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let me see voir tongie
. . .We let our town get badiy In
debt during the post few- years and
tiiere wasn’t anything for us to di
except to Vote a few hundred thous
and dollars worth of bonds so’s
they could pay off all their obli
gations, regain their credit, and
thus be properly equipped to "get
bark In debt again. The reason
we got Into the hole was. . .trying
to keep up with the Joases. . ever
since 19 and 20.
. . .1 didn’t know that it was so
much trouble to get fixed up to
vote till I tried It on a recent occa
sion. Our laws of registration are
very strict and intensely personal.
I had to show the “registra-tor ’
tny last year's city and county tax
receipt, then I had to show him
my birth-mark and my Federal
voting certificate and then I had
marriage certificate and my watch
. . .Well, after displaying all my
credentials. . which were mighty
hard to accumulate, the man In
charge of the books swore me, and
speaking of oaths—that was one
that had been handed down by a
tong line of swearers. I held vp
both hands while tt was being ad
ministered, and when I got thru,
I had sworn that I had never been
convicted of receiving stolen goods,
beating my wife, cheating at cards,
staying out late, bigamy, fighting
duels, sleeping on my tummy, and
several other terrible things <J
am glad that I don't have to swear
that I had never done any of these
things, but that word "convicted"
saved me.)
. . ,T want that oath changed to
cad as follows; “in consideration
of being granted the right and
privilege to vote, I do solemnly
swear that I will never cast my
sallot for a crook or a grafter or
a bone-head, or a liquor-licad or
i coat-tail swinger or a dirty poli
tician. , .or any other man or
animal that Is calculated to injure
the public or sell hts vote or dis
grace our party, so help me.”
. .But politics are eicanfr than
they were 10 or 10 years ago, In our
hate especially. \ I can recall that
the man who hatl the biggest mouth
and the most brass and the least
sense and the most llker, and
demagogues then running for some
bigger of floe. . .always got elected
Office Phones 64 and No. 'J
Residence Phone 129-J
... ..T
for |
"When I vu a girl. I suf
fered periodically with ter
rible pains in my back and
sides. Often I would bend
almost double with the in
tense pain. This would
last for hours and I could
get no relief.
‘T tried almost every
thing that was recoin- |
mended to me, but found
nothing that would help
until I began taking
Cardui. My mother
thought It would be
good for me, so she
got a bottle of Cardul
and started me taking
it. I soon improved.
The bad spells quit
coming. I was soon
in normal health."
—Mra Jewel Harris.
Winns boro, Texas.
Sold At All Drug
Store*. i
Helps Women to Health
[ Take Thedford* Black-Draught
tor Conatipatlon, Indigestion,
and BHHnumeas.
I We have been considering brains
i and honesty quite seriously lor the
I past few years, and thc»e quallfl
! cations are going to be given more
serious consideration from now or,
j I urn going to try to pick out candi
dates for future offices who believe
j that the only way to reduce taxes
{is to reduce expenses, and vote for
them twice, if possible.
. . Well, it's all over at last. My
; wife's kinfolks have gone homp, and
they wont want any more turkey
for another year. Two of them hart
to have a doctor before night. 8 of
them took soda water every 30
minutes for 2 hours, and the bal
! ancc of them just slept and groan
ed. I made a mistake: I bought
only 3 turkeys. <N. B. In order
not to have any misunderstanding
about this matter, some of my kin
folks were also among those
. . .This Is the first Christmas wc
ever had that did not leave ur
enough turkey for turkey hash for
3 whole days and nights. Why, dear
even the bones are missing. The
cranberry Jelly is gone: and the
dressing disappeared as if by magic.
But we had a mighty good time
After dinner. . .a thank-offering
was taken for the unemployed, but
only 2 or 3 gave anything; the
others claimed that they were un
employed. , .and they would keep
what little they had for themselves
They told the truth—some of them,
have never worked much.
. .1 have carefully checked up my
list of presents. The necktlo that
Jim sent me is Just like the one
I got from Sam, and while I
wouldn't swear it, as I don’t swear,
both of them look exactly like the
neckties I sent to Jim and Sant
last Christmas, a year ago. Only
one of them appears to have been
worn but very little, I like tht
electric toaster all right. . .that my
wife gave me. It costs 14.50: I
saw the cancelled check In my re
turned vouchers yesterday. . with
my name signed to it "Per Her."
. . .If you want to stop folks send
ing you Christmas presents, why, all
you've got to do is. . stop sending
them any. You certainly wont he
bothered If you don't bother them,
j The 10-cent stores have made giv
! In* presents a real pleasure. My
[Wife bought 9 nice presents for my
kinfolks for only 80 rents: she paid
a little more for those she sent to
her kinfolks. Beads is the thing to
send your best friends. The way
I handle my beads business is. . .1
buy ’em at the 10-cent store and
then let all my friends catch me
looking at beads in the nicest jew
elry store*. Tile only difference be
tween beads Is the price, . .and
some times the size.
. . .Our kids have already rulnt all
their toys. Tine mechanical toys
wont do a single stunt, the paint 1*
off the others, the dolls arc ;av
dust-less, the candy has been walk
ed on, the bicycle is punctured. Urn
wrist watch wont run and all the
others have been swapped to the
neighbors' children for something
Just ns sorry, I am glad It is rj
year until another Christinas. I'll]
be happy when the New Year
com?*: I want a new start. I'm
! full of hope, and if the democrats
I will do their duty, 19 and 32 is go
ing to )iee good times come back
•P. S. I am a little bit nauseated
myself from too much turkey.
spicy news from flat rock
. . . a stoar has berm opened up in
our midst and he calls It “the peo
ples stoar". If he sells hts good3
on cfcddick. l! has the right nam'
as the people will have It In a shot t
. - ^_.
. . ,mr. sec more elkins lost a nice
dog one day last week and offered
a nice reward of 2$ for her return
and by 10 o'clock that night, lie
I had had 10 dogs that nncered to
! the name of his dog •'sooner" re
turned to him. hts right dog has
not yet benn found,
. .a tombstone agent has bam
working our little town for 2 weeks
and as he is selling his monuments
on the installment plan, the reho
i ber graveyard will soon blossom out
1 In marble, mrs. Ida ketchem has
I placed a big order for a flat slab
! for each of her 3 husbands who
' have gone on befoar to rest on the
' other shore.
. .the recent cold snap froae up tlx
|town pump and watter had to be!
carried from a wall wher
! lire broke out in the all-uite ns
aprant whicli closes,*at 10 p ni. the
manager left a karryseen rtove
burning in the rare of the building
'and it ketchcd on fire and he will
; try to collect "0? smoke danimage,
| as his bread and the ceiling was
| both ruint thereby,
.it now looks like wedding bells
will soon ring for mbs mattie dill
the young man who has benn com
ing to see her from the county sect
has recently bought him 1 new
ford coop and she has on a dia
mond ring that she says cost hint
125$ with 25$ as the down payment
and it looks verry much like a 2
carrot stone, if site will finntsh her
scholling. her pa says Utat he will
set them up into house-keeping,
but it looks now like he wont haf
ter set them up in same, as she h(v,
one more year and cant wait. ■
. . mi hirem cheep lias opepcii no
Ready to Rope Backsliders
\e complete cowgirl, from high-heeled lining boots and wooly chaps
to ten-gallon hat, Almec Seniplr McPherson Hutton Is shown with her
baritone husband In Palm Springs, Cal., where they were guests of a
fashionable riding club. Photo wax made at an outdoor feast in the
deaert, one of the features of which was a competition in which the
Oracle of Angelas Temple w.13 dec ared the most typical cowgirl at
the p: rtv.
Far-Sighted Legislation Meant
Much To North Carolina States
Magazine Article By Governor
'North Carolina is not afraid h,:
stand by itself,” says Governor
Gardner in his article, in the1
January 2 Saturday Evening Post
In which he tells first of the tre
mendous prfigres.; made by tln
state after the war, and second ni
the intelligent retrenchment poli
cies taken since the entire country
was faced with the need for more
careful control of public moneys.
Reduction In taxation is a fea
ture of North Carolina's program
that interests almost all other
rtfttes, many of which arc staggering
under heavy burdens. Governor
Gardner says with reference t>
road taxes: "The position of tie
Administration was that road
should be supported by those who
use them, and that the overwhelm
ing majority of country people were
not getting n fair return from the
proceeds of the gasoline tax. A",
owners of gasoline vehicles paid
this tax-, but the tax was used al
most exclusively for the support of
the state highway system. . .con
necting the principal towns. The
60 per cent of the country people
living off the .tale highways paid
their gasoline tax and then for
most of their travel used only their
neighborhood reads—maintained by
property taxes. . .The most advanc
ed legislation was embraced in the,
administration bill for the state te
take over the country roads.”
The Local Act.
Government by the people them
selves instead of arbitrary govern
ment by a mail board was the
object of the Local Government
Act. Governor Gardner says that
this Act “increased the confidence
of the holders of North Carolina
securities, stabalized the credit of
North Carolina counties and town
and gave a new meaning to the
phrase "local self-government.-'
The plan for consolidation if
state schools, and also the pub hr
school legislation are discussed'
“This legislation brought about the
largest decrease in the cost of
government and the greatest re
duction id taxes on property."
Tax Reduction.
‘■•It was repeatedly charged that
if taxes were reduced the reduction
would not reach the taxpayer bach
home. The answer is taxes on
property were reduced—positive!;
reduced—and the reduction is being
felt this year in the pocket book of
•he taxpayer back home/'
Stands Alone
“Tlte two branches of the public
service that arc essentially stat"
functions and that represent be
tween 60 and 10 per cent of the
total cost of government—namely,
schools and roads—are cupported
and operated by the S;ate. In this
reaper* North Carolina stands
a blacksmith shop in the guryegt
bilding formerly vacated by e.d
smith who run off owing neatly
everyboddy in town with jerry
munyon's wife; jerry says he is
afeared she is coming baclt some
day. mules will be shooed for c40
and waggins fixed at so much pet
hour, plus time and material, you
to furnish same hirem says there
will be plenty waggins and old
buggies to be repaired if hoover
prosperity continue: verry much
[longer, hi? terms is cash, f. o. b.
and c. o, d., and he wants you to
be govverned accordingly.
yores trulle,
mike Clark, rfd.
CWry spgndem
School Child
Should Be
Dr. Copeland Urges l*rolection
of Children from “Catch
! *ng“ Diseases Whenever
U. S. Senator from New York.
Fanner Commissioner of health,
Sew York Ci/j,'
NOT long ngo an important
Child Health Conference
w*3 held in Washington. At
that time the daily newspapers re
ported the debates and finally the
cumeiu s 1 o it s
of the confer
ence. Recently
little has been
reported con-;
eerninjr the re-.
suits ,of this,
import ant
Rather ing.
Nevcrthe leas,
the vork is be
ing carried on,
even though
the formal ses
sions ended
some time since.
The Confer
Dr. Copeland
ence expiessed ihc views that al
though education is important, the
health of our children must be
considered first. It has been esti
mated that nearly three hundred
thousand ease* ot communicable dis
eases are reported annually In the
United States. Halt of this number
occur in children. This makes it
important that the school cooperate
with the health authorities anil that
greater public effort be made for
better child health.
These authorities insist that all
children be vaccinated for smallpox
and bn immunized against diphtheria
and scarlet fever. It is important
that this be done before the child la
admitted to school.
Although typhoid fever cases are
•till reported, it rarely appears
among school children. Typhoid i»
not easily transmitted from one child
to another. If that disease should
become prevalent, vaccines may be
easily administered. But as regards
smallpox, diphtheria and scarlet
fever, the danger is greater because
these diseases are readily transmitted.
This danger is a problem ot the
school, for in the schoolroom Ilea
the danger of transmitting the dis
eases. It is Important that the
school-child tie vaccinated before en
tering school. When vaccinated
against smallpox, as well as receiv
ing the inocculaticm against dipth
theria, he la assured of reasonable
safety from these diseases.
1 Tike" the Precaution* |
Although at one time It Was hoped
Immunity to starlet fever could be
*lven. the method has not been h*
successful as desired. At anv rate.
It can b.; said that a child who re
ceives inoculations against scarlet
fever Is not harmed, and In many
cases may be markedly benefited,
in actual cases of scarlet fever the
advantages and benefit* of the ad
ministration of scarlet fever anti
toxin are well worth while.
I mention these facts because
there are many children attending
school who have not received small
pox vaccination. In addition, there
are many who should be subjected
to the "Schick test" and "Dick test."
The Schick test determines whether
or hot a child is susceptible to diph
theria and the Dick test doee the
came for scarlet fever.
I’lease remember that the health
of your child is worth any price. By
his being Wealthy he will be able to
attend school without any loss of
time. Also he will not be exposed to
the many dangers that exl*: In school
i If you have not already taken
these necessary precaution a why not
■peak to your board of health offi
i rial or consult with your family
Carrier Boys Win
Prizes From Star
Jack Hughes Tops The List And
Gets A .Wrist Watch. Marshall
Beattie Second.
In a contest among the twenty
newsboys who deliver The Star in
Shelby and suburbs, Jack. Hughes
had more points in his favor and
was winner of first prize, a wrist
watch. Marshall Beattie won second
prize, a sweater; Morris Lucas third
prize, a Boy Scout knife; Walter
Fanning, Jr„ fourth prize, a pair
of scooter skates and O. V. Ham
rick, Jr., fifth prize, a pair of scoot
er skates.
During the contest 111 new sub
scriptions were added to the list.
The contest was on a point basis
and points were counted for new
s ubscriptions, prompt delivery of
paper, no complaints from subscrib
ers, prompt payment of bills, etc.
Circulation Manager J. C. Jenk
ins awarded the prizes on Christ
mas eve and wishes to thank the
boys and their customers for the
success of the campaign. Customers
who have any complaint to make
nbout the delivery of the papers,
should communicate with the Cir
culation Manager Mr. Jenkins at
The Star office Phone 11 before six
o’clock any clay.
Mr. Ware Buried At
Oak Grove On 23rd
Prominent Citizens of No. 4 Town
ship Succumbs After Long
i By E. G. Gamble.)
Kings Mountain, Dec. 28.—Funeral
services for W. G. H. Ware, 68, who
died at his home in the Oak Grove
community of Cleveland county near
here Wednesday night at 11:30
o'clock, were conducted at the Long
Creek Presbyterian church near
Bessemer City Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock. Rev. Coyt Hunter, the pas
tor at Long Creek conducted the
services and was assisted by Dr. C.
3. Black, pastor of the First Bap-.'
test church at Bessemer city. Buri
al was at the churchyard at Long
Mr. Ware was one of the most
prominent and highly respetted
citizens of the Oak Grove commun
ity. He had been sick for several
He is survived by his wife, who
before marriage was Miss Jennie
Oates of No. 5 township of this
county and five sons. Jacob Ware
of Arizona: John B Ware of Wash
ington; William Ware of Danville,
Va; Frank and James Ware of the
Oak Grove community.
Kings Mountain
Personal Items
(Special to The Star.i
Kings Mountain, Dec. 26.—Mr.
Horace Grant and Miss Edna Grant
arc spending the holidays with their
parents in Chamblee, Ga.
Miss Jennie Lee Kerr of Gastonia
is spending the holidays here with
Mrs. C. E. Neisler and family.
"Sonny" Peeler, young son of Mr.
and Mrs. B. S. Peeler who under
went an operation at the Eye, E#r
and Throat hospital in Charlotte
Wednesday, is getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mauney and
son William Lawrence spent Christ
mas day in Winston-Salem with
their daughter. Mrs. Garland Still.
Kenneth Kirby, clerk In Senator
Cameron Morrison’s office in Wash
ington spent Christmas day here
with friends.
Mrs. W. Strickland of Georgia is
spending the holidays here with her
daughter Mrs. S. Paul Manget.
Mr. Seaford Jackson of Collins,
N. J., is spending a few days here
with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stewart.
A pageant entitled "Emmanuel”
was presented at the St Matthews
j Lutheran church here Christmas
eve night at 11:30 o’clock.
Mooresboro News
Of Late Interest
< Special to Tlte Star.)
Mooresboro, Dee. 26.—Professor
and Mrs. J. C. Kiser and small son
left here Wednesday for Jackson
ville, this state, and other eastern
parts for a Christmas vacation of
lour or five days. They will prob
ably return next Monday or Tues
day as school will resume work
Wednesday night the local troop
of Boy scouts made several calls at
homes where cupboards ^ere empty
with well filled sacks of fruits and
farm produce.
This was the first time such an
event happened In our town, as
this was the first Christmas that
the town and community had scouts
in pe "on.
Pursuant to an order made by M. R
tver.ihers. recorder oJ Cleveland county,
to the case State vs. one Pord coupe
motor number 1308014S said Pord coupe
bavin* been convicted of transport ir* in
toalcatln* liquors. Under said order the
undersigned will self at nubile sale at the
court house door *t Shelby N. C. on the
t»th day of January. 1933 13 o'clock noon
or within legal hours, the following dr
seribed personal property; One Ford coupe
motor number 130*0148
Terms of sale: Cash
This l»th day of December. 1931
1 M ALIEN', Sheriff
St Dec «lc
But Why Impose On
Generations Unborn
To Give Others Aid
An Ai/gle Of The Foreign War
Debt Program That Should
t'arsc Some Thought.
Raleigh News and Observer.
Charles E. Mitchell, president of
the National City Bank, whose
bank made millions by loaning Am^
erican money in Germany, told a
senate committee that if Germany
was made to pay the reparation
debt it promised to pay, “it will
bring rebellion,” and added:
‘ Here we have in Germany to
day young men going into the uni
versities of Germany who were not!
born when the great war started.!
Those young men see that not only
they, but their progeny, and the
progeny of their progeny must pay
and go on for these generations in
paying a debt for which they, as
individuals, were not responsible.”
Somebody must pay. Mr. Mitch
ell's argument that if the progeny
of Germans is made to pay “it will
bring rebellion” was thus answered
by Senator Reed, of Pennsylvania.
The Senator said:
“You see that there is growing up
in Germany a psychology on the
paft of the younger people which
leads them to want to accept all of
the benefits created by preceding
generations, without any of the ob
ligations. That Is understandable.
Young people enjoy getting bene
fits and do not enjoy bearing bur
"But is it not reasonable to think
that the same psychology will grow
up over here that very large war
debts were created, and that this
money is going to be paid by a gen
eration of Americans that had
nothing to do with this war?
“Now why should the progeny of
Americans who had nothing to do
With the war. progeny of Americans
who were not even alive, pay this
war debt, and the progeny of the
people Who started it go scot free. I
confess I cannot see that Mr.
One Dose German
Remedy Ends Gas
"1 was sic!; and nervous with indi
gestion and stomach gas. One dose
ol Adlerika helped. I eat anything
now' and sleep good.”—Henry Dodd;
You can’t get rid or indegestion or
gas by just doctoring the stomach
For gas stays in the UPPER bowel.
Adlerika reaches BOTH upper ana
lower bowels, washing out poisons
which cause gas, nervousness and
bad sleep. Get Adlerika today; by
tomorrow you feel the wonderful
effect of this German Doctor's rem
edy. Paul Webb and Son Druggist.
. Having qualified as administrator oi
j the estate of Mrs. L. A. Blalock, deceased
i late of Cleveland county, North Caro
lina. this Is to notify ail persons navmt
claims against the estate of said deceaseo
to exhibit them to the undersigned
Shelby, N. C\, on or before the 27th dav
of November, 1932, or this notice will bo
pleaded In bar of their recovery All per
sons indebted to said e tate wih p’e^v
make immediate payment. This the 2ftl
day of November. 1931.
FRANK L. HOYLE. Admtnistratui
of Mrs. L. A Blalock, d'-ceased.
6t Nov 2}
Having this day qualified u& adminis
tratrix of the estate of Lawson A. Ucttyfr,
deceased, this Is to notify all per'-ona
having claims uganst the said estate to
present the same to me properly proten
on or before the 22nd day of December
1932 or this notice will be pleaded m
bar of any recovery thereof. Ail persons
Indebted to the said estate will pleesc
make immediate settlement to the under
signed. This Dec. 28lh 1931.
Mrs. Mamie B. Oettys, admin isirairtv
of Lawson A. Geitys, deceased
Ci-Dec. 23-p
North Carolina. Cleveland County.
In the Superior Court. Before the Clerk
Heppie Bradley, Plaintiff
John Bradley. Defendant
To John Bradley, defendant in the abvvc
entitled action:
You are hereby notified that sfti action
has been Instituted, as above entitled
against you in the superior court o
Cleveland county. N. C., in which the
plaintiff is seeking an absolute divorce
and dissolution of the bonds of main
mony upon the ground of adultery, and
you are further notified that, unless you
appear and answer this complaint on or
before January 16th, 1932. at 12 o clock
M.. at my office in Bhelby,. N. C. ^icic
the complaint In said action has been dui\
filed, the plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief asked for in said complaint
as set forth in the foregoing.
Witness my hand and seal, this Decern
ber 14th, 1931.
A M. HAMRICK, Clerk Supcrhr
v Court.
Rybura &, Hoey, Attys. for plaintiff.
* 4t Dec 14e
tinder and by virtue of the authority
contained !u a certain mortgage executed
to the undersigned by L. N Horrill uno
wife, F. Gertie Harrill. which mortgage
i« recorded in boot 133 at page 312 in
the office of the register of deeds of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, the
undersigned mortgagee will ou January
35 1932 at 3 o'clock, P. M. sell at the
court house door m the city of She!
by N. C„ to the highest bidder for
cash the following described real estate.
Located in No. 2 township. Cleveland
county. North Carolina and bounded as
follows: Beginning at a stone In the road,
C. K. McCraws corner; thence with said
road south 73!» east 155 poles crossing the
creek to . a hickory; thence up, the creek
north «0 poles to the mouth of Poplar
Branch: thence up the said branch as i!
meanders 140 poles to the mouth of a
small branch; thence south 89<2 west 41
poles to a stone, c. K McCraws corner;
thence with his line south 5“« west 115
poles to the beginning, containing C7
acres more or less. Same being the land
which was conveyed to W. w White by
\V. R White and wife by deed recorded
In the office of the register of deeds of
Cleveland county. North Carolina In book
Y at page 10; also including 50 acres
which was sold off the above tract by
deed dated August 3«th, 1891 from W W.
White and wife to R. M. White, which
deed is of record in said registers office
in book FP at page 571 reference being
hereby made to each of said deeds for full
deser.ptlon and identification. The above
land being conveyed to L. N. Harrill and
wife by W. W White by deed dated Janr
uery Hth, 1926 and recorded in book 3-r
at page 291 In the office of the register
of deeds of Cleveland county. North Car
This December JLst. 1931
Horace Kennedv Trustee
, *t Dec 31
What answer did Banker Mitch
ell make? He was "flabbergasted”
and said: "I grant with you that
that is quite unanswerable as an
If there had not been millions of
velvet In German loans to bank
ers,—(none of the loans have
brought losses to bankers, ag they
testified)—these big loans would not
have been made. One of the actuat
ing influences for reduction to the
point "of capacity to pay” proposed
by Mr. Mellon is that If Uncle Sam
will accept reduction the interna
tional bankers will the sooner and
more certainly collect what is due
on their loans.
Time Wasted.
Overseer—Say, you can’t fish here
Angler—I wish I had known i'
before I wasted three hours.
By virtue of those two certain deeds th .
trust executed by A, G. Humphries and
wife, Beulah Humphries to B. T. Fails !
trustee, for J. A. McCraw, and recorded j
in book 16J of deeds, page 103, and page j
173, of the register's office for Cleveland ■
county, N. C., I will sell to the high* .
bidder at the court house door in Slid
by N. C., oil
Saturday, January 16, I8JW. at IS o’clock
M. the following described real estate. vo-,
Beginning at a white oak near branch i
corner of G. C. Jolly heirs, and run *
Lhence with their line N. O 30 W. 30
Doles to a li. O., S. ti. Allison's cornet
thence N. 0. 20 W. 77 poles ( to a stotfe
crossing the Gaffney-Boiling Springs
road: thence 13. 33-20 E. 10 23 poles to <
P. O. »down>; thence 8. b2-45 E. 7.8.7
poles to a walnut; thence 3. 44 1-2 K
6.80 poles to a stone; thence S. 2-30 \V
82 1-5 poles with A. G. Humphries line
to aji iron pin: thence S. 85 W. 43 poles!
to a stone where w hite oak formerly I
stood. Jolly's corner: thence with his tine
N. 20 E. 45 3-5 poles to a post oak j
thence N. 80 W. 19 poles to the begin
ning. containing 40 1-2 acres; also
All that certain parcel of land situated
in Cleveland county, N. C., in No j
township, adjoining lands of S Bridg.
Kester Hamrick, A. G. Humphries, estau
of Plato Allison, and others; containing
16 62 1-2 acres of land more or less. Be
ing a portion of the land conveyed to
Ida Allison by Plato Allison, commissioner
in deed dated January M. 1912 and re
corded in crtfice of register of deeds for
Cleveland county, I* C. in book 3-P page
Terms of sale: Gash,
This the 11th dev vi December, 1331.
B. T. 1’ALLS, Trusts
Dec 14«.
\oiice ci rat si11 ai
Default having- been made in p;!: men i
of the indebtedness secured by that cer
tain deed of uuoi to the underuif.ncd .
trustee lor the Pilot Life Insurance con
pan; by L. P. Mevijlnaon and wile. ki -
gtret Beam Mesgin^on. on the IfUi da;
of March, 1930. and recorded in the o,.
flee of the register of deedu of ' Cleveland
county. N. ( in book 170 at page 5J<
the. under*'sued trudee will, under a,.-'
by \irtue o* iha power of sale ^.,teo »
it by said deed of .trust, and ut tho re
quest of the ccotui que tru.s^ and for ilu>
purpose of discharging the debt securec
by setd deed of trust, proceed to cell i
the highest bidder, for cash. at th?
court house door in Cleveland count,.
Shelby, North Carolina, at 12 o clock tV»
Monday. January If. 19U*'.
the following described June!, to-wit
Lying in the city of Shelby. Nor,.v Car
olina, and b^ng that lot of land conven
ed to L. P. Megglnson and wife. Margar*.
Beam Meggiuson by deed recorded id
t book 3-U, page 94 and 352 of the uffic'
I of tho register of deeds tor Clevclan ,
[county, N. C.. and being Joined on u.
[north oy an alley. on the rust by L.
Beam, on the south b West Orahtii
street, and on the werh by lot of Join
Norman, and being described by met-?
und bounds as follows:
Beginning at a stake in north edge o
West Graham street. John Norman
.southeast corner, end runs thence eas;
with Id edge of Graham street-115-fee■
to a stake in K. M. Beam's line: thenc
nortii with Beam s line 170 leet to
stake in. edge of alley; thence With ahe
vn?. t 115 feer tp a stria in John Nor
man's line; thence south with Norman'
line 170 feet to the place of beginning.
This the Cth day of December 1931.
Brooks, Parker Smith and Wharton.
Atiyi;., Greensboro. N. C. 4t Dec
I Under and fey virtue of the author if y
! conferred upon u.i in a deed in trust cxe
[cuied by Lester Jackson and r,i;e. Rosie
Jackson on the 17th Un.v of July. 1J2i
■end recorded in book 131, 293. «r
f tv ill on Saturday the
9th day of January, 1932, 12 o'clock noon
I at the court hous* door in Cleveland
I county. Shelby, N, C . sell at public auc
tion lor cajjfh to the highest bidder th
\ following land to-wit;
All that piece, parcel or tract oi land
[lyiPS raid being in Nos. 11 and 10 town
.••hip, Cleveland county. N. C.. adjoin'o
j the -and;; of Dock Spake apd C M. Cdok
on th2 N. lands of D. D. Cook on the &
lands of A. J. Sigmon on the S. and land,
of Cleveland Mill and Power eotnpan\
Peter L. Buff and Palmer Hoyle on th
\V. and being more particularly bound*:
and described as follows: Beginning at a
Chestnut oak. D. D Cook s corner, ihcuc *
with his line N. 16 W. 110 poles to ;
! atone, C. M, Cook's corner; thence vmi
C. M. Cook's and Docs Spube’s lines N
87 W. 63 1-5 poles to a :>tone; thence with
: Palmer Hoyle s. Peter L. Ban’s unJ
Cleveland Mil! and Power company's lint
323 3-4 poles to a stone. Clc.eland
and Power company's corner, thence with
said Cleveland Mill ami Power company-,
line C. 33 E. 30 poles to a stone, A. .j
Sigmon's corner: thence with his line N
73 E. 43 1-2 pole^ to ft hickory. D. D
Cook's corner; thence with his line K. 4
W. 29 poles to a stone: thence with D. D.
Cook s line S, 88 E. 42 1-4 poles to t
beginning. contAining 82.8 acres., more or
less. Reference is hereby made to dee ;
from S. M. Starney and wife to Lester
Jackson, a a te d Oc tober 10. 1922 and r.
corded \n book OOO at page 412 Cle\c
land county registry.
This sale is made by reason of the fail
ure of Lester Jackson and wife, Rox.»
Jackson to pay off and discharge the in
debtedness secured by said deed of trust
A deposit of 10 percent will be required
from the purchaser at the sale.
This the 20tli day of November, 1931.
. Receivers for First National Com
pany of Durham, Inc.. Trustee, for
merly First National Trust Company
Durham. N. C. At Dec 14c
Pursuant to an order made by ,M
Weathers, recorder of Cleveland" cuu'
In the case State against MaeU Wood, t.
said Mack Wood having been couicu.
of transporting intoxicating liquors b,
means of one Ford roadster motor IU1.
ber 13600075. Under said order the unde:
signed will sell at public sale at the coo.'
house door at Shelby, N C , one Tori'
roadster motor number 1.7800075 on ti,
16th day of January, 1933 at 13 o'clock
noon or within legal hours.
Terms of sale: Cash.
This 16th day of December 1931
1 M. ALLEN. Sharif!
It Dec 3u
North Carolina. Cleveland County.
In the Superior Court, Belore the clei .
O. T. Williamson. Plaintiff
vs. *
Natal.e Williamson. Defendant
To Natalie Williamson. defendant in i;>
above entitled action:
You are lierebj notified that an act
lias been instituted, as above eutltn
against you in the superior court i
Cleveland county. N. c.. In winch 1.1
plaintiff is seeking an absolute
and dissolution of the bonds oi man
mony upon the ground of fire yen
consecutive separation, and vou :
further notified that, unless jou appt.
end answer this complaint on of beto t
Jnnuiay 16th. 153a, at 13 o ciocl: M »
my. office in Shelby. N. C.. w here i ,t
complaint in said action lias been if.I v
filed, the plaintiff w ill apuh iu th«t covi t
for the relief ..shod for in said com
plaint, as set forth in the foregoing
Witness my hand and seal, tills Decern •
ber 12 th, 19.11
. A M HAMRICK. Clerk Sumner
' Court.
fly burn & Hot . Attjs. for p'ainttif.
4i Dec 14e
Under and by virtue of the author: »v
contained in an order of sale made b\
the clerk of superior court of Clevciu. d
county. North Carolina in a special pro
cccdiug entitled "W. C. Dixon a;U Jol.i -
rile Dixon :'gainst W. Ml Dorccy. , ..
the underalgued commissioner /
January 2Jrd. 1932 at 3 o'clock P. .J , i <
the court house door in the etc o. bile -
by sell to the highest bidder for eash jr
public auction the described
res I estate:
All that tract of land lying i -
township. Cleveland count”, l.'orth caro
line, on the waters oi Buffalo tree.: ana
bounded i.i follow..: Beginning on stoi
In Lull' line: thence with h.s line soul.i
liu1.; west 157 pole., to a : ,n 3cii •
line: thenos with said line south St c. t
Stf poles to a stake; thence north 41 ea. •
31 poles to a (take; thence north ID e..
12 poiea to a slake in Llnco.nto:: ro a.
thence e..,st „5 pole.; to a stake: them.
north 65 east 12 poles to a ctaae: thence
north 83 east 25 poles to a stake: *iiencr (
north 21 east 9t> poles to a stake: them ,
north -68 Wot- 24 poles to the beg.unit-,
containing 89 i cres n ore ur ies E ceo.
Ing. howe'er, frotn »h; above deser ptlur
that ]’-■ acre., ;o!d to Kudcsli chuy ■
nnd that appro.lmi..t!y teres :olu io.
Ee':;, cl,a, ;-o. lull description .
.aid two exceptions reierenre is hereav
nad to d“"d far . nr whish of record
in the office u: the register of deeds n,! count a North CH.-ohr.
Tills Dcc'inbcr ‘'I 1231
D C, DTXOX. Comm: ..oi
a. met b. Cline and Horace tlenuedv. A.m
n Drr ale
H'oohvorth Building.
Eyes Examined. Glasses Fitted
And Repaired.
Hint Your Kyes Kvanmuil
Uejiula rlv
DRS. H. D. & R. L.
Office Over Paul Wetih v
Sou'. Orui> Shire.
I. W. Ebeltolt
Grocer and Book
Phone — 82
Zv :\ Engineer And
Kami Surveys, Snth-ilivis
ions. Plats and General
Khjrineerlnjg Praetive
- Phone 417 -
LEAVE SHELBY:—9:45 a. m.; 11:1(1 a. rn.; 1:15 p, m
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:10 a. m.; 11:10 a. m.; L':()o p
in.; 4:40 p. m.;-9:00 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—11:10 a. m.
LEAVE SHELBY7:10 a. ra.; 11.10 a m,; 2:00 •,>

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