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    Camellias Offer Refreshing Change
Wlial ui) ilic camcllia varieties
IX-buiantc, Alba Plena, Mathotiana,
K.L. Wheeler. Nuccio Gem and
Magnolia Flora have in common?
They arc all Camellia japonu a,
varieties that arc ideal for die begin
ning camellia grower.
By this time of year, I am getting
pretty lired of poinsetlias, Christmas
cacti and Christmas trees. What 1
long for is the sight ol a camellia
bush lull ol flowers.
Tii my delight, growing and
showing camellias has experienced
quite a revival in recent years. How
ever. a grcL't many misconceptions
exist about camellia culture and en
Placed in a well-protected envi
ronment, camellias will grow and
llonsh deep into the North Carolina
piedmont. However, unprotected ca
mellias are best grown in the milder
climates of the civisuil Carolinas.
I recently presented a program to
the Tidewater Camellia Society in
Wilmington. The event gave me the
opportunity 10 meet and visit with
some very line gardeners.
Extension Area
Turf Specialist
Ogle Hess is currcnlly president
of the group arui is doing a wonder
ful job of gelling the word out about
camellia culture. Mr. Iless has put
together a publication tilled "Grow
ing Cameiiias H* the Beginner,
which is excellent.
You can obtain one of these pub! i
cations free ol charge Saturday. Jan.
IS. at the camellia seminar which
will be held at the New Hanover
County Extension Auditorium. Call
the Extension office at 19-350
IX) 1 0 for more information.
For those wanting more informa
tion about camellia culture, I would
recommend you plan to attend this
seminar, visit with some oi the expe
rienced camellia growers and write
to the American Camellia Society.
(Their address is: P.O. Box 1217,
Fort Valley, Ga. 31030)
The American Camellia Society
publishes a series ol fact sheets
about camellia culture which are su
I also have a ll>77 publication de
veloped by the USDA tilled C rmt -
in x' Camellias llcme and Garden
Bulletin Mo. .SVi" that contains all the
pertinent information the beginner
should know.
If you would like a copy, please
send me a SASF.
Dear Plant Doctor: Can you help
mc With a ui>Ca>C Uuii aitcvLN in y
bayberry and ligustrum? The main
branches and some of the smaller
branches are covered w iili thousands
of while, rod-shaped marks which
are .5 to 1.0 cm in length. When
scraped off, ihe shrub is green and
alive beneath the outer hark.
These rod-shaped marks do not
appear lo be alive.
All of the leaves have fallen off
and only the skeleton of a shmb re
mains, ii seems to have spread from
one shrub 10 another.
I have heard the term 'plant lice*.
Is this what my shrubs have?
Thank you for your consideration.
Answer: You got me on this one.
I have no idea what the problem is.
T he diagnosis of plant disease or
insect problems is extremely diffi
cult even under optimum conditions.
1 suggest that you cut off a represen
tative affected portion of the plant,
place the specimen in an airtight
plastic bag, and deliver it to your lo
cal North Carolina Cooperative
K\ tension Service office.
The agents in that office will be
able to send the sample to North
Carolina State University in Raleigh
to the plant disease and insect clinic,
where a leant ol pathologists and en
tomologists can properly identify the
The treatment will depend on the
Send your ftardenini! questions to
The I'lant Doctor, P.O. Box 109,
Bolivia. NC. 2S422. Send a SASL
for a reply.
Local Births Are Announced
Reggie Mark Bullock and Evcitc
A Fnnk of Long wood have announ
ccd the birth of a son, Victor Deme
inus Bullock, Dec. 24 at The Bruns
wick 1 lospital. Supply.
Bom at 5:14 p.m., he weighed 6
pounds, 10 ounces, and was 23 inch
es long
His grandparents are Dorothy
Sutton and Victoria Frink.
Victor's great-grandparents are
Lanne Bullock and Frankly Bullock.
Barry Reaves and La Shawn Mc
Neill of Shallotie have announced
the birth of a son. Hakeem Jaron
Reaves, Dec. 2ft at The Brunswick
Hospital. Supply.
He was born at 9:23 a.m., weigh
mg 7 pounds, 13 ounccs, and was 21
inchcs long.
Hakeem joins a brother, Tyquan
His grandparents arc lola McNeill
of Shallotte, Jaculinc Wilson of Shal
lotle anil Larry Reaves of Supply.
Hakeem's grcai-grandparenis are
Mr. and Mrs. Masco McNeill of
David C. and Marlenc S. Lewis of
Bolivia have announced the birth of
a son. David Joel Lewis, Dec. 31 at
The Brunswick Hospital. Supply.
Born at 1 1:52 a.m., he weighed A
pounds, 8 ounccs, and was 1') inches
David joins a sister. LaCosha Ste
venson. and a brother. Clifton Ste
His grandparents are Alice F. Ste
Seminar Offers
H ealth Insurance
A Senior Health Insurance Infor
mation Program (SHI IP) benefits
seminar will he offered Tuesday,
Jan. 14. at the Shallouc Senior
Center at 10 a.m.
Ida Pern, a SHIIP reprcscniative
with the N.C. Department of Insur
ance, will he available to highlight
the purpose and operations of the
program, said Pearl W. Stanley,
I n-fr^
home economics extension agent
with the Brunswick Count\ Coope
rative Extension Service.
The benefits seminar is open to
all interested persons, she said.
More information is available
from her at the extension office,
The senior center is located on
U.S. 17 Business in Challotte.
Hospital To Offer Cholesterol Tests
Loris Community Hospital in
Loris, S C., this month is ottering S5
cholesterol screenings at various lo
cations in the region.
Screenings will he held at the fol
lowing sites:
?l-'ord Brothers Chevrolet, Jan. 9,
10 a.m.-l p.m.
?Nakina Senior Citizens Center,
Jan. 15, 10 a.m. -2 p.m.
?Longs Post Office, Jan. 16, I p.m -
5 p.m.
?Tabor City Senior Citi/ens Center,
Jan. 22, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
?Loris Community Hospital, Jan.
23, 9 a.m. -2 p.m.
Organizations, churches and busi
nesses interested in having a choles
terol program brought to them can
call Evelyn Cox at 1-803-756-4011.
N.C. Miss & Master
Valentine Pageant
Saturday, Feb. 1 , 2 PM
Shallotte Middle School
Registration 12:30 to1:30
Open to all age groups
For details, call Margie Pridgen (803)464-9097.
Starts Jan. 13th.
7:00 I'M Beginners' class.
8:00 I'M Intermediate class.
6-week session.
Thursday nights at 6:30.
Tues. & Thurs. nights at 7:00
Get in shape while having a great time!
Call for more information 754-6106/754-8281 .
Hwy. 17 N? Shallotte
vcnson of Bolivia and Luc Ann
Lewis of Soulhport.
David's great-grandparents arc
Beatrice Brown of Bolivia and Jerry
Slcvcnson of Supply.
Many and Catherine Cooke of
Shallouc have announced the birth
of a daughter, Catherine Elizabeth
Cooke, Dec. 13 at Cape Fear
Memorial Hospital, Wilmington.
She was born at 1:41 p.m., weigh
ing 8 pounds. 6 ounces, and was
19.25 inches long.
Catherine's grandparents arc Mr.
and Mrs. John Cooke of Wadcshoro
and Mr. and Mrs. Park Davidson of
Her great grandmothers are Mrs.
EM. C\x>ke ol Myrtle Beach, S.C.,
and Mrs. John W. Carson Sr. of
Thomas Frink and Karen Peele of
Long Beach have announced the
birth of a daughter, Karissa Nicole
Frink, Dec. 26 at 'Hie Brunswick
Hospital. Supply.
She was bom at 10:33 p.m.,
weighing X pounds, X ounces, and
was 21 inches long.
Kanssa's grandparents are John
and Barbara Peele and Tom and
Nancy Frink.
Her great-grandparents are Ethel
Stevens and Virginia Parker.
Birthdays And
Thursday, January 9
Boh Manges, William Madison
Gore, Bo Abbott. Bradley Caison,
Connie Russ. Penny Buie, Charles
Fox. Kayc Evans, Floyd Kirby Jr
JelTrey B. Blum; Dr. and Mrs.
Michael Ward.
Friday, January 1(1
Harold Bland, Thomas Duncan,
Demaris Bcttinger, Harold Bland.
Bill Wilbur, Julie Hamilton Lee.
Ouida Hewctt Michelle I eiwii.
Joe Dennic; Mr. and Mrs. Dean
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Armand Vasco.
Sam and Edna Faye Inman.
Saturday, January II
Margaret Hardin, Billie Hill.
Shannon Price. Cindy Champion.
Jim Furr, George Goodrow, Skipper
Brummcu. Gracie Evans, Mary Lou
Jackson, Johnny Chilton; Larry and
Julie Harrelson.
Sunday, January 12
Tom Sanders, Debbie Clausen.
Dcbora Smith, Tambra B. Lewis,
Lucy Coleman, Kyle Inman, Amy
E. Robinson, Debbie H. Stanley, Sid
Morgan. Tammic Lewis, Pain H.
Brown, Christopher Lewis; Johnny
and Tammy Starnes, Mr. and Mrs
Gene Hewctt.
Monday, January 1 J
June Cooper, Brittany Stanley,
Drew Bobbins, Joe Haukius, Wendy
Moore, Rebecca Hughes; Nlendal
and Karen Watts, Pam and Andy
Brown. Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Redwine,
Mr. and Mrs. Carvin Robinson.
I'utfScJiiv, Jisnisyrv !4
Megan DcFco, Eric Gibble, Ryan
Sims, Kclli Leigh Carlyle, Christina
Morrison. John Newton, Jimmy
Caton, James Oslx)rne, Bonnie Leo
nard, Hiram T "Buck" Sellers, Suc
annc Holden, Bill Leigh; Mr. and
Mrs. Bailey Russ.
Wednesday January 15
Jeremy Bell Hewctt. Martha
Wilkerson, Mary Simmons, Rcgina
Norton, Jeremy Dale Hewctt, Kalhy
Lawing, William A. Stanley Jr., Dr.
Ed Lance; Mr. and Mrs. Joey
Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. A.O. King Jr.,
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Clifton.
S75 '.?& Take the first step to a more energetic you!
Sign-up now for aerobics...
7:30 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays
DeLana Holden, Instructor
formerly Fitness Connection
754-8884 or 754-6495
Itesort Plaza, Hwy. 17 S., Shallotte
Unique Gifts & Gourmet Baskets
for Every Occasion
All Gifts And
1/2 Price
Fitz & Floyd ? Animated Music Boxes
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50 Years Together
Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Breeding of Shallotle Point celebrated 50 years
of marriage on Wednesday, Jan. S. The couple was honored at a
reception on ,\Yh- Year's l)av given by their family and friends.
Literacy Council Slates Workshops
Area residents still searching for
that New Year's resolution may
want to consider helping an adult to
The Brunswick County Literacy
Council's next tutor training work
shop will he held Friday. Jan. 31.
from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday,
Feb. 1, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Participants who complete hmh
sessions will he certified in the
phonics-based Laubach Method <>i
leaching reading, according in
spokesperson Brerula Gnssctl.
The workshop fee is S10 anil may
be paid at the first session. Those
planning to attend should pre-regis
ter by calling 754-7323.
Beach Artist Showing At BCC
Brunswick Community College's
lobby gallery features the work of
Long Beach artist Erin Cronin-Webb
during January.
While the artist is known primari
ly for her portraiture, her work also
includes lush tropical florals, color
ful parrots and macaws and "ex
quisite" hummingbirds, according to
a BCC news release.
Bom in New York City, Ms.
Cronin-Webb lived in California,
Utah. Washington, Michigan, Con
necticut, Florida and New Jersey be
lore locating in North Carolina.
She has worked as an actress,
teacher, social worker, education ad
ministrator and engineering designer.
Critics say her work often appears to
have been done by six different peo
ple, the news release indicated.
Ms. Cronin-Webb feels her life
has reflected much of the change
taking place in the last decade that
not only has affected women's roles,
but American lifestyles as well.
"Rising to new challenges and
viewing change as a catalyst to
growth is the best foundation of
youth available to people," she saiil
in the release.
Her portraits of children have
been compared to the works of
Mary Cassatt. Her works are part ol
the permanent collections of the
University of Washington and sever
al corporate and private collections
in the United States. Europe and
Mrs. Cronin-Webb is a member ol
the American Society of Portrait
Artists, Associated Artists ol South
port, Oak Island Art Guild and the
Wilmington Art Association.
Vascos Celebrate
50th Anniversary
Mainly and Margaret Vasco of
Holdcn Beach and formerly of
Washington, D.C., will celebrate
their 50th wedding anniversary Jan.
A surprise party was given Dec.
14 by their children at the home of
Hugh and Peggy Squires of Fulton,
Mrs. Squires is a daughter of the
Vascos. Other children arc Chester
Vasco of Richmond, Va., and Nancy
Cull of Boilingbrook, 111.
Seventy friends, neighbors and
relatives attended the celebration.
You made it to 40!
Happy Birthday Daddy
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