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Events Of Week
April 15.—Our. pastor brought US
* very {Hip message Sunday morn
inn iising as his ; object 'The Prod
liiiil Son. A large crowd waf pres
ent for the morning service.
items of business were attended i>>
during the .conference hour.
Some time ago the B Y. I’. U
decided to cultivate a Meld of cotton
the proceeds to be turned over rn
Boiling Spring.- junior college. . Mr
I? C. Doggctt very kindly agreed to:
furnish the land for this purpose
Mr. W, H. Humphries was elected
by the church to act as chairman;
and supervise this work With, the j
help and cooperation ol all the:
\oung people of the B Y. P. U's, ll 1
is sincerely hoped that all will co
operate with our chairman in thu!
worthy cause.
A committee was appointed to
plan for our memorial and home'
coming day which is to be the sec
ond Sunday in May. The (oil- win.; •
committee was appointed: Mr. E D, j
Humphries, chairman; Mcsdamer. B j
B. McBrayer, R. C. Doggeti, M v‘
Libby McCurry, Messrs. W 11 Hum !
Mr. and Mrs. Eletchei McMin r. '
’visited Mr and Mrs Clyde McSwain
Rev. aiid Mrs 1) E. Putnam we"-,
dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Dan
Brooks Sunday.
Master R. C. Doggeti, Jr., had as
ins guest Sunday, Master Dan Mc -
Mrs. Zcb Blanton and children
cisited Mr. and Mrs, G. T. Jarrclti
of Cherryvllle Sunday aftemuon
Mr. and Mrs. Plato Bridges and j
children were dinner guests of Mr
and Mrs. W. W. Jones or the Poplai
Springs community Sunday.
Mrs. Ollie. Green spent the day
Tuesday with Mrs. J. L. McCurry.
' Mr, R. X.. Short, and daughter Miss
Eearl Short of Kings Mountain
spent Sunday with Mr. R, W Mc
Curry and family. Mrs. Short re
turned home with them after a few
clays visit with her mother. Mrs. d
U McCurry and also being at the1
bedside of her brother-in-law. Mr.
J L, Blanton at the Shelby, hospi
Mr and Mrs. Etirl Bridges spent
Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Cleatus
McSwain. ' ■ |
Mr. and Mrs C. M Bridges and1
daughters' Misses Myrtlce and Lena
Budges spent Sunday with Mr. undj
Mr-.. John Blanton in the Double
Springs community;.
Several people attended the New
ton public debate at Lattimore on
Tuesday night. Miss Elbe Mae Wil
Around The
Br sure to be on hand next
Monday lo .see Will Honors, as
CUT YANKEE.' We bear this
is the funniest tiling he has
ever done, and we feel thul
you me Si) need ot a real treat
For today we are showing a
double feature program, head
ed by Jeanette MacDonald
and Reginald Denny, in OH
FOR A MAN' followed by Bob
Steele, in -RIDIN’ FOOT,'
and a Pathe Comedy No ad
ranee in prices—same old It
and t25 gets you in
The 'leat hers Training de
partnuiH is sponsoring tin
Will Rogers picture. they an
trying to get railroad late u
Raleigh to attend the stall
meet there, so buy yout tick
et' from One of these ladle,•
and you won't regret it.
If you are not gening ons
of our weekly programs just
phone 448 and we will see that
you are placed*on our mailing
list. Everyday in every way
things are getting better ana
better—even pictures are im
proving—if you don’t believe
this see Will Rogers' Connecti
cut Yankee and be convinced
! on was one of the debaters
The intermediate union of Hcuver
Dam inert at the home of Mr. and
Mr-. James OeUahan Tuesday night
and rendoed a program for Mrs
Callahan grandmother, Mr*. Pen
••ioii Slit- i.- titi veais or age out is
ten active' considering her age and
seemed to greatly enjoy the pro
noun The union hopes to be abi
in render more programs ot thl
kiml tor those who arc shut in aim
unable to attend church. They -mi
accompanied by their leader Miss
tubby Medina.
'The B V P T nuaru't oi mi.
church assisted by Mrs a. B Mc
Swain at the piano rendered a very;
interesting program from nation
WSPA, Spartanburg Sunday after
Mrs. Schuitem MeSywini and chil
dren spent* Sunday with hei par
ents, Mr. and Mrs M Brooks of
Double Springs
Mr; and Mn J .s Wilson bad as
their dinner guests Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. ColumbUs Jones and daughter.'!
Don a from Ellenburo, Mr. and J
Mrs. Georgi Toney from Caroken,
and Mr, and Mrs ouy Ellis and
daughter, Polly.
Mr. and Mrs J S. Wilson and
daughter, l.lla Mai. visited Mr. and
Mrs A C. Doty awhile Sunday
Mi. and Mrs. H O Hayes and
children visited at the bed aide cf
the latter's father. 'Mr Fields of
New House.
Misses Peui I and Bryte Cilascoe
arid Selma Callahan were dinner
quests Sunday of Misses Mary Lou
und Willellen McCuny.
Mrs. w. P. McArthur and chil
dren of Lattimorp spent the week
end in the home 01 Mr and Mrs. S
E. Jones ,
Mrs. K L. McDaniel and children
of Kings Mountain were guests of
her father, Mr. H W McCuny Sun
day, ■ ■
Mr- B U McSwain had dinner
Sunday with Mr and Mrs. - E. p.
Miss Kvelyn Gluscoe spent Sunday
with Miss Ida McMurry
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Qlnseoo visited
Mr and Mrs. N. U, Mauney.
Mrs. rteb lilanton mid daughters
wry delightfully entertained in hon
or of their daughter and sister, Mrs.
Palmer McMurry from Ora village
Saturday evening. This being Mra.
McMurry a birthday and came as a
complrte surprise to her. The dining
room iind living room were very
beautifully decorated with sprintf
flowers. The table was lovely with a
beautifully decorated birthday Calm
for a centerpiece and softly burning
candles on either end. A delicious
four course dinner was served. The
following enjoyed tills happy occa
sion: Mr and Mis. McMurry and
children, Mr. and Mrs. oien Blan
ton and little daughter, Mrs' Blan
ton and children.' ~
Shouse Predicts,
Democratic Win
Los Angeles, April 15,—A predic
tion that tile democrat.k) party
would win tiie next presidential
eleetiou was made by Chairman
Jotictt Shotise of the democratic
national executive committee at a
Jefferson day dinner hefe
“For more tlnm two yeats."
Sim,use said, "the government of the
United States has simply drifted.
An liarrassed and indignant nation,
is preparing, it 1 read I he auguries
correctly, to rid itself of the most
inept Inadequate and incompetent,
administration tliut late has brought !
to Washington in at least two dec-I
'We lmve neve, had action where
postponement was possible We.
havo had avoidance pi responsibil-.
ity when leadership was poignantly
required ' I
A. Scott Bnilit. DemOn.iUc pa-:
tional committeeman from tiie state!
of Washington, told the gathering!
that lie was for Franklin D. Roose- 1
velt • tor president He said tie ••be
lieved that when the tune comes,!
Roosevelt will be nominated and by
none other than Alfred E, Smith.'
Lattimore News
Of Current Week
Public Rebate, Tuesday. Hume .VJak
rrs Program April 32. In Music
Conlest hat or (lav.
Special to The situ •
l attimore. April 16.—The C. II. VV
literary .ociety will hold then an-i
mud public debate Tuestluy even- ■
mg. April ,21st in the Lattimore i
high school amitti rium at 8 o clock i
The public is cordially invited t. '
attend. The following program \yill|
be glum ■ j
Vocal trio by Misses Annette Blau-.
Ion, Ailuen Crowder mid Jnmt (
Greene; reading—Louise McSwain;t
vocal solo—Mr. Jordan; debate: Re-'I
solved that the state of North Cam-1
Una should control and maintain i
public roads and school of the state j
Affirmative; Jehnie Blanton, Jame. !
Wilson, Jessie Pearl Irwin; nege-i
tive: Annette Blanton. A. V. Irvin
Atlecn Crowder.
Program April 22.
the Home Makers club will give
a public program in the high school
iuditoriuin Wednesday evening. Ap-i
ril 22, at 8 o'clock. The program is
as follows;
Welcome by president, Mary Lee
Harrill; Bible reading, Wreathu ]
Hoopaugh; reading—My Matvl-;
monal Views, Louise McSwain: the;
Proper Care of Babies, MfUry Suel
Blanton, Margarctte Martin; Foods;
Essential to the Diet, Sarah Dog-;
nett, Nellena Jones; essay—How My I
Home Economics Helps at Home,!
Ellen Padgette; demonstration—!
The Correct Dress for the Occasion,
Jennie Blanton and Others; piano
solo—Genevieve Blanton; debate:!
Resolved that Training for Home
Making is as Essential as Training
for Business. Affirmative: Pearl
Gla.coe. Reba Davis; negative;
Frances Greene. Virginia Bigger
stalf; duet, by Annette Blanton and
Aileen Crowder; propheev bv Mary
Lee Harrill.
Iii Music Contest.
The Baltimore music department
will enter ihe folkwing events -n
the district music contest to be held
in Shelby Saturday:
Vocal solos—Soprano Vnnetlt
Blanton; alto. Alleen Crotvder; ten
or. Max Padgette: baritone. Tom
Lattimore and bass, Lyman Martin.
Mixed chorus of about twenty voices.
Girls trio—Annette Blanton. Janie
Greene and Alleen Crowder. Boys
quartet-Gilbert McGinnis. Max
Padgette, Tom Lattimore and Ly
man Martin.
Senior Union Officers.
I Tiie following new officer* have
ibeen elected in the senior union of
the Lattimore B. Y. P. U.: President,
Miss Mabel Jones; vice president.
Miss Artlia Jones; recording secre
tary. Miss Pearl Harriil; corres
ponding secretary, Miss Margaret
Lattimore; treasurer, Miss Maao
; Belle Pin1beck; chorister. Miss Edna
Harriil; Bible readers’ leader. Mr
Lyman Martin; pianist, Miss Beni,
Lee Threat; group captains. Mr
Lolan Tesseneer. Miss Pearl Jones,
Mr. Aston Adams and Miss Mae
Miss Elizabeth Hewitt spent the
the week-end in Shelby \Vith Mis
Annie Ruth Dellinger.
Rev. N. D. Yount, pastor of Luth-1
eriur church in Shelby spent the!
day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. R,
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Fite and son*,:
George, Hal and Mac. visited Mr
and Mrs. Jessie Gibbs iiv-Spartan- J
burg Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Shaw Muoie of
Slielby visited Mr. and Mrs. Thur
man Blanton Sunday afternoon.
Episcopal Church
Services Announced )
There will be an early service at
the Church of The Redeemer on
Sunday, April 19th, at 7:30 a. m.
(lasting a half hour.) Rev. J. B. Sdi,
who is in charge, is unable to be at
the church for a later service this I
Sunday. He will be at Hotel Char-'
les on Friday and Saturday.
1931 Prices Make Selections
and Gift Giving A, Pleasure.
Next To A. V, Wray’s
Abernethy’s Old Stand
Postal Service
Men In Meeting
State President Makes Short Ad
dress. Mr. Quinn Elected
(Special to The Star.*
Giover, April 18.—The Cleveland
county Postal Service council held
its regular quarterly meeting at the
Moorc.sboro high school building
Tuesday night. April 14th.: There
were more than a hunctreti postal
employes their wives anti othe;
guests present. A splendid banquet
ninprr was served by the Parent-;
Teacher association which way
thoroughly enjoyed by all; Prof J.
A. Kaca. principal of the Moores-'
boro high school delivered the ad
dress ol welcome which was re
sponded to by Rural Carrier G. V.
Hawkins ol Shelby. The invocation
was given by Air. A. L. Smart. Music
was rendered during and after sup
per by the Dover mill string or
chestra much to the delight of the
After the banquet was over Prof.
J. D. Huggins, dean of the Boiling
Springs Junior college delivered a
very instructive and inspiring ad
dress on the subject of “Service,” in
which he paid glowing tribute to the
service rendered the public by the
postal Wo’-kers. Mr. T. w. Alexan
der. president of the North Carolina
district of the National Postmasters
league was recognized and made a
brief but impressive speech. Other
postal employees from Burke, Ruth
erford and Cherokee county, S. C.
A number of questions relative to
the service.were asked and answer
Officers were elected as follows J.
II. Quinn, postmaster Shelby, Presi
dent Pied E. Greene, rural car- ,er
Shelby, secretary-treasurer, Tire
next meeting will be held at Kings
Mountain the second Tuesday night
in July.’
London.—A lovers' millemuni, *
distant day when there will be lull
moonlight through all the hours cl'
every night, is described by Sir
James Jeans. English scientist.
He said tire rings surrounding Sat
urn had been proven to consist of
millions of tiny moons, believed to
be broken fragments of what was
originally one full-sized moon.
“In the far future,” he said, "our
own moon must Inevitably be drawn
in closer and closer to the earth un
til it finally comes too near for safe
ty and must meet the same fate.
After that our earth will have a frill
Ella Mill News
Of Current Week ^
Prayer Meeting Tonight. Turner
Child Sick. Personal
'Special to The Star;
t;iln Mill. April 18.—Prayer meet
ing will be lit Id at the home oi Mr.
Forrest Grayson at 7:30 Friday.
Born t<> Mr. and Mrs. Boforfl
Wt aver. April 10. a baby bov
Mr and Mrs Roland Johnson i
had as their guests Sunday, Mr. anil
Mrs. elure Johnson and children
and Miss Mary Johnson from Spin-'
da le
~ Miss Alt on Jackson spent Che
week-end with her uncle at Double
Master A. C. Glover of Shelby R-7
visited A. V. Anthony Monday after
Mr. und Mrs. Pink Lackey and
Miss Marie Smart spent Sunday at
the bedside of his father, Mr. J. D.
Lackey who is very ill in Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. Fralo Mayes spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Ellis.
Mr. Alonzo Towery and son Wil
liam spent Monday at Forest City.
Miss Marie Glover o‘f near Patter
son is spending the week with Miss
Pauline Anthony.
Mrs. W. Mclnliro spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Buford Wea
Mrs. came smnn ana son, gamier
and Mrs. Clyde Bowens and baby
spent Sunday In Gastonia.
Mr. Oscar Bowens and children
spent the week-end with Mr. ana
Mrs. Charlie Bowens.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hardin oi
the Lily Mill vilage spent Saturday
night with Mrs. M. L. Patterson.
Misses Evelyn Smith, Arie »nu
Velvie Wilkie spent Sunday with
iMlss Edna Willis near Mooresboro.
Mr. Pink Lackey, Mr. and Mrs.
[Clyde Bowens and Misses Nina and
[Helen Bowens spent Saturday aiter
noon with Miss Nellie J. Camp near
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bridges ot
Hickory is spending the week with
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morehead.
We are sorry to know the little
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Turner
is very sick at this writing.
or rings like Saturn.
"They win reflect far more of the
sun's light than our present moon,
and there will be full moonlight all
i night."
You’ll be satisfied with
your new building if
you use only the high
quality building mate*
rial we sell. Come in
and talk over vouc
building plans now.
Lime — Cement — lirick — Farm Machinery
We re* - STAR Ceorem for «U imu-rete
work n . . hoi the principal factor — nuj
"INCUit 0itiN i /or uorfc thtft u in «
Interior . . .
EVERY prospect of a busy Spring! We there
for® recommend that you have your decorat
ing, both exterior and interior, done as early
as possible. Be assured, however, that ANY
time you call on us. your decorating will be
done promptly, carefully, skillfully, at a mod
erate cost.
Eleven GREAT
,.. end now even lower in price!
Goodyear Ad-Weetb*r, largest lading lira in the
world, further improved in 11 ways, and priced lower
than ever before. Value only Goodyear offers —e
direct result of building MILLIONS MORE tire*
than any other company.
Get Our Spect*l Proposition on Pairs or Sets*
Ideal Service Station
is a ear of unusual graee and
beauty . • eeonomieal • • powerful
• • selling at only
Owners of the new Pontiac are people who know from experience
how to judge performance and quality. Theirs is no blind choice.
They select Pontiac because it enables them to enjoy fine-car advan
tages at moderate cost. You’ll appreciate these fine-car features:
MOTOR—An engine far above old ideas
of quality performance possible at this price.
Smooth, flexible, dependable—and decidedly
economical despite its power.
SHIP—That inimitable beauty of design
and styling which contributes so much to
motoring pleasure—particularly when pou
have guests. Upholstery is fine, durable
whipcord or mohair. Cushions are form
fitting. There is plenty of room for the
comfort of all in the car.
—A distinctly fine-car feature greatly adding
to riding ease. Road shocks are absorbed by
rubber insulation at more than 40 chassis
points. Rubber-cushioned shackles, an im
portant part of this insulation system, not
only promote comfort and stability on the
read, but eliminate lubrication at 12 points.
A notable advance in snugness of body
structure and insulation which shuts out
heat, cold, dampness and excessive noise.
Building the cowl and windshield pillars as
a single piece prevents leaks and rattles.
Brakes that evenly grip all wheels with a stop
ping power that gives every member of the
family new confidence in driving.
If the new Pontiac is anywhere near the
motor car price you have in mind, test its
actual value for yourself. A demonstration
will be arranged at your convenience.
This is the price of the 2-door
Sedan or Coupe delivered to
you in Shelby and equipped
ready for use. -
Equipment includes front and real
bumpers, shock absorbers. 5 wire
wheels, and extra tire, tube and tire
lock. Other models priced as follows.
Sport Coupe $824.00. 4-door Sedan or
Convertible Coupe $854.00 Cu'dou
Sedan $834.00.
J. Lawrence Lackey

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