North Carolina Newspapers

    Just A Story To Show That Good
Times Always Have Come Back
i American Wholesale Grocer*
A story Is told of s traveler who
•lighted from the train to find him
•elf In • drenching rain on the
paltform of a little county atatlon,
with only one Individual in sight, a
native—a tall, gaunt, uncommuni
cative Individual drawn up against
the station wall In a vain effort to
protect htmaelf from the »torm. The
traveler greeted him and only re
ceived a grunt in reply. Again the
traveler addreeeed to the Silent One
the question "Lived here all your
life?" Back came the. icply "Not
ylt.” Making one more effort to be
sociable the traveler queried "Think
this rain will ever stop?”—and
promptly came the reply, "It always
That countryman may have lack
Cfcttka lUUrU la * 4*r>, Colds first e..
■ttadoehr* or N«nrsl|la In n« minut-i
Meet Speedy Remedies Known
- W. S. BEAM -
Practice In All Civil And
Criminal Courts
Room No. 12, Bank Building.
Phones 628 end 675-J.
Auto Body Work*
Painting and Repairs
Wrecked Body Work A Specialty
Bishop & Wilson
227. W. Graham St.
Under end by vtrtua at the authority
contained In that certain (lord el trail
•Mauled by O C Beam and wife Hattve
■aim to tha undermined trustee. said
Hard e( truit being dated February 31.
1031. and recorded in tha office of the
rottater of deada for Cleveland county.
N C, in boon No. m at p»g* It. sootu
tng an mdtbtadneaa therein deacrlbad and
default havlne bean made In tha pay
ment of tha Indabtadneia, I win on
•aturday, Oetobar Hth, 1»M
at ll a'oloek noon or within trial houti
at tha court house door In Bheloy, N. C,
aall to the highest bidder far raah at
nubile auction those oartaln Iota or uer
cola ef land deacrlbad as follow*
Ftrat Lot: Bain* lot No 11 of tha » A
Beam property on South Morgan atroet.
at ahown by plat ef property made by o
C. Btlne. auryayor. and bounded aa lot
lawn Beginning at a stake on tha east
•Ida of Morgan atraat and the 8 w
corner of lot No. ll and rune thence s
A W. with «atd Morgan atraet II feat to
a stake, northwaat corner or tot Ho. ll;
'hence I. H 1. H feet with north line
' of let No. II to a atako In line of tha 11
. foot allay, northeast corntr of lot No. ie!
I thence N. 4 B. with tuna of said allay ’ll
I feat ta p ataka, aeuthcaat earner of lot
l No. Ill thence N II W. »0 feat with
'eouth Una of lot Ns. II to the beginning
and being that same lot which wee con
veyed to O C. Beam by D. A. Bearn by
deed recorded 3-0 at ea|r 11.
Baaond Lot: Being Iota No t and 3 ot
the J. W. Unebargsr property, ahoen by
map of aald property recorded In book
TT of daeda at page 100 and described
as follows; Beginning at a stake, south
west corner or lot No. 1 and on north
edge of Boat Warren atraat running thence
with tha east edge ot aatd street 8. II
degrees II minutes 100 feet to « stake
corner of lot No. «; thence S. 1 4« E. >i4
fast to a stake two feat from the branch
'hence up tha branch to corner of lot
No. 1; thence In a southerly direction
with line of lot No 1, 13 3 feat to the be
ginning and being that same lot con
veyed to a. C. Boom by J. K Melton and
wife by, deed recorded in book OOb at
page 401
inuu loi: inn 10c or oi ismi
lying on tlx north side of th* outlie
road loading from Shelby by Dixon
bridge to Lawndale end described ee fol
low*; Beginning ot s stout on the north
•14o of the puble rood leading from
Shelby by Dixon bridge to Lawndsl*. T.
* Lute’ corner end J. H. Hull’s corner
end runs thence with J H Hull 1 line
N. ] n j.j poles to e stoke In deep
K; thence with J. H. Hull's line S
greet 10 minutes X. 3! 3 poles to tn
Iron stake in e»st edge of public road
earner of let told to J T, Oreen; thence
with two Unas of said lot vis. N. 3(4, r
e% poles to an Iron Hake at east edge
of said road. J F. Oreen a corner,
thenca N. UV‘« X 31S poles to an Iron
eteke In the said 3. T. Oreen a corner
thence with dtvlelon line N. in, w. 36
poles to a stake, T. H Lute end J. F
T.eonerd’a line; thence with said line 8
371« W 32 0 poles to an iron stake at
dogwood; thence with Hopper's land s
871 j X. 8,2 polas to the beginning, con*
turning 4 l meres more or leaa end being
thet seme lot conveyed to o c Seam
by R L. Leonard end wife bv deed re
corded In book LLL at page 378
Fourth Lot: Lvlng on Gaffney and
Clyde streets In West Shelby and being
the northern portion of lots Noa. 13 and
34 ef the J. J. Wilkin's property as shown
by map recorded In book SS p.ige S42
and described as follows;. Beginning at a
etaka at the Intersection of Geffnev and
Clyde streets end runs lhanee N. 68 de
gress 44 minutes W. 133 1-3 feel with
Oaffney etreet to a stake in a 13 fool
eUev: thence with east edge of said alley
S. 34 W go feet to W. S. Davis' mow
Pendleton si corner; thence eaat with the
Pendleton’s Hne 8 68 degrees 48 min
utes B. 133 1-3 feet to Clyde street; thenee
with Clyde etreet H 34 X. 80 feet to the
beginning end betng that same lot con
veyed to-CL C Beam by Cornelia Howell
Berber end husband by deed recorded in
book UtJU at page 471.
Fifth Lot; Being lot No. lg end 10 feet
off the front of the north tide of lot No.
38 Of the D. A. Beam property on South
Morgan street at shown by plat of said
property recorded in book of Plata No 1
•t page 74 and described as follows Be
ginning at a eteke on east aide ot Mor
gan street at southwest corner of lot No
IT and runs thenee s 4 W. with said
Morgan street. 34 feet to t stake tn line
•f 13 foot alley; thence with north edge
of aald alley N 16 X 86 feet to e etekt
in.the w4it ydge of a north ind south
alley; thenee with the west edge of north
and south alley 38 feet to t eteke south -
eas* earner of lot Ho. It- thenee « »S W
*0 feet with south line of lot No. 17 to
the beginning end being thet same lot
which wa» conveyed to a. C Beam bv
J D. Campbell and wife by deed record
ed In book 3-W lit page 113. Said prop
erty will be sold separately then as a
whole and sold aubject to all unpaid
taxes This Sapt. 14. 1(33.
JNO r MOLL. Trustee
4t Sept >14<
I'd what we call "education" but his
was a philosophy that the people Of
the United States nerd today; a
philosopher which, If practiced,
would do more to restore our busi
ness equilibrium than all the sta
tistic* governmental or otherwise,
that could be printed in a year’s
In talking with many wholesale
grocers and In reading their com
munication* during recent months
we have found many of them think
ing only In terms of the present.
Their mind* appear to be static,
they stand still and. move neither
backward nor forward lit their con
sideration of conditions In the bust
ness world. For such men past ex
periences mean nothing, and in the
future there Is wrspt no hopes nor
possibilities. Perspcctne is utterly
lacking. Too many of tia are deal
ing with present day conditions just
as though they were entirely un
related to the months and years
that are gone and those that must
Inevitably follow. We speak and act
as though today were all of life
and ofttlmea we permit ourselves to
to become gloomy, discouraged and
bereft of all hope in the belief that
"today is bad and tomorrow will be
worse." Does It not occur to us that
"tomorrow" Is even now beckoning
us on to better things, that the fu
ture la bright with hope and prom
ise and that the storm through
which w'e are passing will cease?
"It always has.”
"It always has!" Summer follows
winter, day follows night, the sun
shine follows the rain, the swallows
go but come again, the storm Is fol
lowed by calm and even so prosper
ity follow* 'depression ’—"It always
« i* not a runclion of this office
to prophesy, make prediction* or In
dulge In other ;.uch foolishness. The
government, the pres-i. the politi
cians and the stock market manlpu
lator* will furnish Jus*, about all of
the prophecies and predictions that
the public can digest and more. It
Is for this office, howevsr, to con
cern itself with that most regret
table and, at the same time, dan
gerous attitude assumed by many
wholesale grocers which prevents
them from seeing things as they
really are a condition of mind
which is fatal to present or future
success. We, many cf us at least,
speak and think as though this
were the only age In which the
world has existed and '.hat our own
individual business is the hub of
American commerce. Out eyes are
fixed upon our desks and our Im
mediate surroundings, and thoughts
go afield no further than this pres
ent day. We are so close up in our
mental attitude to our own busi
ness and conditions as they are to
day that we are without that, vis
ion which enables us to wisely and
Intelligently appreciate and under
stand relations instead of things
We are regarding the period embrac
lng the last two or three years as
a thing set apart by Itself and hold
ing no relationship with the past or
the future, rather than regarding
this present moment in which we
are living and acting at, a casual
There is a background to all that
we are going through now, and we
are going to relate the present to
that background or we are going to
fail utterly In qualifying for those
days of prosperity and business
health which is just as Kirely ahead
of us as death itself. We have but
to turn the pages of this nation’s
business life, during th*- past one
hundred years, to disco-, ri that our
fathers and our grandfathers pass
North Carolina, Clavalend County.
In the Superior court Before the Citric.
Fr*nk l Hoyle, Administrator of the *8
tttt of Dianna Wright deceased and
M J Wright, patitiontra.
Fannie Wrifht. I.alltat Wrifht, Carroll
Leo Wrifht ft a! defendanta.
The defendant, Alvin Propjt. will take
notice that an jetton entitled as above
has been commenced in the superior court
of Cleveland county, N c to sell lands
to make assets to nay the indebtedness
of Dianna Wrifht, deceaard. in which the
oefandant has an tntartat; and tha said
defendant will further take notice that
he is reQUtred to apoear befort the clerk
of superior court of said county at the
eburt house In said county. Shelbc, N. C
on or before Friday. October M. 1833 and
answer or demur to the petition In aaldi
action, or the petitioner will apply to
thr court for the relief demanded in said
This September 31 1*33
A M HAMRICK, Clerk of Superior
Jno P Mull, Atty for petitioners
«t Sept 38c
Under and by virtue of the authority
contained in a certain dead of trust exe
cuted to secure an indebtedness to the
South Shelby Building and Loan asaoela
tton which dead of trust la of record in
the office of the register of deeds of
Cleveland county, North Caroline the
undersigned trustee will on October 3Sth
et 3 o'clock P M tt the court house
door sell to the higheet bidder for cash
the following described real eatate:
Beginning at an Iron stake Florence
Morrisons corner in Maggie Smith old
line thence with said line north 3 east
80 feet to a stake in said line; thence s
new division line south 83*. west 185 8
feet to a stake in J. s Wilson's line
thence with seld line south 31 i-I west
138‘b feet to a stake In said line; thence
a new line north 88'» east 183 leet to a
stake in Florence Morrisons line now
Roscoe Luta's lint; thence with said line
north 3 east 83 feet to a state their
corner thence with Florenee Morrison t
line, now Ros*oe L-utf's line north 84*i
*•**•* ,e lh* end being
ell that lot conveyed to Rush Padgett
end wife, Cerrte Padgett be H ctey Cox
sod wife by deed dated April gth. JM3
end recorded In book mmm at page <«<
in the office of the register of deede of
Cleveland county, to which deed and
record thereof reference is hereby made
for further identification and description
of said lot.
This 38th day of September 1*31
weathers A Kennedy. Any*. tt sen 38,
pill n.i.ii jin* ■!'. . . ..... ■.-1
nd through Just exactly what we are
passing through today and yet they
lived to aee thia nation live on and
prosper aa has no other nation on
earth, It would probably be a source
of Inspire!ion and ecouragement to
many of us to read back and famll
iariee ouraelvea with the bualneas
panics of 1837, 1857,1073 and 1893,
and even as late as 1907, a depres
sion less severe but none the less
In 1837 ninety per cent of all the
factories In the east i upended op
eration rectories and trades gen
erally stopped work, fetvtes repudl- ■
ated their bonds and it became
necessary, in many states to enact
laws to prevent the sale of property
for debts. Many of the greatest
firms of that day failed, the number
running into tens of thousands with
total liabilities running Into him-;
dreds of millions of dollars. Cotton!
was ten cents a pound and the price I
paid for labor was insufficient to
ment situation was acute to the !
buy bread, while the unemploy
poln» of provoking riots This 'de
pression" came to an end. "it, al
ways has."
Following 1887 with its de
pression, bringing failures among
great financial institutions and
railroads, with Industry suspended
and labor in distress, a year when
mobs matched through the street#
of New York City with cries of
'Bread of Death"! In 1860 a quick
recovery followed. "It always has. ’
Thirteen years after the panic of
1873 acme upon the country in full
force and down went some of the
largest financial institutions of that
day, among them H, B Claflin it
Co. a name famous in the whole
sale annals of that day, Within two
years the railroads of the country
had defaulted In the sum approach
ing one billion dollars. Marketing
the cotton crop was impossible and
foreign shipping paralveed, w-ith the
result of a depressed local market,
carrying with it prices far below
manufacturing costs.
A ciiuil reading of trade jour
nals and statistics of the years be
tween 1873 and 1875 make present
day conditions assume a roseate hue
Those conditions, which while they
endured, cast a blight upon com
merce and industry of this country,
were succeeded from 1879 by years
of prosperity and business develop
ment beyond the dreams of the moot
optimistic of that day. The clouds
lifted and the sun shone forth upon
happier days and a Joyful and
prosperous people. Prosperity fol
lowed depression—"It always has!"
Then came 1893, ushering in two
years of disaster for the industry,
commerce and finance of the na
tion. One authority on the subject
of the business collapse of that
year places the total liabilities at
fifty percent greater than in 1873.
Again the value of ratlwey stocks
melted away and the problem of
unemployment reached the danger
point, in two years recovery start
ed, prices soared and this nation
became again a happy and prosper
ous people. The clouds burst and
the rain falls but in due time it
atpps. "It always has!” Prosperity
follows depression—"It always has!”
Havtni qualified aa administrator ot Ihe
a .Mata ot Mary L Cahmaas, decaased, lair
of Cleveland county, North Carolina, this
la to notify all paraona having claims
against the eatate o( said deceased to es
htblt them to the undersigned at Slielby,
N 0. on or oafora Beptember 3. 1»SJ, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar of their
recovery. All persons Indebted to said es
tata will please make immediate pay
This the 3rd day of September, i#33.
C. C. MORN, Administrator of Mary
h. Cabmett.
Ceylon McSaam. Atty. for Admr.
at Sept 7e
In the District Court ol the L'nited
States For the Western District ol
North Carolina in Bankruptcy—No. US
In tli* Matter ot B O Stephenson. lncii
vidually, and trading as Stephenson
Drug Co. (Shelby. N. C.i Bankrupt
Notice is hereby given to all creditors
and other parties in interest that the
above named party has been adjudicated
a bankrupt, that the first meeting ol
creditors will be held in the law office of
the nederslgned referee 100 l aw ■ Build
ing. Charlotte. N. C . on Thursday, the
6th day of October, 1932 at 10 o'clock A.
M . et which time and place creditors
may attand, prove their claims sleet a
trustes, examine the bankrupt, and trans
act such othar business as may properly
come before said meeting
This meeting may be continued from
lima to time althout further notice.
All claims ahould be made upon the
regular bankruptcy forms, proparly van
fled and sworn to, and filed with the
undersigned referee
This the lath day of September, 1933.
R MARION ROSS Referee in
Bankruptcy. Charlotte. N c.
It Bept 2»e
By virtue of the power of saie con
tained in three deeds ol trust, as lollops.
One dated Nov IS, 1937, executed by R,
t! McKlnncv, widower, and recorded in
book 149. page 30; one dated Marcii a.
1930. executed b.v R. S McKinney ana
wile, Mamie McKinney, and recorded in
book 1M. page ill; one dated May 11
1931. executed by B E. McKinney ana
wii*. Mamie McKinney, and recorded In
book 171. page 09: all ot said deeds or
truat being executed to me as trustee,
and all su same being recorded in the
regtater a office of Cleveland county. N
C.. and detault having been made in the
payment ot the indebtedness thereby se
cured. I. as trustee, will sell for cash to
tha highest bidder at public auction ut
the court house door in the to«n oi
Shelby. N. C„ on
Monday. October .list, 190'!
at 13 o clock M the following described
real estate
Being a part of tbt J I* Putnam
property in Shelby, N. C., and known and
described as lota Nos 44 and 43, as
ahown on map of said property in plat
book 1. page Sg. In the register's office
of Cleveland county, N. C, and said lots
being lully described in deeds to R. K
McKinney, which are duly recorded In
the registers office of Cleveland county.
N C., and reference ts hereby had to
said plat and deeds for full description
by. metes and bounds.
Also those lota deeded to * B McKin
ney by J. I* Putnam end wife, bv deed
d*t*d September Is* )"33 and recorded in
book HI of deeds, page 4J« in tha office
of the register of deeds of nbvelatld
county, to which deed and tha raeord
theraof rsferance ts htrsby made tor full
description by mates and bounds of said
lota, tha same fronting >0 feat on Shan
non house litres t.
The ruregoing property will be sold
subject to any unpaid takes existing
sgainul seme Thu Sepiembr 7Stb 1932
e; Sept jg
Lets read less in the newspaper
about depression (the headlines arr|
frequently enough—and too much* 1
let’s talk less and do more. Let s
rice up and throw off the sack cloth
and ashes In which so many of u;
are sitting and look out and up—
think seriously and reason Intelli
No one realise* more than we do
that our industry has Indeed come
upon hard times but wc realize, too.
that our Industry is but a part of
the woof and fabric of the nation,
no part of which has escaped the
trving conditions through which we
have been passing. We have suf
fered and are suffering not more,
and perhaps less, than any other
industries and as a nation we arc
pa ring through a situation that is
not new and we are just as surely
likewise moving forward to that day,
and doubtless It is not a distant
day, when the wheels of industry
and commerce will turn with ever
Increasing rapidity, values will find
their true level—a day when indus
try will be seeking labor and not
labor industry, a day when pros
perity and success will conquer over
reverses and discouragement. We
know that such a condition will
come to pass for we know that “It
always has!"
More than one hundred years ago
Lord Byron tersely expressed the
wisdom of, perspective when he
wrote: “The best of prophets of the
future is the past,"
And so in these days of depres ^
sion we remind you that prosperity
will follow—"It always has'"
Poplar Springs News
Of Current Week
Mr. and Mr*. Bexoia Hamrick Have
New Son. Birthday Dinner
For Mr. Wallace.
'Spcclsl to Tha Star >
Poplar Springs, Oct. 3,—Mr. and
Mrs, Halua Moore and children of
the eastern part, of the stole visit
ed tn the community during the
■week end and attended the funer
al of Mr. Moore's grrndfather Mr.
W. A. Latttmore.
Born to Mr. and Mis Ber.ola
Hamrick at their home Scptembet
38 a 13 pound boy. Mother and baby
are doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Care Roberts and
children of Shelby visited th?)r
parents Mr. and Mrs. s. B Jones
during the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Barnett and
Mr. Floyd Queen of Salisbury, spent
Sunday with Mrs. B C. Queen and
Mr. and Mrs. Hill "hilbcek and
son spent the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. Hoyle Phllbeck of Latti
Relatives of Mr. John Wallace
gathered at his home Sunday and
surprised him with a birthday din
ner. It was a complete surprise for
Mr. Wallace, but he enjoyed the
hospitality. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. Std Jones and Annie Mae,
Mr. and Mrs. Dave. Lemons and
rai STKC s sals oi *eai. estate
Under and by virtue of the authority
remained m that certain deed of trust
executed bv ■ W Saunders and wile,
Ella Saundera, on May 1st, 1931. and re
corded In the register or deeds office for
Cleveland county. N. C. in book lSa. pas*
4*9 the same securing an indebtedness
end default having bean made in the
payment of aald Indebtedness, and being
requested by the holder of aald notes
evidencing the indebtedness to sell aald
property, I. R. W. Akin, substituted trus
tee, will on
rriday. October Stst, 1»M
at 13 o'clock noon or within lagat hours
at the court house door in Shelby. N. C
sell to the highest bidder for cash at
public auction that certain lot of land ly
ing m No s township Cleveland county.
N C and more particularly described as
Beginning as a suae on un west euge
of DoKalh strut at th* point ot tnter
eectlon with south edge of Hudson strut
snd runs thsncs with the west edge of
DeKelb street south 197 feet to a stake,
northeast corner of tot No. J7; thence
with the line of lot No 37 west 73 test
to a slake 3, K Well's southeast cor
ner. thence with Well's line north 197
feet to a stake on the south edge of Hud
son street, thence with the south edge of
Hudson street east 73 feet to the begin
ning. Sec book 4 O B**4 391 lor full de
This 30th dev of September. 1033
R W AKIN Substituted Truetee.
Joatph C Whtenant, Atty. «t Sept 31c
By virtue of a decree of the euperior
court of Cleveland county, N C. made
cm September 76, 1932 in the case of
■ Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank of Ra
leigh n corporation plaintiff vs Julius
E. Martin and wife, 8 O Martin, and
Marvin Elliott, defendants." t as com
missioner, will sell for cash to the high
est bidder at public auction at the court
house door in the town of Shelby. N. C
Monday. October SItt. 1993
»r 13 o clock M . the following described
reel estete:
All thet certain piece parcel or tract
of land lying and being in No. > town
ship. Cleveland county. N. C. adjoining
! lands of R J, Pendleton on the north
and east, lands of Mrs. Sallie Crowder
and Trcd Grigg on the east, lands of
Fred Grigg on the south, lands of Fred
Grigg and Christie Martin on the west,
snd described by metes and bounds as
Beginning on a stone on the weet edge
of Old wagon road, Sallie Crowder s cor
ner. and runs thence north A degrees
snd 43 minutes west I chains end 93 links
to a pine stump, thence north 31 degrees
west i chains and 43 links lo a stone,
thence north 79 degrtee and 30 minutes
rest 3 chains and 70 links to a stone, R
J Pendleton s corner, ihence with his
line north 19 degrees and 49 minutes
west 19 chatne and JO links to a stones
ft J Pendleton s corner thence with his
line north 94 degrees west t chains and
93 links to a stone; thence north 99 de
grees and 30 minutes west 9 chains and
39 link* to a stone in Christie Martin s
line: thence south 23 degrees and 30 min
utes west 13 chains and 36 links to a
stone in Christie Mertto s line; thence
with his line south 61 degrees and 49
minutes east 14 chains and 30 links to a
stone, thence south 50 degrees and 15
minutes west g chains and 13 links to a
poplar on south bank of branch, tbenee
south 7 degrees and 15 miaul*.' west 3
dittos and 70 links to e maple; thence
south 8 degrees end 30 minutes oast 7
ehstot and to links to a ethn* Pr«4
Grigg* corner, tflenee south 07 degrees
end 30 minutes eel* it chain* end 60
links to a stone, rred Griggs corner
thence north 30 degrees east 3 chains and
70 link* to a stone, thenee north 71 de
grees east 13 chains and *5 links to the
beginning, comsining (7 acres more or
less, as surveyed by A. M. Lovelace,
county surveyor.
This Kepiember 37th. 1932
J <• WH3SNANT rodtoufemn*)
Hyburn fc Hoc;, Aliys, * Sept 39c
Third Queen Helen
m,--—tmk... ,n
It's a great year for Helens. We
saw Helen Madison sweep the
swimming laurels at the Olympics;
Helen Jacobs do likewise in the na
tional tennis championships and
now here is Helen Fulton, of Chi
cago, with the trophy emblematie
of the girls’ national tennis title,
which she won by defeating Bonnie
Miller, of Loa Angeles, in the final
of the tourney at Philadelphia.
children, Bimes, Gladys and Selma,
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Lemons and
daughter, Mr. and Mr*. Colin Ed
wards and children. Grady. Harlin
and Haseleene, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Wallace and children, Evelyn, Iris,
Imogene and Loran, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Lemons and Addie Ray, Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Martin and .1. L„ Mr. and
; Mrs. Robt. Farris, Mr. « Mrs. Clyde
Wallace and children. Mr. and Mrs
Wont Wesson and children, Mr.
Leonard Ledford, Mr. Thomas Led
ford. They all enjoyed the day and
wished Mr. Wallace many more
happy birthdays.
Friends of Mr. Daner ^Wesson
were proud to sec him back at the
church Sunday afternoon. Mr. Wes
son is improving fast from a most
serious kidney trouble. Mr. and Mi s
Weldon Pruitt and daughter and
Mrs. Etta Glasco of Shelby visited
Mr. and Mrs. Wesson during the
week end,
Most everybody in this commun
i ity attended the fair some the p*.-.t
j week. Messrs. A. M. and Brossie
Hamrick had the misfortune of
having their pocketbooks stolen
while attending the fa*'
lAf. and Mrs. Cock-Wesson and
children were dinner guests Sun
day of Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Wes
son and family.
Hsvics this day qualified as Administra
trix‘bf the estate or J. Uranic Jenkins, de
ceased. this Is to notify all persons bav
ins claims against the estate of said de
ceased to exhibit them duly verified to
the undersigned st Shelby, N C , on or
beiore September 15th. 1933. or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of thalr recovery
All persons Indebted to eaid estate will
please make immediate payment.
tratrix of J Frank Jenkins, deceaaed
Robert L. Ryburn, Atiy. 6t Sept He
Under and by virtue of the authority
contained in a certain deed ot trust eae
cuted to secure an indebtedness to the
South Shelby Building and Loan associa
tion which deed ef trust la of record in
book 153 at page the office- ot the
register of deeds of Cleveland county, the
undersigned trusoee will on the 39th day
of October, 1932 at 3 o clock P. M at
the court house sell to the highest bidder
for eaah the following deeeribed reel es
« ymi w uic n. v»i»y v- oa
lying m the western ptrt ol the town of
Bheloy, N. C on an alley on the north
ern aide of highway No,' 30, and more
particularly described a< follows:
Beginning at a stake, Rush Padgett s
present northeast corner: thence north
3 east 90 feet to a stake, a hew division
line: thence south 17.79 west 105.1 feet
to a new corner in the Wilson and Co*
line, thence south l 1-3 west 50 feet to
a stake, Padgett's old corner In Wilson's
line: thence north 97 75 east 195,1 feet
to the place of hegtnsung. Same being
that lot of land conveyed to Rush Pad
gett and wife. Carrie Padgett by deed re
corded in book 3-W at page 617 in the
office of the register of deeds df Cleve
land county, fdorth Carolina, reference
to which is hereby had
This 28th day of September 1932
Weathers & Kennedy, At.ty.9-. 4t 8ep 28c
Under authority conferred by deed ot
trust executed by Jaek Palmer and wife,
Perris Palmer to J. 1„ Buttle trustee
dated the 3«th day of June, 1931. and
recorded in the registry of Cleveland
county, North Carolina, in book 170 at
page 312, default having been made of
tha payment of the Indebtedness secured
by the aforesaid deed of trust and the
holder of same having requested said
deed Of trust be foreclosed, the said
trustee will offer for sale at the court
house door In Shelby, Cleveland county
North Carolina at 13 o'clock M. on
Thursday, October 13th. 195!
at public auetton to the highest bidder
for cash the following described prop
Being Joined on the north by Carlos
B. Grigg. on the east by Belvedere Ave
nue, on the south by Bast Warren street
and on the west by the Shelby Rtdtng
club and Wm Lineberger and being a
part of the property conveyed to Jaek
Palmer by deed of record in book 3-Q
at page 1(3. 3-R at paga 145. and 3-W
at page 413 and being described by metes
and bounds as follows:
Beginning at an iron stake at the In
tersection of the north line of Bast War
ren street, formerly known as a Private
Drlre, with west side of Belvedere Ave
nue and runs thence with west edge of
said Belvedere avenue northly 293 feet
to an Iron stake on west edge of Belve
dere avenue, thence south 13-30 west 300
feet to an Iron stake, on line between
Nos. • and 13. thee# south 5 east 35 6-10
feet to an iron stake, comet lots 7 and
ll and 13; thence south 4 west 142 fee'
to an Iron stake earner of lots 0 and 10
thence south 29-33 feet east TOO fedt to
an iron s'ake on the north edge of *e»!
Warren etreet: hence north 47 east along
side Best Warren street 309.1 !*et to the
place of beginning, the same being the
property of a-hlch Is now located the
home of Jack Palmer.
This property Is sold subject to a deed
of trust to the Pilot Life Insurance Co
and also subject to city and county takes
This the #tiv day of September. 1932.
J. 1, BUTTLE, Trustee
D. Z NPuton, Ait), 4t ijept itr
Answers To Star’s j
Question Box
On Page One
Below are the answers to the test
questions printed on page one,
I. 1924.
3. It has none
3. General Pershing.
4. Patrlcis.
5. Columbia University, New York
6. Damascus.
7. Switzerland.
8. Juan Bcrmudei the discoverer.
9. Tomorrow.
10. Thirty-live.
II. Japan.
12. Prof. W. C Roentgen, of Ger
13. Montana.
14. William Jenning? Bryan
15. South Africa.
18. Aphrodite
17. united States.
18. A man.
19. a road made of logs laid
20. Fujiyama,
So cancelation mult depend on!
disarmament? In other worda, if a
man won’t keep one promise, let
him square matters by making an
other.—Harriaburg New*.
It appears now that the most seri
ous mistake of both Republican and
Democratic national convention*
was not promising to raise the price
of hogs.—Virginian-Pilot.
Under the power and authority con
Mined in thet certain deed o( truet dated
June 34, 1131, nude by B. C. Houser end
wile, Alice Houeer, to Frtend W. Oleason,
trustee, eeme being recorded in the of
fice of the register of deeds for Cleve
land county, N. C., in book lit et pegs
31. securing en indebtedness to the Pen
Amenctn Life lnsurence eompeny of
New Orleans, La , end deteutt hsving
been mode in the peyment Of tho eeid
Indebtedness end having been celled upon
to execute the trust, I, es trustee, will
etll for ceeh to the highest bidder et
public suction et the court bouts door
In Shelby. H, C. on
Thursday, October IS, ISM
et 13 M. the following described reel e»
Being thet certain lot or parcel of land
lying end being In the northweeurn por
tion of the city of Shelby, Ho, t town
ship, Cleveland county, V. C. with metes
end bounds es follows:
Beginning et en Iron stake, corner oi
Masonic lodge property on the west side
of North Morgen street, end runs thence
with property belonging to Masonic lodge
N S5-30 W. 300 feet to e »teke; thence
B 4-30 W. SO feet to e stake, Corner oi
another iot belonging to B C Houser,
the latter point being the N. W. corner
of his lot; thence with ltne of B. C
Houser, the seme being line of his cor
ner lot on the north side. 8 IS-30 s
300 feet to a slake en the TV. aide of N.
Morgan street; thence with North Mor
gan Bt. N. 4-30 E. SO feel to point Of
The same being a pert of thet lend
willed to B C Houser by his wife, said
will being of record in the office of the
clerk of the superior court of Cleveland
county, N. C, in boojt of wills Ho. 4, at
page MS end MS, reference thereto be
ing hereby made. Also being part of that
lot deeded Martha E. Gldrtey by R. L.
Ryburn. commissioner, of date August
3*. 1M0, said deed being recorded in of
fice of register of deeds for Cleveland
county, N. C. In book Z at page 19.
Said salt being made subject to any
end' ell taxes end liens.
This the 13th day of September, 1332
Henry 8. Edwards. Atty, 4t Sept lit
Unde- and by virtue of the euihonty
contained in a certain order of the Su
perior court of Cleveland county. North
Carolina, made in special proceedings
No. 1933 and No 1S39, the undersigned
will as commissioner appointed by the
court offer for sale at public auotlOn for
cash on
Saturday, October 13th, 1983.
et 13 Noon, on the ptemtaes, th« follow
ing described tract of lend, ettueted in
NO. 7 township, Cleveland county, and
beginning at a hickory atump, Tom Ced
aniss' corner, end runs thence with Wil
bur Simmons line south 4 west 73t feet
to a stake, Blmmong corner; thence eouth
7 east 416 feet to a stake, crossing the
road: thence south go degrees and OS
minutes west 516 feet to a stake; thence
south $7 degrees end 20 minutes west
113 feet to a stake in the old ltne. P. H
Bridges corner; thence north 4 degrees
end 45 minuses east 433 feet to a stake.
Brackatt's line north 6g degrees end 46
minutes east «vu isei 10 a stsae a; me
edge of the road; thence north 7*1k east
110* leet to a stake, W p. Htvklns cor
ner; thence north » eaat Ii7 feet to a
stake on the bank of the orttk; theme
with the creek ea It meander* south Si
eaat 174 feet to a stake; thence south
7S'/a eaat i»S leet to a stake In the
creek; thence south 3» eaat 10* feet to a
stake m tha eraak; thence south *i de
grees and OS minutes 401 feat to the be
ginning corner, containing SS acres, more
or leas Tha asms being that tract al
lotted to Mary Lillie Cabuteaa as dower
In tha lands of tha late E. E, Cablness.
The above salt will ha had on the
premises near Double Spring* church or
Washburn's Switch. And said land will
be first offered tn two separate tracts
one on each side of the road, and will
\th*n be offered as a whole. A deposit of
ten (fOi per cent of the amount bid will
be required on data of sale
This the lSth day of September, mi.
PEYTON McSWAXN, Commissioner.
D. Z. Newton, Atty. 4t Sept 14c
Southern Railway
Bargain Fares
Baptist Sunday School Pic
nic Excursion, Saturday,
October, 8th, 1932, To
Schedule and round trip
Lv. Grover. N. C. 7.30 am $1.00
Lv. Kings Mt, N. C 7 45 am $1.00
Lv. Bessemer City 7:55 am $1.00
Lv. Gastonia, N C„ 8:10 am $1.00
Lv. Lowell. N. C. 8:20 am $100
Lv. Cramerton, N. C. 8:25 $1.00
Lv. Belmont. N. C. 8:30 am $1.00
Lv. Charlotte, N. C. 3:45 am $1.00
Lv. Concord. N. C. 9115 am 75c
Lv. Kannapolis. 9:25 am 75c
Ar. Thomasvills. N. C. 10:35 a. m
Returning apeeial train leave?
Thomasvtllt, N, C.. 4:15 p m
same day.
A fine opportunity for a day's
outing and visit to Mills Home.
For further information call
on ticket agents.
A two per cent discount will be given on city taxe;
paid between now and October 31st.
During the month of November those who pay
their 1S32 taxes will be given a one per cent discount,
Following that, all taxes will be net with a penalty
to be added early next year, notice of w-hich will appeal
By order of the Board of Aldermen.
523 South L&F&yette St.,
Phone 497
Charlotte, N. C.
Including: 7 Hours Cruise Beautiful Chesapeake Bay
and Visit Historic Yorktown.
Round Trip Fare From
Tickets on sale going Saturday, October Rth. Finai
limit October 11th, 1932.
7 Hours Cruise on Chesapeake Steamship Sunday,
October 9th. Steamer leaves Pinners Point 9:00 a. m..
Sunday, Oct. 9th. Returning 4:00 p . m. same day. Round
trip fare includes cruise on Chesapeake Bay. Don't
miss this fine opportunity to enjoy the salt sea breezes,
jailing on the palatial Chesapeake Line Steamer. . .
A new type of rail and water outing offered by fcht
Southern Railway System with the opportunity of visit
ing the seashore resorts around Norfolk, seeing Hamp
ton Roads and many other historic points on Chesapeake
Lunch on Steamer enroute at reasonable prices. Aci
commodations on steamer are limited.
For tickets, schedules and pullman reservations, Con
sult Ticket Agents,
IT’S easy to assume that “everything will
be all right,” and though that is a com*
fortable philosophy it is apt to lead to dis
astrous consequences where the disposal
of your estate is concerned. Don't leave
this important matter to chance and the
kindly, though possibly misdirected offices
of some friend.
Provide for the Comfort of Your
Family with a Sound Trust Fund.
We arc Competent to Advise You.
■ - - -- - - -.
ATE V0B>ert,ltiT< V0^***"11**
Save a part of your earnings each
month or week.
Financial Independence is attained
by adding to your savings at regular per
Let us start you in the saving habit.
Shelby & Cleveland County
Building And Loan Association
R. T. LeGRAND, President.
JNO. P. MULL, Sec. & Treas.

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