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'IK' KfcNN UKLi'l, ficiitor
l'elepnone The star .\u *-J Cacti Morning & Jo 13 o clock.
Mrs. Drum can be ieacnw at her no me, Phone 713, afternoon anu uiglCa
God made, they ; ay. ten lousand
With fins or wings or Desks r tares
Ami from them ail He chose and
t certain species He liked best
To me it seems a little non
And Just a trifle hard on God.
That those alone ho chose ns- b s'
Should eagerly destroy the yell
-John Russell MeCani
itth l entury Not To
Meet This Week.
The meeting of the 20t i i Jentury
dub scheduled to be held this rVrk
with Mrs. Lee B. Weathers as t ost
■ss has been postponed Indefinitely.
Announcement will lx- made latev as
to when this meeting will take place
Meeting Of
Second Division,
There will he a regular mev av; of
lie Second Atternoon Division of
. . . -until
Exceptional new ,swill
ness, smoothness xml
power are added to
Buick's famous de
pendability and long
life by this new Valve
in-Head Straight Eight
»nd up—t.o.b. Flint,Mich.
Oi**l It ihirftptUrtfy, trtfrr,
•iU wudtli tj 19Jt Bmici Str.itkt |
l it&tt trill it ctmtitmej tir**fh
tut lit temrt; tummtr t*4 /til
J. Lawrence
the eight as
builds it
■ the Woman's club on Thursday aft*
’ ernoon at the club room with Mrs.
| J- R. Robinson, Mrs. D. D. f*ou. atld
: Miss Elizabeth Ebeltoft acting as
j hostesses. All members are urged to
be present,
Id die*’ Golf
Club To Meet
The regular meeting or the ladies
golf club will take place on Friday
afternoon at 2:30 at the club room.
i Easter Dance
i At Isothermal
The annual Easter dance will be
sponsored this year by the German
club of Ruthertordton and will be
given at the Isothermal hotel, Fri
day, April Jffd. Music will he Jur
nfshed by Bill Davenport’s orchestra
of Spartanburg. S. C. There will be
special features during intermis
| .Surprise Party
Last Thursday.
(Special (o The Stai.i
The young peoples division «.f
| Feulah church gave a surprise par
! ty Thursday evening In honor of
Misses Aleese and Georgia Forbes
and Mr. Robert Forbes at the Forb
es home.
Out of the community guests were
* Messrs John Whitworth, Marvin
, Putnam, Arthur Stroup and Wray
' Black of Waco, and Floyd I-edford
i and William Turner of the Oak
| Grove section,
■ / •
Opening of Nash, Inc.
Attracts Targe Crowd.
Between twelve and fifteen hun
Idred people yesterday afternoon at
tended the formal opening of Nash,
Inc., new ladies ready-to-wear shop
on I.aFayctte street, The nearby
[towns of Kings Mountain. Forest
City and Rutherfordton were rep
resented In the crowds which
thronged the attractive show room
of the new and modern store during
the afternoon. Music and elaborate
floral decorations Increased the
charm of the occasion, and five
hundred beautiful red radiance
roses were given to those who called
during the afternoon.
Mrs. fiord h Bonk
Chib Honies*.
Mrs. Robm Herd was a gneclous
hostess to members of the Contem
porary book club on Tuasday after
noon at her apartment on 8. DeKalb
street- After a brief business meet
ing conducted by the president, Miss
Mary Adelaide Roberts, an interest
ing discussion of current topics was
given by Miss Caroline Blanton. The
main feature of the afternoon's pro
gram was given by Mrs. Brevardi
Konnesaa who read a short paper
on Frederick H. Koch and the Caro
lina Playmakers. after which she
read one of their plays, "Job's Kin
folks.” The play was well read and
presents excellently a certain strata
of life In North Carolina.
A social half hour was enjoyed
during which Mrs. Herd served a de
licious salad course with coffee.
Pretty Party For
l ittle Miss Baber.
Mrs. Fred Baber entertained at a j
pretty child’s party on Monday aft
ernoon honoring her small daughter!
Gwendolyn, in celebration of her
third birthday. Between thirty and
forty children were present and they
enjoyed an hour spent in playing
games on the lawn. The little ron
oree wore a dainty frock of printed
silk. When the children were invited
Into the living room they were all
seated and the story of "The Ginger
bread Boy" was read to them alter
which each child was given a real
gingerbread boy. Ice cream cones
were served and each little guest re
ceived aa Easter biddie as a souve
nir Little Gwendolyn received .t ccl •
lection of pretty aud useful gifts.
Miss Mary Peg-ram assisted Mrs
Baber la entertaining.
Carpenters Grove
B. Y. P. V. Entertained.
The senior B. Y. P. 17. of Carpen
ters Grove church entertained with'
a social at the home of Miss Corene i
Hoyle, of Lawndale, last Saturday
The living room was beautifully
decorated with a mixture of spring
flowers. The guests were greeted at
the door by the hostess and Misses!
Vertle Smith and Edith Ledford.
Games and progressive conversa
tion were enjoyed during the even
ing. After which the hostess'assist
ed by Misses Inez Propst and Edith
Ledford served delicious sandwiches
and punch.
Those present were: Misses Corene
Hoyle, Ruth COstner, Inez Propst,
Vertie Smith, Vangie Mull, Nora
Costner. Edith Ledford; Messrs.
Wayne Carpenter, Clarence Clark,
Clyde, Burgin and Edwin Costner,
Leslie and Edwin Seagle, Woodrow
Hoyle. Jack Relney, George and
Hubert Cook, Robert Porter, Ever
ette l utz, Dixon Smith. Vernon
Cook and Delmar Propst.
American Homes Division
Enjoys Regular Meeting.
A regular meeting of the Axsri-j
can Hemes division of the Woman'*
club was held on Monday noon
at the club room with Mrs. u jhh
McCJUrd, Mrs. Retd Young- and Mi"
Inna Wallace in charge as ujide;
Mrs. J. L. McDowell, chairman, p-e •
sided and conducted :l brief bustm
session before the beginnin .• .of the
program. Two attractive and a"l)i 0
prlute contests furnished amuse
ment. The first consisted ,of ques
tions, the answers to which wide
fruits and vegetables, and tho w< -
ond was one of completln i mi-fa; i
ioned rhymes. In the first '■ontest
Mrs. George Hoyle won tint prize
and Mrs. Jap Buttle won see'mia. Ir
the second cor,test Mrs. Buttle war
first prize winner and Mrs trio a
Wallace won second prize T'->o
prizes were all appropriate to the
Easter season. Mrs. Wallace con
ducted a few. simple games vvi-.i.
were followed by music. Miss Mil
dred Luughridgc and John MeCiurd
jr„ played two selections on to<ii
liorns and were accompanied by Mrs
George Hoyle at the piano. Mrs Was
lace brought the program to f- close
by reading several original poems
appropriate to the Easter season
Sandwiches, sweets and cofoe
were served with the Easter idea
carried out, by bunnies and biddies
appearing on each of the plate
Turlington Opposes
Drug Store Whiskey
Charlotte, March 23.—Zeb V. Hurl
ing ton of Mooresville, author Of
North Carolina's prohibition law.
today said he was opposed to
amendment of it to permit physi
cians to prescribe whiskey.
Presiding Elder At
Sulphur Springs
j Saturday, March 28, our presid
ing elder, Rev. It M. Courtney, will
be with us at Sulphur Springs and
preside over our second quarterly
conference for the Shelby circuit,
i Brother Courtney will bring us a
'message at 11 o'clock and the busi
ness part of the conference will be
aboue 1 p. m. Alt the officials of the
charge are expected to be present.
On Sunday morning, March 29,
the presiding elder will preach at 11
o'clock. The Sunday school will give
a program beginning at 10 o’clock
Sunday morning. We are expecting
a great day. A warm welcome will be
given to all who come.
R. L. FORBI6, Pastor
Cleveland King
Of Cotton Makers
Charlotte Observer.
'flic clean-up report by the De
partment of Agriculture as to the
season's ginnings gives the state
800,375 bales against 767.043 in 1929.
It also leaves the mountain-fringed
county of Cleveland at the head of
the list as cotton producer, with 62.
792 bales gtnned last year, against
64.340 in 1929. The Mecklenburg
ginnings for 1930 almost tallied
with the ginnings in 1929—in the
former case, 25,698 bales, ar„d in the
latter, 25.234 bales. Robeson is the
nearest competitor to Cleveland,
with 52,218 boles in 1930, and 40.281
in 1929. Tire best that Jones county
could do was a little the ri:,e or 1,
000 bales each of the years named.
Cleveland Is the undisputed king
Cotton county of North Carolina
Most of us won't be contented
with our lot tilt It's a lot more -
Arkansas Gazette
Henrietta Leader
Claimed By Death
Writ Known Hullicrlortl Mill .** n
Dies At Home. Funeral
Forest City, Mirch 'z j. —Ldgcr
1 Neal, C7. died at h s liome in Hen
| rietta Sunday nigh.
Mr. Nenl is known in cir
cles all over the state and is uii_ .ii
inently known m Uutherfor.i coun
ty He was one of the oldest em
ployes of the Henrietta mills In the
point* of service, leaving been em
ployed by tills company ior Vi years.
At the time of his death he was
timekeeper tor the mills
Funeral services were held Tues
. day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Pat
lerson Springs, with Rev. A. W.
Lynch, pastor of the Henrietta
Methodist church, in charge.
Mr. Neal is survived by. liis v, ic
and five children: Robert Paul.
Ruby find Madge Neal of Henrietta,
and Mrs. J. A. Hamilton of North
Wilkesboro. Four brothers survive:
Lewis Neal of Kings Mountain, The
odore Neal of Grover, Greely Neai
of Blacksburg, S. C., and J. It. Neal
of Patterson Springs. One sister,
Mrs, John Clarke, of Grover, also
! New Prospect News
Of Current Week
i Special To The Star.*
New Prospect. May 24. -Quite a
bit of work Was done ill the field
during tire recent pretty weather.
Most of tlie land has been prepar
ed for planting. However. It seems
like the farmers are looking for
w!ard to an early spring.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Howell and
Mr, and Mrs. Edgar Howell visited
Mr. and Mrs! Tom Howell of near
Bethlehem church Sunday. The lat
ter was accompanied home by Miss
Laura Howell who spent the week
visiting relatives In this commun
Mrs. J. R. Poston visited her son.
Mr. Atkin Poston, of Shelby, last
Mrs. Pressly Costner of near
Beams Mill and daughter Mrs. Paul
Bridges of Shelby, Misses Novella
and Jna Jean Wright of near Mulls
Chapel, spent Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. Mack Adams.
Mrs. FIbra Poston and two Chil
dren, John and Lillie and Mrs. J.
R. Poston and daughter, Dalsle,
visited Mrs. V. V. Wright last
Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans Stamey re
cently moved from Shelby Into the
residence with Mr. and Mrs. Mon
roe Ledford.
Peachtree Beauty Is
Unhurt by Depression
—— .i
Aberdeen, March 23.—The peach]
orchards hereabouts are in full!
bloom. In spite of the hard times j
and the high taxes, the trees 4re 1
blooming as nicely as they did when i
peaches were worth $4 a crate.
Pool Fertilizer.
Fertilizers for this season's crops:
are being purchased for cash j
through a cooperative pool by Alio- j
Shany county farmers.
Nearly Ml Of $109,000,000 Estate
ISequeatlied To Charitable
New York March 23.—The hun
dred million dollar Wendel fortune
buildcd on furs, pelts and real es
tate—'buy, but never sell real es
tate’’ was the Wendel motto—has
|been bequeathed almost in its entire
ty to charity f.
The will of Miss Ella V, Von E.
Wendel, last of the land-wealthy
family founded In 1799 by John Got
tleib Wendel, was made public to
day. It will be many months before
it can be probated. The executors
explained that a “determined
search’’ will be made for any pos
sible legal heirs before distribution
of the estate is attempted.
Numerous personal bequests are
made, such as $20,000 to Miss Wen
ders personal maid, and $2,000 each
to other servants. The residuary es
tate, Including all real and personal
property not otherwise disposed of,
is to be divided into 200 equal shar
Five institutions are bequeathed
the bulk of the estate, 35 shares
each going to the board of foreign
missions of the Methodist Episcopal
church for the Nankin Theological
Seminary, at Nankin, China; New
York Society for the relief of Crip
pled and Ruptured; St Christoph
er’s Home for Children, Dobbs Fer
ry, N. Y.; Drew’ Theological Semi
nary, Madison, N. J., and the New
York Flower Hospital,
The remaining 25 shares go in
varying quotas to other institu
The Little Theatre With
Big Productions.
Today And
And an all-star sup
porting cast.
It Pays To Advertise
Proper Tme is Mow!
Will Beautify That
Shabby Piece Of
Look Around your home—
your guests do!
Paint up, renew with Ky*
Certain-teed Will Do
The Job.
Every product bearing the Certain
teed label is built to a definite stand
ard of high quality. Beautiful shades
for interior and exterior work.
If you want a painter, call us.
She!1'/ Hardware Co.
“We Serve To Satisfy.” — Phone 330.
Like many other good
thrifty folks are doing.
During the month of
March scores of people,
young and old, started B.
& L. Shares with us—
Just Like Old
Well times are better
anyway, people are feel
ing better, they have
about settled down to
brass tacks, gone or go
ing to work and saving
every cent tl^y can
Work And Save
B. & L. WAY
We have a hew series to
open Saturday, April the
4th — but start your
shares today.
Building & Loan
J. L. SUTTLE, Sec.
Be Like the.BEE —
I; . ■■■■■';
Naturally, the bee's never heard
of Prosperity. He just goes ahead,
storing honey for the future, and
then making good use of honey when
the need arises. IPs fine to spend.
But first you have to SAVE. Wise
saving and wise spending are an un
beatable combination.
There’s No Health Better
Than That Which
Follows Illness...
EVERYONE has experienced the joyous sensation of
convalescence, following a long siege of illness. The
nation is just now entering such a period. It f e e 1 s
mighty good to be up again. Keen business men are
using this period for gathering their forces, gaining
back their strength, preparatory to the order for full
steam ahead. The First National Bank does its part by
supporting any program of reconstruction.
First National Bank

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