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* «^u
«EE McGEE— '
society dots from flat rock.
a big reception was hell at the
pallatial home of mesdames Jones
on westview bully vard friday even
ing tn compliments of misses judie
and sallie lou green who returned
home from college last week where
they had benn going to scholl, and
the same was enjoyed by all.
the house was decker rated from
floor to garrett and the culler
skeem was green Inter spersed with
hunny sucker vines which was fur
nished by the boy scouts who got
them out of her pastor, they being
nephews of the contracting parties,
and do a good deed ever day excepp
sunday, when all of them go to
music was furnished by the green
girts, the honner guests, on the
piano and by voice with the fol
lowing songs pre dominating: "sing
ing in the bathing tub,” "when i and
you was young, maggie,” and one or
2 others that my wife did not ketch
the name of when she turned in her
report to be rote in.
the green girls made good rec
ords at college, as 1 of them was
voted the neatest and the other one
i he studdiest in her books, and are
descended from a long line of an
cestors who reach back behind the
nayflower, and is related by birth to
gen. green who rode on horse back
from boston and told the men at
'exington to fire when they saw the
whit'-s of their eyes which they did.
Jwi ivost of the talk had ' dide
n»t! ever boddy had showed
'TJ Mir new dresses to the sattis
'a lien of all parties concerned, the
Notice is hereby given that I am ap
plying to the governor of North Caro
lina for a parole I was sentenced in Jan
uary, 1930, to the penitentiary for three
years from Cleveland county upon a plea
of guilty of involuntary manslaughter,
and I have been serving regularly since
that time.
This June 23rd. 1931
B’ virtue of the power and authority
in a certain deed of trust, executed the
10th day of April, 1930. by Pearl Wray
Johnson < single) and recorded in book
106 page 136. and default having been
made in the payment of the indebtedness,
and demand having been made upon the
trustee to execute the trust. I will sell to
the highest bidder at the court house door
• BheJby, N. C., on
4«uda> July 13tb, 1931. at 12 o'clock
or wUfcin legal hours, the following de
• artbert real estate:
Being lot No. 45 of book No. 1 of plats,
page 45. excepting 25 feet from the north
end, and being a part of the Mrs. Z.
Oreen property in the town of Shelby, N.
C . same front 60 feet on Orange street,
and extending back 300 feet.
Terms of sale: Cash.
This the 11th day of June. 1931
B. T. FALLS. Trustee
4t June 12c
Under power of sale contained in deed
of trust executed by Holland Eskridge on
the 25th day of May, 1926, said deed of
trust being of record in the registry of
Cleveland county, North Carolina, in
book' 136 at page 216, I as trustee will
o'fer for sale, for cash, at public auction,
r.t 12 M.. July 27. 1931. at. the court house
floor in Shelby, Cleveland county, North
Carolina, the following described lot of
Lot number 5 in block P in the Cleve
land Springs Estate as shown by plat of
;»me made May 25th by S. P. Baird, en
gineer. and recorded in the office of the
register of deeds for Cleveland county, in
book of plats No 2 at page 22. to w:hich
plat and record reference is made for a
further description of same as shown on
faid plat is hereby made a part of this
heed: Said lot is situated on the west
fcide of Westfield Road and has a front
age of 60 feet and extends back 175 feet.
The aforesaid sale is made because of
default in the payment of the indebted
ness secured by the said deed of trust.
ThiS June 25th. 1931.
.O. S ANTHONY, Trustee
4t June 26c
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protruding: or bleeding: Piles you arS
likely to be amazed at the soothing’
healing power of the rare. Imported
Chinese Herb, which fortifies d£
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Worth 100 times the small cost or
four money back.
Your Rooms Papered Or Painted
Or Your House Painted Outside
At Very Low Prices At The
Present Time By
Th.pre are times when it is
probably an advantage to have a
job done the cheapest way by
the cheapest painter. Generally,
however, you waht quality work
that will look first class. At the
present you can get the best at
very low prices.
Why not get the best?—It's the
— W. If. QUEEN —
Jones twins, sisters of the mes
dames Jones who give the reception,
fetched in large trays full of sweet
crackers and then the mesdames
Jones brung in a pitcher full of ice
tea and pored out a little to ever
boddy who happened to be pressent.
mrs. jones, the mother of mes
dames Jones above referred to, had
a book at a little table over in the
corner of the setting-room where all
of the guests registered their names
and last post offis address and It
will be handed down in histry so',
their ancestors can see what was
going on befoar they was born, there
being nothing else to talk about, a
departing line was formed and mes
dames Jones stood in same and bid
them all a merry goodby. well, mr.
editor, if i find annything to add to
this, i will rite or foam it in to you.
• yores trule,
mike Clark, rfd.
Have Vou a l^lly Pond In Your
Own Backyard?
"My Town" has gone plumb daffy
about backyard lily ponds, and my
own dear, darling, ecomonical wife
has got one in her head at last. She
has lily pond catalogues pouring in
by every mail, and our rear-sitting
room is littered from center to cir
cumference with models and designs
and descriptions.
There ain’t any room in any of
our backyards nowadays for tire
wash pot and tubs. The chicken in
dustry has suffered terribly because
of- this lily pond business. Why, half
the folks can't find a decent place
to dump the ashes from their fur
nace, but nobody ain't paying any
attention at all to their front yards—
that is—if they have a backyard,
but where there’s no backyard, lily
ponds are springing up in front
A fairly respectable lily pond can
| be built for 75 dollars and 35 cents.
Qne woman diddent want to ask
any one how to construct a lily
pond, so she sed out to design and
make her .own, so she and 2 other
darkies who knew a tiny bit about
cement and mortar, built one that
was 7 feet deep, the normal depth
of a nice one is about 2 feet) and
filled it with water and that night
her old man was trying to slip into
the house through the kitchen, and
danged if he diddent fall In that
thing and was almost drowned be
fore a policeman pulled him out.
My wife has figgered and figger
ed on her lily pool and has a list of
things she wants in it. I thought all
I'd have to buy was a few lily plants
and some other cheap water flora,
but what you reckon: you hafter
put something in them pools beside
flowers ansoforth, and my wife has
picked out from the catalogue the
following animal life, which must
be in there also:
5 Japanese Snails ........ $4.50
6 Ramshorn Snails_ 8.00
7 Salamanders ......_ 6.55
2 Weather Fish ..._ 5.30
8 Tadpoles . .. 3.25
6 Assorted Snails i ...... 6.00
6 Gold Fish __ 6.00
2 Clams .... 2 00
Well, I think lily pools are all
right, but it looks like it 1s going to
be cheaper for us to move off some
where close to a natural swamp—
rather than make one of our own.
Now, folks, besides all of them snails
and tadpoles. It costs about 25 dol
lars and 43 cents to get the grass
and rock plasts for the pond.
She wants me to go down to
the farm and haul all of the big
rocks up to our house and pile them
on the sides of the driveway and
path to the garden. I guess 111 have
to do like everybody else. Ruin my
backyard and bank account, and
then have to tear all of the junk
out and cart it away next year—
when they go out of style.
Seattle, Wash.—A hitherto unac
complished ascent of Mount Baker,
10,780 feet high, from the north
side, has been made by Milana
Jank, of Munich, Germany, a fore
most woman skiier, and three men
companions. The peak is in the
Cascade mountain in Northern
The party made the climb Sun
day, overcoming sleet, snow, and the
rigors of a mountain storm, and re
turned to this city yesterday. Mem
bers of the Seattle Ski club. Bob
Hayes, Dr. Otto Strizek and Ben
Thompson, accompanied the Ger
man Alpinist.
High acre yields of Irish potatoes
have somewhat offset low prices
received for the crop in Beaufort
county this year. About 75 percent
of the crop has been dug and sold.
“Until a bjetter day. Jdalitax,
Tar Heels Know
Little Of State
Elizabeth City Advance
A miner was killed In a mica
mine In the western part of the
state yesterday. And most of us In
this section of North Carolina
scarcely realize that there Is such a
thing ns a mica mine In the com
monwealth, Just as the folks “in
them thar mountains" don't know
how wide are the streams or how
big the fish hereabouts unless they
come and see for themselves.
North Carolinians ought to play
that old game of “Fruit Basket
Turned Over" every summer with
the easterners trekking westward
and the westerners coming east
ward, so that we ll all get to learn
first hand something about our
State Rejects
Bids For Gas
Accepts Bids For Six Counties. All
Statewide Bids And Most Local
Ones Held Too High.
News and Observer. Raleigh.
The State rejected all statewide
bids on its tender of contract for
10,000,000 gallons of gasoline, and
also rejected all local bids except
for six counties, the action being
taken yesterday by three members
of the Advisory Budget Commission
who sat with the Director of Pur
chase and Contract as a board of
award. Thirty-eight statewide and
local bids were received.
The counties for which contracts
were let did not Include Wilkes,
where the county has been buying
gasoline at a much lower figure
than that paid by the Highway
Commission and where the local re
tail price of all companies for all
1 customers is IS cents a gallon, much
1 lower than that prevailing in the
State as a whole
Under the local contracts made
yesterday, und any others which the
State will make, it will receive the
benefit of prices which have been
depressed by local price wars. New
bids on the gasoline were called for
yesterday to be opened at 9.30 a. m.
July 10.
The lowest state-wide offer sub
mitted yesterday was for a sis-cent
discount on tank car lots from the
retail price at the point at time of
delivery, five cents on tank wagon
lots at time at point of delivery, und
three cents on retail service station
delivery. This bid was offered by
both the Shell Eastern Petroleum
company and the Central Oil com
pany. and while the Standard Oil
company offered a slightly better
discount, of 6.1' cents, 6,1 anti 3.1
cents respectively on the three class
es of service, Its bid was not in ac
cordance with specifications for the
proposal of bids and could not be
considered. Limitations imposed b>
the Standard would have protected
it from local price wars which are
also said to be gotnt on at present
in Louisburg, and Gastonia.
Polkville School Sidelights.
Too many papers on the ground
When the patrons come around.
Too ninny Janitors playing ball
When he should be sweeping the
Too many home teachers in the pew
When the unemployed girls are In a
Too many holes in the wall
When the superintendent makes n
Too many broken window glass
When the patrons pass.
Too many broken locks
When comes the creep night flocks.
Too many teachers gathered in
When the playground falls to boom
Too many short days
When the taxes are to pay.
Too many pupils going to tjie store
When the time lost we do deplare.
Too many torn scenes and wood
wings on stage
When the citizens are asked to pay.
Too many teachers from S. C.
When our native teachers have the
Too many home teachers added each
When others fall to get their share.
Shelby, Route 5,
North Carotin*. Ctaveland County.
Bftor* A, B C. DePriest. Justice of th*
tit the matter of Flossie Calvert.
Flossie Cslvert of said county and «t*t#
having filed her petition before th* under
signed for her personal property exemp
tion. till* Is to notify all the creditor* of
the said Flossie Calvert that tha said
petition will be heard at my offic* In No.
ft township. Cleveland county, on tha 7th
day of December. 1931, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
when and where. If they shall appear,
they may b# heard.
Dated this 17th day of June. 1031.
ABC DePRIEST, Justice of th*
Peace. <t June 19p
Notice U hereby (Iren thet we here tht
dey qualified » executrixes of the *U
of R. p. Roberta, late of Cleveland eoon
ty. N. C., and all pereona hartn( elatm
against aald estate are hereby notified t.
present them to ue properly proven to
payment on or before June llth. HJJ, 0
this notloe *111 be pleaded In bar of that
recovery. All persons indebted to said ea
tela will make Immediate payment to th
undersigned. Tht» June llth, 1IJ1.
HAMBRIOHT. Eaecutrtxee of thi
will of R p. Roberta, dee'd.
R L. Ryburn. Atty. «t June u
Apples will not grow in a
country where it is warm
enough for people to live
without clothes.
I wonder just where Eve
got the apple she gave"
Adam to eitf.
— W. H. QUEEN —
Painter — Paperhanger
Relwood, N. C.
Phone 21 Shelby, N. C.
123/010 lawyers
- safeguard your rights
under the law!
.. to form o more perfect Union,
establish Justice, insure domestic
Tranquility, provide for the com
mon defence, promote the gen
eral Welfare, and secure the
Blessings of Liberty to ourselves
and our Posterity.
—The Constitutiorf.
You can settle this out of court
Every cigarette is its own
best witness. LET CHESTERFIELD
They’re MILDER . . . you can
smoke as many as you like.
They TASTE BETTER .. . you
KNOW that the minute you
—the best that money can buy,
aged right, blended right
purest made.
rest their case with YOU.
© 1931, Liggett & Mvm Toeau-q c«.

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