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S TH£ medical profession seeks to
/\ stamp out disease, so Stock Fire
Insurance tries to do away wijh condi
tions that threaten life and property,
fhe fire trap, like a contagious disease,
is a threat to the safety and life of the
To protect communities against fire
disasters is one of the services Stock
Fire Insurance has performed so effec
tively that its average cost has steadily
declined for many years.
Here are some of the community activ
ities of
1—Formulation of correct building
codes; nearly 300 American
Cities have followed the lead
Of Stock Fire Insurance engi
neer* in this respect;
*—Utcomrnendlns'proper standards
for waterworks systems — fire
apparatus and departments—
fire alarm systems;
I—Educational and advisory work
with Chambers of Commerce,
schools, hospitals, city govern
ments and various organizations
along fire prevention lines;
4—Maintenance of Underwriters*
Laboratories, where materials
and devices by the thousand
are tested and, when approved,
are to labelled;
3—Fighting the crime of arson
through cooperation with po
lice, fire departments, fire mar
shals and other officials.
Buftding safely and guarding against fire
ft primarily an Individual problem. It
becomes a community problem when
groups of people are concerned. Stock
fire insurance renders conspicuous pub
lic service In safeguarding life and
property against loss by fire.
Slcclr Fir* Imarsnt*
C*mp*nl*§ »r» F*pr*r*nt*4
C*p*M* Ag+frtt In Your
•5 John Stroot, Now York
•Hi Wort Atom Stroot
Morehonli Eodionyo BMf.
A MhNoW OrgmtlfHnn of Stock Ftr* Innrtm CnmpvtU* IiQMdtW In 1*44
Union Trust Co.
Chas. A. Hoey
Frank L. and George
orrATir rtnr ivoirn a \rnr
flat rock social news,
a Sunday scholl party was give by
miss sudie mat gtv ;n Lust friday
night in honor of the fuirin mis
sion nerry from alabuma bring here
who is home on a fur tow Ohherj
count of his wife being too weak to!
stand her warm climate, which, she
says allways around 98 enduring the.
summer months.
serral different programs was put
on by the classes at large, the dew
drops reppresented the children ot
isrell coming out of the red sea
ahead of old pharow. and they used
a lamp to reflect the waiter and
throwed a little on the ordinance
wtflf a squirt gun and it locked
plumb natcheral.
the teen-agers and the sunbeams
and the moonbeams give a play en
titled—1"Jo-seff sold into slavery b>
his brothers” and they sure done
him a mean trick if they done him
like the children done him in the
said play. It allso looked rail, and
the Clark children certainly sowed
that they had a tallent for the stage
ansoforth willie Clark was Joseff,
and his 4 brothers and 2 sisters was
on the other side.
the royal am bassadors Joined the
b. y. u. pj in a tablow reppersentlng
the heathens in jappan corning into
the tabber nickel our church has
hepped to bild over there; all of
them looked just edzackly like jap
pans to me and i newer did know
befoar that heathens could under
stand what one another sed.
the other classes, vizzly: the bizzy
bees and the juniors and the ever
reddies and the b. v, ds. and the lit
tle soldiers rendered a song: In cost
coni which showed how the russiaus
was tairlng down churches over
there and using same for other pur
poses. big tears come into the furrin
mission nerry's eyes when they come
to the part where a preacher was
put to work cutting wood.
after the performances was all
oyer, refreshments was served by the
ladles aid, assisted by the rebeckcrs
and the w. m. s. and the wimmens
bizness legg, and it was put in lit
tle paste board plates with a paste
board spoon, and what they had to
eat was some mashed up Irish taters
with some green leaves in same and
2 sody crackers and a sam-witch
with something that looked like but
ter and tasted sorter like cheese and
pepper betwixt it for cl5 each.
the reception was closed with
prayer by the furrin mission nerry
and we all went home after a pleas
ant night at the church which was
hell in the social room down satins,
mr. editor, rite or foam me if you
Want the names of all pressent.
yores trulie,
mike Clark, rfd.
Good Newski.
The import duty on whiskers from
Russia has been reduced from 25
percent ad valorem to 15 percent au
jus. Ford will save 10 cents per
cushion, and that means $100,000.00
to him in a year, and paint brushes
ought to be some cheaper too.
Wanted: Broader Broadcasts.
If all of the radio stations get all
of the stuff they are asking for, we
wont be able to tune in on any
thing but static: 177 towns are call
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice ia hereby given that Fire Policies
Nos. 251151 to 251200 inclusive and Auto
mobile Policies Nos. 32601 to 32626 inclu
sive of the Law Union & Rock Insurance
Company, Ltd. of London, requiring for
their validity the countersignature of a
duly authorized and licensed agent, have
been lost,
1 Since these policies have not been regu
larly Countersigned. Issued or accounted
for, nor any premiums received thereunder
by this company, they will be valueless
and void in the hands of whomsoever they
may faU and no claim thereunder could
be legally presented. If found, these poll
clse should be returned to the office of
the company at Hartford. Connecticut.
No claim of any nature purporting to
be based on these policies will be recog
nized by the company. The public will take
notice accordingly.
eral Agents, Greensboro, N. C.
3t Mch 18c
By Tlrtue of the power of aale contained
Ik certain deeds of trust, executed by
rildan J. Grtgg and wife on March 13th,
IM5, and by M. Play Hamrick and wife on
July 14th, 1936, to me as trustee,
»n indebtedness to -SMI*1*;
and Loan association, and default having
seen made tn the payment of same. I. as
trustee, will sell for cash to the highest
bidder at public auction at the court house
loor In the town of Bhelby. N, C„ on
Saturday, April IHh, l»3t,
at 1* o’clock M, the following described
real estate in the town of Bhelby, North
^Betng* lots Nos. 25 and 26 of the subdi
vision of the Mu. Z. Green l»nd. Begin
ning at a stoke on the southeast side or
Sumter street, northeast corner of lot No.
21, and runs thence with the dividing line
between lots Nos. 34 and 25 south 45 de
grtes iu minutes east 167.6 feet to a stake
in north edge of Palm street; thence with
Palm Street south 86 degrees 10 minutes
east 40.7 feet to a stake In old line of the
3. C. Beam 9 acre tract; thence with sa.d
line north 2 degrees 50 minutes east 29.9
feet to a stake in said line, southwest
corner of lot No. 27, thence with the di
viding line of lots Nos 26 and 27 north
45 degrees 35 minutes west 176 feet to a
stake on southeast side of Sumter street
thence with Sumter street south 44 de
grees 25 minutes west 50 feet to the be
**The ^foregoing property will be sold sub
l«ct to any unpaid ta'M or any othci
prior liens. This March 9th, 1931
CLYDE R. IIOEY. Trustee.
41 Mar lie
ing for more wattage, some are
kicking about their kilo-cycles and
others are not satisfied with their
wave lengths. Old man Henderson
still functions, regardless of Mr.
Hoover, the chain stores, and the
federal radio commission.
Cotton Letter,
New York, Mar. 25.—Talk of a dry
winter, a wet spring, a hot summer
nad an early fall, plus southern sell
ing and northern stroddling, put
July spots on a basis equal to Bom
bay’s futures. The decline In silver
and Ghandi's refusal to wear draw
ers had a disquieting effect on the
boll weevil emergence, therefore- i
hedging might be advisable while
call money is cheap. Some realizing
took place near the close, but we
advise a close watch oil your wife
and the stock market.
Land a Job Jobbing Land. -j
If the large corporations continue
to ‘“cut down their overhead" by
turning off so many of their em
ployees, and if the plan to use two
school teachers in the future where
4 have been used in the past, is put
through, we don't see anything in
sight except that the federal land
bank employ all of these folks in j
looking after the thousands upon!
thousands of acres of land now fall- j
ing into their hands. We had once I
aoped that teeny-weeny golf would
absorb this surplus labor, but dnng
cd if It don't, look like it’s playing
out too.
And Don't Let Your Insurance
We still receive letters asking for
tlie recipe for making homebrew —
which appeared in this column sev
eral months ago. We know for a fact
that, Hits recipe is a good one, of
couI'm', but It might be against the
law to publish It. The man who
.gave it. to us does not how believe
that he will ever recover from Jake
paralysis, however: take a quart of"
sugar, a pint, of gixxl varnish, a can
oi lye. 2 cakes of soupu, add car
bolic acid till the taste suits you,
theit boll over a warm fire till the |
Wiekersbam report is translated
Serve at priee fights and hangings
and l.vnchings—while hot.
Outsiders Attend
R. P. Roberts Funeral
Some of those who attended the
funeral service* of Mr. R. P Rob
erts at Grover Monday afternoon
Prof. Tom Roberts, brother of de
ceased, Richmond, Va.; Mrs. John
Poster, niece. Roswell, Ga ; Miss
Alda Wilson, Messrs. Gcoi-ge and
Arthur Wilson, Asheville, Mrs. Geo
Crowell, Anniston, Ala.. Mr. and
Mrs. James Byers, Mrs. George
Garrett Byers and Mrs. C S. Cope
land,Gaffney, S. C,, Dr, J. Lee
Oates, Bartow, Fla., Col, and Mrs.
J. C. Plonk. Mr. and Mrs. Wade
Shuford. Hickory, Mrs. B. N.
Moore, Dr. and Mrs. W. C. White
sides. York, S. C., Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Raney, Sharon, S. C., Mr. and
Mrs. I, G. Wallace, Charlotte, Mr
and Mrs. W. C. Thompson, Gaffney,
Mr. J White Ware, Gastonia.
Juniors Entertain
Lattimore Seniors
Festive Oreiisiou »l LuUlmorc ll'g!
fifhwil. Banquet, Toasts ml
I un Enjoyed.
(Special to The Star.'
Lattimore, Mar. 2L On ,V 'rfues
day evening March 18 at 8 /clock,
the Junior etas;; of Lattimore high
school entertained the Seniors a? u
lovely banquet. The banquet war
held In the agricultitrttl department
of the school and more than 70
guests attended. The occasion which
Is an annual event in the geuQOt wi»C
an unusually enjoyable one.
The tousts, etc., were given In the
form of a supposed radio proq air
network J U N f O R broadens* mg
a program from an, old fashioned
garden over several stations A V.
Irvin served as local announcer. The
first station tuned In on was AVI
with Mr Irvin giving the address of
welcome. Station F. C. D followed
with Miss Faith Davis toas lng the
guests of honor, the seniors. Station
M B C, president Milan Callahan of
the senior class responded.
Other toasts given during the ban
quel were an appropriate tribute to
Professor Lawton Blanton given by
Miss Aileen Crrwder with Mr Law
ton Blanton responding: and a toast
to the high school faculty given by
John Albert McBrayer w ith response
by Coach A. C. Hood. Mr. Tom Lat
timore proposed a toast to the girls
present and Miss Thelma MsrKntlro
responded for the girls with a
toast to the boys.
Small tables were arranged with
in the garden scene. An rlaborn'e
fourcourse dinner, prepared cy mem
bers of the Junior class under the
supervision of Atlis Lyda Poston of
the home economics department,
was served by attractive waitresses
from thu freshman class undei tin j
dlreetton of Mrs. A. L. Cadon and
Mrs. H L. Hunt. The menu on Gat
ed of grapefruit cocktail, chicken
dressing, creamed potatoes, gravy,
green beans, candled yams. c*. n
berry sauce, celery, pickles, hot rolls,
banana salad, ice cream and cake.
Iced tea.
At the conclusion of the aane ict
j proper a short program was render
i ed. Miss Annette nianton aoccmi an
| led at the piano by Miss Eve’yn
! Huggins, sang "In an Old fashion
ed Town." Miss Hlantou nnd Mi: s
i Alleen Crowder rendered "In an Old
Fashioned Garden" as a duct. They
I were accompanied at the piano by
Miss Wiloree Calton, ' Miss Gene
vieve Blanton gave a rending "Pris
cilla's Old Fashioned Garden.” A
bag-blowing contest between mem
bers of the t wo classes resulted in a
victory for the Juniors.
The concluding numbers on the
program were two old-fashioned
dnnees. the minuet nnd the V'rglnln
reel. The minuet was given by six
teen members of the senior class
A group of six couples from the
junior class danced the Virginia
Fa listen News
Of Current Week
Home Economics Club Meets. Mr.
Baber Quite III. Other Per
sonal Items.
(Special to The Staid
Fallston, Mar. 23.—The Home
Economies club met Friday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Robert
Cline with fifteen members and one
visitor present. Egg pies were made
by Mrs. Wallace and an Interesting
talk by Mrs. Wallace. The pies
vert* served with coffee and jreatly
enjoyed by all.
Mr. M. .1 Baker remains quite 111
at his home.
Mrs. Ervin Buts, of Shelby, visit
ed Mrs Max Boggs Wednesday.
Mrs. Lewis Blanton and laughter,
of Belwood, spent last Wednesday
with Mrs. J. C. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs Pink Blanton and
daughter. Ruby, and Mrs. '‘bert
Petty of Gastonia visited Mtss Lou
Petty Wednesday.
Mrs. P. F Pegram and sons, Hugh,
Billy and David and Miss Mary Pe
gram. of Shelby, visited Mrs. W A.
Royster Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Odus Armstrong
and children of Raleigh visited Mrs
Armstrongs parents, Mr, and Mrs.
M. J. Baker Saturday and Sunday
Messrs. Wyte Royster and Pa. is
Wilson returned to college Fr'day
after spending spring holidays with
their parents.
Mrs. Claud stamey and daughter
Miss Nolle St amey spent Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. George Corn
well in the Zion communion.
Miss Eudora Hoyle spent Thurs
day night with Miss Elolce Royster.
Mr. Robert Carpenter and Mt-s
Bennie Justice spent the day Friday
with Mrs. W. A. Gantt.
Misses Annie Sue Tillman and
Irene Peeler of Belwood were Fall
ston visitors Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Elolce Royster visited Miss
Mary Pegram at Shelby Thursday.
Leak? See J. W. Den
ton, Hoey Apt., rear
Postoffice. He posi
tively guarantees his
work. Phone 4-J.
fve shipped on a South Sea Tramp
—says Chesterfield
r1 .—<-*?-« —r~’rrm^rrrrr”-—"■ — — t— —^11 ".t:—rmzi
©1931, Liggett & Mykhs Tobacco Co.
you’ll find me just around the corner
It’s a small matter where you meet up with Chesterfield. The point is
—get acquainted! You’ll find the change to Chesterfield a real change ... one
which your palate will thank you for! Chesterfield uses choicer and milder
tobaccos—nothing else; and so blends and "cross-blends” them that you get
just what you want in a smoke . . . greater mildness and better taste.
For NINETEEN years, our Research Department has
kept intimate touch with every new development ol Science
that could be applied to the manufacture of cigarettes.
During thir period there has been no development of tested
value' or importance to the smokei which we haw not
incorporated into the making ot Chesterfield cigarettes.
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
They Satisfy
—that's Whyl

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