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Cause Bud
The Town of Sunset Beach is
operating with an unbalanced budget
this week, against North Carolina
According to Clerk Unda Fluegel,
council's failure to reach a quorum at
its May meeting Monday night has
prevented her from transferring
some $30,000 within the current
budget to cover shortfalls.
ine governing ooaies or rvurui
Carolina municipalities may not take
action it meetings at which a
quorum, or majority, of members Is
not present.
Fluegel's problems paying the bills
will result in a special meeting being
called. As of late Monday afternoon,
the meeting tentatively had been
scheduled for today (Thursday) at
7:30 p.m. at the town hall, Fluegel
While council members Don Safrit
and George Foster and Mayor Pro
t?. r?.i rtuu v.tin,l
i t:i11 rjvt **uic iuuiiu men imiiiiu ncu
by lack of a quorum Monday night,
the men listened as Fluegel read
through the list of May bills. They
agreed to authorize Safrit, as financial
officer, to write those checks.
Not in attendance at the meeting
were council members Mary
Catherine Griffith and Kathy Hill.
Contacted at her place of employment
Tuesday, Griffith said she was
unable to attend the meeting because
of a "family emergency."
Action On
Solution Pi
With a temporary parking .solution
Just around the corner und thrones of
beach-happy motorists with hands
lurched on their horns, Suaset Bench
Town Council Monday night found
itself in the position of liaving to circle
the hlock one more time.
The lack of a simple majority of
members Is seemingly all that kept
rminctt tram approving a sUipnivp
parking solution which received state
approval MSI Wt'l'K.
In ii May 28 letter to Town Manager
Wallace Martin, T.W. Kundcrburk,
Division 3 engineer for the N.C.
Department of Transportation,
okayed the town'* proposal to provide
parking along the left side of
Sunset Houlevard.
"If you know of property owners
who would have no objections to usInit
the light of way in front of their
property (or parking, then I would
have no objection provided that adequate
traffic control was Installed,"
Kundcrburk wrote.
Martin said the letter followed a
meeting at which he told Kundcrburk
Hint it would tic in the Interest of
public safety to provide the parking
on Sunset Boulevard and to cltmtiuitr
parking completely on Main Street.
Kundcrliurk firxt replied that parking
would lie allowed on a parallel,
one-car parking basis, Martin said
Martin, however, told Kundcrburk
tliat such a plan would accomodate
only a small number of cars and, as
such, would not solve the town's pro
hletn Kundcrburk resolved the pro
blcm In the letter.
The property to tie used il approves
by council belongs to Mayor Pro Ten
Kd llorc nod would allow parking (01
alHHll 60 cars The two lots 110 and I
in lllock 11 in question would be level
ed and leased lo Hie town by tlore (oi
$1 per month Tin- lease would allov
parking each day lietween 6 a m. am
8 p.m. and calls (or the lots to Is
I variet
ra j
La Great Gift (or
M Klsherxncn or ^
Beach Homeowtiers! \
IS srni thomas quartz
H Tide-Time
I $4498
fc?t U t'll I
HI! ! I I
IN, Thursday, June 6, 1985
\t Council A/
get Woes A1
When questioned about off-th
record statements by a town offici
that she and Griffith had staye
away from the meeting intentional!
she said, "It seems that when oth(
people miss meetings, whether the
are public hearings or work sessioi
or whatever, no one says a thing. Bi
when I miss a meeting, questioi
The Beacon was unable to reat
Hill by telephone.
Concerning the town's finance
Flucgel said Tuesday afternoon si
needed budget amendments "to g
the budget back to balance. We ha\
an unbalanced budget. That
Amendments totaling $30,805 ai
needed for the following line items
see the town through the end of tl
fiscal year (June 30): planning ar
zoning, $4,760; public buildings ar
inspection, $4,600; police, $3,61!
streets, $6,400; power bills, $ll,43i
and nondepartmental (FICa ar
retirement), $808.
Had council held its meeting Mo
day night, Fluegel said, all of tl
funds needed could have bei
iransicrreu irom wnnin ine cur.e
budget. When council docs take a
tion, she said, some $25,000 will mo
likely be transferred out of tl
sanitation department's capit
outlay fund.
Also at Monday night's mcetin
council members attempted to set
public hearing on the fiscal 1985PnrLrinn
? % ? I
maintained by the town. Tenninati
of the lease would require 30 da
notice by either party.
In addition, (lore has offered
lease two lots next to the old Kani
Healty building for parking.
Both proposals follow nonaetion I
council at May's meeting on Gore
offer to lease or deed the town pi
perty on the west end for purktng.
Also Monday night, Councilm
Don Safrlt said he had spoken w
Dr. John Madison, owner of propei
near the intersection of Sun:
Boulevard und main street, about
ing a section of his land for parkir
Concerning all three propose
Martin said, "We're talking about
cars. That's relief. It would be a st
on a solution for the time being. I f
it would be pretty much of a brt
through. We would be doi
something for the people who co
over (to the beach)."
IXm Safrlt expressed impaticnct
the delay caused by the lack o
quorum " We need to make some
lion immediately We can't wait
next month. We're Into Ji
Also along parking lines, Mai
said the town lias ordered 100 '
Parking" signs which to
employees could install on M
Street to save time. He also said
lias drafted an ordinance that wo
outlaw all parking on Main Street
> John McCarthy, head of the Sui
Beach Taxpayer's Association :
he feels the parking proposals
"an excellent solution in terms
I Gore replied, "I'm glad
i qualified it as a solution, becaus
r really Is not Temporary solut:
1 build expectations." he said
Actum on the parking propo
r was delayed until the next meet
r w hloh has been tentatively schedi
t (or today i Thursday i at 7 30 p.n
t tlu* town hall
>j at ^ py f ? f mi
hmm *9 5 M0N SAT
rv 84? 677S
" V>V lodie.'
* jM\ C ? O*
CMfcWj '
i?dm?r |
f C? r?r r\+
e. budget for July 1, one day after
a] deadline for approving munici
.(j budgets.
yt According to Fluegel, council \
;r have to reset the date for the hear
.y at its next meeting.
,g Annexation Proposed
ut Although not formally presentee
ls council, a petition for annexatior
Sea Trail Links was discussed brif
h by Mayor Pro Tern Gore, also heai
Sea Trail Corp., developer of
s> 18-hole, par-72 course.
le While Gore said he did not know
et exact acreage of the area propo
re for annexation, he said there ere
8 acres of fairways on the course, i
much of the course is included in
re proposal.
to Martin said the land is contiguc
,e It begins at the entrance to the coil
id and circles most of its entirety.
,d All of the land is owned by
5; Trail Corp., Gore said. The lam
5; bordered on the west by the entra
,d road to the club house (off High*
179), he said, but it crosses 179 on
n. east by the depth of the prope
1C which ranges from 200 feet to
:n 'eet.
?t iiore rccommenaea monaay ni
c_ that a public hearing on the annc
lSt tion issue be conducted July 1,
:le same time the town has propose!
al conduct its budget hearing. But th
is some question If proper procea
has been followed in the matter.
a According to Gore, who said he
86 given all materials to Martin,
Trail filed the petition sometl
around May 5-10. He added tha
map of the area was prepared i
sent ahead of the formal applicati
Clerk Fluegel, however, says i
up to her to certify the document,
cording to the N.C. League
Municipalities regarding unnexat
once the petition is received, cou;
must call on the clerk to investig
its sufficiency and to certify
,)n results of the investigation. 0
yS council receives that certifical
from its clerk, then it may proc
to and fix a date for a public hearin
oy Fluegel said tliat as late as last I
day, the town had not receive
t>y legal description of the propert;
. s question from the surveyor,
o. "I can't certify we even hav(
petition)," she said Tuesday al
tan Department Reports
ith Although no action was taken V
rty day night, Town Manager Wal
let Martin presented departm
us- reports as information.
>g. During May, the Sunset Bi
lis. Police Department investigated
lau cases 01 oreatung ana enier
ii rt issued 60 to wn c nations (" mostl;
eel parking," Martin said); answ
ak six disturbance calls; assisted at
rig fires out of town; deliverer
me messages; and assisted at town
at Police department cruisers r
f a out 3,400 miles during May and
ac- sumed 421 gallons of fuel. Satiil
for department vehicles used 143 ga
tne of gasoline, compared to 88 ust
the water department,
"tin In addition, Martin told co
'No members present that two polii
w n ficers will be hired in the near fi
Bin to replace two drafted by the
he highway patrol.
iuld The town used 4.5 million gt
t. from the county water system d
May at a cost of 54,237.
vset Martin told council he has
tnid viewed and hopes to hire a ma
art the water department.
i of
you \ UV W| (\ . J
wit f
tng. s __J
died t ?'
i at Join us for o 7-week sessi
held Mondoy thru Thursdo
the following
I'Primory & intermei
Primory 8 intermei
Beginning compute
Beoch science
Closses for first thru sixtl
Youiiq Union Primarv Schc
use ond MS degree from
mill be beld ol 126 toil Se
Ej CAll 57<> 3400 AFTER 4 PW
pN Second St., Ocean Isle Be
Kjj I'd HAe to eared .
BSwi (hrMf! ? ? a \
?Nrt? tip)
|?AA(A.t M6.C*.
ii (HI iin..m.
S !" *25 ^
H M M I ?~4HB v.r
fC K MB -" *
the gg
S 1
AMONG the first to arrive in jail last
350 from left. Coach Greg Norrls of West I
School: Karen Moshoures co-dlrectoi
,"!l Jail-A-'
ure Karen Moshoures, co-director of '
the South Brunswick Islands *
has Chamber of Commerce, was ar- f
Sea rested last Thursday morning for t
ime soliciting without a license. Well, f
t a almost. I
and It was all in fun, and for a worthy
ion. cause, In the American Cancer Socie- <
t is ty's annual Jail-A-Thon held at the '
Ac- Shallotte National Guard Armory i
ot juuge uienn numpcn sei uono ai <
ion, $350 for Ms. Moshoures, who was '
ncii uusy for nearly an hoar calling
[ate friends and co-workers to help raise 1
the the pledges needed to make bail. <
nee While away from jail, Humpert is ail
Lion employee of Uniteid Carolina Bank in
eed Shallotte.
g. Proceeds from the pledges colFri
lected in the annual event are used to
d a support programs of cancer
/ in
;jra Holden Seniors
Meet June 10
don- Jim Buffaloe, hurricane evacualace
tion officer for Holden Beach, will be
lent the guest speaker at the Holden
Beach Senior Citizens meeting June
Mich 10 at the Tri-Beach Volunteer Fire
two Department.
ingj The meeting will begin with a
/ for covered-dish supper at 6:30 p.m.
ered Buffaloe will speak on "Tornado
five and Hurricane Preparedness."
' tfNl'rV~*-y ~~ *?C?"v\ \JV
boat A?'\ / ?^oi
\4 A N Ai
oiled fir /v G ?
con- , rdf
ation 34 Nursery re
lions jl^T|L
IVrennial Hibiscus Ji
Y Gardenias
jture $1.00 ?ach
lllons I 10 mil?v north ol Bolivia on US SI
llrin# I 17 Mon F ri 9 to 6 Saturday V J
on beginning June 24 Classes will be
y. morning and afternoon sessions in
diote remedial math & reodmg
diate art
h graders will be taught by D?one F.
>ol teaher who holds a BA degree from
State University of New YorV Classes
cond Street Oceon Isle Beach
>UMENT TO: Dime F. Teeng. 1)6 East
ck, NC 21459.
'Sm 4 CrvW lewfi
B laB WBSVl |
^V|| -HttHHR
^ m
Thursday are, Brunswick Isla
irunswick High Malcolm Grissel
r of the South didate.
rhon Raises
esearch, education and patient service.
The American Cancer Society is
i national voluntary health organizaion
that receives no funds from the
ederai government or from the
Jnlted Way agency.
Transported by local off-duty law
mforcement officers, eight volunteer
'officers" dressed in uniform, wearng
fake badges and carrying toy
vater pistols made the arrests lasl
A arniin r\t jfssfimtl at WacI
(j? wuj/ v?? oiuuviiut at ttloi
Urunswick High School had Coach
ireg Norris arrested for "imperHealth
Nongroup health
k|> h ?
Blue Cross
Blue Shield
to your
You can depend on
financial services .
Be it checking, sa
loan applications .
need . . . laree or s
sayings & 10;
iS-Sb*-. *Houthpuct *l44ai*
villi* 457 524* J7l4>VI
3 H&Bj
i fj
nds Chamber of Commerce and
tt, former county commissioner canFunds
sonatir.g a coach, a serious crime,"
Judge Humpert said. "I'll set bail at
"I'll never leave!" Norris replied.
"They get out after about an hour
ana a naif on good behavior," Judge
Humpert said.
Those who agreed to participate in
the arrests were dressed in
prisoners' garb and "locked up"
behind bars in a mock jail set up on
the steps of the National Guard armory.
The West Brunswick Unit of
the society borrowed the jail from the
state Cancer Society organization.
e Protection
plans available for
Family Over 65
r enrollment information call
U.S. 17. S P.O. Box 79
Supply. NC 28462
4 8672 (After 5 PM 754 6096)
il needs
it here! We offer you full
. . with a personal touch,
vings, retirement plans,
. . or any other financial
mall. . . depend on us!
litis y
I Siulkittr CiiLttush FSEKT
4> 7 >4-4171 5 79 1595 , ~~ ~ ^

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