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Shailottc- officials are backing a
Rocky Mount company's efforts to
build a 110-bed nursing home within
the town limits.
They endorsed Autumn Care
Corp.'s plans Wednesday night and
also resolved a zoning question involving
one of two possible sites for
the home.
Autumn Care Corp. of Rocky
Mount is one of six companies competing
for state approval to build a
nursing home in Brunswick County.
While two firms have said they would
build in the Shallotte area, Autumn
P tV. 1 *?_
nun van; uuoiu a cnuuiacnibiu
because it is the only one of the six
uiai pi opuses to build Within the
Shallotte city limits.
The other firms interested in the
Shallotte area are Health Care and
Retirement Corp. of America, and
Britthaven Inc. which ims sn option
on property one-half mile outside the
town on Holden Beach Road.
Aldermen pledged their support
and agreed to send a delegation to an
upcoming public hearing to speak on
Inuiuimi v_ ciic i? ueiiaii auer iieanng a
presentation from Douglas Suddreth,
.. V? HU -e. nlnnnnp tuhimn
" ' VU'M' IV.
Nursing H
A Jan. 16 public hearing on proposals
to provide 100 long term nursing
home beds in Brunswick County
will be held in Southport rather than
in Bolivia.
Craig Smith, health systems
anaylyst for project review with Cardinal
Health Systems Agency of
l.nmberton. said Thursday that the
hearing will begin at 1 p.m. in the second
floor meeting room of Southport
City Hall, the old county courthouse.
Will Hear Br
A representative of Britthaven
Inc.. of Hookerton was to meet
Thursday with Shaliottc Mayor
Beamon Hcweti lo review thai company's
proposal to build a nursing
I home outside the town.
Glenn Potter was the spokesman
scheduler! lo meet Hewett at 4 p.m.
Potter and another BriHiiavc-n
employee. Cathy Matthews, told
Brunswick County commissioners
Monday night that they intend to seek
annexation by the town if their pro|
posai is approved.
I tlln?la* I ? 1 --1-. pi?11 .?
???oi T ivuiicaua) uigiii, oilillliHic
aldermen endorsed Autumn Care
Cor" , with the undersi^nriintf it was
the only one of the six applicants that
proposed to build inside the Isvn.
Two applicants had said they would
Other E
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L)r Kugene Waliin and Thomas Dixie.
Other Business
In a related matter, the board asked
iitdlui Ditevtot Torn Blum to find
out if the public assembly building at
the county complex would be
available for the Jan. !6 hearing
slated by Cardinal to liear proposals
from the six nursing home applicants.
The meeting, originally planned in
the Bolivia area, was relocated to 1
p.m. at Southport City ilail when it
was learned the complex was booked
and that a fee would be charged to
use Bolivia School Chris Chappell,
hoarH ft/ riommlccinruiee /.koi?o.,r
said Monday the assembly building
was now available, but by then
notices on the I waring had already
> *? m
nun ivoa
14 Wide 3 BR.
a ai r.
uniy A !STY?
? ..
Call Tommie
I ^ #
Ilotte Board
Care.and administrator of Autumn
Care of Drexel.
"Community support will be a
strong determining factor," Suddreth
said as he urged the board to
mobilize local support for the project.
"If Shallotte wants it in
Shallotte, Shallotte has got to go up
there and say it That may make it
too political, but that's a fact of life.
"From what we hear," Suddreth
continued, "all the suppott is coining
from Supply. Supply's got
themselves organized. The hospital's
been doing some organizing," a
reference to the Brunswick Hospital
governing board's endorsement of
Beverly Enterprises proposai iu
build a nursing home and senior
villas complex adjacent tc the
hospital in Supply. An group nf about
20 citizens told county commissioners
at a recent meeting they want
the nursing home located near the
Suddreth said Autumn Care wants
to build in Shallotte because it is the
hub of the Lockwood Folly-ShallotteWaccamaw
area where most of the
county's growing elderly population
is iocaied.
According to the 1980 census, he
said, -to perront of county residents
!ory|p l-lQ^rinn
ii it.> i iwvji ivj
The change of location was a matter
of logistics and cost, he said,
noting that the county health department
handled the arrangements. The
public assembly building at the county
complex was not available on that
date. To use Bolivia Elementary
School as first planned would have invcSvcd
paysiient of ho hourly fc*,
while there is no charge for use of the
Southport facility.
Also, members of the evaluation
committee that will conduct the hearitthaven
build "near" the town if approved.
Urittliaven is seeking state approval
to build a KiG-bed combination
nursing anu rest honte on N.C. ISO
just suuih of shnllotle at an
estimated cost of $2.08 million, The
project would include retirement
apartments and a cluipcl.
I If approved, Ms. Matthews said the
i firm would want the site annexed so
that the facility could tap on to the
town water and sewer systems.
Thursday will be the first time a
company spokesman has met with
anyone from the town, Ilcwctt said
Autumn's proposed project would
be located in town, will: an estimated
project cost of $1 79 nullion.
gone out to Cardinal hoard members
and inedm in a 15-county area.
Health board members also
directed the environmental health
staff to draft local private well
legislation, choosing a "barebones"
approach of two alternatives
orf'tii'flii'fl Thf nrdinanra '<!
dress construction standards, site
location standards and permitting
procedures After approving it, the
health board will recommend the ordinance
to county commissioners for
their adoption.
Slate law allows counties to adopt a
local ordinance regulating well
placement, but this county has never
done so.
Further discussion of a nome
nrailii cafe issued brought up at the
board's November meeting was tabled
for the present
B3HP ZJ ? -www,
Shollotte C
located Across
:hiibHIUI*n 11 | n i J
Endorses In
aye S5 and nldpr livpH in fhic a*-ao.
estimates that figure may have increased
to 50 percent.
Mayor Beamon Hewett spoke for
the board when lie told Suddreth, "I
totally agree with what you say. It
should be in Shallotte."
Autumn Care proposes to build a
33,000 square foot facility on one of
two Shallotte sites on which it holds
options. One at the corners of
Mu'ferry and White streets iies completely
within the town limits, the
other on River Road lips almost entirely
outside town limits. Both are
eligible for town sewer and water
service, a factor Suddreth said was
Autumn Care would build 50 skilled
nursing beds, 50 intermediate care
beds and 10 home for the aged (rest
homel beds in a "state-of-the art"
$17.5 million facility In the shape of a
innkoH ivhnnl .Vlunnnrf,,,
common areas would be boused in
the center, with bed wings extending
from the side.
It would have an estimated payroll
of $40,000 every two weeks, Suddreth
said, and would hire the equivalent of
70 to SO full-time c!!ip!oyiM>s c** 2s
many as 100 to 110 full- and part-time
workers. Training would be coorPplrv~n+or!
I X Vtf \y vvt x> w
ing come from across the agency's
15-county service area. Smith said
die meeting needed to be held where
members could obtain meals and
possibly lodging.
He estimated the meeting could
last until 9 p.m. or later. The committee
is scheduled to complete its
-eview of the proposals that night
and possibly make a recommendation
to Cardinal's board of directors.
Cardinal is the health planning
agency for 15 southeastern North
Carolina counties. The conunittee's
recommendation can be either supported
or overturned by the full
board of directors, which meets Jan.
in i .vtniwvi iu!? iu ttui on inc
Brunswick County nursing home proposals.
In either case, the board's
recommendation is forwarded to the
*_ L! _L I iL. tl I -J ?
>*JSiV. wuii-ii iiimm:.- use tnuii unihiini
on what firm or firms receive a certificate
of need.
A slate moratorium on nursing
home construction llftoil on July
sparked a flood of applications to the
N.C. Division of Facility Services for
certificates of need.
At present six companies are seeking
approval of Brunswick County
projects thai ranee frnin exnansion
of an existing facility to an extended
retirement community:
Triad Medical Services wants to
expand its existing lOft-bed Ocean
Trails Convalescent Center in
Southporl, the county's only nursing
home, by adding to skilled and 16 intermediate
care beds.
Britthaven Inc of Hookcrton,
N.C., wants to build a 130-bcd facility
on six acres just outside Shallotte on
N.C. 130, including 70 skilled, 30 intermediate
and 30 rest tioiiu- beds. It
would offer respite care and longrange
plans include retirement
apartments and an adult day activity
Autumn Care Corp. of Rocky
Mount, N.C., wants to build 00 skillo/j
Jjfi |fitvr!!l?d!:it" nrtj np^l IA r??of
home foe<ls on either of two locatioas
inside .Shallotte town limits, with the
option of providing day care and
respite service if interest warrants
Health Care and Retirement
Corp. of America proposes to build
100 skilled and intermediate and .10
rest home beds somewhere in the
Shallotte area
Beverly Enterprises of llockville,
Md . proposes to provide 50 skilled
and 50 intermediate care beds on a
tract it has optioned adjoining
Brunswick Hospital, using the
hospital's water and sewer systems.
The nursing home would be part of a
, Hwy. 17 N. M
- :inmi
^ / O rl lti JL m
From Ruts Ford ^
bnaan paau WBHBI {wwwn vw^mr
fltX? II ^Vi [i f JKVi . LJiI*< Ml11 A'K* B
i-Town Nurs
dinated with Brunswick Technical ]
College, he indicated. <
Autumn Care has 10 nursing j
homes, six in North Carolina and four
in thp tiHpwflt?*r enrtinn r*f Vlrainia
White Investments, in which R.D.
(Deedy) White III is a principal,
owns both tracts optioned by Autumn
In December the Shallotte Planning
Board recommended to the town
the a portion of the Mulberry Street
tract?which town officials thought
wnc zoned R-10 ' residential^ be
rezoned commercial, but only if the
nursing home was to be built there.
But Mayor Hewett, checking with
iuwii aumiiey mason Anderson,
found that couldn't be done-and he
also found out it didn't need to be
While the town cannot zone by contract?for
a specitic type of
development?it turns out that according
to a zoning map adopted earlier
by the town board, the area in question
was already zoned commercial.
Previously, at the planning board's
recommendation the town had decided
to zone a 200-foot area on each side
of 'hii' section Mulberry St**eet
commercial in recognition of the
mixed development along the street.
^ns i+hnAri
"continuum of care" concept that
aiso includes 32 senior apartments
with residential or home health care
and respite care.
The Brunswick Group and
Unifour Medical Management Inc. of
Hickory propose a joint continuouscare
venture on 20 to 40 acres along
U.S. 17 in the Bolivia -Shallotte area.
The project would combine a
Unifour-operated nursing center
composed of 44 skilled or intermediate
care beds and 40 rest
home beds with u complete retirement
community tentatively called
Cypress Springs that would ultimately
offer apartments, cottages or
villas for another 150 persons.
Cardinal could recommend issuance
of either one or two certificates
of need. If Ocean Trail is
recommended then Cypress
could be also and vice versa, since
together they propose to build no
more than loo long term (skilled or
Intermediate) care beda ihit In uH
other instances, only one applicant
could be favored because each propases
to build the full quota of nursing
home beds.
The slate has identified a need for
100 lonuterm nursing beds in
Brunswick County and will issue a
rertificate of need to one or two companies
to provide those beds. Without
the certificate o nursing home cannot
lie licensed and cannot qualify for
Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.
At the public hearing time will la?
allotted to hear proposals from each
of the firms and also to hear those
speaking on behalf of a specific proposal
and from the public at large,
Smith indicated.
After the hearing the evaluation
committee will move into its review
session. The agency's staff will present
its analysis of the projects and a
recommendation "most likely favoring
one home," said Smith.
f'/ ntfniiion rr?/?r>tu.e? til Hoi In
tn.ititn.i nut
question the staff and both stHff and
the committee can ask questions of
the applicants and the public.
| 'B
I ?l?
1 w
>ing Home P
But when the map was drawn, a A
100-foot swath on each side of the adv
street was colored in as commercial, ing
it was approved as drawn. mei
' 'What it presents is this: if we stay as L
with the 400 feet we don't need to
PP7nno it " o*nloinn/l
....... vnpmuivM urc uuiyui . BgH
Given a choice of repeating the Res
earlier steps in approving the map R
(including seeking a planning boaru rail
recommendation and holding a new dev
public hearing) or letting the map pie
stand as is. aldermen chase the lat- dev
ter. ori I
Calendar C
Thursday, Jan. 10
Brunswick Technical College and cout
Sunset Beach Fire Department, 7 p.m.
N r MARINE FISHERIES public hearing
county complex in Bolivia, 7:30 p.m.
Library Board of Trustees meet jointl;
Friday, Jan. 11
f.AMF NlftUT nt
... . u> uiv nilivi I vol I lAT^IUII Dim
U.S. 17, 8 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 12
GAME NIGHT at the Calabash Volunteer !
Monday, Jan. 14
ing on proposed satellite annexation, 4:1
Department, 7:30 p.m.
meets at the commission office at the go
Tuesday, Jan. 15
CIASSKS ItEGIN for a first n'srvm<U,r <NUI
Eire Department, 7 p.m.
ting blood donations from 11 a.m. to 4:3
Wednesday, Jan. 16
Ke.sUiurant, Southport, 7 a.m. (
drew.s, 278-9578 or 845-2203.
CALABASH CHAPTER 3640 of the Amcrlc
will hold a meeting for officers, dire
Calalmsh Volunteer Eire Department, 1
\L'nrlru}>n?> ?? PamhI ?i
? - ... Mtnivn vuuiltj IVIIV
Stephnnna Tewey .speaking on "Child A
Management." From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., i
Water Ptirificati
Sales & S<
Hwy. 17 i
Little Rivei
j (803) 24?
OWNERS: W.J. (Sonn
1 Sally R. Bol
96 9 SALi
?arance Sal
15-50% OFF
rvi r\ e -f fn I! J?
? f I V/ I f 9 f
inter clothinc
Shollotte 754
;day, January 18, 1585?rage 3-A
lderman Bobby Ray Russ first
ocated taking it back to the plannboard,
but remaining board
nbers persuaded him to leave it
We won't get it rezoncd that away
in," noted Aldermen Paul Wayne
esidents of the area had earlier
seu objections to proposed
elopment of an apartment comic
on the site, prompting
elopers to seek another location
I.V. lOV.
>f Events
respoiiuel Course spoiisOreu uy
ity emergency medical services.
i di the public assembly building.
IS aiul Brunswick County Public
y in commissioners' chambers, 7
id inn one ir ilc soutn of Sha'dcitc >?i
'ire Department, Calabash, 8 p.m.
meet at town hall, 4 p.m.
n hall for a scheduled public henrSO
:t at the Tri-Bcaeh Volunteer Fire
'/eminent complex in Boliviu, 7:80
r?i? ut the Sunset Bench Volunteer
of the Brunswick Hospital, acccp0
095 meets at I he Ship's Chandler
uests welcome. Cidl Donald Allan
Association of Ketircd Persons
ctors, and conuiiltlue members,
0 a.m.
or Education of YounK Children
her's Center, Bolivia, with Ms.
,buse: The Hole of the Teacher In
>pon to the public.
? |
ppn ?? '
! EH LMi! ELLfcK^
on Systems
Distilled Water
50$ a gallon
r. S.C.
y) Bollamy, Jr.
le [
> s
& I

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