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Veiephone Hie Star No. 4-0 Each Morning is Xo i- O'clock.
Mrs. Drum can be reached at her home, Phone 713, afternoon and mghia
His hands touched various things:
Handle of pall, gate, pump, and
Frosty handle, and latch, and
And stone wall mended every
\ pullet’s arid a swallow’s wings.
And apples on an apple bough.
Teats, calves and noses of his kine,
Hare, back and belly of his dog,
Tough bellies of the itching swine,
And blood of a stuck hog.
His hands groped sometimes in the
Sometimes lor stars beyond hia
The calloused hollow of his hand
Held the fat increase of the land.
Evenings, when he bowed hia head,
His hands prayed, and then broke
Undressed him finally into bed,
And, trembling with increase of life,
Reached out beside him for hia
-Edward Allen,
lUutr To Be Held
Tomorrow Afternoon
The Susannah aid circle of the
LaPayette Street Methodist church
will hold a baaaar in their class
room at the church on Saturday
afternoon from 4 o’clock to eight
o’clock. Refreshments will be on
sale. The public Is cordially Invited
American Horn**
Department T* Meet
On Monday afternoon at 3:30 at
the elufc room a regular meeting of
the American homes division of the
Woman's club will be held with
Mrs. B. L. Smith and Mr*. Nelson
Lattlmore as Joint hostesses
Tnesday Afternoon
Bridge dab To Mwf.
Mrs. Robert Woods will be host
ess on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30
to members of the Tuesday after
noon bridge club, entertaining at
her home in Belvedere Heights.
Birthday Tarty For
F. F. Riviere, jr.
Mrs. E. P. Riviere entertained al
a pretty ehlldrenls party on Wed
nesday afternoon in celebration ol
the tenth birthday of her son. E. P
Riviere. Jr. About 15 children enjoy
ed this hospitality and vartom
games were played on the lawn. In
one of the games a prise was award
ed which went to Oerald Hamrick.
Who was given a «nall croquet set.
After a number of games the
children were invited into the din
ing room where a white birthday
cake, graced with ten red and white
candles, centered the table. Ice
cream and cakes were served and
each child was, given a toy bal
loon as a souvenir. Mrs Riviere
was assisted In entertaining and
serving by her daughter, Miss Mar
jorie Riviere, and Mrs. Richard Ri
Final Meeting
Of Dover P .T, A.
The final meeting of the year of
the Dover Parent-Teacher associa
tion was held in the school audi
torium last Tuesday afternoon at 3
Mr. Pat Mc.Brayer addressed the
meeting. The main theme was
“Education, and Its Development,”
He spoke of the great good that Is
done when we teach a child and
pointed out Jesus as the greatest
teacher. Delicious refreshments were
served at the close of the meeting.
Wedding Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dame) Hass
of Beth Page section announce the
marriage of their daughter, Annie
Mae, to Mr, Elmer Thomas Blgger
stafT, on March 5, 1931.
Mrs. Blggerstaff is a graduate
nurse of St. Peters hospital, Char
lotte, and has for the past five
months been nursing In that city.
Mr. Blggerstaff is the youngest
son of Mrs. W. C. Blggerstaff, of
Vale, and is a popular member of
the younger set.
Mrs. Rimmir Entertain*
Ornup Of Narses.
The nurses of the Llncolnton
Alumni association mot with Mrs !
Thoe. J. Ramseur on South Wash-!
ington street on Thursday evening
for their monthly meeting A very,
Interesting program was given after
which a two-course buffet supper
was served. A color scheme of yel
low and white was carried out.
Special guests were Mrs. A. W.
Andrew and Mrs. R. S. Robinson,
the latter from Charlrtte, who Is a
sister of Mr*. Ramseur.
Bynum Weathers, Jr.
Celebrates Birthday.
Bynum E. Weathers, Jr, enter
tained about 33 children In celebra
tion of his seventh anniversary last
Monday, April 20th. at the home of
his grandmother, Mrs. J. B. Phfl
beck, west of Shelby. A number of
his schoolmates of the Washington
school in Shelby attended. Mbs
Agnes McBrayer assisted in the en
tertainment of the children, preaid
tng over games which were enjoyed
on tho spacious lawn fronting Mr
Thtlbeck's home.
A color scheme of pink and green
predominated. In the dining room
where refreshments were served, n
huge birthday cake with seven lit
tle candles was placed In the center
of the table add on either side were
large bowls containing apple bios
Eskridge News
APRIL, 34, 1931
We want to thank our many
friends and customers that call
ed on us Wednesday and Thurs
day and looked over the many
interesting exhibits and looked
and listened at the Talking Pic
There were some very interest
ing exhibits in the show and the
Talking Picture was very inter
esting and also very educational
It gave a very clear picture of
the operations in the River Rouge
plant in Detroit and also showed
very clearly the methods employ
ed in making the Model A Ford
Car and the Model AA Ford
Truck truly. “A value far above
the price."
Made O’Reilly: "And what are
you going to name the baby?”
Frau Mulc&hey: "Well name
her Hasel.”
Madame O’Reilly: "What?
With twenty five saints to choose
from, ye name her after a nut?"
Have you looked over the Nrv
Model A Ford Town Sedan and
the New Model A Three Window
lordor Sedan? We have both of
these models on display at the
present time and it will be well
vorth the time and trouble to
come around and look them over
Or, if you prefer, we will be only
too glad to have our representa
tive call and give you a demon
"Nurse." said the amorous pa
uent, Tib in love with you. 3
dost want to get well."*
“Don’t worry, you won't," afcc
assured him. "The doctor is in
love with me too, and he saw you
kiss me this morning."
‘‘I saw the doctor you told me
to see.”
‘ Did you tell him I sent you*’
"Yes, I did.”
"What did he say?
“He asked me to pay m a i«
The accuracy in manuias.uiv
ing the crankshaft of the Mod.” £
A Ford Car Is one of the cot:- §
trlbuting factpm which cnah'.c- jr
you to drive a Model A Foti> B
many thousands of miles without P
Interruption for service and re R
pairs. In police service the Mon- |
el A Ford car has been driven f
100,000 and 120.000 miles under fc
the severest driving conditions.
Leading industrial companies op
erating large fleets of Fords re
port “satisfactory* economical ser
vice” after many months end
years of constant use.
If you attended the Ford Show
you clearly understand how tire
lubrication system of the Mode!
A Ford Motor makes this pos
sible. The lubrication system of
the Model A Ford motor is de
signed to give trouble-free ser
vice for the life of the car.
Ask tor a demonstration ol the
Model A Ford car. It will be a
revelation of reliable, economical,
comfortable motoring. Of course,
you will not be obligated in any
Our Phone number is iial
soms. Ice cream and cake wire
served by Mrs. Bynum E. Weathers,
agisted by Mrs. Orady Mauney,
Mrs. Ben Stroup, and Mrs. R. C.
Bynum, jr. was the happy recip
ient of many presents. On departing
the children were presented with
bright-colored balloons as favors.
Mrs. flay Hoey
Entertains Club.
Mrs. Flay Hoey was a cordiai
hostess on Thursday afternoon to
members of the South Washington
bridge club and a few Invited guests
at her attractive home on S. De
Kalb street, with Mrs. Cicero Hoey,
of Wilmington. Delaware, as guest
of honor. The rooms where the four
tables were arranged for bridge were
decorated with narcissus iris and
other spring flowers Mrs. Willis
McMurry won a deck of cards as
high score prize, and Mrs. Cicero
Hoey was given a bottle of perfume
as a guest prize.
Mrs. Hoey was assisted by Mrs. C.
C. McBrayer, Mrs. S. E. Hoey. Mrs.
D. W. Royster and Miss Octavla Jet
er in serving a delicious salad course
followed by a sweet course
Mrs. Webb Is
Honoree At Tea.
The following is taken from the
account of Mrs. Sherrill’s tea given
for Mrs. E. Y. Webb, appearing In
today's Charlotte Observer.
One of the loveliest teas of the
season was that given by Mrs. Con
nor Sherrill at her home on Queens
road, Myers Park, Wednesday aft
ernoon from 5 to 6 o’clock in honor
of Mrs. E. Yates Webb of Shelby.
Mrs. Sherrill received her guests
in a gown of white point d’esprit
appliqued in tulips in paste! shades.
Mrs Webb was attired in blue lace.
Sharing honors with Mrs. Webb
were Misses Virginia and Elizabeth
Snyder, brides-elect of the 30th and
Miss Alice Houston Quarles, bride
elect of June.
Miss Blanton Is
Honored At Bridge.
Mls3 Mary Brandt Switzer was a
gracious hostess on Thursday even
ing at her home in Belvedere
Heights, in compliment to Miss Car
oline Blanton, entertaining at a
I small party. She received her guests
| In a navy blue figured chiffon din
j ner frock and Miss Blanton was
| becomingly dressed in a dinner dress
| of flowered chiffon in tones of bright
'blue and red. Bridge was played at
Hour tables during the evening, at
the close of which when scores were
added Miss Minnie Eddins Roberts
was winner' of high score and
j received a deck of cards. Miss Blan
:ton was given a pretty guest towel
[as nn honor gift.
Miss Switzer was assisted by her
mother, Mrs. Ellen B. Switzer. Miss
Rebecca Switzer, and Miss Man’
Suttle in serving a sweet course with
Eleanor Hoey
Gives Pretty Party.
Miss Eleanor Hoey, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoey, was a
charming young hostess on Thurs
day afternoon at her home at a
pretty party In celebratton of her
twelfth birthday. Miss Ruth Hoey,
of Wilmington, Delaware, daughter
of Mr, and Mrs. Cicero Hoey, was a
guest of honor. Eleanor received her
gueajts in a dainty frock of green
voile and the little honor guest wore
a pretty dress of pink cyepe de
chine. Each of them wore a should
er corsage. About twenty-five of
Miss Hoey’s friends were present.
The rooms of the lower floor were
decorated with masses of pink
honeysuckle, dogwood and other
spring flowers. Various games were
played, including pinning the tail
on a black cat. In which contest
Miss Caroline pallentine won a
pretty compact as prize. Rook was
played at several tables during the
latter part of the afternoon, and
Miss Germaine Gold was the win
ner of high score prize, receiving a
box of bath salts. The hostess pre
sented her guest of honor with a
box of Vantine's perfume.
Mrs. Hoey, mother of the young
hostess, served an ice and sweet
course in which a color note of
pink and green was carried out.
Mrs. Cicero Hoey. Miss Mary Helen
Lattimore and Miss Alpha Gettys
assisted In entertaining.
Mrs. Gardner
Luncheon Hostess.
Mrs. J. T. Gardner was a grac
ious hostess on Tuesday at the
Green Lantern tea room, entertain
ing a few friends at a mother-and
daughter luncheon. A pretty flower
centerpiece was used on the table
and a delightful four course lunch
eon was served.
Covers were laid for Mrs. Gard
ner, her daughter, Mrs. Graham
Morrison, of Lincolnton, and foi \
Mrs. Julia Abernethy and Mrs. B
L. Smith; Mrs. Eliza Roberts and ]
Mrs. Talmadge Gardner; Mrs i
Henry Wiseman and Mrs. Lee B
Universal Prayer
Week In November.
The second week In November has!
been set aside for all Churches to!
observe the universal week of pray-!
er and during that week all of the |
church ladies of Shelby will join in |
the observance. Mrs. Harry Speck
asks that all clubs, in making out
their programs, to reserve this week
Without conflicts. One day this
spring will be set aside as a world
day of prayer, but the date will be
announced later.
Second Division
Entertains First Division.
On Wednesday afternoon at the
club room the members of the sec
ond division of the Woman's club
were hostess at a delightful meet
ing at which time members of the
first division were their guests. Thei
hostesses for the afternoon. Mrs.
Alice Lineberger, Mrs. Will King,
and Mrs. C. H. Harrill, with the di
vision chairman, Miss Elizabeth
Ebeltoft, received the guests as they
arrived. The program was opened
by Mrs. L. B Hayes who played two
piano selections. "Goodnight”' and
"Venetian Love Song,” by Nevin.
Miss Ebeltoft then made a brief talk
in which she expressed a welcome
of the hostess division to their
guests. Miss Mary Suttle gave a
charming reading of a one-act play;
Miss Jeanette Post played "Pader
ewski's "Minuet”; and Miss Dorothy
Dovie gave a reading, "She Powders
Her Nose.” Miss Ethleen Webb play
ed "Mozart's "Fantasie"; after
Friday-Saturday Specials!
Cleveland Drug Co.
Phone 65
°* Every Sht.ffer p,„ Pureh.R.d
Vz Price
15c Cakes . 7j»c
60c Size For
*!.20 Size.For
»ne Pint SAN-TOX
Antiseptic Solution 75c
ine Dr. West
Tooth Brush__ 50c
total value_
50c Si*/?
•! Ounce 6 Ounce 1 Pint
36c 59c $1*
Squibb'* Dental Cream . 4tk
Squibb* Tooth Brush .. 4<k
Tooth Brosh Holder .... 15c
Recular value 95c
Flkh's Shampoo_.... 15c
Shampoo Spray . $1.50
Regular price .. $2.2£
59C £
. L . _ !
which Misses Nancy Linebefger and j
8ara Esther Dover concluded the j
program with a group of solo dances.'
They were accompanied by Miss Es
ther Ann Quinn at the piano At
the Close of the program Mrs. Evans
Shull, chairman of the visiting divi
sion. graciously expressed the ap
preciation and enjoyment of the
During the social half-hour the
hostesses served a delicious Ice and j
..weet course with nuts
Entii Nous Club
Will; Mrs. Eskridge.
•Mrs. Herman Eskridge was a
graclou. hostess yesterday afternoon
when she entertained members of j
the Entre Nous bridge club and a
few invited guests. The living room
was decorated with tulips and iris;
contract bridge was played at three
tables. When scores were added
Miss Carobel Lever was winner of
the high score prize for visitors and
Mrs. Ellen B. Switzer received the
high score prize for members. Mrs
Eskridge gave Mrs Luther O.
Thompson a linen guest towel as an
honor guest prize.
Mrs. Eliza Roberts and Mrs. Tal
niadge Gardner assisted the host
ess in serving a delightful salad
course with accessories, followed by
a sweet course.
Mrs. Elam Honors
Mrs. Greenway.
Mrs. W. A. Elam delightfully en
tertained at her home Thursday
afternoon in honor of Mrs. G. T.
The home was arranged with a
profusion of spring flowers. The col
or note of pink and green was ob
served In the decorations.
At the conclusion of merry-mak
ing, the honoree wTds showered with
lovely handkerchiefs. A salad course
w'as served by the hostess.
The guests included members of
the Dorcas Bible Gass and the W
M. U. of the Dover Baptist church
and the Dover school faculty.
Mr. and Mrs. Greenway are plan
ning to move to Bakersville soon
and their absence from the school,
church and community will be sore
ly felt.
Thayer-Blanton Wedding
Plans Completed.
Plans have been completed for
the wedding of Miss Caroline Blan
ton to Mr. Sherman Rand Thayer,
of Boston, Mass., Which will be an
outstanding social event of next
week. The wedding will be solemniz
ed at the First Baptist church on
Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’clock;
Dr. Zeno Wall will officiate and
will be assisted by Rev. Lucius Har
rison Thayer, of Boston, father of
the groom. The wedding music will
be furnished by Mrs. H. 8. Plaster
and Miss Minnie Eddins Roberts.
Mrs. W. A. Thompson. of Little
Rock, Ark, sister of the bride, -wyt
be dame of honor, and Miss Ve.vt
Webb Oates, of Charlotte, a cousin
of the bride will be maid of honor.
Bridesmaids will be Miss Mary
Louise Wadsworth, of Charlotte,
! Miss Jean Watts, of Lynchburg, Va .
and Miss Dora Little, of Wadesborx
Junior bridesmaids will be Dorothy
iAnn Beattie, and Betty Chapmen,
both of Greenville, S. C., Betty
Oates, of Asheville, all three are
cousins of the bride, and also Nancy
Jane Lineberger. Mr. Samuel M
Cameron, of Greenfield, Mass., will
act as best man, and the following
will be ushers: Mr. Ellsworth Tha
er, of Newton, Mass., brother of tits
groom, Mr. Ted' Green, of New !
Britain, Conn., a brother-in-law or
the groom, Mr. Charles S. Moore, of :
Englewood, N. J.. and Mr. Rlcha:- i
K. Edwards, of Newton, Mass. \
reception will be held at the bride
home immediately after the wel
Miss Dover Is
Bridge Hostess.
On Wednesday afternoon at he
home on South Washington street
Miss Katherine Dover was a charm
Family Feast
Of Bargains
Men’s Dress
Bostonian and S t a r
Brand dress shoes for
men. Special lot, values
up to $7 and $8. NOW _
$2.98 and $3.98
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es— .
Boys’ Sport Sox
Newest patterns in boys’
Sport Sox in plain and
fancy colors.
25c and 49c
Boys’ Knickers
Boys’ Knickers and Flap- !
per pants in Khakis, Lin
ens and Ducks.
98c to $1.95
Striped Shirting
Silk Striped Shirting.
Absolutely fast colors.
One lot short lengths
10c Yard
Regular lengths
15c Yard_
i 4
38 in. wide, Unbleached
Dimity. Special
8c Per Yard
Ladies’ Dress
Shoes ~~ .
Genuine Blue Buckle Guaranteed
Overalls. All sizes in Goats and
»Overalls. Judge them on the job.
O^ralls look alike in the store, but
Blue Buckles look better on the job.
SPECIAL . . 98c
Special lot Ladies’ Sam
ple Shoes, values former
ly up to ?7 and £8—Now
_$1.98 and $2.98
We Offer You Expertli^^
Foot Comfort; i
Expert Shoe Fitters Await You at I
Wray’s. Graduates from the Ameri
can School of Practipedics. f
: A. V. Wray & 6 Sons

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