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Orulfr Sapper Friday. Mls» Hoyle
Entertains V. W. A.
FPpecial to The Star i
FaUsion. Dec. IS,—The P T. A.
will give an oyster supper at t he
school building Friday evening. De
cember 18. Serving will bvgln be
tween 8 and 7 o'clock.
Alter the oyster supper enter
tainment features will be present
ed in the auditorium. There will be
no admission charges for the stunt
The Y. W. A met with Miss
Thelma Hoyle on Friday evening atj
6:30 o'clpek A very interesting pro
gram was given on foreign mis
sions after which a business ses
sion was hpld and the following of
ficers were elected for the coni hi g
year. Counselor, Mrs. Claude Sta
nley; president, Thelma Hoyle; vice
president, Annnbelle Lee; secretary
treasurer. Wilma Stroup; progrnni
committee. FJoise Stroup I^ura
Williams and Annabelle Lee; pian
ist, Nelle Stamey. Delicious sand
wiches. fruit cake and hot choco
late were served by the hostess and
her mother. Mrs. E, A. Hoyle
* Mr. and Mrs. Norris Wilson and
children and Mrs. J. A. Tillman of
Belwood spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Hall Tillman.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hamrick vis
ited Mrs. W. T. Hamrick of Beams
Mill Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Magness of
near 8helby and Mr. and Mrs,
Grover Martin spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Royster
Mr. and Mrs. Banks Miller of
near Lawndale and Mr. and Mrs.
Grady Royster were dinner guest,s
of Mr. and Mrs Clem Royster on
Mr. Lloyd Morgan accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. William Clay left
Monday morning for Concord where
they will spend several days with
their parents Rev. and Mrs. J. M,
Rev. and Mrs J. N Snow and
children ot Bostic were supper
guests of Rev. and Mrs 1!. E. Snow
Monday evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Everett* Spurling
and sons Everctte Jr., and Carol
v isited Mr. and Mrs. Bcauford Spur
ling of near Belwood Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Heavner ac
companied by Mrs. Heavner’s moth
er Mrs. Charlie Beam of near Lin
colnton visited Mr and . Mrs,
Stough Beam Sunday.
Mr. W. T. Sinclair of Charlotte
and Mr. H. S. Smith of Wakulla,
visited Miss Ruth Sinclair Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Floyd Cline visited
Mrs Clines parents Mr. and Mrs.
J A. Ramsey of Polkville Sunday.
Mr. Rnd Mrs. William Clary spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fields
Toney. -
Mrs. Edna B. Champion and lit
tle daughter Constance spent the
week end with her mother Mrs. J.
B. Blanton of Mooresboro.
Mrs. G, H. Edmonds and sons
Marlon. Jimmy and Brian visited
Miss Alma Myers of Forest City on
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wright vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Roland Rapes
Colored Woman Is
Run Down By Car
(Special to The Star}
Toluca, Dec. 14.—Clara Jewell, a
colored tenant Jiving on Mr. W A.
Sain s place, was run over in the
road in front of W. A. Sain s home
last Wednesday by a traveling sales
man from South Carolina and was
badly hurt. He rushed her to the
Lincoln!on hospital where she is
getting along very well. Her arm
and several ribs were broken, also
she was badly bruised.
The accident was unavoidable as
she walked Into the road in front of
the a preaching car
New Low Price*
Paid For Produce
Kinston.—An Ayden report said
lowest prices for farm produce m
the memory ot elderly men were
paid at a sale on the farm of the
•*te J. W. Quiuerly near that town.
Corn sold for 60 cents a barrel,
hay 15 cents a hundred pounds, to
bacco sticks, used in curing, 25 cents
• thousand. The farm mules brought
an average oi $16. The sale had
been extensively advertised and 200
attended, but bidding - as slow.
The 800-acre Quinerly farm is to!
be sold for a division of the estate.
Fifty Pound Better
Yield For Cotton
Raleigh. Dec. 14.--N rf.i Carolina,
in spite of a 20 per cent reduction
in cotton acreage, will probably
produce 775,000 bales this year, the
federal-state crop reporting serv ■
tee announced today
The yield has increased 50 pounds
per acre over mat year and 84
pounds per acre over the yfear be
fore, the r^povt says.
The states’. gt.VTlnga already show
almost 05 i c 'tot of th« T/S.OWt
bates (jswhnated.
Fountain Pon
Pencil Sot
Fountain pan with smooth writ
tng 14 K iridium tipped point,
*ntl triple action pencil to
gift bo
r GI*T /u<JG€/TIOn/^
-for Christmas Shannon
Tool Chest
■ Contains lh pint) and a manual
■ • fof *ho boy who Mice. t.
’UiM tltingjf!
Offers 79c up
Shell Adore Crepe de Chine
Beautifully Lace Trimmed!
Shell enthuse over the gloriously heavy .quality crepe de
chine, the deep lace inserts, the lovely, lovely fashioning of
these dainty chemises, step-ins. and dance sets with lacy
bandeaux. They’re cut and made to .fit a,nd wear well .
vou can’t find better at Penney’* low price!
Bridge Set
doth end ggA
* Napkins
‘PPl'quf or embroider.
Lome, m novelty ^if, {*,*
Make smart GIFTS!
C^c.h S*™" »
«fr»rn leathers' BlaTlT KrouKh
**• Popular r„lors^^' bliTWn
• otitrastinx leather decora,^
Thty look tike pttfl and hare
'the daintiest rosebud decora
tions I mb am
i In rft cnsr •«T®
l Other* $4.98 and up!
Outstanding f oiuef
Women's Felt
Slippers -
"hat ** Christmas without a
Pa,r Uppers' Ribbon
and pompom trimmed Wide
color choice.
art Lounging
**• “Up-to-date" GIFT!
Oood qua!'1 *
Wide. Flop,""
One, Two ■ vr
Thrc piev
' " . Contra1- ,
Color- —
Tlvw a-<r vdec.- GJM ;
jamas because they have
ill ' he smart features ‘ she"
■'■Juts, and tor you—a low
price hat proves apntn:—
Boys' Gay Bordtr
Handkerchief r
2 in
Gift Box
Woren Mid primed border*
Cwiwil tiM . . . toft!
Say "Merry Christmas’'
with this stunning
A 16" bag . . .convenient for week-end trips. Coveted wuh
fabrikoid, lined with tussah. Oblong mirror is set into thr
lid of the case, and tlje fittings consist of comb and brush.
Other* at $8.90 and $9.90
f"or ’her” dressing table!
Quaintly shaped bottles with
oeat gold designs!
Choice of colors.
Qtberi 49c %nd yp!
Toy Musical
Trumpet ,.
Banjo Uke
Accord eon
Drum ....
F#ot Ball
i .cry young; athlete wants a
tootballl Hell be thrilled to see
one on the Christmas tree
Penney'* Aa.
low price Vp
football Helmet ,98c
Boxing Gloves $1.98 ap
Give Her “GAYMODS”
Silk Stockings
No. 460 is Sheer Chiffon!
“Gifty ' in everj’ way! Dainty picot top
—flattering French heel and cradle foot,
silk-plated for satisfactory wear! Full
Only 79c '
wooden panel at the top is edu
rational and will instruct as well
aV provide amusement for the
i child
Other* IIJIA up
•wdj 23C
Character Doll
This little doll is 1054” high.
Full composition body and
dressed in percale, she will be
a happy addition to the Christ
mas tree's gifts.
Others 49c up
Doll Cart
\n item on any Inti* ftrl <
Christmas list make it a
merry Christmas an a
THRIFTY one. to*!
Others $1.96 up
an* Trailer
Ball • bearing velocipede for
children i to 6 ye*'"* old Made
exclusively for Penney’*. The
price is for Velocipede and
S2r *11.75
Others $7.90 up
rooters irr frustum
rujkt • +er?rxy-, jSmtj then *.
> Kieet'O" »f harsisorrw f*»
tams *cd Mu*r> colors.
Hell Like this Gift Set!
Smart color harmonies that
"wtens men Savor. A I at'me
*cb*o belt appreciate P»<
terns *ad solid shades . . . >n
•Bmy rift boxes Never has
*b>*_price boofht their equal!_
A Real Christmas Treat !
Daughter will clap Iter
hands with glee when she
sees Santa brought her this
cunning doll! Kapok stuffed
body . , . moving, eyes with
lashes . . mama voice . . .
dressed in lace-trimmr^l Ar.
I» tail gandv.
Others at $3.98 and $4.98
Electric Train
Choo . . choo and off they
go for a jolly Christmas'
Locomotive, with electric lncaci
light, tender, baggage, passenger
and observation cars, track with
outside circumfer- M MO
enceof 10’"
Pool Table
JuU the rift Junior wants, too..
44 * 23 in., 26 in. high, its;
size is convenient ... and its
price is amazingly LOW*
Others 98c up
Table and
Chair Set
j Table is 20x16" and is 17" high
1 Chairs are 20" high with 10x10"
! seat. Set consists of two chairs,
land tabic. Penney's 0% tftrO
‘price is LOW. 4®e™W
Others $4.98 up
“Little Jim”
Ball-bearing front wheel . . .
Adjustable^ coil spring saddle
rubber grips and pedals . . .
tor the 2 to 3 A A Att
year old child.
Others $5.90 up
Double Action
Low Price
It zigzags, soldiers pop up and
down, gun moves from side to
side, and it has a brake
Other Mechanical Toy*
49c up
Mechanical Train,
A locomotive with tender an*
hree express cars...and what
tun Son will have running this
u»tle tram around!
. Others SI .98 gp
Shirt and Tie
The (grandest ^ ^
Gift of Alt.' Vj|*9S
' lust what 1 wanted!’’ You can bant* on su^h enthusiasm if
he receives one of these choice sets Christmas morn. A«d *
imagine this low price buying prc^hrunk, |ast-coior shir*
mg? with smartly made, matching silk ties' Tmlv such e -»>i*
opportunity is possible only at Penney s'

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