mrs. Sammie Brooks.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cabaniss of
Lattimore visited Mrs. E. E. Caba
nlss Sunday.
Mrs. Harlie Wright and children
of Shelby visited the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bridges
Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus McSWain and.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Brooks visited Mr J
■and Mrs. Broy Brooks Sunday.
Messrs. Pine Withrow, Baxter
Scruggs and Val Elliott Of Hollis
were welcome B. Y. P. U. visitors!
Sunday night.
Mrs. Hubert Prior and children j
visited her parents, Mr, and Mrs.
Will McCraw last week.
Mrs. B. B. Moore and Miss Reba i
had *ds their dinner guests Thurs-1
day: Mesdames J. D Lee, Broy
Brooks. Grady Brooks, Jap Lee,
Lane Brooks, Miss Mary Lou Lee,
Master Jennings Brooks, Phillip
and Gene Lee.
Master Marshall Brooks visited
Master Elmo Cabanlss Sunday.
Miss Vernia Brooks visited Miss
Annie Davis Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Brooks spent!
last Week with their son, Mr. Sam-j
mie Brooks and Mrs. Brooks.
Mrs. C. R. Bankhead and civil-1
dren, Charles and Sarah and Eu- j
gene Washburn, visited Mrs. Floyd
Greene and children Tuesday after-!
a stqle
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every occasion. A type for
every Individual. All five do!
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