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Report: Cloudy with rain tonight
and possibly in extreme east por
tion Thursday. < oliler tonight and
Hoover Speaks
Des Moines. Ia.. Oft. 5.—Declar
ing the program initiated under
Democratic leadership during the
last session of congress would hare
been "the end of recovery” Presi
dent Hoover last night sponsored
before an applauding farm audience
a series of twelve “policies of the
Republican party" in aid of agricul
ture. A throng that completely fill
ed the in.OOfl seat Des Moines colis
tem and overflowed into the Shrine
lemple and across the capital plaza
cheered the Chief Executive repeat
edly as he opened his first campaign
speech since accepting the renomina
tion. It listened as he expounded
such "poHcies” for farm aid as shift
ing war debts payments to expand
ing agricultural markets abroad, re
vision of the agricultural marketing
art. including repeal of the stabili- J
ration clause, and enactment of
even higher tariffs on 'arm com
modities where necessary
Hoey Says Hope
Of Masses With
Democrat Party
Hoqver Regime Pays
Vast Sum Daily
Declare* Hoover Administration
.‘spend* Knur Million More Per
Day Than It* Income.
• Special to The Star'
Salisbury, Oct. 5.—In making his
opening campaign speech here las;
night, Clyde R. Hoey, popular
Democratic orator, gave enthusias
;ic endorsement to ail the nominees
of the Democratic party, payingi
special tribute to Roosevelt, Re>- j
hold!, Ehringhaus and Doughton
Among other things he said
Mouth-Piece of Masses
' Democracy is still immortal. The
Democratic party was not born to ■
die. For more than a hundred years
this great party has been the mouth
piece of the masses, the champion j
of those whose voice in government:
would go unheard but for its ad- j
vocaey of men and measures; It:
has been national in sentiment and
universal in service. It has neither !
fawned before wealth nor patroniz- j
cd poverty. It recognizes no clais or
croup, it offers no special grant.-,
or benefits, it seeks no support from
i hose who demand governmental i
favors in return for financial as-'
ststance. Its whole purpose is to
bring the benefits of government to
all tire people in accordance with
i heir needs and to distribute the
burdens of government among ail ;
the people in proportion to their j
ability to bear them.
'.The Republican party has had
Kim Williams
Buried Tuesday
Well Known And SnosrahilaJ Farm
er Living Six Miles North Of
Shelby Tassed Monday.
Kim Williams, one. of the mos*
prominent and substantial farmers
in upper Cleveland, died Monday
morning at 11 o'clock at his home
between Beams Mill and Double
Shoals, at the age of 69 years.
Mr. Williams had been sick all
rummer with cancer of the stomach,
but became real ill last Wednesday.
He had been a very industrious
farmer and was greatly belo-cd by
all who knew him. Hr was a fine
type of upright citizen and a con
istent member of Pleasant Grovt
Baptist church. He was born Juh
7th, 1863 and was married Octobe l
17th, 1895 to Miss Minnie Wright |
who survives with eight children. 1
five boys and three girls’ Mrs.
Vera Grigg. Vertua. Alvin, Lena, j
Hall. Stonewall, Cloe and Otho
Williams. Also surviving arc one!
brother Zcm Williams of this coun
ty and one sister. Mrs. Kiziah Gard
ner of Concord. He was widely con- j
nected and had a ho6t of friends
who gathered for the funeral serv- j
Ice held Tuesday afternoon at 2 \
o'clock at Pleasant Grove Baptist j
Funeral services were conducted1
by Rev. D G, Washburn, assisted by I
F»v. G. P Abemethv. A largr
crowd was present and a beautiful
floral offering was <0 evidence.
Hunter Wright, MaurM* Williams.
Coleman Elliott, Willie Wright,
Broedus Glascoe and Frank Spurlin
served as pallbearers while hi!
nieces and grandchildren carried j
the pretty flowers to his new made •
Highway Board Submits Three Routes For Polkville-Shelby Road
Cline To Resign In December
As County Accountant, Is Four
Months Before His Term Would End
Tenders Resignation
At Board Meet
H S. Beam Also Resigns As fountv
Solicitor, flinc To Leave
With Board.
A E Cline, who has served
Cleveland county as a member of
the board of commissioners and as
county manager and accountant
since the establishment of that of
fice, will resign as accountant on
the first Monday of December.
The accountants term of office
runs to the first of April, at a time
when several other of the county
offices change, but in tendering his
resignation to take effect two
months from now, Mr. Cline will
leave office four months before his
term is ended at the same time the
present commissioners go out of
office to be succeeded by the nee
Filled By New Board
This mean- of course, that the
new board will have the opportun-j
ity of naming the new accountant !
when they enter office instead of
four months later,
Mr Cline, whose record in setting i
up a business system of governmen' |
in the county has attracted wide i
commendation, announced early in
the year that he would not be a
candidate for re-election as a mem
ber of the commission board, oi i
which he has been chairman foi j
years, and also stated that he would '
not be an applicant to succeed him - j
self as accountant.
The resignation was accepted or.
motion by Commissioner G R \
Lattimore and the seconding o. j
Commissioner Ft. L. Weathers a. j
the regular meeting of the boaro |
this week j
Weathers Solicitor
At the same meet mg of the board
the resignation of W. S Beam r
solicitor of the county recorder s
court was also accepted on a mo- j
tion by Mr. Lattimore. seconded br j
Mr. Weathers. Mr. Beam is sue j
ceeded as solicitor bv Bynum F i
Weathers who was appointed act-1
ing solicitor while Mr. Beam was j
undergoing hospital treatment fort
several weeks. Tills resignation andj
change. It Is understood, bream
effective this week.
Sand Bags Help To
Supply City Water
Sand bags were resorted to back
during the summer on two different
occasions to prevent the city's water
supply from running short. The
river was low because of the long
drought and the stream was so
small, there was not sufficient wat
er to reach the intake pipes at the
pump station. Sand bags were
placed in the stream to divert the
water to the intake pipes. Recent
rains, however, have added consid
erably to the water supply.
Eastern Star Meet.
A meeting of the Eastern Star
will be held at the Masonic temple
in Shelby Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Members are urged to be
Cutie in Copper
An occasional “copper” on the bath
ing beach to preserve order is not
an unusual sight. But here’s an
>ther kind of copper ubed to make a
iaunty bathing suit for Miss Heler 1
Brow, of Phoenix. Ariz. It is guar i
aoteed not to shrink or rust. Mis; j
Brow was recently chosen “Mis I
Arizona.” The suit has been cop j
oer-sprayed by a special process
Baptists -Meet
Delegates And Visitors Will Gather
In Annual Meeting At New
Bethel Church.
On Thursday and Friday of this'
week the annual meeting of the
Kings Mountain Baptist association
will meet with New Bethel church
near Lawndale, with Rev. J W. Sut
tle, moderator, presiding. Through'
an error caused by looking at the
wrong calendar. The Star stated
that the association would meet on
Wednesday and Thursday of this
Members of the New Bethel Bap
tist church have made elaborate
plans to entertain the association
and all delegates have been assign
ed to homes. Rev. J. V. Devenny,
clerk of the association says ail
churches have sent in their annual
reports which show gratifying in
creases in memberships. The revival
meetings this year met with won
derful results and while all churches
have suffered financially because of
the condition of the times, there
has been a great spiritual awaken
ing. |
Straw Vote Shows Cleveland People
For Roosevelt, Reynolds, Bulwinkle
Bulu inkle 10 To‘l Favorite. Repeal
Votes Here Outnumber All
Cleveland county voters have
taken the straw vote method of
showing they are as Democratic as
ever this year, perhaps more so.
In the poll being conducted by
The Charlotte News throughout
this territory Shelby and Cleveland
voters are casting better than 15 to
1 votes for Roosevelt over Hoover,
and better than 10 to one for Rey
nolds oyer Newell and Bulwinkle
over Jonas.
A Bit Damp. Too
The vote on prohibition also
shows that this section is some
what inclined to the repeal idea.
Of the 73 votes cast up through
yesterdays poll on prohibition more
voted for repeal than the combined
vole for retaining the present law
modlfirattop and rMubmiseion A
total of 37 voted for repeal. H vot
ed to retain the present law, 13
voted for modification and nine for
Other County Votes
The straw vote total ot Cleve
land votes so far in;<th«:..^residen
tial election is recorded as follows:
Roosevelt, 71; Hoover, four; Thomas
The Reynolds-Newell vote Rey
nolds, 69; Newell, 6.
The Bulwinkle-Jonas vote Bul
winkle, 65; Jonas, 6.
The combined vote of the sev
eral counties In the Charlotte area
For president: Roosevelt, 1642
Hoover. 319; Thomas, 17.
For senate Reynolds, 1639, New
ell, 351.
For congress: Bui winkle, 1080:
Jonas. 382.
National prohibition; Continu
ance, 317; modification, 214; resub
mission. 157; repeal, 1201.
Tabulation of tenth district con
gressional returns shows
Congressional Race
ClPV^qflrj .
Rillklr .Inn**
338 J
65l S I
Lincoln . .
Catawba .
27 79
23 15
15 4
Burke .
1080 382 {
Total .
County Democrats
Gather In Shelby
Saturday Afternoon
.All Prerinct Chairman And Mem
bers Of Committee To Be
Prftfnt, Bulwtnkle Hrrf.
Following the opening of the
Democratic campaign at Fall
ston Friday night, a general
meeting of Democratic leader*
will be held in Shelby at the
court house Saturday afternoon
at .* o'clock
The session will make plans for
the complete campaign and discus*
other matters of interests to the
Chairmen Meei
All precinct chairmen, members
of precinct committees, all count',
candidates and members of the
bar association will be urged to at
tend. it was announced today by
Oliver S Anthony, county chair
The meeting is a very importer!1,
one and among those who will
make brief talks will be Major A
L. Bulw inkle Precinct chairmen |
are requested to see that members
of their committees arc present
These chairmen are
Plato Allison Holly Springs; B '
B Harris. Youngs: C C. Goode,
Boiling Springs; M. D Moorr Sha
ron: W H Patterson. Patterson
Springs; S H Austell, Earl: Les -j
ter Herndon, Grover: M C. Whit
worth, Waco; F L. Hoyle. Shelby
No. 1: R T. LeGrand. Shelby No.
2; C S Young. Shelby No. 3: J. F
Harris. Shelby No. 4: C. H Rein •]
hardt. South Shelby: J. B Thomas !
soil. Kings Mountain: E. W Blake-,
ly. Kings Mountain: W W Wash-:
burn. Double Springs; J, B. Latti
more, Lattimore: R. W McBrayer,
Moore-boro; A. M. Hamrick, Queens;
C. R. Spangler, Double Shoals.
Eldridge Weathers. PolkviUe: A i
M. Pruitt, Casar; C. C, Falls. Fall
ston: R A White, Delight; F. T,
Rollins. Lawndale; Edgar Cooke j
Open Registration
Books On Saturday
Genera! election registration book,
will be opened in the various vot
ing precincts of Cleveland countv
on Saturday October 8. and wit
remain open through Saturday
Oct. 29. All voters who have conK
of age since the last, election orj
are living In new precincts should '
register in order to be qualified to!
vote in November.
Business College
Plans A New Class
Tlic Shelby branch of the Abing
don Business School, which has been i
operating for nine days, plans to1
open a new class on October 10. J
Fifteen students are now enrolled
and others are expected for th"!
opening of new- classes.
William Hudson is manager of thej
school. K W Rausin is field man
ager and Miss Roseman is teacher 1
The courses include shorthand. J
bookkeeping, business English, an-1
plied business correspondence, tyn-l
ine. business arithmetic spelling j
and business penmanship
Try Answering
Can you answer 14 of these test
questions? Turn to page two for
the answers.
1. When did "Woodrow Wilson dir?
2. How large is the Swiss navy?
3. What famous American gen
eral is named Black Jack "?
4. What is the feminine form of
the name Patrick?
5. What American university ;has
the largest student enrollment?
6. Name the capital of Syria?
7 Where is the city of Berne?
8. For whom were the Bermuda
Islands named?
9. What docs the Spanish word
manana mean?
in. What is the minimum age
that a man can take the office of
president of the United States?
11. What, country uses the emblem
of the Rising Sun?
12. Who discovered X-Rays?
13. Of what state is Helena the
14. Who was the Democratic can
didate for president in 1900?
15. What country produces the]
mnt.t diamonds?
l a Nam* the Greek goddess of
1 <vr ’
17 What country has Hie larger
gold reserve?
18. Is Zane Grey i man or a
19. What is a "Corduroy Road' ?
20 What is the moat famous vol
canic mountain in Japan?
Democrats Open
County Drive At
Fa lIs ton Friday
Carpenter, McSwain
Will Speak
Organization Of Young Democrats
Hi>rr' To Haw Rig Crowd At
FI rat Rallr,
Cleveland county Democrat*. fol
lowing g custom of years will open
their 1032 campaign at Fallston
Friday night of this week The first
county rally of the political drive
will be held in the s*hool house
there and >s scheduled to get under
wav at 7.30
The mam speakers for the even
ing will be Solicitor John O. Car
penter of Gastonia and Peyton
McSwain Shelby attorney.
Candidates Present.
The opening meeting Is being held
under thr county organization of
Young Democrats, and officials oi
(hat group have invited all Demo
cratic candidates on the county
ticket to be present. They will not
it is said, be railed on for speeches,
but will be introduced to the crowd
The Young Democrats are very
active this year and hope to bring
out a big Democratic vote by their
It is further announced that John
C, Ehnnghaus. Democratic candi
date for governor, will speak at
Kings Mountain some time between
the 10th and 25th of the month
The Young Democrats are planning
to rally up a large crowd to hear
Mr. Ehnnghaus, just aa.they hope
to bring out a large audience In
Shelhv late in the month to hear
Bob Reynolds senatorial candidate
Vale Section Man
Killed By Train
Or*i£ Fullbright. Of Vale Rout* 4,
Fault* Hurt In Charlotte
Last Night.
Charlotte Oct; 5. Craig Full
bright of Vale, route tour was fa
tally injured when hit by a Pied
mont * Northern freight train on
the track between South Mint street
and the Warren warehouse early
last night. He died in St Peter's
hospital at S 50 o'clock
The slowly moving freight cat
passed over Fullbright s body and
almost amputated both legs, besidee
crushing the chest and arms. He
was conscious when James C. War
ren and several-others ai the trans
fer concern reached him
Pushed Out Of Way,
A negro passerby, said Fullbright
was walking along the tracks and
that when the car approached, the
brakeman riding the front end
pushed Fullbright out of the way.
However, he stumbled back onto the
track and was. run over.
Fullbright was about 45 years eld
and is said to be survived by a
wife and five children. His family,
which lives several miles from Vale,
could not be reached las: night.
County Court Gets
Cases From Fair
Total Of 40 Catn Dfvrtopod Over
Week-End. Three Men Have
3* Pints.
The big Cleveland county fair i.
i over for this year but the county
| recorder's court is still grinding
! away clearing up the aftermath,
A total of 91 cases, all more or
i less minor charges, developed dur
| ing fair week for trial last week
i and this. Forty new cases were
i docketed from late Saturday night
' and Sunday morning merry-makers,
j Eighty-five percent of the charges
! were for drinking. The biggest
catch made by officers were three
Rutherford white men who were
'alleged by officers to have had 38
pints In their truck. The officers
preferred a charge of having whis
key for sale, but the defendants,
when placed on trial Friday, will
contend, it is reported that they
had the whiskey for drinking pur
Epworth Leagues
Meet At St. Peter®
There will N> a union meeting of
the Fpworth leagues m t.h* church
es of the Kings Mountain charge »r
St Peters church in upper Cleve
land on Friday night, Oct 7th, be
ginning at 7 o'clock. An interesting
program has been prepared and re
presentatives from all of the leagues i
are expected to attend.
An Editorial "Oh Yeah”?
£££*5* the «Pre«*ion on the face of former Governor Alfred R.
S»Td^v jrjt.mTrpZ.‘T *d/,t0ri..h® d?Mn>t **re,‘ W1,h whatever he# been
**!*,J* bmr!ey <n*hl>* chairmen of the national Democratic
TIRwf" n)5nVer l0T Go/ernor Roosevelt. At left is
^N- Y"‘ wbW® thl* Photo w*» made as Demo
iTlfuLL\lU£j?n**2*0T,\ In °» *™‘ »*ue of his new
ma*ai»ne, A1 endorsed the Dsmoeratae ticket hut kept silent on the name
of Governor Roosevelt.
As Many Cleveland Couples Marry
At S. C. Gretna Green In A Month
As Get Married Here In Nine Months
1* Couples Front This Section Mar
ried At Gaffney In September.
Nine Marrv Here.
j The Gaffney, g. p, Gretna Green
I u still doing a rushing business ip
i marrying lovelorn Cleveland county
couples.. A check ot) Clic.wiawMi^u.
records here and there Uns week
reveal that for every local couple
securing marriage license here nin
go to South Carolina for the easiei
I and more economical ceremony
Fifom September 1 through Or.
! t-ober 1. 40 couples from the Shelby
i Cleveland county section were mar
i ried at Gaffney by Probate Judge
i hake W Stroup In the same per
[ tod only nine eouples secured their
marrlagp hoense at the Cleveland
county court house. and that was a
high figure for the year. Of the
nine several couples were from
other counties.
Further investigation of the fig
ures show that exactly the sam
number of couples from this - sec
tion. 49. in number, were married i
in Gaffney during September a» i
wejre married in this county during 1
the nine months of the year
Avoid The Rash
In a list of Cleveland coupler
married in Oaffney coming to this
paper is the advice from Judge
Stroup, who In 10 years comes near
holding the marrying record, to!
"marry now and avoid the Chris'
mas rush '
Us! In Given ^
Couples from this «ection who
were married in Gaffney in Sep
tember or on Ort 1 include the i
Clyde McGinnis and Effie Le
Richeaux, of Kings Mountain; Haz
el Robinson and Mable McFarland,
of Shelby; Willie Lambert and
Ethel ePeler, of Vale; Ernest Blan-!
ton and Lassie Cartee. of GUtfside: i
Ghas. Conner and Oleen White, of j
Shelby; J. W Grigg and A lire
Ptercy, of Vale R-3, Albert Little
lCOWTlNn«D ON P*Q«: NtNi
Daughter Of Mr And Mr* F. V
CiHlwfll Die* In Washington
Auto Cra.*h.
Mias Catherine Caldwell. Blacks-;
burg girl about 22 years of age. ua :
killed in an autp accident at Wash
ington, D. C , Monday, according to
Capt,. McK. Albergotti, Southern
conductor of Blacksburg who passed
through Shelby last night on his
Miss Caldwell was the daughter
of Mr and Mr- F. V. Caldwell, of
Blacksburg, and was a graduate of
Winthrop college She had been
living with her brother, Eugene
Caldwell, in Washington for some
time. The news of her tragic death
came as a shock to her many friends;
in the Blarksburg section. Funeral i
arrangements were not known last !
night, I
Fay Jenkins, jr, young county
boy. who has been In tire Shelby
hospital for some, time with an in
fected leg, was given a blood trans
fusion today and was laid to show
improvement After more than 30
people had offered a blood test to
find one suitable for the transfusion j
the blood given by William Crow
der. well known Shelbv grocer, was j
Given Transfusion
College Grid Game Here On Friday;
Highs Play Kings Mountain Contest
Number Of LocaJ Boys Will Be In
Boiling Springs-Campbell
Plenty of football in this tmme
I diate section is on tap for the cont
1 ing week-end.
In Shelby Friday afternoon the
Boiling Springs college Bulldogs
will play their first home game of
the year with the strong Campbell
college eleven
The same afternoon at King
Mountain the Shelby highs will go
into their second contest of the;
year against the Mountaineer ele-i
On the following day Saturday,
old Wake Forest, men and otiter
football fans will flock to Charlotte
for the Wake Forest-South Carolina
game. Several Shelby and Cleveland
county hoys »r» expected to he in j
tn th» Demon Deacon lineup, while I
Earl Clary, South Carolina ace, is:
a former Gaffney player and a
drawing card in this section.
Hot Clash
The two junior colleges perform
ing in Shelby Friday promise a
very lively contest. It is Coach'
Hutchins first year at Boiling
Springs, where he succeeded Blancy
Rackley, but after getting off to a
slow start his boys have shown re
markable improvement, Camnitz. a
Shelby boy, will likely run the team
at quarterback, with Johnny Hen
dricks, another Shelby boy, at full
back. Red Jolley, last year's star at
Shelby high, will be at the pivo
position, and in the lineup will be
Gene Black and other Shelby and
county boys.
The Shelby highs alter uncork
ing a strong offense against Lowe!) I
here last week are in good condi-,
tion for their clash with King.
Mountain in a game of long rival
ry. The rebuilt, tine has been func
tiontna smoothly this week in prac- ,
tisc and the hark*, including Mj ■
Putnam. Williams. Hyder, the two:
Connors and oth»r ball carriers
have been running smoothly. If the |
Morris eleven is still scrapping as
in the opening game a victory
should be chalked up, and many lo
cal supporters of the highs will be
on hand at the game
/ ■
Use Of Present
Highway20 Will
Save Lots Money
Road CommUsioner
Talka Of Plana
Cheapest Route Engineer Siai
""Hid IV Tn Follow 2fl To
Dover, Then Old Route.
A map outlining three surveyed
rout/* for the proposed Shelby
PolkvIUr highway and statistics
Showing the com, of the three route*
were sent to Shelby yesterday by
the State Highway commission
Contract lor the road, the letter
informed a to be let on Novetnbei
1, and the map and detailed ccw;
figures are sent with thr purpose
of giving the county an opportunity
to express a preference prior to
that, time.
The letter says "The project is
m otir schedule for November l let
ting and we desire to push It as
rapidly as possible There must,
however, now be marie a den.*ion
a# to the route to be followed.”
Details Given
The three routes outlined with
their cost do not include the cos’
of the entire road from Shelter to
Polkvllle, but only the surveyed
routes out of Shelby some six
miles ol the 12 to 14-mile distance.
The No. t route is the direct line
■survey, going out, by Hoppers park
to a point C 5.91 miles in lengtn
by direct course The. No 2 route i*
the present road tn use. from A
(Shelbyi lo B (Dover mill store) to
c, me point northwest of town
Route No. 3 would go from A (Shel
by) out highway 20. using the
present bridge, to 0 the Dover milt
road intersection, then to the Dover
mill store (designated as B on the
map>. and then on to point C
(Jan Use 20 Bridge
Since the No 3 route is included
it. m presumed that the federal au
thorities will permit the use of the
present bridge on highway 20. Som»
weeks ago highway official* were
understood to have said that the
present budge could not be used as
the federal building fund prohibit
ed parallel routings Apparently
there has been another interpreta
tion of this phase. The Inclusion of
route 3 would save a considerable
sum over the other routes, the en
gineering figures show, because the
cost of the bridge would be saved.
The letter from the highway com
mission intimates that if the sav
ing hr almost $10,000 is made bv
deciding on this route the remain
der may be used for other roads
in the county.
Cost Of Routes
The figures submitted by the
survey show that the route spoken
Moore Enlists In
U. S. Marine Corps
J. C. Moore, of Shelby, rout* 4,
passed the preliminary examina
tion for enlistment in the U. S
Marine Corps, Tuesday, at the Ma
rine recruiting office in Charlotte
He has been assigned to a place on
the waiting list until called for
final examination at recruiting
headquarters in Savannah. Ge
Major E M. Reno, officer in charge
of marine recruiting in this district,
makes the final selections for en
listment. Moore is a graduate of
Lattimorc and passed an esceUeni
examination at the Charlotte of
Beam Plantation
Brings $10,300
The Barbara Beam plantation os
227 acres lying a few Wile* north of
Waco, was sold at public auction
Monday to Johnnie Beam for $10.
000. Mr Beam is one of the heirs
and lives on the place The proper
ty was sold for -division among the
heirs and the bid remaine open for
twenty days, subject to a raise. Dr
D M Morrison was ■’ommissioner.
Cotton Steady From
Yesterday’s Close
Cotton at 2 o'clock today on the
New York exchange was holding
stead v around yesterday's close
Oct. today was 6.88. December 7.00
Yesterday's close Oct 6 93. Dee
7 0S Traders seems to h» waiting
the bureau report, which will he is
sued on Saturday, estimating
-rop for the year

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