North Carolina Newspapers

    All my routine work being finish
ed, I had my large canoe pulled up
to the other side of the falls, and
pulled up the river, I spent a cou
ple of days amongst the Ashtra
tribe and they were highly amused
to see a white man. I heard that
the Portuguese convicts who had
large quantities of slaves cut a
large quantity of quantity of
rubber south of Ashira and as these
convicts were hard taskmasters and
cruel to the natives, they had rob
bed and Slaughtered their masters,
and the country was in a state of
ferment as these slaves were well
armed and had declared their free
dom which they were well able to
hold. This was a good country to
keep out of 1 thought.
Gowns for a Goddess,
As my business was all transacted
I returned to Adomtmannngo where
after making a report of what 1 had
seen and heard 1 made immediate
, '4o«iy, comfottable
Bodies 'fey *fi$her, skill
fully insulated tEQumst
heat cold, noise
Silent Shift Syivoo
M C »1j Transmission
I or S|srs- 1 ube P> iv.», in
niimethbte features foi
roriiffeet' end c'dnven
I Llr.7 fs SE ]
Vdlve in Head Straight
I iqh> Engine, copoble
0*75 miles on Jioul
plus, nudi so. give more
than HXfiOOO miles of
■nliubl.e service.
because of demand
so great that moi* than
50 out of every 100
buyers pf the fourteen
eights m its field choose
feyn.k Eights.
■ ' T ' ■
J. Lawrence
preparations lor a voyage up tne
big river the Ogowe. My trip above
Sainba Falls and urnongst the
mountains was a surprise to Mr
Sinclair. He previously had told me
I would not be able to proceed
above the falls without a fight and
had given me extra rifles as he
wanted an open river. When I ex
plained that the only shot or wea*
pon I had found necessary was the
bottle he smtied. The bottle had
won and made friends where the
use ot weapons would never have
won a complete victory and would
have created everlasting ill feeling,
and us Sinclair was a devout Pres
beterean I never mentioned to him
the great use to me of the power of
Next I visited Carl Woorinans
and received such a lot of packages
from little Peru ns well as home
letters I was forced to laugh. After
reading my home correspondence I i
turned to little Perus who had sent;
two registered letters one of which
contained four fifty pounds bank of
England notes. The first package I
opened contained three imitation
rubles well imitating the rough stone
iii the temple of Izoga, one espec
: ially came quite near being an ex
act duplicate. He had also sent a
small camera and lens, some plates!
and also tin type outfit-, nitrate of
silver, collodion bath, etc., also a
book of directions how' to use same
likewise a small dark folding
vas the first white man who hart
vrr set foot In many of the places
visited and was generally wel
omed by the chiefs as a good omen
>1 the future.
Handling Slaves.
Then again as Mr. Sinclair ex
plained to me if I could only fol
low dc Brazza and be the first lo
open up trade routes this explorer
might be of good Service to us in
opening up the commerce of the
country which would not only bene
fit gjir firm hut would mean the
beginning of a tremendous trade
with a large portion of Africa which
had practically no outlet but the
Ogowe and its tributaries.
As there were many difficulties to
be overcome before this was an
accomplished fact I was well sup
plied In every way with food and
necessaries as well as with rifles
and ammunition. I carried 27 men
In all. nil old seasoned fighters and
boys you would rely on to death. 1
had always treated them well and
unlike most white men had never
struck a boy under any circum
stances and was well loved by them.
A lad that I found who did not do
his best I paid off at once general
ly giving him a present and always
found him another job without say
ing anything to him expept an ex
cuse that I could not keep him.
The Okelllcs and War.
X also carried an old Poet and
doctor who was considered good at
his business, and as he was a beau
tiful harper and singer who com
posed his own songs he was looked
upon with great favour by the crew.
This man was the most beautiful
story teller and had a Repertoir of
such a length, he always delighted
his audience, young or old. by some
thing new in the folk lore of their
I first visited John Ermy from
Rolling down the rivers of Africa, g
un in hand and a song on their lips.
Next contained two pairs of
ladies shoes a couple ol ladies
dresses and a pair ot boxing gloves.
I thought Herr Shift would never
recover from laughter when I un
earthed the pair of silk dresses.
After locking up all in my canoe
locker I bade them a fond Au re
volr. 1
Attacked by a GortHa.
1 left the old trading station and
was glad to be once more free as a
bird and away from troubles of ail
descriptions. X had full instructions
from Mr. Sinclair ns well as from
Gaboon, our. headquarters, as to the
Vital importance of the use of the
rivers for steam navigation which
had proved to be the real economy
In trading so (fiat I spared no pains
in charting the various channels in
the big rivers as far as navigation
was possible.
As no white man* had ever been
entrusted with a task of tilts de
scription and had not even visited
the Interior I felt proud as I could
say without fear of contradiction 1
Having o.ualitled as administrator ot the
estate of 11 T. Brooks, deceased, this Is to
notify all persons having claims’ against
the estate ot sant deceased to exhibit
them duly verified to the undersigned at
Shelby. N. C, on or oeiore the 31st day
ot Merch. 1933, or this notice will bu!
pleaded tn bar of their recovery. All per- ]
sons Indebted to said estate will please
make Immediate payment.
This 3tst day of March. 1931. |
Z J THOMPSON, Administrator of!
B. T. Brooks, Deceased. J
Joseph C. Whlsnant. Atty. «t Apr lc j
Under authority conferred by deed ol
trust executed by H McConnell and wife
Lillian McConnell to I>. Z. Newton, trus
tee dated the 38th day ol April. 1930. and
recorded in book 1«3 at page 333 ot the
registry of Cleveland county. North. Caro
lina. the said trustee will at 13 o'clock
noon on the 30th day ol May. 1831. at
the court house door of Cleveland conn-,
t). North Carolina, sell at public auction
lor cash, to 1 he highest bidder, the lol
loping described property:
Situated Just north ol the city of
Shelby, North Carolina, and known as the
McConnell residence and chicken farm
and more particularly described as lol
iows: 3
Tract No. I, being a portion of the Joe
£ Blanton home traot and bounded as
tallows: Beginning at an iron stake, the
southeast corner ol Garry Smart's lot
and W. M. Wellmans line: thence with
VV. M. Wellman's line south 89 degs. 44
minutes east 893 Itet to a stake In a line
oetwgen Joe E. Blanton's home tract and
his w. D. Lackey tract, W. M. WeUmon'r
corner: thence with said tine between Joe
K. Blanton tract and his W. D. Lackev
tract north 3 degs 18 minutes east 388.40
feet to a stake hr said ttne; hence1 a new
line north 89 degs •»< minutes west 874 ft.
to a stake: theuce a new line south I
deg 35 minutes west 384 40 feet to the
beginning, containing 8 acres, more or
Tract No. 3. beginning at sn Iron stake
the northeast corner of Garry Smart'i
residence lot and in west line of the 5
ecre tract, just 100 feet north 1 deg. 3!
minutes east from the beginning cornei
thence with the :
iirnrtrJJI‘*Ule,,c' * new hue w. 89 degs.
* *uk* «* east edge ot the
Umnee wTith1^. 8Ut* hl*h'*“> No. lg,
taetjec with the »Mt edge of the said
[am*lifafI If8 35 minutes west 100
5^' *0 a stake 6 inches ol a stone Garry
ihL“L5,th<*i£*5£ eornar thence with hie
“ut3* 88 degs. 44 minutes east 370
* J7tooo,hiLtU*Ce 01 be8lnoln*' OOOUta
aiih^in8^ 1? ** ma<1* 00 account ol d«
JJSliJf hv ?V.m'n* 01 the mdebtednes
>ecurea by said deed ot trust and i
kUhJect to all Uxm against "said property
01 lru,t 10 the Shetin- Build
ThTfaib!^??,w“f>0 *tt0n <0r *5000 00.
This the 39th day of April, 1931
D Z. NEWTON Trustee.
44 AOi*l 3tk
Salem, Maas., an American half
breed who was one of our principal
traders and lived on an Island In
the middle of the Ogowe river with
the Mpangwes on one bank and the
Okeliys on the opposite side. Here I
learned that trouble had sprung up
between these people and three or
four days after I left John Ermy
hostilities were in full swing and
continued for several weeks.
I called on Apaque the paramount
[chief of the Okellles but he laugh
ingly declared it was still too soon
to interfere, with his people and as
they had no war on anywhere else
at the present time it was not only
a good pastime for his men but was
necessary for the education of the
young adults in the true art of war
and there was only one way to
learn this art and that was to be in
a few battles and get used to the
game, which he said was a neces
sity for all men.
Man Eeaters.
Apaque had the name of being a
great general, he was crafty and in
variably won, often with less num
bers. As the news of the war arriv
Under authority conferred by deed of
trust executed by Max Homealy and wife.
Helen Homeslv, t0 u z jiewton, truatee.
dated January 15. 1837. and recorded in
book 144 at page 56 of the registry of
Cleveland county, North Carolina, the
skid trustee will sell at 13 o'clock noon
on the 30th day of May. 1831. at the court
house door In Shelby', North Carolina, sell
at public auction for cash, to the high
est bidder, the following described prop
erty. situated In the city of Shelby, North
Carolina, and more particularly described
us follows:
Being lot number 5 of the subdivision
of that lot deeded by J. Mac Green, iwid
ower 1 to W. R. Newton and R L. Weath
ers by deed dated July 8, 1834. and re
eorded In the register's office for Cleve
land county. North Carolina. In book OOO
at page 541, and bounded as follows:
Beginning at an iron stake at north
edge of an alley, comer lot sold to Haskel
Thompson and wife, and running thence
with their line north 3 1-3 east 150 feet
to an Iron stake: thence north 871k west
55 feet to an iron stake: thence south
31a west 150 feet to an iron stake on the
north edge of an alley; thence with the
north edge of said alley south 57la east
55 feet to the beginning.
This sale Is made on account of de
fault in the payment of the indebtedness
secured by said deed of trust and is sub
ject to all taxes against said property,
whether now due or to become due.
Tills the 38th day of April, 1131.
D. Z. NEWTON, Trustee.
4f April 38c
North Carolina, Cleveland County.
In the Superior Courl, Before the Clerk.
Harry Jimmerson, et al.. Petitioners
George Hippy, rorrtst Rlppy, et *1., De
To Ed Rlppy and wife, Lisale Rippy
George Rippy, Avery Rlppy and wife. Mrs
Avery Rlppy, Jesse Rlppy and wife, Mrs
Jesse Rippy, Robert Rlppy and wife, Mrs
Robert Rlppy, Crayton Rippy, Lolster
Qeorge Rlppy. Ella Mae Gordon, Esther
Rippy and husband, whose name la un
known, Giles McSwaln. Leandtr McSwaln
and wife, Mrs Leender McSwaln. Jennie
McSwaln and husband whose name la not
known. Bubb McSwaln and wife, Mts.
Bubb McSwaln. Alonso McSwaln and wlfa,
Mrs. Alonso McSwaln. Senora McSwaln.
and Cephas McSwaln, non-resident de
You and each of you are hereby noti
fied that a special proceeding has been
begun before the clerk of superior court
of Cleveland county, N. C.. to partition
lots Nos. 335. 338. and 337 of the Homealy
Addition to the town of Shelby among the
tenants in common. In which you have an
interest, and that petition ta on file tn
the ottlce of clerk of superior court of
Cleveland county, and that you era re
quired to appear and answer or demur
to said petition on or before June 8. 1831
or tbe relief prayed for will be granted.
This the 37th day of April, 1931.
A. m. HAMRICK, Clerk Superior
B- T. Falls at** at ■>*
td by his runners several times a
flay the old chief was kept quite
busy. I slept that night at Apaque
and although the roll of the firing
lasted all night and was continued
the following day and lasted
through the dry season the old man
was never disturbed but as we
would take a wet from my best
brandy Apaque would dole out to
me one of his fighting stories. How
he managed to outwit his enemies.
The Okelis told me that the wild
Asheba tribes hunted this country
yearly and as they were a fierce
tribe of man eaters although they
were Mpangwes they had chased out
the original Inhabitants the Okatas
who had taken possession of the
river Islands further up the river.
I was anxious to see this country as
its valleys between the mountain
ranges looked beautiful when view
ed from the hilltops.
The Old Gorilla.
On arriving at the Mpondis of
the Okelleys I could soon see that
great Havock had occurred on ac
count of marraudlng animals. The
native hunters told me one unwel
come customer was a very large old
gorilla who was likewise greatly tc
be feared as he had already charged
a party of men who had followed
him to his home about two haute
distant and had been heard giving
voice and truming (drumming) at
dawn, so that he was somewhere in
the vicinity of a grove at the foot
of a small rocky rise on the oppos
ite side of the creek which ran
through the grove. They thought
there would be a good chance of
getting him that morning and we
wound our way along the creek to
the place mentioned.
I was told to take a stand beside
an old fallen tree as he generally
passed that spot if disturbed. I
took the stand with my faithful
head boy and from where we were
we could see the OKelly four In
number lying prone in the bush at
the edge of the clearing. There was
a sound of a rolling stone reached
us from over the creek and once in
a while we could get a glimpse of
his head and shoulders, as he show
ed up above the round large bould
The Beast Attacks!
As he came_ up within 20 yards of
where the native hunters were con
cealed he seemed to suddenly hear
something out of the way. The
Okellles now fired on him but in
stead of scampering away as he was
only slightly wounded he made a
bound on them using his arms. One
man and gun he sent fully ten feet
high in the air and played havoo
with the others, scattering them
with a snap of his arm while one
of them gaining his feet was knock
ed sideways again.
Ho used his knockles and long
arms a never saw him bite) so
quickly that one could scarcely see
which was gorilla and which was
man in the mix up as he played
sklttlee with them, he seemed to
knock them before him. Contrary
to what I had expected he never
used his teeth although their bite is
terrible and said by the natives also
to be poisonous and I never have
seen a man brave enough to stand
and let him seize a gun before fir
ing as I heard the hunters say was
done by the Evils of the Anguni.
He then came bounding towards
us and seemed to have sighted us.
sy virtue oi tne power or tele contained
in three certain deeds of trust, executed
the 33rd day of August, 1926 and recorded
in book 140, page- 156, and April 15. 1936
and recorded in book 140, page 10, and
April 15, 1916 and recorded in book 140
page 11, I will sell to the highest bidder
at the court house in Shelby, N. C„ on
gatnrtay, May *8, 1*81, at U o'clock M.
the following described real estate, to
Lots 34 and 35 of the W. M. Wellmon
property as shown on plat book 2, page
16. and lots 35 and 26 of block B, and lots
33 and 34 of block B of the Hoey prop
erty as shown by map in book 1. page 80,
of the register's office lor Cleveland
county. N. C„ reference to which maps are
hereby made for better description.
Terms of sale: Cash.
This the 31st day of April, 1931.
B. T. FALLS, Trustee.
4t April 33c
Your Child’s
Need not be at all dangerous
if treated upon first symp
toms. Mothers for more than
a generation have put an end
to stomach and bowel dis
turbances of their children
by keeping handy a bottle of
Anti-Ferment. It settles the
stomach, soothes the pains,
prevents violent paroxysms,
tends to regulate the bowels
and in the end may avoid
Colitis and more serious trou
bles. It is harmless and non
narcotic but a relief for Dy*
euterry, and Diarrhea and
digestive disorders due to up
set stomach and bowels. It
may be obtained in separate
formulae, for adults 75c or
for children 60c at all drug
9tores. Keep it ready for em
ergencies. •'V
[ fired low under the chin and Ren
chero followed -entt. He rolled over
mid over stretching and lay dead
at the other side of the old fallen
tree. He was very large and al
though 1 have hunted them for'
years he was by far the biggest 1
ever saw alive.
(To be continued.) .
Cannon’s Duty Is
Plain, Says Paper
News and Observer.
If Bishop Cannon did not em
bezzle campaign money entrusted to
him and did not divert such funds'
to his own use, It will make no strain
on his health to make an account
ing. For years he has used every ex
pedient to avoid making the same
sort of statement of expendltuies of
campaign money which other cam
paign managers promptly filed.
Bishop Cannon either used tills
money for other purposes, or em
bezzled it for his own benefit as is
practically charged. If he expended
the money for campaign purposes
alone, after a year’s notice, it vail
take him very little time to render
an accounting that will vindicate
him from charges under which no
honorable man should rest any
longer than he could secure tne op
portunity to make a full accounting
under oath.
His whole conduct in this matter
has aroused suspicion and caused
many to believe he diverted this
money to his own use. He either did
so or did not. Instead of quibbling
about it, and raising so-called con
stitutional questions to evade erm
ing out with the facts, if innocent
of the grave charges he should, upon
the first suggestion of an oppo'tun
ity, have laid before the committee
a full statement of all moneys re
ceived and from all sources, togeth
er with an itemized statement of
disbursements. Nothing less than
this is the course that a profejsiunal
politician under attack would feel
impelled to do. A cleric, who Is in
nocent, cannot obtain or retain con
fidence unless he opens all oooks to
the public gaze.
Continued attempts to conceal re
ceipts and expenditures will be re
garded by most people as incrim
inating. The statement of Senator
Carter Glass printed elsewhere
leaves Cannon ho dourse exaopt to
make a sworn statement if he wish
es people to regard him as innocent
of charges under which no innocent
man should rest for a day longer
than he Is privileged to make pub
lic the receipts and disbursements.
In Your Hip Pocket.
“Did you like the place where you
have been In the summer?”
“Oh, yes, it was-all right, but they
served all fresh vegetables, no can
ned things.”
“I should think you’d like that.
“1 know, but what are you going
to lug your worms in?”—Portland
In Perfect Agreement.
Tired wife (to fussy hu'-hand)—
Really John, I’d rather have all the
children sick than you.
John—So would I.
execcteix’s notice.
Notice is hereby given that t have this
lay qualified as executrix of the estate of
Miss Jane Cline, late of Cleveland county.
North Carolina and all persons having
claims against the said estate will oresent
same to me properly proven on or before
the 30th day of Match. J933 or this notice
will be pleaded, ip bar of any recovery
thereof. All persana owing the aald estate
wUl please make immediate settlement to
the undersigned This March 30th. 1931.
BETTI* CLINE, R-3, Lawndale.
Executrix of Jane CUne, dee’d.
St Apr lc
Former Union Bajtk Bide.
Telephone 628
"IF I got constipated,
* I would get dizzy
and hare swimming
In my head. I would
hare very severe
"For a while I
thought X wouldn’t
take anything—may
be I £ould wear out
the headaches; but I
found they were
wearing me outk
"I found Black
Draught would re
lieve this, so when X
have the very first
symptoms, X take
Black-Draught and
now X don’t have the
"I am a firm be
liever in Black
Draught, and after
using It SO or more
yean, X am satisfied
to continue its use."
—F. a. McKtnnn, Ormn**
JMrft, FIs. mii
!l Ht 0FOR4) S
Declares Craving For Whiskey
Can Be Cared By An Operation
Ralph's Tricky.
Ralph Thorn, the popular press
agent lor the Hamburg fair, walked
into the Blngle office yesterday and
laid a couple of comps for the fair
on ye 'ed’s desk. P. S.—We wrote
this Tuesday to have it ready for
use in case ne came in. He hadn’t
shown up yet.—Buffalo News.,
Perfect Host.
Mother was having guests at din
ner and three-year-old Lee was try
ing to play his part in leokirigT aft
er them. When dinner was over he
showed them his toys, etc., and this
done a sudden thought came to him.
Turning to the lady nearest he said
"Now, perhaps, you would like to
brush your teeth. We have tooth
Having this day qualified as admlnis
trator of the estate of Annie C. Putnam,
late of Cleveland county. N. C\, this is to
notify all persons having claims against
the said estate to present same to me
properly proven for payment on or before
the 23th clay of April. 1932, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of any recovery.
All persons owing the said estate w:
please make Immediate settlement to the
undersigned. This April 28. 1931,
C. B. PUTNAM, Administrator of
Annie C. Putnam, Deceased.
6t 28p
New York, May 11.—An operation
which quickly relieve acute alcohol
ism and leaves the vlctic at least
temporarily free from craving Is
described In the Medical Journal
and Record of New York.
Dr. Edwards Spencer Cowles, di-|
rector of the Park Avenue hospital,
author of the article, says acute al
coholism is due to pressure caused
by excess fluid around brail cells.
Not everyone is subject to this trou
ble. The victims seem to be those
whose tissues have a selected action
for alcohol. They are possibly as
rare, comparatively, as hay fever
Tapping the excess fluid through
a comparatively simple operation,
he suys, gives immediate relief. It
has even resulted in social regen
eration. He names several well
known physicians as successful
practitioners* of the method.
On a Diet.
“Your majesty,” reported the can
nibal cook, "one of the castaways
from the wrecked liner is a million
"Cook him for my wives,” ouler°d
the canibal king. “He would be too
rich for me.'Tid Bits.
We Accept Money on Certificate of Investmfkt and Pay
6% Interest. Payable or Compounded Quarterly.
We Loan Money on Good Endorsement or 1st Mortgage
Payable in Weekly or Monthly Payments.
Fred W. Blanton, Prta.-Treas
Carl B. Thompson, Vlce-Pres.
W. C. Ward, Vice-President.
P. 8. Lewis, Secretary.
D. 8. Blols. Ass't Treas.
C. P. Rogers, Ch'm,
F. P. Bacon
Fred w. Blanton
Dr. Ben Gold
J. L. Lackey
H. C. Metcalf
r. E. McKee
C. 8. Thompson
T. A. Rtppy
W. C. Ward
Business institutions o f Cleveland
and Rutherford counties, no less
than individuals, use the Union Trust
Company as an appendage of them
selves .... as their department of
finance, every ready with expert ad
vice and assistance.
This is the service that is extended to
you at all times.
Trust Co.
Added Value
New Refinements
and a YEAR
lyfEW refinement* distinguish today'*
v General Electric all-*teel Refriger
ator—yet prices are lower than evert
Sliding (helve* bring all your food in
ea*y reach—tave hunting about—keep
•leevea clean. Porcelain lined interior*
reaiat fruit acids, have rounded corner*
for easy cleaning. The famous Monitor
Top —hermetically sealed in steel—
completely protect* the mechanism
that operates in a perpetual bath of oiL
And that's not alii A finger-tip latch
gives ready access to the General
Electric’* wide food storage space.
General Electric^ written guarantee a*,
•ores you dependable performance, free
frdm service expense tor 3 long years!
Join us in the General EltxSeU Program,
broadcast every Saturday evening,
on a nation-wide N. B. C. network.
Doom paymtntt
« low at.
("Hk imm »&•/• ymmrt tm pmy)
Wgjwic, Ay*rtPM»< B«w —4 Cl—^ W«k, 6^i
Charlotta Distributor■»
Robert C. Hord
Special Notice For'
Listing Taxes
Notice la hereby Riven to all per
sons in Cleveland county that they
must list their property and poll
for taxes during the month oi
MAY as required by law.
List takers for the various town
ships can be found at the follow
ing places on-dates mentioned be
low. ,
No. 1 Township.
At Prospect school house, Mouday
May 18th, 1931.
At Holly Springs school house
Tuesday, May 19th, 1931.
At J. A. McCraw's store, Wedreo
day, May 20th, 1931.
Balance of May at my home
J. A. McCra-tf, Lister.
No. 2 Township.
At Flint Hill school house, Wed
nesday Morning, May 13th. *
At Trinity school house, Wednes
day afternoon, May 13th.
At Jolley's store, Thursday, Mi.t
At Sharon. Friday, May 15th.
At Hamrick’s Store, Bolling
Springs, Tuesday, May 19th.
At Boiling Springs School hours
Wednesday, May 20th.
Balance of month at home.
W. C. Hamrick, Lister
No. 3 Township.
At Val Thomasson’s old store, Fri
day, May 15th *
At Paterson, Friday, May 16th.
At Earl, Saturday, May 23ad
Balance of month at Earl.
A. A. Bettis, List"!
No. 4 Township.
At Kings Mountain, beginning
Monday, May 12th, till June 1st.
At Grover, Friday, May, 15th, an
at Grover May 25th, 193L
H. B. Stowe, Lfertci.
No. 5 Township.
At Champion's store, Wednesday
May 13th. “■
At Geo. E. Goforth’s store, I’htrr:
day, May 14th.
At W. R. Wolfe's, Friday, M j
At Waco, Saturday, May 18th.»
Balance of month at home,
M. P. Harrelson lister
No. 6 Township.
During aE the month of May. Ter.
Supervisor’s office. Court House.
T. P. Jenks, Listci
No. 7 Township.
At C. C. Walker's, Tuesday Morn
ing, May 12th.
At Lewis McSwaln's, Tuesday si -
emoon, May 12th.
At G. T. Cabaniss’, Wednesdi
morning, May 13th.
At Pink Lovelace’s store, Weones
day afternoon, May 13th.
At Lattimore, Friday, May 16ih
and Tuesday afternoon. May 16th.
At Mooresboro, Saturday, • Mr*}
16 th.
Balance of month at home.
R. W. McBrayer, List. >
No. 8 Township.
At PolkvlUe, Wednesday, Mi
At Camp Call, Maunay • «lr.r<*
Thursday, May 14th.
At Delight, Monday, May j|8; t
afternoon. .
At Palm Tree, Wednesday, M; :•
2Qth, afternoon. ’ ♦
At New House, Thursday,, Mr;
21st. *
• At Polkvllle, Saturday, May 2?r
B. P. Jenkins, Bister
No. 9 Township.
At Wright’s Store, at Beams M'!i
Tuesday, May 12th. ",
At Double Shoals, Wedneso*.
May 13th..
At Belwood, Porter’s store, Tbius
day Morning, May 14th.
At Lutz store, Thursday aftesrnoor
May 14th.
At Lawndale, Monday and The:
day. May 18th and 19th. »
Balance of month at Paiistori
Gantt's store.
C. S. Beam, Llstei
No. 10 Township.
At Phllbeck school house, Thur."
day morning, May 14th from 7 A’
M. to 12 M.
John T. Warlick's, Thursday aft
ernoon^ May 14th.
Mack Ledford’s Friday memir.g
May 15th. from 7 A. M. to 12 M
J. H. Costner’s from 12 M. hr 3 P
M., May 15th. •
P. L. Peeler’s Store from IP. M
to night, May 16th. ^
Toluca, Saturday Morning, Ma\
16th, 7 A. M. to 12 M.
S. L. Wellmon’s, from 12 M unti
night, Saturday, May 16th. *
Balance of the month tax<s will
be listed at my home.
M. N. Gantt, LJpter.
No. 11 Township.
At Casar, Warlick’s store, all oi
At Moriah school house, Saturday,
May 23rd.
After the above dates, the tax
listing for Cleveland county will be
closed. Attention is also called to
the fact that
You are required by law to meet
che List Taker at the above named
olaces and dates. «
FARM CENSUS: Each farm 6wri
er or his agent is to come prepar
ed to report the acreage of each
crop to be harvested on his on her
tenants’ farms this year. Also acre"
■ultivated, lying out, number oi
rearing fruit trees "and the tons of
fertilizer used for all crops. Prepare
vour 'ist now. This Farm Census ts
equired by State law, but is NOT
lor taxation purposes.
R. L. WEATHERS, Cleveland
County Ta* Supervisor.

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