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    County Surviving
Economic Slump
An ailing cconomy is taking a
bile out of Brunswick County's bud
get, but most departments arc sur
viving perhaps the worst financial
conditions in 20 years.
"I think we've seen it get just
about as bad as it's going to get,"
said Lithia Hahn, Brunswick
County's finance director.
Last year, she earned 8 percent to
9 percent interest on Brunswick
County's investments. Two months
ago, that rate plummeted to 4.5
percent. Today, the rates have fallen
even lower, lo 3.9 percent.
"I've never seen them so low,"
said Ms. Hahn, who has worked in
finance for 20 years. "I hope I didn't
overestimate our investment earn
Brunswick County operates on a
$35 million a year budget. A lot of
that money is invested with local
banks. Finance directors must add to
the budget what they believe the
county will cam in interest cach fis
cal year.
County departments that often
feel the crunch when the cconomy is
bad arc starting to feci the pinch.
The Brunswick County Register of
Deeds office. Building Inspections
and Health Department's environ
mental health scction operate partly
on fer.s generated from real estate
sales, the filing of deeds and permits
for new home construction and sep
tic tanks.
While those departmental budgets
arc not in any danger now, said Ms.
Hahn, the figures arc down for the
first half of 1991-92.
"I'm not seeing anything that's
dropping below where it should be,"
she said.
Brunswick County Commission
ers committed to several building
projects before the cconomy took a
turn. Those included a S2.3 million
Emergency Operations Center for
the 911 program that will begin in
April; a $7.5 million Phase III of the
water system lo Shallottc Point and
Seaside; and a $168,000 water line
project to the Jennifer subdivision
near Lcland.
"We're putting millions of dollars
into the local cconomy," said Kelly
Holdcn, chairman of the Brunswick
County Commissioners.
A positive side to the ailing ccon
omy is that it is a buyer's market.
Competitive bids the county has re
ceived in recent months have come
in below expected figures. Holdcn
said companies know that Bruns
wick County is still a growing coun
ty despite the economic forecasts.
"The companies that arc hungry
arc putting in the bids," he said.
Bids for part of the Phase 111 wa
ter system, at S2.2 million, came in
well under the expected costs, said
County Engineer Robert Tucker.
Also, last month, commissioners
were pleased with bids received for
the painting of county owned water
towers and a five-year trash disposal
"Those construction people are a
little bit hungry," said Ms. Hahn.
"But I'm not seeing any competitive
bids on investments."
Interest rates for mortgage loans
have fallen to about 8 percent. It
means good news for persons who
have a good credit history or have
not exceeded their credit limits and
can take advantage of the low rates,
said Ms. Hahn.
"If there were more people out
there that could take advantage of it
being in a recession period, it could
help the economy," she said. "The
sad part is, I don't think there's
enough people out there to take ad
vantage of it."
Brunswick County's economy
usually follows the national trend,
with an increase in buying and sell
ing activity in the spring months.
Ms. Hahn, who considers studying
the economy her hobby, is tentative
ly predicting another increase in ac
tivity this spring.
"I just hope it's not a false im
provement," she said.
Since 1992 is also a national elec
tion year, consumers arc likely lo
feci good about buying again once
the campaign season starts. But, that
"pumped up' feeling often lasts just
a few months, she noted.
"It's like eating sugar," said Ms.
Hahn. "You get pumped up, but after
a little while, it sort of goes away."
As a business, Brunswick
County's finances arc in good shape,
she said. But some local residents
and businesses arc hurting.
"I've had people talk to me about
their personal finances," said Ms.
Hahn. "It just breaks my heart."
County Awards Second
Bid For Water Project
Brunswick County Commission
ers Monday awarded a second bid
for the Phase HI and II1-A water ex
pansion project to the Shallottc
Point and Seaside communities.
Carmichacl Construction Co. of
Long Beach submitted the lowest of
13 bids and will install a main water
line down Thomasboro Road and
N.C. 904 to Seaside, said County
Manager David Clegg.
Last month, commissioners ac
cepted a low bid of S2.2 million
from Bryant Electric Co. of High
Point for another portion of the S7.5
million projccl. Bryant will install
the main line that runs from
Shallottc to Grisscttown.
Because of logistics, the projccl
must be bid in sections, said Clegg.
County Engineer Robert Tucker
said Monday's low bid from
Carmichacl was about 20 percent
under the anticipated cost. The com
pany has been hired on a number of
county Spccial Assessment District
(SAD) water line projects since
Others submitting bids Monday
were: Zciglcr Construction Co.,
5549,187; Mark H. Johnson Inc.,
S584.772; East Coast Construction
Inc., 5586,300; H.B.S. Contractors
Inc., 5591,513; Bryant Elcctric Co.,
5595.863; T.A. Loving Co.,
S603.365; Wright and Lope/ Inc.,
5653,271; R.H. Moore Co.,
5697,046; Yates Construction Co.,
5763,104; State Utility Contractors
Inc., 5793,401; Hobby Construction
Co., S807.647; and Hcrring-Riven
bark Inc., SI, 034 ,835.
Other Business
In other business Monday, com
?Held a public hearing on an ambu
lance franchise ordinance with few
comments. The county's 10 rescue
squads and a private medical trans
port unit in Columbus County have
agreed to provide mutual aid under
the county's 91 1 system that will be
gin in April. The non-controversial
franchise agreement is a requirement
for the 911 program, said Doug
Ledgett, Emergency Medical
Services director.
?Met Crystal Williams of Lcland,
1992 Miss Brunswick County, who
thanked the board for county in
volvement in the Miss Brunswick
County Scholarship Pageant. "My
pride in Brunswick County will be
my motivation to excellence," she
?Acccpied a low bid of S29.958 for
an aniculatcd trencher for the Water
Department from Prime Equipment
Co. of Wilmington.
?Accepted a low bid of SI 29,000
from Rivenbark Construction Co. of
Bolivia to do street improvements in
the Lcland Industrial Park with
funds available through a state grant.
?Set a public hearing for Tuesday,
Jan. 21, at 6:20 p.m., on a road name
change from Somerset! Road to
Shady Forest Drive near Calabash.
A Somcrsctl Drive already exists in
Calabash, said Lcdgctt. Residents
chose the new name, he said.
?Voted to support, by letter. State
Rep. Walter Jones' attempt to en
courage the N.C. Deparunent of
Transportation to apply for federal
funds to improve the state's ferry
service as a tourist attraction.
?Rcadopted an October 1990 reso
lution by request of Ocean Isle
Beach asking the U.S. Corps of
Engineers to take over maintenance
and dredging of the Shallotte Inlet.
?Instructed Clcgg to meet with li
brarians and town officials from
Shallotte and Southport to move to
ward consolidation of the county's
library system and to bring an agen
da back to commissioners later for
Established Nov. 1, 1962
Telephone 754-6890
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Shallotte, N.C. 28459
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Six Months S7.90
One Year SI 5.95
Six Months $8.35
Second class postage paid at
Shallotte, N.C. 28459. USPS 777
780. Postmaster, send address
changes to:
P.O. Box 2558.
Shallotte, N.C. 2K459-2558
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("Environmental Nulrition." Running and Fit News. February.
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