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    State To Let Contract Friday
For Paving Bypass Of Bolivia
State Board of Transportation
members arc expected to award the
contract Friday to pave the U.S. 17
bypass of Bolivia, the last link in
the four-laning of U.S. 17 from the
New Hanover County line south to
Work is expected to begin on the
7.45-mile project in late August and
is to be completed by December 1,
1992. U.S. 17 will be relocated
from southwest of Galloway Road
(S.R. 1401) to the intersection of
U.S. 17 north of Bolivia.
S.T. Woolen Construction Co. of
Wilson is the apparent low bidder
on the project. While the state trans
portation department's estimated
project cost was S3.73 million.
Woolen bid S3.6 million. The stale
received 10 bids.
Bids for four-laning U.S. 17 from
south of Shallotte to the South
Carolina state line are expected to
be awarded later ihis year.
At its meeting Friday in Raleigh
the slate transportation board is also
expected to approve:
?Conveyance of .48 acre of right
of-way residue from Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph Marlowe and Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Gore, valued at S3.000, to
Johnnie Gore and other* in part set
Ucmcnt of Johnnie Gore's right-of
way claim.
?Expenditure of another S/0,(XX)
for preliminary engineering and util
ities on U.S. 17 from N.C. 211 north
of Supply to N.C. 87 at Bell Swamp
to relied estimated cost. Previously
$635,000 had been approved.
?Expenditure of another S 100.0(H)
for preliminary engineering on U.S.
17 Irom N.C. 211 at Supply to the
South Carolina state line, to reflet*
estimated cost. The hoard has previ
ously approved SI. 5 million for the
?Expenditure of another S15.000
for extending S R. 1712 beyond
Striplap Hose Company Inc. to
serve All Metal Inc. The board had
previously approved reimbursing
Brunswick County S95.000 to ex
tend the road to Striplap. which re
cently closed.
Above Average Rains Expected
South Brunswick Islands resi
dents can expect above average
rainfall in the coming week.
Shallotte Point meterologist Jack
son Canady said Tuesday the weath
er outlook calls for above average
rainfall and near normal tempera
He expects at least one inch of
rain, coupled with temperatures av
eraging around 70 degrees at night
and climbing to an average of
around 90 degrees during the day.
For the period July 23-29, Can
ady recorded 2.64 inches of rain.
The maximum high of 94 degrees
was recorded on July 23, while the
low of 74 degrees occurred on July
He said a daily high of 91 de
grees combined with an average
nightly low of 77 degrees for a daily
average temperature of 84 degrees,
approximately 3 degrees above av
erage for this time of year.
Water Spouts Spotted
Recent warmer temperatures caus
cd two large waterspouts to form Sat
urday morning ofT Shallotte Inlet
causing alarm, but no damage, ac
cording to the National Weather Ser
Eyewitnesses said the spouts
formed about 10:30 a.m. four miles
south around the inlet. They moved
at about 18 mph parallel to the coast
of Holden Beach before dissipating
about 10 minutes later.
According to Jim Huddins, mc
tcrologist at the National Weather
Service in Wilmington, water spouts
are formed by a large cumulus
cloud over the water. They occur
frequently in the summer months
when the water temperature is
warmer and arc not necessarily as
sociated with a thunderstorm.
Since water spouts arc located in
a small area, the winds only reach
about 75 mph. Boaters should take
precautions and stay away from the
Water spouts arc more common
in Carteret County than the South
Brunwick Islands, Huddins said.
Backlog Feared By Health Dept.
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It's difficult finding a qualified
person who can fill the shoes of a
trained health specialist, said
"We always hope that we can hire
somebody that's authorized," he
said, "but really, we've not been
able to do that in the past. There's
not that many registered specialists
in Brunswick County."
The recent resignations leaves the
department with one part-time and
one full-time health specialist to
conduct soil evaluations. Crowder
and Bruce W hi trow, program spe
cialist whose job was redefined by
the Brunswick County Board of
Health last month, will fill in when
The department has three health
specialists who are still trainees and
are not currently authorized to con
duct soil evaluations or to issue per
mits. said Crowder. One of those
workers may qualify within a few
weeks, he said.
Once an untrained person is
hired, it takes from six to nine
months before the person can be
come authorized to issue septic tank
permits, said Crowder.
"Up until last year, we did not
have a full and authorized staff for
quite some time," said Crowder.
Now the department faces a re
building period, he said. The vacant
positions have been advertised
Animal control has also been se
riously shorthanded since July 18,
said Ms. Hatcher.
Jim Haggler, animal control offi
cer II, who was seriously injured in
an auto accident, returned to work
this week, she said.
When Joel Brewer resigned to ac
cept a position with the Department
of Social Services, it created a va
cant animal control officcr I posi
tion until Charles McClain was
hired to replace him this week, said
Ms. Hatcher.
Animal Control Supervisor Zel
ma Babson was fired in June and
has appealed that decision. No one
has replaced her.
"Remaining on staff and trying to
cover all of Brunswick County was
animal control officcr II, Robert
Grissett," said Ms. Hatcher.
Animal shelter attendant Dennis
Harpster covered emergency calls
during the manpower shortage, she
As of Monday, animal control
"can and will perform on its regular
schedule," said Ms. Hatcher.
I 1
\NOTICE: Reliable or consistent delivery cannot be
guaranteed since this newspaper must rely on the IAS.
Postal Service for delivery. We can only guarantee that
\your newspaper will be submitted to the post office in
Shallotte on Wednesday of the week of publication, in
time for dispatch to out-of-town addresses that day.
In Brunswick County U6.30 U5.30
N.C. Sales Tax .38 .32
Postage Charge 3.68 3.68
TOTAL 10.36 9.30
Elsewhere In North Carolina ^6.30 *15.30
N.C. Sales Tax .38 32
Postage Charge 8.18 8.18
TOTAL 14.86 13.80
Outside North Carolina D6.30 J5.30
Postage Charge 9.65 9.65
TOTAL 15.95 14.95
Complete And Return To Above Address
City, State
Heading Up And Av/oy!
Eric See spent much of last Thursday struggling to get his kite up in the air ? and keep it there. From
Bern Heights, Ohio, he was vacationing with his family at Ocean Isle Reach.
Bids For BCC Auditorium
Come In Under Projection
Bids received Tuesday for construction of a 1,500
seat auditorium at Brunswick Community College were
competitive, said public information officer Ann Marie
Apparent low base bids totaled S2.6 million, signifi
cantly below the S3.2 million project cost estimated by
Boney & Associates of Wilmington, architects for the
project. Mrs. Bellamy said it is possible the collcgc will
be able to award contracts for one or more bid alter
nates as a result.
Leslie N. Boney Jr., partner, said he was "well
pleased" with the outcome of the bidding.
Architects will review all bids for compliance with
specifications, said Mrs. Bellamy, before presenting
them to the BCC Board of Trustees for consideration.
Nine general contractors submitted bids under the
multiprime program, with the apparent low base bid of
SI, 997,000 entered by Hatcher Construction of
Nine mechanical contractors and seven electrical
and seven plumbing contractors also submitted bids,
said Mrs. Bellamy.
Submitting the apparent low base bids were Ashley
Elcctric, Whitevillc. electrical, S244.618; AMECO,
Lumbcrton, mechanical, S264.8K4; and Town &
Country, Faycttcvillc, plumbing, S125.000.
Participating with Boncy in the bid opening
Tuesday afternoon were Phil Albano, coordinator of fa
cility services with the N.C. Dept. of Community
Colleges and Ken Phelps and George Jernigan of Boncy
& Associates.
Some of the alternates included in the bid packages
were lighting enhancements for the parking/access ar
eas; a sidewalk to an existing parking area; paving of
the access drive; an upgraded sound system; and stag
ing, rigging and curtains.
To be built with funds remaining from a county
general bond issue, the auditorium will be named in
honor of Odcll Williamson. The Ocean Isle Beach de
veloper is giving the college a S500,(XX) endowment to
pay for management of the facility.
The auditorium, designed generally after the smaller
Kenan Auditorium at the University of North Carolina
at Wilmington, will have two levels of seating and a fly
loft for scenery storage and handling. It will be accessi
ble to the physically handicapped.
Non-profit organizations will be allowed to book
use of the community facility at no charge. Expected
uses include BCC graduation exercises, the Miss
Brunswick County Pageant and concerts by groups
such as the N.C. Symphony.
Animal Control Supervisor
May Appeal Board's Action
An animal control supervisor
fired from her job in June may carry
her appeal 10 the Slate Personnel
Zelma Babson, an 11 -year veter
an of the Brunswick County Animal
Control Division, was fired on June
25 by Health Director Michael
Rhodes. His personnel action was
upheld by the Brunswick County
Board of Health last Monday fol
lowing a four-hour closed door
"Naturaliy, we're very disap
pointed with the decision," said
Shallotie attorney Shelia McLamb,
who represents Ms. Babson. "I'm
not sure at this point if she will ap
peal, but she probably will."
Ms. McLamb said notice of the
board's action had arrived by mail
at her office Monday, postmarked
July 25. However, she was out of
town and did not return until
When contacted at her home
Tuesday evening, Ms. Babson said
she had not received a copy of the
official notification from the health
board but was awaiting word from
Ms. McLamb.
'The only notification that I've
received is through your newspa
per," said Ms. Babson. "Their five
days was up yesterday (Monday)."
Rhodes said Tuesday that official
Established Nov. 1, 1962
Telephone 754-6890
Published Every Thursday
At 4709 Main Street
Shallotte, N.C. 28459
One Year $10.36
Six Months $5.55
One Year $14.80
Six Months $7.90
One Year $15.95
Six Months $8.35
Second class postage paid at the
Post Office in Shallotte, N.C.
28459. USPS 777-780.
notification had been mailed on
"I would call her attorney," he
Ms. McLamb said her client has
30 days from July 25 to file a
grievance with the State Personnel
All county animal control work
ers fall under a competitive service
employee policy adopted by the
State Personnel Commission in
June 1990. The health director is
responsible for personnel action, but
if an employee feels the action to be
unfair, he or she can appeal the de
cision to the board of health.
If the employee disagrees with
the board's decision, he or she may
file a grievance with the Personnel
Commission. The matter does not
go before Brunswick County
"Her history of employment with
the Brunswick County Health
Department is outstanding," said
Ms. McLamb. "She is an excellent
investigator. Right now she's look
ing for work in Brunswick County
because this is her home."
/dm/ Lu/im
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election to a Ward il seal.
Gregory P. Holley filed for a seat
on the Boiling Spring Lakes Board
of Commissioners.
Jamie Wilson is seeking election
to the seat to which he was appoint
ed on the Southeast Brunswick
Sanitary District Board.
Northern Brunswick
In the northern part of the county,
Navassa Mayor Louis "Bobby"
Brown and Councilman Walter
Williams have filed for re-election.
Lcland Councilwoman Lyncttc
Carlisle also filed for re-election to
the town board.
Markland S. Carper is seeking
election to the Bclvillc Board of
Candidates Listed
Other candidates include the fol
Calabash: Jon Sanborn, commis
sioner, District II.
Sunset Beach: Mason Barber,
mayor, Cherri Cheek, council.
Ocean Isle Beach: Betty
Williamson, mayor; Debbie Fox,
Shallotte: David Gausc and Joe
"Junior" Hewctt, alderman.
Holden Beach: James Shafor,
mayor, Sid Swarts, David Sandifcr
and Larry McDowell, commission
Vamamtown: Judy Galloway,
Boiling Spring Lakes: Steven
Mark Stewart, mayor.
Southport: C.B. "Cash" Caroon
and Norman R. Holden, mayor;
Mary H. "Mcczic" Childs, alder
man, Ward I; Nelson Adams and
William W. Delaney II, alderman,
Ward II.
Long Beach: H. Michael Oxford
and Joan Altman, mayor, Jean Gray,
William D. Easlcy III, Bobbie
Larrison, Carlton "Gene" Fra/.icr
and James R. Somcrs, commission
Caswell Beach: Jack Cook, may
or; Esten "Jonnic" Gillis, commis
Leland: Rev. S.L. Doty Jr., may
or; Jane Gilbert and Thomas Hyatt,
Sandv Creek: Louis A. Blouir,
Brcnda Gayc Mitchell and Carolyn
Hamilton, council.
Belville: Kenneth D. Mcsser Sr.,
Navassa: Eulis Willis, council.
Southeast Brunswick Sanitary
District Board: Lucille Laster.
Dosher Hospital Trustees:
Charles D. Johnson, Gib Barbec and
Eugene Tomlinson Jr.
Does Your
Pool Look
Like A
If your pool is murky
green or has black or yellow
spots, you probably have an
algae problem. And algae is not
only ugly, it's not good for you
or your pool. It clogs your filter
and makes a hearty meal for all
kinds of bacteria.
HioGuard has a cure.
Because we're algae experts.
No matter what type algae you
have, we have the solution.
So don't swim in a pond
bring your pool to BioCiuard.
We make swimming a heavenly
^ Bring your pool
Island Village Specialty Shops
Hwy. 179, Ocean Isle Beach
(Behind IGA) Open Monday-Saturday
BB 579-8828 3
Daily Maintenance
Chemicals, Accessories & Equipment

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