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' News of the Week
J-armer* rianting Cotton. .Mr, and
Mrs. T, A. ( hawplan lias,;
New Dxughtrr.
« C* * tit Willi
Oak Grove, Apr. 2!)—The Uf.-nitts
nl this community ate busy -pUtst
iii;’ cotton now.
Mr. and Mrs. James Waie tleliKht
fuily entertained the senior U, V. P.
U. with a social at their home yrl
wtsday night. A large number of the
members were present, giutu.- mid'
proressivc conversation were enjoy
ed throughout the evening
Which refre: lunents wereMn v.\l
Mr, rnd Mr* A, 1.. Dcvyn.'iy m-d
children visited Mr1 Devi’hh.v’s
mother Mrs. A. A Whlsnanl of
Polkville on 'Thursday.
Miss Gertrude Ledford. Mis.
Frank Ware and children' .spent
•Saturday night with Mr.-'and Mrs
Monroe Lovelace *
Mr, and Mrs. Will Wattenon v‘s
Jted their aunt, Miss Mary Pater
{.on of Cherryvifie on Smuts .■
Miss Veola Blanton and Mr. and
Mrs. A. A Gibson attended the
school commencement at Poplar
Springs Tuesday night.
Miss Annie Crosby pf wear 8,um
Mill is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A A.
Gibson for awhile.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs r A Cham
pion a daughter. Surah Eliza both.
Mr. Clyde McSwain was Mi* din
ner guest of Mr. Norlhan Hr. ;ri oh
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bell ot lia -
tonia. visited the former’s p-'-.iits
Mr. and Mrs. p. A. Bell Sunday
There will be preuclunp e rv U-'
nt th%church Saturday nigh' by 'he
pastor Dr. C. J. Black
Mr. C. N. Porter visited In- ’.nr
mis Mr. and Mrs, Joe Potlr.’ ' of
Buffalo Sunday.
Miss Veola Blanton was t ie din
ner guest 01 Miss Efflic Ph.lBvil:
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Enjoys Vacation
John I). JUotkeleller, Jr., pictured
at Santa l’e. N. id., «s he term in*,
ated k two-month? torn of the
Southwest. The I'art that M r.
liorkafeDcr was able t<> spend h.s
vacation unnoticed added much to
the charm of his trip.
New Prospect News
Of Current Week
'Special to Tlic Stari i
New Prospect, April. 30. - People
tue taking advantage of the beau
tiful vrnttlu i Mi^ii planting is be
ing door- throughout the commun
: ity. '
CJUih- a large number uf people
from this community attended 111 -
ccmmenr ment : ertnou ut Waco
school Sunday a tun-noon Mi. Ca.
lylt Smith tftul Misis Viingl - Mc
Swain of thk; sjction are among
the graduates tills year.
Mkaes Ann- Laura nmr Jose
phine Beam of near St Paul church
Spout Sunday .with Mm Emma Sell
! era.
Me r. ,J U. Omti.ii, Curlyle Sun It
and Paul lion! were Charlotte vis
itors Sunday u week ago.
Misses Lena Brattle. Emma Sell
ers. and Willie HuffstcUer of Marys
I G.rovvr community and Mr. Arthur
Stroup of Wocd'visited Misiite Jpse
phln end Annie Laura Beam Sal
u.-day night
Mr and Mr; V'vi r Carpenter
end ehilihen and Mr and Mrs V
V Wright visited Mr. ufW Mrs Pin.:
Whitrotdta of near Warn Sunday
Mr. Ed of lira; LliliiokltOii,
spell', Suuila. v.i'.h Mr and Mrs J .
U Cur;r:airi . !
Mull’s Chapel
Section Gleanings'
• Special to 1 h.- Suu-'
April kU - The farmer.; of this!
community -r.;v very busy planting!
this week Y.V are glad to have a |
large crowd at sarvici?
Sunday. Out B Y P."if. is growing
nicely ,
Thu; v visiting in iin> community
Monday at fermion were Mrs. G. W
Conner. Mr . G C Hold and. Miss
dunie -fiord
Born to .-Mi.- and Mr C P Hoyle
Saturday mamhu. a fine daughtr.-.
Martha Ehne
Mr B. P C •I'-bv and i.Mle >oi..
Wrsv, stHhv, Mondav wish Mrs - Ed I
Cansby. . I
Min r.-.'t-l Wliiti’l.rr spent the!
week-e nd v-ith her moth -i Mr., O ]
C Hurd
Mrs g 1 C A Eu-'j
r;;d Mr. . AY. J. Causbv ami two !
.son.:. Layman und names, rpe.u'
Mo idry with Mrs. EY1 Cuu;b\
Bom to Mr. and Mis. Harm row-. I
civ. a line daughter, Mary Mart t
gam, I
On Ekaiday May 3. there trill 1>.
service.". at -the Church «f The Re-1
deemcr, S. Lafayette street, a , fol
lows' 7:30 a m The Holy Com
mtinton and 11 a m. morning pru; -
er and preaching A chr > for adult:- |
at, 10 a. in. Rev. J U El’.l fo ;n|
'The so-called healthy yawn may!
be laden with millions, ot germs foi ■
oth*"- in the room. A hearty laugh]
may launch an epidemic," says a
health authority. The old-time in
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Around Our TOWN
Tokay the coivum 1, again crusading in the movement to lei the
world know shout Shelby.
The topic In that picture postcards, and the suggestions may tie n
interest, or may not be, to photographers and merchants who deal t;
souvenirs. It Shelby's chamber of commerce were not In calm repose
beneath it white marble slab bearing the inscription "Rest In Peace," we
would put It up to that organization and ask lor immediate action.
its this way; Just the other day Shelby had a number Of visitors.
Many of them, a.i they should have been (ootvaitli, were favorably im
pressed with the city’s beauty and the systematic manner iii which tin
streets were surveyed and bi!iit up. Two or three of the visitors strolled
into a store and asked for picture postcards to send their friends. They
desired to show that Shelby Is one of those places not to be overlooked.
The clerk in the store was baffled; he was a young fellow and picture
postcards had then heyday before he quit playing marbles and startin'?
greasing hi* hair for rumole-seit excursions. At another store pwstcard
scenes of Shelby were unearthed from a dusty corner of u display count
er And what scenes they were! One view was that of a semi-deserted
street comer in the business district back In the days when there wer;
never more than 40 visitors In town unless the circus was litre. In the
scene was shown: an automobile of a vintage around 1012 or 1914. The
visitor turned up her hose apd marched from the store. Apparently she
hardly believed It was a view of Shelby. Fact is, the view she looked at
must have been made in the days when Shelby believed that a building
as high us the Masonic temple would never be erected anywhere except
lh New York.
Why doesn't come modern photographer make u series of views of
preent-day Shelby for use upon picture postcards? Say they’ve had
their day if you will Maybe they have, but if they have, the old views
should be destroyed or placed in the family album as relics of the past
to be shown to the grandchildren so that they might know how Shelby
looked when great gram per shucked his flour-sack underwear and vent
swimming in his birthday clothes at Chapels bend in Broad river just
west of town
hi lumps this note "Put. Kathleen Ilot'd m that Mu Shelby eon
test and you'll not tit eel any judges; the contest will be over.”
AncJ Hhe manner in which that bay wrote it indicates that he meant'
every word of it; but we'd bet that he has stuttered every tune he lytsi
tried tp tell her hi person- that is, if lie has ever had enough courage to
try it. J
Principal Walter A brine toy's sense of humor lmd all the teachers
mid ii number of students all upset over at• the Shelby high school one
day Uhi week.
All of von know that old wheeze about the Office buy always want
ing to go to his grandmother's ftmcrjil on the day the baseball season
- At the high school here it is the custom for . ome of the officials or
teachers to remain in tty- office for cn hour or so after school close.j in
the afternoon One afternoon this week Shelby had an important base
ball gain- booked. Principal AbernCthy desired to sob it. Just about the
time school closed, around S.HO in the afternoon. lie ca'led one of the
high school teacher... and said, "Will you please remain ui toe office for
me the remainder of the afternoon. I liave to go out of town; my grand
mother's dead.”
The teacher expressed her sympathy and agreed to take charge of
the office. The principal busied hlmsJM preparing to depart. The teacher
he had spoken to tool^ occasion to inform oilier teachers of the prin
cipal bereayemeut. Simu oi the student: who were also around the
building heard of the death. WihUn a short period of time, before Mr.
Abernethy could get away donation; were being taken up, it is reported,
to purchase a wreath. for the deceased grandmother. Finally, just as he
'started to leave, one of the teachers asked. "When will you be back. Mr.
‘ When we get the old lady put away, the principal replied.
SHVCd WALrry >■*
Tim Ufttl»«r *.tfl harwutm*
w\tS •V«r*' +9*i»Z ««i#r «rt4
U aaiUfcJ* far >li fcaura.
Tkt • aioau »nd a Milton «C
m».aa\iM* W»?H«r |i»e» aari
»n^ < Hr.rca t» nun? *f »ha
!#z«m rump. A-»*iUWU
Mr Cvlfti «r snlfc* Htmi, M»r
«»!»♦ M *»rd in k.d »r
r Kit Hi Itathtr.
*'nu» •( t ll •
i>um»» tut wart I r
ITi«mrU i> I I !i
• itrltjj at light
T»T(il«. Trtntattrf
»»■>»« af ktack
»aiti»t era *2a»
N«*» at***''hit t
with rlklQ Hftia at*
«f*rwl lift M&«fc Wwi.
patent l.ecth*?. hr»» *
kM atttl Sra SsMUi Vd.
Many hat* arch r*h
n*rt. Ja*t |he ^
t« aar ■ Ui’ecrti
I Ur f*;i j- tjli.i.m Car* Silk Hna
M Tv 6rr>i,« —isi fir I CUIait—Aak far
-_>?■ «,»- , , . * " "
N a. Ul.
Such disrespectful reference to one’s dead grandmother almost Hoof
ed the teacher. Those remaining about the high school building were
very much excited over the sudden demise and the nonchalent manner
in which Prof. Abcrnethy was Bearing up under his bereavement.
It finally reached the point where he had to tell them that he wa;
going to a baseball game—just like other oifice boys whose grandmothers
check out at convenient intervals. : i
Now let's take up today's history lesson.
Mona. BUI Hogue, one of the coiyum’s esteemed consultants and ad
visors.’ informs that one'of Shelby’s fiercest fist fights todk place 30 years
or so ugo on the First National bank corner. It was on election day and
the participants were Matt Allison, of the No. i township section, and
Pete Mayberry mid Joe Lackey, of the Kings Mountain community. With
the entire election crowd looking on the battle raged furiously for some
tunc. Finally. Allison, who had only one hand, licked them both by
knocking them out with his lead-padded nub arm. '
Mons. JEHU • also' recalls that Jimmy Love, the man wim gave the
land on Which Shelby is built, was a husky, hard-working man in addi
tion to being a big farmer and landowner. One of the Jimmy Love feats,
a superman teat m those days, was the splitting of 1,000 fhestiftit rails
between sun
Mr. W. D. Br.bingion. sr.. another of those fellows who can re la •
many interesting things about Shelby’ of the old days, has in liis pos
■: vin u clipping front the old Shelby Banner, edited by J. P. Babn-etun.
of an issue in 1874, It was an ad Of the town's first bank, J. Jenkim
and Go. The ad reads. “If you want to buy or sell GOLD, or if you
want to buy, sell, or exchange checks, call on us .
Mr. Babington also recalls that when he came to Shelby with his
father CO years ago a tobacco factory was being operated on the lot be
hind the present C. C. Blanton residence on North LaFayette street. The
operators, as he remembers, were John Stephens. Dr. .1 C. Gidney and
Jesse Jenkins, the .'latter erected the present Blanton rsidence there
about 1878 and today the handsome home shows not a crack or trace .of
the 1883 earthquake wliich did considerable damage to tills section.
Another recollection is that the Tom Dixon residence, which stood’
an Fast Marion street just across from the present Chevrolet garage, wa,
not erected by the elder Tom Dixon. It was moved from fTTe post office
corner and for years was occupied by the Roark family before the Dixon;
secured it.
Mr. Babington also makes a slight correction in another historical
fact recently related iii this comer. The first jail Itood where the Ward
Arey residence is now, corner of; East Marion and DeKalb streets, and
the old whipping post was just behind it.
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Roberts Tabernacle
To Hear White People
The first anniversary vf the edu
cational depttrUhCU'u of . Robert
Tabernacle,O M. &. church ft ill oe
observed Sunday, May 3. at 3 p. m
with the following program:
Music—high school glee club
chorus—AH's, Martua Mills choir,,
director. Invocation by the pastor
Music by chorus. Social Education
by Prof. R. M. Potter. Music by
chorus^ Religious Education, by Dr.
L.‘ C Hayes. Duct—Mr. and Mrs.
Kalter. The Demaud uf the Age, u>
Prof. J. H. Grigg. Moral Education,
by Miss V. C.'Thomas. Musk: by U.
chorus. Our Ilacial Probleois anu
How To Meet I hem—Lawyer C B
McXJrayei'. Responses.
It's ifuiuj to do a great joUr on
somebody If Va discovered ina.
there are uo such things us utunn.i.
—Woman's Komo Companion.
Governor floss, of Idaho, has lie;
made a sis-mouths-old baby u col
onel. Presumably in the lnluuiry.
Dallus News.
Cleveland springs
jBcginning at 8 O’Clock
Admission 75c
Our ad in Wednesday's Slar read
•■Admission Free.” This was an
error. There will be an admission
charge of 73c.
Swimming Pool Opens
Saturday, May 2,
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0/7 Oj/in//:;^

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