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    White's Bomb Litis South Brunswick
South Brunswick sophomore
guard Josh White said ii was the
special kind of situation that Cougar
coach Gene Doane makes his bas
ketball team practice "too much."
However, White wasn't com
plaining last Friday after he weaved
through several West Brunswick de
rAnrtoro lr\ inct inciHrt Kol f ronrt ?%n/4
sank a desperation 35-foot bomb
with two seconds left to give his
South Brunswick Cougars a 76-74
Waccamaw 2-A Conference win
over host West Brunswick.
"With five seconds remaining in
the game, going the length of the
court was no problem," said a
drenched Doane following the con
test. "We work on special situations
like dribbling from foul line to foul
line with the clock on with inree
seconds left in practice. With the
extra few seconds 1 knew he had
time to weave his way down court"
"Granted, you won't make many
shots like Josh made tonight, but the
area at the top of the key is where
he shoots from during spot drills in
practice. The game-winner came
just a little ways beyond this same
area," added Doane, who donned a
tuxedo for the contest in praise, of
his imam's unbeaten league season.
In addition to giving South
Brunswick 14-0 WC regular-season
record, the win also gave the
Cougars (20-3 overall) the county
cage championship and their fourth
straight triumph over the Trojans.
The Cougars, now riding a 14
game winning streak, clinched the
league championship earlier last
week (Tuesday) with a 72-70 win
over Whitevillc (sec story this sec
tion). As result. South Brunswick
earned a first-round bye in the sec
tional playoffs that begin Monday
and were to have been one of two
boys opening-round host sites for
the Waccamaw Conference tourna
ment on Tuesday.
An estimated crowd of 2,200
packed the ho: and steamy Trojan
gym filling the bleachers and lining
the floor from end to end.
Each team took a turn at control
ling the tempo in the first half.
South Brunswick outscored the
Trojans 10-2 in the final 2:31 of the
Anoninn Atiortnr ?aUa a 1 A
i|uui ivt iu uu\.v u iU'xH
lead. Sparking the Cougar rally was
White's three-point goal and a pair
of layups by Preston McGriff who
scored eight of his 12 points in the
first half.
West Brunswick took its biggest
lead of the game, 31-24, on an 11-0
spurt during a three-minute period
of the second quarter.
The Trojans trailed 24-20 when
Lonnie Mitchell sank two free
throws to start the scoring run.
Included in the West Brunswick
scoring were two Ricky Daniels
slam dunks that sent the over-capac
ity crowd into a frenzy.
Neither team scored in the final
2:30 of the half as the Trojans
claimed a 33-26 advantage.
South Brunswick quickly pulled
even with the Trojans early in the
second vi I ?*
Greg Williams' three-point play
with 6:08 left in the third quarter
got the Cougars within 35-34 and
South Brunswick scored six unan
swered points two minutes later, in
cluding two straight Butch
Fullwood baskets, to take a 40-39
The lead changed hands six times
in the final 3:33 of the period with
South Brunswick taking a 50-49 ad
vantage at the end of liie quaiicr on
a Williams jumper with four sec
onds left.
West Brunswick took a 57-52
lead in the first two minutes of the
fourth quarter on the play of
LaPerry Hill, James Clarida and
Adam Johnson. The trio scored the
first eight Trojan points of ihc peri
South Brunswick retook the lead,
62-61, with 3:57 to play with the
help of a 6-2 spurt. Williams,
Fullwood and freshman Kevin
Smith, who scored 15 points, in
eluding 1 ! in the fins! Qusrier,
sparked the Cougars.
Daniels look control for the
Trojans in the final 3:29 including
scoring seven straight points to give
West Brunswick its biggest iead of
the second half, 68-62 with 3:14 to
South Brunswick rallied once
more, outscoring the Trojans 8-2
over the next 1:10. Kevin Smith
connected on a three-point goal and
then scored two quick baskets in a
five-second span to tie the game 70
70 with 1:37 left.
Hill's driving layup gave the
Trojans a 72-70 lead with 1:25 to
play and White's three-point goal
- -
TIGHT GAME-lMst Friday's South Brunswick ? West Brunswick
boys' basketball game was a tight affair as the Trojans' Jerry
Reaves (left) and the Cougars' Greg Williams (right) indicate.
South Brunswick won the Waccamaw 2-A Conference regular
season finale over the Trojans 76-74 on Josh White's three-point
bomb at the buzzer.
Over Trojans 76-74
put South Brunswick ahead 73-72
with only 55 seconds remaining.
Daniels put West Brunswick on
top for the Final time, 74-73 with
what looked to be the winning bas
ket after rebounding a missed shot.
"Kevin Smith really killed us
down the stretch," said West
Brunswick coach Billy Mims.
"We've got a lot of respcct for
Williams, White and McGriff but 1
honestly didn't think Smith could
shoot that good."
"I thought we defended White's
game-winning shot as good as we
could. We had a hand in his face
when he went up for the shot out it
just fell in. The kids did exactly
what 1 wanted them to do."
"I.onnie Mitchell got in foul trou
ble and had to sit out awhile.
However, James Clarida came in
and did a good job in his absence."
"We played good enough to win
but just didn't get a total team effort
out of some of our key players."
"South Brunswick can hurt you
in a lot of different ways. They've
got a lot of depth," added Minis.
Daniels led West Brunswick (11
3, 19-4) with 29 points followed by
Johnson with 10 and Mitchell nine.
Williams scored 21 points to lead
South Brunswick followed by
Smith's 15 and While's 12. McGriff
added 12 points for the Cougars.
Score By Quarters
South Brunswick 20 6 24 25 ? 76
West Brunswick 14 19 16 25 ? 74
South Brunswick scoring: White
14, Williams 21, K. Smith 15,
Fullwood 6, Johnson 3, Parker 2,
McGriff 12, M. Smith 4.
West Brunswick scoring: Bowen
2, Johnson 10, Marlowe 6, Hill 7,
Mitchell 9, Daniels 29, Clarida 4.
East Bladen
Earlier last week (Tuesday), West
Brunswick defeated host East
Bladen 83-72 as Daniels scored 30
points and Hill 23.
Ron Davis led East Bladen (7-7,
10-10) with 19 points and Andre
Grey added 16.
East Bladen took the early lead
jumping out to a 26-17 advantage
before the Trojans used a 25-point
second period to go ahead at half
time, 42-38.
We<=t Brunswick padded its lead
in the third quarter extending it ad
vantage. to 58-51 before nmvoring
East Bladen 25-21 in the final peri
od to preserve the win.
Score By Quarters
West Brunswick 17 25 18 25 ? 83
East Bladen 26 12 13 21?72
West Brunswick scoring: Bowens
4, Johnson 2, Hill 23, Mitchell 12,
Hughes 4, Reaves 8, Daniels 30.
East Bladen scoring: Rhoda 6,
Powell 10, Davis 19, Hood 3,
Johnson 12, Grey 16, Johnson 6.
Pierce Tops High Scores At Little River Lanes
Jimmy Pierce, with the Hi & Dry Doubles,
bowled a 715 series with scores of 235, 225 and
255 to lead action at Little River Lanes at Litile
River, S.C., the week of Feb. 1 1 .
In the same league, other high scores were as
follows: Bob Fluegel, 556; Shirl Good, 516.
River Rollers: Marie Brown, 519.
Survivors: Fred Small, 223, 594; Bill
Rudden, 529; Frank Chibi, 531; Martin Nelson,
528; Harvey Schield, 531; Bob Correll, 564;
Faye Gray, 223.
Monday Madness: Art Vella, 237, 617;
Gene Weldon, 523; Ricky Watts, 516; Donald
Erickson, 519; Jim Card, 509; Tom Houk, 514,
223; Bruce Anderson, 515; Mike Stanley, 581;
Rhonda Livingston, 590; Bill Cramer, 549; Joey
Vereen, 506; Buddy Stone, 544; Charles
Chestnut, 536; Bruce Mitchell, 503; Eddie Piatt,
Dixie Men: Larry King, 241, 247 and 680;
Wash Dayton, 222, 592; Bill Seybert, 508; Ray
Neat, 523; Bod Heilhaus, 538; Gary O' Connell,
513; Steve Smith, 582; Frank Jurczak, 257, 614;
Rupert Bellamy, 547; Johnny Johnson, 524; Bill
Zcrfass, 549.
Town Criers: Kelly Todd, 234; Alan
Freeman, 505; Doug Mehne, 222, 563; John
Barlow, 500; Joyce Freeman, 532.
Carolina Shores: Bill Miller, 200, 520; Tom
Kennedy, 528; Paul Hogman, 500; Mike
Stachwiak, 544.
Tee Time: Joe Stanley, 556.
Windjammer: Benny Ravida, 504.
State of Confusion: Steve Simmons, 244,
580; Ronnie Birchfield, 506; Rick Stanley, 507;
William Gailher, 531; Waddell Evans, 534; Pete
Thomas, 541; David Crocker, 528; Bill
Shoemaker, 564; Ray King, 625; Tammy
Haynes, 514; Wclton Smith, 222; Bob Hassier,
502; Harvey Schield, 502; Don Wheeler, 532;
Dave Haddock, 527; Joe Raitano, 524; Ed Reed,
510; Doug Scott, 552; Joe Spautz, 553; Karen
Moshoures, 517.
Wednesday Nite Classic: Jimmy Pierce,
221, 223, 632; Mike Stanley, 224, 516; Mark
Shrincr, 235, 244, 680; Donald Errickson, 513;
Howard Hudson, 536; Tom Kennedy, 543; Bob
Hassier, 510; Waddell Evans, 538; Maurice
Webster, 527; Buddy Stone, 569; Bob Hassier,
229; Hope Willard, 542; Randy Vereen, 533;
Bill Shoemaker, 516; Jim Roth, 533; Martin
Nelson, 575; Chris Chappcll, 224, 533; Waddell
Evans, 222; Bill Shoemaker, 255, 224, 688;
Steve Smith, 517; Martin Nelson, 508; Donald
Errickson, 539; Lee Frink, 515; Buddy Stone,
531; Hope Willard, 504; Ed Schcr, 532; Ray
Neat, 538; Rupert Bellamy, 259, 599; Jim Roth,
560; Johnny Johnson, 278, 637; Ken Beasley,
534; Mike Stanley, 531; Lindsey Walton, 518;
Howard Hudson, 518; Randy Vereen, 510; She
lton Inman, 540; Jock Horner, 503; John
Howsare, 557; Tom Kennedy, 559.
Vamps: Tony Whitaker, 523; Randy
Tankcrsley, 527.
Wholly Bowlers: Steve Bishop, 221, 567;
Howard Hudson, 512; DarTell Peters, 546; Mike
Stanley, 529; Eddie Rowell, 551; Marty Mc
Doweil, 540; Joe Spautz, 536; Jim Hedrick,
501; Cecil Suggs, 527; Lois Dalgliesh, 532.
Mama's Nite Out: Marie Brown, 541; Betty
Johnson, 510; Laura Mclntyre, 514.
Baytree: Bob Aiken, 527.
TGIF: Ray Neat, 557; Ruth Gilreath, 518.
Mama's & Papa's Too: Fred Baer, 238, 515;
John Hill, 500; Steve Reynolds, 555; Mike Kil
patrick, 522; Ginny Anzelone, 524.
Saturday Superstar:; (Youth): Jamie Hooks,
152; Nathan Tadlock, 162, 168, 450; Josh
Palmer, 174, 157, 164, 495; Jeff Ballou, 163,
202, 504; Robert Siau, 182, 441; Tammy
Adams, 151, 165,458; Britt Johnson, 159,450;
Derek Frink, 154, 418; Brian Livingston, 308;
Curtis Vereen, 313; Kelvin Bellamy, 321; and
Adrian Vereen, 301.
Brunswick Youth Wrestlers Advance To State
Some 35 Brunswick County
wrestlers qualified for the North
Carolina Youth Wrestling Tourna
ment scheduled Saturday at South
em Pines, after finishing first or
second in last weekend's Regional
III tourney at South Brunswick
High School.
Thirteen county grapplers quali
fied in both the 8-and-under and 11
12 year age divisions while nine
others advanced in the 9-10 year
old group and one in the 13-14
year-old bracket.
Also advancing to the state tour
nament from the regional event
were 32 other wrestlers from Wil
Results-Ages 8-and-Under
36-40 Pounds: J. Skipper (Bruns
wick); 41-45 Pounds (Group A): T.
Robertson (BQ, Allard (Wilming
ton); 41-45 Pounds (Group B): B.
Skipper (BC); 46-50 Pounds (Group
A): Y. Edwards (W), D. Gough
(W); 46-50 Pounds (Group B): P.
Bhramayana (W), B. Burckhalter
(BC); 51-55 Pounds (Group A): A.
Gough (W). S. Bachc (W); 51-55
Pounds (Group B): A. Price (BC), J.
Yermah (W); 56-60 Pounds (Group
A): S. Coles (BC), B. Philpott (W),
D. Mabon (W); 56-60 Pounds
(Group B): A. Lctoumeau (BC), D.
Freeman (BC); 61-65 Pounds
(Group A): H. Brooks (BC); 61-65
Pounds (Group B): R. Levandoski
(BC), D. Vorderburg (W); 66-70
Pounds: C. Fowler (BC), D. Daniels
(W); 71-75 Pounds: B. Miller (W);
Heavyweight (Group A): J. Hcarn
(W), N. Galdo (BC): Heavyweight
(Group B): W. Kidd (W), G.
Daniels (BC)
Results-Ages 9-10
46-50 Pounds: I. Knott (BC); 51
55 Pounds: J. Letourneau (BC); 56
60 Pounds: J. Wemyss (BC), H.
Joyner (W), J. Manlove (BC); 61-65
Pounds: P. Powell (BC), K. Knott
(BC), S. Carter (W); 66-70 Pounds:
J. Philpou (W), R. Capczza (BC), J.
Horrell (BC); 71-75 Pounds: J.
Odom (W), D. Seelars (W); 76-80
Pounds: M. Todd (W); 91-95
Pounds: M. Jackson (BC), M.
Phelps (W), S. Marshburn (W);
111-115 Pounds: T. Wade (W)
Results-Ages 11-12
65-70 Pounds: C. Cowan (BC);
71-75 Founds: K. Prevatte (BC);
76-80 Pounds: W. Burkhalter (BC),
S. Powell (W); 81-85 Pounds: B.
Hobbs (BC), J. Bullock (BC); 86-90
Pounds: B. Noble (BC); 91-95
Pounds: T. Rogers (BC), L. Stewart
(BC); 96-100 Pounds: B. Bracey
(BC), N. Neabon (W); 110-114
Pounds: P. Gore (BC); 116-120
Pounds: R. Johnson (W); 120-130
Pounds: T. Ennett (BC); 151-165
Pounds: A. King (BC)
Results-Ages 13-14
90-95 Pounds: C. Kennedy (BC),
96-100 Pounds: B. Nye (W); 106
100 Pounds: E. Johnson (W); 120
125 Pounds: B. Bache (W); 136
145 Pounds: K. Scott (W); 146-155
TO THE BASKET-South Brunswick's Carl Parker takes the ball
to the basket against Shawn Bowens of West Brunswick in last
Friday's big intercounty battle in the final nigh! of the prep regu
lar season. South Brunswick won 76-74 before a standing-room
only crowd on Josh White's 35-foot jumper at the buzzer.
Pirates Win Basketball Crown
The Shallouc Middle School
hovs basketball team won the coun
ty championship last week with a
65-44 win over Leland Middle
Timmy Daniels and Chris Mint/,
each scored 23 points to pace the at
tack for Shallotte Middle, which led
by 16 points at halftimc.
Eric Johnson led the Pirate de
fense, which tightened up in the
second half to secure the win Feb.
Shallotte Middle had reached the
county tournament final by beating
Waccamaw Elementary School Feb.
Daniels scored 20 points in lead
ing the Pirates to the 43-38 win over
Mintz chipped in with 13 points,
and Johnson made two key steals
late in the game for Shallotte.
Wade Ashley led Waccamaw
scorers with 22 points.
The Shallotte Middle Pirates
were coached by Ron Champion,
John Brown and Robin Builcr.
Eighth graders who played in
their final game for the Pirates last
week were Dexter Bass, Gabe
Cooper, Aaron Hankins, Tony Hew
ett, Cameron K inlaw, Neil Warren,
Johnson, Daniels and Mint/..
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