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    Democrats May
Leader* Bcltrve They Will llr Milt
To Dlrerl House Legislation And
l.leel ( ninnvlltrr ( hafrmcn
Democrats arc now convinced IV..d |
they are going to Ih' nblp to organ- |
tee the next house, elect the e "in-i
in it ter chairmen, and direct 1
lion. Representative E W. Pou, ot :
the fourth district. Is ahioiiu; ’.hose ,
who are confident It-will work cadf
this way and. in such eventual
Till; Pou will no tr the head of tie
very powerful'rules committee. Mr. )
fmi ha hern a member of rules ‘or
‘.:o year1, serving ns chairman o. a
couple Of year.- diitilip ihe v tr c.
war period
'Possibility of control of the house f
try flip Democrats is of sometime
more than ncadefnlc interest,'tn the.!
firs* place it P likely that demands';
tor a special session will grow In j
volume There are not only t he preh-;
Inns rrowinc, out of unemployment
hnd tov Jarin .prices, condition that,|
vonltn'ic to le.icl to much human;
'-utter.,m 'ml •■since gentlemen
‘touted the idea that the jiresl.lcnt,S
will call congress into ri special ms-1
non there lies .developed the i i
tamfy or a treasury deficit >,itch as
Jisis not been observed in the last
.clerade It is interesting:, therefore
tins question of who is to run Tittup;
v hen members do return to Warh
. tngton
1 Strange as 11 may seem, the 15am
. omits really desire control Of the
1 oiise. although such responslbi' t v
is apt to prove a liability tn the er.d
But parly lenders desire to place a
program before the country ,a sort
ih pint terra oh which they can 'and
during the next presidential rp n
palgn This may be found difficult
■of ae.hU.v nrent-, hence the liability
Democratic members, before pre
senting to the country a program
for popular approval, would :trtK
have to agree among themselves’.
Washington, Mure it 23, ■ Miist
Lutheran Meeting
At Kings Mountain
Hii' Southern district of the
Lutheran Brotherhood will hold a
mcifiiB at Saint ..Matthews, church.
KiiiKs Mountain. Sunday, March 9,
tw ginning id 3 p m W, A. Uiden
hour will read the scripture. S. A
Mauney will offer prayer. utter
which A. F. Cline will deliver an ad
dress oti Brotherhood and Church
Finances,” W H. McGinnis will de
liver an address on the * Spirit of
Penny Column
Saturday at 2:30 in front of court
house. He there, we may have just
what you want at Just, what you are
willing to pin Jones .Furniture..Co,
2t 25c
~roil" Sale~*gehman police
pups. Cun be seen at IXHnjett'-s Serv
ice Station 2t 25c
poeketbook containing bills and
.cither money Reward for return to
Star office it- 25c
32 Physicians
Report Findings
On New Sargon
So it markable have been. the re
sults accomplished by Sargon fn
helping restore health to counties.!
thousands ot i >eopie that U u mg the
past 30 days alone 32 leading phy
sician.? have broken the rule of a
life-tune and have come out. openly
and publicly to give it their nn pm’,
ified endorsement.
So startling have been the reports.
In many thousands of eases t.ha se
lected physicians in principal cities
were expressly retained: to studv the
S argon formula and report their
findings so that "the public might
know the whole truth.
Outstanding among the nunitet
Dr. P. K. Drummond, plant phj -
| Sudan for the Ford Motor company,
Detroit, for 12 years.
Dr. C. J. Roberts, Philadelphia —
Examining Physician lor the Penn
alyv&nia Railroad for 26 years
Dr. W. L. Mair—Graduate McOVU i
University Faculty of Medictne. Men
treal—Medical Examiner for Sear -
Roebuck, Detroit.
Dr. G. YVarburton—1Graduate fe-i
mous Bellevue hospital medical cel
■ lege. New York.
jr Dr, Eugene Perkins—Physician for
Western Electric company, Pella
If delphia
f Dr W. W. Kern—Examining Phy
sician for New York Life Insurance
r . Company—and many other-,
| Hi order that the public inav re
ceive the full benefit ol the rrtvee
| of these well-known physicians,
* their reports will be published in
' . tater issues of this paper, rne sfate
tr^nents of physicians of sttch 5-rtnid
lng are perhaps Without precedent.
Study their reports and profit by
| their advice.
| Sold by Cleveland Drug Company
sy In Shelby and Summers Drug Co
to Kings Mountain. 4d
Gardner Opposes
Sale, Luxury Taxef
damentaih unsound in principle, and !
should Incorporate It into the rew-1
nue system of the state.
"If assuredly offers no average n
lief for llie uveiage property Owner
tt relieve' 'ownership!
of property is well above the aver- j
age and gathers from those who are
below the average or who own no
property at alt I am unalterably op- !
posed to the principle ot taxation,
and to any legislative program that,
[did. U necessary to sustain It, '
In speaking of the luxury sales
ax plan, which has been mentioned
in connection. with the school sup
(Orl. Clove) nor Gardner said:
"The came reasons that condemn
i general sales tux have lh(ir ap* ’
plication to the selection of article.
if common use among the whole >
Kxl.v of citizenship of the state, and
[he designation of Mich articles as
luxuries It seems to nie a narrow
[•oiTipichf listen of the subject to di -
.Ignate such article, us luxuries"
Did Not Support .MiicUun Mill
Governor Gardner said it wise
generally understood tie did not iu
nui'Hge the passage pi the MacLean
dll, add, ‘ I hope It is equally us Weil
itriderstopd that. I did not discour
.ige its passage.”
"I did not encourage its passage. -
He said, because I did not know 01
any means by which tins tremen
dous additional obligation could hi
■‘X did not discourage the passag.
of the MacLeod bill because I\ en
tertained us much anxiety ns any]
member of this general assembly to |
lighten the burden of property luxa
tton in the state, and if this general
assembly could, within the realm of
reasonable taxation, find the reve
nue to sustain (lie RtaoLean bill, J
was ready to give my Tull support of
; l earnestly hope that no sates
t-»X in any form wilt be imposed , on
tlic people of North Carolina.'' the
governor.said.''"And I therefore rec
ommend that much ol the purpose
ol the. MacLean bill as cannot be
carried out without a sales tax be
eliminated from its scope and pur
He cited the road law and the es
tablishment of the local government
eomission as major land tax reduc
tion issues passed by the assembly.
He estimated these measures will
bring about a state-wide average re
duction in the ad valorem tax of 411
cents on the $100 valuation.
Two Revivals On;
Good Congregations
:he church. One of tire outstanding
incidents of the Central services was
the response Sunday to the service
by parents after Hev Mr. Hayes ex
pressed the dire need of a more
pirltual, companionable life In the
homes of the community.
lfev. W, R. Jenkins and his con
gregations at La Fayette street and
Eaststde are lending their support
to the services by regular atteud
Hap 11st Services.
nit' Burning Heart of Paul, was
llie subject of-,Rev Dr. Zeno Wall,
In the revival .servlee, at the First
Baptist .church. Monday evening.
Speaking of the piiasioh of Paul in
bringing ■ th«? message of the Cruci
fied arid risen Christ to his own
people. Dr. Wall made an earnest
hid fervent appeal to his own peo
ple here to accept the Saviour of
mankind. At the close of the serv
ice several came forward In answer
to the appeal.
Dr Wall used as Ills subject last
night, “What Then Will Ye Do With
Jesus, Which is Called the Christ?”
Eh*. declared that Jesus Is on trial
now and that; each one is the judge.
Closing the message, he reminded
the large audience that some day
Jesus will lie the judge of every in
dividual, all of whom will stand be
lore the judgment bar of God. Sev
I'tal came forward bust night and
united with the church in response
to the invitation.
Tlie morning services have grown
in interest and pttetidance each
morning Dr. Wall spoke Monday
morning on “A'k and Ye Shall Re
tcive.’ The attendance outgrew the
young peoples' assembly auditorium
and was moved to the church audi
torium. Tuesday moi ning the sub
ject. was “Take Away the Stone.'
Every Christian was asked to remove
any hindrance or obstacle which
may keep the holy spirit from vis
iting every heart, and which might
prevent the revival from reachim.
any lost person in the community.
Hundreds of people are attending
these revival services. Large congre
gations have been present at each
service. Each morning at 10 o'clock,
each evening at 7:45 o'clock services
are, held at the church. The audi
torium is open each day from morn
ing until evening for continuous
prayer. . Large numbers of people
| have been going to the auditorium
leach day. At 7:15 o'clock each even
ing the group meetings are held ior
the men, women, intermediate young
people and juniors.
A splendid feature of the meetings
is the music under the direction of
Mr, Horace Easom. Two hwgc rhorus
chofrs are leading the congregational
singing and several special numbers
are heard at each service The pub
lic is invited to all services. The
meeting will go on through next
Wrecked Sealer
of Filming
:•» «*•'•*.*(■.*■* «*•<
A blast which wrecked the sealing ship Viking in •
the ice floes off Newfoundland resulted in an un
determined death roll und several others marooned
on the treacherous ice floes off White Island, The
film company on board the Viking was headed by
Varick Frisscll, a Vale graduate and nephew of
Covemor Pinchot of Pennsylvania, who is among |
the missing. Upper right shows a picture taken
last year, when Frisseli’a expedition for an Arctic
movie was struggling across breaking ice. (Lower
left) The ill-fated Viking hemmed in by ice. Map
shows the location of the sealer Viking at the time j
of the blast disaster. The sealer sank instantly. t I
Luxury Tax On Articles Used By
Common Man Is A Tax On Poverty
<COii%iHU!3> PROM PAUt OMI '
property Of any general asoembfy In
the history of North Carolina . . ,
And without Imposing anew burden
of nine or ten million dollars in the
form of a sales tax on the backs
and stomachs of two and one-half
million of our people who through
adversity, poverty and misfortune
[have never been able to own a home
or possess a tract of land.
"For a six year period the Increase
in property taxes In North Carolina
has averaged four and one-half mil
lion dollars (per year) One year the
tax Increase on property was eight
million dollars. Enact the recom
mendations I have made and you
will effectuate the unprecedented re
duction of 12 1-2 million dollars in
one year .... this reduction with
j out this proposed sales tax which
! would Impose a burden of nine or
| ten million oh those least able to
"In the last analysis it (a tax on
so-called luxuries) is not paid by
the producer of the article but pass
ed on to the consumer and Is a tax
on poverty
. . Property tax reduction, yes,
in the biggest amount in the history
Of the state . and achieved with
out saddling on the masses another
tux that is an injustice,
“Our tax grievance is in part an
utterance of the woes and the heart
aches growing out. of the present
misfortune of our people who find
ill tills an expression of the multi
tude of the miseries of these times.
Our people cannot liquidate their
debt to the land banks by legisla
tion. They cannot satisfy their
mortgages by legislative resolution.
Hut when people do get caught in
the barbed wire entanglements of
economic depression, their one out
let. of resentment and discontent is
uttered vocally against government
and especially against the taxing
power of government ”
Ask Joe Robinson
For Charlotte Talk
Democratic Club Extends Invitation
To Arkansas Senator To Speak
In May,
Charlotte, Mar. 25.—Senator Jos
eph T. Robinson of Arkansas, min
ority leader in the senate, running
mate of Governor A1 Smith in 1928
and regarded by Democratic proph
ets as a strong contender for the
nomination for president in 1932,
has been invited to make an address
to the Mecklenburg county Demo
cratic club in May.
The invitation was sent by Col. T,
I,. Kirkpatrick, president of the club.
He is confident Senator Robinson
will be able to accept, he said last
The next meeting of the club will
be held Thursday night, April 2, the
anniversary of the birth of Thomas
Jefferson, founder ot the Democra
tic party. The speaker will be X.‘ T.
Valentine of Spring Hope, Nash
county, a prominent eastern North
Carolina lawyer. The public is cor
dially invited to attend the meeting
The Guilford Co-operative Dairy
association delivered milk through
their own co-operative plant for the
first time on Saturday. March 6.
B\ our own economics, and ef
ficient methods, a n d large
scale buying of materials, we
can help you save substantial
ly in re-decorating your house
this Spring. You will find our
new selection of Wall Papers
replete with the smartest of
patterns and colors. Drop jn
Sterchi Brothers Inc,
PHONE 592.
Census Summary I
Failed To Cover
The census bureau report of Shel
by, published In Monday’s Star,
telling details of the retail busi
ness here failed to cover all busi
ness despite the fact that it , was
shown. that Shelby handles an an
nual retail trade of hear five and
one-half million dollars,
i Among the discrepancies in the
'report pointed out was that Shelby
J really had 12 restaurants and cafes
| instead of five, and these twelve
.employ more than double the 12 em
ployes given in the report. Likewise
there tire two florists instead of one,
and the drug stores of the city em
ploy 20 workers instead of 14.
Several other minor omissions
were noted
A —
Shelby and Kings Mountain
Survey Reveals Need
About 272,090 of the 3,400,000
holders of veterans’ compensation
certificates, or 8 per cent, are in
need, General Frank T. Hines
(above), veterans’ administrator,
informed President Hoover in a
report which has been made pub
lic. The estimate was based on a
survey of eighteen cities.
Boxer Injured In
Wreck Monday Eve
Car Occupied By Babe Carr And
Pal Turns Over On Rock
Hill Road.
Babe ® Carr, well known Shelby
lightweight boxer, and Floyd Willis,
of Shelby, his companion, were
bruised and shaken up Monday
night when the Willis car in which
they were riding turned over on the
Rock Hill-Charlotte poad.
Carr and Willis, it is understood,
had started to Darlington where
Carr was to appear in a boxing pro
gram Monday night. The car turned
over while they were going from
Charlotte to Rock Hill.
The bout was called off.
Visitor Finds Mach Interest
Over County In Boiling Springs
People Aiixlous To Retain Baptist
Junior College. Good Spirit
'' Shown.
' When I came to Shelby two weeks
ago at the invitation of the presi
dent of the school, Dr. Zeno Wall,
and his trustees to promote \he
success of the emergency appeal I
knew practically nothing concern
ing this junior college, Since I have
been in Shelby and in *he county oi
Cleveland in the interest of the
school I have been listening to what
the people of this section have to
say about their college, the only one
in this section. I have reached the
following conclusions:
1— The people of Cleveland coun
ty believe in Boiling Springs college
Most of them love It with a very
e rdent love and look on it as "their
own school,” located right among
them, educating their own sons and
daughters, and, therefore, having
the first claim on their gifts to de
nominational education.
2— -The sacrifices that the teach
ers in the college are making to
promote the interest of the school,
the fine group of students who are
there with high purpose to make
the best of their opportunities, the
loyalty of the pastors of the coun
ity, the strong conviction of Dr
[wall, the president, that such a
school as Boiling Springs junior
college Is an essential unit In our
educational program, these things
give assurance that the school is
here to stay.
3— The people of Cleveland coun
ty can do anything they want to do.
They generally pull together for the
accomplishment of their purposes.
This is one of the greatest farming
counties in the south. I have seen
sections of the county where pros
perity was in evidence on every side
Money is not circulating freely just
now. However, there is about as
much in Cleveland county in pro
portion to the area as you will find
anywhere in the south In spite of
“the depression” the noble people
of the county have an opportunity
to do something for one of their
schools that will reveal to the state
that whenever anything is left to
Cleveland county to look after that
it will not go lacking.
4— The junior college is here to
stay. It is a popular unit in our
educational program. It is meeting
a crying need in the educational
world. The people of Cleveland
county have such a school among
them. It is to become more popular
with the passing years. The main
thing now is to make it sure and
steadfast. If the noble, sacrificial
thing is done now in these times of
“depression” it will give soul and
spirit to the school, such, as gener
ous giving in times of prosperity
could not give.
5— 1 have seen farmers during
the last few days stop their work
to write a check for $50.00 or $25.00
for Boiling Springs college. May
such a spirit of giving stir all the
Baptists of Cleveland county. We
have until Easter in this special ef
fort. Thousands of Baptists and
their friends should get in on this
special effort just now. Do as one
splendid citizen of Shelby did a few
days ago, he mailed to Dr. Wall a
check for $100.00. Do as a noble
woman of Shelby did when she gave
to Dr. Wall a check for $50.00. Let
us make this a great victory and
show' to the world that Cleveland
county knows how to reach every
objective undertaken.
Bay Lespedeia.
Nearly 7,000 pounds of lespedeza
and grass seed has been ordered by
Cumberland county farmers this
season in starting new pastures and
for hay and soil improvement.
Old King Cotton
Has Four
Beauty - Durability - Style - Sanitation
Looms, dyes, fashion artists ... all have collaborated to
make the fluffy staples of the South’s economic King into
strips and widths of gorgeous materials for Spring wear
ing apparel.
Nothing short of the full strength of Cotton’s inherent
toughness has been left in the millions of yards of n e w
Spring piece goods ... now on sale in first rate department
Style experts have sensed the urge to “change to cotton”
and have done some wonderful things with the new figures
and designs of pretty cotton goods for Spring 1931.
Buy a Ready-Made Dress of Cotton or go to your Shel
by Merchants for some of the other pretty things made of
Shelby Cotton Mills
C. C. BLANTON, Pres. R. T. LeGRAND, Sec. - Treas.
We Manufacture
Cleveland County
We are doing our part to preserve the Royal Heritage
of King Cotton. Cleveland County grows the cotton and
we make it into cloth.
Are you wearing your share of the white product that
has made Cleveland County famous?
Women’s Clubs, Civic Circles, in fact wherever women
congregate, the Cotton Campaign is the chief issue. Such
organizations are pledging themselves to wear more cot
ton .. . because
Let's Wear More Cotton
ORA mill co.

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