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    Double Springs
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Singing toorentfon To B< llcul
Sunday. Personal
'Special to The Star.*
Double Springs, Dec, 4.—Th
siegers contention will be held nt
our Church on Sunday, December
6, beginning at 1 o’clock, Mr. J. C.
Hiidgas has charge of it.
Mr. and Mrs. Berry M.cSwain
and children add Mr. and Mrs
Schletnan McSwain " spent Thurs
day with Mr. and Mrs. M. Brook'
Mr. Robert, Ballots of the Sharon
Community was the week-end vis
itor of Mr. William Griffin.
Miss Lucille Gold of CllffSldc
apent several days last week with
her grandmother, Mrs. J. C. Greene
and Mr. and Mrs. Yates Greene.
Miss Beatrice Blanton visited her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Bridges la the Beaver Darn com
munity Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Greene and
daughter, Evelyn, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Billie Powell of
the tJnion community.
Mr. Marvin Gold spent the week
end at home.
Little Miss Mildred Washburn of
Shelby was a week-end visitor of
her cousin, little Miss Shirley Phll
Mrs. George Rlchbourg and chil
dren, Gilbert and Joan, spent the
week-end ^ith Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Mips Thelma Horne spent some
time last week with her cousin. Miss
Ethel Bridget of Shelby.
Misses Lucine and Selma Mc
Swaln very delightfully entertain
ed a number of their friends with
» party last Saturday night.
Mr. Tyhee Greene who is In
School at Dayton, Va. spent Thanks
giving with his parents, Mr, and
Mrs. 8. W. Greene.
" MV. and Mrs. Olenn Adams and
daughter, Louise, visited Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Washburn Sunday aft
Misses Mildred Lovelace and Vir
ginia Hamrick and Mr. Emmett
Lovelace of Race Path spent the
4 week-end with Miss Etta Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Greene and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Sammie
Brooks and son, and Misses Vela
Covington and Annie Davis spent
Sunday -with Mr. and Mrs. B. B.
Plant “ should be gone over
for the winter. The weath
er man says winter is near,
so in order to be comfort
able, let us look over your
in plumbing and heating,
always at your service. Es
timates cheerfully given on
any work that needs to be
Proper attention to your
heating is economy in fuel.
Modern Plumbing
& Heating Co.
•« Phone 569 ^
“When I was a girl, I suf
fered periodically with ter
rible pains In my back and
sides. Often I would bend
almost double with the In
tense pain. This would
last for hours and I could
get no relief.
"I tried almost every
thing that was recom
mended to me, but found
nothing that would help
until I began taking
CarduL My mother
thought It would be
good for me, so she
got a bottle of Cardul
and started me taking
i It. I soon Improved.
The bad spells quit
coming. I was soon
in normal health.”
—Mra Jewel Harrla
1 Wlunsboro, Texas.
Bold At All Drug
Btoret. I
Helps Women to Health
Take Thed/ord’s Blaek-tiraurht
for Constipation. Indigestion,
ftwd Bfllouin«w.
] Moore mid Heba Moure
Miss Annie Davis of Charlotte :»
i spending this week with her pnr
| enter, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Davis;
Mr. and Mrs. Bate Blanton and
| ton, Robert, spent Sunday with
; Mr, and Mrs. A A, Blanton.
Mr. and IVJr.s W. 8. Davis spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Truman
Mrs. Susan Cornwell, Misses Ncjra
, and Laura Cornwell of Shelby vb
j Ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
[Bate Blanton Sunday afternoon.
Troop No. 2 was glad to have
present at the regular meeting on
Monday night November 30 two
scouts from Belwood troop J. They
were Fred Propst a brother of our
scoutmaster and Wayne Carpen
The patrol in charge of the pro
gram did not plan one, thinking
court of honor ipot that night.
Mr. Propst gate out blanks to
those seeking higher rank.
Most of the scouts wanting to re
ceive advancement met at the scout
hall Wednesday evening at four
o’clock to pass off the test.
Fred M. Simmons. Scribe.
Court of Honor.
The local court of honor which
meets here the first Monday In
ckch month will meet at the Clev
eland county court house Monday
night December 7 at 7:30 o’clock.
Remember the contest Is still on
and your troop needs your cooper
ation In order to win.
South Shelby Troop.
First was a short talk by Scout
Onnle Baber. He spoke on “Duty to
Your Country.” Next was a discus
sion of the scout laws and their
meaning, then Patrol Leader Nor
man Taylor Introduced Mr. A. W.
Benoy as the main speaker on the
Mr. Benoy based his speech on
the "Helpfulness of the Scout
Handbook.” He said that the thing
set forth Is the merit badges we, the
fore-runners of great positions and
he urged the boys to study their
scout books and be ready to pass
some test by the next court of hon
bt. Merit badges are a great thing
in the way of education for a boy
and It helps him to be better pre
pared to take advantage of the op
portunities given him.
When the next* court of honor
meets we have two boys who are
gwlng wp to pass their first class
test and we are going to keep on
working as we are going to try to
have at least one Eagle scout In our
troop before many more courts of
honor meetings.
Troop 7 motored to Asheville on
Sunday. We went through the zoo.
We saw everything from white rats
to an elepliant and I think every
one enjoyed the trip and it should
be very helpful to the troop as a
whole. Two or three members of
the troop also spent SatuVlay
night on the river, but we were up
early enough to take the trip to
Asheville Sunday,
Troop 1, Polkvillr.
Our troop was fnN-rtained on
Wednesday night before Thanks
giving by a wiener roast which was
given by our troop committee chair
man, Mr. B. p. Jenkins Wieners,
tipples and soft drinks were served.
We were very glad to have with us
two other members of the troop
committee, C. T. Stamey and J. L.
Dennis. Everyone present enjoyed
the evening.
Several of our scouts are plan
ning to attend the court of honor
Monday night. While all are not go- !
ing up for advancement we hope to
have more to appear for advance
ment next time.
We are planning to render serv
ice to the poor and the. unfortun
ate during Christmas and the win
ter. Clothing, food, and other neces
sltles are to be collected by the
scouts and distributed to the poor.'
Chas. E. Ridge, Jr., Scribe.
Chicago—Edward N. Hurley,
j chairman of the citizens' non-.par-'
[partisan committee working toward
[bringing both national conventions
j to Chicago, estimated that if the
: meeting were held here the dele
i gates, alternatives and visitors
j would save approximtely $2,500,000,
i The savings, he said, would be
effected in transportation, hotel
costs and other expenses because
Chicago was centrally located and
could offer advantageous hotel con
tracts for room rates and special
roundtrip railway fares.
The Republican national commit*
tee will meet in Washington De
|«'tuber 15 and the Democratic com
mittee January 9 to select the sites.
Nonce is hereby given that I have ; h
MUO Urtflntd “matrix . of tt
rtl"? ,! 3 Lftnp rutn*m deceased .
Ce,eland county and this ts to note
t. d Tm'.Tc’ . J,nvln* ***'»wt t'
-Sid estate to present them to me two,
CTt. proven on or before the loth j,
0r th“ »»«<* WU1 I
r eaded ra oar of any recot erv. AU pe
sons indebted to the ram *«•<* „
tm’dVr.i™*-' ,mmediate settlement to t'
tiidersignet! Thi$ Nov 14 19J1
o, Estate of .1 r.ane Putnam, d.
trac'd. «t Nov 1(
It Pays To Advertise
| New Torture Case?
i ■ranaT’w mam
Happy and well eared for. after
what police charge a period of cruel
mistreatment, 22-months-old Helen
Hyatt Is shown Hop) In a Worces
ter, Mass., hospital. Alphonse Myatt
(lower), said to be the baby's fath
er, la under arrest pending: Invest I
Katlon of the sensational charges
of extreme child neglect. tittle
Helen, whrn taken from her home
was blind In one eye and unable to
talk or stand. Police say they found
the body of another child In the
Myatt home.
Patterson Springs
News Current Week
(Special to The Star.)
Dec. 5.—The people in this com
munity are killing their hogs since
it lias turned cold and getting ready
lor the Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hord of
Lawndale spent last Tuesday with
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Borders
Mr. Emmett Jackson returned
home Sunday after visiting rela
tives in Spartanburg, S. C. and
Mrs. W. K. Hardin who has been
quite sick for the past two weeks is
much improved at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Matthews
of Roanoke Rapitls visited her
mother, Mrs. L. H. Patterson last
Miss Harriet Roberts spent Sun
day with Miss Cecelia Padgett hi
the Beaver Dam community.
Miss Editii Allen delightfully en
tertained the senior class of No 3
high and few invited guests at he
beautiful home last Thursday even
ing. Many games and contests were
played after which light refresh
ments were served. Everyone pres
ent reported a nice time.
Rev. and Mrs. Ivan L. Roberts
and family of Hickory spent the
Thanksgiving holidays with hie
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Rob
Miss Sarah Jackson entertained a
large score of friends at her home
last Friday night. After an evening
of fun and enjoyment, the hostess
served delicious refreshments.
A number from this community*
attended Mrs. "Jos” Hord’s funeral
which was held at Zion church
Uhdrr and bv virtue of the authority
conferred upon us in a deed of trust ex
ecuted by ,1. L. Hunt and wife Kate
Hunt on the 3rd dry of January mu.
and recorded in hook 140, page *18 w<!
will on Saturday the
t'Jth day of December. 111.ft, IS o'clock
noon at the courthouse door in Shelby.
N. c:. Cleveland county, sell et public
auction lor, cash to the highest biddir
the following land, to wu
l ying and being m N‘o 8 township,
(Jlareland county, North Carolina on the
public rood leading from Poifcvill-- by way
of Mount Harmony church and betnr
Joined on the north by the lands of Lura
) vitUmore and Joe Hastings, on the east
by P n. Whlsnant. on the south by l>
Mt Whlsnant and John Houser, and on
the we-r, by Pc Hamit, and being that
.'ts'ftt of lelul conveyed to John l Hunt
by deed of record in the office of rrg
’sier of deeds for Cleveland) county. tl
C. in l"v: 3-X, page 284, and tnoro par
T cuLirh' described by metes and bounds
jt follow •
Hetrhvv'njt on a pine, corner of house
hi ci lifif of Pur* I.stUmorc, and run.,
the nr. o north 18 east 82 poles to a stone
1 .tie edge Of a pine I..-'.!: thence north
- I e;ys! ;to Txi'es to e stone In a flat, Joe
'Hastings’ corner: thence mil lhs line
north e*’ < can 28', poles' to a stone:
I' Strop south 28 east 4* poles to a stone
i\ n. Wnisnant's corner, thence with his
• *. Urth if west n poles io a stone
tnf edge Of the bottom, thence north 18
cist 18 po'es to a birch on the east bank
».• the creek .n Whiansut'a hue thence
down the creek rotiia- 10 we 1 31 poles to
a stake: thence south *o east 10 poles to
a flake; thence »). i« rest 32 poles to a
stake on Hie north bant of the creek m
the cut black oak at the old bridge
thence with the old line and line of D
B. W1 Lnaut south ;* east 110 poles to
■i -pitta mow downi, thence south I9!
west 22 poles to a stone: thence south
18ls west 50 poles to a leaning nine i.i
Whisnanfs line; thru with Ins line
ooyth 67U- west 13 writs to a stone Pur
thehca touih 87 west 64 po'es to B stake
tn the branch, corner of John Houser
thenee with Ills lipe down the branch
iH- 88 w. 3* poles to a styne. thenrt N. 46
>w»st 34 polks to a stone; theme north 46
wks* 9* poles to » stake tn Houser's line
thence north 80 West 4S poles to a stake;
thence north 84 west 17 poles to a maple
thence W. 38 poles to* stake Pet Hai
rin'* corner; thence with Ms line north
28 east 40 polrs to a stone, thence north
70 east 12 poles to a stone, corner of
the church lot; thence south 1>, west 26
poles to a stone; thence north 78 east 25
notes to a stone; thence north 23 treat
29 poles to a stone, corner of Lura Lat
- more thence with her line north 4?
!hast 2« poles to a stpne thence north &7<<
eat! 43 poles lo the place of beginning
cor'tmirg 1111, seres.
This sal* is made by rearon of the f»tl
or# of J t Hum and wife Kste Hunt to
pay off and discharge the indebtedness
secured by said deed of trust.
A deposit ot 10 percent will oe centred
Irom the purchaser at the sale.
This the Mtti day of October'
HAM- Trustee, fygrjhsiit K f
I it N<JV He
Seek Specific Cause
When Treating Neuritis
This tServa Inflammation May l{esuU from a Variety
of Things, Says Dr. Copeland, and Effective Relief
Depends on'the Removal of the Irritant.
I'nlleil Staten Senator from New York,
f ormer Commissioner of Health, Seio Y'orfe Cilu.
I HAVE had numerous requests
to say .something about the
causes and treatment of neu
ritis. It is difficult to describe all
the causes, fer this disease may re
suit irom a va
riety of things.
Its treatment is
even more dif
Neuritis, a s
the term i im
plies, is an in*
flamation of a
nerve. This in
flamation may
l)o caused by an
injury, perhaps
from a fall or a
blow. Even a
more or less
triflinz iniurv
I)r. Copeland
may damage a delicate nerve.
Frequently it is caused by
poisons. These poisons may be
circulating in the blood as a result
of some disturbance in the body.
It often follows infections of the
teeth, tonsils, sinuses, gall bladder,
pelvic organs, and. In many In
stances, chronic appendicitis.
Neuritis Is caused by alcohol. When
taken In excessive amounts, alco
hol causes an Irritation of the nerves
which supply any ]>art of the body.
This Irritation may be followed by
an inflammation of the nerve with
severe pain and discomfort.
| Neuritis sometimes accompanies
rheumatism. Indeed that disturb
ance is likely to be very painful at
It is important that the underly
ing inure of the irritation be deter
mined before any definite treatment
is applied. Usually, with removal of
the cause, the irritation and Inflam
mation subside. Such measures aa
heat, and. in many eases, e«M, ap
plied to the parts that are involved,
give relief.
* With recent years eseellent results
have been obtained by the applica
tion of the electrical current. One
such method of treatment la called
"diathermy.” It makes It possible
to liberate heat deep In the tissue#
of the body In this way reaching the
nerves lnvdlved.
Many persons resort to self-medi
cation, using Balves and other con
coctions. The application of these
'•remedies” may give temporary re
lief Sueh treatment is likely to be
useless In the long run. because the
underlying cause Is not removed.
If you are a sufferer from neurltla.
you should talk with your physician
He will endeavor to determine what
is causing the irritation.
The removal of badly Infected
teeth, or. In many cases. .Infected
tonsils. Is sufficient to bring about
a complete cure of neuritis. If ths
gall bladder or appendix are greatly
diseased, they must be given atten
In short, get rid of the infection,
wherever It is. Then the neuritis
will disappear of itself,
Answers to Health Queries !
Helena C. Q,—How much should
a girl aged 28, 5 ft. 4 in. tall weigh,
also a girl of 22, 6 ft. 4Vi in, tall?
A—They should weigh respect
i ively about 130 and 136 pounds.
• ♦ *
J. O. M. Q.—What will cure
A.—For full particulars send ,
seif addressed, stamped envelope and
repeat your question.
* * •
I.. A. C. Q.—What can be done
! for anemia?
A.—Send self-addressed, stamped
envelope for full particulars and re
peat your question.
. . .
"A Header.“ Q:—What causes a
red nose?
2.—What can be done for‘ tiny
burst veins?
A.—This may be due to poor cir
culation, indigestion, constipation or
nasal catarrh,
2.—Consult a shir specialist for
E, L. B. Q.—Kindly advise wheth
er or not there is a cure for ar
thritis? Are vaccines of any bene
A.—Whether or not this disturb*
ance can be definitely cleared up de
pends upon the extent of the trouble
and its duration. Vaccines are very
helpful in some instances, depend
ing upon the cause and underlying
conditions. For full particulars send
a self-addressed, stamped envelope
and repeat your question
• * e
8. B. S. Q —What should a girl of
',8. 4 ft. lO'.a in. tall weigh?
—Will sue grow any taller?
3.—Is an operation the only cure
for sinus trouble?
A.—She should weigh about 108
pounds. This is .-bout the average
weight for one of this age and height
as determined by examination of a
large number of persons.
2. —She may.
3. -—No, not necessarily. Treatment
is sometimes helpful.
Copjritht. 1431. by Sevf-pap-T Venture Service. Inc.
By virtue of the power .of sole eo -
tamed ! :i a need of, executed or.
December loth, 1328, by J. M. McDowell
and wife. Annie McDowell, .‘■four' 11 k on
indebtedness to the Shelby Building and i
Louit association. and default having |
been nuide in the payment aj»d be Inf call-I
ed upon to execute the hum i as trus
tee will sell for cash to the highest bid
der at public auction at the. court h.oust
door in the town of Shelby. N c. on
Saturday, December ■;#, 1331,
at 12 ©’clock M„ the following described
real estate, situate In the town of Shelby.
N. C. aud described as follows:
Beginning on all Iron , stake, Robert
Grant's southwest corner, tn tv. P. King s
line, thence with \V. P. King's line south
3la west 100 feet to an Iron stake, Fe.
Young line south 86'* east ISO tect to
an Iron .-take In the A. J. Jennings line
and Young's corner, thence a new line
north 3>« cast 100 feet to a stake In
Jennings' and Grant's line, thence wtth
s.*td line north 86'j west with Grant's
line 150 feet to the beginning
The foregoing property is sold subject
to any existing unpaid taxes. This Nov
ember 18th, 1931.
r 4t Nov 23c
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon us ill a deed of !ru;.t ex
ecuted by'R. G. Mauney and wife. Marie
Mauuev, on the 4th dai of August. 1826,
and recorded In bools HI, page 131. we
will on Saturday the
VHh day of Perember. 18X1. 1*2 o'clock
noon at the courthouse door in Shelby.
If c. Ctevland county, sell at public
auction for cash to the highest bidder
the following land to-wlt:
Belug lot No. 3 of the Marcus M. Mau
ney lands, and being that tract of land
conveyed to R. Grady M.inner bv deed ot
IV H. Spangler and wife, et ala. dated
April 311th. 1935. which deed Is registered
In the office of the register of deeds for
Clei eland county. North Carolina, In
book of deeds 3-P. page 3«7. Said lands
being mined on the north by Cherts
Spangler, and M. B Mauney. on the east
by S. .T. Green laudsV on the south bv
Z. C. Mauney. on the west by Brushy
Oaek and the lands of Tom Green and
ChcsU Spangler and being described by
metes and bounds as follows.
Beginning at a •.take and pointers on
west hank of Brushy Creek old comer
and corner of Chcvls Spangler, and runs
I hence with line of Chevis Spangler, N
605. E. 9.73 chains to a stone: thence N
15 w. 10 chains to a stone on east batik
of Small Branch. M B. Mauney’s cornpr,
thence with line of if. B. Mauney N, 73'i
K. 29.03 chains to a stone In line of S
J Green's land: thence with said lino
S. I'i'■ K 13.50 chains crossing a branch
I" a stone and pointers, earner of Z. C.
Manny's land: thanee with line of said
Z. C Mauney. 8. 31'J W, crossing road
13 chains to a stone: thence 8 4014 W.
34 09 chains crossing Brush; Creek to u
stone on old riyn, eornVr of Torn Green's
lap,-I thence with old creek run as It was
111 1945. M, 141» tv. 3 40 chains to a stake
on we-f bsnk of present creek channel,
thence N. 13 W. 6 66 chains to a stake
on west bank thence N 3'* W. 4.H
chains to a stake on west bank; thence
N. W. 3 06 chains to a stake on west
bank: thence N. 33'.. W. 6 00 chains tv
the place of beginning, containing «ev
cnty-cight (7*i acres.
Together with a right-of-way from the
lands above described to the public road
leading from the Bhelbv-PolkvUle road to
the Shelby-Lsttlmore road, said right of
way lying across the lands of w. T
WeaUiTs and wife. Ossie Weathers, and
the lauds of Z. C. Mauner and wife,
Gladys Mauney. and being described tn a
certain deed from said parties to R.
Grady Mauney. dated April I7th, 1936, and
recorded In the office of the register o!
deeds for Cleveland county. N C„ Ir
book 3-P at page 367.
This sale Is made by reason of the
failure of n U Mauney and wife, Marie
Mauney. to pay of! and discharge the In
debtedness secured bv said deed of trust !
A dapor-i 01 10 percent wtUl be required'
ot the purchaser at the sale
This the 2nd day of No\emb*r 1951 |
HAM. Trustfe, Durham, lb C.
4*. Nor !«e •
Under am! by virtue of the authority
conferred upon us in n deed of trust ex
ecuted by J. K. Blanton and wuc. Lab
Blanton mi (he nth day of April, hUio
and recorded In book HI. page 27. «c
will on Baturda
Pith day aH Dererabcr, 1MI. 12 o'clock
noon at the courthouse door In Shelbv.
N. C.. Cleveland count'.', sell at publi
auclion ta' wash to the highest bidder
the following, land, to-wtt:
All that piece. parcel or tract of land,
situate. Tyirig and being In No 2. town
ship, county, state ol North
Carolina, gaJcOhing the lands of Mr.
Tom Hun,nek. Cliff Davis, Cicero Allen,
having such .shapes courses and dis
tances'sis . MU-more Fully appear bv ref
erence to • Plat thereof made by A. M
Lovelacp, surveyor, on the 8th dav o:
April. 1926, and being more particularly
described and daflned^fV follows
Beginning on a willow on (he bank ol
Little Hickory Creek. Mrs. Mary Jane
Hughes' earner and runs with Cicero
Allen's line sSuth 13,5 poles to a stone m
Turner's line, Clift Davis’s corner: thence
with hi* line east 54'w pAles to a stake
thence north 26'« east 126 poles to a
stake oaf north bank of Little Hickory
creek: thence with Mrs. Tom Hamrick's
line north 62 west 101*j poles to a white
oak. thence down Little Hickory creek a.
it meanders to the beginning, containing
74'4 acres, more or less. Reference 1.
hereby made to that deed from R A
Putnam et ah. to J. F. Blanton and wile
Leila Blanton, recorded in book 3-F. at
page 611.
This sale Is made by reason of the
failure of J. 1-'. Blanton and wife. Lr.m
Blanton to pay oft and discharge the in
debtedness secured by said deed of trust
A deboslt of to percent will be required
Iron the purchaser at the sale.
This the 28th (lav of October. 1931.
HAM, Trustee, Durham, N C.
4t Nov 16c
salk or valuable farm property
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred ution us In a deed of trust ex
ecuted by W. R. Weilmon, Jr., lunmay
rled ) on the 15th day of February. 192«,
and recorded in book 131, page 662, tvs
will on Saturday the
l»h day of December. (2 o'clock
noon at the courthouse door In Cleveland
county-, Shelby, N. c„ sell at public auc
tion for rash to the highest bidder the
following land, to-wlt
All that piece, parcel or tract of land,
situate, lying and being In No. 6 town
ship, county of Cleveland, state of North
Carolina, and adjoining the lands of Joe
Blanton on the north, lands of c. C
Blanton anti George Blanton on the east,
lands of C C Blanton and George Bta.t
ton and L. p Yarboro on the south
lands of J B Philbeck and Joe Blantod
on the west, and being more particular
ly described and defined as follows:
Beginning at a ptne stump. J. B. Phil
beck's corner, thence with his line south
68 east 48lj poles to a stone; thence with
J. B. Fhllbeck's line north 13 cast I4i>,
poles to a stake, his corner, in Brushy
Creek; thence down the meanders of
Brushy creek general average being;
North 37 east 64 poles to a stake: north
87V:i east 22 poles; south 641a east 115
poles to two birches, C. C. and George
Blanton's corner: thence with their sev
eral line,, as follows: South I» west S3
poles («> a Spanish oak: south 24 west 12
poles to a pine; north 78 west 42 poles to
a Stone; south 15 west 4644 poles to
stone, south 88 west 58 poles to a stone;
thence south 17 poles to a stake in the
faouthern railroad: thence with said rail
road north 86>i west 101 poles to »
stake; thence north 12 west 6 poles to the
beginning, containing 161 acres, more or
Reference Is hereby made to the follow
mg deeds; M. W. Doggett and wife to w
R. Weilmon, Jr , reeorded in book BB at
page 507. M 9 Jolley and husband, R
M, Jolley, reeorded in book DDD, page
638 of the Cleveland county registry.
This sale is made by reason of the
Jeilure of W. R Wrllmon. Jr, fuamarriidi
to nay off Rnrt discharge the Indebted
ness secured-by said deed of trust.
A deposit of 10 percent will be required
from the purchaser at the sale. -
This the 26th dav of October’ iS?j
HAM Trustee, Durham. N c.
4t Nov 16c
Just Ten Years
! (From The Star of Tuesday, Dec
ember 6, 1921.)
, Winston-Salem high school foot
i ball team defeated Shelby high
i school Saturday afternoon 1* to 0.
By winning this game the Winston
boys became champions of western
! North Carolina and next Saturday
i at Chapel Hill will meet Fayette
, vllle of Eastern Carolina, for the
! championship of the state.
The Shelby boys played a great
j game considering their condition
| Several were unfitted for their*best
work because of the hard game
played against Asheville on ths
! Shelby ground.
Representative Peyton McSwain
left Saturday for Raleigh to attend
the special session of the general
assembly which Governor Morrison
I has called to correct an error in the
school law. Mr. McSwain thinks the
legislature will be in session about
two weeks and that the bars will b
let down for the introduction of
! local bills.
One of the fine gray mules be
longing to the town of Shelby was
found dead in the stable Monday
Mr. Robinson who has been man
ager for the Western Union Tele
graph Co. at the Shelby office
leaves today for his Virginia home.
Mr. W. A. Wentz, formerly in charge
of this office, return.-; to succeed
Mr. Robinson.
Mr. W. R. Hoey who has b,Vn
j conducting the Hoey Mercantile
I Co, at Stony Point . 7 miles cast of
Shelby for the past 11 years, has
sold the entire stock of goods and
business to Mr. Geo. E- Goforth
Hitch-Hiking Boys
On Way To Mexico
Johnson Hord and Clifton Helms,
two young men of the Beams Mill
community of this county left Sat
| urday on a hitch-hiking trip to
! Mexico. A card received this week
I by. a friend back home,-announces
1 that they have reached Mobile,
Under and toy virtue of the author it;
conferred upon us in a deed of trust ex
ebuted by Z. C. Mauney and wife. 01ad\.«
Mauney on the 7th day of April. 1025.
find recorded in book 141, page 21, y. c
will on Saturday the
12th day of December, 1931 15 o’clock
noon at the courthouse door in Shelby.
N. €.. Cleveland county, sell at public
auction for cash to the highest bidder
the following land to-wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land,
situate, lying and being in No. 7 town
ship, county of Cleveland, state of North
Carolina, adjoining lands of Grady Mau
ney on the north: lands o' Sain Green
on the east; lands of Fate Morrison op
the south, and lands of Thomas Groen
on the west, and being more particularly
described and defined as follow*:
Beginning lit a stake in the-branch*
Fate Morrison’s corner; thence with his
two lines and the branch .south’ 4$ west
114 poles to n stake; south 68-V wes.
25.3d poles to h stake in old creek run;
thence with the old creek Tuir several
lines us follows: ‘.'orth 60 Va v\est 16 43
poles; north 19’ 4 west 23 pole*. hoirlh
30’a west 14 poles; north 47* # west 12
poles; north 44 i-2 west 4.32 poles- to n
stake, corner of 00 acre tract; theiic
with his *tw.« lines north 40 1-2 c ist
west 14.63 poles to a stake: thence with
his line north 58’ j west 39 poles to a
stake; thence north 14 1-2 west 1.85 pole*
to a stake. Grady Mauney’-s corner; thence
with liis two:lines norht 40 1-2 cafct
136.33 poles to a stone; thence north 571 >
east 48 poles to a stone. Sam Green's
corner: thence with his line south 21.16
east 73 poles to a stone, Fate Morrison's
corner: thence with his line south 21 1-8
east 53 poles to the place of beginning
containing 120 acres, more or less. This
tract of land includes two tracts, vur
Lot No. l allotted to Zebulon C. Mauney
from the lands of Marcus M. Mauney, de
ceased; and lot No. 2 of said Mauney es
tate which was conveyed to Z. V. Mau
ney by Wilbur L. Simmons and wife by
deed dated May 15, 1919 and registered
in book EEE page' 180 register of deeds
office of Cleveland county.
This sale Is made by reason of the fail
ure of . C. Mauney and wife, Gladys
Mauney, to pay off and discharge the
indebtedness secured by said deed of
A deposit of 10 percent will be required
of the purchaser at the sale.
This the 3rd day of November. 1931.
HAM, Trustee. Durham, N. C.
4t Nov 16c
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon us In a deed of trust ex
ecuted by J. E. McCraw and wife. Minnie
McCraw on the 24th day of February.
1026. and recorded in book 131, page 656
we will on Saturday the
I2ih day of December, 1931, at 12 o'clock
noon at the courthouse door in Shelby,
N-. C., Cleveland county, sell at public
auction for cash to the highest bidder
the following land, to-wlt:
All that certain piece, parcel or tract ot
laud situate, lying and being in No. 2
township, Cleveland county, state of
North Carolina, adjoining lands of Lan
drum Jolley on the north, lands of
Henry Rumsey on the east, lands of Billv
Ramsey on the south and lands of Mrs,
Cordlan Hamrick on the west, having
such shapes, courses and distances as will
more fully appear by reference to a plat
thereof made by o. C. Thompson, sur
veyor, on the 12th day of February. 1926,
and being more particularly described
and defined as follows:
Beginning at a stake In the branch.
Landrum Jolley's corner, thence with his
line north 85‘i west 15.79 chains to an
Iron stake, Cordlan Hamrick's corner;
thence with her several lines viz: South
21 Mi east 10 40 chains to an Iron stake
thence south 783« wrst 5.80 chains to an
iron stake: thence south 231, cast 17.15
chains to an Iron stake, Billy Ramseys
corner; thence with hts line south 68*i
east 12,75 chains to a stone and point
ers; thence north 111 west 4 80 chains to
a stake In the branch. Henry Ramsey's
corner: thence up the bran»h as it
meanders and with Henry Ramsey's line,
vis. North 55*4 west 1.90 chains; north
22 west 3.1* chains: north 8V« west 3 V)
chains; north 48‘j east 1.12 chains'
thence north 3*4 west 5.78 chains; north
161« west 6.25 chains; north 28 east 1.75
chains; north 27 east 4.17 chains to the
place of beginning, containing 35 acres,
| more or less.
Reference is hereby made to that deed
from T. L. Blanton and wife, to J. I, Mc
Craw and wife, Minnie McCraw dated
March 21, t331 and recorded tn book
KKK at page 18J of the Cleveland coun
ty registry v
This- sale is mads by the reason of to*
failure of J. t McCraw and. wife. Minnie'
McCraw, io pay off and discharge the in
debtedness secured by satd deed of trust.
A deposit of 10 percent will be re
quired of the purchaser at the sale.
This the 31st day of October 1 r> l
, ham. Truvor, purhurn. l» o
. ' ■ 41 v,\ iv
Minister Killed In
Shooting By Bandits
Chicago, Dec. 4.—The Rev. Amos
Oyer. 49. a tabernacle pastor, form
erly of Lima, Ohio., was shot dead
Wednesday night when he was
caught in the cross fire between
j bandits and a drug store owner.
The minister had stopped for a
>oda before going on to the non
sectarian southwest gospel taber
nacle to hold the usual mid-week
prayer meeting. Stepping back from
the counter, he was just about to
walk out when two robbers entered
and ordered him and the owner,
Charles W. Kenny, to put up their
• hands. •f'
iRrsiirs sale or real estate.
Under and By virtue of the power o
sale contained In that certain deed of
trust dated January 1, 1935, and lecord
ed In the office of the register of deeds
lor Cleveland county. N. C. in book No.
150 at page 129 and assumed by A. W,
Hopper, securing an Indebtedness to the
Shelby and Cleveland County Building ,v
Loan association and default having been
I made In the paymtnt of said .ntebted
ness, 1 will on
Thursday, December If, 19it 1.
at 12 o'clock noon or within legal hours
at the courthouse door In Shelby, N. C .
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
public auction that lot of land described
| as follows: 0
Lying oi^ the north side of East Gra
ham street and being the lot lying Just
east of the residence lot of M. li. ibpucr
j and bounded as follows:
i Beginning at a'stake on the north edge
of east Graham street, Hawkins' corner
and runs thence Witt his line N. 3'. \v
16U feet to u stake In his line: thence
new line N. 87' ; w. 50 feet to a nai- a j
new corner; thence a new line S. 3Vj B !
160 leet to a stake ia the edge of Gra- I
ham street; thence with edge of said'
street 3. 871; E. 50 feet to the beginning:
and being the eastern part of the lo'
deeded hr Kendrick to M. D. Hopper
This Nov. 14, 1931.
JNO. P. MULL. Trustee.
U Nov ltc
By virtue of the power of, sale con
tained in a deed of trust, executed or.
May 17th. 1930, by W, M Long and
wife, Mary E. Long, securing an indebt
edness to the Shelby Building and Loan
association, and default haring made
, in the payment anti being called upon it .
, execute the said trust, 1. as trustee, will I
sell for cash to the highest bidder c !
I public auction at the court house door j
In the town of Shelby. N. C. on
Saturday, December 2*1. 1931
at 12 o'clock M.. the following desert d
real estate, situated in tho town of Shcl
: by. N. C., and described as follows:
lot No. 30, as shown on the plat o;
the B. T, punts property, made bv A ,!
Lovelace, surveyor. In June. 1923 and
• recorded In book ■ one fit plats, page 67
of the register's office of Cleveland
1 county, N. c., reference being made to
|satd plat for the location of said lot ;;0
[30, said lot fronting 50 feet on the north
I side of Elm street in Shelby, N. c
1 The foregoing property Is told subject
I to any existing unpaid taxes. This No.
| ember 19th, 1931.
CLYDE It. HOLY. Trustee
. 4t Nov 23c
Under Authority conferred bv mortga
deed executed by Marvin McNeilly an
wife. Mary McNeilly, to J. K Wortmar
dated the 15th day of November 192 *
and recorded November 16th, 1929 in boo*
138 of mortgage deeds at page 447 in tl *
office of the register of deeds for Cl-.r
land county, North Carolina, default ha
mg been made in the payment of ti<
mortgage thereby secured and the holder
thereof having directed that the mort
gage deed be foreclosed, the understand
will offer for sale at the court house door
m the city of Shelby, Cleveland count'
North Carolina, at 12 o'clock M. on D
cember 28th. 1931. and sell to the high
est bidder for cash, the following do
scribed property.
Adjoining lands of Frank Cool;, o. Cn
Cook and others. Lying and being lu ? r,
10 township, beginning on a pos-t onV
Fra!t ee9ook * corner, thence with his lit -
north 78 east 4S1. poles to a stone, t-lienc
B. P. and 8 links to the beginning er
Slone, thence a new line north 63 east .
poles to an Iron stake, new corner, them- •
north 45 east 2254 Poles to a post o.’
thence south 65 east 40!, poles to Iro
stake In new division line, thence rn
said division line south 45 west 133, p0i,.
to a stone oil*, thence sotath 41 i,e»t s
poles to a hickory tree, thense S 18 Vf , ,
poles to a stone, thence south «I
-.8poles to a stone. Frank Cooks cu
ner, thence with Frank Cooks line
1 M* ®3. 1_s po!es <0 the •wlnnta
containing 34 acres more or Irsj.
This the alitli day of November. 19j*
J- K. \\ ORTMAN, Mortgagee
D. Z. Newton. Atty. 4t ;(h
Having qualified as administrators o.
the estate of Barbara C. Eear.i. deceased
late of Cleveland county. North Carolina
this is to notify all persons having claim*
against the estate of said deceased to t\
mbit them to the undersigned on o»
before November 2nd, 193*-’. or this no
will be pleaded In bar of their r* \-ry
All persons indebted to said estate w !»
t^leare make immediate payment.
This 30tii day of October. 1931
D. M. BEAM. J. A. BEAM J h
Bynum E. Weathers. Ally. Gi Not
Having qualified as administrator
th« estate of Mrs. L, A. BUlock. dec laztxi
Ute of Cleveland county. North Cai-.
nna. this 1s to notify ail persons hav.ns
r-U.m.% against the estate M said dece.
]?. <d the tiiider^i^n-i
Shelby. h C., on or before the 27t.Ii d
01 November. 1932. or this, noroe wi't , •
Plfudert in bar of the.r recover ■ All or:.
sons indebted to told estate rib p'-: .
make immediate payment. This the' a
'. y of November. 1931.
fhank l„ HOIW. A fminietr : ■,
Ox Mr$. L. A. Blalock, deceased.
6t Kov -1*
iKtStt*/S >A1.E.
Ry virtu-' oi the provisions in ticcv! „
trust executed the 29th day of Febrhur
1928 by John Blanton and vile, Marti! .
B.anton, to secure an m-dsbtc.lne an.
recorded in boor 113. paye 189 of the r
ifter’s office tj»d default and i,
hev.nj been • trade. I v ill »1| -to n.t
h'ghest b.dder at tins court house bout
in SlielO. on
Tuesday, Ti. cember Hi. 1931 at )■• a >|„ck
•Vf.. til-; ioVov ns described rn i e
Ec'n - lot No, C9 oi the eabd;r„;x.' o
the Mru. V., Green land, as shor n by met,
. ecorded in boos 1 of plats, passe d >.
uated (,n the side of Oak street, 1,0 ;,f,
iron Carolina avenue, hi the to,.: o
Shelby, r lid lot belli* 3B140 .feel. •
Terms of Sale: Ca b.
This the 20t)r d ; of November ]f.j■
B. T. NALLS. .Tru e„:
At „o.
Sensational Discovery, 666 Salve
A Doctor’s Prescription for Treat ini: Colds External!*
Everybody Using It—Telling Their Friends
$5,000 Cash Prizes For Best Answers
“\\ hy \ ou Prefer 666 Salve for Colds"'
Ihe Answer Is Easy After You Have Tried It
Ask Your Druggist
First Prize $500.00; Next ten Prizes $100.00 each; Next twenty Prize
*50.00 each; Next forty Prizes $25.00 each; Next one hundred Prize*
$10.00 each; Next one huikred Prizes $5.00 each. In case ot a tis ideri
I tical Prizes will be r.warded. Rules: Write on one side of paper onlv
i Let 5'°ur letter contain no more than fifty word . TXar off Top cf 0GJ
Salve Carton and mail with letter to 066 Salve Contest, Jacksonvil •
Florida. All letters must be in by midnight, January 31. 1032. Y.a?
druggist will have list of winners by February 13th.
666 Liquid or Tablets .with 666 Halve Makes a Complete
Internal and External Treatment.
SHELBY;—9:45 a. m.; 11:10 a. m,: 1:45 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; 11:10 a. m.; -:oo p
m.; 4:40 p. m.; 9:00 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—11:10 u.on.
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; 11.10 a m.: L';00vp. m
Twice Warned
Is He
As a man who cuts wood is warmed both by
the exercise of cuttiftg and after by the fire
side, so the saver glows in the security afford
ed by saving and after by providing those
things that afford pleasure.
we solicit Your account.
Union Trust Go.

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