The Cleveland Star SHELBY, N. 0. MONDAY - WEDNESDAY — FRIDAY ' SUBSCRIPTION PRICE By Mall, per year _____ By Carrier, per year ............. »30U THE STAR PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. LEE. a WEATHERS_......._ President and Kdltoi a ERNES’! HOEV ........................ Secretary and Foreman REJJN DRUM ______ News Editor L R DAIL------ Advertising Manage! Entered as second class matter January l. 1005. at tne postotfice •t Shelby. North Carolina, under the Act of Congress. March 3. 1879 We wish to call your attention to the fact that it is and nas oeen our custom to charge five cents per Une tor resolutions of respect. Cards of thanks and obituary notices, after one death notice has been published This will be strictly adhered to. WEDNESD’Y, MAR. 25. 19:31 TWINKLES Wear more cotton—and grow more food! The Charlotte Observer notes that Cleveland lh still king! of the cotton counties. But at the present-day price it is! right much of an empty honor. The present day tendency is to forget the wisdom of any Olden saying: “If you do anything worth talking about, there is no need to say anything about it. The world will know it, or discover it.” The baseball and golf seasons have opened, and the gardeners have been active for some time. All join together to create a growing spirit of optimism. There is nothing like activity to chase the blues. Cleveland county produced 62,792 bales of cotton last year. The farmers of the county will never get what they should get, in order to come out, for such crops until a great er demand for cotton goods is created. When you start to purchase, see if you can’t find it in cotton material. NEW LEADERS COMING ON THERE MAY BE A FEW younger Superior court jurists and solicitors in North Carolina than Judge Wilson War lick and Solicitor Spurgeon Spurling—that remains to be proven—but it will be equally as difficult to find two more popular and efficient court officials. They are able repre sentatives of the new class of young leaders now coming on. NOT A NEW PROBLEM THE PROBLEM FACING the North Carolina general as sembly is not a new one; instead, it is old as the ages. Every class is anxious to pass the tax burden along to the other class. The lawmakers should realize this most evident trait of human nature and proceed accordingly, hearing all the howls and suggestions and sprinkling them all with a bit of salt before making the final adjustment. A SUGGESTION GRATIS A LONG RANGE, unofficial and uncalled for observation on the part of The Star is that Rev. Chas. H. Dickey, the Williamston minister who has attracted much attention by his writing ability and journalistic talent in the last year or so, would make a good man to fill the editorship of The Biblical Recorder, Baptist publication. Rev. Mr. Dickey, an able minister, has in recent months contributed several well written spiritual articles to publications with a nation-wide circulation. To uphold the efficient record of the several great editors the Baptist publication has had, who is better equipped, in talent and training, to qualify than the William ston tnan? MYSTERY IS SOLVED iTS THE SAME old world. Some weeks ago a Brevard widow, wealthy and described as beautiful, dropped out of town without telling anyone where she was going or how long she would be gone. A short time later two young men who had been working for her also left, driving off in two automobiles owned by the 40-year-old widow. Somebody became curious. Almost overnight a sensation developed. There was talk of the woman being abducted—perhaps mur dered. Officers began to search for the young men. All manner of wild stories were being bandied along. The mor bid-minded were all set for an unusual crime. Then the missing widow and two young men were found visiting in Wyoming. She motored to Wyoming, she said, because rela tives were after her money. And, in concluding the relation of the explosion of a bubble sensation, we wonder if there would have been a sensation had she not been wealthy? THE BONUS HELPING THOSE WHO OBJECTED to the increase in loan value of compensation for World war veterans on the grounds that the increase would not better existing business condi tions must surely admit now that the business tone has im proved. Already, informs the Charlotte veterans’ bureau, veterans of this State have received more than three million dollars, and approximately 1,000 applications are being re ceived daily. In the Shelby section and elsewhere it is evi dent that the former soldiers are making valuable use of what they were rightfully entitled to. Many of those re ceiving their loans soon after the new law was enacted were in real need and have been greatly benefitted. A large num ber of veterans have used their money, or portions thereof, to pay bills, which is certainly a positive manner of enliven ing general business activity. Still others have used the money to purchase business equipment or to entrench them Bejves in businesses and vocations already functioning. Some few perhaps have spent their loan foolishly, but that number is negligibly low. The big percentage of the veterans have expended their money wisely. The rough road of experience brought them to that. They came back from the war finding if difficult to adjust themselves to the new pace of a rapidly and constantly changing country. Many have found it hard to fit themselves into the proper niche of JL activity. None of them knew the big money and easy money! made while they were away in uniform. With business eon ditions dropping to a low level and a depression sweeping over the country the veterans first felt the pinch; they wen less prepared for it. Having felt the occasional pinch of pov jerty and having realized that they have received about all they will receive, except for history’s glory, for their part ii the world’s greatest conflict, they have made and are mak ing the best of what they receive through the increased loans. ROOSEVELT GETTING BREAKS NOW HE MAY HIT SOME rough spots in the presidential trail; later oil, and likely will, but those who look forward to: the 1932 campaign have noted that Governor Franklin D.i Roosevelt has been getting a number of breaks in recent! weeks. For some time the observers have declared the New! York Governor to be out in the lead of other prospective | Democratic candidates. However, it could not be predicted i with any assurance of safety that lie would be the candidate j for a few months often sees many unusual changes in the| world of politics. But, as said above, developments of recent! Weeks appear to have been working the Roosevelt way. The New York man is a popular leader in the South although it ; is generally known that a big portion of the South is not en thused over his opinion that the present method of prohibi tion could be improved upon in some manner. As it hap pened, however, the Roosevelt opposition to the Raskob com mittee move caused the dry South to realize that his tactics and principles are those of fair play. About the same time he made a good impression on the western progressives by his position on power, and now that he is in position to at tempt some cleaning up of Tammany politics he bids fair to draw unto him even greater strength and popularity. Cir cumstances working as they have been make of him, it must be admitted, the most formidable candidate in the field. « DO YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL? 2 Use Classified Advertising In The Star. ■ 20,000 Readers*and the Minimum Charge ■ for a Want Adv. is Only 25c. Phone 11. ■ FORD SAFETY ■ ■ i Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield has saved mang lives in collisions EVERY new Ford is equipped with a Triplex shatter proof windshield. This is made so that the glass will not fly or splinter under the hardest impact. It has saved many lives and prevented injuries in many automobile collisions. This shatter-proof glass windshield is just one of many features that make the new Ford a value far above the price. Others are the silent, fully enclosed four wheel brakes, sturdy steel body construction* four Hou* daille double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers, more than twenty ball and roller bearings, extensive use of fine steel forgings, aluminum pistons, chrome silicon alloy valves, torque-tube drive, three-quarter floating rear axle, Rustless Steel, and unusual accuracy in manufacturing. In addition, you save many dollars because of low first cost of the new Ford, low cost of operation and up-keep, and low yearly depreciation. Thu New Ford De Li ve Com: LOW PRICES OF FORD CARS $43 J to $630 F.O.B. Detroit, plus freight and delitmry. Dumper* and iparm Ur* pair* *1 •moll c**t. 1 on can purchase * Ford on economic*! farm* through the sinlhoriMod Ford Untme* Plan* of the Lnltortoi Credit Company. I THE STYLE SHOP V SETS THE STAGE FOR EASTER Our Resident Buyers Have Shopped The Leading Dress Hous es In New York So We Are Able To Offer Newest Spring Dresses and Suits Frivolous, filmy chiffons Printed crepe jacket frocks Canton crepes, newest pastels Plain and printed Chiffons Sunday nite supper frocks Shantung- Suits, newest spring shades Stunning evening and party frocks All wanted fabrics and shades $9*95 Sportswear — FOR EASTER — CHOOSE FLOWER DECKED BRIMS. — EASTER HATS — $2.95 Bandeaux brims, demure watteaux; Bakus ... all with bright blossom and ribbons adorning them .... Choose yours for the Easter Parade now. Knits and Woolens All sizes — 14 to 20. $jg'95 We worked a “Rabbits Foot” and, Pres to: here are the cleverest Sport Frocks imaginable at positively the lowest price possible. Reds, yellows, maize, corals, greens and blues. Trim three piece knitted suits, Jacket frocks and one piece dresses. Dashing sport colors. The Style Shop — Next Door To Cinderella Slipper Shop — Think Of Buying A Mascot Maid Range For $29'5° Cash Less Than Factory Cost At The Paragon's Sale, After this lot is gone you’ll be out of luck — $29.50 IS OUR PRICE DURING THIS SALE FOR MASCOT MAID RANGES. WE ALSO HAVE A FEW Coal Heaters Going At Wholesale Prices Or Less SEE THEM Our Third Floor Values You’ll Find Kitchen Cabinet*, Oil Stoves, Tables, Stools, Trunks, Bags, Porch Furniture, Office Desks, Kitchen Safes, Etc. ALL GOING AT LOWEST PRICES EVER OFFERED IN SHELBY. THIS SALE CLOSES TUESDAY NIGHT, MARCH 31ST. HURRY! HURRY The Paragon Furniture Co. SHELBY, N.C.

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