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    Morrison Speaks
At Rutherfordton
12.000 Hoar Senator Praise Wood
row Wilson and League Of
Rutlicrfordton, Nov 11.— More
than 12,000 people enjoyed the Ar
mistice celebration held here to
day, sponsored by the American
legion. The weather w;us perfect.
The mile-long parade featured' the
opening oX the celebration.
Supt. B. P Caldwell, of CHfXsidt
school*, Introduced Senator Cam
eron Mormon as me man who
made possible a ribbon of concrete
•cross North Carolina.
Senator Morrison was at ht.s best
find praised the league of nations
and Woodrow Wilson. He said wil
cou wa* the most protound scholar
and thinker of the age. After the
World war, Wilson organised the
world for peace and, all leading na
tions Joined the league except the
United States and Mexico. Wilson
organized a sensible plan to pre
rent war. continued Mr. Morrison.
Five hundred und sixty soldiers
were given free dinner at noon by
the legion auxiliary.
Ruthcrfordton-Spindale defeated
Tryon high cchooi in football 13 to
0. Jack Cunningham, . of High
Point, defeated Anibros Taylor
'both negroes* in the sixth round
In boxing before 5,000 people.
A packed house heard the fid
dlers’ convention tonight.
The only serious accident report
ed was the death of Thomas Wilk
erson, negro, of Chimney Rock, who
was killed on highway 20 at noon
when his car turned over. - Clyde
Ledbetter, white, of Chimney Rock,
who was with Wtlkerson, was ser
iously wounded. Fast driving was
reported to be the cause of the
— Cotton Buyer —
Rowland H. Ouzts
Wallpapers for tlir Most
PHONK 561 — BOX 153
40 Y9arS
MIUIONSOF pounds used
time you are out
of fix as the result of ir
regular or faulty bowel
movement, try Thedford’s
Black-Draught for the re
freshing relief it gives
thousands of people who take it.
Mr. E. W. Cecil, a construction super
intendent in Pulaski. Va.. says:
When I get con
stipated. my head aches, and I
have that dull, tired feeling—just
not equal to my work. I don't
feel hungry and I know that 1
need something to cleanse my
system, so I take Black-Draught.
We have found it a great help.”
Sold in 25-cent packages.
WOMEN who are run-down, or sut
ler every month, should take Car
, aul. Used for over SO years, t itv»
Wizard Control Features
New Line of Buick Cars
The new Buick Kight for 1932, in
troducing “Wizard Control,” a fea
ture that embodies principles never
before employed in automobile eng!
fleering, is now be inn presented at
every Buick dealer's showroom in the
country. This new feature is declared
to ho the greatest automotive achieve
ment since the self-starter.
Wizard Control results from a new
method of ear control through the. use
of an automatic clutch, power
operated and controlled by a iloor
button, with free wheeling and a new
syncro-mesh transmission with silent
second gear.
Buick's 1932 presentation includes
an extensive variety cf twenty-six body
models, on four different chassis, with
wheelbase dimensions of 114, 118, 12f>
and 134 inches, respectively. This is
the most completeline that, Buick has
ever offered at one t ime. The modish,
smart Fisher bodies are extremely
low-slung and graceful in Appearance,
with a host of interior and exterior
refinements, including parking lamps
on front fenders, pointer type speed
ometer, inside adjustable' sunshade,
new hardware and interior trim. New
exterior improvements include new
radiator, new hood with door type
ventilators, two h^rns mounted on
lamp bracket?, two tail lamps mounted
on rear fenders and new single bar
There is a newly-developed ride
regulator, easily and instantly oper
ated by a handle on the steering
column, which enables the driver to
i obtain riding comfort on any kind of
I road, at any speed and with any
number of pagscnger.i. Setting a new ;
trend is the new instrument board
w’ith all of the instruments groujied at
the left, directly under the eyes of the
| driver, and made extremely visible
through the use of the new three-spoke :
; steering wheel. The right of the in- :
i! trument panel has been converted
j into a commodious compartment.
The new valve-in-head straight
eight engines offer optional high com
pression. The cars are equipped with
improved starting, carburetion and
fuel supply system, improved oil tem
perature regulator and a new vacuum '
pump giving positive windshield wiper
action at all speeds.
Vacuum from the intake manifold, !
always available when the engine is
running, operates the automatic
clutch. It is controlled by a touch
of the foot upon the floor button,
making possible smooth gear shifting
without use of the clutch pedal, with
instantaneous change back and fcrth
from free wheeling to conventional
control, as desired.
The conventional clutch pedal is
retained, and yet it need not be used
in shifting gears unless the driver so
desires, save when making a cold
start or perhaps when parking in
dose quartern. Free wheeling is ob
tained simply by depressing the
button and releasing the accelerator.
Release the button or depress the
accelerator, and the clutrh engages
a^ain, making positive connection
with the engine.
Students Form
Debating Club
In City School
Society Formed For Purpose O!
Training .Students To Express
Their Thoughts.
(Caleb McSwaln, Reporter.!
Students cvf Shelby high .school
together with the assistance and
cooix'ration of Misses Jetter and
Mulholland. both of whom hate had
very valuable debating experience,
have formed a v^y luteresting de
bating club. Tlh‘ debating club l.s
to be called the J. C. MoNecly De
battng club. In deference to Mi
Mi'Neely's award of five dollar, to
the best debater in the cli'b.
The club was formed for tne pur
pose of training students to reason
intelligently, and to express tlien
own thoughts clearly and forceful
ly. Shelby representatives in the
triangular debate to be held in
February, will very probably be se
lected from the members of this
club. Misses Jetter and MuU'oimnd
are debate coaches. Each has muen
knowledge of debating. gained
through practical accompllshmu.t,
and each is a very capable debate
leader. Officers of the club arc
these: Edwins Oidney. president;
Esther Ann Quinn, vice president;
Bill Baley, secretary; Bill Bicad
wny, treasurer; Caleb Mc3wa!-. <■>
Meeting Held,
A meeting of the debating society
was held Wednesday morning n<
11:50. A very interesting debate
was held at this meeting. The query
of the debate was •'Resolved. That
all honor roll studeids should b<- al
lowed to go home the third or x.xth
period, provided they have made the
honor roll the preceding month.’'
Those representing the affirmative
side wen- Joe Blanton and Caleb
McSwnln; those representing the
negative side were Esther Ann
Quinn and Sarah Williams Many:
interesting points of arguments we. •
presented by eacli side Student:
judges declared the affirmative side;
to be the w inner of the debate. Tney i
also declared the individual win- I
net to be Caleb McSwain.
An effort will be made to have de-j
bating news published each Friday j
afternoon in this newspaper The
debating society holds regular meet
ings each Wednesday morning at
11:50 and the public is cordially in
vited to attend any or all of thej
The average jail sentence impos
ed in southern Ohio for a dry law j
offense is 122 days.
Motor trucks on Ohio faims have]
| increased from 7.319 in 1920 to 39,- j
; 201 In 1930.
Having c£u%.Sitt«d as administrator* of
the estateBarbara C Beam, deceesea.
late of Cleveland county, North Carolina,
this is to notify all persons having claims
afamat the estate of said deceased to ex
hibit them to the underlined on or
before November 2nd 1035, or this notice
*rtll be pleaded m bar of their recovery
All persons indebted to said estete will
please make immediate payment
Th:s 30th day of October. 1931.
* inirntfimor?
4 B> u«*a E Weathers, Atty.
at No*.
Nohody’s j
The Advent of the Top Buggy
When Pa drove up to the house
■ that October evening in 18 and SC
with that top buggy tied onto the
hack end of his 2-horse wagon, one
happy Ma and 9 screaming chil
dren ran out to hug him. Were we
all happy? Take my word for it.
we were.
Pa had sold 4 bale* of cotter,
that day for nearly o cents ■ a
pound, and he decided that he
would Invest £ of them in a top
buggy. I have never sent a thing
more beautiful than that vehicle;
red wheels, side spring . black
body (called chassis now), a shiny
jet top that glistened like unto a
new silver dollar -and everything.
Bill. Joe and l unhooked the I
shaft - from the. wagon and gut be
tween them and before we knew;
what we had done, we found that
we had trotted nearly a mile up tin
road. When wc stopped to get our
breath, we glanced bad; and there
sat 7 or 8 of our brothers and sis
ters u-riding -having used its for
their horses. Wo made them ‘-puli'
us back home.
That buggy had line sprint’
cu. liious in it and a whip socket
with a nice, long whip in it—that
Pa Used on its many tines there
after to our sorrow and soreness hi
a certain place. But after sitting it
the buggy (all of us) till about P
o'clock that nigiu, we "siioo-ed'
the chickens put of the wagon
shed and told them, to roost else
where hence-forward and forever
which they didn't do, we kissed that
lovely wheeled contraption good
night and went to bed full of Joy
ami buttermilk.
We selected old "Pete for oui
chief buggy mule, As he had never
hitched to a buggy, we almost tore
the harness up and whipped him
to death before we got him fully
attached. Then 6 of us boys led him
a few miles till he got acclimated
to it. He looked like a new mule
alter we got him trimmed up a)
both ends and in hi; ears and
washed his "hunches" off with lye
soap. We got st.’” ' skimmtngs otf
of the dishwater in the kitchen and
greased hLs hair real good, and
man. that mule was in the race
horse class—and how he shined
The children didn't get to ride
in that buggy very much Every
fourth Sunday, our regular preach
ing day, we'd all go to church, but
Pa and Ma and 2 or 3 of the babies
rode in the top buggy and the rest
of tis trotted along behind them ir
a I-mule wagon with a big bitggv
umbrella over u>. We took good
care of the conveyance for a long
time We kept the harness in the
parlor-room for several months—
where chickens and other animals
couldn't ruin them
When we drove iliat"' 4-whet 1
palace down the road the first
time, everybody knew that the Mi
Oeea had arrived. We had tlie fir t
top buggy, and tire first organ, and
tire first bureau with a looking -
glass, and the first swinging lamp,
and the first pair of gold specks,
and the first patented churning
machine that ever came into our
township. Yep, wc were leaders
back then, but we are being led
now—by the Joneses
flat rock locals
nils, sable pattlca had a bad ax
rident to her baby one night la
week while It was in her lap. it
seems, that she dropped some, ctga
retie nshe. in little suilic's eye:-,
and a tlrrote specialist had to come
out from town 10 get thorn out
both mother and baby are resth.v
tli- foot ball game last Fruit',
betwixt flat rock and cedar laiv
toidcd in a tie, and it will haftet
b.‘ played off next saddy. the scon
tpod 12S to 129 when it was called
inner count of night, but thev
claimed that flat rork got only 125
a'Iso, and a: yore corry spondent
was keplng the score, he give in and
salted it a tie, as it looked like ?
fight or a lie one.
borned lo tnesdames Judy smith
dul Sudie brown, a baby, as follow
ers: a boy by the latter and a girt
by the farmer, and they will oncer
-O the names of joe and effle. they
lived 5$ by having the tame doc
tor waif on them at the same time,
and they are now glad that they
rented places in the same depart
ment house, and this has teeohed
hem sum.’ economy, they, will be
•emembered as judy green and
uidie long befuar they were niar
a big candy pulling was hell by
-he hale girls in honner of 2 vissi
:ur.i from tigersvllle and they will
stay over till Monday, as the said
randy pulling on frlday night give
them a chance to meet some of our
fine boys ami they foamed to their
mamma what they had done, and
she told them to stay on a while
longer by all means, and have
a-mu her candy pulling if neccesarv
lo see the boys again- the ha'e girl.:
always make it pleasant for army
conrpany.that might see fit to come
to see them when their daddy ic
off from home, as he is now, and
they don't know where.
inr botLs had the misfortune to
have his outhouse blowed over bv
the recent windstorm, but ire hat
placed came back now and while he
was repairing it. he put a new do v
to it and cut 2 three-clovers in It
and painted it green, it will cer
tainly add a right smart to his
wife’s flower garden which is in
her back yard, she will not want a
lillie pond now, as she lias got one
improvement made at last.
there is no serious .sickness in
our mist at presseut. old mra. lively
thinks she has the t. b, but she
has benn tleaking so for 25 year?,
there is some cancer and llvyer
troubble around us. but the indian
doctor seems to be taking good car*
of same, if anny of them die be -
foar next wek, i will rite or foam
a nice obituwerry in tor you to
print about their remains
yores trulie,
mike Clark, rfd.,
corry spondent.
A fish lives 33 years in a water
tank for horses and cattle at the
farm of Noah Baker, Greenville, O
attaining a weight of four pounds.
North Carolina, Cleveland County?
In the Superior Court. Before the Clerk.
J. L. Mlen^ Executor et al, Petit toners
Julia Alien, et ftl.
To Besue Allen lUpp- tleorgia A.
Nance and husband Aver Nance, Cletus
Randall and wife. Florence Randall, Vic
tor Randall and wife, I orene Randal’.
Violet Randall Broom and hmband, Miles
Broom. Nannie Randall Norman dnd hus
band, Gilbert Norman, 1V» R. Q'SUlit
van and husband W. B OSullivan.
Take notice that a special proceeding;
entitled .. . above hat been commenced be
fore the clerk of superior court for
Cleveland county for the purpose of sail
ing real estate for assets and partition,
in which real estate you have an inter
est; and you will further take notice you,
and ra h of you, arc required to appear
n the office of the cteTk of superior court
on or before day o£ November. 1631,
or within 40 days from the first public*
< on of this notice, and answer or demur
>o the petition tiled in the office of the
clerk of superior court of Cleveland
county, N. c or the relief prayed for
will be granted.
This the ?«th day of October. 1631
CHAS WOODSON, Deputy Clerk
Superior Court. it 10-26e
B T Falla, A tty
VVoolnorth Building.
Eyes. Examined, Glasses Fitted
And Repaired.
Ila>e Your Eyes Examined
Regular I v
DRS. H. D. & R. L.
Office Over Paul Webb &
Son’s Orug Store.
Wheat Kinj!
Arthur William Cutten I above),
grain operator, is believed to have
played a prominent part In the
raging hull market that swept
wheat steadily un on the Chicago
Board of Trade during the last
few week*. In 192*. when Cutten
held 15,000,000 bushels of wheat, he
profited to the extent of $12,000,
000, Known as a "man of mystery,’
Cutten Is the leading grain opera
tor on the Chicago board.
The navy plans to plumb a hugs
trough in the bottom of the sea
some 1,000 miles long by some 00
miles wide. This is in Cuba,
Two Meals Day Best
For Stomach Trouble
Skip one meal and drink
stead. Wash out stomach and bow
els each morning by drinking water
with spoonful of symple glycerin,
buckthorn bark, Saline compound
(Called Adlerika).
Adlerika brings out poisons you
never thought were in your system
If you are nervous, can't sleep, full
of gas, it will surprise you. Adlerika
contains no harmful drugs. Get it
today; by tomorrow you feel the
wonderful effect of this German
doctor's remedy. Paul Webb and
Son, Druggist
By virtue of a deed of trust executed
by Julian C. Hord and wife. Lesbia Hord,
dtiled August 26th, 1930. securing an in
debtedness due to J. A. Horn, the said
deed of trust recorded in book 163 page
285, of the register's office of Cleveland
county N. C., and default In said in
debtedness having been made and being
requested bv the holder of same to fore
close. I. as trustee, will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash
at the court house, door In Shelby. N. C.,
at 12 o'clock M . on
Monday, December 7th, 1931,
All the right, title and interest of the
mortgagors, the same being an undivided
one-tenth interest, subject to the dower
interest of Corrie Hord Dorsey therein,
in that lot lying on the vest side oi
South ,jbkY*yeUe street in the town of
Shelby^ W.-VC-. fronting 25 feet thereon
with, a?1 (fftpfb of 100 feet, the same being
that Jot vtSugdctl by E, M. Beam and wife
to A. P. Weathers and C T. Hord on
Jatmagy 17, 1811. by deed recorded in
boo* tT'Of deceit page 482. of the reg
ister* office of Clebeland county. N. C
to which- reference is made for further
This Irovtwiher 6th. 1931.
H. L. RYBURN, Trustee.
4t Nov #c
Bv virtue of the power of sale con
tained AUc a deed of trust executed by H
Clay Ga& Jind wife on July 20th, 1929, to
me a* trustee lor the Shelby Builainv ,v
Loan a^oci-Ation and default having been
made in the payment of the indebtedness
secured tHerrV . 1 as trustee, will sell
for cash to the highest bidder at public
auction at the court house door In the
tow n of Shelby, N. C.» on
Saturday. December 12th, 1031
at 12 .o'clock M . the follow-ing described
real estate;
Located on the Fallston road and be
ginning at a Make, west edge of Falls ton
road, the northeast corner of Rufus
Sparks’ lot; thence with his line south
89’ j west 165 feet to a stake, his corner,
thence north 2 east 60 fee- to a stake
thence north 891» east 165 feet to a
stake in west edge of FalHton road,
thence with the road south 2 west 6f
feet to the beginning, containing 9,900
square feet and being a portion ot the
old Ross Hardin lands, and being the
lot deeded by R. O Justice and wife tc
HI Clay Cox and wife, by deed datea
March 21, 1929. and recorded in book
3-Y page 397. of the register’s office of
Cleveland county, N. C.
The foregoing property w ill be sold
subject to any taxes unpaid and existing
against said property. This November 6,
4c Nov 9c
Office Phones 64 and No. Z j
Residence Phone 129-J
Civil Engineer And
Farm Surveys, Sub-divis
ions, Plats and Genera)
Bfijarineering Practice.
- Phone 417 -
T. W. Ebeltoft
Grocer and Book
Phone — 82
Prohibition Not A
Failure Says Leader,
Washington, No v. 12. -Prohibi
tion Director Woodcock gained con
siderable encouragement today
frm the latest statistics on dry law
Standing with one foot placed
comfortably on a chair. Woodcock
faced a group of newspapermen
seated around a long table and ex
pressed the opinion that prohibition
enforcement is becoming more ef
As an indicator of this he point
ed to figures in a mass of statistics
he had before him which showed a
heavy drop in the number of feder
al prohibitions arrest last month.
His men made 6,658 arrests in Sep
By virtue of the power of sale contain
ed in a certain deed of trust executed by
Lucinda Hill and V. J. Hill on July 8. 1930
to me as trustee for the sum of live
hundred dollars i $500.00 • as security lor
a note due October \5, 1930, said note not
being paid at maturity and the holder
of same having called upon me to fore
close this deed of trust, I, as trustee,
will offer for sale at public auction to 1
the highest bidder for cash at the court
house door in Bhelby, North Carolina, or.
December 7, 1931, at 12 noon, the fol
lowing described real estate:
Known as a part of the old Lewis
plantation, adjoining the lands of Mrs.
L. E. Stacy, W. D. Lattimore, R. W. Wil
son, R. A. Lackey and others. The said
tract of land being the home place oi
the said Lucinda and V. J. Hill and con- j
tains 14 acres more or less of the origi
nal tract conveyed from George Ledford.
Sallie Ledford, Eliza Lewis, Thomas
Lewis and Susan Lewis te Lucinda Hill,
and recorded 29th day of September. A
D , 1919 at 11 o’clock a. m. In the office
of the register of deeds, Cleveland coun
tv Nnrt.h rarnllna In hnrvlr WITS' r»a «r»
i98. This land Is sold subject prior to all
This the 5th day of November, 1931.
HTOUGtt BEAM, Trustee.
3. Z. Newton. Atty. 4t Nov 9c
By virtue of the power of sale contain
ed In a deed of trust executed by H
2lay Cox and wife on March 7, 1929. to
ne as trustee for the Shelby Building it
[joan association, and default having
>een made in the payment of the In
iebtedness secured thereby. I, as trusteee
will sell for cash to the highest bidder
it public auction at the court house
loor in the town of Shelby. N. C\. on
Saturday. December 12th. 1931.
it 12 o'clock M., the following describeu
eal estate:
Situate in the western part of Shelby.
*. C , on the north side of West War
-en street, and fronting 78V*» leet on said
kVarren street and hiding a deptli of 192
eet. and being the property fully de
scribed in a deed from M. M. Mauney
md wife, dated August 1, 1925. to Mrs.
Ldllie Mae Cox, said deed recorded in
>ook 3-Q page 542. of the register's of
ice of Cleveland county. N. C., reference
o which, lft'had for full description ol
laid lot by metes and bounds.
The fortgoing property will be sola
subject to any taxes unpaid and existing
against said property. This November 6
CLYDE R. HOEY. Trustee.
4t Nov 9c
By virtue of the power of sale contain
ed in a deed of trust executed by H. Clay
Cox and wife on May 15, 1929, to me as
trustee for the Shelby Building and Loah
association, and default having been
made in the payment of the indebtedness
secured thereby. I. as trustee will sell for
rash to the highest bidder at public auc
tion at the court house door in the town
of Shelby. N. c. on
Saturday. December 12th. 1931
at 12 o'clock M , the following describee
real estate:
Being situated in the town of Shelby,
and beginning at a stone. Ed. Glasco'&
corner and the N. W. corner of N. R
Bowman's lot, and runs thence with N
R. Bowman’s line South 87 east 87 feet
to a stone, thence again with N. R. Bow
man's line S. I7* W. 100 feet to a stake
in N R. Bowman's line: thence & new
line N. 87 W. 87 feet to a stake in N R
Bowman’s line; thence again with Bow
man's line 2 £. 100 feet to the beginning
The above described lot bein'* a lot
87x100 feet situated on the rear of th.
lot deeded to N. R. Bowman by Preston
Glasco on the 18th day of April, 1922,
said deed being recorded in book JJJ
page 316 in the office of the register ol
deeds for Cleveland county to which deed
reference is hereby made for a more com
plete description of the metes and
bounds of the herein described property,
and being deeded by Preston Glasco and
wife. Minnie Glasco. to H. Clay Cox, oy
deed dated May 3. 1929
The foregoing property will be sold
subect to any taxes unpaid and existing
against said property. This November 6,
CLYDE R. HOEY. Trustee.
4t Nov 9e
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon us in a deed of trust, ex
ecuted by R. R. McCraw and wife Zula
McCraw on the 4th day of May, 1926, and
recorded in book 141, page 51, we will on
Saturday the 28th day of November, 1981
12 o’clock noon at the court house door
*n Cleveland county, Shelby. N. C., sell at
public auction for cash to the highest
bidder the following land, to-wit;
That 196 7-10 acres, being a part of
the tract deeded Annie Tate by W. M
Dodd and wife on April 33. 1905 by deed
recorded in book PP of deeds, page 23.
Beginning at a stake and pointers, south
bank of Buffalo creek about 2\p poles be
low the new bridge; then along the old
roadway south 7V4 west 56 poles; south
52 Va east 63.85 poles; south 48 east o2
poles; south 40 east 52 poles; south 52Va
east 191* poles to a stone in old road
bed; then south 64Vk east 33.40 poles to a
persimmon; tb^n south 72 east 38 pole;*,
to a stone, west edge of old road. J. M
Beam’s comer; thence with his line south
36 west 140 poles to a stake and pointers,
his corner; thence with Border's line to
Buffalo Creek, via; north 45^4 we&t 139.40
poles to persimmon; north 6834 west 28
poles to a stone: north 34*4 w*est 10 poles
to center of spring; north 41 V« west 28
poles to stone; north 5*4 east 18 poles to
willow; north 63V* west 74V* poles to a
stake and pointers on south bank of
Buffalo Creek; then up the meanders of
Buffalo Creek north 49 east 46 poles to
willow on south bank of creek; thence up
the meanders of creek north 43V4 east
114 poles to the beginning, containing,
198 7-10 acres, more or less. This Is the
same tract of land as that conveyed by:
E.E. McBrayer to R. R. McCraw by deed
dated April 20th. 1926 and recorded in
book 3-R. page 463, register of deeds of-;
fice of Cleveland county.
This sale Is made by reason of the fail
ure of R. R. McCraw and wife, Zula Mc
Craw to pay off and discharge the in
debtedness secured by said deed of trust
A deposit of 10 percent will be required
from the purchaser at the sale.
This the 24th day of October, 1931.
DURHAM, Trustee, Durham. N. C.
4t Nov 2c
You Play The Biggest
Possible Average Of
Prospects When You
Let Rogers Motor*
With The Best Equipped Shop In North Carolina
1 Lubricate Chassis — 2 Spray Springs — 3 Change
Oil 5 Quarts — I Wash Car — 5 Vacuum Clean I p.
holstery — 6 Check Motor.
LE]AVE SHELBY :—9:45 a. m»; 11:10 a. m.; 4:45 u m
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:10'a. m.t 11:10 a. m.: 2:00 p
m.; 4:40 p. m.; 9:00 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—11:10 a. m.
LEAVrE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; a. m.; 2:00 in
Coming To Shelby
Nothing blit Turkeys will be accepted on this car
No chickens wanted at this time.
Young Turkeys from 7 lbs. up 17c
OLD TOMS, Pound.. 15c
No culls will be accepted which nr*ans poor turkeys
not fat enough for eating.
G. S. Miles Co.
B. AUSTELL, Pres. R. W. SHOFFNER, County Agent
You get the most Value for
the least Cost in Telephone service
Of all the things you buy there it none that gives to much for so
little at telephone service.
Many times during the day or week or month, in the ordinary
affairs of life and in emergencies you see evidence of the value
of the telephone and realize the indispensable part it plays in
•very business and social activity.
Men transact a great part of their business over it. Women '
use it constantly to save steps and time in social and household
duties. In an increasing number of ways, it adds to the comfort
and security of family life.
Subscribers who look back over the month and consider what
the telephone has meant to them are quick to appreciate its un
equalled value and low price.
They realize that it really doesn’t pay to try to do without it.
Southern Bell Telephone
and Telegraph Company
... >
Every Other Day. That Means 20,000 in*
tense Readers. If you have something to
sell, tell these 20,000 people about it in
these columns.

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