North Carolina Newspapers

A True Story.
I was a telegraph operator for u
number of years after I got out *
my teens. I enjoyed that kind of
work and still like to hang around
a telegraph office and listen at the
click of the instrument- but most
of them have been discarded and
teletype machines have taken their
place. And by the way, that's rea
soh No. 83,654.414 why so many ar
out of jobs.
When I left home to take my first
"wire" position, 1 was so green U*at
strange cows would chase me If 1
crossed a pasture. I had never beer.
10 miles away from home, had at
tended school but very little, nnd
knew nothing about underwear, 3
course meals, and table napkins,
but 1 knew which moon to plant
corn and oats In, how to "lay off” a
straight row. which side to milk a
cow on, and which end of a hog the
hams were cut from.
I found my new place to be a
nice little town that had a “read
ing club,” 3 churches, 7 stores, S
— Cotton Buyer -
Rowlancf H. Ouzt*
Getting: Up
Nights Lowers Vitality
If you feel old and run-down from
a * —- '• *'•••« m iin-vum ii a i lull
0»ttin* Up Nights. Backache, Log
*. SMffuctgs. Nervousness, Circles
■nnder Byes, Headaches, Burning and
BlRdder Weakness, caused by Kid
—-i-uiux• «« vunlK nil, ___ _____ .
ney Acidity. I want you to qult’auf
Mght nr— ' — ' M BE
ferlng right now. Cfome in and get
vi’o* i Lhlnk *■ tho neatest mods
«'“• I, hu,vc •v*'r found. It often
Kites big Improvement In 24 hours,
.lust «»k me for Cyatex (Siss-tex).
Its only 75c and 1 guaranies it to
Oulrkly combat these conditions and
satisfy completely, or return empty
package and get your money; back,
Plant, should be gone over
t'or the winter. The weath
er man says winter is near,
so in order to be comfort
able, let us look over your
in plumbing and heating,
always at your service. Es
timates cheerfully given on
any work that rteeds to be
Proper attention to your
heating is economy in fuel.
Modern Plumbing
& Heating Co.
»" Phone 569 m
rNEXT time you are out
of fix as- the result of ir
regular or faulty bowel
movement, try Thedford’s
Black-Draught for the re
freshing relief it gives
thousands of people who it.
Mr. E. W.Cecil, a construction super
intendent in Pulaski, Va., says:
“ «Vhen I get con
stipated, my head aches, and I
have that dull, tired fcsling—just
not equal to my work. 1 don’t
feel hungry and I know that I
need something to cleanse my
system, so I take Black-Draught.
We have found it a great help.”
Sold in 25-cent packages.
Thed fords ^
fer every month, should take Car
(or over to years, am*
(graveyards. Rnd 8 or 10 of tlic most
prominent families owned pianos
i and folks ~I hac’ never seen a
. ptano til; I carried a message up »«
i Co Drown's house and walked into
.in parlor-room where his daugh
iter, Sudle Mae, was pecking on the
i ivories. I first thought it was an
(organ, tut later found oul that it
j "picked" in .tea.; of "biowed' it
music. &udie Mae and I became
good friends later on and she often
: pla; cd for me.
1 who lit/., tun ( .ii, raph opera
t.i r at ' itC ' but was d'jxifc ugrnt,
h.t • nu-.h... Colton weigher,
mi..; tv<icr, ’.v;u. i,... .eniai.. express
agent, Ch:nnbu'-mu;d to the Waiting
! room.., check c.. i k, bil»i. clerk,
| night operator n:> v;oll as day eper
i ator, and messenger .boy. It was in
deed a pleasure to ce railed out of
bed by a railroad ‘wood-train con
ductor to get a train order for him
so's lie would be protected against
No. 17 or No .23. But nowadays, a
railroad man Is an 8-hour man and
no more. I drew $30.00 per month;
but never felt that I earned it, and
I had more money on that mem
orable first, pay-day than 1 ever
have had since. My board was $7.00
pep month—which seemed to be a
leet.le bit steep to me.
I continued to telegraph and
railroad tor 7 years. I was shrewd
enough not to let folks ketch iup
with my Ignorance. I went, slow,
observed closely, looked wise, kept
clean, parted my hair In the mid
dle, felt like everybody was better
than I was (attended church and
Sunday school), wore shoes too
small for me to reduce the size of
my corn-field feet, rubbed sweet
smelling petroleum jelly (a new
product) on my hair, kept Hoyt’s
German cologne on my clothes all
the time, and gradually melted Into
the crowd. An old-time telegraph
Job gave a fellow some wonderful
training, and I alnt sorry that I
started that-a-way.
meeting of the tax league,
l flat rock, s. c, decern. 3, 1931.
deer mr. editor:
1 have benn asked to rite up the
first meeting of our taxpayers lea
gue which was hell In the scholl
audy tortum last night, and 1 will
do as followers:
the meeting was called to order
by the pressldent, and mr. mike
Clark, rfd., was chose acting seek
er terry for same, as he was the
only man there that could tell the
pressldent what to do ansoforth. as
he had newer learnt annything
about parley mentary rules.
i it was decided to ask the next
logglslature to turn off every other
man and put the balance. of same
to work at what they could make hi
anny other Job not supported by
the taxpayers, and that woulfi
mean about a 60 , per cent cut.
mr. brown got hot under the col
lar about taxes, but the seeker
terry reminded him that he was
out of order, as he dlddent pay no
taxes excepp on his poll, so he got
madder than ever and set down
mr. Jones wanted the dog tax kill
ed, and free scholl books and light
wines and beers, but he was voted
mrs. aiken paine said that she
wants rail estate taxes done away
with so's she can save the farm her
husband left with a big mortgage,
as she can’t pay both Interest and
taxes, her motion was tabled for
the time being onner count of
everyboddy else being In the same
mr. hook wirm from cedar grove
community said he beWevcs that
the law ought to give our pressent
highways to the big trucks and
busses, and blld new ones for our
cars, but he was told by the seeker
terry that all the bond money in
the world had benn spent and
there will newer be no more bonds,
and consequently—no new roads.
there being no further bizness,
we adjourned and a new meeting
will be called as soon as the presst
dent can think of anything else to
meet about. • |
respectively submitted,
mike Clark, rfd.
acting seeker terry
St. Paul News
Of Late Interest
Debate And Recitation Contest
Winners. Personal
'Special to The Star.'
St. Paul, Dee. 3.—A large crowd j
was present last Sunday despite;
the rainy weather. The program1
consisted of speakers from each of
I the churches. Robert Forbis of
Beulah won in the oration for the
;boys, with Mr. Howell of Bethl»
hem coming second. Mrs Ralph
Harrelson of St. Paul won out in
i the recitation for the girls. Miss
| Katherine Carpenter of Bethlehem
; came second.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Harmon and
family of Vale have recently moved
into this community.
Miss Essie Dalton of the Appala
chian State Teachers college,
Boone, spent the Thanksgiving
holidays with her mother Mrs. E
A. Dalton.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sisk and chil
dren of Belmont. Mr. and Mr;
Horace Sisk and*famiiy of Fayette
ville spent awhile Thanksgiving
! Beams Mill Dots
Of Personal Item*
JNovella Wright And Leonard Wright
| Wed h* Gaffney. Two Cases
Of Pneumonia.
Pleasant Grove, Dec 4.—The mam
j friend:; of Mias Novella Wright and
I Mr. Leonard Wright, both or this
blare will be interested to hear ol
their marriage, which took place at
Gaffhey, 8. C., Sunday, Nov. 29.
'Gjc were accompanied to Gaffney
by the bride's sister. Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Bridges.
Ti.'- bridfr is the oldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Wright and
is very popular in the young social
set. The groom is the oldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ferman Wright, and
is also very popular in the young
social set. They will make their
hoirie for awhile with the groom's
Misses Louetta and Vergie Hoyle
j visited Misses Annie Laura and
Josephine Beam of St. Paul com
munity Wednesday.
Mildred, the small daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Wewrell Glascoe of
Morganton, spent the latter part of
last week with tier grandparents,
(Mr, and Mrs. Plato Costne'r. She
[returned home with her parents
Kftty Maud, the small daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Odus Ledford, is
very sick with pneumonia. Mr. Van
Causby is also very ill with pneu
monia, We hope them a speedy re
Those visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Hoyle Thursday were: Mr. and
Mrs. Vates Rudisill, Messrs. Yates
Beal and Torrence Scenter and
Misses Ezma and Ethel Grigs, all
of Lincolnton, Miss Mattie Williams
and Mrs. Cleophus Wright and
small daughter, Dorris, of this com
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bridges vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Gead Sweezy, of
Ross Grove Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Greenway has been on
the sick list for the past few days
with tomilitis. She is some better
at this writing.
Mrs. John Oreemvay of Mulls
Chapel spent last week with Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Greenway.
Mr. and Mrs, Ray Wilson of Fall
ston and Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill
Hamrick spent Sunday with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs Chessley
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Whitesides
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Cletus Wright.
Misses Lame and Eudoria Hoyle,
f Lillian and Irene Costner visited
Miss Elizabeth Bridges Sunday.
Miss Irene Costner spent the week
Mr. and Mrs. Max Gardner and
Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Wright
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Furman Gardner.
Mr: and Mrs. Fred Owens spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Forest
Carpenter of Waco, .
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest White and
children of Shelby spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. John Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pendleton of
Mulls Chapel community moved
Wednesday in the house with Mr.
and Mrs. John Lail.
No. 1 Township
News Of Interest
No. 1 Township, Dec. 3.—Mr. New
ton Jones who had the misfortune
to have a tree fall across his body
is in the Rutherford hospital slow
ly Improving.
Miss Exie Humphries spent the
week end with her aunt Mrs. W. O.
Humphries of Grassy Pond.
Those visiting Miss Mayme
Earls during the week end ^were
Wilbur Earl, Lois Abernethy and
Minnie Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crawley and
children spent last Thursday at
the home of Mr. J. D. Byars
Mrs. Peggy and Dilla Scruggs of
Cliffside visited Mrs. W. p Byars*
last week.
Those visiting at the home ot
Mrs. D. F. Bailey Sunday were Mr.
R. P. Davis and family, Mr and
Mrs. Clay Hawkins, Mr. Jack Bail
ey and family.
Mr. Blease McCraw spent Satur
day night with Mr. Vencie Scruggs.
Mr. Theodore Earl spent Satur
day night with Mr. Richard Earl.
Mr. John Boheler and family
spent Monday night at the home of
Mr M. B. Earl.
Messrs Broadus Byars and Blease
McCraw were the dinner»guests on
Sunday of Mr. Emmltt Byars f
Miss Ine Davis is spending a few
days with Mr. and Mrs. Blc>ue
Davis of Boiling Springs.
Mr, Sidney Ruppe and family vis
ited at the home of Mr Paul Ruppe
with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Helton and
family and 4 Mr. and Mrs. W. C
Murray and family.
Miss Annie Mae Harmon of Lin
colnton spent several days last
week with her grandparents, Mr
and Mrs. T. J. Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Harrelson ana
children, Charline, Doris and Mar
garet Anu of Kings Mountain vis
ited Mr. and MrSj M. P. Harrelson
Mr. and Mrs. M. L Murray and
daughter. Miss Estelle, 'and Mr
Griffin Murray spent Thanksgiving
with their son. Mr. Tom Murray
and Mrs. Murray of Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. W. N. Harrelson and son,
i Dwight spent Monday afternoon
I with Mr. and Mrs. A. W Harmon,
double Shoats News
, Of the Current Week
Class In Singing Each Night. Rev.
Mr. Snow Preaches. Mrs.
Golil 111.
(Special to Thu Slur.
Double Shoals, Dec. 3.—Last Sun
day afternoon there was special
services at the Methodist church
The pastor, Rev. E. E. Snow. of
Fallston preached on ‘God, Mans
Eternal Refuge". The message was
enjoyed by all present. Next Sun
day night December 6th at 7 o’clock
regular monthly services will be
Each night this week theie is
being held a class In singing. Mr.
T. W. Spangler, church chorister.
Is directing with a good attendance
each night.
Sunday December 6th at 2:30 p.
m., the Kings Mountain Baptist
Sunday school association will meet
at the Baptist church in the regu
lar monthly meeting. A large crowd
is expected as this meeting includ
ed all 42 churches.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sain of To
luca spent Sunday with Mi-, and
Mrs. Wytle Costner.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Costner of
Shelby visited their parents Mr. apd
Mrs. Alexander Costner Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Hastings and
children of Forest City, Mrs. T. A,
Spangler and Mrs Martha Jane
Short of Shelby, visited Mr. and
Mrs J. W. Costner Thanksgiving,
Messrs A. L. and Eubcrt Spangler
and Clyde Cornwell are In Ten
nesee this week purchasing hogs.
Mrs. Sid Gold continues very sick
with a complication of Ills. Miss
Irene Cook of upper Cleveland is
nursing her.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Costner spent
Tuesday in Shelby visiting Mr. J.
P. Smith who is seriously ill.
Miss Mary Eliabeth Fskrldgc
spent the week end with her cous
in Miss Meriel Eskridge.
Miss Rosa Lee Tolar and mother
of Lumberton, this state, spent last
Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. -S
B. Eskridge. Miss Tolar is a former
school teacher at Piedmont and has
many friends here.
Mrs. John Towery of near Casar
spent last week end with her sis
ter Mrs. S. B *Eskrldge and Mrs.
Lee Eskridge.
Under and by virtue of the authority
contained In that certain deed of tru.-t
executed by J. T. Ramsey and wire. Elia
Ramsey, to the undersigned trustee, said
deed of trust being dated Januar loth.
1931. and recorded In the office of the
register of deeds for Cleveland counts.
N. C., in book 170 page 15. securing an
Indebtedness to the First National bank
of Shelby, N. C., and default having been
mnde in the payment of said indebted
ness and being requested to sell said
property, 1 will on
Mortday, December “1. 19*1
at. 12 o' clock noon, or within legal hours.
«t the court house door In Shelby. N. C.,
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
public auction that certain lot of land
lying In No. 6 township and bounded as
Beginning on the northeast corner of
the original lot on Gardner street and
runs thence south with Lackey street 140
feet to the northeast corner of the Leon
ard Parris lot. and thence with the north
Une of Leonard Parris lot. west 128 feet
to A. A. Ramsey's corner, and runs thence
north with A. A. Ramsev s Une 140 teet
to Gardner street, thence east with
Gardner street 128 feet to the beginning,
the same being that lot or a pari oi
same conveyed by the First National
bank to J. T. Ramsey, book 3-P page 39fi
This November 19, 1931.
GEO. A. HOYLE, Trustee.
4t Nov 20c
Having qualified on October 28th. 1931.
as administratrix of the estate of John
K. Dover, deceased. late of Cleveland
county. N. C., this Is to ndEtfy all per
sons having claims against the estate of
said deceased to exhibit them duly veri
fied to the undersigned at Shelby, N. C.,
on or before October 30, 1932, or this
notice will be pleaded in bnr of their re
covery. All persons indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment.
Thle October 30th. 1931.
ELLA T. DOVER, Administratrix
of the Estate of John R. Dover,
Rybum Sc Hoey, Attya. 6t Oct *Soc
Under and by virtue ul the authority
contained In that certain deed ot trust,
executed by Q. w. Ramsey arid wife, to
undersigned trustee, said deed of trun be
ing dated Sentember 5. 1928, and record
ed In the office of the register of deds
for Cleveland county, N. C„ in book No
K'3 page 111. securing an indebtedness to
the Shelby & Cleveland County Building
and Loan association, and default having
been made in the payment of said In
debtedness. T alll on
Monday. December <1, licit
u! 12 o'clock noon, or within legal hours
at the court house door In Shelby. N. C.
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
public auction that certain lot of land
described as follows:
Beginning at a stake, corner of lot sold
to A. A. Ramsey, now Weaver's property,
and runs thence with said line north 179
feet to a stake^coroer of said lot, thence
east 50 feet to a stake, a new corner;
thence a new line south lfo fe< t to a
stake, a new corner in the old line; thence
with the old line west 50 feet to the be
ginning and being the western part of
the lot sold to J. T Ramsey by M. B
Clegg and wife by deed dated 'January
It. 1910.
This November 19th, 1931.
JNO. P MULL, Trustee
4t Nov 20c
Under and by virtue of the authority
contained in that certain deed of trust,
executed by J. T. Ramsey and wife, to
the undersigned trustee, said deed of trust
being dated Nov, 10, 1927, and recorded
In the office of the register of deeds for
Cleveland county, N. C. in book No 149.
page 32. securing an indebtedness to the
Shelby <& Cleveland County Building and
Loan association, and default having been
made In the payment of said indebted
ness, I will on
Monday, December 21, 1931
at 12 o'clock noon, or within legal hours
at the court house door In Shelby. N. C
sell to thee highest bidder lor cash at
public auction that lot described aa fol
lows: Lying In the southwest square of
the town of Shelby, N. c . and bounded
as lollows:
Beginning at a stake, north edge or
Clardne;- ■, formerly Eure Smith'a
corner, now LeOrand's corner and runs
thence with said line north 139 feet to
a stake, LeOrand'e corner; thence west
90 feet to a stake, a new corner; thence
a new line south 17« feet to a stake In
north edge of Gardner street: thence with
the north edge 6f said street BO feet to
the beginning ancf being the eastern pax',
of that u>^ Which was eonvyed to J T
Ramsey by M, B Ctefj and wife t»v deed
dated January 18, 1910.
Thie November l»th. 1831.
JNO P MULL, Trustee
«t Nuv 20
Clover Hill News
Of Current Week
Mr. Towery in New York Hospital.
Personals of People Visit
ing: About.
iSpecial to The Star.)
Clover Hill. Dec. 3.—Mr. B, X.
Towery who has been sick for sev
eral montlis Is in a hospital at
Now York taking treatment.
Miss Madge Wortman a student
at Boone, spent Thanksgiving at
home with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ambrose Wortman
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Freeman and
family of Spindale spent Thanks
giving with their daughter Mrs. J.
M. Hasting and Mr. %’astingg.
Mrs. Amos Ledford spent part of
last week with her daughter, Mrs
L. L Norman and Mr. Norman.
Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Queen and
children of <3heiby were visitors In
the community Wednesday anti
Thursday of last week.
Mr. ai^d Mrs. Calvin White spent
a while Saturday night with Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Jenkins.
Mr. and Mrs.. Enoch Ledford’s
guests on Thanksgiving were ?t!rs.
J. B. Sweezy and daughter Pearl
Sweezy of Lawndale.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Queen visited
Mr. and Mrs. Lebron Queen on
Mrs. Jasper Childress of Belwood
and daughter Mrs. Annie Watters
Newberry, S. C„ spent Saturday
with Mr. and Mrs. Amos Ledford.
Mrs. C. F. Ramsey has been
spending several days with her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Towery.
Miss Annie Turner has been sick
the past week. We hope her a
speedy recovery.
Miss Inez Ledford had as her
dinner guests on Saturday Misses
Lillie and Nlta Waters of New
berry. S. C., and Miss Nannie Lou
Cloodman at Belwood.
Mrs. Moriah Towery spent part of J
last week with relatives in Shelby, i
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Ramsey and
children were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Enoch Ledford on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lemrnie Hoyle and
children spent a while Saturday
night with Mr. and Mrs. Scott
Mr, Roy Ramsey was the dinner
guest of Mr Boyd Ramsey on Sun
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Waler spent
Monday night with Mrs. Forest
Lost 20 Lbs. of Fat
In ilust 4 Weeks
Mrs. Mae West of St. Louis, Mo.,
writes: "I'iu only 28 yrs. old and
weighed 170 lbs. until taking one
box of your Kruschen Salts just 4
weeks ago. I now weigh 150 lbs, I
aiso have more energy and further
mo.'e I've never had a hungry mo
Fat folks should take one half
teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts in a
glass of hot water every morning
before breakfast—an 85 cent bottle
lasts 4 weeks—you can get Krus
chen at Stephenson Drug Store and
Cleveland Drug Store—or any drug
store in America. If not joyfully
satisfied after the first bottle
money back. adv.
Under ami by virtue of' the authority
contained In that certain deed of trust,
executed by J T. Ramsey and rvlfe. to
the undersigned trustee, said deed of trust
being dated April H. 1928. and recorded
In the office of the register of deeds for
Cleveland county. N. c. in book No. 14»
page 226. securing an indebtedness to the
Shelby & Cleveland County Building and
Loan association. and default having
been made In the payment of said In
debtedness, L will on
Monday. December 21, i;>:tl
at 12 o'clock noon, or within legal hours
at the court house door In Shelby, N. c
sell to the highest bidder for cash ut
public nuctiori that certain lot ol land
described as follows: Lot No. 5 and sit
uated tii the southwestern part of the
town of Shelby, N. c. and being a part
of the l'» acre lot formerly owned bj
Sallie Kendrick and bounded as follows.
Beginning at a point In the old line n
feet distant from an Iron post, the old
corner In a direction S. 9 W.; thence 8
56 E. 55 feet to a stake, a new corner*
thence a new line S. 9 w. about 150 feet
to a stake in the old line: thence with
the old line N. 67 w. 55 leet to the old
corner; thence with the old line N. 9 E.
about 134 feet to the beginning and be
ing the western portion of lot No. 5 of
property conveyed to J. T. Ramsey by
the First National bank by deed dated
June 6th. 1925
This November 19th. 1931
JNO. P. MULL, trustee.
*t s’ov 20e
Up from Newsboy
William P. Kenney, newly appoint
ed president of the Great Northern
Railway, who rose from a newsboy
on the streets of Minneapolis to
his present high position in Amer
ican railroading. It was the late
James J. Hill who discovered Ken
ney in his early days and lifted
him up the ladder of success. Dur
ing the World War. Kenney was
federal manager of the Great
Willing; Accomplice.
He (shyly)—I'm going to steal a
She—Well, let the crime wave be
gin. ^
Almost instant relief from cough
is now guaranteed in the use of tile
physician's famous prescription
called Thoxihe. It works on an en
tirely different principle; having a
double action, it relieves the throat
irritation and goes direct to the in
ternal cause not reached by cough
syrups and patent medicines and
the cough stops like magic, usually
with the very first swallow.
Taken before retiring, Tlioxiix.
absolutely prevents night coughing
and insures a good night's sleep. It
gives the same speedy relief for
sore throat too. Contains no chloro
form or harmful drugs. Children
like it. Remember—relief within 15
minutes from coughs or sore throat,
or your money back. 35c, 60c, $1.00
bottles. Sold by Suttle's Drug store
and all other good drug stores.
■Under authority conferred by deed of
trust executed by J C- Powell and wile,
Ida Pow«fll to W. J. Bridget, trustee. dat
ed the 1st day of February. 1928 and re
corded tbe 2nd dav of February, 1928 in
book m at page 288 in the office of til'
register of deeds for Cleveland county
North Carolina, the said trustee will at
12 o'clock M on Monday. December 28tli.
1931, at the court house house door ol
Cleveland county In Shelby. North Caro
lina, sell at public auction for cash to the
highest bidder, the following described
Lying and being in No. 8 township
Cleveland county. North Carolina and de
scribed as follows:
First Tract: Lying on the waters of
Brushy Creek. Beginning at a stone in a
conditional line, thence north 62 east 111
poles to a stake in Gold's line on east
bank of creek, thence up the creek IS*
poles to a persimmon on west bank ol
creek, thence south 62 west 176 poles to
a stone, thence south 63 cast 13 poles in
the beginning, containing 13 acres, the
same being the land deeded to J. C, Pow
ell by N. 6. Powell, which deed ts of rec
ord in the registry of Cleveland count-.,
N. C. In book of deeds VV. at page S2
Second Tract: Adjoining the above
tract. Beginning at a pine knot in Wil
liamson's line, thence north 62 east lit
poles to a persimmon on bank of creek
Gold's line, thence with said line up the
creek 12>i poles to a stake, thence south
62 west 174 poles to a pine knot, thence
33‘a east to poles to .a pine, Williamson's
corner, thence south 63 east 41* poles to
the beginning, containing 12’» acres, the
same being the land deeded to J. C
Powell by W, W. Blggerstaff and wife
Which deed is of record In the registry
or Cleveland county, N, C., in book of
deeds AAA, at page 533.
Third Tract: Beginning at an apple
tree, R. J. Powell's and J. W, Green -
corner, thence with aforesaid line south
43'a west 12 poles to a stone, thence a
new line north 47 west 15ta poles to a
stone, thence north 84'i west 24,9 pole
to a stone in, J. C. Powell line, theno.
with same north 63 east 64.4 poles to a
stake on east bank of creek. thence
stMith 64 east 13 poles to a stone between
two pines, thence south 13Vi west 13; 4
poles to a stone 3’i feet south ot a wal
low, thence 68'« west 24t« poles to the
beginning, containing 9 acres, more oi
less, the^same is the land conveyed to
iJ. C- Wwell by J. W. Green and wife,
which deed is of record In the registry oi
Cleveland county, N. C. ,
This sale Is made on account of de
fault in the payment of the indebtedness
secured by said deed of trust.
This the 25th dav of November, 1931.
W. J. BRIDGES, Trustee.
D. Z. Newton, Attorney. 4t Nov 2,:
Twice Warned
Is He
As a man who cuts wood is warmed both by
the exercise of cutting and after by the fire
side, so the saver glows in the security afford
ed by saving and after by providing those
things that afford pleasure.
Union Trust Co.
MON. - TUES., DEC. 7 & 8
— 10c and 25c —
See The Stars of “BAD GIRL” In A
Picture You’ll Dream About.
Sensational Discovery, 666 Salve
A Doctor’s Prescription for Treating l olds Externally
Everybody Using It—Telling Their Friends
$5,000 Cash Prizes For Best Answers
"Why You Prefer D66 Salve for Colds"
Ihe Answer Is Easy After You Have Tried It
Ask Your Druggist
First Prize $500.00; Next ten Prizes $100.00 each. Next twenty Prizes
$50.00 each; Next forty Prizes $25.00 each; Next one hundred Prizes
$10.00 each; Next one hundred Prizes $5.00 each. In case of a tie idn>
tical Prizes will, be awarded. Rules: Write, on one side oi paper oi:.v
let your letter contain no more than fifty words. Tear oil Top cl G6J
Salve Carton and mail With letter to 6B6 Salve Contest, Jacksonville
Florida. All letters must be in by midnight, January 31. 1932. Year
druggist will have list of winners by February 15th.
t>(J6 Liquid or Tablets with tititi Salve Makes it Complete
Internal aid External Treatment.
For One Week Only, Beginning Friday,
December 4th, I will give FREE, One
Quart of Oil with each Five Gallons of
Gasoline purchased at the regular Serv
ice Station price.
Beaver Dam Service Station is new oper
ated by the owner, R. E. Padgett. Give
me a chance to serve you with Gas, Oil,
Cold Drinks and Barbecue.
Don’t fail to take advantage of the above
special offer.
Beaver Dam
Service Station
R. E. PADGETT, Owher.
m your cakes?.
40 YEAR*
25 ounces for 25$
Every Other Day. That Means 20,000 intense
Readers. If you have something to sell, tell
these 20.000 People about it in these columns

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