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    Local Veterans To *
Attend Newton Meet
Officer* And Chairmen In Ifitl)
District To (lather At Newton
N'nt Tuesday.
Newton, Dec. 4.—A11 Amencui
Legion poet officers and district I
committee chairmen of the 16th dis- j
trlct have been called to meet in
Newton next Tuesday, it was an
nounced yesterday.
This will be a meeting composed
of officers and chairmen of local
units of the Legion in the several
counties comprising the 16th dis
trict, These counties include Meck
lenburg, Cleveland, Gaston. Lit. ,
coin, and Catawba
Russell M. Yount, of Newton
commander of the 16th district, is
sued the call for the meeting. Plan,
for an elaborate affair are already
being formulated.
Following conferences during the
day pertaining to various legion
topics, a Joint session is to be held
with the ladies' auxiliary, and a
dinner served, followed by a dune*
at the American Legion hut here.
Officers from all local units in the
five counties named have been re
quested to attend. There will be two
from Catawba county, the Newton
and Hickory Units. Charlotte, Shel
by, Gastonia, Lincolnton and other
cities in the counties named will he
represented by their local post of
Average Farmln j
County 46 Acre*
low In farm Income, mainly be
cause our farms are too small to
produce much income under our
system of farming. Twenty acres
in ordinary crops cannot possibly
yield an iincpme sufficient to
support a farm family confort
ably, yet more than half the farm
ers of North Carolina cultivate less
than twenty acres. We need larger
cultivated acreage per farm. With
only twenty percent of our land
area in harvested crops it is easily
possible to increase the cultivated
acres per farm without decreasing
the farm population. If it cannot
be done that way. then a loss of
farm dwellers might not be cala
mitous provided the result were
larger farms, a larger income tier
farms, a larger income per farm
family, higher standards of living
for those remaining on the farm,
better markets for farm surpluses,
a better distribution of the popula
tion, and a more diversified econo
mic foundation. North Carolina
stands today an excessively rural
state, with unbelievably small farms
and an average farm income that
ranks near the bottom in the
United States.”
Penny Column
miles from Forest City on sand clay
road. Six room house, fair farm
orchard. 30 acres in cultivation.
Plenty of wood and pasture. Price
$8,000. H*lf cash and remainder to
suit. J. B. Nolan. It 4c
Purs: Skunk, Musk
rat, Opossum, Mink,
Weasel, House Cat,
and wild cat. D. A.
Beam Co. 3t-4c
Notice Is hereby given that I h»ve thts
day qualified as administrator of the es
tate of W. P Gale, deceased of Cleveland
county, N. C and that all persons hold
m| claims against the said estate will
present same to me properly proven on
or before the 16th dev of October. 1933. or
thtk notice will be nleaded In bar of any
reeoverv thereof. All persona Indebted to
the said estate will please make Immed
iate settlement to the undersigned This
October 30th, 1931
R, B KEETER, Administrator ol
w. p. Oolc, deceased St O 30c
In the District Court of the Unite
States tor the Western District ot North
Carolina—In Bankruptcy
m the matter of K. S. Black, I Shelby. N ,
C;l. Bankrupt
Notice it hereby given to all creditors |
and other parties In interest that the |
above named bankrupt's petition lor dr :
charge has been referred to the Under ■
signed as Special Master that umttaht.
to the terms of the said order the said ’
oetitton has been set do»n tor v heart! '’
before the undersigned Specie.! Master el.
tha law office of the said Spec' Mastr.
300 haw Buildlnst Charlotte N. C., on
Wednesday, the noth day of December
1931, at 3 o'clock P. M at -which tlm
and place all parties mav attend an!
duly consider the said petition and dis
The said meeting may be continued j
from time to time without further notice
until all matters are disposed of.
This the 1st dav of Decern r 1931
R MARION ROSS. Specie! Matter
U 4c Charlotte. N. c
In the District Court of a I’n.ieit
Statea for the Western Dtsti: NorUy
Carolina—In Bankruptcy.
In the matter of F. F. Black, Shelby. N
C.v. Bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given to all creditor.’
and other parties in interest that the
above named bankrupt's petition lor dis
charge has been referred to the under
signed as Special Master: that pursuart
to the terms of the said order the sale
petition haa been set down for a hearit; :
before the undersigned Special Master a'
the law office of the sa d Special Master
100 Law Building. Charlotte N C.,
Wednesday, the 3KU day of December
1931, at ? o'clock P M at which tire
and place all parlies mav ntte" 1 end
duly consider the sa 1 set.tiou and d
The raid meeting ma“ bs continued
Horn time to time without further notice
nptil ell matters are dispo-.d of
Thts the 1st day ot December 1931
R MARION ROSS Special Master
• It 4e Charlot'e N C
Fallston News Of
Current Week
Cooking School b,v S. I’. I Co.,
Birthday Parly For Mis*
Wright, Personals.
'Special to Tiie Star.)
Fallston, Dec. 3.—A cooking
school was held at the school house
on Tuesday afternoon by the S. P
U. Co., advertising the electric
range. Mr;. Brownlee, who was In
charge, prepared and cooked some
very Interesting dishes. A very de
licious chocolate was made arid
served to the ladies present. Names
were drawn for pries and the first
prize, a fifty pound sack of flour
was won by Mrs. J. B. Iking. The,
second prize a 25 pound sack of
flour was won by Mrs W, Ft Gary.
The third prize a pork roast cooked
with Irish potatoes was won by Mrs
Claude Stamey. About 15 ladles
were present.
Birthday Party.
Miss Thelma Wright surprised
her sister, Mls.s Cloe. with h birth
day party on Monday evening.
Many Interesting games were play
ed after which the guests were in
vited into the dining room, where
coffee, sandwiches and cake were
served. The beautiful birthday cake
holding 18 candles graced the cen
ter of the table. The following
guests were present; Misses Jessie
Baxter. Annlebelle Lee. Eloise
Stroup, Erma Leonhardt. A. V.
Costner, Thelma and Cloe Wright,
and Messrs. Thelbert Wright, Clar
ence Dixon, J. D Shelton, Stowe
Wright, Stonewall. Williams, Oscar
Morgan and Hall Williams
Miss Wright was assisted in en
tertaining by Miss Jessie Baxter.
Mrs. George Lattimore of near
Polkville, spent several days last
week with her daughters Mesdames
Everette Spurling and Edward Cline
Mrs. Carl Lee and Misses Pearl
Cornwell and Clara Royster of
near Lawndale visited Mr. and Mrs
Claude Stamey Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Broadus Dellinger
and family spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs Deains Hoyle.
Mr and Mrs, Clem Martin and
family visited Mr. ahd Mrs JMce
Fortenberry Sunday.
Mrs. P. z. Carpenter is spending
this week with her son Mr. and Mrs
Dennis Wright of jfc,incolnton.
Miss Rhea Lattimore spent Thurs
day with tier parents, Mr. an ft Mrs.
J. D. Lattlmore, of near Polkville.
Mr and Mrs. Tom Yoder and
family of Newton, and Mr. and Mrs
Sherrill Hamrick and Ml&s Ophelia
Hendrick of Beams Mill were din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs Ray
Wilson on Thursday.
Mr and Mrs. J. j. Hayes of near
Belwood spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Cletus Wright.
Mr. Herbert Smith of Mars Hill
college spent the week end with his
parents Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Lewis. V!f.
and Mrs. Fred Wright. Mr. and Mrs.
Cletus Wright, and Mr. and. Mrs.
Vance Royster were dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Clenso Wright, on
Mr and Miv William Clay and
Miss Pauline Clay spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs Parris Martin of
n&ar Bel wood
Mr. and Mrs. W G. Bridges and
daughter Miss Clara Lee and son
Mr. Durham visited Mr. and Mrs.
! Everette Lee of Shelby Sunday
Mr and Mrs. Marion Barfield of
near Lawndale and Mr. and Mrs
Roy Davis of Rockdale, spent Thurs
day with Mr. and Mrs. Karris Mar
Mrs Wyatt Stamey and Miss Rose
Mary White of Polkvtlle. were the
week end guests of Mr and Mrs.
Clem Hoyle.
Mr. and Mrs. E D Kendrick spent
the week end with Mrs. Kendrick,
mother Mrs E T Scott of Converse,
Mr and Mrs Roland Sparks and
family visited Mr. and Mrs. W, B
Sparks of Shelby Sunday.
Mr .and Mrs. Claude Stamey had
sis their guests Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs. George Cornwell and daugh
ter, Miss Pearl, Mr. and Mrs Ira
Elmoe and family, M. and Mrs,
Yates Horn and Mr. and Mrs Carl
The following members of the
Home Economics club attended
achievement day held at South
Shelby school building Thursday:
Mrs. Claude Stamey who gave the
response to the welcome address,
Mrs. E. G. Spurling, Mrs: Franklin
Warllck, Mrs. S. L. Kendrick, Miss
Frankie Dixon, Mrs. Hugh Beam,
Mrs. Edward Cline, Mrs Floyd Cline
and Mrs. C. D. Stroup
Sell License Tags
On Weight Basis
Pontiac class, the Studebaker In the
Chrysler class ancl the Packards,
Franklins and Pierce-ArTows in the
Cadillac class.
The minimum truck tag cost will
be $15. For trucks of 1.5-ton capa
city and under two tons, the cost
will be estimated at the rate of 55
cents per hundred if the tires are
pneumatic anil $1.20 per hundred
if the tires are solid. For trucks of
two-ton capacity and under three
tons, the tag will be figured on the
basis of 70 cents per hundred when
the tires are pneumatic and $1.40
when solid. Trucks of three-tor.
capacity and over will cost at the
rate of one dollar per hundred if
the tires are pneumatic and two
dollars if the tires are solid.
Car Tags Here.
Approximately 12,000 of the new
automobile tags have already ar
rived at the motor club bureau
here. The new truck tags, however
have not arrived as yet.
Japan Objects To
New Peace Plan
force* In Manchuria to withdraw
as quickly a* the commission be
lieves warranted. This is one of the
provisions ot^he resolution.
The d/aft oWfc Briand’s declara
tion stipulates that the Japanese
may rightfully take measures
against bandits only in exceptional
circumstances and that any such
punitive expedition shoujfl be ac
companied by neutral observers.
The Japanese government is un
willing to allow neutrals to accom - j
pany their troops operating against
Pending official receipt of the
Japanese note the council did not.
meet yesterday and did .not ached
ule a meeting for today
Tokyo Preparing Plan
Tokyo, Dec. 4.—Japan rejected]
the League of Nations Manchurian
peace. program on two scores yes
terday, and drew up counter pro
posals to be submitted to the league
council meeting In Paris.
The Tokyo government interpret
ed the league plan as restricting
Japanese activity against bandits
and as fixing a virtual time limit
for the avacuation of troops out
side the Manchurian treaty zone.
Barion Shldehara, the foreign
minister, and the other members
of the cabinet drew up the counter
proposals at a meeting which last
ed most of the night. These pro
posals were to be dispatched to Ken
kichi Yoshteawa, Japan’s spokes
man at the league council, along
with new instructions.
Bailey Will Take
Hi* Seat Monday
delegation will hold their caucus
today to put forward a slate of j
committee assignments and officers
in the house organization.
Pritchard Fights On
Asheville, Dec. 4.—Georg* M,
Pritchard, former Republican con
gressman from the 10th district,
who was defeated by Josiah W.
Bailey In the last United States
senatorial election in North Caro
lina, last night issued a formal
statement denying that his contest
of Bailey's election would be drop
Oliver S. Anthony announces the association of
his brother, John A. Anthony, Jr„ with him in his
present Heal Estate business and with this con
solidation, the name of the new Firm will be
In addition to Real Estate which has been han
dled exclusively by Oliver S. Anthony, Life Insur
ance will now be added and John A. Anthony, Jr.,
will specialize in Representing THE LINCOLN
Fort Wayne, Indiana, with the new firm of AN
THONY & ANTHONY as District Agents.
Anthony & Anthony
The Majestic Is Built
Up To A Standard
Not Down to a Price!
Why buy off-brand Radios, or INFER
IOR MAKES, when you can buy a
MAJESTIC Superheterodyne for as
low as $54.50, Complete Installed?
Everyone knows the everlasting quali
ties of r Majestic. ’‘There's Nothing
Finer than a Majestic Radio.’’ Over
900 Satisfied Users in Shelby and
Cleveland County
Pendieton’s Music Store
Toluca And Knob
Creek Late News
Mr. A. A. Sain Quite III. Surprise
Party for Miss Hallman.
(Special to The Star.)
Toluca, Dec. 3.—Mr. A. A. Satii ts
juite 111 again suffering with heart
Mrs. J. M. Carpenter who is in
the Shelby hospital for treatment
Is improving^.
The next singing convention will
DC held at Zion Hill the fifth Sun
iay in May.
Mr. and Mp*. W. H. Young, Mr.
and Mrs. Coy Young motored to Ra
leigh to the lmne of Mr. and Mrs.
Clemon Young *nd enjoyed a tur
key dinner Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mr*. Theodore Boyles
and Mrs. M. C. Bbyles visited at
the home of Mr and Mrs. D. J
Sain of Hickory on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and little
sort Billy, and Miss Sadie Mull of
Greensboro spent the Thanksgiving
holidays with Miss Mulls mother
Mrs. D. M. Mull.
Mr. C. E. Sain is in a sanatorium
at Atlanta, Ga , for two weeks for
Miss Edith Sain and Mr. Frank
Houser who teach school at Pitts
boro, spent the Thanksgiving holi
days with their parents. Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Sain and Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Houser.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Deal and chil
dren Thomas and Edith, of Rock
dale spent Che week end with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sain.
Mr. and Mts. Fred Eaker of Dal
las spent the week end with her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Willis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sain, Miss
Edith Sain and Mr. Sam Sain were
dinner guests Sunday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Wytle Costner of
Double Shoals.
The many friends of Miss Ruth
Hallinan gave her a surprise party
Saturday night.
Mr. Odus King of Lincoln county
had the misfortune of loosing his
home by fire last Tuesday. The
origin of the fire was unknown.
Mr and Mrs. A. B Boyles were
dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Norman of Belwood.
Mrr and Mrs. Coy Young spent
Sunday with Mr and Mrs Ambrose
Miss Annie Upton of Startown
spent several days last week with
her sister Mrs. Dennis Sain.
Mr. and Mrs. Eskridge Hallman
of Shelby spent Saturday night
with Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Hallman.
Mrs. Cora Sain and little sog
Donnie were dinner guests Monday
of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Boyles.
Mrs. Bert Sain and children vis
ited her mother Mrs. Noah Hubbard
of Belwood Sunday.
LaFayette Street
M. E. Services
Services at LaFayette St. Met!,
odist church for the week will b*
as follows.
The Epworth league should t\
represented with report at th<
Cleveland County unions meeting at
Polkville church this evening
Sunday school will open Sunda
morning at 9:45, Mr. F. E. Whip
ner. Supt, The pastor will preach
at both morning and evening serv
ices. the subject for eleven o’clock
being “Knowledge bf Supremf
Worth” and for seven “The Stor\
Too Good To Keep.”
Epworth leagues will meet »'
6:30. Prayer service Wednesday
evening at 7:15,
Britain to extend tariffs to wide
South's farming condition is bet
ter. agricultural department reports
-Mr Christmas Strop norj.
in Smart Cellophane
Sealed GIFT BOX!
Christmas morning and
every other morning she’ll
be glad yon selected thii
robe! Good looking styles,
man-tailored for added
smartness! Solid colors
with beautifully con
trasted collars, cuffs and
self-material sash with
deep fringe!
and Large !
Bill Folds
•/ Genuine Leather
A Man’s
Htp style; embossed and hand
laced. In smart rayon-fined
Others 49c np
Manicure Roll
only 98C
artier or peari coiot
rfmings in satin lined leather^
etV case.!
OTHERS at 49c uni ant,
For Greater
Sleeping Comfort? |
just the thing for • man’s Christ
mss! Exceptional quality broad,
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armaned handkerchief cavt
and the favored hoitess gifh—
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Low Priced S«70
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week-end trips. Made of fabri
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Give a tasting gift Jl
Flannel Lounging
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v keenly smart I We’re showing them
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V teasting trims. The wide fringed
\ \ »ash. the three attractive pockets
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'< nsual features. Only at Penney
are they priced so low I Attractively
* '• *j2;

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