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    Rain, Sunshine In Forecast
Weather conditions for the next
week call for more of the same in
late winter conditions, witii periods
of rain and sunshine to be expected.
Local meteorologist Jackson
Canady of Shallotte Point predicts a
"not very bad pattern" of weather
throughout the South Brunswick
Islands, featuring "no large swings
from warm to cool."
Temperatures will be in the mid
50s during the day, Canady said,
while evening temperatures will be
in the mid 30s.
He expects about one- hall inch of
rain to fall in the next week, he said.
which is "right at normal" for late
Fiji tlic [icnuu of Feb. 4 through
Feb. 11, Canady recorded a maxi
mum daytime high temperature of
65 degrees on Feb. 7 and the mini
mum evening low temperature of 27
degrees on Feb. 9.
The daytime average temperature
was 57 degrees, and die evening av
erage was 36 degrees, which
brought a daily average of 46 de
grees to the region. That reading is
nomial, he said.
Canady measured . 1 5 of an inch
of rain at his home.
Tax Hike
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system starts operation.
Town Attorney Elva Jess told die
board that a zoning regulation has
been in effect since 1983 that re
quires visible address numbers on
She has been asked by ihe board
to write a "firm but pleasant" letter
giving them a deadline to put the
numbers on their houses. That dead
line is still to be determined.
Police officers will make a list of
houses without numbers, and those
homeowners will be warned of pos
sible misdemeanor charges that
could be brought against them.
Mayor Williamson said.
Other Business
In other business:
?In a board of adjustment meeting
earlier, commissioners voted unani
mously to deny a variance requested
by Stanton and Cynthia Singlctary.
Tliey wanted to place a 60 ? by- 100
foot mobile home on their lot, which
is zoned R-2. However, Building
Inspector Druied Robcrson said the
lot would not accommodatc the
trailer due to setback regulations in
that district.
?Shallotte Volunteer Rescue Squad
member Damn Moore presented a
request to the commissioners for a
donation to the squad. Increased
funds are needed, she said, so the
squad can update its Advanced Life
Support system before the 91 1 emer
gency system goes into effect April
Mayor Williamson said that the
board would have to consider the
town's finances, since the town al
ready donates S5,000 annually to the
?Mayor Williamson reported that
the Auantic Intracoaslal Walei way
is still being dredged and that Bruns
wick Electric Membership Cor
poration is currently placing electri
cal lines underground. The Depart
ment of Transportation will also be
gin re paving First Street shortly, she
?Commissioners set a public hear
ing for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, March
10, on the Council of Governments'
suggested adoption of a Vested
Rights Ordinance.
?Commissioners tabled until their
March 10 meeting two appointments
to the planning board. The board
needs to replace Terry Barbce. who
has resigned, but may reappoint Bill
Bullington, whose term has expired.
Four Are Injured In
Wreck On By- Pass
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Road, Ash. The car was stopped at
the intersection preparing to cross
U.S. 17 when it was struck by the
Another car, a 1976 Mercedes
sedan operated by Danny Joe Tyler,
33, of Lons, S.C., was stopped at the
intersection, preparing to turn left
into the northbound lanes of U.S.
Damages were estimated at
53,000 to the truck, S9.000 to
Tyler's Mercedes and S5.000 to
Evans' Ford.
A sccond accident was narrowly
avoided Friday night, as officers as
sisted stale Department of
Transportation workers in installing
new signal lights overhead.
Gause said five squad cars with
blue lights on were arrayed across
the intersection and Patrolman
Croom was helping run the lights
across when a gas tnick approached
the intersection.
Even with the lights, said Gause,
"The driver of the truck did not see
us. He slammed on brakes and start
ed skidding. Keith dropped the
lights and ran and the DOT people
got out of the way. If he hadn't
dropped the lights the truck would
have taken about four people."
As it was, the truck hit one of the
signal units lying on the roadbed.
"The only thing we can do is stay
on it," said CltieT Gause, while wait
ing to hear whether the N.C.
Department of Transportation will
build an overpass at the intersection.
"We're writing tickets and we're
considering road blocks to cheek tor
seatbclts. What we're trying to do is
prevent accidents.
"I still think the overpass is going
to be the answer," he said.
Officers have issued 75 or more
citations for stoplight violations
sincc the double-fatality accident,
Gause said, the Division of Motor
Vehicles has blitzed the bypass
twice in a safety crackdown on
The N.C. Department of
Transportation has begun a design
study that will help decide if an
overpass is needed at the intersec
Relatives of one of the Nov. 1 ac
cident victims, Smith, arc circulating
a petition calling for construction of
an overpass.
Rep. David Redwine said
Monday he has agreed to present the
petition to the state Board of
Transportation, which is scheduled
to meet at Sunset Beach in May, if
the family still wishes him to do so.
Also, he is asking DOT to consid
er overpasses not only for N.C. 130,
but for the intersections of U.S. 17
with N.C. 904 and N.C. 211 as well.
"They don't have a school nearby,
but they do have a lot of tourist traf
fic trying to get across a four-lane
highway nine months out of the
year," he said. "I'm hoping we don't
end up with three bad intersections."
\NOTICE: Reliable or consistent delivery cannot be
guaranteed since this newspaper must rely on the U.S.
Postal Service tor delivery. We can only guarantee that\
\your newspaper will be submitted to the post office in
Shallotte on Wednesday of the week of publication, in
time for dispatch to out-of-town addresses that day.
In Brunswick County ?6.30 J5.30
N.C. Sales Tax .38 .32
Postage Charge 3 68 3 68
TOTAL 10.36 9.30
Elsewhere In North Carolina J6.30 -i5.30
NT. Rales Tax .38 .32
Postage Charge 8.18 8.18
TOTAL 14.86 13.80
Outside North Carolina U6.30 J5.30
Postage Charge 9.65 9.65
TOTAL 15.95 14.95
Complete And Return To Above Address
I Name
I Address
City, State
Leland Couple Indicted On Murder
A Lcianci coupic whose 20-month-oid son
died from alcohol poisoning was indicted
Monday by a Brunswick County grand jury on
lirst-degree murder charges.
Oscar Carl Gore, 28, and Shelia Herring Gore,
both of Pincview Mobile Home Park, had been
charged with felony child abuse by the
Brunswick County Sheriff's Department since
Jan. 10.
But District Attorney Rex Gore presented evi
dence to the grand jury Monday that resulted in
murder charges instead.
Sheriff's Dctcctivc Nancy Simpson
investigated the Nov. 15 death of Thomas Otha
Gore. According to a toxicology rcpon from the
office of the chief medical examiner, the child
died from alcohol poisoning.
Ms. Simpson said the report indicated the
child could not have accidentally ingested the al
cohol and had to be fed the toxic amount.
The indictments state the coupic feloniously
and "of malice aforethought did kill and murder"
the child.
The grand jury also hamied down the follow
ing indictments Monday:
?Olaf Dale Varnam, of Supply, on five counts of
second-degree burglary involving homes on
Holdcn Beach. He was indicted Jan. 14 on seven
counts of breaking and entering, felonious larce
ny and possession of stolen goods.
Monday 's indictments accused him of break
ing into three homes between Jan. 25, 1990, and
April 4, 1990, on Occan Boulevard West and
two homes on Tuna Street.
?Irving Coleman !!!, 30, of Rut ledge Drive,
Wilmington, on charges of first-degree rape and
robbery with a dangerous weapon. He is accused
of robbing S63 from the victim on June 28.
?Calvin K. Gause, 27, of Route 9, Shallotte, on
a charge of first-degree rape stemming from an
alleged incident Nov. 16.
?James Gore, 40, of the Pinecrest Subdivision,
Shallotte, on four counts of breaking and enter
ing, four counts of felonious larceny and four
counts of possession of stolen goods.
Gore is accused of breaking into home on
Calabash Drive, in the Sea Village subdivision
near Shallotte and on Old Georgetown Road.
?Larry Thomas Noc, 42, of Holly Drive,
Lcland, on two charges of taking indecent liber
ties with children. The incidents allegedly in
volved a girl under 16 on Oct. 1 and Nov. 25.
?Rick Ortega, of Marshview Drive, Calabash, on
charges of breaking and entering, felonious larce
ny and possession of stolen goods. He is accused
of breaking into a home in Carolina Cove,
Calabash, on Dec. 30.
?Alberto Perez, 22, of Route 1, Currie, on
charges of possession of cocaine, possession of
marijuana, possession with intent to sell and de
liver marijuana and maintaining a dwelling or
motor vehicic to keep or sell drugs.
Charges were filed by Brunswick County
Sheriff's Detective Doug Todd stemming from a
Jan. 4 incident. Four pounds of marijuana were
seized, the warrant sUMes
?George Rankin, 27, of Shallottc, on a charge of
first-degree rape stemming from an alleged inci
dent Nov. 16.
?Marion J. Smith, 19, of Yaupon Beach, on a
charge of assault with a deadly weapon with in
tent to kill inflicting serious injury.
He is accused of hitting the victim about the
head and face with his fists on Sept. 19, even af
ter the victim was rendered unconscious, the in
dictment states, resulting in three fractures to the
victim's jaw bone.
?Douglas Mark Soles, 32, of Tabor City, on two
counts of forgery anil two counts of uttering a
forged instrument.
He is accused of forging two checks for S100
and SI 80 from Complete Cleaning Service on
Aug. 2 and Aug. 31 by placing a forged signa
ture on the checks.
?Rob Williams, of U.S. 17 souih, Shallottc, on
charges of larceny of a firearm and two counts
each of breaking and entering, felonious larceny
and possession of stolen goods.
He is accused of breaking into a home at
Route 1, Shallottc, on Sept. 11 where S2.915 in
items were taken, including a 16-gaugc shotgun.
Health Board
Approves No Smoking Policy
A plan to end smoking in the
Brunswick County Health Depart
ment within two years breezed past
the Board of Health Monday night.
The policy also asks that Bruns
wick County Commissioners end
smoking in all county offices at the
government center in Bolivia within
three years.
"It eliminates a lot of the smoking
now," said Brad Williams, health
board member, "but it also gives
employees two years and eight
chances to quit smoking."
Williams chaired a committee that
drafted the plan, which passed unan
imously. Also serving were a num
ber of health department employees,
one allergic to cigarette smoke and a
highly-addicted smoker, all with a
goal of working out a compromise.
It will take two months before
renovations arc complete at uic
heaiui department and foi ihe policy
to take effect, said Health Director
Michael Rhodes.
The plan will:
?End smoking in patient clinic areas
and common stall areas;
?End smoking in front of clients;
?Allow smoking in private offices
and a designated ventilated break
?Make smoking cessation programs
available every three months to em
?Eliminate all smoking in the health
department building within two
years; and
?Establish a non-smoking policy for
all Brunswick County offices within
three years.
"One of the things I like about
"It Give* pmnlnvpps txvn vpnrs nn/i pioht
a ? *? J ? J ? O
chances to quit smoking
?Brad Williams
Board Of Health
this is that it gives flexibility," said
board member Maliston "Mo"
Williams said he sees the policy
as a pilot program for county gov
ernment. He argued for keeping the
board's new conference room
smoke-free. Monday's meeting was
the first in the room that is part of
the newly-renovated wing at the
government center.
Bill Rabon questioned if the
board should eliminate smoking in a
room where other boards may be in
vited in to discuss the health depart
ment's budget.
"In common arcss. ! !cc! thiil !
should have the right not to breathe
in second-hand smoke," Williams
Rabon responded, "But it may be
a funding board," in reference to
county commissioners.
Commissioner Frankie Rabon, who
represents the commissioners on the
health board, did not attend the
meeting Monday.
The number of health employees
who do smoke is a small percentage,
around 10, said Rhodes.
Board member Pat Nutter, a
nurse, said employees at The
Brunswick Hospital were given a
six-month notice that smoking
would end inside the hospital.
Employees adopted that policy.
"It was interesting how many
have stopped over that period of
time," she said. "It has had an amaz
ingly positive impact. I think it can
be done because I've seen it done. I
don't think there will be that many
Project ASSIST
Ihe board wasn't as eager to join
New Hanover County in applying
for Project ASSIST grants. ASSIST
stands for American Stop Smoking
Intervention Study for Cancer
Projccl ASSIST will award S8.2
million in grants to North Carolina
counties, SI 14 million nationwide,
that want lo help residents stop
New Hanover County Health
Director Robert Parker asked the
board Monday lo join his county's
application for grant money. Three
of the board members verbally voted
to join the projccl while the rest ab
stained, making it unanimous.
When Chairman HJ. "Skip"
Davis called for a vote of those op
posed, there was a long silence.
"I'm having mixed emotions,"
said board member Arthur Knox.
The program would use existing
organizations and health depart
ments to assist in the elimination of
tobacco use by bringing effective
prevention and cessation inierven
lion to those who participate volun
Its tocus wouid be on children
and adolescents, pregnant women
and tobacco users who want to quit.
The goal is to reduce the number
of people who smoke from 30 per
cent today to 15 percent by the year
2000. The funds would pay for me
dia messages and in-school promo
"The tobacco industry is behind
not letting young people smoke,"
said Parker. "1 know that smoking is
a very controversial issue. 1 do want
to emphasize that we're not against
anyone's right to smoke."
Funds would go through the local
health departments. Brunswick
County can withdraw from the pro
ject at any time, said Parker.
Decisions would be made by a 24
mcmber panel, one a Brunswick
County Health Department ap
Rabon questioned why New
Hanover County made a last-minute
appeal for Brunswick County to join
the cause. The deadline for filing the
grant application is Feb. i4.
"Sometimes the lion comes to you
in lamb's clothing," said Rabon. "1
haven't even read this thing. I don't
want someone saying to me two
years from now, 'Well, you voted
for it.'"
Rhodes said he had questioned if
the project would take his employ
ees from their routine jobs.
"I can't foresee that being an
overburden," said Rhodes. "Our
staff now is to the breaking point.
We don't need any more stress or
additional work."
Charcoal Grill Sparks Carolina Shores Blaze
An unattended charcoal grill was
blamed for a fire lhat demolished
one Calabash home and seriously
damaged another last Wednesday
The blaze destroyed the Clute res
idence at 37 Gate 6 in Carolina
Shores, and caused extensive dam
age to the Beaver home next door,
said Calabash Fire Chief Jerry
Nobody was injured in the blaze,
but damage to the two homes and a
vehicle was estimated at between
SI 95, (XX) and S230,(XX).
The fire started late Wednesday
night from a cast-iron charcoal grill
that had been left at the edge of the
Clute 's garage.
"They were charcoaling and it
started raining so they went inside
and thought the rain would put it
out," Prince said. "I don't know if
the wind blew it over or what."
The fire apparently started in the
garage at the Clute residence, de
stroying a vehicle parked inside as
well as the home.
Prince said pine straw near the
grill caught fire, and the wind blew
it to a wooden fence between the
two homes.
From the fence, the fire jumped to
a side wall and the roof of the
Beaver residence.
The fire chief estimated the value
of the Clute vehicle and home at be
tween S 120,000 and SI 50,000.
Prince said the Beaver home sus
mined about an 80 percent loss. He
estimated damage at 575,000 to
A Brunswick County Sheriff's
Department deputy reported the fire
at 11:44 p.m. last Wednesday and
got the residents out of their homes.
Prince said.
Approximately 40 firefighters
from Calabash, Sunset Beach, Wac
camaw and Little River, S.C., de
partments responded to the scene
with eight tankers and pumpers.
Prince said it took about 20 min
utes to get the fire under control.
Firefighters stayed on the scene until
4 a.m. and relumed twice on
Thursday to put out small fires that
flared up.
Prince said firefighters couldn't
remove a 4 1/2-inch cap from a
nearby fire hydrant that had been
closcd too tightly and painted over.
The chief said the fire depart
ments had enough water and
couldn't have saved either home
even if they could have removed the
hydrant cap.
"We had water on the house as
soon as we got there but it slowed us
up," Prince said. "We lost time
hooking up lines."
Prince said the Calabash Volun
teer Fire Department at one time
checked fire hydrants in Carolina
Shores every three months.
Prince said Carolina-Blythe
Utilities, which provides water and
sewer service to the golf course com
munity, now checks the hydrants.
Undercover Officers Arrest Four
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j mg or storing drugs. In 1989, he
? was convicted in Brunswick County
Superior Court on a trafficking co
caine charge.
The Columbus County Sheriff's
Department also filed additional
charges against Bordeaux stemming
from last week's case, said Crocker.
He was still being held in the
Coiumbus Cuuuiy Jaii uiiuci
$50,000 bond Monday.
Tltc then led officers to the
Brooks residence at Seaside, where
officers seized nearly a pound of
marijuana, said Crocker.
Brooks was charged with two
counts of possession with intent to
sell and deliver more than 22
pounds of marijuana and two counts
of maintaining a vehicle to keep or
to store drugs.
Two vehicles and a boat rcgis
J tered to Brooks were also seized.
said Crockcr. He was still being held
in the Brunswick Couniy Jail
Monday under $50,000 bond.
At least 25 pounds of marijuana
were involved in the alleged drug
deal, said Crockcr. All has been
confiscated except for about a
"We're still investigating that,"
saift Prnflfpr
SBI agents expect more arrescs
stemming from "the Joseph Brooks
connection," he added.
Detectives also charged the four
suspects with possessing drugs
without N.C. Department of
Revenue drug tax stamps. By law,
persons caught in possession of
drugs are subject to penalties if they
have not previously purchased tax
stamps based on the value of the
The penally in this case is
$34,927, said Crocker. That amount
automatically doubles within 48
hours if left unpaid, as in this ease.
Approximately 75 percent of the
tax proceeds return to the counties
to help law officers battle drugs and
25 percent goes to the .Department
of Revenue.
"We were able to lake 25 pounds
of marijuana off the streets," said
Crocker "In this raw important in
formation came from a confidential
source. We encourage people to call
Us if they SUSpCCi something.
The marijuana was a high quality
of Columbian trade and not locally
grown, he said.
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Telephone 754-6890
Published Every Thursday
At 4709 Main Street
Shallotte, N.C. 28459
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Six Months $5.55
One Year S 14.86
Six Monliis $7.90
One Year SI 5.95
Six Months $8.35
Second class postage paid at
Shallotte, N.C. 28459. USPS 777
780. Postmaster, send address
changes to:
P.O. Box 2558,
Shallotte, N.C. 28459-2558

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