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News from flat rock.
* right smart of excitement took
, place in the post offis last triday
week when bill Jones keeled over
like he was struck by lightning, he
was rushed to the hovpittle and
they first thought he had appendy
solus, but it turned out to be gold
bladder, they cut it out for 7f>$ phi,
Jabertory fee, 15$, plus 10$ to the
doctor that give him rather plus
14$ for blood examination, and the
ho.spittlr got the ballahce pi lus
crop for staying their 8 days.
several of us t itty fa riders are
hoping that the hoover credit plan
will do us a great deal of good with
our frozen ass .vets, right at present
my little horse and beef waggin is'
froze tight to the bank and unless!
i can get some hepp thru the gov-!
verrmient, the bank will no doth j
have to go into the beef bigness |
with my outfit, i think it. is time for!
the republicans to try to do' some- j
thing toards getting cverybnddy out
of the. mess they got us into, it i
looks like it would be n good idea
J..0 meet af once and do away with
the tariff bill if nothing else, a .
that seems to be a pain in the neck
to our furrln countries.
so far; we have not started unnv
bred line in our little town, and it
looks like we won't have to do so
— Cotton Buyer -
Rowland H. Ouzts
SHELBY, N. (’.
Some reports have been
circulated that MODERN
j ING COMPANY has pone
out of business.
I wish hereby to correct
that impression and state
emphatically that we are
still in business and ren
dering first class plumbing
and h ,ea ting sen ice in
Shelby. ,
E. B. HILL, Manager
Modern Plumbing
& Heating Co.
- Phone 569 -
“My work is confining, 1
and often I eat hurriedly, j
causing me to have indi
gestion. Gas will form
and I will smother and
have pains in my chest. j
“I had to be careful
what I ate, but after
someone had recom
mended Black-Draught i
^uid I .found a small
pinch after meals was so ]
helpful, I soon was eat
ing anything I wanted. j
“Now when I feel the
least smothering or un
comfortable bloating, I
take a pinch of Black
Draught and get relief."
—Clyde Vaughn. 10 SUlppy St.,
Greenville, S. C.
Sold in 254 packaged..
f *
i mil i *
WOMEN who are run-down, ner- 1
vous, or suffer every month, should 1
take Caxdul. Used for over 50 years. |
. >f thr folks will only lot up a little
on otter niobcrfs end radios one of
i my nabors got him a cheap lord last
•ear and attended 4 different bred
(lines, in 4 different near-by tovms
, and he says he lias enough old
clothes ansoforth to last him
:through this winter wtthotit bother
ing the community chtst, lie might
have to beg a little bit of cash to
buy gassoleeh and tobacco and
snuff with, but these are the only
need eesmtics that he cant get in
a bred line.
i Pleaching was licll at rehobcr .
[ usual last Sunday and good ei
| moot on lot's wife and a pil'er ol
• •'*»>• was preached bv the n-:iar
(pasture. he begged t!>»■ members
i newer to look buck when they
■tartrd on an errtm for g od, but
,'Vent on to ray that if we »y .to
;have to be punniriied tike she was
that the whole country would be
chock full of pilfc s of will end
there wpulddont be noh -ddy to look
after nothing worthwhile, tiv* i
lection was c5f> 'including a «tv* bill
from yore humble carry • •■.tit nl
us j did not know till i ; >? to
church that my wife laid kenn m
my brltchc po l;et
well, rur rthtor- there seems. to
be no general news, crops is about
all gathered and lying out in the
yard, as the fords are using the
shelter dr. smith got back from
his post graduate coarse last week
and fetched a new machine for
cutting out tonsils at, one tick lor
ti.:>$. it will »1 Iso remove both adcly
nowls at one time*, so if you see nny
boddy who emi t talk thru her noie.
piece rite or loam himfor an en
gagement end send her down,
vo es trullie,
mike Clark, rfd.
\ New Organization.
flat. rock', .s. c novcm. 'y, 1:131,
doer nit’ editor:
you and yore readers will no.
flout In- ruppri.-ed to learn that the'
farmers of this community, lnclud
int; the ton n of flat rock, have or*
gniiized a big ass soclatlon called
the ‘combined farmers and taxpay
ers league of amerten" and it Iras'
already commenced to funektion. J
the purpose of this league Is to
make better times for the tiller.
of the soil and milkers of the cows
and pullers of the fodder anaoforth
iind its cheef aim is to fight rotten
trolly ticks and stop graft in high
-nd low plates and gel up n flat*
form for our officers of the law to.
nm on that .will mean something,
thrr following plans was set forth;
rules and regerlntton
1 IT any man is ketchcd plant
in;; over 5 akers of cotton to the!
plow, lie will Ire turned out of the
Vague and his franchise took away
Iran him
-■ all cotton will be held oft ot
the market till the pressident, rnr.
mike Clark, rfd, says sell same and
then the league will sell in a body
to the highest bidder for cash.
3. wimmen folks will not be al
lowed to work in the field in nnny
milliner untitl they have washed
the di: lies, strained the milk, slop*
ped the pig, fed the cats, got. the
[•lilllun off tu scholl, platted their
hair, and done (ho "ashing.
4 all o£ tlie cotton ^hopping and
corn thinning and cotton picking
and tutor dWln will be done by our
farm wimnien alter they have eotti
pllcd with rule and regerlation
number ,1. herein contained. a
.ill members of the league v.ill to
'• revor abstain from farm rebel, gov -
1 verninent aid. and seed loans if a
I farmer Imster buy seed to plant, he
i ain't fit to run no Imitation, and he
i can t make no crop nohow on ered
diek antiy more: (done and ratty
| bed by the members duty assem
bled in the seholl audy toriunu
yores trullle.
mike Clark, rfd,
carry spondent.
I Oak Grove News.
! Of Current Wee!;
Mrs. Dully Ledford Dubbins Bailed
Two I .1 rallies M >vc. Child
To l!os|>
f Special to The Star i
Oak drove, Nov, u> Funeral
. service for Mrs Dolly Ledford Dob
I bins of near Chcrryvllle was held
id Onk drove church at t! o'clock
•.Wednesday Nov. 11th by the pas
i for Dr. C. J. Black. Mrs Dobbins
, «9>s 35 years of aye and a member
"f Onk Grove Baptist church.. She
j t.s survived by her husband and
I small son.- hey parents and six
brothers and one sister. A large
crowd of relatives and friends were
The many friends ot Mrs. Q V
t’hllbeek will be glad to learn that
•'he is improving after being so ill
for the past week
Little Junior Champion had to
lie earned to the Orthopaedic hos
pital at Gastonia last Wednesday
on account of trouble with his leg.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bell and
son Roger spent the week encl with
Mr. Bell’s parents Mr. and Mrs. D.
A. Bell.
Mr. and Mrs. David Lovelace and
family have moved to Patterson
Springs community. Mr and Mrs.
Pink Randal! moved to Kings Moun
Mr. and Mrs. Will Crosby of near
Beams Mill tv-pent, Sunday with Mr
and Mrs. Avery Gibson.
Mr. Phillip Porter of the Buffalo,
section spent a few days w“h bus
brother Mr. C. N. Porter and Mrs.
Miss Dolhc Mae Devenney spent
Monday night with Miss Flora
Herndon of the Beth-Ware com
Miss Gertrude Ledford spent
Saturday night with Mrs. William
The B. Y P. U ha been changed '
from C o’clock to 4 o'clock in the j
afternoon. We hope all the young1
people will pome and take part,
A microphone recently'completed
by scientists Is said to record
sounds made by small insects, gen
erally believed to be mute
‘Gandhi dares to apply the Ser
mon on the Mount in politics."—
Scrwood Eddy.
| Lily Mill Mention
Of the Week’s News
l -
i Mr and Mrs. Hums l.osr New
Born. Prayer Saturday
'Special to The Star >
U1.V Mill, Nov. 13.—Born to Ml
anil Mrs. Zero Bivins a son on Sun
; 'lay night; The child was born dead
and was buried Monday.
I'raycr meeting a-t.Mrsc Lee Pai
tcrson's Saturday night at 7:15.
i Mr. and Mrs. Charley Blantoi
motored to Charlotte Sunday.
| Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson
| pent the week end with the lat
1 ler’s brother in the Lattiinorp com
| inunity.
j Mr A. W. Ledford and tainil,.
land Mr. and Mrs, Robert Ledbetter
| visited relatives at Asheville fain:
! school Sunday.
j Mrs C; tf Webb and children o!
Hie Kings Mountain seetlQn spent
| Saturday night with her parent.
. Mr and Mrs. W. II. Ledbetter.
\ Mr. Melvin Allen and family
J spent Sunday with Mrs. Melvin's
! brother .Daniel Raines and family
Mrs Hugh Ward of Lincoln eoun
!.l.v is visiting her parents Mr. and
Mrs, Jerry Queer.
Mrs. Milas Ward from LlnroinU n
| is visiting her daughter and two
| Mr Clarence Fisher and wile
i '-pri)) Sunday with ins parent, :r
i Catawba county.
' Mi. and Mrs O, B. Iveste;- aim
| Wile girl motored to Boone S ii
urday to see a football game.
Flint Hill News
Of Current Week
Yeung People Win Three Banners.
Personals of People Visiting
iSpecial to The Star.)
Flint Hill, Nov. 19 --The B. Y P
U. of our church is doing excellent
"°rk. They brought with them
from the district meeting. The
senior, and the attendance banner
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mathis ol
near New House have been callers
in the community for the past
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hamrick had
as their guests Saturday night, Mr,
and Mrs, Harvey Lovelace of Mount
Mr. James Hawkins of near Cliff
side, visited Mr. Olen Ledbetter tin
Saturday night.
Mr. and Mis. Japplc Pearson had
°» ^ heir guests Saturday night Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Ledbetter of Shelby.i
Mr. and Mrs. Arey Weaver had
as their guest3 Sunday Mr. and Mrs
Heggle Weaver of Sharon.
Mrs. W. N. Weaver and Miss Del
ha Weaver of Mount Sinai and Mr.
and Mrs. Ector Ledbetter of Poplar
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hand of
Sharon, were callers at the home
Of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ledbetter on
It Pays To Advertise
Battle in Irish-U. of S.
C. (.lassie
wv mchler
?vlAecK'Mr>tT'r Snwhsxz
Capt Tom YnRR. • LAPiiTAirWiuifiMsoN
•'* gnatron flasso- to delight the hear! or lit- rabid football fan will b«
thr battle between Notre liame and the University of Southern Uali
lornij on November 2i *i south Bend. The Irish have torn through all
opposition this season—with the exception of Northwestern, which game
i nrtru in a tie and the U. of S. C. gridders are. considered the most
formidable opponents to face the great football machine to date. The
game will feature a brilliant ga:axy of the most colorful stars in both
teams. Captain Tom 1'arr of Notre Uamc will lead the attack that he
| hopes will result In a repetition of the 27-6 victory scored last year over
Southern California With Joe Kurth at right tackle and Marehmont
Schwartz in the halfback position, where hr has played, such perfect
football that he is well in the running for the All-American, the Irish
will take a lot of stopping. The Californians, too. have their stars, for
Gus Shaver will be out there maintaining his reputation as one of (he •
finest quarterbacks on the toast. Captain Stan *'• Hliamson will, as
usual, play the center position, where he will match brain and muscle
with the doughty Mister Yarr. Then there is Ore Mohler, who has built
up quite a name for himself as bail-carrier. Yes sir, it's going to be some
game. The winner? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.
Old Fashion Corn Shucking. Bible
Students As Visitors.
(Special to The Star )
Trinity, Nov. 19.—Miss Odcy
Houser and Mr. Robert Robinson
both students of the Columbia Bible
institute visited at the home of
Mrs. K. D. N. Jolley Sunday after
Two old fashioned corn shuck -
ings were enjoyed in this commun
ity last week. One at the home of
Mr. John Lovelace on Tuesday
night and the other at the home of
Mr. Will Hawkins on Friday night.
A bountiful supper was enjoyed at
both places after the corn was all
Those calling at the home of Mr.
E. B. Lovelace Sunday were Miss
Katie Bridges of Boiling Springs,
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hamrick and
daughter, Ruth, of Henrietta, and
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Holllfield and i
children of this community.
Mr. Eugene Buchanan of Boiling
Springs has been spending a few
days here with relatives.
Mrs. Wilkes McKiney who Is vis
iting her daughter. Mrs. Paul Brid
ges here is on the sick list at this
The Sunday dinner guests of Mrs
S. J. McClunney included Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver Earls and children and
Mr. and Mrs. Grigg Humphries
and children of No. 1 township and
Mr. K. D. N. Jolley and Miss Nette j
Bridges of this community.
Mr. Fay Towery of near Fores*.!
City has ben visiting his sister. Mrs
Amos Jolley here.
Mr. and Mrs. Wad. Karri and.
son, W. M . visited at t , hoiwc of
Mr. Monroe Green's of Moor"', bore
Sunday afternoon
Mrs. Jeff Abernathy , of No. 1
township visited lie. . M. S
J. McClunney here Monti, v
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Lovelace am.
Mrs. K D. N. Jpiiey wore the Sat
tirday dinner guests of Mr.- W E.
■Jotlry i f °ouUi Slk-iby
Thti.-c. raUina at tire iionn ut Mr
Paul Siiitige • Sunday ycre Mr. mih
■ ■ c -C. M- IC-nay oi Elieiibji-i
>1 G W Ei-Uigos and Mr C;;y
n, 'Of Ecstie. and Mr-.
John Dubrce ami cinklK-n of Hen
~~-1 n i i u ■ mi m man h
Beginning 2nd Big Week Saturday
rrErrr;r^TS'aS^-.a»-jr*.- n
You i
Form a
You anti
are Caused
By Poor
Eye Sight
Than Any
Other One
Much Ill-Health Is Caus
By Defective Vision
That Can And Ought
To Be Corrected
I SPECIALIZE In Examination of the Eyes
and Fitting Glasses
I Don’t Send Your Children To School Without
Having Their Eyes Examined
You can’t expect children to be good students
if their sight is poor, and their health is also to
be considered. We make a small charge for
examination and if glasses are needed we
supply them at a minimum cost.
Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted \nd
Repaired \
There is no guess, work here- -ocnuf'c in- •
strumenis are employed by on* ?■.:is exper
ienced in their use. Wheujhc detect i* four.u
it is only % matte'' mnection. Hon t take
chances with youv eyes.
Dr. D. M. Morrison, Optometrist
Woe:worth; — Shelby. N, C.

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