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    Cloth Mill Increases League Lead
By DefeatingRhodhiss Club Here
Fisher's Hurling Too Mach For
\lslting Club. Weathers Hit
ting Features.
The Cleveland Cloth mill club
»f Shelby tightened its hold on
first place in the Western Caro
lina league here yesterday by
defeating the Dick Gurley Rhod
his team 9 to 3.
Up until last week Rhodhlss was
tied with the Shelby club for first
Getting Close Now.
The Shelby outfit has to win only
one more game to clinch the first
half pennant in the league. There
are only three more games and one
victory will place the local outfit so
well on top they cannot be over
Good Tn Finches
Pisher held the visiting club to
five hits but the remarkable aspect
of his hurling was his ability to
mow down the visiting batters m
this pinches. Once he struck out two
batters with two men on the sacks,
and again he whiffed two with the
bases loaded.
The hitting of Cricket Weathers,
third-sacker. and the fielding of
Giireath, southpaw first baseman,
were other features for the home
Bumgardner, the opposing pitch
er. was wild or otherwise the Rhod
hiss team would have made it a
close battle. Dick Gurley, former
Shelby coach, caught a good game
for his club and seemed as active
on hLs feet as in days when he star
red in college and semi-pro ball but
he could not connect with Fisher’s
fast balls. Buff was the best hitter
for the visitors.
A good crowd for Thursday wit
nessed the contest,
Shelby.. 9 11 2
Rhodhlss . __3 5 2
Fisher and Hornsby; Bumgardner
nnd Gurley, *
Various Ages Of
An Average Man
Baltimore Evening Sun
One day old. X potential president
of the United States.
Thirteen years old. A very bright
boy for his age who may some day
become the governor o£ his state or
at least the mayor of his city. Eigh
teen years old. A splendid type of
tine young American manhood who
should do exceedingly .well in what
ever profession he may enter.
Twenty-five years old. An earnest
and hardworking fellow who is
thought of highly by his employers.
Has a bright future. Engaged to a
nice young woman. Saving up mo
ney to marry.
Thirty-five years old. An earnest
and hard-working fellow who is
thought of highly by his employers.
Has a bright future. Engaged to a
nice young woman. Saving up mon
ey to marry
Thirty years old. Young married
man doing very welL Capable and
Industrious, but somewhat tacking in
initiative and imagination. Chief
ambition is to get out of apartment
and purcnase a nouse. »
Thirty-five years old. Young mar
ried man and father of potential
president of the United States. Own
er of a house, motor car, radio and
other essentials. Paying for them on
installment plan. Chief ambition to
keep out of debt. No sign of being
considered for governor or mayor.
Political activity limited to voting
for his party's nominees. Chosen al
ternate to district convention of
Loyal Order of Patriots. Considered
for assistant office manager, but
passed over in interest of company’s
policy of selecting mature men for
positions of responsibility.
FoAy years old. Still holding to
job in spite of shake-ups. Consider
ed for assistant office manager, but
' passed over in accordance with
company's policy of selecting young
men with a punch for positions of
responsibility. Stall trying to keep
out of debt.
Forty-five years old. Father of
several splendid types of fine young
American manhood and woman
hood who should do well in whatever
profession they may enter. In the
meantime splendid types of fine
young American manhood and wo
man hood must be supplied with
rlothes and spending money.
Sixty years old. Veteran of office
force with not much to do. Grand
father of several prospective presi
dents of the United States. Decides
life hasn't been so bad after all.
Eighty years old. Enjoys good
health. Has been regular subscriber
to Daily Clarion for fifty years. Still
reads newspaper without glasses.
Attributes long life to moderate use
of spirits and tobacco. Always voted
the Republican (Democratic) ticket.
Hopes to reach century mark.
Card of Thanks.
We w ish to thank our good friends
and neighbors of Shelby and Kings
Mountain for their expressions of
sympathy and love In our bereave
ment over the accidental death of
our dear child. These words of sym
pathy have been a great comfort to
us in our sorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Allen and
Lily Mill Stages
Double Bill Game
For Fourth Event
risy JLiumdale At 10 In Mwiinf,
Henrietta Team In
The Lily mill bam bail elnb,
which has run up a string of
victories, has two games hooked
for tomorrow, July 4,
The first game prill be with the
Lawndale club at the Lily park at
10 o'clock In the morning.
The afternoon game, also In the
Lily park, will get going at 8:30.
Both games should be fast and
Interesting and fans are urged to
Colored Team To
Play Here Monday
Bob Rogers’ colored baseball team
known as the Shelby White Sox,
will play the Kannapolis team in
the city park Monday afternoon.
Frank Crosby, southpaw of fame,
will twirl for the White Sox. Bob
urges his white friends to witness
the game as local business houses
will be closed that day.
Lattimore News
Of Current Week
Good Rains FaU. Toon* People
Visit B. Y. P. V. Per
I Special to The Star .)
Lattimore, July 3.—The senior B
Y. P. U. is progressing very nicely
under the efficient leadership of our
president, Miss Mabel Jones. We
were indeed glad to have the Double
Springs and Pleasant Ridge senior
B. Y. P. U's with us Sunday night
We were glad to see the good rain
we had Monday afternoon and
Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Rolins and
son, Howard, of Mores boro, and Mr.
and Mrs. R. O. Stockton and chil
dren of Shelby were the dinner
guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. C.
Stockton. *
Mr. I. H. Harrill of York, S. C.
spent the week-end at home.
Misses Mabel and Artha Jones
spent Monday night with Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Jones.
Miss Candace Rayburn who is
summer school at Lenoir-Rhyne of
Hickory spent the week-end with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
mr. ana xurs. v. u. noveiace ana
daughter, Zepher Ree, spent several
daj-s of last week with their daugh
ter and sister, Mrs, O. A. Jones of
Mrs. M. J. Stockton and Charlie,
Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Toms and son,
George William, and Mr. and Mre.
Jim Kanipe were the dinner guests
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman
Doggett of Shelby.
Mr. Willard Rayburn of Waco
spent the week-end with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Rayburn.
Misses Pearl Jones, Mada Belle
and Mattie Lou Philbeck spent Sun
day with Misses Mae and Erlene
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bridges of
Spindale visited Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Bridges one night of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Y. Weaver of
Shelby is visiting Mrs. Weaver’s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hamrick.
Mr. "Toby” Bridges of Gastonia is
spending awhile with his aunt, Mrs.
Hatcher Walker,
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Magness ana
family of Bostic spent Sunday with
Mr. Magness’ mother, Mrs. Ella
Miss Margaret Martin of the Zion
community and Messrs. Pine With
row and Baxter Scruggs of the
Sandy Plains community visited in
B. Y. P. U. Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hamrick and
sons, Howard, Jr. and Alton, visited
friends in Ellenboro Sunday after
Miss Mildred Cabaniss of Shelby
is spending a few days with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henrf Caba
An Independence
Sermon By Jessup
"independence—For What" will
be the topic of the Sunday night
sermon at the Second Baptist
church by the pastor. Rev. L. L.
Jessup. This will be a discussion of
some problems confronting Chris
tian America on the anniversary pf
American freedom.
TTie morning service will be given
over to a short business conference,
the Lord's supper and a short mes
sage by the pastor
The 8unday school will assemble
at 9:45 a. m., and the B. Y. P. U.’S
meet at 6:30.,
Midweek prayer service on Wed
nesday nirht at 7:45
Shelby Juniors
To Play Gastonia
Friday, Saturday
Taunt Legion Teams Clash There In
Opening of Junior World
Series Flay.
Gastonia Oazette.
Announcement of the elimin
ation games in North Carolina,
between the contesting Legion
Junior league teams hare been
received here from the office of
the state adjutant.
The Oaatonia team will meet the 1
Shelby juniors at the local high
school stadium Friday and Saturday
of this week. Should the local team
succeed in eliminating Shelby they
will meet Charlotte In Oastonla on
Monday, July 6, and in Charlotte on
Tuesday. If necessary to play the
third game It will be played In Oas
tonla on Wednesday.
The first game between Char
lotte and local boys in Oastonla on
Monday should prove a drawing
card. All of the stores will be closed
and In keeping with the trend of the
times prices of admission have been i
reduced to 35c for the grand stand
and 15c for the bleachers. These
prices also at the games Friday and
Saturday with Shelby.
The drum corps of Gaston post 23
will be In charge of the refresh
ment stand and every penny of ad
mission paid goes Into the fund for
the carrying on of the junior league
Saturday will be the 4th of July
and the merchants will celebrate
Monday. There should be record at
tendances at all the games. If these
fine boys are to go far this year in
the contests it will take the whole
hearted support of the people to
back them up and encourage them
So far tills all star team, shows up
far better than any local team Gas
tonia has had and with the proper
support will go far toward the
No. 1 Township
News Of Week
Brotlu B;tn Slightly Hart In
Aato Accident. Person* I
• Special to The Star.)
No. 1 Township, July 1.—Rev. J.
J. Boone filled his appointment Sat
urday and Sunday.
We are having a good attendance
in Sunday school with 213 present
last Sunday.
Mr. W. P. Byers and his son,
Broad us, and Mr. Vencil Scruggs
were in an automobile wreck Sat
urday. None was bad hurt except
Broadus who suffered a wound in
the leg by the broken wind shield.
Mr. J. D. Byars is suffering very
much with rheumatism.
Mr. B. M. McCraw of Gaffney, S.
C. was the dinner guest of Mr.
Thurman Byars Sunday.
Those visiting at Mr. W. P. Byars
Sunday were Rev. J. J. Boone, Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Byars, Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Branch and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Byars, Mr.
and Mrs. Thurman Byars and Mr.
Emmitt Byars visited Mr. and Mrs.
Blane Davis Friday.
Miss Flay Humphries of Grassy
Pond was the dinner guest of Mr.
Guy Humphries Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Earls and Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Jolly visited Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest McCraw Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hawkins visit
ed the home of Mr. W. W. Hawkins
Mr. Andrew McCraw of near Cow
pens visited Mr. J. U Humphries
Under and by virtue of th# authority
contained In that certain deed of truat,
executed by A. F. Champion and wife,
Luclle Champion to the underpinned trus
tee, said deed of trust being dated Decem
ber 3, 1939 and recorded in the office of
the register of deeds for Cleveland coun
ty, N. C , In book No. 137 at page 539. se
curing an Indebtedness to the Shelby and
Cleveland County Building and Loan as
sociation. and default having been made
in the payment of said indebtedness and
betng requested to sell said property 1
will on
Mender. August 3rd, 1931
at 13 o'clock noon or within legal hours,
at the court house door In Shelby, N. C.
sell to the highest bidder for cash at pub
lic auction that eertaln lot of land, lying
and being In No. 6 township, Cleveland
county, N. C , and bounded as follows:
Being located In Beaumonda Terrace in
the eastern part of the town of Shelby
N. C.. and being a part of lots Nos. 10.
13 and 14 In bloek X on plat of said
property and recorded in book of plats No.
3 at page 33, the register of deeds office
for Cleveland county and being more
specifically described as follows: Begin
ning at an Iron stake In the south edge
of East Oraham street, said stake being
311 feet west of the corner between lota
Nos. 'll and 13 In block C on Oraham
street, and runs thence S. S degrees 30
minutes W. 1*0.7 feet to an Worn stake:
thence N. 19 degrees 50 minutes W, 70
feet to an iron stake: thanes N. 0 degrees
10 minutes E. 1*0 feet to an iron stake on
the south edge of Oraham street; thenee
with said street 6. *9 degrees 50 minutes
E. *5 foot to tho beginning and being
that tame lot of land convoyed to A. F.
Champion and wife by D. A. Beam by
deed dated December 3, 1939.
This July and. 1931.
■WO r MULL, Trustee
IVebb Boys Have
Tough Match At
Tryon On Fourth
Will Play Hearon and Until; lit
Feature Match. Other Shelby 1
Golfer* Going.
Tryon. July 3.—Tht* year's
July golf tournament at the
Tryon Country club will pack
an added Interest. On the morn
ing of Saturday, the Fourth of
July, whUe the field Is qualify
ing there’ll be an 2*-hole ex
hibition match between four of
the most brilliant performers in
the Carolina*.
’’The Webb boys from Shelby”—:
Pete, now a professional, and Fred
Snook), twice winner ot the Junior
ttle at Sedgefield—will match shots!
vlth Oliver (Zero) Lindsay and
Panning Hearon, ranking amateurs:
>f Shoresbrook and the Country j
:lub In Spartanburg.
Shelby Is spreading it around that
'the Webb hoys" can't be beat and i
he people In Tryon and Spartan -1
>urg, having watched Lindsay and
Hearon whip around lots of courses |
n low scores, want to see what can;
>e done about It.
While playing the exhibition!
watch, Lindsay, Hearon and Fred'
iVebb will qualify for match play
hat begins In the afternoon of the I
same day. Tills will furnish more
nterest, as last year, when Webb
shattered the course record to win
:he medal trophy, Lindsay and
Hearon were hot on his heels.
Two tournament favorites will
?lay together against last year's
s’lnner and his brother, at the same
Lime probably having at stake medal
donors and a reputation.
The tournament promises to I
eclipse last season's. Crack players—
men and women—are entering from!
many places and play for the pile;
sf handsome trophies should be the!
fastest seen here in years.
Players will qualify on the mom- j
Ing of Saturday, the Fourth; play
the first 18-hole round In the after
noon; the second round next morn
ing and the final round that after
Among other Shelby golfers who
plan to participate in the Tryon
tourney are Jack Hartigan. Harry
Umsted. Cleveland Springs cham
pion; Charlie Keel, Ted Cashion and
Renn Drum.
Mooresboro Route 2
News Of Week-End
Mr. Bridge* Returns To Washing
ton. Farmers Disappointed By
(Special to The Star.'
Mooresboro, R-2, July 1.—Mr. Rob
ert R. Bridges of Washington, D. C.
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
W. Bridges Tuesday night.
Due to his work, however, he re
turned home Wednesday accom
panied by Master Roy S. Bridges,
jr., and Miss Etta Bostic. The for
mer will visit his father who lives
The farmers of this vicinity were
disappointed Tuesday when the
clouds failed to yield any rain ex
cept a small sprinkle which soon
vanished under the violent rays of
the sun.
Mr, Brokter Blanton of Richmond,
Va., is visiting friends and relatives
in and around Mooresboro this
Mr. Joe Bridges who has been
under the supervision of physicians
for some time with an injured back
was pronounced all right last Sat
Farmers of this community are
preparing to live at home the com
ing year as they have just finished
storing away the best wheat harvest
in years to await the coming of
22 per cent of the child
ren’s shoes manufactured
in the United States are
made by our company.
Statistics show that one
third of the population of
the United States is under
the age of 15 years.
Ora Club Will
Try To Defeat
C. C. Saturday
Fast Independent Team To Meet
league Outfit. Shelby Mill Play*
The Ora milt baieball club
ha» to be shown that the Cleve
land Cloth mill club of the
Western Carolina league is the
best outfit In Shelby. And the
Oras have extended an open
house to all baseball fans here
abouts to see the argument set
tled Saturday afternoon. July 4.
at the city park.
The Cloth mill club will play its
league game with Rhodhlss at
Rhodhiss in tho morning, returning
here In the afternoon for the game
with Ora which Is to be one of the
big features of the Fourth here
Opinion about town as to the out
come Is pretty well divided, both
clubs having plenlly of supporters
who are confident their pick will
come through victorious. Johnny
Putnam will attempt to stop the C.
C. outfit, and Ferguson or Smith
may be on the mound for the leag
Another Double Bill
I he Shelby Mill club Is also sched
uled for a double bill on the Fourth
and Shelby is assured of plenty of
baseball as the afternoon game will
be played here
Hamrick To Hurl
In the morning the Shelby mill
club goes to Avondale for a game,
and m the afternoon the two clubs
will return to the Shelby park lor
the contest. Sherrill Hamrick will
more than likely do the hurling for
the Shelby club in the home game,
and the many fans who are plan
ning to attend are assured that a
fast contest will be played.
All in all it will be a big after
noon for Shelby baseball bugs
Forest City.—The Ellenboro Man
ufacturing company, of Ellenboro, 01
which W. H. Relk, of Charlotte, Is
president, is now operating on a full
day schedule. Rayon bed spread
are being manufactured. This com
pany recently Installed 28 looms and
a modern dyeing department.
Aid In War
on Disease
Study of Animal Diseases Has
Brought Cures for Many j
Ailments, Soys Authority,
IT riling of Tularemia
By R. S. COPELAND, M. D., j
ft. S. Senator from Few York.
Former Commissioner of Hrsttk, j
Few York City.
MUCH valuable information
has bean contributed to
mankind by the study of
animal disease*. Thi* method of j
obtaining knowledge has often ,
solved many
perplexing arvfJ
difficult prob
I i»ll. Me
! Coy described *
disease of ro
dents. It waa
p a r t i c u larly
c o rrt m o n in
Tulare County
in the West and
was believed to
b e prevalent
only in that sec
tion of the coun
try. It thus re
Dr. Copeland
cciven vne name oi iuiHinma
and the germ causing the disease
was called "bacterium tulareuse.”
It was originally believed to be
only h disease of animals, par
ticularly of rodenta. aurh aa the wild
rabbit and squirrel. Subsequently,
It was noted that man often had this
The transmission of this disease
I occurs either by. handling diseased
animals or by the bite of certain In
sects which lisvs previously fod on
I a diseased animal. So far as known.
this disease Is believed to be found
j onjy in the United States and Japan.
! The attack comes on suddenly. A
' pustule or pimple appears at the
I point of' infection. This pustule Is
painful and eventually forme an
ulcer. Headache is uauallv nresent.
with chills, general body pain*,
i vomiting and fevei.
The fever may be very high and j
last for two or three weeks. K«- i
eovery is slow .but it always follows, [
In itjanv rases, however It mav he
months before the individual regain*
his former strength.
Since this disease is found among
persons handling unhealthy animals,
precautions against infection abou.d
be taken. During the rabbit eeaaon
animals should be carefully eia mined
for anv possible contamination.
in an attempt to prevent the dis
ease among laboratory workers, the
wearing of rubber gloves has been
made compulsory. It Is advisable
that In contaminated areas all cooks,
marketmen and hunters wear rubber
a'nves when dressing rabbits,
Are You Prepared For
Your Guests ?
WE WILL BE OPEN THE 4TH Come in and Select
Your Needs — Prompt Delivery on all Orders —
You must see it to appreciate the value,
Springs or 50-lb. Mattress free with each Suite sold
for the Fourth.
Consisting of Setter and 2 Chairs in the Gay colors of
the season. (OQ Cfi AND UP
With Us Tomorrow
Save $1.00 A Week
at the end of 332 weeks. You save
during this time ?S32, and we pay
•'68.00 in profits. That makes ?400.
*ND HAVE $800.00
And So On
Start As Many Shares As
* Vnu ('an Carry
<J. L. Suttle. Secty.
Cleveland Building
4k Loan Assn.
Stores Open All Day Saturday, July 4tiK
Closed All Day Monday, July 6tK
4th of July
You will find your
A & P Store stocked
with everything neces
sary for yonr noting.
A * P Pure
Grape Juice ££ 19c
Clicquot Chib
Gingerale X betttes 27c
I’latn <>r Staffed
3 *£" 25c
Stuffed •m
4 or Jar l^V
5c V«rNtiM
3 ute 13c '
Salad Dressing”.!? 15«
Peanut Butter hi. 17c
Sparkle £!£ 3 pkgs. 19c
Wntpped 6C
Pullman—II m
Int- ,v»n(lmiho»
El Rio Coffee 2 ibs. 25c
Camel, Chesterfield
Old Gold, Luck. Strike
SMOKED — Pound...
SLICED — Pound_-.-.
SLICED — Pound ..—
B Pounds--r-"
Pound -----—
37 c
25 c
7 Large Ears _
Large Size_
Pound __
Nr. 1 Rrd Blls* —
10 lb.
£ Atlantic & Pacific S

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