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Published Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons.
Fair And Cool.
Today’s North Carolina Wcathn
Report: Fair and continued cool lo
nijht and Thursday.
Tourist Travel.
Rutherfordton, May 13.—For the
purpose of developing plans fur the
promotion of tourist travel from the
north and east to the Great Snuiej
Mountains National I’ark, by the
way of Kings Mountain battlcgiound
Chimney Rock, Hickory Nut Gap,
and other historic and scenic points,
a meeting will be held here Friday
night under the sponsorship of the i
Rutherford County club. Represen
tatives from Bryson City, Waynes
ville, Sylva, Canton. Asheville, Chim
ney Rock, Forest City. Shelby, King:,
Mountain, Gastonia. Charlotte, York.'
S. C., and other points hate tereed
to attend.
Banquet Gold
Auxiliary Meet
Sails Next Week To Visit Her Son's
Grave In
Bon voyage was wished the only
Cleveland county gold star mother,
Mrs. Prank L. Hoyle, who will visit
her son's grave in France this sum
mer at a special banquet in her
honor given at the Woman's club
room Monday night by the Ameri
can Legion auxiliary of the Warren
Hoyle post here.
Mrs. Hoyle will leave Shelby
Sunday for New’ York and will sail
next Wednesday with a party of
gold star mothers all of whom will
for the first time since the World
war visit the graves in France of
the boys who gave their all.
The banquet was one of the most
colorful meetings ever held by the
auxiliary, of which Mrs. Tom Gold
is president, and officers of the
legion past, named for Mrs. Hoyle’s
son, were special guests along with
Mrs. Hoyle and two other gold star
mothers, Mrs. J. W. Allen and Mrs.
J. F. Hippy. Mrs. William Crowder
was in charge of the program.
Haye* Speaker.
The principal speaker of the
evening was Rev. L. B. Hayes, pas
tor of Central Methodist church.
Other features of the program were
solos by Mrs. John Lovelace with
Mrs. L. B. Hayes as accompanist,
readings by Miss Carobel Lever and
piano selections by Miss Mary Helen
Bag Fresented.
Near the close of the program So
licitor W. S. Beam, commander of
the local legion past, presented Mrs.
Hoyle with a handsome leather
travelling bag. given by members’ Of
the post and filled with articles and
accessories given by the auxiliary.
Mrs. H^yle responded briefly to
xpress her appreciation for the
banquet, the bag and accessories
and the good wishes of her friends.
Mrs. Hoyle will be the first gold
star mother of this section to visit
France as a majority of the Cleve
land county boys killed overseas
were returned to their native land
tor burial.
Scouts Prepare
For Lake Camp
Many Scouts From Cleveland Coun
ty To Attend Lake Lanier
According to information given by
officials of the Piedmont council of
■'be Boy Scouts of America, the
• various scout troops of Cleveland
county are making plans for at-1
tendance at the Piedmont Boy Scout i
camp at Lake Lanier this summer, j
Troop One of Belwood, under the
leadership of Scoutmaster J. Alvin |
. Propst was the first troop in the
county to make reservation for camp
attendance this year.
At the present time the following!
Cleveland county troops are sched
uled for attendance at the council
camp: Troop one, Polkville, July!
6th to 11th; troop one, Belwood.
July -Oth to 25th; troop one and
three of Shelby and troop one and
two of Kings Mountain will attend
camp the week of August 10th.
Others are to be scheduled In the
next few weeks.
Forty troops of the Piedmont
council area are already scheduled
tar the summer camp and indica
tions are that every period of the
camp this year will be filled to
capacity. From 800 to 1,000 are ex
pected to be in attendance this
A number of Shelby scouts are
plnnning to spend the entire sum
mer at camp among whom are Mai
Spangler, jr. and J. Franklin Jen
-kens, —.— — -——.—i__
Attend Title Game
Messrs. Feester Lewis, Roseoe Lutz,
and Bill Lattiniore yesterdey at
tended the Class B. western chatnp
tjpship baseball game at te„. Airy
fetween the Mt. Airy clan and
Cherryville.'Mt. Airy won by the
lop-sided score of 25 to 1.
Contract Let For 6 Miles Paving In No. 6 Township
Four Of Rutherford
Bankers Get Money;
Taylor Given Time
Put Up $52,500
There Today.
Taylor Glvrn Until Saturday T. M.
To Raise His Part. Others
Are Freed.
Criminal action against four
of five former Rutherford coun
ty bank officios was nol prossed
in superior court here today by
Judge Iloyle Sink when they put
up a total of $52,300 to be turn
ed over to the depositors of the
defunct Rutherford County Bank
and Trust company of which
they were officials.
The fifth man, J. L. Taylor, who
was president of the bank, was given
until Saturday at 1 o'clock to raise
$15,000 or serve a prison term.
The four former, officials who put
up the $52,500 today were K. S.
Tanner, Sam Elmore, Frank Oates,
and W. B. Walker.
Five Convicted.
The four along with Taylor were
convicted at the February term of
court at Rutherfordton of accepting
deposits In the Rutherford Bank and
Trust company when they knew
that the institution was insolvent.
Judge Sink who presided at that
time made the proposition that if
they would raise $75,000 by this
term of court he would not Impose
prison sentences as he believed the
interests of all concerned, particu
larly those of depositors, would be
best served by payment of the $75,
000 to depositors. If they were un
able to raise that amount, he inti
mated that they would get- prison
xanner, Elmore, Oates ana Walt
er came into court there this morn
ing and put up $52,500 and criminal
action against them was suspended,
according to a message front Editor
R. E. Price of The Rutherford News.
Taylor wds then given until the last
of the week to raise his portion.
Just how much his portion will be
was not made public until 2 o'clock
this afternoon.
Doggett Verdict.
Criminal action against E. B.
Doggett, of Forest City,, in connec
tion with the closing of the Farm
ers Bank & Trust company at Forest
City was’"suspended, or nol prossed,
in a similar manner today by Judge
Sink. Doggett was arrested at the
same time as were the fire Ruther
fordton officials but had never been
tried. The charges against him were
practically the same and were sus
pended today when he put up $7,
500 to be paid out to the depositors
of the defunct Forest City bank.
Other Cases.
It is somewhat doubtfull if the
murder charges against Mrs. John
Lynch and Paul Searcy, 19-year
old farm hand, will be taken up at
this term in Rutherford. Th°y wore
charged with killing Mrs. Lynch’s
In City Sunday
DH. H. K. BOl'ER ,y'
The sermon at the 11 o'clock ser
vice Sunday morning at Central
Methodist church will be preached
by Dr. Hugh K. Boyer, of Charlotte,
a former popular pastor of the
church. Dr. and Mrs. Boyer will
spend the week-end In Shelby. Rev.
L. B. Hayes, Central pastor,' will on
Sunday morning preach the bac
calaureate sermon at the Granite
Falls high school.
Young Women Will
Sell Poppies Here
Mrs. Misenhelmer Heads Legion
Auxiliary Poppy Sale On
" " May 23. ’
More than 30 young women of
Shelby will assist In the memorial
poppy sale of the American Legion
auxiliary, Saturday, May 23, accord
ing to Mrs. Reid Misenhelmer, gen
eral chairman of the sale. The corps
of workers who will offer the bright
red popples to the people of Shelby
to be worn in honor of the World
war dead has been completely or
ganized by Mrs. Tom Gold and will
be ready to go on the streets with
flowers early on the morning of
poppy day. Every worker will be a
volunteer, donating her services to
help make poppy day a success.
The general direction of the sale
will be in charge of Mrs. Misenheim
er. She will be assisted by a corps
of district chairmen, who will have
charge of the sale in the different
districts of the city, and by Several
special chairmen who will handle
other parts of the work of the sale.
Each of the chairmen will have ac
tive committees to aid them in their
As Much Land Tax Reduction Here
Possible Without Any Sales Tax
Grier-Folger Plan Would Cut Rate
27 Cents, Same As Mac
Lean Cut.
^Special to The Star.*
Raleigh, May 13.—Tables of fig
ures purported to have been pre
pared by Senator Rivers'D. John
son, of Warsaw, and attempting to
show that all counties of the state
would levy additional tax rates to
that proposed in the Grier-Folger
plan, were criticised and denied yes
terday by Senator Folger and other
senators who claim that the figures
were based on two false assump
tions: that no reduction hi the
present school cost would be made,
and, that all counties would reduce
values 25 per cent.
Senator Folger, in reply, points
oi^r that it is the-1 purpose to actual
wyite into the law certain reduc
tions in sehool cost that cannot be.
evaded by the counties. As to re
duction in values, the legislature
pbstponed action on revaluation to
such a late date, finally leaving it
optional with the counties; that
only a few have undertaken it Re
ports from several of those, be said,
[indicate that a reduction of less
j than 10 per cent is being made.
[ The counties will receive practl
cally as much tax reduction under
the Grier-Folger plan as they will
under the other plan, while at the
same time the pepfcle will be spar
ed the obnoxious sales tax, Senator
Folger states. Tills will be accom
plished by increased state aid and
a reduction in school cost. The
Johnson school bill, he points out,
does not carry any definite reduc
tion in the total school bill—which,
if true, would mean that the John
son figures of an average rate of 18
cents would still be levied by all
counties for the six months term
under the MacLean-Johnson plan.
Senator Folger supplies a table to
show that the tax rate reduction
made possible under the Grier-Fol
ger plan is an average of 31 cents,
without any sales tax, while that
probable reduction under the Mac
Lean-Johnson plan, with a sales
tax, is only two cents more, 33 cents,
based on Senator Johnson’s figures.
A few of the counties are given to
show the companison, as follows:
McL.-J. G.-F.
Cleveland_27c 27c
Burke . 31c 25c
Catawba __ 33c 32c
Gaston „ __ 27c 24c
Lincoln _ _ 25c 25c
Rutherford „._43c 38c
Polk __ 39c 35c
DePriest Bolt
Fails To Draw
Mike Whiteaer
Catawba Republican
For Hoover
Hickory Lawyer Refuges To Join
Col. Mann And Dcrriest
In Split.
George DePriest, former Shelby
postmaster and G. O. P. chairman
| in Cleveland county, started plenty
of talk in Republican ranks when
he gave an interview to 'Die Star
some time ago in which he stated
that he and many other Republi
cans believed it would be disastrous
for Mr. Hoover to be nominated
Last Sunday he listed several
Republican leaders in this state who
might line up with him and Col.
Horace R. Mann, of Tennessee, in
forming an anti-Hoover bloc for the
next Republican convention. Among
those named by the Shelby man
was A. A. (Mike) Whitener, veteran
Republican campaigner of Hickory.
Mr. Whitener, the Newells—Jake
and Cliff—Mr. DePriest and others
of their view frequently kick over
the party traces and differ with the
present heads of the party in the
state, Messrs. Jonas, Duncan, Prit
chard and others. But this time
Whitener refuses to disagree.
In telling how Whitener spurns
the bid to join with Col. Mann and
the former Shelby postmaster In or
ganizing the state against Hoover,
The Hickory Record says:
“The clarion call to the colors of
Colonel Horace R. Mann, of Ten
nessee, which a Shelby dispatch,
Sunday, states has been heard by!
George DePrlest, prominent Repub-1
llcan leader of Cleveland county,
has not stirred any sympathetic!
impulses In the breast of A. A.
(Mike) Whitener. of Hickory, a
wheel herse in G. O. P, circles of
North Carolina.
“Mr. DePrlest may think Colonel
Mann has sounded a ‘toscin of re
volt,’ but to the Hickory attorney
and G. O. P. leader it Is Just an
other form of ’horse feathers,’ H
"In a statement for the press to-!
diy, Mr. Whitener broke a prolong
ed political silence to say that he!
was genuinely surprised to find his!
name listed with those of a number
of other North Carolina Republi
cans as "logical’’ supporters of the
Mann movement. He declared his
Brings Bride For
Week-End In City;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mauney, of En-'
field, and Mr. Lloyd Mauney, of]
Chapel Hill, spent the week-end!
here with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Mauney, and attended a
Mauney birthday dinner hrCatawha
county. His parents did not know
Mr. Fred Mauney, who Is manage!
of the Rose store at Enfield, was
married until he came here for the
week-end. He married a Miss Bishop
of Scotland Neck on April 18. He
was recently transferred from Cov
ington, Va., where he managed the
Rose store, to the managership at
| Injured Boy Still
Unconscious Here
Geo. Turner, 12-year-old colored
youth who was one of the three in
jured 17 days ago in an auto collis
ion at the county fair grounds, still
remains unconscious. He has rallied
several times and apparently recog
nized those standing at his bedside.
His mother coaxed him into saying
a few words Monday and reports
that ho said "yes” and “no" and
asked that he be allowed to sit up
in a chair. His grandmother, Dora
Dogwood and aunt, Fuschia Dog
wood died from injuries they receiv
ed in the same accident.
Niece Of Mr. Logan
Dies In S. Carolina
Mrs. Lula Logan Moore, a niece
of Ex-sheriff Hugh Logan died in
McConnelsville, S. C. Tuesday ac
cording to a telegram received here
yesterday. She will be buried at
York, S. C., today. Mrs. Moore has
a number of relatives in Cleveland
county and many friends to whom
the news of her death comes vrith
great sorrow.
Masonic Notice.
Camp Call lodge No. 534 A. F, &
A. M. meets Friday hight, the 15th,
in regular communication. Work in
the third degree. Visitors welcome.
Negro Goes To Chair For Attack
On A White Girl Near Grover
(Special to The Star.)
Gaffney, s. C., May 1J.—J. P.
Moore, 22-year-old negro with a
criminal reputation In the two
Carolina*, will die In the elec
tric chair at Columbia on June
12 for an attempted assault on a
young white girl near Grover
several weeks ago.
Sentence was passed In court
here yesterday after the negro
was convicted of assault with In
tent to ravish. '
The victim of the assault, rno
lives just across in South Caro
lina from Grover, was one of the
principal witness** in the hear*
in* which started at 11 o'clock
vcsterdaj morning. No evidence
was offered by the defense.
Moore pled not fnilty when
brought into the court room.
Attorneys F. J. Jeffries nut!
Raymond Dobson were appoint
ed by the court to defend Moore,
who has been in jail In Shelby
several times and is well known
in this section.
In the assault he failed to
accomplish his purpose as a man
In a nearby field came to the
Ctrl's aid.
Cleveland County Farmers Are
Ashing Receivership For Credit
Co.; Seek Recovery Of Money
Cotton Acreage
And Fertilizer
Being Reduced
A reduction in cotton acre
age of ten percent in the belt
and a reduction of thirty per
cent in the use of fertilisers
is revealed in a report made
by an expert who has made a
thorough survey throughout
the belt. '
This expert goes on to say
that In addition to a reduc
tion in the cotton acreage and
the use of fertilisers, the
farmers have bought a much
lower grade of fertiliser this
year than ever before.
While his report does not
analyse the situation in Cleve
land county, there 1s a notice
able increase in forage and
feed crops. Considerable grain
has been sown and these crops
look most promising.
Mrs. John Beam
Died Yesterday
Unexpected Turn For Worse Follow
ing Arrival of New Bora Son.
Funeral Thursday.
Mrs. John A. Beam died Tuesday
evening at 7:30 o’clock in the Shel
by hospital, the day after the birth
of her son, John A. Beam, Jr. The
news of her unexpected passing was
the cause of general sorrow In the
community and sympathy for the
bereaved husband who is a prom
inent young business man of the
Mrs. Beam was well and favor
ably known to her host of friends.
She was a devoted wife and mother
and loyal to the Central Methodist
church of which she was a member.
Mrs. Beam was bom August 9, 1895,
at NewelL this state and was mar
ried to John A. Beam, of Shelby, on
January 6, 1921. She was a grad
uate in nursing from a Charlotte
hospital. Since coming to Shelby
she had made many warm friends.
Surviving are her husband and
three small children: Emma Joe,
Joy Ann, and the Infant son, John
A. Beam, Jr. Also surviving are four
sisters Mrs! M. E. Deittrich, of Pitts
burgh, Pa., Mrs. J. J. Thomasson,
Misses Mattie and May McLaugh
lin, of Charlotte, and two brothers,
Mr. John McLaughlin, of Newell,
and Mr. L G. McLaughlin, of Utica,
N. Y.
The funeral will be conducted
Thursday morning at 11 o’clock
from the Beam residence in Beau
monde Terraces by Rev. L. B.
Hayes, pastor of Central Methodist
church, assisted by Rev. H. N. Mc
Dlarmid of the Presbyterian church
and Rev. Zeno Wall of the First
Baptist church. Interment will be in
Sunset cemetery.
Mr. Caldwell Goes
With Reynolds Co.
The many friends of Mr. Tod R.
Caldwell will be Interested to know
that he has accepted a position as
salesman with the James E. Rey
nolds and Co. of New York. He will
travel Michigan, Indiana, Ohio,
Western Pennsylvania and northern
New York state. Mr. Caldwell has
held a responsible position with the
Cleveland Mill and Power company
of Lawndale for about five years
and this concern regrets very much
to give him up. The James E. Rey
nolds and Co. are selling agents of
the Cleveland Mill and Power Co.
Would Place N. C. Agricultural
Credit Corporation With
An action was filed In Superior
court here yesterday by Senator
Peyton McSwaln, representing 30
Cleveland county farmers, asking
that a receiver be appointed for the
North Carolina Agricultural Credit
Corporation and suit was also Insti
tuted for the recovery of >1,850 al
leged to have been paid the corpor
ation as a deposit to secure loans.
The hearing on the recclversnlp,
which will be of Statewide interest
as the credit corporation has loan
ed money to farmers all over the
State, la scheduled to be heard be
fore Judge Wilson Warlick at New
ton on Saturday, May 30.
Falrriew Group.
Formers sponsoring the action, an
members of the Falrriew Credit
Group of the Lattimore section are:
E. M. Eaker, L. It. Elliott. F. II.
Grlgg, P. a Gettys, John Oold. M.
A. Hasty, A. A. Jolley, C. C. Powell,
W. J. Powell, R. A. White, J. h.
White, ft. I. Whlsnant, Dewey Webb.
±. W. Jolley, Foster Elliott, J. E.
Martin, Z. C. Mauney, W. Fred
Powell. E. O. Peeler, J. H. Palmer.
John A. Powell. Tom Jenks. C. S.
Whlsnant. I. Whlsnant, G. D. White,
J. V. Bridges, John I*. Bridges, W.
D. Crowder and J. J. Powell.
The complaint alleges that the
credit corporation, which has bead
quarter at Raleigh, Is Insolvent. It
Is also alleged that the company has
suspended operation and charges
mismanagement on the part of of
ficials and failure to collect loans
and accounts.
In Asheville Today.
Sheriff Irvin M. Allen. Police
Chief McBride Poe ton and County
Judge Maurice R. Weathers spent
yesterday and today in Ashevllie at
tending court They were witnesses
in a Federal auto larceny chat go in
which the local officers participated
in the capture. Attorney C. B. (Pnt)
McBrayer, recorder pro tem, presld
over this morning's session of coun
ty court.
Alleged Killer
Caught In S. C.,
Gone 7Months
Claim Glenn Killed
Rival In Love
Woodward Glenn Missing Since
Shooting Gainer In No. 3
In October.
Cleveland county officer* arc
on a trip today to Newberry, S.
C., to get Woodward Glenn, ne
gro, charged with fatally shoot
ing C. B. Gainey, also colored, in
No. 3 township last October.
Newberry officers yesterday noti
fied the sheriff's office hero that,
Gicnn was being held there.
Was Cove Affair.
The slaying, according to Deputy
Ed Dixon who investigated it at that
time, developed from a love triangle.
Gainey, Deputy Dixon says, was
walking homq with Glenn's girl on
the night of October 19, 1930. when
Glenn caught up with th;m and
shot Gainey three times. The girl
ran ahead when the shooting start
ed, it is said, and continued to the
home where she lived. Glenn fled,
and has been at large since that
time, and Oalney's body was loft by
the roadside until officers were
Mrs. Sperling
Buried Tuesday
Mrs. W. R. Sperling of near Waco
was found dead la bed Monday
morning at 5 o'clock, death resulting
from a heart trouble from which
she had been suffering and was un
der the care of a trained nurse. Mrs.
Sperlings condition had been ser
ious, but It was not felt that the
end was so near and her passing
was a great shock to her family and
many friends.
Mrs. Sperling before marriage was
Miss Amanda Yarboro. She was 70
| years of age. In early life she Join
ed New Prospect Baptist church
and was a loyal and faithful mem
ber, devoted to her church, her
home and her neighbors. She lived
a very Industrious life and was a
woman of unusual business Judg
ment, assuming largely the respon
sibility of home and farm because
her husband was afflicted with
Surviving are her husband and
five children, Mrs. David Beam.
Mrs. Herman Beam, Mrs. Andrew
Carpenter, Mrs. Zeno Hord and
Yates Sperling. One sister Mrs.
Green Morgan of Shelby and three
brothers John, Albert and James
Yar boro survive, together with 16
Funeral services were conducted
Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock at
New Prospect church by Revs J. W.
fiuttle, W. E. Lowe, I. D. Harrlll and
D. G. Washburn. Special music was
furnished by the male quartet from
the First Baptist church. A beauti
ful floral offering and a large
crowd attested the esteem in which
she was held.
“Fanner Bob” Not To Run; Hoey
Keeps Mum About Senate Race
Donrhton To Remain In Congress,
He Informs. Shelby Man
Says Nothing.
Congressman "Farmer Bob”
Dough ton will not oppose Cameron
Morrison for the Democratic nom
ination to the United States In
1932 as was rumored, but one guess
is as good as another about what
Clyde R, Hoey, Shelby attorney, will
Every other week for several
months prospective opponents for
Morrison have been talked. At least
three or four are mentioned each
time, but Hoey’s name is always
somewhere In the list. Several of
those mentioned have eliminated
themselves, others have been over
looked as new names bobbed up,
but what Hoey Is going to do has
been answered only with question
marks. Any number of politicians
and campaigners would like to
The Shelby man has been asked
time and again about his 1932 am
bitions and he has managed each
time to answer In a manner that
left his questioners right where they
started. The campaign of 1932, is a
long ways off yet as Hoey sees It—
and there he leaves It.
“Farmer Bob’* Out.
From Washington comes the fol
lowing dispatch from H. E. C. Bry
ant informing that Doughton will
not oppose Morrison:
“The R. L. Doughton boomlet for
the United States senate has been
quietly headed off by “Farmer
Bob” himself. The representative
from the eighth district, where Re
publicans used to flourish, will not
enter against Senator Cameron
Morrison. He has Informed friends
that he Is not a candidate, but will
stick to the house, where he has
risen to a position of Influence and
power. In the last congress Mr.
Doughton was sixth Democrat on
the great ways and means commit
tee. a much sought-after position,
in the climb from <he bottom to the
top round of the ladder. In the
coming organization, If the Demo
crats control, he will be fourth
“Ever since Senator Morrison took
his seat the talk about Mr. Dough
ton as an opponent In the party
primary next year has Increased.
Many strong personal friends wrote
him urging him to run, but never a
word did he say; he did not take
contctukd oh no« mnjrrji
Ten Projects In
Construction Job;
Treated Surfaces
Must Be Completed
In Month
Contrv-t Calls For $10,000 Expendi
ture On Roads About
Contract was let this morning at
10 o'clock by the No, 6 highway
commissioners for six miles of dou
ble surface treated roads, embrac
ing about ten short projects in and
near Shelby, the work to be com
pleted in thirty days or certainly not
later than June 27th. Contract calls
for an expenditure of $10,332.
Three Bidders.
Biltmore Cqncrete Co., of Ashe
ville, was the Tow bidder on the 63,
000 square yards of stone and tar
treated roads, similar to the state
highway No. 18 south of Shelby.
The bids on which the contract was
awarded was 16.4 cents per square
yard, against 16.9 by Kiker and
Yount of RetdsvlUe and 18.75 by’
Sam Finlay, Inc., of Atlanta, Ga.
Representatives of the three bid
ding companies were present at the
opening of the bids by the No, 6
highway commissioners, Mike Bor
ders, Tom Cornwell and Marvin
Blanton, this morning in the grand
Jury room of the court house.
Roads To Be Treated.
Prom highway No. 20 at the
county fair ground to the coun
ty home. ,
Sumter street from N. Wash
ington street to Buttle street, a
distance of about two blocks.
N. LaFayette street by the
Washington street school to the
steel bridge at Hopper’s park, a
distance of about four blocks.
Thompson street from high
way No. 20 west to the Graham
street school.
Gardner street from the Shel
by mill to Martin street, a dis
tance of two tenths Of a mile.
Then Martin street from Gard
ner to Warren, two tenths of a
The circle drivevTn front of
the Shelby hdspltal.
The road from highway No.
20 at the Blanton farm west of
Shelby through the Dover mill
village to highway No. 190 at
tl»e Moser store.
Morton street from No. 18 at
the home of Mrs. W. E. Morton
to the Lily mill.
Road from Ella Mill, at South
LaFayette St. to the Lily mill.
Cemetery Drive from W. Mar
lon street through the ceme
Shelby And No. 6 To Pay.
The City of Shelby and No. 6 town
ship road fund will pay the entire
cost of the tar and gravel surface
treatment of these short stretches
and that the cost of same will be
$10,382 based on the low bid of the
Biltmore Concrete Co. No assess
ments will be levied against the
abutting property owners.
Most of these treated roads under
this contract will be eighteen feet
wide. Surveys have been made by
Dan Frazier, local civil engineer and
specifications drawn by him under
the direction of the state highway
engineer Mr. NoeU of Marion. Mr.
Frazier will supervisor and Inspect
the work while It is being done.
Local citizens were Jubilant today
over hearing that these short road
projects will be carried out right
away, especially by the Graham and
Washington street schools where the
children have been greatly Incon
venienced during the winter months
In getting back and forth to school,
at the Shelby hospital where the
summer dust has been an annoy
ance to the patients, and the Sun
set cemetery drive.
Hal Schenck Under
Operation This Morn
Mr. Hal Schenclc, of Lawndale,
general manager of the Cleveland
Mill and Power company, underwent
an emergency appendicitis operation
early today at the Shelby hospital.
At noon it was reported that ha
withstood the operation and was
getting along nicely. He became sud
denly ill yesterday afternoon
School For Deaf
To Put On Program
The superintendent of the Deaf
and Dumb school of Morganton will
have charge of the Kiwants pro
gram Thursday evening. He will
have with him three or four teach
ers and several children to put on
the program under the under
privileged child committee,

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