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    Around Our TOWN
Chapter about anything cist other than the lair would like!; be out
cl order this week. Its a gay time out around the bustling midway
and nothing ha,; caused more talk than the electrically-controlled fox
h< und and greyhound racing device worked out by £>oc Dorton, John
Schenck. jr„ Cos Wright and Rob Patterson. Those baying doys have
c'd and young whooping it up together. People who haven't shown
much enthusiasm for any other fair amusements have gone head-over
l ^elt for the races. Tire neighboring newspapers, at Gastonia, Concord.
Hickory and elsewhere, have boosted the new race feature after citizens
or those cities have returned home to tell about it
Thrills here, thrills there, fun on thu side, excitement on the other
painted girls and sophisticated showmen, dare-devil acts and freaks!
There is more to see than at a three-ring circus. It's the one week in
the year when Shelby forsakes the court square and swarms out on the
f. ir tract. If you're ,-keptical, try to drive the family flivver out hlgh
vay 20 about race time in the afternoon, or just before the spectacular
fireworks in the evening
ADD eleven to one
Just how we came to nonce it »e cannot say, ana, undoubtedly, it's
Information not worth mentioning—but if you get in a hurry for an
undertaker, call 61 (that's Jack Palmer's) and if the line is busy add 11
t- the 61 and ask for 72 (that's the Lutz and Jackson number1
But. why bring anything like that up?
Prom “Inquisitor” comes this message
“By the way, who has the most efficient stenographer m Shelby?
Your column, ‘Around Our Town', would be a good way to find this out.'
A good ideal! Who are they, or, rather, who is she? Shelby ha.;
any number of comely young typewriter ticklers and among them arc
several regarded as very efficient. The first entry, offered by another
stenographer, is the stenographer in the Ryburn and Hoey law office,
Up in Philadelphia, the “Cay of Brotherly Love, there is a l*uy who
I'as a higher opinion of North Carolina than ever before. A couple of
weeks ago she was en route to the New Jersey beach. On the trip some
v here she lost lier purse, ' This nest day Fred Logan was heading home
horn the New' England States to visit hi.; family in Shelby. Speeding
southward on the same day was his brother, Randolph. Along the New
Jersey pike Fred caught up with his brother, waved and pulled to the
ide of the road. As he did so he noticed something lying in the road.
Alighting from the car he found a purse containing a sizeable sum cf
money and the name and address of the owner. When he reached
Shelby he mailed the purse to the Philadelphia lady. In a day or two
there came a letter from her saying: "I've always knowft that North
Carolina was a fine state, but in expressing my appreciation to you it
n only fitting that I should say that I can understand now better than
e- cr why it is.”
Recent talk about using cotton tor money caused J. A. Wilson to
c'jg around in the family souvenirs and find something that proves that
m bygone days other commodities were used instead of cash. The proof
i a tax receipt made out to his mother, Mrs. Samuel A. Wilson ,on May
10, 1864, and signed by D. C. Webb, agent. It reads: “Received of Mrs:
Samuel Wilson, eight pounds of bacon on account of her tax in kind.'1
.ML'ST3** IN
A Sh«by visitor to Ralc.’sh, so the story goes, was visiting out -at
r'ae State prison and talking to some of the inmate!1 Apparently he
( idn't notice that he vas in the pier of cells where the "lifers” were Anyway, he asked: "My good fellow, what sort of man will you be
« lien you get out.”
'An old one. sir,” was the retort.
An old letter, now in the possession of B. C. Houser, tells oi a rous
ing political campaign here many years ago in which a rally and barbe
cue was broken up by the unexpected bursting of ». cannon. The letter
v as written in October, 1860, by J. W. Gidney to his brother Chauncey.
It said in part: “Since the Presidential election is all the talk, I think
1 should give you a short and cursory delineation of the state of feeling
exhibited in the good old North State.” He then proceeded to tell oi
the party rally and barbecue which was pretty near rained out
7, B. Vance and Wm. P. Bynum were the chief orators. On tlie follow
ing week,.the letter informed, the Breckenridge "affair” was held. It
* as a two-day session and on the first day T. L. Clingman spoke to.
two hours and A. G. Waters made "a few remarks.” That night Thos,
Slade and Waters spoke again. On the following day, said the letter,
"Dr. June Fox, of Charlotte, held us spell bound for three and a quar
ter hours and Hon. B. Craig also spoke . . . Then to the feast and plenty
to cat ... . There was a cannon here whose loud bellows jarred nearly
ail the lights out of the court house windows. Later the cannon burst
and hurled the ponderous matter of which it was composed over the
town. Luckily no one was killed but Boardley, Jolly, Randall and others
fell among the wounded, but none mortally hurt—and thus ended the
Breckenridge barbecue. I cannot tell whether Breckenridge or Bell will
carry this state.”
Among other things the writer informed his brother that a certain
prominent citizen was "here at the time of the barbecue as tight as a
fiddler's bitch.” Other bits of news informed that "Jo Cabaniss and
Mat have an heir . . Carroll is yet at the hotel.'
Wonder how many people now living In Cleveland county remember
those Breckenridge and B"!l rallies and the bursting of the cannon?
Who was the Cabaniss heir? And make your own guess about the citt who got "tight” for the barbecue.
The Star is 16th in circulation of all
the newspapers in North Carolina.
It exceeds the circulation of 160
weekly newspapers and exceeds the
circulation of 20 of the 35 daily
No other form of advertising is more
economical or effective.
A*s Meet The Cards Tomorrow
Her*'*. Ute firet complete line-up of the Philadelphia Athletics,
o.lowing their winning o) the \mencan League pennant. They
are now rarin’ to go .n the World Series in which tney will vie for
the crown of the diamond with the St. Louis Cardinals Left to
right (front row): Palmisano, McNa.i, Foxx Waiberg, Mascot
..w..-- - ■--.; i
Deperizo, fir Gbierin*, Foley, Todu Middle rows Grove, Miller.
I ochrane Collins, Connie Meek, himself; Gleason, F. Meek, Sim
mons, Bishop. Moore and Dykes Standing! Mehaffey, Williams,
Cramer, Hoyt, Haas, McDonald, Rommell, Krause, Having and
McFadden Gives
Away His Wealth
New York Harmin' Mu cl- addrn,
publisher and physical culture ad
vocate, announces (liat lie litis giv
en away all his capital 'more limn
»IS,000.000 because lie believes that
money makes lor unhappiness and
that he will find more "enthralling
happiness" in life by living off his
MacKadden made the announce
ment In a radio address, and elab
orated his theory of wealth in an
interview with the United Press
He attacked wealth as a menace,
likely to convert, Its possessors Into
'flabby mollyeoddles," and he warn
ed that we are living In a revolu
tionary period, when men of wealth
"should put their houses in order."
"You can't find a single happy
family tn the wealth classes," he de
dared, "Wealth for them means
ostentation and display. Families
that inherit money are even worse.
The family degenerates with each
generation. They don't conduct
their own business, but have to hjre
someonr to do it for them. They
have no brains and they have no
Tlte publisher said he has pro
vided amply for his family
She’s Fat
"Alpine"—Florida's prise fat beauty
—who tip* the scale* at 132 pounds.
She is the birfest feature, at least
In point of sixe, with Model Shows
of America at the Cleveland coun
ty fair.
Highs To Play
Night Football
In Forest City
Owl Grid Clash Friday. Highs Seek
ing Revenge For
The Shelby high football ele
ven will do something Friday
night of this wrek that no other
Shelby eleven has ever done—
play a game under electric
The owl contest is to be staged
at the Alexander-Fore. . City park
which is electrically lighted.
Prep For Game.
The local eleven came uu: of it.,
licking in Charlotte last week pret
ty well bruised up by the husky
Queen City team but with their
spirits still high. No one expected
the inexperienced Morris eleven i0
have a chance’ with Charlotte's vet
eran squad. The local outfit shows
very much promise of being a be" -
ter eleven than the one last year,
but it will take time for it to de
velop due to the lack of experience
in the backfield and at several
points in the line.
The injury' of Duncan in the
; Charlotte game took an experienced
player from the lineup, but Casey
(Morris has more reserve line
strength to bolster up with than he
expected at the outset oi the sea
son. Doan Hullck former line play
er. and a brother to Bub, the util
ity lineman, is out for practice this
week and could, If he will, make a
valuable man.
The question mark, however, is n
the backfield. The line has strength
and will be hard to handle with the
experience of another game or so,
but in the backfield it is another
story. The backs are not only shy
on experience but in weight. Hub
ert (Bean Huffman's punting and
passing looked good in the Char
lotte game—and the boy can really
stick a toe in the pigskin-but the
running attack refused to click.
Perhaps it was because of the sup
eriority of the opposition and if
may get going at Forest City, but
that remains to be seen, Wilson
and Connor are both snake-hipped
speedsters and Purp Barrett is or
dinarily a good ground-gainer. Co
ordination of these with Huff
man's kicking and the .line play
may put the eleven on Its stride
Friday night,
Forest City lias a strong aggrega
tion and won its first night game
over Lenoir last week.
Any number of Shelby football
tans who are at work during the
week are expected to take advan
tage of the night play and see the
No Taxes Levied
By Robeson Town
Lumberton—Speaking oi taxes, as
evenbociy is doing these days, there
is a town in Robeson county that
levies no taxes whatever. Tin t
town Is McDonpld. population HI.
according to the 1930 census. H. r
Stacy, of the law firm of McLean
and Stacy of Lumberton. attorneys
for the Atlantic Coast Line railroao.
which runs through the town, wrote
to McDonald the other day to as
certain what that railroad's town
tax might be. and In reply. N. t.
Hall, clerk, wrote:
"We have not levied or collected
any tax In two years. There is not
any one else paying taxes, so the
: Coast Line will be treated the same
! way."
Quarterly Meeting
At Sharon Saturday
The fourth quarterly conference
will be held at Salem next Satur -
day at 2 o'clock. The official mem
bers of the circuit are urged to be
present. Preaching will be at El
Bethel Sunday at 11. The presiding
elder will preach at Salem at 3
o’clock Sunday.
ft L. FORBI6
Shelby Fans To See
Wake-Furman Game
Inn Strong Eleven* Meet At Ciaa
/ Ionia Saturday. Ticket* On
Sale Here.
A lar*r number of Shelby
and Cleveland county football
fans expect to see the clash at
Gastonia Salurdai afternoon
between Wake Forest and Fur
Both elevens have numerous
supporters in this section with
Wake backers outnumbering the
others. The Demon Deacons, their
supporters believe, are due to stage
a come-back Saturday.
Tickets On Sale.
Tickets for the game are on sale
in' Shelby at the Suttle drug store
on LaFayette street, or may be se
cured by writing or telephoning W
T. Spencer at Gastonia.
A dispatch from Gastonia says:
“All the preliminary preparations
have been made for the game which
is expected to draw a record crowd
in Gastonia. The stadium has been
marked off and all tickets corres
pond to marked seats. All the
bleacher section of the stadium has
been reserved. General admission
seats will be found in the covered
grandstand and in the bleacher
seats to be erected later, on the
east side of the field.
"Adding to the gayety of the oc
casion will be a parade and con
cert by the American Legion bugle
and drug corps. High school foot
ball players will act as ushers in
seating the people in the bleacher
“All the broken seats In t.He stad
ium have been repaired and every
thing will be In apple pie order by
the day of the game,
"Committees on publicity, decora
tion and advertising are hard at
work. Every department of the
chamber of commerce is function
ing perfectly and harmoniously in
staging this college game. If this
game goes over big, others may b»
expected in later years.”
If you have the right idea of ad
vertising, you will not expect a two
dollar space to bring you a thous
and dollars worth of business.
Jving* Mtn. Defeats
Lowell in First Game
King.-. Mountain, Sept. 28. -The j
Kings Mountain high football team,!
playing their first game of the sea
son at Spteawav parte nere Friday
afternoon, defeated the Lowell highs
by the score of 13 to 7, The team.-,
were evenly matched and the game
was hard fought throughout. Neith
er side scored until the second
quarter when Collins local fullback
intercepted a pass and ran 50 yards
for a touchdown, The local scored
again In the third qquarter. In a
desperate effort to win the game ir
the last quarter the visitors resort
ed to an aerial attack which netted
them one touchdown in the last few
minutes of play.
Collins, local fullback was the In
dividual star of the game. Both
teams made a number of fumbles
The locals play their second game
here next Friday with the Chflfslde
highs as their opponents.
Married Women To
Lose Railway Joba
Portsmouth, Ohio.—1The Norfolk
and Western railroad announced
here that after October 1 it would
not employ any married women in
its clerical positions or other ser
ice. It also said that hereafter the
marriage of any woman employe
automatically would sever her con
nection ■with the railroad.
Uncle Sam’s Stocks
Of Gold Is Decreased
New York.—Uncle Sams stock of
gold decreased nearly *52.000,000
today. ..' ' ""
The daily statement of the Fed
eral Reserve bank of New York
showed that $20,453,600 in gold was
withdrawn for export, and stocks of
tire metal earmarked for foreign
account increased *31.500,000, which
is equivalent to the export of that
10 Room House on 7
Acre Lot. Can be Made
into Hotel and Dairy—
'tou will want a home
there—finally. Why not
buy a lot now?
Proprietor of Poplar
Park Estates.
The Best Is Yet'
To Come
Enthusiastic Crowds Literally Stormed The Fair
Grounds Yesterday To See And Enjoy The
Greatest Fair Cleveland County
Has Ever Presented To Its People
The crowds are increasing by the hour! The news h&f
gone out that Cleveland County is this year showing the
Agricultural Exhibits
Come Thursday,
Friday * Saturday
If you want some solid relief from your daily cares,
leave your troubles behind and join the merry crowds
that thrill to the sights on the glorious midways of North
Sarolina’s most famous Fair. Treat yourself to a full
ay of entertainment and educational amusement at
Only 25c Admission Charge

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