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suff pmoto bv oom c gorganus /{)' SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the storm had bvpassed Rrunswick County, leaving only traces of
FWOMNC, ON OCEAN ISLE REACH 'S First Street last Friday forced vehicles to navigate several beach erosion behind. However, high tides at this Ocean Isle east-end waterfront house Handful of
inches of water. Many drivers detoured down Second Street instead. Sand, surged over a protective mound of sandbags.
Northeaster Misses Brunswick, Minimal Erosion Damaae Noted
Rcsidcnus of the Soudi Brunswick lslanils
watched and waited last weekend for a
storm that eventually headed north, missing
area beaches and leaving only minimal ero
sion in its wake.
News reports last Friday morning warned
of the possibility of beach erosion and dam
age to properly along the coast, but for the
most part, the brunt of the storm headed
north to the Outer Banks and Virginia.
Local officials reported little to no dam
age caused by the storm, which was distin
guished by heavy northeastern winds that
boosted already astronomically high tides
along the Atlantic coast.
Druicd Robcrson, building and utilities
inspector for Ocean Isle Beach, said that he
had made several rounds Friday morning
and had seen higher ihan usual water, but
"no real problems".
By Tuesday, Roberson said that he had
noticed "minor erosion on the east end" of
the island. A water line had broken,
Roberson said, but it was not serious and
could easily be fixed.
Sunset Beach Town Administrator Linda
Flucgcl reported that the island had
experienced "no erosion at all," and that the
island was well built up for such storms.
"In fact." she said,"wc had extra build-up
on the west end of the island."
Dwight Carroll, budding inspector for
Holdcn Beach, said Tuesday that the island
sustained "some erosion, but a very nominal
The only erosion he reported was limited
to some of the walkways.
"The first step may be another six inches
off the ground on some of the walkways,"
he said.
Canroli said that most of the erosion was
cast of the 100 block of Ocean Boulevard
"NVc were lucky," he said.
Sunset Beoch Will Add Second Building Inspector
Sunset Beach plans to hire a sec
ond building inspector.
Council members proved the ad
dition to the staff following an exec
utive session Monday night with
Town Administrator Linda Flucgcl.
In other business Monday, con
sulting engineers updated the coun
cil on a sewer system feasibility
study, making several recommenda
Ms. Flucgcl said later that she re
quested the executive session to dis
cuss with council a candidate she
has already taken into consideration
for the position. The candidate's
name was kept confidential in order
to proteci his/her current employ
ment status.
Sunset Beach already employs
larry Crimm as building inspector
supervisor. But, Ms. Flucgcl said,
the position of building inspector I
needs to be added to the staff.
The new employee will relieve
Ms. Fluegel and Crimm of some of
their duties, such as filing CAMA
permits, storing data on the comput
er and more of the "menial tasks,"
she said. Ms. Flucgcl said she would
like to sec the entire building inspec
tion program computerized in the
near future.
She credited rcccnt heightened
annexation activity for the increased
staffing needs.
"We're going to document the
need for this sewer system "
? Joe Thomboro, Engineer
Powell Associates of NMB
'I"hc position is being advertised,
she said, which may also bring in
more qualified candidates for the job.
Sewer Progress
Joe Thomboro and Jim Billups,
engineers with Powell Associates of
North Myrtle Beach, said the com
pany is nearing the end of an analy
sis of a treatment/collection site.
The engineers said they are look
ing at a possible location for the
treatment plant in an upland area on
the outskirts of the town's bound
aries that is surrounded by wetlands.
Phase 1 of the system, they point
ed out, will begin with scrvice on
the island and crosscs over to the
mainland. A low-lying, main inter
ceptor running through town, as part
of the gravitational network, would
pick up the island line at a main
pump area and then pump to the
treatment plant.
The wastewater would be pumped
off the island from four pumps.
Pipes would possibly be run down
the middle of some of the island's
streets, or behind houses as needed.
Billups and Thomboro estimated
that the system would serve about
2,(XK) homes in Phase I, which would
have the capacity to pump 5(X).(XX)
gallons ol wastewater per tJay.
Following up on a previous letter
~r r; ? ...
ui iMicui, utt in 111 I'lam iv/ dumiiii 4-1
grant application next week to the
Farmers Home Administration.
As part of the slate and federal
grant eligibility process, they recom
mended the town hold hearings to
receive public input about the pro
posed system.
Thomboro said he will be receiv
ing environmental information soon
concerning the feasibility of the
sewer system. That information will
be forwarded to Preston Howard at
the N.C. Department of Environ
mental Management (DEM) region
al office in Wilmington.
"We're going to document the
need for this sewer system," said
Thomboro. He said he believes that
the information to be submitted will
qualify as the required environmen
tal impact portion of the 201 Study.
Such a study would make Sunset
Bcach more eligible for an increased
variety of federal and stale funding.
Hie gravitational system, Billups
and Thoinboro said, would be capa
ble of expansion to join a regional
system if that opportunity arises.
New Provision
A public hearing will be held in
advance of the regular town meeting
on Feb. 3 regarding the addition of a
"Vested Right" provision in town or
dinances as recommended by the
N.C. League of Municipalities.
If adopted, the ordinance would
require that a developer or builder
state intentions or plans lor develop
ment when applying for permits to
build on a newly-purchased area.
The provision, Ms. Fluegel said,
is intended to protect the town as
well as the builder, and "meets each
party half way."
Once intent of use is stated and
permits have been issued on behalf
of the developer, the town would not
allowed to change the zoning of that
area for two years. Previously a
town could make such a change
whenever it pleased, which could
hinder the progress of a builder.
Other Business
In other business, council mem
?Heard that Sheldon Caison has
been hired by Police Chief D.B.
Point Resident Raises Concern For Deeds Law
For 10 years, R.C. Eaton of Shal
loltc Point had a problem that he
didn't know existed.
Eaton says a phony deed was
filed against his property that con
tused the Brunswick County Tax
Department recently into thinking he
had not paid taxes on the land for
the past 10 years.
He believes the phony deed
should never have been recorded.
But his investigation revealed
there is no law on the books that
gives the Register of Deeds office
authority to refuse to record an ille
gitimate deed, even when the depart
ment knows it may not be a true
"There's nothing to protect a
man's rights," Eaton told Brunswick
County Commissioners Monday
night. "The only way he can take
that phony deed off is to go to
Brunswick County Register of
Deeds Robert J. Robinson told com
missioners that Eaton is right, that a
law is needed to give registrars more
power to rejcct the tiling ol false
As legislative, chairman of the
N.C. Register of Deeds Association,
Robinson said he would lobby for a
new law with the 1992 N.C. General
Assembly. Eaton says State Rep.
David Redwine has also agreed to
join the battle.
Commissioners voted 4-0 to
adopt a resolution supporting the
new law.
Eaton was pleased Monday when
the board offered its support. But he
says it may still cost him S5,0(X) in
legal fees to have a court reject the
deed placed on his property.
"Right now, it's not hurting me,"
he said, "unless I may want to bor
row some money."
At first, said Eaton, Rcdwine
didn't understand the problem, until
presented with a scenario: Suppose
Eaton dralied a phony deed and filed
it against Redwine's home.
"He was surprised to learn that,
by law, 1 could," said Eaton.
County Attorney David Clcgg ac
knowledged that Eaton's tax bills
have been confused by the false
"He's got a problem," said Clcgg.
"It's an illegal conveyance problem."
Zoning Wanted?
Jim Finchcr of the Holdcn Beach
area asked commissioners for a
noise ordinance, saying neighbors
place loudspeakers in the doorway
of homes that can be "heard 10
miles away."
A noise ordinance can't be cn
lorccd without zoning laws, said
Replied Fincher, "We're not ask
ing you to go out and crucify them,
just to have them turn it down."
In court, said Clcgg, some in
stances of noise nuisance can be
viewed as trespassing, "if it starts
knocking things off the wall."
District 2 Commissioner Jerry
Jones said he heard complaints from
one Holden Bcach resident who said
a neighbor's "boom box" shook pic
tures off the walls of her home.
Interjected Clcgg, "1 think that
woman took out a warrant bccausc
there was property damage in
volved. She called me."
Also, Arden Moore of Shalloltc
Point addressed the board again ask
ing for a law to prohibit neightnirs
from burning trash.
He asked commissioners last
month for an ordinance, but the
board said it would first need a zon
ing ordinance. Towns have such
bans on burning because they have
zoning rules, said Commissioner
Kelly Holden.
"It sounds like there arc a lot of
advocates of zoning in here tonight,"
said Holden.
The board has instructed the
Brunswick County Planning Depart
ment to draft a county wide zoning
Town Will Help
Sunset Beach Council agiecd 5-1
Monday night to help restock two
local lakes with carp, as requested
by the Twin Lakes Conservation
Residents Association.
Member Julia Thomas was the
only opposing voice.
In a letter to the town, Associa
tion spokesman Waller Hoff said
the town would be one of three
groups sharing the cost of the
54,800 project.
ordinance as soon as possible.
Moore said he trespassed on his
neighbor's properly lo remove trash
before it could be burned.
Two days after complaining to
commissioners with his problem in
December, the neighbors were burn
ing garbage near his home again,
said Moore, who told the board he
has health problems affected by the
"If this board doesn't do anything
about it," said Moore, "you're party
to it."
He told the board that if he was a
developer wanting relief from an or
dinance that had been on the books
since 1 986, he would probably get
action. Thai was iu relcrencc to
board action that lilted a subdivision
restriction for former Commissioner
Benny Ludlum, a vole Unit was later
"Mr. Moore, you're barking up
the wrong tree," Holden responded.
i Restock Lakes
Three groups. Oyster Bay Golf
Course, TLCKA and the Town of
Sunset Beach, will each provide
$800 a year for two years to the re
stocking project.
Sterilized carp will be slockcd in
the eastern lake the first year and in
the western lake the second year.
Each fish costs S8 and will be
purchased from a local fish hatchery.
The weed-eating fish remove ex
cess weeds from the lakes.
Buel! as the town's newest police of
ficer. Hie former sheriff's deputy
started work Jan. 2.
?Heard from John Carraway, CPA,
that the audit for fiscal year 1990-91
shows the town was in "very good
financial condition," and that a sur
plus of S65,(XX) existed in the town
account for emergency expenditures.
?Zoned Lots 7, 8 and 9 of Seaside
Shopping Center (up to the new post
office) for business activity. The lots
had not been zoned when they were
initially annexed. No opposition to
the proposed zoning was made at a
public hearing.
?Agreed to apply to the Brunswick
County Planning Board for permis
sion to extend the town's extraterri
torial jurisdiction to N.C. 9(>4 and
Old Georgetown Road. If the ETA is
to Ik extended more than one mile
beyond town limits, special permis
sion must be received from the
?Gave final approval to plats for de
velopment of the D.B. Stanaland
tract and the Lake Shore Woods ex
tension area.
?Accepted the resignation of Joe
Policcili as alternate ETA represen
tative on the Planning Board. His re
Sign Rule Changes
Still Under Review
In a two-hour workshop Mon
day afiemwin before their regu
lar meeting, Sunset Beach town
council members met with the
planning board to review pro
posed changes in the town's sign
The group discussed proposed
changcs regarding the height of
monument signs along roadsides,
as well as the number of signs al
lowed at shopping centers.
The planning board presented
iis version of a "model" ordi
nance to council members for
their reaction.
The two boards will meet
again for more work before a fi
nal draft of the ordinance is pre
pared to take to public hearing.
placement will be named at a future
?Referred to the Planning Board,
for consideration <?n<1 a recommen
dation, the proposed rczoning of the
water tank site from RI-1 to MB-1
as previously discussed.
Supply Democrats
To Reorganize Precinct
A rcorganizauonal meeting of
Supply Prccinct will be held by the
Brunswick County Democratic
Party Tuesday, Jan. 14, at 7 p.m.
All voters in Supply Prccinct who
arc registered as Democrats arc in
vited to attend the meeting, which
will be held at the party's headquar
ters on U.S. 17 north of Supply, said
Crawford Hart, Brunswick County
Democratic Party chairman.
Also, the Brunswick County
Democratic Party will hold its regu
lar monthly meeting Unlay (Thur
sday) at 7 p.m., also at the Demo
era tic Party headquarters building.
Hart is urging all members of the
executive committee to attend, as
well as other registered Democrats
and those who wish to register as
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