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Brunswick County Board of Health
mcTthcrc ctonrw?H ehnrf nf pnHnrcino
a specific nursing home for the county
Monday night, but unanimously
recommended that when such a
facility is built that it be located in
the Supply area rather than a more
southerly "growth loop".
Across the county complex in the
administration building, Brunswick
County commissioners told representatives
of Britthaven Inc. they didn't
feel qualified to recommend a
specific nursing home project based
on the information available to them.
Britthaven is one of six firms ap
plying for a certificate to build up to
100 nut sing home beds in the county.
Volume 23. Number S
/._ .
_ V
' :
r ^
r" ^
x ?.
New Year'
Although he arrived two days after
Nichols wns the county's first baby i
pound, three-ounce baby boy was boi
Brunswick Hospital in Supply. Jer
Nichols of Long Beach. They have a s
was due on Dec. 27, Nancy said she ?
her husband was hoping for a 1984 U
baby was delivered by Dr. Kobert It
Action taken by the Sunset Beach
Planning Board Friday night will
make way for a multi-million dollar
conoominium, restaurant and
marina development on a tract of
land at Seaside
lV?floprufBO pmrclH a map
(booing br o?n? a poruoo of the
Wad sHecird by tbf mtag rhangr
Ta>i?r (aid be au threatened to the
parting lot alter (prating agatnit
Ok taaiag change
-M. w P? Mr-r. ? 41*. aa I a fi? Wa. -m.n~ -*W
h Board Sugg
Representatives Cathy Matthews
and Glenn Potter pressed commissioners
to reach some position on the
proposals, but to no avail.
Both the commissioners and board
of health, meanwhile, bore the brunt
Monday of complaints about relocation
of a Jan. 16 public hearing on the
nursing home proposals from Bolivia
to Southport. There were
charges?apparently unfounded?that
the change was a
deliberate effort to boost a proposal
to expand Ocean Trails Convalescence
Center at the expense of
other located in the Bolivia to
Shallotte corridor by making the
meeting less accessible.
Unanimous Vote
) Shi
*r \
...... "2^ _
V - "* ^
-V 'As
/\v ,
sun fwotoiT TIMY ron
s Baby Born
19S5 officially began. Jeremy Eugene
lellvered for the new year. The sevenm
Thursday. Jan. 3, at 1:20 p.m. at the
rill J B [NilCUIB ill r ncvul ilUU S illHt
econd child, Jason, 5. Although Jeremy
as hoping (or a New Year's baby while
aby in time lor "a tax deduction." The
3r Plans Mu
Howes-er, debate stemming from
the proposed zoning change led to
arguments in the parking lot of the
town hall during a public hearing Friday
By unanimous vote, planning
board members will recommend to
the tewn council that an area zoned
residential i mobile homes) be changed
to commercial (mainland
business l to allow construction of the
' estimated $12 million investment Ed
I CxCT? ******" the CfllV ivu"y^t emimKor tri
attend the public bearing, making
another hearing on the matter
necessary before the council votes on
the zoning change.
rWm /Uywlnew urKrt an isrvtirvi
on a norfnm of th#? lurwl thai
mooed asked that his segment re
mam toned for mobile homes. After
leading the dehatr agamyt the
change. William Taylor of Til
Development Inc. came back into the
town hall and asked that someone
call the police saying. "That man b
threatening me outside "
Taj iot wj tie would not lea ve the
W. .*1^? WW ?*W S?t I k ? ? ? ? - -i k I *4
T.,?w Uwwaw^. TV.n tl.^u U
?v?u fcv* <?s^0*.v .na:uii mk,
Uk telephones in the town hall hac
been disconnected and walked witi
Ta>lcf Jo his car.
At a Dec. It planning boart
lumu^, Sumui Cvtic 'J* CwJm
[V. r icpsnmts in Seaside requester
the tnnu^ change for the 2S acre:
rvsjuiAJueci^Mrac i
ests Supply L<
After its two-hour discussion, the
health board also voted to recorrv
mend to Cardinal Health Systems
Agency that it consider applicants'
responses to four of five goal
statements developed by the health
The goal statement excluded was
No. 4, which said that "based on
future population growth projections,
most patients, families, volunteers
and nursing home advisory members
would benefit by a nursing home
located in the loop formed between
Shallotte and Lockwood Folly."
Beverly Enterprises of Rockville,
Md., is the only firm that proposes to
build in the Supply area, while three
companies, Health Care anu ItcliicINSW
ailotte, North Carolina, Tl
Brunswick County Commissioners
tightened the reins on county
employees Monday night in a series
of moves members said would increase
They placed specific restrictions
on employees and returned all administrative
duties to the county
manager, while returning Assistaiit
County Manager John Harvey to fulltime
duties as planning director.
"Thif. board of commissioners is
running Brunswick County and not
individuals," Chairman Chris Chappell
said after the meeting adjourned.
"Thla the start of a number o(
policies originating from this board. I
mink you will are a lot more changes.
We're setting policies we feel the people
of Brunswick County (expect)".
He warned some mistakes may be
made as the recently-seaied board
makes its moves.
Beard members approved the
scries of four motions by unanimous
votes following a two-hour meeting
behind closed doors. None of the
policies tiad been discussed publicly
beforehand, but there had been indications
that changes were forthcoming.
Greater control of and accountability
by county government had
been a recurring theme during the
1984 commissioners' campaign.
Specifically the board:
Directed Carter to order department
heads to begin keeping
employee time records, keeping
track of what employees do and
when The time sheets will be submitIti-Million
abutting the Intracoastal Waterway
and KPR 1162 in Seaside. Cooke, who
holds an option on the land owned by
Joe Brooks Sr. and Joe Brooks Jr.,
said the 3a0-foc( section of waterfront
property would be developed with a
new restaurant condominium, tennis
courts, swimming pool, marina
and docking facilities.
An amended map of the proposed
area was presented Friday night to
show that of the 24 acres a 193-foot
ifTtlCT !f ''wwl hv Tavlnr vrhn
recently purchased an option on the
land. Board member Mary Allen
i made a motion to recommend that
only the area held by Cooke be changta
VXD 1 kA.-U ??-W?
Knnrri WcCall amended the motion
to include Taylor's property as well
James F. Howard, the Brooks
family accountant from Southnort
told the board there is a contract
ready to sign for $1 million on the property,
awaiting approval from the
l town to have the area rezoned to
; "The amount or money to be spent
t in this area sill be ir, cscess of 110
I million." Howard said. "What you
I have there now is a run dawn oyster
i house and a fish house that is caving
I "There is really only one question
aa 1 5CT it Siiiititiug has ?v! tc he
I done ui order to raise revenue for the
l Brooks family." he added "Would
i %
Dcation For N
ment Corp. of America, Autumn
Corp. and Britthaven, propose to
build in or just outside the Shallotte
town limits?in the described growth
loop. One other applicant would ex
paiiu an exisung oouuipon laciiliy,
while the sixth would build near
Chairman John Madison said the
health board's intent was not to endorse
a single facility, though he added
that he could understand how
some people might interpret the
board's vote "in that direction".
He said the board simply wants
Cardinal to consider all these factors
in reaching its recommendation to
the N.C. Division of Facility Serrr|.-..-_
?M -u ?r?n fVii- fir.S1.
? _ -? _ llffiUJ
lursday, January 10, 191
js In Pen
ted to the clerk to the board monthly
for review by commissioners and
must be available at all times for
commissioners to inspect. Most
departments already keep some
form of time records.
Directed that all county
employees must be residents of the
county or must move their residence
to the county within 60 days, contingent
upon approval of the State
Personnel Commission. There is a
nuMiinn ax in wtteu>er >i*?- wussiy can
make residency a condition of
employment after the fact.
Instructed Personnel Teclmican
Debbie Greer to develop o Job
description for water system direc??*
uiith colnrv orarin on/1 rocrvrn.
vw , ?v. ? . - j i o" ?*
sibilities, referencing the position ol
water plant supervisor presently
held by Kenneth Hewett. Chappell
said the board intends to make
Hrweii tiiic-ivuT vf the he
presently is part of the public- utilities
department under County ling meet
Dan Shields.
Told Carter of their plans to meel
individually with department heads
Jan. 23, beginning at 1 pm after
lunch. Appointments will be set ont
hour apart but commissioners saic
they would meet "as Song as it may
take" to discuss county operations.
When items relating to his or hei
department are on the board's agen
da, the department head is to be pre
sent to address that item.
During open session, Cartel
distributed copies of his tentativi
schedule during January, includinf
out-of-county trips. Commissioner:
vestment A
you rather see an eight-acre mobile
home Dark there?"
Taylor asked the board to delay th<
zoning change until more specif i<
plans of the development ii
presented to the board. However
Mason Anderson, an attorney ant
resident of Sunset Beach, informet
the town that such action was illegal
Pointing cut in the state statute;
book, Anderson had planning boari
Chairman Jiin Gordon read a sectia
nl the law Anderson said it wa
"time to set the record straight
hate to sit here and see this It':
ridiculous. You cannot sit here am
pass a zoning change based on who
the plans are tor the area "
When Taylor asked Anderson i
"he was hired to be here," Andersa
replied. "No, sir."
Taylor purchased an option or tin
tract of land in the center of the are
a5ec*ed by the zoning change
"What happened there is I didn'
own that piece of property," said Jo
Brwiu Sr. One uc luy umo a uwtsr.
it, cad Mr Taytor r-am+ in aruj or
the ooti-rfi It's not anvthinf but hi
comes in Ibere, works in there to
in, aad try to prevent us from wha
we're trying to do "
Cooke said he had a verbal agrer
rr^rr^ x th? <wn*r? t
get appraisals before signing an of
tkm. The developer presented plan
lew Nursina h
sion on what nursing home or homes
builds in the county.
"They can consider them better
than .ie can, realizing we aren't experts.
We identified five goals we
thought would benefit the people of
Brunswick County, location happened
to be in that.
"We felt we were not in a position
to evaluate all the information we
Applicants scored 0 to 8 points per
goal statement based on how well
their responses conformed to the objectives.
with each objective ranked
the same.
two companies, Autumn Care and
Britthaven, garnered the most
points, regardless of whether
35 25c Per Cc
Ship Wit
sonnei P<
"We're trying to look under
the rug to see if any dirt's
been swept under it."
?Chris Chappell
agreed the schedule was a good idea
and asked (or it to be continued in the
"There's one thing the press and
wuuui. HI.) HI ate. IU".LUn.'? i."
discussing the board's actions after
die meeting. "You're going to see
probably the most conservative
board?not Jesse Helms conservative,
but conservative...."
He said the board's actions were
not a sign of any distrust of county
employees, but a matter of greater
I accountability to the public.
, "I think we just want to tighten
. shin a iiitie, saiu Cornnussioner
; Ore'v Beasley. "We want more
knowledge of operations That's iust
good business policy."
; Chappell agreed, adding, "We're
i trying Lu iw* under the rug to see if
any dirt's been swept under it."
I Harvey began compiling a list
Tuesday of administrative items that
wouid be turned over to Carter, including
day-to-day contact with the
landfill department, water system
iand acquisitions and handling of the
recovery' of disaster assistance funds
r due to the county following Hur:
ricane Diana.
; Much ot his attention during Uie
s coming year will be turned on upSeaside
- for the project at the board's Dec. 11
' "The following day, we learned
: Mr. Taylor obtained the land through
> an option." Cooke said.
When asked if he wanted his seci
tion t/i remain 'Ofied for nv<hjk
1 homes, Taylor rtplied, "I want all
I See ARF1A, Page t-A)
\Wl 1
* m
n J * M
-MB' * * -mat
L ^ JSt
t * _. /^a^r ^BaMBfol
HOWARD of Vjutbjwrt, Ks
coonUnt for Joe Broofca Sr.. Utd the
n Mril 1110 miulaa dr>rkoot Bl ??3
>- be bull! oa U>e land If the zoelec
B change* are approved.
responses to No. 4 were considered,
with Health Care and Retirement
Corp. of America rated third.
The other goal statements addressed
type and number of beds proposed,
priorities of admission for county
residents, accessibility to the waiting
list and ine degree to wliich the facility's
atmosphere would be like that of
a residential home or a medical institution.
Absent from the health meeting
were Commissioner Frankie Aabc:i,
who attended the commissioners'
meeting going on at the same time,
; BINDERY ... |
K-;/31/99 # ?
>py 20 Pages J
dating the cuuuty's land use plan required
under the Coastal Area
Management Act and getting a
building inspections program begun.
The program will be an arm of the
planning department. Continuing
work with long-range planning for
solid waste disposal will continue to
be his responsibility, though Carter is
taking an active role in discussions
involving a possible joint incineration
project with one or more eounHarvey
was named "second in
command" in the county chain of
command March 20, 1981, and was
named assistant county manager
Keb. 11,1S62, retaining his duties as
planning director.
In June 1964 Carter recommended
me ooara aiviac aunuriisirauve
responsibilities between the two
men, placing 11 departments under
llarvey, and hiring a full-time planning
director because of the load on
Vjoi ri?psrtni?nt Thg board rejected
that idea and maintained the statu*
llarvey wiii continue ct w?c muiv
salary step and pay.
Snake Ran Up
Water Bill, Says
Sunset Beach property owner M B.
iladley of Columbia, S.C. got bit by a
snake in November. But the viper's
tangs never tOtiCncu lib skin, and the
venom was as harmless as water.
It seems the misery began when
Hadley received a November water
bill from the Town of Sunset Beach to
the tune of (111.12. That was quite a
bit higher than the normal (8 per
month minimum. And since his 3)st
Street house had been unoccupied
during November, Hadley set out
from Columbia for Sunset.
Once inside iiis house, Hadley Immediately
discovered the problem ?
a leaking toilet ? or a? least, so he
Upon removing the buck of the
toilet, he recoiled at the sight of a
snake in the basin. Hadley told town
officials the snake had apparently
made its vrav past a screen at the end
of the pipe, and proceeded to set up
| shop in the back of his toilet by
> displacing the rubber stopper inside,
| thereby creating the leak.
In i !?! ? to memhers of town
I council, Hadley explained his dilernI
ma, noting that he had enclosed the
$8 minimum, and requesting that the
i Daij[H.x be oujubU1 by council
| because of the circumstances involved.
1 WKiU lh? mutlrr rfrrivwl several
I minutes o< discussion, council flatly
I relerted the request, with one court
cuman noting that the problem had
sccansi sa llatSey's side of the
water meter and another suiyjeitms;
[ that tie incident never took place
Mentors of council were uncertain
an to what species of reptile may
have made its way Into the HadJey
heme, but wjffnHfr ??i/f Hs ?r??
sure ll must have sheen a water
- - -f, T <w . * <: ~ ?: ' - e *.

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