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News Of Interest
• r me* Hrlitfn Heads Sunday
fwboa!. Three New Babies
• u> The Staf f Ridge. Sept. 2d.—Ou:
• lurch h.„ elected Mr. Lawrence
■dgc.s Ur cuv superintendent for
eor.ung year.
Born to Mr. B nd> Mrs. Fas Mc
ain, Monday, Sept. 21, a dainty
-.lighter, Carolyn Lucille. Mrs.
.rSwain v as formerly Miss Lallag?
. .liter.
•-'e~rs. U. O, O. C., and D. R.
.dram r.nd Thor Rain ey spent
nda; afternoon with friends n
Mrs. L>. O. McSv.ain spent Suu
afternoon with her sister Mrs
• 1) Pang it.
-'r. anc Mr.,. J. B. Francis of
.alloy spent Sunday afternoon
!) Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hamriclt
■ anci Mrs. Sol Anthony were
, Saturday night guests of Mr.
d Mrs. Lawrence Bridges.
Sorn to Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Mc
ain, Sept. 13. a daughter. Nettie
i. Mother and baby are getting
ng nicely.
Mr.. A. C. Doty spent Saturday
' : noon with Mrs. O, C. McSwain.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bridges
ited Mr. and Mrs. Blando Clary
maay afeernoon.
., Mr* and Mr.'. Bill Bridges spent
•today rich Mr. and Mrs. Otho
..rarick of the. Poplar Springs
-dr. and Mrs. George Lookadoo
. e the dimer guests of Mr. ana
t’3. G. 3. McSwain Sunday.
3rr;i to Mr. and Mrs. Willie
iws, a daughter. Sept. 14.
Mr. Herman Early cf O.-ifoiti
rnt the week-end tilth Mr. and
Yates Hamrick.
•Misses Ora Jones and Oliie Brid
- were B. Y. p. V. visitors Sun
;.y night: Visitors are always wei
Vho Is The Goat?
Cotton Seed Price
The Editor:
For the past fifteen years I hate
atched the seed market with some
merest. In February 1920 the gin
mpany paid me $1.25 per bushei
r seed or $83.00 per ton for the
1 mill. The government had set a
.nimum price of $1.00 per bushel
ow it works out this way, on Sep
nber the first the farmers have
1 the seed, the mills have a few
: If-rot ten hulls and a little meal
i hand. The price of meal and
"ills is put down to the very low
t. and of course that automati
•.Uy sets the price of seed. A lit
- later when the mills get most
the seed the price is moved up.
::n they get the remainder at the
'P price. Then the price of meal
id hulls is moved up to the top
otch. The oil mills have it all
ow. and the farmers have a few
Often seed left. The farmer may
may not have gotten a fair ex
•ange for his seed, but never a
ord did he say in fixing the price
f cither meal, seed or hulls Now
want to know who is tire goat, if
isn't the farmer then it must be
se consuming public, for H surely
’i t be the mills?
At the present price of seed we
hould use acid phosphate and turn
’em into a high grade fertilizer at
’.e-fourth the cost of the corumer
:.] brand. Fine for wheat and ex
ra good for com, oats and potatoes
et's let the fertilizer company's
jst one year. They need it Sack
our seed and keep they, you may
"V $2.00 a bushel for them yet.
Clover Hill New*
Of Late Interest
Children At Tonsil Clinic. Mrs. Foy
Paige III. Personal
(Special to The Star.)
Lawndale, R-l.—Mrs. Martha
Wilburn and con, Mr. and Mrs
Roy Wilburn were the week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Ram
Several from this community took
i their children to the tonsil and
adenoid clinic.
Among those visiting Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Hastings and son, T. B.
and Joe, jr,' Miss Arlce Walker, Mr.
and Mrs. Enoch Ledford and chil
dren, Mr. Romy Paige and son,
Mrs. S. A. Pruett and daughter,
Mary Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest
Walker and son, Jack, of Casar,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker and
son, Andrew, Mrs. L. L. Norman
and sons.
Miss Gladys Morrison of Casar
spent Saturday night with Miss
Selma Norman.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Queen and chil
dren spent Sunday, afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs, L. G. Self.
Mrs. J. F .Walker has been on
the sick list but is better at this
writing, we are glad to not*.
Mrs. Scott Queen and daughter
Bessie Mae, spent Sunday after
noon with Mr. and Mrs. Labcrn
Mr. and Mra. H. L. Ramsey vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ramsey of
Ca- ar awhile Saturday' night.
Mrs. Foy Paige is very sick at
this writing.
Mesdames John D. and Ruben
White of Oak Grove spent the week
end with Mesdames Dock, Eugene
and Frank Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Paige have
been spending this week with Mrs,
Paige's parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. F.
Mr. and Mrs.; H. L. Rani ey anti
family spent Sunday afternoon
With Mr.' and Mrs. C. F. Ramsey.
Urges Governor
To Stand Ground
Charlotte News.
Governor Gardner, we learn, is
still being strongly urged to call a
special session of the Legislature
to deal with the cotton Question. It
is earnestly to be hoped that he
.stands his ground uncompromising
ly in refusing to take that step
'Jhere is nothing helpful that the
Legislature can do about the matter
Passing silly laws that will be un
compromisingly in refusing to take
that step. There is nothing helpful
that the legislature can do about
the matter. Passing silly laws that
will be unsound, impractical, un
workable and unenforceable will
result in nothing more constructive
than an addition to the piles of
statutes already on the books to
which the people pay no attention.
More than that, it is dangerous
to have that body come back to Ra
leigh. It might get sidetracked
from the primary purpose for which
it would be called and get started
off on the wrong foot toward some
other legislation that would be in
defensible at this time.
Too many people are dissatisfied
with what the regular session did
in reference to taxation and schools
to obviate entirely the danger that
somebody might want to start some
thing over these questions and an
other interminable row develop.
Most troubles are said to be ima
ginary; £0 are most pleasures.
Sec Thi* New Tire Before You Buy Any
Other Make.
30 x 3£ ...... $3.75
» 21 x 4.40 . . $4.35
I 20 x 4.50 $4.78
21 x 4.50 $4.85
19 x 5.00 .
20 x 5.00 .
21 x 5.25
Ideal Service Station
Heads Bar Group
Guy A. Thompson (above), of St, |
Louis, Mo., is the newly elected.
president of the American Bar as
1 sociation, his selection taking place
I at the annual convention held at
Atlantic City. The new president,
who succeeds Charles A. Boston, of
New York, has had a distinguished
career as a jurist.
Tent Meeting Still
Running At Eastside
'Die revival tent meeting which
is being conducted by Rev. H. 3
Sisk and Rev. Mr Scruggs, con
1 tlnues at Eastside. Mr. Sisk says
'about three thousand people gath
! ered to hear Dr. Garr. the divine
| healer last Friday night when lie
! was up from Charlotte. Mr. Sisk
: says he will be back Friday of this
! week to have a divine healing. The
(public is invited.
Will He Star in Series?
George Watkins (above), right fielder of the St Louia Cardinal*,
champions of the Notional League.
Every Other Day. That Means 20,000 intense
Readers. If you have something to sell, tell
these 20,000 People about it in these columns.
These Prices Take
First Prize -
In Wray’s Fair Week Specials
28-inch Tuf-Tex Play Cloth
strong and durable for hard
wear 10c.
12 Momme genuine Japan Silk
Pongee 25c.
4»CM V
Women's all leather kid slip
pers, 4-eyelet tie, all sizes and
widths, SMS.
Mon S Heavy iiiwcmhi
Work Shoes, black and lan
Men's Heavy Storm Overshoe
Red Sole. Patrolman weight
36 inch Pnn.3 in large assort
ment of small patterns for '
children's Dresses 10c.
38 inch Unbleached Broad- I
cloth, heavy weight fine
count 8c.
Ladies' Sample Shoes, regulat
$7.00 values only $1.98. All J
shoes made on combinatior
last with Arch construction j
Ladies' Rayon Bloomers, col
ors black and navy, while
they last I0c.
Full line of Children's, Ladu.
and Men's Sweaters at great
Pull-overs in crew, V and L
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College Sweaters in buttet.
and slip-over models SI.98 t<
Ladies’ rib knit coat Sweater.
for dress and home wear
81,98 to $4.95.
Men’s light weight pull-overs
all wool Zephur yarns. $1.»*
and $8.98.
Other Sweaters ranging in
price from 24c to $4.95.
Boys’ all wool Suit,"
4-piecc,^ 1 long and !
knicker, coat and
vest $3.98.
Well tailored of dur
able materials.
Other suits $4.95.
$6.95, $9.95 and up.
Very special Men'.
220 weight. Big En
gine Brand, 69c.
Boys’ Good Nuff Ov
eralls 44c. and 49c.
; Men's Hals made by Knox
v!.49. $4.95, $6.95—
All new shapes and styles.
Other Hate $1.41 and $1.97.
A. V. Wrays & 6 Sons
Cotton Market
Cotton, was quoted at. noon today
on New York exchange '
Oct. 6 06. Dee 6 26 Yesterday,
close: Oct 6 22. Dec. 6 43.
New York. Sept 25 Showers
forecast parts N. C., Ga„ Okla and
West Texas, other states tan Dal
las News says 88 counties report
crop decreasing mostly tn sections
shy of moisture, only a scattered
few says crop Increasing and bal
ance report conditions' unchanged
front a week ago Picking general
crop movements low Oklahoma
crop deteriorated account hot winds
and dry soil. Fair business Worth
street. Look for nervous market de
trending on volume hedge selling,
foreign buying sterling, and the
stock market,
Hiving thta day qualified is adminis
tratrix or the mate of Carl M Stroup
deceased of Cleveland county, KorUi Caro
lina, this Is to notify all persons listing
claims against the said estate to preaent
them to me properly proven on or before
Ihe JOih day of July 11132 or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of any recover;
thereof. -Ml persons Indebted to the said
estate will please make Immediate settle !
merit to the undersigned.
This July 31st, 1931.
Mrs, Athe Stroup. Administratrix of
estate of Carl M. Btroun *t-31p
At The Theatres
Mother and Son' is the main at- j
traction at the Carolina theatre to
day The story Is filmed around
Reno, amid gay night life and pret
ty divorcees. Clara Kimball Young
does the title role of "mother" and
Bruce Warren the "son " Saturday, j
the Carolina will play Hoot Gibson !
In "The Hard Hombre "
Webb audiences tins miernoon
thrilled to a round trip of excite- !
meut over the rails of romance. In i
"The Lightning Flyer," the new
picture whfth opened this afternoon
for a run of two days. It’s a drama i
that scorches with excitement and!
brings surprises at express train
speed Selected short subject' coni- j
plete the bill.
Cotton Seed Quoted
Now At $7.50 Ton
One ol the leading .seed buyers
of Shelby has sent ftut the follow
ing quotation dated yesterday:
“On account of decline in cotton
seed products, we beg to quote:
Basis cotton seed car lots $0.00 per
ton fob station and $7.50 per ton at.
Thousands Of Aliens
Barred From Country
Washington.—President Hoove,
was informed today a clamptng
down of immigration laws had di
vrraed 148,000 aliens from American
shores during the last fiscal year.
With an eye to cutting off re
cruits to the army of the nation •
unemployed, the chief executive an
nounced mote than a year ago that
seldom-stressed provisions of the
Immigration statutes would be en
forced during the economic depres
Mr. Pruett Wed* Mi**
Pinson Of Lattimore
l.atumore atar Route.—A wed
ding of much Interest took place
last Wednesday when Mr. Alfonso
Pruett married Miss May Pinson
both of this section. Mr. Pruett it
the son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Pruett. Miss Pinson Is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pinson.
They will make their home with the
groom's parents.
Mrs. D. 8. Lovelace is real sick at
this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. John Qreen spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. C
Regardless of taste, size,
style or purse, vve are well
prepared to please you
with just the garment
We invite you to come
early and get the pick from
the most outstanding dis
play of READY-TO
WEAR ever offered a t
Shelby and Lawndale

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