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r*iephone The Star No. 4-J Saob Morning « To u O’clock
Mrs. Drum can M reached a* her borne, Phone Tit, afternoon and m«h'e 1
She in reach now to go.
Life. since vou will have it so.
All the things she meant to do.
All the tricks her body knew,
All the subtleties of brain
She need never use again
These are arts, the.>e onre wer«
She leaves them now without *
It is tame; her soul has rent
The detaining ligament;
Delight, desire, ambition, sleep.
None of these she cares to keep;
None regrets, naked and free
She goes and I .Iff goes with
her -she
Not uncompanioned leaves hei
AH is well All is well
Ellen Olines
Miuionarv Society
To Moot Saturday.
Children who belong to the Mabe>
•lotion Mtv .ionary society of the
Central Methodist church are urged
to attend the first fall meeting of
The group to be held at the church
on Saturday morning at P JO.
American Homos Department
To Moot On Monday.
The first fall meeting of the
American Homes department of the
Womans club will b<* held on Mon
da” afternoon at 3 30 at the club
room with Mrs. Jap Suttle as chair
man nf the hostess rommittee A1 i
members are urged to be present
Bridge Club
Meeting Postponed
Attention of members of the
Tneedav Afternoon bridge club is
railed to the fact, that the meeting
scheduled for Tuesday afternoon of
next week has been postponed until
later in the week Further an
nouncement concerning this meet
ing will be marie later.
firli To Spend
Week-End At Mansion.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M Mull, Miss
Montrose Mull, and Mr. and Mrs.
George Blanton will go to Chapel
Hill tomorrow to attend the Caro
lina-Wake Forest football gam
They will be joined there for the
game by Governor and Mrs. O Max
Gardner with whom they will re
turn to Raleigh to be their guests
at the mansion over the week-end
Ml« Whitener Speaker
At Regional Conference.
Miss Isabel Hoev, efficient teach
er tn the South Shelby school, ac
companied her pupil. Miss Louise
Whitener to Charlotte yesterday
where they were luncheon guest*' at
the regional conference of Red
Owes workers which session was
held at the Hotel Charlotte. Miss
Whitener. a seventh grade pupil,
was on the program for a dwcus
ston of Junior Red Cross work in
the school. A telegram received
from Charlotte yesterday afternoon
stated that Miss Whitener made a
splendid talk which pleased htgn
Red Cross officials and workers
Mnaic Club With
Mr*. Thud Ford,
Mrs Thad Ford cordially enter*
lamed membei-s of the Cecehti
music club at a regular meeting on
Wednesday afternoon when an in
teresting program on Charles Wake
field Cadman was rendered bv club
members. Mrs, P. I . Hennessa open
ed the program with a paper on th»
•ubject. following which Mrs. Ben
Buttle sang "At Dawning ; Mrs. W.
B. Nix and Mrs. Luther Thompson
delighted the group with a duet, "in
the Pavilion"; Miss Bertha Bostic
‘■an* “The White Dawn Is Steal*
mg '; and Mr*. Dale Kalter brought
the program to a close with a beau
tiful rendition of In the Moon of
Falling Leaves.
During the social half hour fol
lowing the hostess was assisted bv
her daughter, Miss Margaret Ford
and by Misses Nancy McGowan and
BUen Ford in serving a delicious
idlad and sweet course
Children Of Confederacy
r» Put On Candy Sale.
Members of the local organisation
•f the Children of the Confederacy
»Ian to sell candy at the fair next
vaek to raise money for their or
ranization. Workers can secure their
•asses for entrance from Mrs, Gra
•am Dellinger or from Miss Rachel
Wells. Committees of girls who will
ell each day are as follows;
Tuesday: Annie Ruth Dellinger,
Uomeha Sparks, Jean Laughridge,
Aildred Laughridge Sadie Laugh
Wednesday Evelyn Dellinger,
tnnie Ruth Dellinger, Nancy Coble,
'can Laughridge, Cornelia Sparks
Thursday: Gwendolyn and Con
♦ance Dellinger. Mamie Mayhue,
lathleen Laughridge, Dorothv El
Friday Rachel Connor Sara
teed Thompson. Jean Thompson,
.manda Harris. Lucille Whisonant
Saturday: Sara Louise Falls,
telen Millei, Dorothy Leonard,
>ovie Logan, ana Marjorie Riviere
<T»b Rnlfrttiiud
At Brtdff l.unrhron
Mr* K. Y, Webb graciously enter
tained members of Mie South
Washington budge club at her
home yesterday morning. The rooms
were decorated with quantities of
pink roses and bridge was played
at five tables. At the close of sev
eral progressions the high score
prise went to Mrs. Charles Wil
liams and the low score award to
Mrs Halph Royster. Mrs .John
Pender, mother of the hostess, was
given a guest prlae
A delicious two-course luncheon
was beautifully served.
Evening Division
Ha* Plea Mill Meet in*
The opening meeting of the even
ing rtivision of the Woman’g club
for the fall was held at the club
room on Thursday evening with
Miss Rasa May Shtiford and Mrs.
Ceph Blanton as hostesses. An In
teresting program had been ar
ranged by Misses Elizabeth Roberts
and Mamie Cabaniss The feature
of the program was an inspiring
talk on relief work in our town!
during the winter. given by Cap'.!
; B; L. Smith A sketch of the life of i
lOwen D Young was read by Mrs.
(H. I Ryburn in her entertaining
i manner. These two numbers were
(interspersed with a lovely piano sel-I
lections bv Miss Mary Helen Latti-;
[more, and vocal solos by Mr Roves 1
| Wakefield
! During the social half hour fol
| lowing the program the hostesses 1
served a salad course
; Mrs. M. Dennis Ha*
I Parts- for (laughter.
! Mrs. c, M, Dennis entertained at
j a pretty party on Thursday after
noon for her little daughter. Edna
I Brooks, on the occasion of tier third
(birthday About 30. children were
I present and games were played
i outdoors during the afternoon Near
i he clear of the afternoon Mrs.
Dennis brought the white birthday
cake, with its three pink candles,
tout mto the yard where It, was ar-1
[ranged on a small table lee cream!
(and cake were served and each child
was given a small pail and spade
the pails being filled with candv. as
a souvenir The little honored re
ceived a number of pretty gifts
Mrs Dennts was assisted in enter -'
Uining by Mrs I.amar Gidnev
Mrs Herbert Champion and Mrs
Bailey Mauney.
! Second Division
| Is Entertained.
Mrs. John Lovelace. Mrs Hal
Whinant and Mrs Hugh Arro
wood were gracious hostesses yes
terday afternoon to members of the
second division of t.w Woman. :
club. Mrs. Ed Post was leader for
the afternoon and made an intro
ductory talk before the beginning
of tire program which was on The
Coastal Plains in North Carolina."
The roll cal for the afternoon war
answered by each member with the
name of some rivei. lake, or sound
of North Carolina. The program
proper was opened with a piano
solo Faust Waltz" by Miss Jean
ette Past, Mrs. Paul Randall read
ft paper on "The Natural Resources
and Agriculture of the Coastal
Plains. Mrs. J. R. Robinson read a
paper on "Social Characteristics of
the Cental Plains." Mrs. .1 E Fow
ler was accompanied by Miss Ethel
Elmore when she sang Time.,
Roses" and "The Bells of St
Mary's." Mis.- Elizabeth Austell con
cluded the Interesting and enjoy
able program with a reading
Planting Poppies." Simple but de-!
lightful refreshments were served I
during the social half-hour follow
ing the program.
New members taken into the club
at this meeting were: Mrs Ray Al
len Mrs. Brady Dixon Mrs .Billy
Davis, Mrs. J. F. Hildreth, Mrs. D
R. S Frazier, Mrs. Harry Speck
Mrs. M M. Stuart. Mrs. M D Alex
ander, Mrs. Hardin Lee, and Mr
W a Angel.
Shower For
Recent Bride.
Mrs. J F Dodd entertained at a
pretty miscellaneous shower or
Thursday evening in honor of hef
sistei, Mrs Grady Royster, who is
a recent bride Mrs. Dodd wore a
becoming evening dress of pink and
Mrs. Royster was gowned in a fall1
model in tones of golden brown and.
eggshell. Mrs. Evans Gngg presided!
at the register at the front doo: |
and Misses Opal and Stella Mar
Smith assisted the hostess in re
ceiving and entertaining. As the I
guests arrived they were directed i
into the living room where the
bride s chair was marked out with
a large bow of white satin ribbon
Quantities of mixed fall flowers
decorated the room. When th- !
party was assembled little wedding1
bells were passed around with an
appropriate contest attached which'
the guests enjoyed working on. and
I the wedding bells were kept asi
[Souvenirs. At the close of the con-:
test, little Rebecca Dodd sang aj
love song to the bride. The guest,1
were next invited into the dining i
room which was decorated in pint.- (
and while, a pink and white um
brella being suspended from the
chandelier, with pink and white
ribbons extending from the edge o(
the umbrella to the gifts which
were daintily wrapped and tied with
pink and white ribbons. The bnd<
was invited to cut the ribbons and
open the packages and after they
were all opened the party adjourned
to an outdoor living room where an
Ice and sweet course was served \
Each of the refreshments held a j
miniature umbrella which were
kepi by the guests as favors The
register, in which each guest had
written a bit of advice on how to
manage a husband, was presentee
to the ho norep About 50 guest.'
were present during the evening.
Finds A Likeness Of
Lincoln On Oak Tree
Hickory A striking likeness tc
the rugged features of Abraham
Lincoln have been discovered on an
oak tree at the home of Council
man F. Gwin Harper. The feature,
resembling those of the martyre:!
Civil war president are formed b,
the leaves on the tree.
More Foods
Less Money
84b. Rocket
Pure Rio
b—5c boxes for
S for
4—No. 2 cans
4 tall or H
small cans
Carolina Made
Plain or Self
Rising. 24-lb.
i HKKSK, Full
C ricam, lb.
Native STEAK
any cut
Home Made
Pork Sausage
Radio Service
Half of your Radio trouble comes from weak tubes.
Rrin»i your tubes to our store and have them tested on
a perfect tube checker.
See your Tubes Tested
Read the Results for Yourself!
j^|OW you een bo sure that your radio tubes are
in perfect condition. A ou need no longer suffer
inferior reception because sonic of your tube* are
worn out or defective.
Our new Jewell Tube-Checker will show vOU the
condition of your tube*. Anybody can read leal,
on thi* tube tester accurately, because it reads in
terms of tube merit. The meter definitely points
out whether the tube is Satisfactory, Doubtful or
f n*atisfactory.
Poor tul*es spoil performance of the finest radio
acts. t»ood tube* cost so little that everv inefficient
tube in your receiver should be replaced.
*V not keep your radio set performing just like
n^ew Bring your tubes in and see them teslcd on
this big Jewell Instrument. It's a sure wav to the
most satisfactory results from your radio set:
llon t fail to visit our booth at the Pair and get a
Majestic Radio ABSOLUTELY- FREE.
Pendleton’s Music Store
First Auction Sale
Of Season Monday
The first auction sale of land an
I non need for the fall season will takr
I place Monday when the J. W Fcr
irell Co, of Petersburg, Va„ will of
| fer for sale a number of lots o:»
|Easi Marion street, a block cast of
j the Webb theatre and Ideal Service
! station. The sale will be conducted
| on the property Monday. September
i 28th beginning at 11 o’clock
1 Gaffney Youth Has
Right Thigh Broken
Gaffney Ledger.
Charles Walter, six-.vear-old ’son
of Magistrate and Mrs. Charles
Jennings, had his right thigh brok
en and was painfully scratched and j
bruised when he was struck by an!
automobile driven by C. B. Poole,
local commission merchant, on East
Frederick street yesterday morning.
Mr. Poole rushed the injured boy to
the City hospital where his condi- i
tion yesterday afternoon was re-!
ported satisfactorily. Witnesses'
were reported as saving the acci-1
dent was unavoidable
Oct. 8
High School
Flori»t Shop”
A brilliant, comedy success. b>
Winifred Hawkridge.
Produced bv special arrangement
with Walter H. Baker Co n'
Boston Mass,
Dramatic sensation of Little
Theatre fame, by Hall anri
Produced by special arrangement
with Longman*. Green & Co New
Curtain Promptly 8 30
Admission 35c
J. C. McNeely & Co., Inc.
Indies’ Wearing Apparel and Millinery
SHELBY, v c.
r .
To The Ladies:
It is with both pride and pleasure that we are able to an
nounce a bit of good news to you. It is in keeping with our de
sire and policy to at all times render the utmost in service to our
We have secured the exclusive representation and sale
of FVEYLON FASHIONS in dresses for our town, surrounding
towns, and county. FATYLON FASHIONS is a notable step
forward in dresses that retail for Ten Dollars and Sixteen Fifty.
They are produced by master stylists, arid represent the very
acme in style and quality at the price.
The woman or miss who feels that she cannot pay more,
will find in FVEYLON FASHIONS correct style and superior
We trust that you will -pay us a visit at your earliest op
portunity. We assure you you will note marked evidence of our
painstaking efforts to provide for our patrons the utmost value
throughout the store.
Yours for Style, Quality and Service,
Beginning Next Tuesday
Fox Hound Race Track In America
DAILY — 4 P. M. and 8:30 P. M.
Horse Racing Every Day
75 Of The Best Race Horses In The United States
Fireworks Every
Night at 7:30
Model Shows On The Midway
-20 New Rides . . . the largest and most complete shows touring the South -

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