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    No Easy Solutions For Ground Pearls
Dear Plant Doctor: I was cer
tainly interested in your recent arti
cle in the newspaper about the in
sect you called a ground pearl. My
yard is being ruined by those pests.
The local cooperative entension
agent plus two lawn can: companies
identified my lawn problem as be
ing caused by ground pearls. None
could offer any help.
Am 1 to just sit and watch the
large blotches of dead grass in my
backyard just keep getting bigger
and bigger? Can you suggest any
thing to rid my back lawn of these
You mentioned that ground pearls
have not been reported to damage
bahia grass or carpet grass. Where
can one obtain such grass seed?
Would you recommend removing
the top four inches or so of soil in
the infected arca(s) and replacing it
with non-infected soil? Would a
controlled burn on the infected area
roast the pearls to death?
Your reply will be greatly be ap
Answer: You have asked some
good questions. Biological systems
are complex and the information on
many of these problems is limiied.
To my knowledge, no pesticide,
management program or cultural
practice (e.g. burning) exists that
will eliminate ground pearls from
severely infesting lawn grass.
Extension Area
Turf Specialist
Soil removal anil new topsoil re
placement may work to eliminate
the pests, but this method should
not be viewed as a long term solu
tion to ground t pearl infestation.
Researchers have even tried soil fu
migation to eliminate the pest but
with little success.
The encysted ground pearl juve
niles are encased in an almost im
permeable coal of chitin (the same
material that makes up shrimp
shells). When conditions are just
right, adult ground pearls emerge
from the pearl stage in early sum
mer. The adult for?i is easily killed
with a number of insecticides but
unless the juvenile pearl stage is
controlled damage will continue to
be a problem. The juvenile insect
can slay in the soil for years.
A sound management program
coupled with an irrigation system
seems to be the only way to have a
decent centipede grass lawn that is
nol infested with ground pearls.
Grass that is exposed to water
stress, poor fertility, severe disease
or insect infestations seem to show
the most severe damage due to
grounds pearls. A lawn that is man
aged properly will usually show less
damage, although damage may still
he unacceptable to the owner.
Bahia grass (Paspalum notation)
seems to be tolerant of grounil
pearls and other root-infesting pests
(like nematodes) because of the
grass's unique root anatomy of
physiology. If the problem is as se
vere as you describe, a bahia grass
lawn may be a solution you want to
Bahia grass or carpet grass seed
can usually be obtained at any farm
or seed supply store.
Progress is being made in the se
lection of new grasses for the home
lawn. I just received a sample of St.
Augustine grass seed that a seed
company is promoting. Up until re
cently, the only way to propagate St.
Augustine grass was by plugs,
sprigs or sod. A commercial zoysia
grass seed mix is also being evalu
ated. If these grasses do as well as
they are advertised, they will be
wonderful new additions the lawn
grass inventory.
Send your gardening questions lo
The Plant Doctor, P.O. Box 109.
Bolivia. N.C. 28422.
Orrock To Head State Association
been elected pres
4* **k
Jamie Orrock, director of Bruns
wick County's Department of So
cial Services, has been clected pres
ident of the N.C.
Social Services
The organiza
tion consists of
4, (XX) social ser
vices employees
from 96 depart
ments across the
state. Members
lobby for c^ang- orrock
cs that affect ?ot ml services workers.
Orrock has been an outspoken
opponent of a mounting wall of pa
perwork that faces DSS workers.
Simplification of client applications
is a universal concern in North
Carolina, he said.
"I hope it's going to be good
news for Brunswick County," said
Orrock of his selection.
Orrock will speak on behalf of
the association during his one-year
tenure. He also plans to bring
Brunswick County's concerns to the
attention of DSS workers statewide.
"Brunswick County is pretty typ
ical of the other 96 counties," he
said. "If you look across the state,
we have many of the same prob
lems that others arc facing."
Turf Agent Cited
Bruce Williams, an area coopera
tive extension agent, received two
awards at the annual meeting of the
North Carolina Association of
County Agricultural Extension Ag
ents held July 12 in Greensboro
Williams works as area special
ized turfgrass
agent in Bruns
wick, New Han
over and Pender
In statewide
competition, he
received first
place in the /
Turfgrass/ Hor- '
ticulture Com
Program for a golf course workers
training manual developed for
workers on courses in southeastern
North Carolina. The entry advances
to regional and national competi
tion. At the state level Williams re
ceived a S50 cash prize and a
He won second place in the Per
sonal Column category of the Pub
lic Information Programs for his
Plant Doctor column that appears in
several newspapers in eastern North
and South Carolina, including The
Brunswick Beacon. A S25 cash
prize accompanied the award.
Two Attend Workshop
Foy M. Crary and Virginia Detric,
teachers at Union Primary School in
Shallotte, were among 40 social
studies teachers who attended the
1991 Summer Geography Institute
for Teachers (Grades K-3) June 16
22 at the University of North Caro
lina at Wilmington.
The institute focused on five
themes of geography: location,
placc, human-environment relation
ships, movement and region. Teach
ers were trained to help children be
gin to understand where people live
and how and why they relate to their
particular environmental sctungs.
The workshop provided profes
sional instruction in geographic ed
ucation and geography curriculum
materials for teachers to take back
to class.
Cureton Graduates
Airman Christine T. Cureton has
graduated from the personnel spe
cialist coursc at Kessler Air Force
Base, Biloxi, Miss.
She is the daughter of William T.
and Janicc !. Cureton of Boiling
Spring Lakes.
The airman is a 1989 graduate of
South Brunswick High School.
LaFrance Returns
Marine Gunnery Sgl. Keith L.
LaFrance, son of Louis V. LaFrance
of Calabash, recently returned from
Operation Desert Storm and Oper
ation Sea Angel while serving at
Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendle
ton, Ca.
Operation Sea Angel employed
more than 7,000 Army, Marine
Corps and Air Force personnel to
assist in a massive relief effort to
Bangladesh's southern coast and
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nearby islands, providing much
needed food and supplies lo approx
imately 1.7 million people recover
ing from a cyclone that claimed
138,(XX) lives.
LaFrance joined the Marine
Corps Reserves in June 1970.
Weston Completes
Pvt. 1st Class Dwon L. Weston
has completed basic training at Fori
Jackson, Columbia, S.C.
During the training, students re
ceived instruction in drill and cere
monies, weapons, map reading, tac
tics, military courtesy and justice,
first aid and Army history and tradi
Weston is the son of Lenwood
Hooper and Shclia A. Weston of
He graduated from North Bruns
wick High School in 1990.
Serves As Ambassador
Kristi Michelle Bellamy, a rising
junior at South Brunswick High
School, recently served as a high
school student science ambassador
to the Soviet Union during a four
week "People to People Internation
al" program.
Selected on the basis of academic
merit and interest in science, she
was the only student from North
Carolina to participate in the ap
plied sciences portion of the pro
gram, which promotes increased un
derstanding of cultures other than
one's own.
She visited various parts of the
country as well as completing class
room studies for which she may
earn college credits.
Kristi is the daughter of Verida
Bellamy, formerly of Southport, and
the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Bellamy of Southport.
loanes Re-Enlists
Staff Sgt. Michael J. loanes has
re-enlisted in the U.S. Army for six
loanes is a team chief at Fort
Riley, Kan.
He is the son of Edward H. and
Shirley L. Iones of Calabash.
The sergeant is a 1967 graduate
of Highland High School, Medina,
Harris Joins Staff
Wayne Harris, of Souihport, has
joined the Brunswick County office
of the N.C.
Adult Probation
and Parole in
Harris, 29, is
the son of Cath
erine Harris ol
Bolivia. He is a
1980 graduate
of South Bruns
wick High
School and re- HARR,S
ccivcd a bachelor's degree in com
munications from Rust College in
Holly Springs, Miss.
He has worked as a Souihport po
lice officer for live years and served
in the U.S. Army Reserves in
Raleigh from 19K4 to 1991, earning
a rank of lieutenant.
As case officer, Harris will work
to help rehabilitate persons placed
on probation by the courts or re
leased from jail on parole.
"It's the other side of the fence,"
Harris said, referring to his law en
forcement experience. "As a police
olficcr, you take people to jail and
that's it. Now, I'll be helping them
to return to society and basically to
stay out of trouble."
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BOLIVIA LIONS CLUIi was recognized as "most improved " club , at the District 31-11 awards ban
quet. From the left above are individual award recipients Donnie Kopp, Cecil Robbins, h'red Lesh,
Marie Potter and Alice Lesh.
Bolivia Lions 'Most Improved'
Bolivia Lions Club was honored
as "most improved club" at ihc
District 31-H awards banquet June
29 in Goldsboro in recognition of
its outstanding achievements during
the past year.
Five individual members also
won recognition. Alice Lesh re
ceived ihe Governor's Award for
meeting all new member require
ments during the 1990-91 year.
Cecil Robbins, president lor the
1990-91 club year, acceptcd the
most improved club award and 100
percent president award.
Also receiving 1(X) percent
awards lor achieving all the goals of
their respective offices were Marie
Potter, secretary; Donnie Kopp,
treasurer; and Fred Lcsh. zone
Fred Lcsh is the club's incoming
Leland Rewards Summer Readers
Young readers responded lo the
Summer Reading Club "Outer
Spate? Calling All Readers" theme
this summer at the Lcland Branch
Library, turning in projects that
ranged from drawings to Ryan
Sullivan's lighted, revolving model
of the solar system.
Ryan won first place in the club
project contest, as well as a direc
tor's choice award for having the
most scientific project, said spokes
man Lisa Milligan. Tying for sec
ond place were Camille Wilmoth
and Stephanie Ganey.
Top readers for the summer also
earned recognition that included
certificates and incentives.
Ryan placed first in the ages 6 to
9 category, with 185 books read.
Christie Wright finished second,
with 165 books: and Michael
Wright, third, with i60 books.
In the ages 10 to 13 category,
winners were Camille Wilinoth,
first, 55 books; Cindy Scroggin,
second, 29 books; and Stephanie
Ganey, third, 10 books.
Literacy Council
Seeking Donations
Volunteers for the Brunswick
County Literacy Council will hold a
"bucket shake" in front of area su
permarkets Aug. 2 and 3, seeking
The donations will help pay some
of the operating expenses for the
program, which provides free mate
rials and free private reading help
for adults in the county.
To volunteer or for more infor
mation, call the BCLC at 754-7323
or 278-6355.
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