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    Oak Grove News
Of Current Wee!;
Dtarie Goforth In Hospital. Child
Has Diphtheria. Class
(Special to The Star !
Oak Grow, Nov. 4.—Mrs, Blanche
Phillips entertained her Sunday
snhool class with a Hallowe'en
party Saturday night at her home
Among those enjoying the occasion
were Misses Georgia and Elolse
Fnrbts, Claudia Devenny. Veola
Blanton, Gertrude Iiedford and
Mary Wright: Messrs Harlan De
venny, Lyman Charvilon., Robert
Porbls, Zeb Leonard and Thelmar
Gamble, Albert White, Blaine De
venny and Colin Blanton
We ate. sorry to learn that little
Haskel Bell, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Claudie Bell Is very sick with diph
Misses Claudia Devenny and Ve
ola Blanton. Messrs Blaine Dcvenny
and Oolin B’anton attended a corn
liusltlng at. Mr. Frank Gamble's of
the Beth-Ware'community Monday
Mr. Pressley Ledford of Gastonia
spent Saturday nteht with his
cousin Mr. Evcrette Ledford.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lovelace and
Mrs. James Ware attended the Cltv
B. Y. P. XT. union at the Plrf.t
church, Kings Mountain. Sunday.
Miss Mildred Howell spent Sat
urday night with Miss n-illfe Mae
Quite a number of people of this
community attended the Hallowe’en
party at Brth-Wa-e school Friday
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Blanton and
children wrt-e the dinner guests of
Mr. ard Mrs. Q. V. Philbfrk Sun
Mr. Dixie Goforth Is In the She!
William Powell
Flaming love under
a tropic moon.
— 10c and 25r —
! by hospital with a fractured skull
j as a result of an automobile acci
dent last week. His condition Was
I thought to be very serious, but he
is somewhat better now.
! Bethlehem Section
! News Of The Week
(Special to The Stor.)
1 Bethlehem. Nov. 5.—Miss Gladys
. ".labefe spoilt the week-end with
’■cr sister Mrs. Rush Dixon of Dal
j Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McSwain spent
Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Lola
Mrs. J. T. McDaniel and daugh
ters, Bca. le and Julia, Mr. and
| Mrs. Ed Stewart and family, Mis., Bookout were the dlnnei
guests of Mr. and Mrs. w. P Hern
don Sunday.
Miss Grace Dixon of Dallas spen'
Sunday with Mtss Irene Dixon. |
Mi s Alma Bridges la visiting |
friends in Shelby.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Harmon anti
'sons. Junior and Joe Lee, were the
| guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Har
mon Sunday.
Mr. Albert White spent Sunday
with Dntha McDaniel.
: Mr. and Mr::. Rush Dlxcn of D&l
1 las spent Sunday with Mr. and
j Mrs. J. P. Rlatock.
Mr, and Mrs. J, D. Montgomery
I pent 8unday In Blacksburg with
j friends.
Misses Sarah Little. Pearl Kerr of
, Kings Mountain spent Sunday with
, Misses Plceoln anti Gladys Blalork.
j Mrs. Robert Howell is real sick.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McDaniel spent
I Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
, Mrs. r. T Ledford.
; Mr. and Mrs,, A. V. Watterson an 1
; "on. .limes, were the guests oT Mr
r.nd Mrs J n. Watterson Frida"
1 night.
Lutheran Church
Sunday Notices
Lutheran church of the Ascension,
Hey. N. D. Yount, pastor, Twenty
third Sunday after Trinity.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock, a lit
tle time well spent.
Morning worship li o'clock, sub
ject, “Relationship of Church and
Luther league, 6 o'clock, subject,
“Making World Peace Permanent,"
Evening worship, 7 o'clock, sub
ject, "Citlzrnshtn.”
Our slogan. "Every Member on
time every time." our welcome, sin
cere all the time. These services are
held in tlx* Episcopal church, South
LsiFrtyotto street. Come.
Full Pound
Wrapped Loaf
SjjB” BEANS can SC
SSup” Cocoa 1 c.m' ISc
Crispo Fig Bars it. 10c
8 o'Clock Cofree m. 19c
pkg. 17c
No. 2
No. :
Apple SauceFA.tPyNc.„2 IQc
Pink Sainton can ioc
3 Pkgs. 25c
8*0z. 15C Pint 25c
Oranges, j Ofw
Dozen, 16c and ^UC
Grapefruit, o p*
6 for __ £OC
APPLES — StaymanV
Winesaps, r% r
6 lb. __ZOC
Lettuce, -■
2 heads_ IOC
Pound _
Pure Pork
Sausage, lb. __
Large Frank i n 1
furters. lb. ._ IL2 C
Sliced, lb. ..
Pork Chops,
Pound _
Sliced Boiled
Hams, lb.
| «*5r Atlantic & Pacific £
Boiling Springs
1 News Of interest
(Book Cult Meet*. Mr. Hold Imply
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Blanton
Have Nerv Son.
• special to The Star, i
Boiling Springs, Nov. 5. M;
; badd Hamrick was a most charm
ing hostess to the PhilsonUm Bo ;.-:
jclub, the college faculty nnd sevci.u
(other guests at her home Tucsda:
j afternoon.
The lovely home was arran, •t
with a prolusion of yellow and
white chrysanthemums. The bu.-h
ness meeting was presided over by
Mrs. B. M. Jar.ett. The new books
(or the coming year were distribut
ed to the members and some regu
lations regarding their circulation
were made- This club decided to
! sponsor a silver tea lor the oene
j fit of the Junior college In the near
j luture.
I Two interesting and well written
j papers on "Art and Music in North
Carolina were read by Mrs. O. P.
Hamrick and Mias Evelyn Higgins.
The hostess served a delicious salad
course with tea and sweets.
Halloween Party.
Misses Hosalyn and Daisy Rea
| Pruette entertained quite a larva
crowd of their friends- with a lovely
Hallowe'en party Wednesday ev
ening. The decorations cleverly car
ried out the idea of the season,
i leaves, fall flowers, pumpkins and
decorations of witches and black
cats were used.
Games and contest* were enjoyed
until a late hour. Delicious refresh
ments were served.
Mr. and Mrs Odus Moore and
family of Laurintsburg spent Satur
day with Mr. and Mrs. John Moore.
Dr. Kneece of the Panama Canal
zone spent Sunday here with his
sister Miss Eunice Kneere, denn of
women of the Junior college
Miss Canady of the Asheville
school system spent the week end
with her sister, Miss Flora Canady
of the college faculty.
Mrs. J. R. Greene Is spending
several days in Gaston I* with her
daughter Mrs. Arthur McClure.
Mr. and Mrs. Ostave Hamrick
and family spent a few days of
this week in the mountains with
Mr. Leon Hamrick. , Miss Mildred
Hftmrlck of Henrietta spent Thurs
day evening with Miss Thelma Jol
Friends of Mr. R. t>. Hord •will
be glad to learn that lie is Improv
ing rapidly.
Mr. James Bridges visited rela
tives and friends In High Point and
Goldsboro and Norfolk, Va„ last
Mrs. P. A. Pearson has been 111
for several days but is improving
Born to Mi-, and Mrs, Garrison
Blanton a fine son. Z. B. mother
and baby are getting along nicely.
Mr. and M~s. J. H. Jones and
family and Miss Ruby Silver motor
ed to Lake Lure Sunday afternoon.
The primary department of the
Sunday school had a Hallowe’en
party Tuesday afternoon at the
Games were played, fortunes were
told. The children enjoyed the
party to the fullest. Refreshments
suggestive of Hallowe'en season
were served.
A famous cartoonist, recently de
ceased, was a chevalier of the
French Legion of Honor for n car
toon published during the war. It
means nothing, except to illustrate
how foreign governments use al
leged “honors'* to compliment Amer
icans who are silly enough to be
lieve that they we worth having.
Dempsey's Next?
, .Mck DcinpM j, who was rrrently
: (.Ivorcrd at Ktnii from Estelle Tay
: lor, will marry Levon Vincent, for
mer beauty prize winner at the Uni
versity of Utah, according to rumors
current in Salt Lakr City. Dempsey
| recently went on a hunting trip
with the girl’s father, Joe G. Vin
cent, .Utah financier and sportsman.
Card of Thanjks.
We Wish to thunk all the friends
for their kindness shown during
1 the sickness and death of our de-!
! voted husband and son and espec-1
; ially, Mrs. Clarence Morrison.
Mrs. L, W. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Barrett!
Under uni by vlrtu« o» an order of re j
| sale made iry the clerk or the superior <
I cm ft of Cleveland county, N. c, in spe- i
(cial proceedings No. 1869. untitled' ‘ N. B
j Gladden. administrator of T W. Glad
I den, deceased, and N. B Oledden, per
sonally, _ and wife, Lill e Gladden, et al
[vs. Palmer McSwaln, Id1. Mac McSwain
[Day McSwalh, it ad William McSwain
! minors/* I. as commissioner, will resell
ut the court house <Joor, in Shelby, N. C.,
Friday, Drcrmber 1th. 1931, at 12 M..
i t public auction, to the hlghet bidder,
the following three pieces or parcels of
land, lying and being in No. 3 township.
Cleveland county! N C, adjoining the
lands of James R Dover. L C.' Camp,
and others, and more particularly describ
ed as follows: I
First Tract: Beginning at a stake in'
the intersection of the Shelby-Patterson
Spring'; road and the Old Post road, and
runs thence with the Grover road 8
26-55 E. AGO feet to a stake in center of
said ro'ad, D. C. Camp’s corner; thenc'
with his line 80-25 E. 1430 feet to a pop
bvr slump, his corner: thence with L. C
Camp and others’ line N. 3-40 E. 1145
feet to u post oak. Beam and* Camp's
corner: thence with Beam’s line N, 75-33
w. reel to an non Make in renter
of post Toad; thence with said road the
following course: S 37*30 W. 372 feet
3 25-25 W. 424 feet to ti«e beginning, con
taining 43:75 acres
Second Tract: Beginning at a stake in
tins intersection of the Shelly-Patterson
I Springs -road with the old post road, and
runs thence with post, road the following
[courses. N. 25-05 £ 424 feet, N 37-30 E.
372 feet to a stake In center of Post
road. Allen's corner; thence with Allen's
line N. 74-50 W. 778 feet to an iron stake,
Allen's corner; thence 3. 23-85 W 154
feet to a *take In center of Bhelby-Pat
teraon Springs road; thence with said
road 8 28-25 E. 844 feet to the beginning,
containing 7.56 acres.
inira iract: Beginning et the inter
section of the Shelby-Patfcerson Springs
road with the post road, and runs thence,
with the Shelby road, N. 28-35 W. 237.!S
feet to a stake In center of said road;
thence with Dover's line. 8. 8 7-40 W 53 f
feet to an iron stake, Dover's corner in
Hi fibers’ line; thence with Blggers and
Logan's line. 8. 23-05 W. 749 feet to an
iron stake. W. A Gladdens corner; thence,
with his Une. 8. 84 E. 334 feet to a
stake. McSwain’e corner; thence with his
line, N. 21-15 E. 200 feet to a stake, his
corner; thence with McSwain’s Une. €. 81
E 450 feet to a cement post in the old
road, McSwiiln's corner: thence with said
old road. N. 17-15 E. 410 feet to the be
ginning containing 10.47 acres.
The bids for the three tracts, as a
whole, now stands at $3,370.00 and the
bidding at this sale will start at thi;
Terms of Sale: One-third cash on day
of sale, one-third payable in one year and;
the remainder in two years from date o
sale. With interest from date at 6 percent
per annum, with the privilege to the pur
chaser of paying all the purchase price
on confirmation of sale, title to the prop
erty to be reserved until all the purchase
price is paid.
This the 4th dav of November. 1931.
N B. GLADDEN. Commissioner
Quinn, Hamrick and Harris, Attorneys.
it Nov 0
, Announcement was made todsv
I that the educational department of
| the Pacific Whaling Co., would pre
sent its mammoth whale exhibit j
ihere next Wednesday and Thurs- 1
day. The huge monster of the deep [
: weighs 68 tone, and measures 55 L
| feet in length. The last relic of the 1
' prehistoric age and largest thing I
I that ever lived on land or in the
sea will be accompanied by Cap
tains Harry White and William N.
Smith, who lecture at short Inter
vals. The whale will be located on
[the Southern Railway tracks at
West Warren street. Admission for
' adults is 25 cents, and Children 10 '
cents. The price has been cut in
(half in keeping with the times
Mt. Sinai News
Of Curr:nt Week
\ _
j Every Member (invm Class Now
Underway. Cortv Sharking At
Clary Home.
(Special to The Star.)
i Mount Sinai, Nov. 3.—The every
nicmber canvass is being taught th's
week at Mount Sinai church very
successfully by Prof. O. P. Ham
rick of Boiling Springs. Our pastor
Rev. J. L. Jenkins, is present in
these meetings each night at seven
o'clock. The committee appointed
to sec the people is composed of
Miss Ocie Harrill, Messrs. L. Y
and L. R. Putnam, We&b Hunt, R.
O. Ellis and Coran Rollins. Those
visiting at the service from other
places Sunday night were: Messrs.
[Winchester and J. A. Hallman of
No. 3 high school faculty; William
Spangler, Joe Austell, William and
Clarence Tinner, Theinon Ponder
and C. Q. Lavendar of Earl, Minor
Williams of Patterson Springs.
A corn shucking was given Mon
day night at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Cleatus Clary. After the corn
was shucked a bountiful supper was
served to all.
Mr. Perry White who has been
seriously sick for the past few days
continues about the same. We hope
for him a speedy recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Weaver of
Gaffney, S. C. visited Mrs. Docie
Rollins awhile Sunday. They were
enroute to Shelby to visit Mr. Wea
ver’s mother, Mrs. Winfield Weaver
who is seriously ill.
Mrs. Clyde Key and two children
of Kings Mountain is spending this
week with her parents Mr. and Mrs
W. D. Hardin
Miss Ocie Putnam, Messrs. Gay,
Sam and Aryil Putnam visited Mrs.
Rella Dysart near Swalnsville Mon
Miss Agnes Weaver, a senior in
Boiling Springs college, was the at
tractive week-end guest of Miss
Edna Putnam.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hamrick and
children of Flint Hill were spend
the-day guests of Mr. and Mrs. S
A. Clary Sunday.
Mrs. W. N. Weaver and children,
Darcus, Ralph and Elijah were din
ner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs 1
Rome Haynes near Morganton.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Ellis Misses
Nell Ellis and Rena McSwain were
Sunday afternoon callers in the
Swalnsville section visiting Mrs
Jini Humphries and Mrs. Rella Dy
Mrs. j. d. Branton or Shelby
spent last week with her mother,
Mrs. Docie Rollins.
Messrs. Bob Jones and Wilburn
Putnam of Lattimore visited Mr
and Mrs. L. C. Putnam Friday aft
ernoon of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hamrick
and family ot^tMron spent awhile
Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. Rogers. *v
Father Injures GtrL
Coldwater, Mich.-—Barbara Jean
2, was seriously injured fey an anto
driven bj*V her father, Milo H
Notice U hereby given that t have this
day qualified «s administrator of the es
tate of W P. Gate, deceased of Cleveland
county, N. C, and that all persons hold
Ing claims against the said estate wtl
present same to me properly proven on
or before the 16th day of October. 1933, oi
this notice will be pleaded In bar of any
recovery thereof. All persons Indebted ti
the said estate will please make tmmed
late settlement to the undersigned. Tni:
October 30th, 1931
Re B. KEISTER, Administrator o
W. P. Gale, deceased. St O 30t
Having quallfted on October 28th, 1931,
as administratrix of the estate of John
R. Dover, deceased, late of Cleveland
county, N. C„ this is to notify all per
sons having claims against the estate oi
said deceased to exhibit them duly veri
fied to the undersigned at Shelby, N. C ,
on or before October 30. 1932, or thh
notice will be pleaded in bar of their re- I
covery. I All persons Indebted to said es
tate will please make Immediate payment
This October 30th. 1931.
ELLA T. DOVER, Administratrix
of the Estate of John R. Dover
R.vburn & Hoey, Attys. 6t Oct 30<
-- - ■ i
Notice is hereby given that I have this
day qualified an administrator of the es
tate of Jonathan Greene, deceased late
of Cleveland county, North Carolina and
that all persons holding claims against
the said estate will present same to me
properly proven on or before the 21«t day
of October, 1932. or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of any recovery thereoi.
All persons Indebted to the said estate
will please make Immediate settlement to
the undersigned This Oct. 21. 1931.
J. J. PRUETT, Bolling Springs. Ad
ministrator. Jonathan Greene, de
ceased. 6t Oct 23p
Under and by virtue of the authority
contained In that certain deed of trust,
executed by J. G. Dudley, Jr„ and wife
Maybelle Dudley, to the undersigned trus
tee, said deed of trust being dated Apri
30tY 1930 and recorded In the office o
the Register ot Deeds for Cleveland Co
N. C , In Book No. ISO at page 145. se
curing an indebtedness to the Shelby and
Cleveland County B L. Assn, default
having been made m the payment of ah
indebtedness. 1 will on
at 12:00 o'clock, noon, or within legs
hours, at the Court House Door In She!
by. N. C. sell to the highest bidder fc
cash at-public auction that certain lot o
land, lying and being in No. 6 Township
Cleveland Co.. N, C„ and bounded as fol
Being a part of the M L. Borden
property, subdivided and sold by tha C>
clone Auction company as shown on map
of said subdivision made bv J A Will.:
Surveyor, and recorded tn the Register o,
Deeds office. Cleveland county, N C., u
Plat Book No. .2 at page 3, refetence to
which map is made for a full and com
Plate description.
Being Lot No, ! in Block "A or the
south side of Highway No. 20 Beginning
st an iron stales on the south sine n?
Highway No 20 and runs thanes N «7 w.
*2 feet to a stale: thence 8- 31 l-l w.
•** !«t to a stake, thence 8- U 3-A 1. 23
feet t« an iron stake: thence N J1 i-t
1- 190 feet to the Beginning
This Oct. 22nd, 1931 «t-Oet-23i
JNO P MULL, Trustee
State Submits Road
Map To Uncle Sam
Raleigh, Nov. 3.—N.rth Carolina
| lies submitted to the Federal gov
| ernment for Its acceptance a 4.200
i mile map which the state Is pro
(posing as the federal aid road sys
! tem in North Carolina. Acceptance
by the United State Bureau of
Pub Roads, would mean that the
restrictions heretofore thrown j
around federal funds expended
by the state would be materially
~ ' ~ “ i
Corn Husking Champion.
Litchfield, Minn.—Silas Unflahl, i
won hla fourth corn husking eham ■ j
plonship by husking a net load oij
1251 pounds In eighty minutes.
As we see it, the time is about
ripe for Shelly people to trade a;
home, co-operate with each othe<
and get together to make this mun
icipality succeed.
See Your Druggist.
— Cotton Buyer —
Rowland H. Ouzts
Wallpapers for the Most
PHONE 564 — BOX 153
Getting Up
Nights Lowers Vitaln^r
Ir you feel old and run-down from
Getting Up Nights, Backache, JL#eg!
Bains, Stiffness, Nervousness, Circles
Under Eyes. Headaches, Burning and
Bladder Weakness, caused by Kid
ney Acidity. I want you to quit suf
fering right now. Come tn and get
what I think is the greatest med
icine 1 have ever found It often
----- - * v IWUHU, At UUt'Q
Klves big improvement in 24 hours.
Juat ask me for Cystex (Sisa-tex).
It a only 75c and I guarantee it to
quickly combat these conditions and
satisfy completely, or return emptr
package find get your money back*
A ni:in who says his name is Horn, and claims to
represent me, is going over the country claiming to he
a piano tuner.
This is to sav I know nothing of this man and will
not be responsible for his operations.
——MM III —
In Your Next Cake
Use K C Bakins Powder and notice the fint
texture and large volume.
Because of its high leavening strength you use
less than of high priced brands and arc assured of
perfect results in using
25 ounces for 25c
It's Double Acting
k Mail this coupon with 4c in stamps lor postage
I and packing and you will receive the KC Cook's
» Book containing over 90 tested recipes.
and packing and you will receive the KC
containing over 90 tei
Enclosed Rnd 4c in stamps, nail the
Cook's Book to
-1. i'i ii ii i) i.
Drawn Shades
Won’t Sell Goods
\ OU say you don’t draw the shades in your show windows. Well,
DO you draw the shades in the biggest window of them all, in
the window that everyone sees, in the window that sells thousands
of dollars worth of merchandise overnight? That window is the
advertising pages of The Cleveland Star.
A window which doesn’t wait for prospective buyers to pass hv, w
but goes right into their homes and demands attention. Give
your merchandise the sort of display it deserves. The public won’t
buy what it doesn’t know about, no matter how strong the in
ducements, or how big the bargain. The Cleveland Star show
window should be YOUR show' window'.
Cleveland Star
Cheapest Paper Per Copy of Any Local Newspaper In
North Carolina.

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