North Carolina Newspapers

    Exrcrrons- notice,
Having this da; qualified as executory |
of the estate of Frenkltn Harrtll, dr
i-tasrtt, lav* of Cleveland county. North
cfarotln*, tht* ta to notify all persons in
debted to the said estate to present them
t* us proper tv proven on or before th«>
iMfc tfny of September. 1»M. or ttil:
notice will be piesdtd In bar of any re
revere thereof All persons Indebted to
tnt satd estate will tnake Immediate
sattWinent to the undersigned This Sep
sentUer iwi, i».n
Bxeeattors ot Hetntc of Franklin
HarriH. tit Sept l(t}>
Belle ces a Headache or Neuralgia in
30 minutes, check* a Cold the first
day, and rhecka .Malaria in Ihree
fifitt Sahe for Baby’s Cold.
Splendid farm with
dwell ini?, tenant houses
and outbuildings for sale.
Small cash paj ment and
long term with low rate
of interest for balance.
Farm is near paved
h i g h w a y in Cherokee
Our Exchange Is
Of Isaac Shelby
Flour and
for each BUSHEL
A total of 48 pounds in
25 ounces for 25c
mill)Ons OF pounds used
First—In the dough. Then in
the oven. You can be sure
of perfect belongs in using—
“I have used Black
Draught . . . and have
not found anything
that could take Its
place. I take Black
Draught for bilious
ness. When I get bili
ous, I have a nervous
headache and a ner
vous, trembling feeling
that unfits me for my
work. After I take a
few doses of Black
Draught, I get all
right. When I begin
to get bilious, I feel
tired and run-down,
and then the headache
and trembling. But
Black-Draught re
lieves all this.”—;/, c.
Hentlr'.r, EotnenHIlt:, Co.
For indigestion, con
stipation, biliousness.
Thed Fords
\v-#tr,u: v ♦vr%' r >rr$ a tonic
j 1 i i*.| • •\i-.f •»
! I
u y*-;un, t
Japanese Invasion of Manchuria
Is Test for League of Nations
* *
* *
* * *
Non-Resistance Policy and Refusal of China to Be Party to New War Leaves
Settlement of Dispute to International Body at Geneva—Kellogg
Peace Pact May Be Invoked Next.
...—" m mmmmr.f*
G~ * jera& HobWD * j&fcSmv Ckamc* Hseuh - &i>*N<i i
* . ■" * * * t
I'lie Imasiim of Manchuria by Japanese troops under General llonjo, that was at first thought to be the
j (tart of another devastating war. may, by China's attitude in the matter, lie dampened to the status of a
were local di. order. When the first clash came between the two countries. Marshal Chang ltscuh Liang, the
authful Governor of Manchuria, ordered ( hlnrse forces to retire peaceably and offer no resistance to the
nvaders. In this he was barked by Foreign Minister C. T. Wang, who made representations to the Japanese j
government, giving It the chance to withdraw and the opportunity to settle the affair with an apology.
! lowever. Japanese have continued to occupy town after town In the province of the Manchus and now the
'hlnrse Government is going to pin its faith in the League of Nations and the Kellogg Peace Part. If the
mgust bctly at Geneva decides that Japan has committed an act of war. it will be the duty of member na
i ions or the League to sever trade and financial connections with her. Thus the efficacy of the league as a I
‘mwer for interne. tio:v I peace will be tested.
j %%' -»
Ike’s Tale
Deer Star Reeders:
Sal lowed she could make mv old
shirt do me tilts winter by patching
hit in a few places—patched clothes
has come back til style agin thi,
year ’specially with the farmers an
other honest folks: . When you see
a feller swine round with goon
clothes < n these times he is p, mor
ally a bootlegger or a lawyer, and
hltls hard tu tell which fur they air
powerful alike in their ways: make
their living without earning hit,
Sal lias Jinecl this here club “The
needles and tongues'' they call ’em,
and she shore has got a plenty of
tongue tu hold her own with the
best of 'em but I don't know how
she will come out with the needle
fur her hand ts use tun heavier
weapon than that. Hit looks now
like I'm jlst. obliged tu have sum
new overhauls tu keep out the chili
winds of winter, the dreary days •
When the leaves have fallen on the
skies over-cast. Hit will be lonely)
then tu a teller with no clothes nor j
friends but Sal anti, her mad at Mm
all the time. The gals and every-)
booy has bin a pacidlin round all j
summer without no clothes on hard-;
ly. but 'bout the time hit gins , tu
•trust nicy u nave in Kim up a nt- |
tie better, even if thar haiii'i no j
law tu make 'em. I never did care i
fur the scandal of being pose, but j
I do sorter dread the pinch of hit. I
like hit wuz last Sunday when Bill
anil Jane come tu stay all day!
and Sal sent me out tu see If I
could break the Sabbath day by ber
rying a little finback tu fry fur
dinner. I failed tu git hit broke so
Fill an Jane shook the dust offrn
their feet end left going in the di
rection of Dave Fortenberry's. I'm
honest in believing that pore folks
do have more fun an a lot better
time than them what air rich, they
haint so biggoty and have got more
sense gtnerall.v.
One of Sal's cousins is rich, that
s he thainks he is fur Vie owns an
old mule an .a Ford that he traded
n yearling fur: an they won't speak
tu us no more but jist go rite on
the same as if they didn’t hear us
ax 'em fur a chaw of bacoer. But
sum of these times that; mule will
die and the sheriff will git that car
tar taking so much whiskey tu
them Shelby fellers and maybe
that will sorter humble down my
relatives by marriage.
v sed tutber day that hit look
ed like providence and the law both
wuz agin a feller that didn't have
no more sense than tu tool with
whiskey, nit wuz me he meant. I
gurs5. But the best news is tu come
now fur Sal has got plenty of
friends yit.. Walter lee and Ous
Richard vyuz about tu fight about
which cne wood git Sal a new dress
fur they both wuz under obligation
tu her. and both wanted the dis
. honor. Decatur 'Warllck came along
in tlie time of hit with 25 in his
i rocket, having sold his bale that
’ tie .listened nr a mirin'* then
(Weftt and bought the finest dress In
town fur Sal. and now thin: is two
substitutes carrying the mail while
Qua and Walter is hunting fur Mis
ter W Article. IKE.
| Serve Summons On
Hendren In Suit
Ur nitron Has Month In Which To
File Answer In Southerland
Goldsboro, Sept. 30.—Summons in
the $150,000 alienation Of affec
tions suit against W. N Hendren.
Winston-Salem attorney, was Mon
day morning returned to the clerk
of Wayne superior court following
service. The defendaji has 30 days
following service in which to an
swer the suit.
The case was filed September 1
by George C. Southerland, Jr., of
Goldsboro, who alleges .the defend
ant alienated the affections of his
The summons was issued and
mailed to Forsyth county ofticevs
for service but was returned be
cause the defendant was not in
: He county at tire ' lie. An alias
summon... or substitute summons
was then drawn and sent, back to
Forsyth. The summons ' *as served
on tile defendant last Friday.
Cmler the power and aulhorit. con
tained m that certain need of tru&l dated
September 13, l;?2Vk made by $. I Baber
: ii«* wife. Alice l- Hauer to Prr nd W
Gleason. mister, tame being recorded m
the office or the regrUef . or deied.v iui
Cleveland couhtv, N C- in book 155 at
Pft348 Ttlt secufiJif <u» indab.ttfihtis to 4h‘
Pen-American Luc Insurance company ot
New Orleans, I.a , and default having
been made in the payment of the said
indebtedness and having been called upon
to ev-ente the trust. 1 os trustee, vtl
sell lor cash to the highest bidder r.t
public auction at the court house door . i
fc.htlby. N. C. on
t\>dne>dj43, October US. 1931
uj 12 o clock M , the follow mg described
ret l estate:
Being that certain lot or parcel of land
lying and being in the southern portion
of the city of Shelby. North Carolina, in
t;>v. and coumv, iron ting on South La
Pa vr. to .-tree* nmi more particularly de
.enoed as follow*.
Bfffijirtipg at a strike, northwest cornet
of lot number b, and runs thence with
South La Pa ye Up street north 2 deg. 30
mm. .east 132 5 feet to a stake, the old
Cyrus McMurry line, thence said lin
yank 87 deg. l.i nun. cast 176 feet to c
si a feo, corner of -lot No 10 and a 10 loot
alley; thence south. 2 deg 30 min. we t
132 i with the west edge of the 10 foot
alley to a stake, the northeast corner ol
hu number b, thence 'with north line of
lot number 6 north 87 deg. 15 min. west
17;i feet to the beginning.
'■>t$ numbers •. 7, 8, 0,
and. 10 as appear on pUV of said proper
ty, winch pint is of record in the office
or the /register of deeds for Cleveland
couniv, North Carolina. in book, of pla.
No. ’3 at page 2. reference to which
hereby made and the fame incorpora* .*■
• and made a part of th.o In
The same also being those, certain '
-mi land conveyed us follows: Lots :
0 ttou 7. above referred to. having l
conveyed by A \V McMurry and n
Cots H. McMurry, to 8. 1 Baber
wac Alice Timber, by deed dated No-*,
her 26th, 1937, and recorded m book .
Page 135 ui the office ol the register >
deeds for Cleveland county, North e».,.
Jfua Lota Mbs 5, £. sad if). ai>." ••
ierred, to, iitvmg been couveved by i-•
WMPf, and wife. P C Kim ore. to >;
t Baber ir* deed dated January t : .
md recorded tu book 3-W at' raj
hi the office of the reguter of deed*
Cievtitad cconty. North Caroline.. p^,T
ante to all the above is hereby made ax
the same incorporated herein and ai*>
a part hereof The residence locals
upon the above described land ts know
>.* 525 South l aFayette street.
Hi is 28th day of SeMi'mber 1931
Henry n &lu vtsU, A{»
‘ Change” Artists
Work Rutherford
j Rutherfordton -Four men travel 1
jing in a large car with an Ohio l:-!
cense plate who might be termed
("Short change artists’’ visited ibis
• section test week and got $5 from
the Tar Heel service station on
Highway 20, about 10 miles west
| of here. They also got J5 from a
'service station at Bat Cave and
went on towards Asheville
Their game seems to be for two
or three of them to enter a store or
filling station at the same time,
purchase several, small hems,
change their minds and want
something else, rush the clerk, as
they are in na hurry. and want
bills changed. They do all within
their power to confu.c the clerk
and get extra money. Their game
failed ro work on W. T. McDaniel,
who operates a large service sta
tion near town on the Chimney
Rock road.
Vegetables Urged
To Stall Diseases
D . James "M. Parrott, state
health officer, is calling "pen the
people of the state to plant liber
ally such vegetables as turnips,
rape, mustard, kale. onions and
other cold-resisting plants at this
time, in order-that the citizens may
fortify themselves against such di
seases as pellagra, rickets and oth
er diseases more easily contracted
when body resistance Is lowered.
Dr. Parrott urges preparation for
more fresh meat and more chickens
eggs and .butter, saying “there is
nothing better for health, except
possibly proper ventilation, than
green vegetables, fruits, fresh meat
and milk,’’
Let us urge citizens of Shelby to
make all possible efforts to pay
I their bills. Under present business
conditions even small payments on
large accounts wi!l help restore con
fidence, which is what we mostly
Painiing & Decorating
Phone 561, Box 153,
Gaffney, S.
Better Be Safe Than Sorry.
Toe Itch
Athlato’a Foot and Hand Iteh
Why suffer from the queer skin
disease causing sevrro Itching of
toes and feet, cracking, peeling skin,
blisters, Ringworm, TreUch Foot or
» rotch Itch, when you ran ovoid In
fection and quickly heal your skin
with Dr. Nixon's Nixoderni? Based
on the famous English Hospital for
mula discovered by a leading ten
don skin specialist. Dr Nijtons NU
oderm acts with amazing speed, be
tor this particular
0k\n dtsFast?. \lxod*rm is froa-ran*
teed. It must stop itch and quickly
he a I your Skin or the small cost will
be refunded.
jL'Tl LE'S UK' t. SlUttfe.
Rattlesnake Meat
Is Used For Food
Weird Tale Comes Out Of Florida
About A Plant For
Canning It.
Will canned rattlesnake meal
soon become a popular food?
The question Is not as wild as it
seems. In fact a plant for canning
rattlesnakes already is doing a
thriving business in Arcadia, Fla.,
-ays Mary E. Atkins in The At
lanta Journal, and since she is a
perfect lady, we are compelled to
believe her story which continues: i
Arcadia will be remembered * as
one of the first towns In Florida to
profit from the frog leg industry,!
and now ships thousands of live1
frogs in blocks of ice, to northern!
markets. Being cold-blooded crea- i
tures, the frogs are undisturbed by!
dwelling for several days in a cake!
of ice. Once they are given a chance j
to thaw out, they seem as chipper |
as ever. This adaptability on the
pan of the frogs makes it possible
for northern hotels and restaurants
to serve absolutely fresh frog legs
to discriminating customers who
have a taste that way.
These same customers can now
enjoy rattlesnake on toast if they
so desire.
The announcement of Arcadia's
newest industry was made when a
can of rattlesnake meat was for- ■
warded to Governor Doyle B.. Carl-!
ton and he was asked to pass j
judgment on this addition to the]
menu. At the present writing no j
answer has been received from the ■
Frank K. End, the man who orig- j
Inated the idea of canning rattle-,
snakes, declares that he is doing a 1
brisk mail order business, with re
quests for the new delicacy from
all parts of the United State', “in
cluding California.’'
Mr. End explains that rattlesnake
meat, contrary to first impressions,
is more wholesome and palatable
than most foods in dally use. “The
flesh of the ratler is firm sndj
white," he continued, “and Is the,
only wholesome snake meat.”
The new' addition to the menu is j
especially good When served hot on
toa; t with a sauce, or cold in the
form- of a salad. The sauce is a
cream variety, and not hot. Mr.
End puts up two types of cans, one
prepared with the sauce, the- other
intended for salads, with the flesh
left firm.
Mr. End strips the tenderloin
from the backbone on each side for
the meat that is to be canned in
steaks. The flesh that is to be put
up with sauce is boiled until it
tender and then chipped from the
Mr. End declares that the meat,
tastes something like chicken. How
ever, there is some argument over
this. Mrs. End believes it is more
like frog legs, and a few who have
sampled" rattlesnake declare it U
like crab meat. Others insi t that it
has a flavor of its own—and that
it is a delicacy well worth trying.
Mr, End points out that he Is do
ing three things—he is furnishing
the world with a new food; he Is
providing employment for persons
engaged in catching the snakes as
well as in working in the cannery;
and he is helping Florida to destroy
one of the most venomous of all
reptiles. _ _
B virtue of the po-ver of *»le roa
med In a certain chattel mortgage or
Conditional Bale Contract of record 1i
ok 159. at page At ol the registry 01
eveland county, North Carolina same
mg executed by The En.oe and Michael
mint Home to the F, M. Miller com
my to secure an indebtedness there,n
ecilted; and said indebtedness not hav
a been paid according to the terms
eretn slated when due. the undersigned
U oiler lor sale at public a lotion to
c highest bidder for cash in iron' J
Lackey's garage in Shelby. North Lar
ina, on Friday, October 19, lull at 2
-lock p m, the following described^ per
ns! property, to-w-tt; i certain E M
liter company style No. 36 Hearse Cody
(Hinted on SEW Dodge thins No l>
8-111 motor No. J-88-9J8; Upholstered
•Phase'' Pros: Urain genuine and
t, leather; finished in two-toned Dawn
1st Ctrav Dueo; complete regular flower
ay. saddle lights, and extra tire and
'his the 22nd dav of September. 1931.
it 3cpt 21i
Under by virtue of the authority con
tamed in that certain deed of trust e\
routed by E H. Brackett and wite, Malih''
Brackett' to the undersigned trustee, < aid
deed of trust being dated March 7th
1929 and recorded in the office of tt?«
register of deeds for Cleveland county
N C. In book No. 153 at page 301. secur
ing an Indebtedness to the Shelby and i
Cleveland County B. & L. Assn., and de
fault having been made tn the payment
of said indebtedness and being requested j
to sell said property, 1 will on
Friday, October 23rd. 1931
at 12 o’clock, noon, or within legal hour-i
at the court house door In Shelby. N. C 1
sell to the highest bidder for cash at;
public auction that certain tract of Ian ;
lying tn No, 7 township and bounded as'
Being a part of that tract deeded to E
E Cabaniss by E H. McBwain Said deed
being of record in the register’s office o.r
Cleveland county, N. C. in book XX at j
page $6 and more particularly described
as follows;
Beginning at a pme stump in the west
edge ot the road. W P Hawkin’s corner
and runs thence with Hawkins line S
21 degrees 45 minutes E. 429 feet tQ a
stake. Hawkins corner , thence v 1th Haw- j
kins line S. 34 degrees 30 minutes E. 375
feet to an iron stake. Hawkins corner:
thence a ne*v line S. 58 degrees 45 min
utes TV 790 feet to a poplar stump a new
corner in P. Jt. Bridges line: thence with
said line N 3 degrees 35 minutes F. 1180!
feet to a Stake in the center of the road.!
W. V Hawkjn*. Une, thence with the.
road and Ifawfcffts 1tfc» N Si degrees if
mlantee E 303 feet tp the beginning, con
taining 12 1 acre*, more or less and being
that same tract of land which was con
veyed to E. H Brackett by E E. Caba
ns vs and wife try deed dated Dec. 29th
1928 and recorded In tha office of the
register of deed# for Cleveland county
N C In deed booh 3*3? at peg* at
This September 22ml. 1931 i
JNO F MVtl.l'r.s^. ]
4i &BU} 2Jci
Little Interest
In Call For Extra
Session Legislature
Some Disapprove Session, Other j
Places No Attendance And
Others Differ On Plan
Raleigh, Sept. 29.™Calls for massj
meetings of growers In more than;
100 communities to adopt resell!- j
lions petitioning Governor Gardnei'
to call a special session of the gen-j
eral assembly to take action on'
cotton acreage reduction, and also}
on tobacco, issued by N. G. Bart- j
lett, secretary of the Eastern Caro
lina chamber of commerce. appar-j
ently, at this writing, got little re-,
Governor Gardner's home county j
of Cleveland, largest cotton grow •:
ing county in the state, refused a j
resolution calling for a special ses
sion and instead adopted one!
against, the session ns •‘expensive,
and useless,” Three persons are re
ported to have attended the meet- ;
ings at Laurinburg, Scotland coun
ty, and at Windsor, Bertie county
Dunn, with 200 or 300 farmers pres-,
ent, approved the session but dif
fered on the plan. At Smlthfieln
U. Benton Blalock, president of the!
American Cotton Cooperative as
sociation, expressed personal pre-!
ferencc for the Texas plan. Rosoiu-'
tions for the session were adopted i
at St. Pauls, Maxton, Enfield, Mt j
Olive, Tarboro, Greenville artd j
Smtthfield. Meetings failed to ma-,
terialize at Goldsboro and Render- i
In fact, a meeting of editors,
farmers and business men. held
Friday at Goldsboro, went on rec
ord as opposing a special session for
cotton relief.
The collapse of the South Caro
lina legislative effort, following
that of Louisiana, seeking a com
plete cotton growing holiday, prob
ably had its effect on the North
Carolina movement. Growerjs art
thinking more of Governor Gard
ner’s earlier suggestion of national
action which might have resulted
in a uniform plan in this country,
with the treaty power of the u. 3.
government back of it to come to
terms with other cotton - growing!
countries. If the south gives up its
monopolistic cotton growing even
for a year, it would be notice to the
foreign countries, growing It at a
much lower cost, to increase produc
tion, thus robbing this country of
its leadership in a commodity of
which it manufactures less than
half of its, crop, the other going to
world markets.
Banks And Building
And Loans To Close
All local banks and building andj
lean associations will be closed on j
Thursday afternoon of this week to *
allow the employes to visit the fair, i
These institutions will be open dur
ing the morning but will close at
noon Thursday for the remainder
of the day.
Under and by virtue . of ; the authority
contained in a:r order of sak made by
the clerk of superior court in a special
proceeding entitled ' Mary L. Philbeck
against Maxine Pliilbcck, et. al.” the un
der:<igned commissioner will on October
54th. 1931 et 12 o’clock. M . sett at -the
court house door in the city of Shelby to
the hlgheH bidder for cash, the foUpwlnt;
described Teal estate:
Lying arul in Cleveland coimtv
North Carolina, adjoining the lands or
J. J. Logan, S L. Carter. W. F Logan
and others, ar.d bounded as follows: Be*
ginning at a pine. S. I . Carter's corner
and runs with his line north 42 east 12.7“
chains to pointer*, corner of purchase
from W F. Logan; thence north 014 west
21.1.3 chain; to a tak? in gully, formrrlv
a sweet gum: thence with gully north 61*-J
east 1.40 chains; .north 76:w -east 3.1C
cha.irv ; north 5ia.V east 1.40 -chains: north
37:,4 east 7 10 chain: , north 453* cast 5.30
chains; north 51'? ea.vt 4 33 chains to *
stake in Shelby and Yorkville road jus*
northwest of a bridge or culvert; thence
along said road south 333 v east 8 chains i
south iv* east 5.30 chains: thence routh:
15U east 6.38 chains to an iron stake j
near corner; thence a new' line south 41'.!
rest 40 chains to a stake tn. old line j
thence with old line north 47 -» west -•49': I
chains to the beginning. cootainlr.g 58.37!
apres. The : ante being all that pert oi th' i
George Logan tract of land conveyed t< j
A C. Philbeck by Paul Philbeck by'deecj
dated August 26th. 1921, and recorded h
bock JJJ at page 240 in the office of th
register of deeds of Cleveland county
North Carolina.
This 23rd days of September. lf>3!
HORACE KENNEDY, Commiss.oner j
4t Sept Zic\
Under the power und authority con
tamed'in that certain deed of trim dated]
August It, 1329. made by T. O. Grigg and
wile. Margaret Grig?- to Friend W ■
Gleason, trustee, same be n? recorded fix |
the office of the register of deed', for
Cleveland county, N. C. in book: 155. pant* I
259, securing an indebtedness to the.. Pan- j
American Life Thsirrance company of
New Orleans. La., and default having j
been made ir. the payment of the sa‘.d|
indebtedness and having been called upon !
to execute the trust. 1. es trustee wii’> I
sell for cash to the, highest bidder rm
public auction at the court house dour i
in Shelby. N. C. on
Wedne-sda*. October 21. UiJtl
at 12 o clock W. the following described
real estate:
Being that certain lot or parcel of land
lying and being in the southern portion
of the city of Shelby Cleveland county,
North Carolina, fronting on South I a
Fa etie street and more particularly de
sert bed as follows;
Beginning at an iron stake on th* e* ;t
side .of south LaFayette street, the north-j
west corner of th * Bamburg lot and run^ ]
thence with th? ensi edge of south La
Fayette street north 65 feet to a stake ]
a new corner; thence a new line east 14fij
feet, to an iron stake ut the garden
fence; thenne south 65 feet to an iron
stake northeast corner of the Hamburg
lot; thence with the Hamburg line west
146 feet to the beginning.
The same b*ing identical lot or parr* ’
at iana needed to T O. Grlgg bv L A f
Getfys and wife, Mamie Gettvs. by deed •
dated June t?OV. T924. the said deeo be- j
ing of record tn the office of the regiiter !
of d'-eds for Cleveland count" North j
Caroline In d-ed book NNN at page 239 !
reference to the tame being hereby mad* i
and the same incorporated herein.. The
house situate upon said lot being known
as No 407 South LaFayette street
This 19th day of September. 1931
PRUN’D \V. GLEASON, Trustee.
Henr- B Edward*. Att- 41 Sent 23c
University Nears
A Record Number
Registration For Fall Quarter An
nounced Monday Night
As 2.820.
Chapel, Hill.—Unrollment at the
University of North Carolina has
reached a new hign peak, it was
learned when Dr. T. Wilson. jr„
dean of admissions, announced that
the registration for the fall quarter
numbered 2,820 as compared with
2.764 for the tall quarter of 1930.
which was tire largest in the insti
tution's history up to that date.
Registration of undergraduates
was closed Monday and only grad- r
uate students may now register for
the fall quarter.
This indicates the enrollment o
resident students for the three reg
ular quarters ending in June will go
beyond 3.000.
It is regarded as an emphatic an
swer to those who have contended 4
that student enrollment had reach
ed its peak and that education was
losing in popularity.
Tlie best help that Cleveland
county farmers can gat cornea from
themselves. Courage and hard wo:.,
will pay agricultural dividends
*», ffo Fill Any
For A Roistered
yg\ y u'U
And save the embarrassment of having
you]- property advertised for sale. Under
the law, all property on which 1930 taxes
have not been paid, will be advertised for
sale, the first week in October.
No more grace can be allowed. Attend
to this at once.
1. M. ALLEN, Tax Collector
LEAN E. SHELBA. :—0:15 a. ni.; 11 :10. a. m.; 1:43 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY;— 7:10 y, m.; 11:10 a. m.; l’:00 p
m.: 4:40 p. m.: 9:00 p. m,
i LEAVE SHELBY :-tl :1<. ». m.
LEAVE SHELBY 7 : lo a. m.; 11.10 a m.: 2:00 m.
iThcTlre Blew and
I went into the Ditch7*
Old Tire? are fasllsb risky in they# days
i of low Gcodycsr price*."
Lifaiime Guarani*
4.75-19 .
f 4.40 21
E. D. Bridges
LAWNDAI.K. \. (.
To Serve
T he officers of the Union Trust Uom
pany stand ready, at your request,
to give you all the information at
' their disposal jn connection with your
business problems and to aid you in
every way consistent with sound
banking practice.
Union Trust Co.

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