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    Boiling Springs
News Of Interest
(Special to The Star.)
Boiling Springs, Apr, 23.—'The
■onomics club met at the home o 1
Trs. J. Lester Greene Monday alt
'itioon at 3:30 o’clock.
Mrs. Irma Wallace assisted by Mrs
t L. Pruette and Mrs. Andrew
reene gave a Uemonstratlond en
te making of egg custard. About
> women attended the meeting,
his was the largest crowd that has
tended a meeting in quite awhile.
‘frs. V.'allace brought cuttings of
'"■rubs and gave them to the mem
rs of the club.
Mrs. Greene served refreshments
»e v as assisted In serving by Mrs.
■arey Walker; Mrs. Aherose Greene
nd Miss Sallte Greene.
Mrs. John Mints was hostess to
be Tongues and Needles club at
t home Tuesday evening at eight
The tegular buahtaes meeting: was
old. A committee was appointed
> write the by-laws o? the ''ub
hey were as follows: Mrs. ?. T..
'nkins- and Mrs. Herbert Paris
be committe* for making out tiie
. dehdar for the year made their
'port. The. hostess gave r.n tate-*
tihg “Nation cent vV'Mrs. t L.
-nkins and Mrs. J. B. Payne were
ic wir./'c*: in t'1* ccr.icvt. Thcv
•re given lovely prizes.
The hostess assisted by Mrs. Kov
a G gg served a delicious swe«
uree. The next meeting v.dll be
th Mrs. J. H. McBrayer and Miss
tanrl- Mae McBrayer.
Mr. rn<j Mrs. Jac'r Payne spent
e •* f ■end at Bridge water, file
’nt on a fishing trip.
Mr. Carl Jknron a noted Swedish
lertainer spent several days hi A*,
id ga.e three delightful entertam
■»nt* at the college.
Mr. fn.d Mrs. Arthur McClure and
mily of Gastonia have been here
r se- era! days at the bedside of
rs. McClure's father. Mr. J. ft.
Miss Sarah Lee Hamrick of Pant*
co, S. C., attended the funeral of
er grandfather Tuesday.
Miss Georgia Hamrick, Mrs. \V. A.
Vebb. Mrs. Dean White and son
•obbie, Mrs. Cedi Goode and Mr.
iay Hamrick spent Tuesday with
hr. and Mrs. Hicks f f Cliesnee, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hamrick, ;Ar.
nd Mrs. Clifford Hamrick and Mr.
B. Hamrick visited the Magnolia
lardens in Charleston, S C.,
Mr. M. A. Jolley has been con*
ined to his bed for several dayc
offering with rheumatism and in
Both children of Mr. and Mrs,
Grady McSwaln have been quit* ill
for a week, suffering from a relapse
from roseola. They are improving at
this writing.
Mrs. Watson, of Wagram. "this
state, mother of Mrs. J. L. Jenkins
and Mrs. J. H. Jones has been vis
iting her daughter the past week.
She ret unted home Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Jones and children *-.c
companied her home and will visit
relatives there for a few days.
Misses Edna Hamrick. Thelma
Jolley, Johnnie Mae McBrayer and
Mrs. Rosina Grlgg spent 8unday as
guests of Miss Eunice Hamrick.
On Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock
funeral services were held "In.the
Bolling Springs church for Mr. J. R
Greene a life long resident of this
community. Quite a large crowd pi
friends and relatives assembled to
pay their respects to their kinsman,
neighbor and friend. There .verc
j many beautiful floral offerings
! which was evidence of the high e»
j teem in which he was held. Rev. J
! L. Jenkins conducted the service.
Mr. Greene had been in deciut
i ing health for seven years, but It
I was not until several weeks ago that
he was confined to his bed. He was
I 72 years old. He has been a faithful
(member of the Bolling Soring3
| church since boyhood. Mr. Greene
! was married to Miss Etta Lee In
' 1803 and to this union was born
| three children: Mrs. Arthur McClure I
(Of Gastonia: Mrs. V. H. Hamrick of
I this place, both of whom survive
! and Mrs. F. B. Hamrick, deceased
| He is also survived by nine grard
' children and five sisters.
M»** Hamrick Wins
Two Essay Honors
Mill Pupil Writes oft Miking
I'lonr and Ice Cream in
Louise Hamrick of Beams Mill
school recently ■won two successive
honors in essay writing contents
After the pupils of the 6th and 7th
' grades had visited several manu
facturing establishments in Shelly,
they undertook, under the direction
of their teacher, to write essays
about such subjects as appealed
most forcibly to their interests. In
contests of this nature in competi
tion with 17 other pupils of the 6th
and 7th grades, Louise Hamrick won
in two contests “How .Flour Is Mads'
and "The Manufacture of Commer
cial Ice Cream.’’ As an incentive to
this educational phase of scno.'l
work. The Eagle Roller mills do
nated two dollars as a prise. Lou'so
Hamrick showed her unselfish spirit
by consenting to tise the prize mon ■
ey in purchasing ioe cream for her
classmates picnic given during the
closing, days of school.
Mt. Sinai News
Of Current Week
Miss Beans ,R*lHns H«s Dinner
Guests Far Sands;. Woman s
Hub Meet*.
(Special to The Star.)
Shelby R-2, April 22.—The farm
ers of this section are very busy
planting and preparing to plant
Little Miss Ruby Weaver, of Flint
Hill, spent part of last week with
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
N. Weaver.
Messrs. Lebron Rogers, Miller Ellis
and son. Herbert. Gordon Ellis and
son. Yancy, were visitors at the
home of Mr Claudus McSwain of
Swainsville Saturday night. They
furnlShed some delightful string
Miss' Man’ C. Clary spent Thurs
day night with her classmate, Mis.’
Margaret Byers, of Earl.
Mr. Robert Hawkins and son,
Bobby, of Shelby, visited Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Hawkins awhile Sunday
Misses Virginia Wood. Adele Ellis
and Ncrine Rollins of Gaffney, andi
also Miss Nora Ellis of this com
munity were the dinner guests of
Miss Buna Rollins Sunday. Those
calling during the afternoon were
Misses Cecelia Padgett and Ruby
Reynolds of Limestone college, Gaff
ney, S. C., Miss Grace King, of Pat
terson and Miss Ocle Putnam, Miss
8arah Ellis' and Mr. Aron Hcrmon
of Gaffney; Messrs. Webb and An
drew Hunt, Shafter Putnam and
Elmo Bridges of this place, Messrs.
George and Griffin Murray of near
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Putnam visit
ed Mrs. Putnam’s sister, who lives
at Mooreavllle Sunday.
Mr. Ruben McSwaln was In For
est City on business last Tuesday.
Mr*. J. H. Hawkins has been suf
fering from a light attack of flu,
but Is much better. Master Ruben
McSwaln, Jr., has also been sick.
Messrs. O.tho and Grover Ham
rick of the Sharon community vis
ited Mr. Lebron Rogers Sunday aft
Miss EUia Putnam, who has been
teaching school In the eastern part
of the state, arrived home Tuesday.
Mr. Crete Putnam spent Wednes
day night with Messrs. Ben and
BHUe Turner.
Mr. Garlie Hamrick has been vis
iting his brother, Mr. John Ham
rick who is seriously ill for the past
few days.
Maater Keever Hamrick, of Flint
Bill, la spending some time at the
home of his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. A. Clary.
A large number of our people at
OR COl'PE. equipped and delivered in Shelby. Sport
Coupe $1,098.00. Four-Door Sedan or Convertib'e
Coupe $1,118.00. Custom Sedan $1,178.00. All ears
equipped with front and rear bumpers, shock absorb
ers. 5 wire wheels, extra tire, tube and tire lock.
Pending an examination and a personal test of the car
itself, you can gain some idea of the new Oakland’s
unusual value from the following important features:
developing 85 h.p. in • smooth flow of
energy more adequate for all
needs and emergencies. The V-type
motor, as a type, has long been identi
fied with the finest cars. Now Oakland
owners enjoy its advantages at low cost.
FISHER-—combining new roominess,
beauty, comfort and safety with a
practical snugness of construction which
shuts out inclement weather, excessive
heat and cold. Cowl and windshield posts
•r* built in one piece, a leak-proof and
rattle-free design.
SION—one of the outstanding cootri*
botfeeu to tuotoriag efidaaey- It enables
Oakland drivers to shift gears up or down,
quietly and almost without effort.
RUBBER—At more than 40 points in
the chassis, rubber insulation absorbs road
shocks—adding to comfort, increasing the
car’s steadiness and prolonging its life.
UPHOLSTERY—choice, durable
materials which please riding guests,
satisfy the owner’s pride and help main
tain Oakland’s value.
FIVEWIRE WHEELS* heavy single
bar bumpers: Lovejoy shock absorbers;
one-piece fenders with fender lamp; new
sturdy, rugged frame and axles.
A demonstration of the new Oakland VA
vriH be arranged at peer aoaveaieaea.
J. Lawrence Lackey
tended the play given at Earl school
house Monday night. Prom all re
ports it was excellent
Miss Rena MeSwaht sjieut Mon
day night with Mist Kathleen Hum !
Mr. Yates Putnam, who i.s under
going treatment In u hospital in
Norfolk, .Vs- is expected to be able
to return home sometime soon.
The Woman's club met at the
home of Mrs, C. T. Ellis Tuesday
afternoon. Most of (he members
were present and also several visit
ors. Tile topic for discussion was
"Dish Washing." After which Mrs
Wallace demonstrated the making
of pimento sandwiches in a very at
tractive and new manner.
No. 1 Township
News Of Week
'Special to The Star.'
No. 1 Township, April 22.--The
singing has been changed at Canto
Creek from the second Sunday night
to the fourth. All singers are Invited
A large crowd attended the sing
ing at La von la Sunday night. Ik of
Wade Humphries was tri charge
Mr. and Mrs Jap Dayberry of
Shelby spent the week end with the
latter’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Thur
man Hopper.
Mr. R. P. Davis and family visited
Mr. and Mrs. Blnno Davis Saturday
Mr, and Mrs. M. B. .Earls visited
Mr. George Earls of near Clicsme
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hawkins vis
ited the home of Mr. Charlie Me
Ginnis of .State l ine Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gill Lytle and cb’l
dren and Mrs. Ola Christie and ;h*t •
dren of Converse were the dinner
guests Sunday of Mr. W P. Byars.
Mrs. Z. O ifolland of Boiling
Springs spent Tuesday night wi‘n
Mrs. L. . Scruggs.
Edgecombe county fanners saved
about $1,000 through cooperative
purchase of tcspedeZa seed. One
hundred farmers pooled their or
Bel wood Section
Events Of Week
Planting Colton and Corn. Mr. a ml
Mrs. Spill Ivester Ilair New
Daughter. Personal*.
'Special to Tlie Star.)
Bel wood, April 22.—Miss Amy Koc
Tillman delightfully entertained the
members of the senior class las*
Thursday evening ut her home with
a mnrshmcllmv toast.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Beth Ives
ter oiy April 16 a dainty daughvt
Maty Katherine. Mrs. Ivester be
fore mon tage was Miss Beula Willis.
Mrs. Paul Cline and children of
Lawndale spent the week end with
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Miss Lillie White spent last Wed
nesday night with Miss Mattie Lee
Mr. James Gantt of Mooresbo/y,
spent the week end in the commun
ity with relatives.
Mrs. Dewey Devine of Fallston
spent Thursday w^lth Mrs. Dargan
Mr. and Mrs, Bynum Chapman
and Mrs. A. J. Jeffries and children
of Lincolnton were the dinner guests
of Mr and Mrs. Frank Norman on.
Mr. Yates Carpenter was supper
guest of Messrs James and Edward
White last Wednesday.
Mrs. Jasper Chtldres spent a few
days last week with relatives at
Misses Estelle Brackett and Elvi
nia Ivester spent last Thursday
night with Miss Ella Gantt.
Quite a number of people attend
ed the sermon at Belwood school
house Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton King and
children of Vale, spent Sunday w'.li
Mr. and Mrs. Will Willis
Mrs. Eliie Wlrite and daughter
Miss Ethei. were visitors in Chorry
vlllo last Wednesday.
Quite a number of farmers are
planting their cotton and corn.
Mr, Jim Gantt of Meoresboro, and
Misses Pearl and Mayo Gantt Bad
Master M. L. Willis were visitors M
tin- home of Mr. anti Mrs. Plato
* lanl l of Vdli', Saturday often >>nf
Mr. mid Mrs. Eddie Short of Pott
Bragg and Mrs. short of Bess-ma.
City spent Sunday with Mr «i • j
Miss Martha Falls visited M..«s I
Madeline Porter Sunday afternoon.
Miss Ruth Greene of AshcvlVe
was a visitor In the community on
Mrs. M. L. Willis and children Of
Llncolnton spent Monday night wltn
her mother Mrs. S L. Gantt.
Miss Amy Sue Tillman visited
Misses Rosemary and Dorothy
Peeler Sunday afternoon.
Mesdames II. P. Peeler and S. A.
Peeler and Mrs. Noah Hubbard and
Miss Rosemary I*eeler attended a
quilting at the home of Mrs. fisher
Royster at Play last Thursday.
There were 19 present and they qjtii
ed 7 quilts.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Higgins and
Mrs. Bob Lackey and daughter ML*
Larue Lackey of Shelby, spent last
Thursday with Mr .and Mrs. J. A
Mr. Solon Deal of Rockdale spent
j Saturday night with Mr. Jack Gantt
New House News
Of Current Week j
(Special to The. Star )
New' House, April 22,—-Farmers are
not working their soil quite so much
at present duo to the recent rains.
Gardens and grain crops arc grow
ing nicely since the showers.
Quite p number of people from
the New House section are attending,
the commencement exercises at
Polkvllle (School this week. Miss Ora
Origg. Messrs, Austin Daves and
Thamer Beam are among the grad -
;, they being from New House,
i Mrs. John Humphries who has
been seriously sick Is somewhat im
! proved.
I Recently born to Mr. and Mrs. W
[E. Butler' of MOrganton a dainty
! daughter. Mr. and Mrs Butler for
merly lived here and she was Mias
I Ray Walker before her marriage.
I Friends of Mr. Ed Walker will be
Now you, too, can read the story
that has amazed
the world!
The true story of the most daring adventure
and the strangest romance on the last savage
frontier of civilization. As told by the great
adventurer, himself—
From the book
which setting it,
four dollar! per
copy ran into
edition! of
hundreds of
The story of 1000
thrills—Read every
chapter beginning
Exclusively In
Goddess of the
As savage and untamed as any
man-adlung beast of the jun
gle; rukng a nation of blacks
who-thoufK* her a supemat
ural'being. Trader Horn tells
you more about her in his
thrilling narrative.
The Cleveland Star
gretired to learn that in* v,iu strict.
rn frith t'antl;. ! Monday night. H<
Uoi'j-n'i have any use of his lett s ce
Mirth \ < rdl.-i Doty spent the «h.
sunduv with Ml tv < )U\ii>. andE.i
rellc l‘i • ■
Mis* Wady* Grornp had » hci
gm*.t Sunday Miss Luna Whitaker.
Mi.* f eme Morgan spent Sunday
frith Miss Ruth Waller.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Butler anti
daughters, Evelyn and Helen, and
Mrs. Hessie Doty, all of the Dobbins
section, spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Cray ton Hawkins.
Miss Vaahti Philbeck who has
been sick for the post few week* is
Improving nicely.
Mrs. Zulia Walker is spending
sometime in Morgan!on with her
daughter, Mrs. W. E. Butler and Mr.
Miss Louise Waters spent part of
last week with her cousin*. Misses
Ama Jam; and Edith Davis.
Miss Selma Davis of Bolling
Springs college spent the week-end
at the home of Mr and Mrs. S. A.
Duvis and family.
Miss Dorcas Walker who has been
sick for some time is getting along
Intermediate B. Y. P, U. business
meeting will be held at the home
Df Mr. and Mrs. 8. A. Davis Satur
day night, 7;30. All officers of this
anion are urged to be present.
Tom .Heflin Starts -
On Lecture Tout
V II Speak lit AVIn* to m. Clnuio’ i
And Ralri|li on "America it
I ltc t rot . .taaiW
i to The .auv:M
Washington, D. c.—Under *lv
auspices of the Good ClUiseuspip
league of America, former Seru.-c.
Tom Heflin leaves here Saturdw
for a lecture tour of North
spcaklng in Charlotte Sunday aft
ernoon, Aprtl 28, Winston-Salem is;r
Tuesday night, and Raleigh Thur *
day night.
The subject of the senator's ad
dress will be “America at The Crtss
Hoads.'' Tire fiery Alabamian will
discuss what he terms the “burning
Issues of the daj'."
E. F. Randolph, field director of
the Good Cttis«n,shtp League has
been in North Carolina this wed:
completing arrangements for rent
ing the overflow' audiences that are
epectrd to attend the Heflin meet
Senator Heflin Is regarded as one
of the greatest platform speakers tn
the nation and his addresses, aside
from being filled with economic,
logic, are noted for their wjtty re
marks and side-splitting stories.
It Sounds Like
A Fairy Tale
Spring Dresses
Reduced To
$|.00 — $£.95
$2-95 — $2-95
The shipment consists of Hie seasons outstanding
Grouped into four price groups to make selection
quick and convenient.
In some instances, you can get three to four dresses
for the original price of one.
Complete range of popular sizes
14 to 44
Ward & C o.
Shelby, N. C.

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