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yt .Wi .*«».*. Jjv. W. ■•*•*. w.1 *»*
Whoever drew off the new parkin* lines along the curb in Shelby’s
uptown business section must have had the idea that the town is chock
full of Austins.
Getting a car between those lines, particularly with other cars oh
each side, is a pertectly good driving test which should be rewarded with
a driver's license when successfully accomplished.
In this “remember when" business it might be well to remember hap
pier days. Let’s look back about 11 years and sec what was taking place
ui Shelby in 1920 <
Cotton, believe it or not, was selling for 40 cents per pound, and real
estate agents could not get enough farms to sell. In Shelby houses and
lots were being traded like marbles and sold like hot cakes. Irish pota
toes were selling lor six dollars per bushel, and only the highest bidder
could get any sugar. In those days when local merchants hired enough
clerks to wait on the trade there wasn't any room in the store lor cus
It was that year that Night Policeman McBride Poston (now the
chief) quit his Job to superintend a construction project at Lowell.
Policeman Jim Hester succeeded him.
That same year Jim Webb bought the H. B, Quinn property corner
of South LaFayette and Graham streets, for $17,000.
In March of 1620 somebody tried to organize au Overall club at the
court house and only one person attended. Everybody, y’see, was wear
ing silk and playing on velvet in those days. (On the mum: Many of us
are glad to have just overalls nowadays. That’s how times change.)
Hilary Hudson in January. 1920. had just finished playing in "Sin
bad” along Broadway. B
It wu in 1920 that Ogburn Lutz, manager of the Campbell depart
ment store, bought half interest In the firm from R. E. Campbell. Those
boys, you remember, started out life together as taonasdta miners.
Times were so good then that tii^re wasn’t a vacant house to be
found in the city. Let's just knock 11 years off the calendar and go
back there and start all over again—whatcher say?
In 1920 J. E. Cook, of Mt. Sterling, Ky., came to Shelby and pur
chased the steam laundry' from W. A. Douglas.
Quit Blanton of Hickory became manager of the local telephone ex
change that year succeeding Sam C. Smith. $
Oood old days of yesteryear! And we better slow up here before
someone gits the bhies.
The May ismir of the Natlire magazine at Ebeltott's ns devoted to
telling of the beauty of nature In the two Cardin as. Many scenes well
known to local citizens are given. And, ph yen, the photos include one
of the governor of the state, Honorable O. Max Gardner.
Hats off and heads bowed In silent* for a moment in honor of a
regular fellow, Clint Newton; who has gone on. It may be springtime
but the sun doesn't seem to shine as bright on the court square now that
one of the best all-around citizens Shelby ever had is here no more.
Some of the Amos n Andy tans about Shelby are all hot and both
ered for fear that sumpin's gona happen to Amoe’ gal, Ruby Taylor.
Our only tip is to go ahead and brush your teeth three times daily and
nope for the best
Here’s a Up. one ot those unappreciated things we re always tossing
about with abandon:
What becomes of ail the iruit jars the deputies lug into the .court
house when they make a raid? Frankly, we do not know. But in one
county of the state, we are informed, the half gallon fruit jars, when
they're emptied, are turned over to the home demonstration agent who
in turn gives them to the demonstration dubs over the couny to be used
as containers for fruit and vegetables.
Appears to be a good idea, Now it's up to Mrs Wallace Manager
Cline, and Sheriff Allen to think over.
A nitty IttUe card, with tba title “Emergency Calls lias been posted
m offices' all over Shelby by the Carolina Motor Inn. The calls listed
are as follows (paste 'em up for your future r, x >
Fire Department—104
Police Station—369
Sheriffs Office—62-J
County Jail—59.
Shelby Hospital—486
May Finish Road
Paving This Weeki
Awdstthwe Highway Mi) Be Open'
e< All W*y To Blacksburg Alter
Middle Of Mwy
Gtuftney Ledger.
It good, weather continues the]
emainder of thin week paving on'
Notice u hereby given that a special
met tint of the stockholders ol Cor* Cot
ton Mil's, list, been celled to be held it
.he prinotpal office of the company in
the town of Kings Mountain, Cleveland
count)’ North Cirollu*. on Wednesday,
rha Mth dty of May, 1»31. it 3 00 o'clock
» ro. for the lollo.vlng ouiposr to-wlt:
(11 to taka into co.ialheration Agree- ■
.tent ol Consolidation between the Antra; ’
Utils, Jncoiporated. Cora Colton Mills
Gray Manufacturing oocipany, Mutual
Cotton Milla company , Osceola Mills, lit
norporated. Seminole cotton Mills com
pany. Wlnget Yarn Mills company. Ar
lington Cotton Mills, rllcabcth Mills, In
corporated. Myers Mill;, Incorporate- •
HrUaOU Mills, Tneorporuled. Victory Van.
Mills company. - .‘.ivrtlo ytxOt, Uicoipatea
each being a North Carolina corpora
non, which agreement has beon entuea
into by the directors. or a majority o.
them, of each ol said corporations, and.
of trotln* for the adoption or rejection o:
the at id agreement, all a* provided ir. ’
chapter 33 of the Consolidated Statute
of the state ol North Carolina, and an"
rnd all acts supplemental thereto or
rmandator; ihcreoi.
The 3ttid Agreement of Consolidation i !
on file and may be Inspected at any time*
during business hours at said office oil
this corporation by any stockholders oi
t-rtb. corporation,
<bl To consider a resolution duly pass
ed by .the directors of this corporation
authoring, empowering and directing tin
a*, far as the directors of this corpora
tion has power to do sol the acquiring
of least a majority of the outstanding
voting stock of each of the following
named corporations, to-wit:
Dtiling Cotton Mills, Dint Manufactur
ing company. Helen Yarn Mills, Lock
more Cotton Mills, Ridge Mill*. Incor
porated. Wymojo Yarn Mills
by exchanging for tha stock of said al>
named corporations the stock of the con
solid*ted corporation, upon a basts set
out In said resolution of this board of
directors, a copy of which Is on file ana
may be inspected at any time during 1
business hours at said office of this cor
poration. - • I
■toe* transfer books will be closed for
the purpote of said meeting at 10 o'clock
A. M., on Tuesday, the l»th day of May.
1»31, and will be reopened at 10 o’clock
A. M., On the bu*tn;ss day next aueceed
'.nt,th* date mi which the said meeting’
•ihtiU he finally adjourned. »
By order of the board of directors.
> - W„ S. PILLING, Secretary,
'hated at; Gastonia, North Carolina
This the Hth day of April, 1WM
oa*. » Mason Any.
at He
the national highway from Gaffney
to Blacksburg will probaoly be fin
ished Saturday, according to Infor
mation secured from Engineer Ntch
oils, who is in charge of the state
highway department. Forces of the
Lassiter Construction company are
pushing the concrete rapidly to
wards Broad river from a point
south of Blacksburg. This will fill
in the last gap, with the exception
of the approaches to the new
bridge over Cherokee creek.
If the work Is completed as ex
pected, the highway will probably
be opened to travel shortly after
the middle of May. The paving is
generally kept closed to traffic for
three to four weeks after being com
pleted. The highway has been open
from Galfney to Broad river several
Asheville Man
Heads Doctors
Dr. .4. L. Stevens Elected To Suc
cml Wilmington Man At Ses
sion In Durham.
Durham.—Dr. M. L. Stevens, of
Asheville, has been elevated to the
presidency of the North Carolina
Medical society. succeeding Dr. J
C. Murphy, of Wilmington.
Dr. Stevens was installed at the
final sessions of the society’s 18th
annual convention, attended by ap
proximately 1,000 physicians and
members of the women's auxiliary,
the largest number ever to attend
the annual meeting.
Dr. John B. Wright, ol Raleigh,
was elected preeldent-elect of the
society, to take office at the end
of the next general convention.
Dr. L. B. McBrayer, of Southern
Pines, was re-elected secretary
treasurer for a three-year term; Dr.
C. W. Banner, of Greensboro, was
named flrst vice-president, and Dr.
W. W. Sawyer, of Elisabeth City,
second vice-president.
Lattimoie Finals
To Begin Next Week
Two Operetta** on Program. Or.
Wall To Deliver Address
(Special to The Star. *
Lattimore, April 22^—Conuncue^
‘ meat exercises of the Latthilure
* school will be held next wet;, Tuei
! day evening April 28th at a o'ciocc
Mrs. W. j. Greene and daughter,
will be children’s night. 'rho'eh1!
Idren of the first tlx grades v.Til <rj>e
j the operetta, "Mid-summer L'--::’
; The rhythm band from the ; list
three grades will give several selec
tions, and the seventh grade trill
! give the old fashioned mi.. t«- :n
| costume.
Wednesday evening, April atith—
! Class day exercises.
Friday evening May 1st,—liigl:
school operetta "The Belle of Um -
Saturday, May 2nd at 2 oclocit—
Literary address and graduating ex
ercises. Address by Dr. Zeno Wall
president of Bolling Springs college
and pastor of the First Baptist
church in Shelby. ..
Saturday evening May 2.- -deni' r
play "Nothing But the Truth.’*
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Armstrong,
and family spent the ’day Siinday
with Mr. Armstrong’s father, vho
celebrated his 83rd birthday Sundry
at Iron Station, near Llncolnton
Airs. W. J. Greene and daughters,
Ora and Ruth, of Spindale were din
ner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs
W. 0. Harrlll. Others calling In the!
afternoon were Mrs. J. C. Hamrick |
and Mrs. G, V. Hamrick and fair-;
ily of Shelby, R-3.
Mr. W. E. Fite, Mr. and MS*. NT. J. j
Fite and sous, Hal and Mac and]
Mr. Joe Wright spent Sunday vdih
Mr. and Mrs. Nash Flic at Vnldese
Miss Lyda Poston of the Tbatitmore
school faculty was a visitor ot the
South Mountain institute Sunday
Mrs. C. G. Poston spent last week
with Mr. and Mrs. F Y. Jones
Aliss Margaret Martin of the Zion
community spent the week >nd with
Miss Nellena Jones.
Mrs. S. C. Rayburn. Miss Candace
Rayburn and Mr. Durham Rayburn
visited Mr. and Mrs. Willard Riy
burn at Waco Sunday afternoon.
Miss Mada Wilson of Claremont,
i spent the week end at home. She
I was accompanied back to Claramoht
Sunday afternoon by her state* Mrs.
Onnle Smith and aAss Kathe me
Atlss Carrie Rayburn has return
ed home for the summer. Tlie Eli
zabeth school in which she taught
closed last week.
Miss Maude Morehead of Fahscot*
•pent the day Sunday at home with
I her parents. Mi-, and Mrs. a !;.
* The Lattlmore teacher ^ enjnj cd
; an outing: together last rhursday
evening at Mr. Aubrey Cat Van,
> spring at a wiener roast Hot cot f oe
and toasted marshmellows were aOo
a part of the feast that v. a3 en'ey
Upper Cleveland
News Of Interest
Mr. And Mrs. Hunt Celebrate Gold
en Wedding. Moriah
School Closes,
Special to The Star,)
Cusur R-l.—'The fanners of this
community are very busy plowing,
getting ready to plant. v
The school closed at Moriah Fri
day after a successful year. It was
taught by Rev. J. B. Funderburk
as principal, Sophie Klliott, 6th and
7th grades, Mattie Elliott, 1st and
2nd grades, Nellie Morris, 3rd, 4th
and 6th grades.
Many people attended -the grad
uation exercises at Gasar school
Friday night.
Misses Nina oeir aim uopnme
Hunt finished school at Casaf this
Mrs. W. K.. Hunt is very sick at
this writing.
Miss Winnie Whisnant spent
Wednesday with Pauline Mace near
Miss Madge Gantt spent the
week-end With Lucile and Nina Self
anew attended the class day exer
cises ut Casar school house.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Whisnant was
the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
P M. Whisnant Sunday.
Mrs. J. J. Weaver was the dinner
guest of Mrs. Zero Mull Friday.
Mrs. Alice Morris is spending
sometime with her mother, Mrs. W.
K. Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Briscoe Lane of
Lawndale were visitors in the com
munity Sunday.
Gulden Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Hunt cele
brated their golden wedding anni
versary the second Sunday In April
All the children and grandchildren
were present and served a bouuti
ful dinner.
Mrs. Herman Wall spent the week
end with her mother, Mrs. John
Mrs. A. A. Whisnant visited Mrs.
Ben Gamble near First Broad
church Sunday.
Miscs Dophine Hunt spent Thurs
day night with her school mate
Miss Ocle Pruett.
Tessuo Head? South
Shelby_P, T. A.
Officers Elected for Next Tear.
Splendid Musical Program. Ke
freshments Served.
The final meeting of the South
Shelby P. T. A., which was held on
. Tuesday evening at the school build
' lug was largely attended and much
; interest was shown. Rev. W. R. -Ten
I'fetas, the president presided over the
, meeting. Rev. L. L. Jessup, pastor
•of the 2nd Baptist church, conduct
I ed the devotional.
Capt. B. U Smith was present and
! made a helpful and thoroughly
■ worthwhile talk on “Achievements
' Tests" which will be given to the
1 schools at an early date. The foltow
| ing officers were elected for the en
duing year: President. Rev L. I* Jes
, sup; first vice president Mrs. Ben
1 Hendrick; second vice president, Mrs
J. T. Jones: treasurer Mr. E. D.
Whisnant and secretary Miss Nancy
The cash prize given by Mr. and
! Mrs. Herbert Blanton was won by
Miss Bagwell's 8th grade for having
I the largest percentage of parents
present, s
‘At the close or the business ses
sion session a splendid musical pro
gram was rendered by the Shelby
Hawaiin string band. This band is
making wonderful progress under
the direction of Mr. Will Bridges
The splendid quartet composed of
Messrs. E. D. Whisnant, Eddie
Jones, Marion Champion and L.
Rich rendered two enjoyable mu
sical numbers.
Much credit is due Messrs. C. H.
Reinhardt ,F. E. Whltener and E.
D.Whisnant for this musical treat
enjoyed so much by P. T. A. mem
At the close of the meeting as
sociation members were invited to
the home economics room where re
freshments were servd.
Solving The Farm Problem.
Hudson Star.
In the days before oil was dis
covered in Texas, a traveling man
stopped for the night at a dry-land
ranch near Wink.
As he discussed the affairs of the
country with his host, he became
more and more puzzled as to how
the little ranch paid its way. At last
he ventured the question:
“How in the world do you mni:e .a
go of things at all?''
Indicating the hired man, who
was sitting at the far end of the
supper table, the host replied
“You see that feler there? Well, he
works for me, and I can’t pay him,
In two years he gits the ranch. Then
I work for him till I git it back.”
■ 'iiiawg
Are You Facing The World
Without F ear?
Are You Trembling In Your Boots?
Shelby Building & Loan Assn.
J. F. ROBERTS, Sec.-Treas.
I Toluca And Knob
Creek Gleanings
! Farmers Bus; Planting. Sister Of
Mr. Alwran Dies.
(Special to The Star.)
Toluca, April 23.—People are mak
ing great effort in getting their
cotton seed In the ground. Some
planted last week while most every
body started their planters Monday.
Most everybody was disappointed
Tuesday morning to be delayed by
the continued rain all day. A gulley
sweeper visited the Toluca section
for a few minutes In the evening.
Wheat, oats and barley are look
ing fine, it seems as there Is going
to be a big fruit mop this year.
The senior B. Y. P. U. of Carpen
ters Grove enjoyed a picnic in the!
pasture of M. C. Hoyle on last Sat-!
Uncle Monroe Williams has been
quite sick for the past several weeks
with flu but is some better at this
We are sorry to note that "Grand
ma’* James is quite ill again with
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eaker of Dal
las spent the week-end with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Willi#.
Misses Fannie Burns and Estelle
[Mull spent last Saturday night with
the latter's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
gar Cook.
Rev. W. G. Camp of Cberryville
was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. Warlick on last Sunday.
We are sorry to note that Rev.
Ralph Carpenter was out of school
last week on account of flu settling
in his head. He Is some better at
this writing and has returned tb
Bolling Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar King, Mes
dames Texie Boyles and George P.
Mull and Rev. Robinson motored to,
the Grace hospital at Morgan ton |
on last Tuesday to see Ferman
King who is a patient there suf
fering with rheumatism.
Mrs. Wilson Dead.
Mr. and Mrs. Gua Sain, Mr. and
Mrs. J. \V. Alwran motored to
Statesville on Sunday to see the
latter’s sister, Mrs. George Wilson
who has been seriously ill, to their
surprise when they arrived she was
dead and had been burled on Sat
urday before. They failed to get the
news. ^
Mrs. W. H. Young motored to
Newton on laat Saturday to see hei
mother who is sick with flu. ySht
was some better •
The lollowlng service will be held
at the above named church Sunday
At 10 a. m. Sunday school and at
11 a. m. Dr. E. L. Johnson will
preach from a subject “The Glor
ious Gospel.” At 5:30 p. m. Epworth
league and at 7:30 p. m. the pas
tor’s subject will be “The King
Highway.” The public is Invited to
attend all of these sendees. Special
music by the choir.
It Pays To Advertise
Notice To Contractors
Bids will be received at the office of the County
Superintendent of Education, Shelby, N. C., date of May
7, 1931, 2:00 P. M., for the erection of a high school
building in Number Three Township.
% *
The plumbing-and heating will be in separate con
tracts. Plans may be secured from the architect, Louis
C. Ellis, Grover, N. C., upon deposit of $10.00 in pay
ment for plans, and a guarantee of return of plans with
bid. Plans will be available after April 30, 1931.
3 For ..
2 For.
2 For..
li lb. Can — 2 lor
Delmonte Luxury or
Sunkist Peaches - 2 for.
BUTTER — Pound ... ...
i Pound Package
TISSUE - 3 For ...
Small Can — 3 for ......
3 For.
Large Can
Small Can
Black Walnut
24 Ounc^
Firm Head
3 For ...
Special — 3 for ....
SPECIAL - 3 for
2 Large Cans
2\ Can .
2£ Can.
2 £ Can.
6 For ..

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