North Carolina Newspapers

    “No One Has Ever
Offered For $1 A
Hat Value Equal to
•A Milllnerv off
er you C a n ' I
Equal Anywhere!
Values sold else
where for $1.49 I
to $1.95! Fine
quality Felts —
after the latest
Paris Styles!
N e w e s t, Fall
shapes, and trim
“Our $1.49 Black
Nightanday One
Straps a Knockout
at $1 Pair!”
—R. R. Moormar
"Made UT «ait
rigid specific?
lions as our rey
ular $1.49 "Nigh’
anday" shoe'
Never uerore su
quality a t, $11 ,
Cushion Insole J
leather sole, nth K
bcr top lift!-'
“Huck Towels Like
These Are Never
Sold At Only $1
—C. R. Freeman
A Read 15c val
ue! . The manu
facturer actually
sold them to us
at a loss. In .ap
preciation of the
big towel busi
ness we've given
them. Huck Tmf
el, 18x34 in. fast
color borders
“Value! 81 x 90
Sheet and Two
Cases to Match!”
—Leonard E. Mach
I "rv M
r "Cotton at 111
[lowest ... a mill
about to close .
the slack season
here you have
the story of this
amaalng offer!
Our best selling
LongWear Sheet
and two 42x3fl in
Cases ’
“You’d Pay \\ More
to Equal Men’s
Pajamas of This
—J. J. Stmanrl!
‘Handsome pat
terns and plain
colors for both
conservative 'men
aivd up - to • date
voting men-—
every pajama in
the $1 50 class"
“You’d Guess This
4-Pc. Pantry Set to
Be $1.75 or Even
—T. E. M*lfy
"A finer set thin,
we've seen at an>
price! Ventilated
Bread Box! 3
canisters w 1 t h
glass knobs for
Coffee, Bugs)
and tea: all a
light stipple
green with a
quaint litho
graphed gargoyle
“Think Of It!! A
High Quality
Electric Waffle
Iron for $1.00“
—T. E. MMct
r«rd Set
Extra. 89e
"Same quality a.'
irons to $6.00
Makes 6 - Inch
waffle Instead ot
7-lnch. Element
guars n teed’ f
years. Nickel plat
“Oh, Boy! See Thi.
Coat Made bf
Leathertex at
Only $1.00”
—I,. J. Stretz
■'Boy*' * i n g 1 a
breasted coat of
black leatherette
that won’t scuff
or peel and keept
out wind and !
snow, convertible
collar Sizes 4 to
10 years."
Coast to Coast Demon
stration of Value Giving,
Personally Sponged
Wards Great Buying
wara* 7'
Organization/ LF1
ST ARTS SATURDAY! JVayfJ’*ckla,“ Fjbr“fLTy* W| called,our trying ,t«ff
, , . , ogether and said Next September we are going
to let you put on a sale, so that you can show the people of America what amazing values Ward’s Buy
ing Power offers! And, we told them each item must be priced at $1! Our buyers combed the
country to prove their ability in obtaining exceptional bargains! Here’s the result—th* MOST
4This Football
Would Be a
Big Bargain
at $1.98!”
—Arthur Ijuw
"W« shopped all
the big makers!
‘Make a $1.9E
grain leather fool
ball to sell for
$1! Impossible!’,
they told us.
Then w e found
the right man
Ball is full lined
and leather lac
Whoopee Pant*
Are Whoopee
Priced! Save 1-3
Like I Did!
—W. MacMnllen
* Pr.
"Dark blue -with
new style nifty
striped patterns
never used before
pants. Regularly
sold for 75c to 79c
pair 6 t o 16
“LOOK — Boys’
Waist . . Pants!
All for $1.00“
—J. H. Arehe»
3 Pieces
‘Complete warm
outfit! All woo,
sleeveless sweat
er; full-lined cas
simere pants
broadcloth waist
Plain and fane*
colors. Sizes 3-9
“The Covering*
Alone on These
Benches Sell Up
to $12.50 a Yd.!”
3. J Manning
"Selected hard
wood, bought at
a rock bottom
price . . . hand
some tapestry
and damask cov
erings at lowest
price ever quoted
. . . made up at
GOST, 1 n rich
walnut finish a
bargain I''
“Shout This
Work Pant*
Bargain From
the Housetops”
—F I). l,wds
"Try to match
them under $1.4f
or $1.69. Neat
dark patterns in
cluding grays
and blues. Cul
full and room:
like $2.00 pants
Sizes 30 to 4*
“Double Ditc
Wheel Pedal
Bike Worth at
Least $1.79!”
—C. C. Cash
'We've cut its
price and im
proved its qual
ity! It now has
double disc steel
wheels and fire
wagon red finish
It's so sturdy it
holds a 200- lb
man. Every toi
from 2 to 5
needs it!”
“It’s the Biggest
Dollar’s Worth
of End Table
You Ever Saw!”
—P. A. McCaskey
"Special numbei
other stores must
sell around $2!
Solid gumwood.
walnut finish.
handsome carv
ings, turned
stretchers. Beau
tifully shaped
and molded. , 22x
11-inch top.”
“This Motor Oil
Sells Elsewhere
From $1.20 to
$1.40 a Gal.!”
—C. W. Benson
2-Gallon Can
“'We spent 2 solid
months angling
for this super -
value! It's 100%
Pure Pennsylvan
ia Oil , . equal it
the finest. Re
fined and dewax
ed by one of tb*
large oil compan
Follow The Crowds To The Biggest Value Event In America
Unfinished Chair!
Compare It with Any $I.4!>
C’hair in Any Store: Only
Paint it you.
self and save
Of smooth fu
ish, hardwoot:
Men’s Fall Ties
Try to Equal These Values
Elsewhere at This l.nw Price!
.N ewes t. fab
rics! N e w e 51
colors! Sinai''
stripes a n <1
plain colors.
If ■■!>» I
Elec. Iron & Cord
last Yf«r Voti Mould Havr
Taid $5 50 for Same Iron
plated. Guar
anteed. Full 6
lb siae Like
giving it away!
Unlined Knickers
Sturdy Full-Cut Knlrkrm
Madr Sprr lallv for Srhool
And priced
specially for
thrifty moth
ers! Heavy
pocket lining.
Fur Trimmed Coats Uke These Sold
at .>0r'r More East Year!
You have never seen Coats with such luxur
ious fur trimming priced so low! Flattering
face-framing collars, and huge cuffs of Man
churian wolf (dog), mink-dyed marmot, fox
sraline, and Frencn Beaver! Newest pebbly
weaves, diagonals, and crepey woolens' Silk
linings! For women and misses!
'iO.OOO Dresses in One Purchase! No Monde
We Can Give Such Values!
Best values any plade at this price! Jacket
frocks, boleros, one and twopieee models in
Travel Prints, satins, crepes ^ - A
and woolens! Newest colors! Sx/1 Uk
V omens and Misses' sizes *+* * • w*'
Girls’ Eyelet Tie
Gunmetal—patent, trimming.
Rubber-tapped heels. Blarg
or brown—
Fall And Winter
Fur Felt Hat!
Many Ask *5 and More
Semi-conservative style with
welt edge brim. Pearl gray
Felt Hat, beautifully lined.
Genuine leather sweatband.
Talk about Value l
Del Rio
have scooped
America /
$ 12-7S
Most daring clothing value ever
attempted — tor splendid fit, su
perb style and fine fabrics. Equal
to most suits priced $5 to *10 more
- and to many suits priced double.
You pay exactly
last year's price!t
O’Coats I
$12-75 4
Why pay even a dime more for an over- I
coat that Is not even a match for DEL I
RIO better style, finer fabrics, neater fit? i
See these new 1932 models. You'll be *
dollars ahead.
Montgomery Ward
ist-ili so taFAvrrrr st
“These Pillow*
Worth $1.50
of Anybody’*
—H K. I/Ohrlwr
Same quality l
imported linen -
finish ticking a,«
used on our most
expensive Pillow!
with overstock
priced it LOW.
20 x 27 In, duck
and curled hen
“This New Flat
Type Auto Horn
Would Sell for
$3 Elsewhere!”
—W. O. SkJolct
"The manufac
turer hooted thf
idea of selling
this $3 horn for
$1. It meant sac
rificing his prof
it! But we wor
him ov*r. a n d
you reap the sav
ing. It’s clear -
“First Time In
History a Turn
Over Toaster
Priced So Low”
H P. Richtrr
"Same tufn-ovei
feature, same
heatuig element
samf quality reg
ularly selling for
$2.75 up. Com
plete with at
tached cord."
“For A Pottery
Lamp or Shade
Equal to The*e,
Other* Get $3”
—G. K. Coleman
Base or
Shade. F.ach
$2 Complete
"Bases are 16'*
In. or 20 in. tall
BJack, maoor
green or canary
Parchment shad
es to match.1'
“These 3 Cast
Iron Skillets
Sell Elsewhere
For $1.57!”
—V. C. Pjilmqwllt
A famous manu
facturer made
b t g concessions
That Is why then
double - lipped
skillets cost s c
little. T h e y ' r»
ground and pol
ished, and hold
heat. They won't
scorch food!”
“Cigar Lighters
And Ash Trays /
Like This Sell
For $2.50 Up!”
—A. IT. Manor
‘"'There isn't a
cigar lighter
equal to this any
where for only
$1! It can't burn
your fingers. X1
stays hot long
enough to light
several smokes
Removable non -
spill ash tray!"
Chicken Fryer
would cost You
$1.95 and Up
—V. C, ralmqBtat
The factory for
got profit tc
make this bar
gain possible
around and pol
ished cast iron
with a self-bast
ing cover. It fries
everything de
liciously! F o r
waterless cooking,
-.00!" -
“Man, Oh Man!
Here’# $2 Worth
of Fine Celanese
Sock# for $1!”
—G. I,. Chapman
8 Pairs
“They're regular
4 naira for 81
socks! One of tire
South's leading
makers produced
them at less than
cost to make this
sen: *onal value
pote'blo. } b e w
patterns and *
Your Neighbor Saves Money At Ward's— Wbv Don't Ynu?l

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