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reicphone The Star No. 4-J Ueb Morning »J4U O'clock
Urs. Drum can M reached at her home, Phone 713, afternoon and nighU
To The Unattainable:
1 »ouId have taken Golden Stars
from the sky for your neck
I would have shaken rose-leaves for
your rest from all the rose
mil vou had no need, the short
.sweet grass sufficed for your
And you took no heed of such
trifles as gold or a necklace.
There is fvri hour, at twilight, too
heavy with memory.
There i« a (lower that 1 (ear, fot
your hair had its fragrance.
I would have squandered Youth for
you, and Its hope and its
Before you wandered, careless,
away from my useless pas
But what is the use of my speech,
since 1 know of no words to
recall you?
I am praying that Time teach, you,
your Cruelty, me, Forgetful
Laurence Hope.
South Washington Bridge
Club To Meet Tomorrow.
Mrs. E. Y. Webb will entertain
members of the South Washington
bridge club at a meeting tomorrow
morning at U o’clock at her home
on S. Washington street.
Mia. Julius Suttle
To Entertain Club.
Mrs. Julius Suttle will be hostess
to members of the Twentieth Cen
tury club at their first meeting ol
the club season on Friday after
noon at 4 o’clock at her lovely home
In Belvedere Heights,
Evening Division To
Meet On Thursday.
The first fall meeting of the
evening division of the Woman's
club will be held on Thursday even
ing at the club room at 8 o’clock
with Mrs. Oeph Blanton and Miss
Rosa Mae Shuford as joint host
Second Division Of Club
To Be Entertained
The aecond division of the Wom
an's club will be entertained at the
club room on Thursday afternoon
at 3:30 with Mesdames John Love
lace, Hugh Arrowood and Hai-old
Whlsnant. All members are cor
dially urged to be present
Meeting Of Chlcora
Club la Postponed.
The meeting of the Chicora club
scheduled to take place on Friday
afternoon with Mrs. L. A. Gettys as
hostess at her home on S. Wash
ington street has been postponed
indefinitely. Further announcement
will be made later.
American Homes
Department To Meet
The first regular meeting of the
American Homes division for the
fall will be held on Monday after
noon at 3:30 at the club room with
' Mrs. Jap Suttle as chairman of the
hostess committee. The subject to
be discussed and demonstrated r>
being planned by the committee.
AH members are urged to be on
bend to make this a good meeting.
Garden Club Members
F.njoy Good Meeting.
A meeting of the Garden club was
held yesterday afternoon at the club
room with Mrs. J. D. Lineberger.
chairman, presiding. The attend
ance of members was small but a
very interesting program was ren
dered. Papers on different phases
of Pall Planting were read by Mrs.
B. T, Palls, Mrs. J. T. Beason. Mrs
Charles Wells and Mrs. R. T. Le
Grand. After a business session the
group adjourned.
Book Club Members
F.njoy Good Program.
The first meeting of the Contem
porary book club for the year, held
with Mrs. Renn Drum yesterday
afternoon, proved to be an interest
ing and enjoyable one. Mrs. Shcm
Blackley, president, presided and
after a brief business session turn
ed the program for the afternoon
over to Miss Isabel Hoey who gave
an excellent discussion of Russia,
both before and since the revolu
tion, Reports were heard from the
chairman of the book committee,
Mrs. R. W. Morris, and the ehalr
man of the program committee,
Miss Carobel Lever.
At the close of the program sim
ple refreshments were served
Patton-Brown Marriage
In Chattanooga
A wedding whiah will be received
with cordial Interest here took place
on September 11 when Miss Opbelio
Atiele Brown, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Brown, of Chattanooga,
Tenn , was married to Mr. Wade
Hampton Patton, jr., in the Pres
byterian church of that city.
Mrs. Patton received her educa
te u yswmn leasers
college at Murfreesboro. Mr. Pat
ton Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Patton, of Philadelphia. He is at
present connected with the, Inter
type Composing Co.. In Chatta
Mrs, Patton is a niece of Mrs.
Prank flippy, of Shelby, and she
and her mother have visited here
on a number of occasion.
1 Julies Golf Club
To Meet Friday.
The regular weekly meeting 61
the Ladles' golf club will be held on
Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the
country club. All members are cor
dially invited to be present.
Mabel Jetton
Society To Meet
Tire first fall meeting of the
Mabel Jetton missionary society
will be held at the Central Meth
odist church on Saturday morning
at 9:30. All members are urged to
be present.
Ishpening Picnic
Is Much Enjoyed.
The annual Ishpening club picnic
held at Cleveland Springs last even
ing was well attended by members
and their husbands and friends
Part of the guests played bridge in
the pavilion before supper, and a
bountiful picnic meal was enjoyed.
Bridge Supper For
Saturday Night.
A bridge supper will be held at
the gdlf club house on Saturday
evening at 7:15 for members of the
men’s and women's Clubs. All mem
bers who wish to reserve table for
the occasion will telephone Mrs.
Earl Hamrick who Is in charge of
Birthday Dinner For
Mrs. A. P. Weathers.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Weathers
entertained at an informal, small
dinner party last evening in com
pliment to the former’s mother
Mrs. A. P. Weathers, on the occa
sion of her birthday. The table
decoration consisted of a pretty
bowl of mixed flowers as a center
piece, and a delicious dinner was
served to the following: Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Weathers, Mr. and Mrs.
Flay Weathers, of Forest City, and
the latter's mother, Mrs. Wilkins,
of the same place; Mr. and Mrs
Lee B. Weathers, and Miss Peari
Weathers. After dinner a pleasant
evening of companionship was en
Wedding Yesterday.
On Tuesday afternoon at 5 o clock
in the Baptist pasonage at Boiling
Springs a wedding of interest to
their many friends was quietly sol
emnized when Miss Mary Lou Tur
ner, of Earl, became the bride of
Mr. Alfred F. Collins, of Grover
The simple but impressive ring
ceremony was used, being perform
ed by the bride's pastor in the pres
ence of only a few friends. Thy
bride, who is a pretty brunette, wore
a becoming fall model of brown
flat crepe made on tailored lines,
with orange and eggshell trim
mings and accessories. She wore a
shoulder corsage of sweetheart
Mrs. Collins, who is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Hazel Turner, of Earl,
is a graduate of the Shelby high
school, and is a popular member of
the social set in her community.
Mr. Collins has been a rural mail
carrier out of Grover for the past
ten years and holds an esteemed
and respected position in the civic
and religious life of the community.
Immediately after the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Collins left by motor
for a wedding trip through West
ern Carolina. Virginia and to
Washington, D. C. Upon their re
turn they will be with the bride's
parents for a time after which
they will make their home at Gro
Smith - Wimberly
Wedding In Atlanta.
A wedding which will be of in
terest to their many friends took
place on Monday morning at II
o'clock in the Wesley Memorial
church in Atlanta when Miss Merle
Wimberley. of that place became
the bride of Mr. Brantley Smith
Rev. John D. Ellis officiated, using
the ring ceremony; only intimate
friends and members of the imme
diate families were present.
The bride wore a fall modern of
dark green crepe with which she
used brown accessories and wore a
shoulder corsage of pink roses and
valley lillies. She entered with her
only sister, Mrs. Opal Mooney, who
gave her in marriage. Mrs. Mauney
wore a costume of naby blue ard
shoulder corsage of pink roses.
The groom entered with his bro
ther, Mr. Griffin P. Smith, of this
place who acted as his best man
Mrs, Smith is a graduate of Sue
Bennett Memorial School In Lon
don, Ky„ and of the University of
Georgia. She has taught in the
schools of Kings Mountain for the
past five years where she has been
a pretty and popular member of the
social conTfngcrflTor that place! Mr
Smith is the younger son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Smith, of this place,
and after graduation from Bolling
Springs Junior College, has worked
for several years in Shelby and
Charlotte. He is at present connect
ed with the Ideal Service station
Immediately after the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Smith left on a short;
wedding trip and upon their return
will make their home with the
groom's parents here.
Those attending the wedding
from Shelby were: Mrs. Reid Mlsen
heimer, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin P.
Smith, and their son, G. P., Jr
Grover Section
Events Of Week
Ladies In joy Silver Tea. Students
Off To College*. Personal
' 'Special to The Star.)
Grover, Sept. 22.—School closed
here Friday for a several weeks cot
ton picking vacation.
The Presbyterian ladies auxiliary
sponsored a silver tea given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Harry
last Friday night. The home was
beautifully decorated with a pro
fusion of lovely colored fall flowers.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Mrs. Dendy
greeted the guests at the door. Miss
Edith Ham bright showed the guests
into the dining room and then into
an attractive nook of ivy and rases
that surrounded the punch bowl.
music was rendered mrougnoui me
evening by Mrs. Prank Hambright.
Mrs. Harry, Mias Mayme Ham
bright bade the guests goodbye.
The Y. W. A, will meet with Miss
Addie Moss on Wednesday night,
September 23.
Mrs. John Sheppard add niece,
Miss Mary Crisp of Greenville, 8.
C. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
8. A. Crisp.
Mrs. Corrie Johnson, Mrs, Boyce
Turner, Miss Gladys Malone of
Charlotte spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Turner Sunday.
Rev. J. P. Dendy of Brunson, S.
C. has returned home after visiting
his brother, Dr. J. T. Dendy.
The following girls left last week
to attend school: Misses Edis Byer,
Margaret Hamrick, Marie Herndon,
Mary Hambright to N. C. C. W. and
Miss Prances Harry to Queens
Chicora at Charlotte.
Mr. Lax ton Hamrick left Thurs
day for Columbia, S. C. where he
will study at the University of
South Carolina. Mrs. Hamrick will
relieve Mr. Hamrick as teacher of
seventh grade here.
Miss Eleanor Jones, teacher of
third grade, left, Friday to spend
the cotton picking vacation with
home folks in Shelby.
Miss Letha Boheler of Winston
Salem Is visiting Mr, and Mrs. War
ren Hicks.
Miss Ola Westmoreland of Char
lotte spent last week here with
Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Ellis of Spin
dale visited Mr. and Mrs. Prank
Hambright Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dover of
Shelby spent Sunday with Mr and
Mrs. W C. Beam.
Mr. Darwin Dover, Mr. and Mrs
Robt. Harris of Charlotte were vis
itors here Sunday.
Mr. R. D. Moss and children are
visiting Mr. Moss’ sister Mrs. Bun
Herndon and Mr. Herndon of Jack
son Springs.
Mrs. W. J Moss returned home
from Asheville Sunday. Mrs. Moss
had been at the bedside of her
mother, Mrs: Prank Herndon who
is quite ill.
Messrs. Lawrence Martin. Leon
ard of Charlotte visited at the
home of Mr and Mrs. D A. Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Towell of York
S, C, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Ptnkelton.
Miss Margaret Whitworth, sec
ond grade teacher here, left Friday
to spend the vacation with her
parents at Waco.
Mrs. Maggie Wesson is spending
awhile in the Earl community.
Mr. H. S. Keeter has been stay
ing in Shelby for the passed two
weeks helping to get the employes
started off In the store recently
bought by H. S. Keeter and Co. in
the Dover mill village.
Mrs. Minnie Moss has returned
home after spending a week at the
bedside of her daughter, Mrs, Hom
er Bridges. The many friends of
Mrs. Bridges will be glad to learn
that she is improving.
Lily Mill Mention
Of the Week’s News
Prayer meeting at Mr Jerry I
Queens next Thursday night at
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Pat
terson a fine son, Sept. 21st.
One of the Sunday school classes
from the Second Baptist church
visited the South Mountain school
Sunday and report a fine time.
Mr. Odis Mull spent Monday in
Clover, S. C., with relatives.
Prayer meeting at Mr. Clayton
Poole’s next Sunday night 7:30.
Sanford Mull. Alvin Sisk, Dewey
Bridges and Marshal and Arthur
Ledbetter went on the excursion
last Saturday to Winston-Salem to
see the orphan’s home.
Mrs. Mary Haynes of the Casar
section is visiting her son and
daughter, Mr. Charlie Haynes ai d
Mrs. £ero Hasting.
Mt. Sinai News
OfCurrznt Week
Young I-a dies Enjoy Chicken Slew.
Personals Of People Vislling
Mt. Sinai, Sept. 22 —The follow
ing girls enjoyed a chicken stew at
a spring near the home Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Clary Saturday evening.
Misses Rheamer, Mary C. and Em
ma Lee Clary and guest, Misses Eva
Wray Hopper, Louise Patrick, Edna
Putnam and Kathleen Hamrick.
Mr. and Mrs. Lebron Rogers and
children spent Sunday In the Flint
Hill section.
Messrs. Forest and Wayne Hunt,
T. F. Bridges, Jessie Clary and
Ralph Weaver spent the week-end
in Asheville and Chimney Rock.
Mrs. Joe Biggerstaff and two
sons of Ellenboro were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bridges Thurs
day night.
Mr. E. R. Ellis from near Shelby
spent the week-end with his son;
Mr. T. C. Ellis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M, Hunt, Misses
Ruth and Rhea Hunt, Messrs. Mur
phy, Ralph and Clemmie Hunt vis
ited relatives in Cllffside Sunday.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Put
nam Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs.
Andred Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ressie
Putnam and Mrs, Cecil Baber of
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Hawkins of
Shelby visited Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Hawkins Friday night.
Miss Eunice Rippy has been spend
ing several days with relatives near
Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Putnam
and children, of Lattimore spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. C
Mr. and Mrs. Erast us Williams
and Mr. and Mrs. Reid Blackburn
of Lawndale were visitors at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bridges
Mrs. W. P. Hughes, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. A.
Purser and Mr. Purser, of Camden,
S. C., returned home Friday.
Misses Eva Wray Hopper and
Louise Patrick, of Sharon, were the
week-end guests of Misses Mary C,
Rheamer and Emma Lee Clary.
Messrs. C. T. and Miller Ellis
visited Mr. and Mrs. Abie Padgett,
near Beaver Dam Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hamrick
and daughter. Miss Selma Hamrick
of the Poplar Springs community
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.
L. Harrill.
Mr. Jethro McSWain. of Shelby,
Is spending some time with his sis
ter, Mrs. Perry White and Mr.
White, of| this community.
Upper Cleveland
News Of Interest
Farmer* Making Molasses And
Picking Cotton. Personal
(Special to The Star.)
Casar, Sept. 22.—The farmers are
very busy picking cotton and mak
ing molasses.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brackett and
family of Belwood spent Sunday
with Mr, and Mrs. C. W. Self.
Mr. and Mrs. Shuff Lone and
family visited Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Hunt Sunday.
Miss Lillie Hunt spent Saturday
night with Miss Madge Gantt.
Since the school has closed for
cotton picking, the teachers have
returned to their former homes.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Hoyle of
Casar spent Sunday with the lat
ter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Zero
Mr. Ophas Hunt and son; Bre
vard, Dwight Self, Nollie and Cor
nelius Devinney motored to Latti
more Sunday to visit friends.
Mrs. Ola Martin and family at
tended a birthday dinner at Mr.
Pink Guffeys of Sunshine section.
Mr. and Mrs. McClunie Wortman
of Casar community spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. True Gantt.
Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon and fam
ily spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs.
W. K. Hunt.
The regular preaching service
will be at Mt. Moriah church Sun
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Pruett spent
Tuesday night with Mrs. Pruett's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hunt.
Mrs. Dewey Brackett of Law'u
dale spent part of last week with
her mother, Mrs. J. E. Lookadoo.
Form Ehringhaus
Club At His Home
First In State Organized At Eliza
beth City; Courthouse
Elizabeth City.—The first Eh
ringhaus for governor club was
formed here at a mass meeting
which crowded the court house and
included besides the candidates’ im
mediate neighbors of Elizabeth City
and Pasquotank county, large dele
gations from Gates. Camden, Cur
rituck and Ware counties. C. E.
Thompson, attorney, was elected
president of the club, A. B. Houtz.
mill operator, vice-president and
W, E. Griffin, banker, secretary and
Useless statistics: The U 3 oys
ter crop for 1931 wil, be 18 000,000
bushels. i
Meet Aimee’s New Hubbv
You'll probably hoar lots of David L. Hutton from now on. He and
Almee Semple McPherson staged an airplant elopement from Los An
geles to Yuma, Ariz., where they were married and now they plan to
write Biblical operas together. Hut ton is a musician and vocal teacher
of Pasadena. Almee needs no introduction to newspaper readers. The
newlyweds are showing signing the marriage license at Yuma.
Hays To Speak At
Charge-Wide Rally
Belwood Circuit Rally To Re Held
At Kadesh On Sunday
Rev. L. B. Hayes, pastor of Cen
tral Methodist ehureh, Shelby, will
be the speaker at the charge-wide
rally service of the Belwood circuit
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The
service will be held at Kadesh
church near Belwood. Mr. Hayes
comes to us well qualified to lead
us in this service. He is not only
the pastor of Cleveland county's
largest Methodist church but he i,
also held in the highest esteem by
rural Methodism in the county.
The officials of the charge are
especially urged tp be present for
this service, but it is not only for
them, it is for the entire charge and
the special purpose ,will be the
deepening of the spiritual life of
the charge.
Regular services will be held at
St. Peters at 11 a. m. and at Fall
ston at 7:30 p. m with preaching
by the pastor
Correct this sentence: "Teacher,
you gave me a hundred, but I
really do not know all of my les
If the bodily eliminations »r*
normal the probability of con
tracting (Winter) diseases Is
These eliminating organs can
not be normal unless they re
ceive an adequate supply of
nerve energy (see second nerve
in cut.) The nerve must be
kept free (see first and third
nerves in cut), and it is for
this reason that Chiropractic
adjustments are so effective in
maintaining bodily resistance
at a high degree. There is no
question but that people who
have had the advantage of
Chiropractic service regularly
are far more capable of offer
ing the resistance which is so
necessary in combating the so
called common diseases dur
ing the winter months
Rooms 13-14, Royster Bldg..
■bn _ _ \
for 3 Days only . . , .
150 New Fall
Dinner Dresses, Travel
Tweeds, Satins, Canton
Crepes, Street Dresses
and Dresses for all oc
casions . . . Marvelous
values at this 3-day spe
cial low price. Every
dress in this group was
hought to sell from $9.05
to as much as $12.75.
c’ome one of these
lucky days . . . Thurs
day, Friday and Sat
J. C. McNeely & Co.
Style — Quality *— Service
New Gin Outfit
The Polkviile Gin Company, owned and operated by
J. E. Horn, V. A. Powell and Ivey Whisnant, has install
ed a new modern Murray irin outfit for the current gin
ning season. The machinery is already in operation,
giving the farmers the best possible turnout in lint and
seed. The outfit is one of the best ever installed in
this section.
The farmers of this community are fortunate in
having access to this gin which is run by electricity and
easily turns out sixty bales per day.
The company buys both cotton and seed and pays
the top price at all times. They give the best
possible meal exchange for seeds, also receive associa
tion cotton.
If you want your cotton well ginned, giving the
best possible sample of lint. Polkviile is th,e place to
have it done. Either jute or cotton bagging will be
used, according to the customer's choice.
Polkviile Gin Co.
The New
All the latest features are found in these New
Model Philcos
5-7-9 and 11 Tubes
No home should be without a Philco Radio when you
can purchase one of these models.
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periority and performance of a new' Philco.

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