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    Boiling Springs
News Of Interest
Brash Arbor Mooting On. Mr*. Pitt)
entertains. Dr. Goode •
i Special to The Stan
Bolling Springs. Aug. 3®.—Mist
LeRoy Pitts graciously entertained
ho members of the Tongues and
Heedles club at her home Saturday
ivenlng. The regular business meet
ng was held. It was arranged for
he bylaws to be re-written and read
it the nest meeting. The guests en
joyed a Bible contest. The winners
were given lovely bud vases. The
aostets .assisted by Mrs. J. O. Pum
nerlln and Miss Ithlel Summerlin,
jerved delicious sandwiches and
Mrs. Sterling Thom ton and Mrs.
Warty Wlllbanks and two children
of Beauford, Ga„ visited relatives
here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hendrick and
little daughter and Mr Kmest Lovln
of Thomarton, Ga., Mxr. J D Hicks
and children of Asheville and Miss
Bontee learon of Gaffney, S C., are
spending several days with Mr. and
Mrs. O. A. Phillips
Mrs Sterling Thornton, Mto. Early
Wlllbanks and children of Beauford,
Ga, Mrs. Uriel Hamrick and Mrs. D.
P. Hopper were the spend-the-day
guests of Mrs. R. L. D Greene, Fri
College Teacher Visits.
Dr. and Mrs. Clement Goode and
two children of Richmond. Va.. who
have been Visiting Mr .Goode's fath
er here for some time returned
home Thursday. T)r. Good/ teaches
in the University of Richmond.
Miss Marjorie Ruth Ellis of
Thomaston, Ga., spent the past week
end with little Miss Beatrice Phil
Mr. Max Earl Phillips is spending
a few days in China Orove, the
juest of T. B. Abernathy.
Mr. and Mrs. Unle Hamrick, Mr
Graham Hamrick, Mrs. Rosin a
Grigg and Miss Johnnie Male Me
Brgyer were the dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Almarln* Hollifleld In
Trinity community Friday evening.
Miss Thelma Jolley spent the past
week-end with Mr. and Mr*. Buren
Mr*. Clark Brown fcl and two
daughter* of Atlanta, Or., spent last
reek here with her sister, Mrs L.
W. Hamrick.
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Fangle, who
have been spending the summer at
Chapel Hill are expected to arrive
here this Week.
Mina Sarah I** Hamrick and Mr*
Etta Oreena spent Tuesday in Qai
Misses Kate Moore and Helen
Hamllck, Mess re Vic Moore and
John Hamrick went to Charlotte
Saturday to meet Mis* Elisabeth
Hamrick. Miss Hamrick has been at
N. C. University this summer
Mlse Ollie Moore returned to High
Point to take up her duties there aa
a teacher.
Miss Alda Mae Sparks of Caro*
leen spent the past weekend with
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Hamrlok.
Rev. J. O. Summerlin is conduct
ing a revival meeting on the Ridge
between Pleasant fUdge and Beaver
Dam church on Mr. John Kamriek's
plantation. It is an old time brush
arbor meeting, The public is invit
ed to attend these services which
began August 30th at 3:30 o’clock
Free For Once
Teeball—Did you make the most
of it when your wife went away on
a trip snd left you alone In the
Peewe—Did I? Say, I dropped
ashes all over the rugs, brought mud
in on my feet and never took oft
my hat until I felt like it.
"PI «oc eon*Mpat*d.
11 t»o«id ait 4km
•ad tar* •winuniag
to to had I would
hi?* tiry i«T*r»
* "Bor while I
toou«ht. wouldn't
toii anythint—«»*▼
I «o*U mtr out
ttt«y iw*r«
found Slick*
ao when I
wy fint
I tike
• firm ke
rn Sleek
1*1 || (V,
I IMtack
Baby Killings Light
, Flame of War on Gangs
* * * * * *
U. S. and New York Join Hands in Greatest
Battle Against Crime Ever Seen. Lawless
ness Cost Gotham 55 Million in 1930
Blase Mr. Citlien. smugly complacent In the belief that he anil his are ]
safe from ruthless gangland—and if policemen are kill In the perfor- .
mance of their duty, well, what of it?—has finally become aroused to a
pitch of righteous Indication which should, unless all signs fall, remove
the blot of murderous crime from the first city of America. The momen
tous event which has accomplished this feat was the shooting down of
two Innocent babes, Michael Vengalil, 3, and Gloria lx>pex, 3 1-3. Under
world runs never before had entered the sacred precincts of babyhood to
take their toll. Now that they hare. Public Opinion says they must par
for it. The latest outbreak of bloody violence in New York, which claim
ed the life of pretty little Gloria, also snuffed out those of Policemen
Walter i. Webb and Edwin V. Churchill. They died in performance of
duty, protecting a payroll and trying to apprehend the bandits, but their
deaths, alone, 'its feared, might never have aroused the public mind. But
slain children, that's different. It may be that a “little child shall lead”
New York to such dynamic action that its slate will be cleaned and safe
ty and confidence restored to its citisenry.
Gentle Hint.
He (at U p. m.):-''Did you know
I could Imitate any bird you can
She. "X, 1 didn't. Can you imitate
a homing pigeon?”
Toluca And Knob
Creek Gleanings
Revival To Start At Hebron. Mrs.
Atwran Quite 111. Per
(Special to The Star, i
Toluca, Aug. 27.—We are sorry to
note that Mrs. J. W. Alwran la quite
ill again. Her daughter, Miss Joyce
Alwran, a trained nurse from Hen
dersonville. has been at her bed
side. .
The following spent a few days
the past week at Green River fish
ing: Blain and Mauney Willis, L. E.
Boyles, A. O. and Edwin Costner
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ward of Vale
visited at the home of their daugh
ter, Mrs. C. G. Boyles on last Mon
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mull, Mrs. W.
P. Mull and Mrs. W. T. S*in ,of
Catawba county, were dinner guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 6, A
Sain on last Friday.
Miss Edith Sain and Mr. Prank
Houser motored to Plttsboro the
past week and spent some time. Miss
Sain will leave soon to teach there;
another year.
Mr. Carroll Mull of Charlotte
spent some time the past week with
his mother, Mrs. D. M. Mull.
Misses Minnie and Sadie Mull ac
companied by Messrs. Paul Yount
and Paul Ooodnight visited their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W F
Mull Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Sain visited at
the home of their daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Blain Leonhardt of Lincoln
county Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Boggs of Fall
ston spent last Wedneaday at the
home of Mr. Boggs sister, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Boyles.
misses uertruae ana Male seism
of Cherryvllle spent last Wednes
day night with Mrs. Texie Boyles.
Mrs. Austin Hicks and children
of Fallston spent Sunday with Mrs.
Texle Boyles.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Seism spent
the week-end at the home of Mrs
Saln's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. r
Mull of Catawba caunty
Miss Ima Carpenter spent • the
week-end at the home of her cou
sins. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Vickers oi
Revival services will begin at
Hebron Methodist church Sunday,
August SO. Everybody is Invited to
attend and take part In these serv
ices. Rev. Cranford will asst-t Rev
Contrary to the belief of many the
mass of cur people are anxious to
pay their debts, and will do so
whenever they can.
About the only assistance that the
housewives of Shelby ought to give
oeddlers Is to point the way out.
'New Road Routing
* To Aid Rutherford
Marion-SheuTy Highway WH1 Help
Gulden Valley Section Of
Rutherfordton, Aug. 28 —Ruther
ford county will get throe new high
ways soon, If plans announced re
cently by Highway Commissioner
W. W. Neal of Marion, materialize.
A state road from Marlon south
through the Munford Cove section
of this county connecting with
highway 20 between here and Chim
ney Rock is planned.
A new road from Shelby to Mar
ion, which will cross the northeast,
comer of Rutherford county seems
j assured.
i The new road will be - constructed
with a better grade and will be hard
surfaced as soon as possible and
will likely be designated as state
highway No. 190. The survey on
this road is expected to be com
pleted soon.
A new road from Rutheriordton
direct to the South Carolina line
and on Into Chesnee and Spartan
burg. S. C„ will be constructed soon,
according to Commissioner Neal.
will go out South Main street here
and will shorten the distance from
here to Spartanburg by some 10 to
15 miles.
Patterson Grove
Late New* Event*
(Special to The Star.)
Tire revival meeting closed last
weeic at Patterson Grove with 18
members added.
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hord and
Mr. Gilbert Hord spent last week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Lawrence Putnam.
Mr. William Carrol is on the sick
list this week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Wright and
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Phifer were the
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs
Wayne Putnam Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thornburg
of Charlotte spent a few days last
week visiting Mr. M. L. Thornburg
and Mrs. Thornburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sellars and
children of Lawndale spent Wed
nesday with Mr. and Mrs. D. F
Miss Ophelia Hendrick of Beams
Mill spent last week with Miss
Oladys and Miss Gola Hamrick.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Putnam and
family of Shelby visited Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Putnam Sunday aft
In this day of modern transpor
tation small towns have to fight for
their lives, but if they fight, and
their Inhabitants work together,
they will win out.
We feel relieved! The govern
ment Is printing some *1.000,000
certificates, and you know how we
always hated to carry a thick wad
Df bills.
About the only thing about the
price of v.heat and cotton is that
thirty years from now, a lot of
farmers will be able to say, “well 11
rctt!»njber when-——"
Home Sweet Home
TIME ..... After Supper
PLACE . Sitting Room
TOPIC .......__ Conversation
Ma—Well, It's a good thing you
got home when you did. Kept sup
per waiting all night. I had it on
the table at 7 o'clock, and you
came poling in at migh nigh, 7:30.
You men don't ever ttrlnk of us
women. We work and slave all day
and all nights and you hang around
down town.
Pa—But, -er, -er.
Ma—Don't but-er me. I know
where you were. Jimmie, turn that
cat's tail a-locse. Willie, put your
daddy’s pipe down. It ain’t fltten
to have in nobody’s mouth. Ahd
furthermore, I asked you to match
a piece of pajama-cloth, and you
never even thought of doing this
little favor for poor me, and I’m .to
tired I don’t know what to do.
Pa—But, pl
Ma.—Wassent for me to look aft
er things around 'the house, we’d
be in the county home in 8 weeks.
Quit rocking on that cat’s tall. Sal
lie, for the love of Mike, tune in on
something else. I am sick and tired
of hearing. about toothpaste and
cigarettes. Oil, that’s worse. Try
WOW and see if Weeny-Keenie
the twins, is on. They are just
grand, and they always send a fel
ler a bottle of liver pill* on re
Pa—By the way, -«r.
Ma—Sue. gimme them scissors
this minute, Tom—plese quit
smacking your mouth so loud. You
act like you have got the only
pleoc ot chewing gum in captivity.
And, it does seem to me, that you
could manage some way to get us
a new car. Everybody el3e has one,
and if you was worth the lead and
buckshot it would take to shoot
you, we could have something. The
idea of staying in the real estate
Having qualified a s executrix of the
estate of J. O. Blanton, deceased, late of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, this Is
to notify all person! haring claims
against the estate of laid deceased to ex
hibit them to the undersigned,, Shelby,
N C., route 3. on or be # re Use ,14th day
of August, 1833, or this noUee will be
pleaded in ber of the# recovery. All
persons Indebted to said estate will please
make Immediate payment. This the air,d
day of August, 1(31.
C. * BLANTON, Blecutril of 3. Cl
Blanton, deceased- St 34p
By vlrtut of the power and authority
f lren me by the Superior Court of Clete
and, County, N. C., in the case entitled,
"First National Bang of Shelby, Plaintiff.
v«. I). A. C McSwaln, and N. C. McSwaln
Defendants" X as Commissioner duly ap
pointed. will sell for cash to the highest
bidder at public euetlor, at the Court
House door In the Town of Shelby, V C„
at 11 o clock M„ the following deacrlbed
reel estate, situated in No 1 Township,
Cleveland County, N. C., and fully des
cribed as fellows:
First Tract: Lying on the North side of
the Shelby-1,attlntore sand clay mad about
a l-a milts Bast of the Town of Latttmore,
bounded on the North by lands of B, B.
Moore and Plato I«e; on the 4a«t by
lands of Reuben MfSwoln; on the South
by the Shelby-LattUnore sand clay road;
on the West by lands of D. A. C. Ife
Swaln. and hawing metes and bound*
according to a pint made by O. c Thomp
son, Surveyor, en February 14th 1*3J,
as follows;
Begining on an Iron state in Reuben
McSwaln't line in South edge of sand
clay road, and runs thence with his line
N. 14 1-5 degrees W. 44 poles to a Red
Oak; thence N. 77 1-3 degrees K 33 poles
to a atone, thence N. S degrees X. S3 poles
to a post oak; thence N. 84 degrees W.
48 1-1 poles to a stone; thence K. 83 de
grees W. 37 feet to a stone; thence S.
41 5-8 degrees W. 8* M poles to a black
gum and stone in South edge of road;
thtnee N. 83 degrees B. 3 1-4 poles to a
stake In sand clay road: thence with said
road three calls, vis: B. 57 degrees K.
3* 73 poles; South 48 degrees X. 18 poles;
s 85 degrees B. 46 poles to the beginning,
containing 33 49 acres, more or less, sun
ning around and including all of ehe
two tracts of Isnd lying North of the
new sand clay road which was conveyed
to D. A. C. McSwaln by Kltjah McSwaln
and safe, Susannah McSwaln, by deed
dated January 31, 1(13, and recorded In
the offtee of the Register of Deeds in
Book • WW" page 3*3. and the" 3nd tract"
conveyed to D. A. C. McSwaln by Sus
annah McBwaln and othara. by deed dated
January 15, 1(14, and recorded In the
office of the Register of Deeds of Cleve
land County, N. C.
occona itsci: situated about 400 yards
North of tha Fhe'by-Lattlmore sand clay
road, and bounded on the North by lands
of J. D. Lee and B. B Moore; on the
Bast by lands of B. B Moore; on the
South by a branch and on the West by
lands of Mrs. Bessie Klllott and Jt. C.
Davis, and bounded as follows
Beginning on an ash on the North bank
of Spring Bran oh. Southwest corner ol
D. A. MeSwaln’i IS acre tract, and runs
thence N. 10 degrees W. so poles to a
stone, old eorner; thence a new line K.
n degrees X. 30 poles to a stake, It. C
Devle’ end D. A. C. McSwatn's corner:
thence with R. C. Davis1 lint N. II de
grees *. SO.40 poles to an Iron pin In
North edge of gully; thence N }» degrees
W 11 1-4 poles to a stake In the braneh:
thence N. S3 degrees X, with the branch
11 poles to a stake: thence S. l-l de
grees X. 10,40 poles to a stake. North
west corner of D. A. c. McSwains 30
acre tract; thence N. SO degrees X. SO
poles to a pine stump, Barry Hamrick s
old corner; thence 8 3 1-1 degrees W.
M poles to a ttont on the bank of the
braneh; thence down the branch aa It
meanders 11 poles to a stone on the
bank of the branch.' Southwest eorner of
D. A. C- McSwatn's 30 acre tract of land;
thence down the branch as it meanders
three calls, via. a S3 W. U poles, a ••
W. 6 40 poles; S. SO 1-4 degree* W. 31.00
poles to the beginning, containing 41 1-0
acres, more or less, running around and
including all or the 30 acre tract conveyed
to D, A. C McSwaln by W. B McSwaln
and others, by desd dated January 1. 1S01.
and recorded In the offloe of the Register
of Deeds in Book "XW‘ et page 364. end
containing moet all of the IS acre traet
conveyed to D. A. C. McSwaln by Sus
annah McSwaln and others, by deed datod
March 14. ISIS, and recorded In the of
fice of the Register of Deeds In Book
"BB8" at page 37. and containing a email
part of the S3 acre tract of land con
veyed to D. A. C. McSwaln by Susannah
McSwaln and others, by dead dated Jan
uary 15, lSle. and recorded In the office
of the Register of Deeds In Book "TV
at page 3S7, at! of Cleveland -County. N. C
The purchaser will assume and pay
any and all unpaid taxes existing again.-:
-he aforesaid property.
This August Sth. 1031.
J <? . whtausn; Commit-loner.
* 4* itv
Pa—But, ma
Ma—Who asked you to say any
thing. Nobody wants any land any
more. The only way anybody in the
world could be Induced to buy a
farm would be for you to offer to
throw in a new Ford with it and
enough money to keep it a-going
for the next 2 years. Well, you
men ain‘t like men ureter to be. My
first husband could make money
sitting on a rock.
Pa—I wish he
Ma—Aw, the dickens—you wish
this and that and everything else.
I wish the eame thing, and if he
was—I woulddent hafter strain my
eyeballs out trying to keep the wo'.f
from the door.
Pa—You have-er-er.
Ma—You coulddent make a dol
lar if you were working in a mint.
The Idea of a big, strong he-man
having to live often the sweat of
my brow.
Pa—But, you se-.
Ma—Do hush and let me hare a
minute’s peace of mind. Jerry, shut
that door. Sudle, are you never go
ing to get them teeth brushed. Oh,
well, I feel Just like giving up. I
ain't worth nothing nohow, only a
Pa—??-.!&!—?—... (And he goes
to bed feeling as well as usual.)
How To Become Prosperous Agaia
I have hatched up a plan to
bring prosperity back to America
It Is ncrt copyrighted. It will work
while you sleep. It won’t hurt any
body. It will help everybody except
politicians and public officeholders,
and they don’t need any help. Here
it Is In plain English:
I. Dump 4fi99,m bales of cot
ton into the Pacific ocean and 3,
558,333 bales of cotton into the At
lantic ocean. It can be used by the
whales and other wild varmints to
make beds out of. They are com
AMmmiuTora notick
Hiring qualified u Administrator cf
the estate of l#r». Allot dimmer Hatley,
deceased, let* of Cleveland County, North
Carolina, this Is to notify ell persons
hoeing clelms against the estate to present
them to the undersigned at 11)1 Cedar
'St., Gastonia, K. C., dull proved on or
before the and day of August, 18M, or
this notiee trill he pleaded In her of their
recovery. All persons Indebted to the
estate ere requested to make Immediate
This 1st day of August, 1811.
Brady h demmer, Admstr, Bulwtnitle
St UOlfsy. Attorneys. 4t.3c.
Under and by virtue of the power of
sale contained In that certain Mortvage
Deed executed to the undersigned t >un
date of November If, 1810. as trill np. 4 i
recorded la Book lit at page 10. In mV
office of the Register of Deeds for dove
land County, North Carolina, given re
secure the indebtedness therein dee crib® <1,
In the payment of trhleh default ha* bean
made and at the request of the owner
and bolder of said Indebtedness, the
undersigned trill
I ON MONDAY, 8RPT2MBZR 38, 1831,
at 11 o'clock noon, at the front door of
the Court Bouae In Shelby, Cleveland
County, North Carolina, expose at public
Sale to the highest bidder for cash, the
following described root estate, to-irtt:
Beginning at a stake on Brick Street
80 feet North fttom the center of the main
tract of the S. A. L. Railroad, and teat
thence North, with Brick Street, 183 Jket
to a stake. Hoskins' comer; thence East,
with Hoskins lino 88 feet to a stake
Nathan Moon's corner: thence South SO
feet with Moon’s line 181 feet to a stake
on West side of Buffalo Street; thence
South with Buffalo Street 138.8 feet to a
stake at corner of Railroad and Buffalo
Street, thenv» West with Railroad right
of-way 100 feet to the beginning rorner.
Same betag the identical lot or parcel
of land con-eyed to Andy Choat by U.
M Mull, widower, by deed dated March
83. 183*3. and recorded Hi Book J-lf. M
page 818. In the Reglatry lor Cleveland
County, N. C-, and to whHh reference is
hereby made, ,
Th» 30th day of August. 1831.
Wltson-lAhcaster Motor Co., Inc.
Cherry A r.ollowell,
Attorneys, Gastonia, N. C. 4t-C4e
! DR. S. F. PARKER i
Office Phones 64 and No. 2 )
Residence Phone 129-J '
Civil Engineer And
t'arm Surreys, Sub-dms*
ions, Piats and General
Engineering Practice.
* Phone 417 -
Hare Your Eyes Examined
DRS. H. D. & R. L.
Office Orer Paul Webb &
Son’s Drug Store
plaining that the ocean bed is not
comfortable at this writing.
2. Load all of the battleships ii:
the world with wheat and sink It
and them Into the depths of the
Quit of Mexico. This will furnish
food for edible fishes, and will at
the same time have a tendency to
reduce the over-plus of the bread
making products.
3. Reduce the salaries of all gov
ernment employees to what they
could make If they were working
for a corporation or a firm or an
Individual, thus putting them on a
basis of what they can earn Instead
of what they can get. This alone
would reduce the tak burden of the
country by $3,553,777,888.99
5. Stop Issuing bonds. Jail of
fice-holders who spend money thdt
Is not their or the state's for cur
rent expenses—until they get it In
hand from taxable sources. In other
words, officers who create current
Indebtedness without due authority
from the voters should be made to
pay such Indebtedness, or be kept
on the chaingang till their family
paid Jor it.
8. Outlaw installment buying un
til the Democrats get back In pow
er. (A man can do what he prom
ises while the Democrats are In
power). Deed all personal and real
property to the tax commission.',
and the power companies and ’the
insurance companies. They will ul
timately own it anyhow, eo why the
suspense and expense. Yep, them’-,
my ideas. We should all be tenant;.
Bachelor's Bliss.
“Well," remarked the married
man after examining his friend “
new flat, "I wish I ccruld afford a
place like this."
“Yes," 3ald his friend, “you mar
ried men may have better halves
but we bachelors usually have bet
ter quarters."
Kills Rais and Mice. Absolute!} j
prevents the odor from caroasses.
One package proves this. RAT DIE;
comes in powder form no mixing
with other foods.
50 cent size, 3 os. is enough for.
Pantry, Kitchen and Cellar.
75 cent ahse, S oz. for Chicken
House, Coops and small buildings.
Sold and guaranteed by all drug
stores. 1 adv.
“The Taste Tells”
West Warren St.
Arthur Bowman has come
to us from the Palace Bar
ber shop, one of the best in
Clyde Daves has come to
us from Elmore and Mel
ton’s shop in Gaffney.
Brown and Davis are
both real artists in ladies
and children’s hair cutting.
I now have six barbers,
all picked experts and each
is an artist in barbering.
My shop is clean and I con
sider my barbers the best
men obtainable.
SHAVES ..- 15c
L. S. COOK, Manager
Central Barber
Casar News Notes
Of Personal items
Children's Day Vwteriiaj At Clovei
Hill. Mr. Andy Hoyle In
(Special to The Star.)
Casar, Aug. 30.—Children's day
program was rendered -at the Clover
Hill - Methodfct church, Sunday,
August 30.
Mrs R C Fortenberry Spent the
wee!:-end with her sister, Mrs. R. S
Rev. P. H. Fields of Raleigh, who
with his family, Is visiting in this
community, conducted chapel exer
cises at Casar high school one
morning recently and delighted the
student body with his excellent tall:
Several members of the Casar
school faculty spent the weekend
at their respective homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Tonnle Hoyle a!
Drexel spent the feek-end a;
Casar with Mr. and Mrs. j h
Mrs. Ada Derfcmey of the Mortau
section Is spending this ‘week to.
Alabama with her sister, Mrs. Bax
ter Towery.
Mias Elisabeth Morris spent the
week-end with her grandmother,
Mrs. Ida M&theson.
Mr. Andy Hoyle who has been
feeble for sometime was taken to
‘he Shelby hospital for an exam
lnatlon recently.
Miss Oladys Wortman vthted
relatives In Malden the past week
The stock market has Its ups and
downs, but the thermometer sticks
right around par.—Wash vtll* South
ern lumberman.
WS TUI Ar. 7
mescxiPT ions
J'or A Registered
1/1% U UJ
Property owners in Shelby who have failed to
pay taxes for 1830 or years prior to that time, are
hereby notified that a penalty of orl win be added
on all due and unpaid taxes beginning Sept. 1st,
1931 and that tlvs penalty will increase one per
cent per month thereafter.
By order of The Board, Aug. 18, 19*1.
L. E. L1GON, Cteri.
The house and lot known as the Mrs. Mary E. White
homeplace, situated at No. 513 Hillcrest Street, in City
of Shelby, North.Carolina, w.TI be sold on the premises
at public auction on.
At 11:30 O’CLOCK
lamis of sale: One-fourth cash and balance in six, 12
Jfnd 18 months, with interest on deferred payment*.
For further information write R. D. Douglas. Trust.
Officer, United Bank & Trust Co., Greensboro, N. C.
-LEAVE SHELBY—9:46 a. m.; 4:45 p. m
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; 11:10 a. m.; 2:00 p.
m.; 4:40 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—11:10 a. m.
LEAYE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; 11.10 a. m.; 2:00 p. m.
Round Trip Fares From
— SEPTEMBER 5TH — ~7~.
Washington-$13.00 Richmond _. $9.75
Baltimore -$15.00 Virginia Beach __ $11.25
Norfolk -$10.75 LIMIT SEPT. 10TH.
— SEPT. 5TH —
Birmingham __$8.75
Chattanooga *._$8.75
Savannah * „_$8.00
New Orleans_$21.75
Limit Atlanta Sept. 10th.
Chattanooga * Birming
ham Sept. 11th. New Or
leans Sept. 15th. Savan
nah Sept. 12th.
— SEPT. 5TH —
Tampa__ $23.50
W, Palm Beach _ $25.00
Limit Jacksonville Sept.
13th. Miami, Tampa,
West Palm Beach Sept
ember 17th. Havana
Sept. 24th.

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