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iTomporar.v Editor i
IrltDliunt Ittnin for Soria I Ami 1'rsonnl (nlnmn< To Mrs. Thompson
Telephone !M.
No. 1 Division
Of Clab
No, 1 division of tile Woman's
club will meet at the club room
Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock
with Mesdame.s Qriffin Smith.
Chas. Wells and C. A. DoggeH joint
The 3«U> Century And
Contemporary Book Clubs.
Mosdames F. R. Morgan and B.
O. Stephenson will entertain the
members of the Twentieth Onturv
and Contemporary Book elute
jointly Friday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock at the Morgan home on
Cleveland Springs road
Dr. And Mrs. McLarty
To Bo Honored.
An informal reception will he
held tonight in the junior room of
the Central Methodist chinch, fol
lowing the prayer meeting service
to Honor Dr. and Mrs. E. K. Mc
Larty, the new pastor and his wife.
All memberx-are cordially invited.
Mr*. Miyine Roberts Thump
>on will handle the nodal and
personal news for The Stai
temporarily and those win
have new* item* for these tv.
departments are kindly aske.
to rail her at her home Tele
phone ‘15t> until otherwise no
Nmv* intended for the tu
rial and personal columns wil
be received until ltl o’clock ul
publication days and be pub
tished in the issue* of tk*
day '
Hardin- Anthony
Wedding Announced
The wedding of Miss Rlisabeth
Anthony to Mr. Gus Hardin was
announced Saturday, which took
plac® In Gaffney, 6. O.. October 9,
with Judge Stroup, performing the
ceremony. Mrs. Hardin Is the young
eat daughter of Mrs. J. Anthony in
S. Shelby and Mr. Hardtn Is the
youngest son of Mrs. Liuie Hardtn
at Patterson Springs. Mr. and Mrs.
Hardin are making their home for
the present with Mr Hardin's
mother .
Business Girt*
Circle Meets.
The Business Girls circle of the
Methodist church held their regu
lar meeting at the church Monday
night. Thirty-two members re
sponded to the roll call. Mrs. J. T.
Reason, the chairman presided. A
needy family was adopted by this
class to care for during the winter
months. Miss Mary Reeves Forney
and Miss Charlie Mae Laughridge
were the hostesses and had charge
of the Christmas program. An ar
rangement of Christmas Carols was
played on the violin by Master N.
C. Blanton. Mrs. A. W. Fisher sang
a vocal selection and other numbers
were contributed by Mrs Agnew,
Misses Forney and Lever. At the
i close of the program light refresh
ments were served
Miss Bettis Entertains
Sunday School Class.
Miss Louise Betti' entertained
the members of the Ruth class of
the First Baptist church. Monday
evening at her home on the Falls
ton road. Mrs Raymond Carroll.
I the president had charge of the
program The conditions of the poor
in around town was discussed
ami plans were made to care for
'certain needy famine.'. There was
a full attendance with Mrs. B. T.
Falls, the teacher, present. The next
meeting will be held in January
with Mrs. Carroll at her home on
E. Marion street. At the close of
the meeting, Miss Bettis served a
salad course, and a pleasant half
hour was speiu
l.ucv Hoyle
Circle Meets
The Lucy Hoyle circle of the Cen
tral Methodist church held then
December regular meeting Monday
afternoon at 3:30 o’clock in the
Junior room of the church. Mrs. J
R. Robinson, the president, assist
ed by the new officers, presided for
the first time. In the business ses
sion the outstanding plans were to
care for a needy family during
Christmas Mrs John Honeycutt
was unanimously olected as secre
tary to succeed Mrs. L. B. Hayes.
An interesting Christmas program
was given following the business,
Mrs. John Lovelaee sang a Christ
mas song. Miss Lever told of the
Christmas customs in various lands.
A Bible study oJ questions and an
swers from Prdlerbs was conducted
by Mr. Earl Honeycutt. In the so
cial half hour, the hostesses Mr*.
Chas Hoey and Miss Isabel Hocv
served delightful refreshments
Twenty-seven regular members were
H.i/ Friday
And Saturday.
The mothers of the first grade of,
Graham school will give a bazaar j
[Sriday afternoon and Saturday at'
Friday afternoon and Saturday at
of the P T. A. Christmas gifts *i :
randies Will be on sale.
P. T. A. At
La Fayette School
The regular monthly meeting of!
the Parent-Teachers association of
Lafayette school will be held:
Thursday night at 7:30 o’clock j
After a short business session, a!
rChristmas program will be given by I
the children of the different j
grades. A small admission Will b>|
Mrs. Ward Given
Surprise Party.
The Westminster class ol the
Presbyterian church delightfu'ly I
honored Mrs. Eliza J Ward, moth
er of Mrs, H. M. Loy, who Is one of
the oldest members of this class, at
her home on S. Washington street,
with a surprise birthday party
.Tuesday afternoon in celebration of
I her eighty-seventh anniversary.
Sixteen ladles caled on Mrs. Ward
and presented her with a beautiful
blooming polnsettia and an old
fashioned pound cake which was
cut and served with coffee and
whipped cream.
j Mrs. Elam
i Hostess
Mrs. Roland Elam was a cordml
hostess to the members of the
Mothers club Tuesday afternoon at.
her home on W. Warren street
which was decorated with holly ar.d
potted plants. In the absence of the
president, Mrs. D. II. Yates presid
ed. The subject of study was “The
Earl Years" and Interesting papers
were read by Mesdames M. D. Alex
ander, Fred and Wilbur Buber ar.d
William Crowder. Miss Lever gave
a Christmas story, little Betty Ann
Elam recited and Misses Evelyn
Elam and Kathleen Phillips con
cluded the program with a piano
duet. Mrs. Elam was assisted by
Mesdames John Honeycutt, Wilbur
Baber and Pemell Elam In serving
pretty plates of saladu sandwiches
and cherry pies topped* with whip
ped cream emphasising the Christ
mas colors of red and green. Invit
ed guests Included Mesdames
George Abernethy, H. F. Young ard
D. D. Poll.
Miss Me Curry Weds
Mr. Ralph Callahan
A wedding of Interest to a wide
circle of friends wa6 that of Miss
Nancy McCuiTy to Mr. Ralph Cal
lahan, beautifully solemnized Sun
day, December 13 at high noon at
Beaver Dam Baptist church.
Immediately after the morning
service the bride and groom enter
ed together to the strains of Loh
engrin’s wedding march which was
used as a processional and Mendels
sohn's as a recessional played by
Mrs. B. B. McSwain and "Love’s
Old Sweet Song” was softly played
during the ceremony which was
performed by their pastor. Rev. D.
F. Putnam, using the impressive
ring ceremony.
The bride was lovely in a dress of |
brown with accessories to match.]
She Is the daughter of Mr. R. W.
i McCurry and the late Mrs. McCur
ry of the Beavbr Dam community,
and is quite popular in the social
and religious activities of that
The groom is the youngest son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Callahan and
At The Theatres
A whimsical little man with a
battered derby, Ill-fitting coat and
baggy pants, and a pocket edition
mustache, is a welcome entertainer
at the Webb theatre today and
Thursday. His name is Charll *
Chaplin. His show is ‘‘City Lights,"
the first and only silent talking
picture. There are sound effects and
music, but the voice of the lttt.M
forlorn figure is never heard in the
picture. One minute you will roar
with laughter, and the next«yoj
win feel all choked up. watching
the happy-go-lucky vagabond try
fng to solve his arid the world’s
problems by becoming in turn a
white wlhg, a prize fighter and a
man about town
“Transatlantic” is another Kd
mund Lowe triumph in talking pic
tures Those who like their thrills
and romance sprayed with tb.2
brine of the sea and flavored with
the luxury of a deluxe ocean liner
are recommended to the Carolina
theatre today and tomorrow. Lois
Moran plays the lead opposite
Lowe. Most of the stpry of “Trans
atlantic" takes place on the seas j
where things happen very rapidly j
because of a gambler ; who slips \
aboard the ship to escape the dis j
triet attorney.1 Jean Hersholt and)
John Halllday are other import, j
uil players in the picture j
he is also prominent in his com
munity. They will make their home
with the groom’s parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Callahan were honor guests at
a one o'clock dinner given by the
groom’s parents. Covers were laid
for: Mr. and Mrs. Callahan, Rev.
and Mrs. D. F. Putnam. Mr and
Mrs. James Callahan, Misses Selma
Callahan, Fay Gascon and Mr. Al
bert McGinnis.
Tar Heel Farmers
Organize For 1932
Carl McKinney Head Group. Ban
quet And Educational Trip
EUenboro. Dec, 15.—The Elies -
boro chapter of the Young Tar Heel
Farmers was officially organized
for the year 1931-32 last Friday
when the students of agriculture
in the Ellenboro school met and
elected Carl McKinney to head the
club. Other officers elected folio”
Bunyan Edwards, vice-president.
Worth Allen, secretary; Jame
Hamrick, treasurer; Erwin Smart
reporter, and James McDaniel and
Claude Jones, marshalls.
After the election of officers a
program of work for the year was
discussed and the boys outlined
things that their club would aim
to do during the year. A banquet
and an educational trip were tw.i
things put in the program of worm
The club aims at giving the boys
more social as well as practice 1
training to round out their educa
Wen Paid.
During an intense love scene in
the movies, when the hero was tid
ing his stuff, wifie nudged hubby
and said:
"Why is it that you never make
love to me like that?"
“Say,” he replied, "do you know
the salary that guy gets for doing
JLady—"Before I engage you I
should like to know wjiat youi re
ligion io." ^
Cook—"Oh, madam. I always tec!
.it my duty and privilege to be of
the same religious faith as the
family with which I serve
Honeymoon Still on,
1 When your wife starts to talk
does she know' when to stop ? ’•
"X don’t know yet; we’ve onlj
j been married nine years.”
L .. .
Musical Pageant
At First Baptist
• —
Onf Hundred And Fifty Characters.
In “Star of Hope,” Sunday
“The Star of Hope.’ g musicrl
pageant, will be given at the First
Baptist church, on next Sunday
evening, beginning promptly at
7 >30 o'clock.
This pageant was given last year
and hundreds of people were turn
ed away. There have been so manv
"requests to have it repeated that
the church Is presenting it again
on next Sunday evening with a
number of variations.
The pageant is very elaborat*.
using about 150 characters. The
peasants on their way to Bethle
hem are shown with Joseph and
Mary going up to be enrolled. The
prophets, shepherds, wise men, and
angels all will be seen, climaxing
with the ensemble around Mary
and the child at Bethlchemf The
various scenes are interspersed whh
appropriate music by the large
church choir.
Tlie public is invited to tills serv
ice. An offering foi' the needy of
our community will be received
during the evening.
Their Peace Efforts Rewarded
| social worker and former head of the Women’s International League
j for Peace, and Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia
University, New York, and the Carnegie Endowment Tor International "
Peace, will share the prize, amounting to *40,000, as a reward for thei
r life-long efforts for world peace. Informed of the honor conferred' «
upon her. Miss Addams signified her intention of donating her award
to the International League for Peace.
For Mother or Wife
Stationery, Perfumes, Toilet Waters,
Perfumizers, Books, Magazine Subscrip
Ktions, Toilet Sets, Electric Heating Pad,
Hot \A/ater Bottles.
For Husband or Father ....
Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes, Safety Razors,
Shaving Brushes,ShavingCreamsandLotions,
Playing Cards, Tobacco, Humidors, Bill
Folds, Lighters, Razor Blades, Golf Balls.
• • • •
For Daughter ....
Pedumes, Compacts, Atomizers,
• Comb and Brush Sets, Mirrors,
Traveling Cases, Stationery,
Fountain Pens, Toilet Waters,
Manicure and Beauty Treat
y's. ment Sets.
• • ■ ■
For Son
Pocket Knives, Cameras, Films,
\A/atches, Military Brushes,
Flashlights, Razors and Shaving
Accessories, Pen and Pencil
Sets, Toys, Novelties, Key
■ 1 » •
For All The Family ....
Electrical Utilities, Christmas Seals and Cards, Alarm
Clocks, Vacuum Bottles, Ash Trays, Assorted
Chocolates and Christmas Hard Candies.
’ p
Men's Traveling Sets—
Hair Brush, Comb. Tooth
Brush, Soap Box, Razor,
Mirror. Nail File—
$2'r’° " $12
1 -lb Writing Paper and
Envelopes nr%/C
>1.50 Armand's Perfume
set. Perfume, Lipstick,
’owder. <t» -| .00
’er set. . . ij) 1
Ideal (iifts for any
Worn aii's
Christmas __«pO
Men’s triad- |
Mone Bags V JL O
Bill Folds—
59c “ $5.00
Sweet-Tree;. O Q
.vouRats . oy C
Regular 70c lb.
Sweet-Treet Tri - Color
Caramels, o
Pound ___ iJJ C
Regular 70c lb.
Peanut Brittle—lb. 29c
Black Walnut Brittle 39c
both C-/A
FOR . ... OUC
Chocolate cov- a q
ered cherries, lb. Tr5/ C
Full line Whitman’s Nun
ndlly’s, Russell McPhail
and Martha Washington
Christmas Candies.
$1.50 Q
Kodak^_ vOC
Fountain Pen and Penci
sets. Sheaffer and Wa
’igars i n Christmas
lackages ^ ^ .00 up
Mello-glo Face Pawder,
Mello-glo Perfume, Each
?1,value, d* -l .00
Both for m) X
$1.00 >IQ
Compacts *Ti/C
Electric Clocks
Big Bens_
^ ^ .50 up
Shadow Lamps,
For your Radio
Electric Waffle Irons—
.95 up
.95 up
A $4.50 VALUE FOK ONLY 99c
$ .50 Jar Radonna Cleansing Cream
LOO Box Chiffon Texture Face Powder
1.50 Bottle Radonna Narcissus Perf ’rit^
1.00 Radonna Pearl Necklace

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