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NKW OFFICERS of the Brunswick County Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony Society are
(from left) Polly Fish, Stephanna Tewey, Etherine Butler and Kay Brannon.
Quintet Concert Begins '92 Season
The Brjnswick County Chapter
of the North Carolina Symphony
Society will kick off its 1992 season
with a reception and concert Sunday,
Feb. 2.
President Stcphanna Tcwcy of
Long Beach said the event begins at
2:30 p.m in the student center of
Brunswick Community College at
Supply, with the concert at 4 p.m.
The quintet will entertain with brass
music from the Renaissance to the
20lh century in a program not heard
before in Brunswick County.
Although the main purpose of the
event is to orient volunteers for the
upcoming season subscription cam
paign, Mrs. Tcwey said that students
and local music lovers are invited to
attend. She said the society is en
couraging students who arc learning
to play trombone, tnimpet and
French hom attend and observe the
playing of these instruments by pro
fessional musicians.
Admission is free and refresh
ments will be served.
The society has more than 100
volunteers helping promote local
symphony events, but Mrs. Tewey
said, "my goal is to have 200, so that
all county residents can have the op
portunity to Icam of the symphony's
The N.C. Symphony will visit
Brunswick County twice this year,
she said. A pops concert will be held
March 18 at Hatch Auditorium, Fort
Caswell, and a classical conccrt will
be held April 25 at West Brunswick
High School, Shallottc.
Also, the Symphony will give two
children's concerts Feb. 27. The first
will be at 9:45 a.m. at South
Brunswick High School, Boiling
Spring Lakes, and the sccond will be
at 1 p.m. at Shallottc Middle School.
Sclccied local students gel 10 per
form wiih the symphony as part of
this educational programming,
which is sponsored through sub
scriptions to the symphony concert
For ticket information or to vol
unteer. call Stephanna Tcwcy at 919
457-5656 or any member of the lo
cal chapter.
Tewey Heads Symphony Society
Stcphanna Tewey of Long Bcach has been elected chairman of the
Brunswick County Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony Socicty.
The group recently elected new officers and added 14 new members
to its board of directors.
The society, in conjunction with the North Carolina Symphony,
works to publicize and provide financial support for symphony concerts
in Brunswick County. This year's fundraising goal is $25,000, said Ms.
"flswey, which will provide two public concerts and two children's con
certs at local schools.
Other officers for the year include Etherine Butler of Shall otte as
vice-president, and Kay Brannon of Long Beach, who returns as treasur
er. As past president, Polly Fish will serve on the board as well.
New board members are as follows: Jane Carr of Ocean Isle Beach;
Sadie Webster of Longwood; Rosa Davis and Diana Mint/, of Bolivia;
James F. Clcmmons Jr. of Leland; James H. Bryant and Lizzie Mitchcll
of Supply; Rose Murphy and Susan Warren of Long Bcach; Johnnie
Simpson of Caswell Beach; Steve Skillman of Southport; and Craig
Morris and Patricia Cobb of Shallottc.
Returning board members are: Polly Fish of Bald Head Island (pub
licity chairman); Sally Case of Caswell Beach; Jane Kerr and Matilda
Sugg of Yaupon Beach; Tom Tewey and Walter and Majel Reinheimer of
Long Beach; Donna Trest of Thomasboro; and Milton loss: and Gelene
Russ of Shalloue.
Birthdays And Anniversaries
Thursday, January 30
Blair Alexandra Lane, Mablc
Stout, Marge Aurand, Ervin "Ted"
Hewctt, Brcnda T. Chilton, Timmy
Hughes; Roy and Donna Trest, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Gore.
Friday, January 31
Sarah Jane (Inman) Prill, Philip
Mayo, J.D. Lewis, Lisa Mintz,
Jimmy Powell, Ju-Lce La-Keishi
Frink, Daniel Troll, Patrick Wayne
McDonald, Kim Bell, Susie Sellers,
Larry Boyte, Martin Feldt, Joyce
Carmichael, Sheila Allen; Kenneth
and Sarah Prill, Mr. and Mrs. Alan
Russ, Mr. and Mrs. Carson Durham
Saturday, February 1
Jeffrey Galloway, Chris Hewctl,
Grant Gore, Anne Marie Bellamy.
Sunday, February 2
Charlie Atkinson, Sheen Stanley,
Lynn Causey, Craig Morris, Katrina
McCullen, Erin Austin Lec, Jessica
Roberts, Kim Carter, V.W. Simmons
Jr., Louise Gause, Shane Stanley;
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sellers Jr.
Monday, February 3
Adam Griffen, Johnny Craig,
Elma Branch, Corcena Jean Fiedler,
Shirley Moore, Joseph Lamb, Landis
Phelps, Bobby Long, Debra Young,
Amber Carter, William Montgomery,
Doris L. Wilson, Adam Glisson,
Alan Holdcn, Dylan Clayton, Joey
Galloway, Manscl Bennett, Bobby
Davis; Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall,
ivli. ill iu mi'S. JOnii RaltCiTCC.
Tuesday, February 4
Bctford Slanaland, Doris Good
row, Kip Young, David Kanoy 111,
Willie Curtis Fulford Sr., L.D. Ben
ton, Jim Baham, Pauline R. Tripp;
Mr. and Mrs. Cletis Clcmmons.
Wednesday. February 5
Ervic Todd, Wabren Walton, Rev.
Morris Lancaster, Webb Cox, Jay
Dosher, Ben Wilson, Flora R. John
son, Janie King, Felicia Stanley,
Rebecca Hcwctt, Kevin Mulholland;
Ken and Ann Lohr.
The latest ideas for living in the freshest fabrics, finishes and shapes! ^
ci XJr
By popular demand. ..this sale continues!
(Savings On Suggested
Retail Price$)
Hwy. 17, Little River, SC
Are Soil Creatures Good Or Bad?
Dear Plant Doctor: I read your
--1 -r*li(*irvi!ck- i LA;?. n
tuiuiiui iviigiulwi; ojiu, uving u )uiu
person, I look forward to ideas and
hints on 'how-los" (such as your re
cent article on mole crickets).
1 have three questions 1 would
having your 'when' and how-to'
comments on.
The first is: how do I deal with
ground moles? I would think that
now it is wintertime I would not
have any trouble, but these pests arc
ruining my yard. It has become
Tunnel City, U.S.A.
The second question is: at what
time of the year do you fertilize
pccan trees and what kind of fertiliz
er is best? How much should be ap
The third and last question is:
when, how and what is the best time
of year to seed centipedegrass?
Answer: There is a good and bad
side to having mole problems.
Moles cat only insects and other
small soil inhabiting creatures.
Healthy soils will often be full of
earthworms and grubs (a favorite
mole food), making your yard an
unlimited "food bar" for your local
mole population.
Conventional wisdom will tell
you to use insecticides to control the
grubs thus making your yard unap
petizing for the mole. Carbaryl
(Sevin), diazinon (Spcctracide), iri
chlorfon (Proxol), or isofenphos
(Oftcnol) can be applied in spring,
summer, or fa!! for grub control, ac
cording to label instructions.
Early fall (August or September)
is the best time to apply insecticides
for moles. However, these chemicals
may also kill your earthworms and
many other soil creatures beneficial
to your lawn.
Mole traps arc the best control for
moles, however, check with you lo
Winnabow Fire
To Serve Barbecue
Winnabow Volunteer Fire Depart
ment will serve barbecue dinners
Saturday, Feb. 1, from 11 a.m. until
5 p.m. at the station.
Plates costing S3 each will in
clude pork barbecue, potato salad,
colc slaw and hush puppies.
The department is located on
Governor's Road off U.S. 17 in
Extension Area
Turf Specialist
cal game warden. In the past, stale
law forbade trapping moles without
a special permit. Seems crazy, but
that's a fact.
The one really unique bit of infor
mation you need to know about
pecan fertilization is that pecans re
quire greater quantities of zinc than
other crops. I am sending you two
publications that will answer all
your questions on pecan culture:
"Growing Pecans in North Caro
lina" (N.C. Ag. Extension Public
ation AG-81) and "Some Common
Pecan Diseases and Their Control
in North Carolina" (Plant Pathology
Information Note 139).
A great quantity of information is
available on the native American
pecan. I will dedicate a future article
to pecan culture (in graduate school
I took an entire course on the sub
One of the best 'free' publications
on the east coast is an out-of-print
document titled "Carolina Lawns"
by Dr. Arthur Bnineau (Crop
Science Dept. N.C. State Univer
sity). Dr. Bmncau has recently up
dated and revised this publication
Happy Birthday
Mayana and Jay
tt i<
20 on Feb. 3 18 on Mar. 2
Love. Momma & Daddy
and it will be distributed this spring
. - .11 r* r**an-!.-.n
IU ail dUlU~ VwW^IUU ? LAltllMUII
offices. I am sending you a copy of
the old edition, but please plan to
check with us for one the new ones
this spring.
Dear Plant Doctor: Will it hurt
my garden to till in old rotten fruit
or will it cause the worms to start''
Please send me some information on
this question.
Answer: No. Crush or drop old
fruit and incorporate this material
into your soil.
I routinely use my garden as a
composting area for all my veg
etable and fruit scraps during the
winter. Do not use any animal by
products or bones in your garden,
since this material tends to attract
neighborhood cntters!
I also do not recommend adding
fresh vegetable matter to your gar
den during the growing season since
decomposing organic matter will of
ten deprive your vegetable plants of
nitrogen. The best solution is to start
and maintain a regular compost pile
for all your garden and household
organic waste.
And yes, healthy high-organic
mauer soil (like compost) will at
tract beneficial earthworms, but
earthworms arc not harmful to your
garden. Maggots are not usually a
problem in a well-managed compost
pile or garden.
Send you gardening questions to
The Plant Doctor. P.O. Box 109.
Bolivia. N.C. 28422. If you are re
questing any of the documents men
tioned in the article, please enclose
Happy 53rd Birthday
Don Hickman
Love. Mom & Dad
January 22, 1992
Brunswick Professional Pharmacy
has closed.
All prescription records
have been transferred to
Kerr Drug Store
Hwy. 17 North, Shallotte, NC
(Beside Food Lion)
Phone: (919) 754-7570
Our pharmacists Vikki Stocks &
Angie Pyatte will be glad
to assist you.
Store Hours: M-Sat. 9-9
Sun. 1-6

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