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An examination of the Shailotte
Volunteer Fire Department's account
books dating back to the
mid-iSTus slmni no "irregularities
in handling and spending of monies,"
an auditor toid the Shailotte Board of
Aldermen last Wednesday night.
"!n fact, all treasurers appeared to
be quite frugal with the funds," said
Johnnie Brltt, of S. Preston Douglas
and Associates of Whiteville. Fire
department records were examined
for the period up until June 30, 1984,
Mrm said. Starting ueju jcai, the fire
department budget will be included
in the town audit.
According to Britt's report, as of
June 30, 1984, the department had a
NCNB Plans
First Home
Video Bankina
This summer NCNB National Bank
will initiate the first video bankina
service for the home in North
Carolina, according to a news release
from the banking firm which has a
branch in ShaiioiU- and another
under construction in Calabash.
It will be available statewide
through an information network accessible
by nearly every type of personal
"This new service will enable our
customers to perform many banking
activities at home," uccording to
Jimmy Krnnphprger. manager of
delivery systems for NCNB.
"They can inquire about various
account balances, transfer funds
irom one account to another, display
their statements and pay monthly
bills uny time of day or night," he
Ixxin applications and reordering
of cliccks are among functions envisioned
to be added.
The new service, which can be used
by individuals or small businesses,
will not be a pilot test, ho added.
The home banking service will be
offered through the combined
resources of CompuServe, u national
information network, ana
Video Financial Services, u company
created In to accelerate the
uvnilauuty uv video usimiog.
HCNU t/oNLouwTn vt?i\Un^ home
banking will need to sign up first (or
CompuServe, which can be accessed
tlirough most persoiuil computers
VldeoKinnncial will supply the
computer facilities nnn software to
process a broad range of video banking
Customers In 12 NCNB market
areas, including wiutunglon, can
dial up CompuServe through u local
Kronebcrger said NCNU luts nol
made a fiiutl decision 011 pricing Its
new homo banking service, but tliat it
will likely be W to 115 per month. In
addition, there will be a use charge
paid to CompuServe of It 50 for each
hour a person actually uses Oh- home
bunking service
NCNIl, with 235 offices in North
Carolina, is the Southeast's largest
bank and the 25th largest in Ok- U.S.,
with total nssests of fit 5 billion.
E/\AT Class
Begins Jan. 29
An emergency medical technical
training course begins Tuesday, Jan.
29, at Coastline Volunteer Kescue
Squad on llolden Beach ltond
The course is sponsored by
Brunswick Technical College Class
will meet each Tuesday and Thursday
at 6 30 p.m. Books will be
available for purchase on registration
night, the first night of class
More information ts available bycalling
tlx* rescue squad at (tt2-2221
or by calling Helen Power at osiiwi
The squad budding ts located
llTlMk from I'tlle-wtV
? . . ..? - "' "I* xwyvi v<w
I? 1
V XttiV
7>M?j5 Shaiiottr
~-? S "S S A '? \ ? V A,
?N, Thursday, January 24, 1985
1M -M.? A AM
total of $-17,728 in cash on hand. Of
that amount, $8,900 is deposited in a
checking account, another $9,900 in a
cQ\finoc o/vnunf anH t9fl ODD in a nor.
iificaie of deposit account.
Another $3,000 of the town's
general operating funds that was
never turned over to the fire department
should also be transferred, giving
the department $50,728 in
available cash.
Britt said he did not have figures
available on Inventory since obtaining
costs on equipment that may be
10 or 15 years old is difficult. The
department has no liabilities, he added.
"So the fire department Is in good
shape financially," Britt said. "I'm
not sure $50,000 is a lot of money
when vou re unking about buying fire
department equipment."
Britt did note there were no
records being kept of interest income
from the department's accounts.
/ _
M )
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County for their business!
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And !!!M!ranee HiHing- Senii
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an illness 01 injurs which requires sp
men?' 1 ? help them gel hack on the?!
the services ol Ml Dt( AKI SUIMM
bury Shopping ( enter 111 Wilmingtoi
tie Reach at'JJK llighwu) .MM. phone
\Vh;:cv;!!e. phone toll free !-*nn
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including incontinent a rut diabetic %
equipment I heir reasonable rates
have won them the respect of leading
ovci the region
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tonieis I lie toad to recovery is a lot?
ted linn's help
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time clean and modern sickroom c
\.;!c>vOig m iviiMiihililc icntai rates
Non will tind all the personnel li
They will be more than happy to ,
necessary choices that will aid the mi
the utmost til comfort and convenient
Whether >011 need a hospital bed.
chair, or anything else from then cot
certain to find it hew
mi nil \ki si m i omi?\s
and admiration ol all those w ho have
I heir honest and loithnght manner 1
basis with people ol all walks of life
leader in their field Vou can better
then serv ice by calling o? slopping 1
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known shop features all kinds ol cv
spoils and ihe\ II go out ol ihctr wa;
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one modern and progrevoxe spoitinj
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(across from Winter Park I ire Depi
Morulas I ndav HV aiul nil h on >
levognwcd as one ol Ihe lorvmost all
lommuuil) Sporting organization
establishment (heir headquarters ai
e\cr\ nee\l in ihe wa\ ol sporting go
! hex feature standard and nation,
tng jhKKls ol highest qualm and carr
csers department I ishing. ski and a
eserxthing one would c\pest to Hqv
iwiiu nuv
1 hip Stone ihc o?ncr. jUo CHitl
I >mptn$ h**o|? %wvh N avjuc ar?*1
Nx?tv tunning \h*v\ b\ No* Kaliix
iktng to suit >ou up <bf the oukk
SlH)K I S alto IcjIuio ski renialv vj
> nu ll a)*ay* do belief when \ou
and clothing
\\ juihof* thi* W> Huuncv>
gvatulate ihi\ outstanding firm lot (hi
spotting good* foe all vportv Wo ktu
tnmnco *nh I II I 1 IMi SPOR1V
time and \pacc to thank all hi* cu
Count* arul Kx?kv hM-uarvl to verting
jliottp cjr/Q r
=4 I !U I i W I II W L
Those figures will be recorded in the
future, he said.
"We did run across some invoices
for equipment items that are no
longer in the fire department," Britt
said. One item that was notea missing
has been found since the audit
was requested, he added.
Nursing Home
James Smith, director of development
for Autumn Corp., returned to
the town hall Wednesday night asking
for further support of his company's
plans to build a 110-bed nursing
home within the town limits.
Autumn Corp. of Rocky Mount was
defeated in its bid Wednesday afternoon
to gain the support of the Cardinal
Health Agency's Board of
Directors, who voted 4-2 to support
i^ver.y unlcrptiSco application to
build a nursing home instead.
"It was regretted the committee
eot earriivi awav hv tho nnmW nf
people at the public hearing," Smith
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deling and repair work H it's tile that you
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nd slate tile with equal *?kill The work is a
'oud to show you his referral list of satis
ramie patterns and other modern materi,
Noii be interested in a beaulitul r
dean as it ts great to iook at. Contact him n
iniplcMil his work. As writers of this IMK4Ihan
pleased w ith the innovative r;ualityc
T. !t? t jirt'sk his (hunks l? the ne
.. ^Funeral
I Virctl Medicare
>r Ci!i/en Discounts Time a
friend been stricken wuli sjj. street,
ecili.' trcanients or equip- Since I'J
r feet tiwaui. you iiiay UCCli .....
N t OMI'ANN at Canter- worry and
>. phone 7W-V7M. inMyt- comfort in
(XIIJH4S-(04.t and also in M)|ing (hoi
*11 both beau
est in medical eipiipment When tl
applies as well as oxygen >ml ,,
ami considerate service youofallt
c limes uiul physicians all s.,inc lime
In un el
W oilers free pick-up and I It >M I . I
ency service to then cus- Insurance
.moother with this respec- Dickey
v keeps in their stock at all
quipment to aid the con- HAN i
lerc Iriendly ami helplul
assist sou in making the Turn!
k to a speedy recovers with
;c for the pervon curing for When it
? u timeconsi
crutches a walker, wheel ivipumv i
nplete inventory you ll be ^Vnow!
has earneil the respect "^Ma'sbe1
1 ilonc business with them
will allow
al dealing tin a one-to-one ivioui >\ |
have made them the local
. i . audition a
appreciate the quality of oflhrhrtU
n' it
lose has ii
\NI> the I
to sell
rwi\ I 3 Hank s|
.in J drckv
uldoor Wear teringalu
t Camping Shop" mVnI o"
?r Shoes . ,N
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n Wilmington This well
jmptuent tor .ill iimH 01
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V communit) has at least Phile
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Tphonc^IlM topen One of
iaturdaxl. has come to tv
hletic goods houses of the \
s trcquentl) make this hospital t
mi hasc ik'UMxl that the:: known i\i
ihIs van he touiu! heir vcr> tines!
ills known lines of camp- Ihcirqi
k > nv.lkl ..l.nUt- ? 1 ?
. l"*iv "?* ? tlCev hj*f
thletK equipment in tack over the re
I in oukloot men can k lo have
lite vvxit tect vompletetv Make v
Herman v.innot\ >V?n| vpcvial he
e. w>cvet vhocv and even* would liki
Hvrv iv here1 LIU T1MI pe\>pie to
ilcv an?l repairv' 1NNI R
ve pot the hcvt equipment people?n
thev have
Review ?tj like 10 inn- So atviovi
rif fine velection ot vjualirv verc ice an
>w that voult enjov dome xnvoe wl
l hip wivhev to take this INSIR
vtomerv trvun 8fliii<??.k which tvfi
t vvhi in l"SS located
)opG rtrnont
said. "We have a good chance of turnino
it arminH at fho hAor/i nf riir:-:
o ? ? - ?- ?? ? - " **"*-*tnrc'
mpofinu in I nmKoi-ton U/o opo
willing to take as many people to
Lumberton as we need to take."
Qiujui and company spokesman
Sally Brown were to meet with
Mayor Beamon Hewett and the town
board Thursday afternoon to discuss
rounding up town and community
support for the agency's meeting in
I.umberton on Jan. 23.
Smith said his company Is willing
to rent "as many buses as it takes" to
send support to the meeting.
Utter Business
In other business last Wednesday,
the board:
Agreed to hold a public hearing on
the annexation of 123 lots in Brier ood
Eststss st their nex* nipptinp
Feb. 6, at 7:30 p.m. The annexation
request is part of a five-year plan
presented to the board last year by
applicant Larry Shreve. Shreve is
W iih (he cost o
when wcjearn of;
winter We're talk
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I known contractor r(M,,n We're sure
II ways done to your '*>' offering ma
ciuinnwrv calls to discuss yo'
,,W J~T oiii, design mini, rcuacwh'c
lew hulhroom or .1 Whal holler
with .: new wood
Dilay touiscussanv ,
lations. and a com
KS Business Indus- in n,,,ul
>f (he work thai (has
ople in Hrunswick
Owner - Ms. Daisy l:. Jordan
Dirucior & Emhulmcr - Luihcr it
nd service have honored the name
L flOMI . INC locutcu in Wilmington ;i
phone 763-2441
rr!i::h!y v.. !! ! 1.. . .. !..
responsibility and by sympathetic coopci
the hours oj distress Their set sue suppl
tight that the final tribute to your loved o
::fu! ;:nd fitting.
be funeral director must be called, may
lace these professionals in charge. They
lie many details that must be taken care i
do everything according u? your desireTort
to serve the area better. JORDAN
NC has 2 representatives for United I
I heir names are Ms. Shirley I reema
ri a 1 rvi h s iv/i i* ?^? i ? r
Storm Damage - Complete Repai
cey Jobs Estimates Free Call 34j
comes to home improvements. don't dt
inning ssas. call llank Kalcmcki .it H "\p
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sou have in nund.
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complete kit*, hens, basements finished,
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ur ideas I he number is
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nt of effort is spared to fixe xou the i
d the cuttomerx of the concern are dciig!
itch thex recetxe
I BOOKSHOP al?axx stands behirv
>r the betterment of theeommunitx in ?l
!n Good S<
asking the town to annex sections in ;
the go" course project as the iots i
become developed. i
Approved purchase of a drop axle
for the town's garbage truck not to |
exceed S4.775.24. includir.2 tires and '
rim3. They decided to buy the drop 1
axle after having received two cita- i
tions for operating the truck 1
overloaded TTT Inc. of Wilmington 1
was awarded the bid for the axle. |
Accepted a bid from the Ballenger i
Corp. of Shallotte for paving and pat- !
ching sections of Cherry, Thomas, i
and George Streets for a total of
S.305 SaSienger submitted the crdy :
bid received after advertising twice. !
Appointed board members David i
Gause, Bobby Ray Russ and Paul
Reeves to a committee that will 1
recommend a design for new town I
Christmas lights. Townspeople will I
be added to the committee. Board 1
member Wilton Harrelson asked for I
women to be added to the committee !
rrT_J r; \l/'>r\r'kr>TTl
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p their competitors It's the
rs name BILLY HAM R A
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in, they ha\c
lition or re- ,. ?, ,
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resent home ... ,
I he transmission of a
m 11\ rsi I . * ,
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nd build an , , .. ,
, and in the \S ilmington
.c*""C ""Ut , RANSM!SS|ON SI R\
iT.mloull 7hU()M7
extra space .. .
. . , You don t ask a ikv!
hen its time . . '
gery why ask an ordtnar
. I he owner. Keith Males,
nis. porches .
oilers a tree inspection ,
juM .1 ?c? nunc icasuns
umbingand . ,
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id ihc\ II be . '
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sense io iia?v inc j*.n? uv
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rea xsuh the scr> hc>i dealership in
thought about busing a c
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i>( pcv?plc all that our scrv kc door vsoti
fubls proud coming back *hen it wa
ated in the -jn't just a slogan at I) A. I
the job'
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ess with the their product and a pan
(that period. working loft the! as a lea
book >iore ncr he should cipect4 T
most careful li s still thai ?<> todai
lied with the where we finnls beliese I
ning of the deal'
I esersthinr If all this sounds good
Sich lhe> are how a dealership shoul
Market Street in Wilmir
' 1
saying, "I've heard more women
make comments about the lights
than I have men."
Approved a utility easement on a
piece of property owned by Deedy
White Investments Inc. off U.S. 17
behind Hardee's. Wnite apparently
-<Vi/\rn not n nin o ctrnnf from IIia
.iivac I iui vu i uii a ou ivv iiuiu uic
highway to the back of his property,
but to use the space as parking for a
proposed restaurant. The utility
easement will run from Milliken
Street, from the rear of the property
to the development.
Tabled a work session on extraterrifnrinl
jurisdiction until Mavor
Hewett has gathered enough information
on the subject.
Approved a request from Police
Chief John Campbell to have four officers
participate in a two-hour radar
training course. The Governor's
Highway Safety Program will give
the town a radar if officers undergo
the training, Csmpb*?)! ssid.
IV 1 1 %?d M. %
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reusing spiral, it's indeed good news
\ at a comfortable temperature in the
ii home ow ned and opcatcd dealer of
R located at 1046 South Kerr Avenue,
ick.carrya complete line of encrgyont
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ind. you'll agree that the Silent Flame
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ing these energy savers.
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n shop tor any service your car may
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this pan 01 the country When ioiks
ar or truck, they just naturally came to
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ildn't close after the sale and they kept
s time to trade Dedication to quality
E CAR EXCHANGE. INC it s part of
lours th rough out eac h * eek to develop
V. Ir.PsJ c?* fl rrs#-rv r ta ilh all lh*
fnt. the fines! jn?i moM complete parts
Jl> vhosAroom personnel *ho kno*
it aik! hod) shop second lo none, all
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whit it look to he the best
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J he operated \*e re located at 6220
igton. phone 10

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