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    Bookkeeper Gets
20 Years For
Taking $147,000
A bookkeeper accused of diverting more than
$147,000 from an Occan Isle Beach developer was sen
tenced in Brunswick County Superior Court last week to
20 years in prison.
Catha Camp Mitchell, 35, of Masonboro Loop
Road, Wilmington, pleaded guilty to one count of ob
taining property under false pretense, seven counts of
forgery and seven counts of uttering.
She was a bookkeeper for Sloane/ Anderson Builders
Inc. of Occan Isle last year when the money disappear
ed. Grand jury indictments accused her of forging
names on wire transfers and company checks to divert
money into her husband's account, at AUantic Coast
Environmental Consulting.
Charges were consolidated for sentencing by Judge
William C. Gore Jr. last Wednesday, Feb. 12. The prison
term will run concurrent with a sentence she is now
serving on an embezzlement conviction in New
Hanover County.
Gore recommended work release when Ms. Mitchell
becomes eligible and ordered that she make restitution
lo the victim and participate in psychological testing.
According to court records, she was convicted on
forgery charges in 1983 and 1987 in Durham County
Superior Court and on an obtaining property under false
pretense charge in January 1988 in Durham County.
After spending about three years in prison, she was
paroled Oct. 23, 1989, the records show.
Wiiiningimi police etuuged iier with Five counts of
embezzlement in May 1990. She was convicted on all
five counts and sentenced to three years' probation and
ordered to repay more than S 1,300 for checks she
cashed belonging to a Wilmington business.
Sloanc/Andcrson Builders filed suit against Ms.
Miichcll in Brunswick County Superior Court in
October, hoping to recoup the company's money that
was reported to have been used to build and furnish Ms.
Mitchell's home in Wilmington.
Judge Gore also heard the following cases during
the Feb. 10-13 session of Superior Court:
?Gregory Allen Robinson, 32, of Route 1 , Supply, ad
mitted to a probation violation, six-year sentence, credit
for time served awaiting a hearing, not recommended
for work release.
?Aaron Michael Burke, 19, of E. Beach Drive, Long
Beach, admitted to a probation violation, continue on
curfew and intensive probation.
?Charles Edward Stanley, 27, of Route 1 , Ash, pleaded
guilty to one count of possession of a controlled sub
stance, five-year sentence, suspended, five years* super
vised probation, ordered not to possess any controlled
substances or illegal drugs, submit to tests, not associate
with co-defendant Robert Collins, pay S250 attorney
fees (Feb. 10). At defendant's request, in Feb. 13 session
judge revoked probation and activated five-year sen
?James Elliot Hargrove III, 21, of West Street,
South port, admitted to a probation violation, three-year
sentence with treatment for cocaine abase.
?Charles Lewis Holmes Jr., 20, of Lcland, admitted to a
probation violation, continue on probation, pay a super
vision fee, attorney cost remitted, ordered not to possess
or consume alcoholic beverages, submit to tests, partici
pate in the Impact program, pay restitution except what
has been paid by co-defendants.
?Kristyn Jennifer Lind, 23, of Midway Park, Shallotte,
sentenced for two counts of obtaining property under
false pretense, seven days in jail.
?Marlie Frank Green, 25, of Long Beach, pleaded
guilty to two counts of second-degree burglary, driving
while license revoked and consuming mall beverage in a
passenger area, charges consolidated, 14-year sentence,
credit for time served awaiting trial, recommended treat
ment for alcohol abuse and DART (prison drug and al
cohol rehabilitation program), pay $500 attorney fees.
?Chuck Edward Gabbard, 30, of Pine Drive, Southport,
defense motion to dismiss drunk and disruptive charge
at close of state's evidence allowed.
?Ronnie Daniels, 34, of Ocean Isle Beach, admits pro
bation violation, six-year sentence activated at defen
dam's request, with treatment for cocainc abuse recom
?Larry Lampkins, 21, of Route 2. Leiaiiu, pieaded
guilty to felonious possession of stolen property, five
year sentence, pay S300 attorney fees.
?Glen Williams Dowc, 26, of Ballard's Mobile Home
Park, Lcland, found not guilty by a jury on charges of
selling cocainc and possession with intent to sell co
?Mitchell Dean Rodgers. 30. of Route 3, Shallotlc,
pleaded guilty to driving 50 mph in a 35 mph zone,
court costs, voluntary dismissal of driving while im
paired charge.
?David Eugene McNeil, 23, of Shallotlc, asked that
sentence be activated following probation violation,
two-year sentence to run concurrent with sentence now
serving, recommended for DART program for alcohol
rehabilitation, no recommendation as to work release.
?Steven Lee Steel, 44, of E. Moore Street, Southport.
mistrial declared alter jury could not reach a verdict on
breaking and entering, larceny and possession charges.
?Roger Dale Godwin, 35, of Route 2, Tabor City, plead
ed guilty to felonious breaking and entering, three-year
sentence, credit for time served awaiting trial.
Godwin was charged with a siring of break-ins at
Sunset Beach in January 1991. He pleaded guilty to
breaking into a home owned by Greg Gore on E. Main
Street and faced a maximum of 10 years in prison.
Gunman Robs
Manager of Cedar
Hill Road
DCiCCiiVCS hflVC a suspcct i n the
armed robbery of a local nightclub
last Thursday, Feb. 13.
According to Brunswick Coumv
Sheriff's Deputy Brian Sander,,
someone entered the Crowd Plcascr
Lounge on Cedar Hill Road with a
gun and demanded money. The club
is located in the Phoenix community
in northern Brunswick County.
A manager told deputies the sus
pcct entered the building with a small
container filled with a liquid. When
asked u> leave, the man told the man
ager, "You listen to me. I'm not go
ing anywhere," Sanders reported.
He then reached into his jacket
and pulled out a .38-caliber pistol
and placed it against the manager's
chest, saying that he "wanted every
thing inside of his store, including
the money," Sanders reported.
The gunman followed the manag
er behind die bar to a cash box
where he was given about SI 50, the
report states. The suspect then
backed out of the store with the gun
pointed at the manager.
The case is still under investiga
In other reports on Hie at the sher
lit h uCptuuTiCnr.
?Burglars who forced a door open
stole two video recorders and a tele
vision from the Touch of Class shop
on N.C. 179 at Ocean Isle Feb. 12,
Deputy J.M. Adams reported.
?A 1991 Nissan reported stolen
from a Pigott Road home Feb. 14
was found on Bay Road at Shallottc
Point, wrecked and with its radio
speakers removed, Adams reported.
Deputy Randy Robinson said the
513,000 vehicle had been hot-wired,
had a broken window and a flat tire.
?Thieves broke into the Paul Clcwis
Engine Repair shop or. N.C. 130 west
Friday and took a computer tester, ra
dio, air wrench, tools and gauges val
ued at $2,340, Adams reported.
?A video camera worth SI, 300 was
stolen from a Thomasboro Road
home near Calabash Feb. 13, after
someone entered the home through a
bedroom window. Deputy Becky
McDonald reported.
?Equipment worth $2,900 was
stolen from the Striplap Hose Manu
facturing building in the Leland in
dustrial Park between Feb. 1-15, re
ported Deputy William Hewett. A
copier, telephone equipment and
wheelbarrow are missing.
?Four orange traffic cones, worth
$100 and owned by the Brunswick
County Water Department, wore
stolen Feb. 13 from the construction
site at Supply Elementary School,
reported Sgt. Gene Browning.
?A 1987 Ford van, valued at
515,000, was reported stolen by a
South port resident Feb. 12, Deputy
Charles Crocker reported. The van
had been loaned to a friend for haul
ing furniture, but has not been re
?Someone broke a window at the
H.B. Lee Oil Company in Leland
Friday, setting off an alarm. Deputy
Richard DuVall reported. Damage
was estimated at $200, and a $100
television was taken.
?Drink machines were vandalized
at the St. James Plantation tennis pro
shop and in front of the Rose's
Department Store in Southport Sat
urday. An estimated $ ISO in change
was taken from the St. James ma
chine and an undetermined amount
from the Rose's site. Deputy Cathy
Hamilton reported.
?Damage was estimated at S675 to
a mobile home in Soulhgate Estates
shot by a BB gun Friday, reported
Ms. Hamilton. A glass door was
broken and a wall damaged.
?Two teen-agers who gathered and
stole 1,100 golf balls from the Pro
Tec Driving Range on N.C. 179 at
Bricklanding were caught Feb. 13,
Adams reported. One suspect agreed
to return the balls, valued at $286,
ihni were, hidden in a shed on Cop?.s
Road. That suspect agreed to work
at the range in retribution, but the
second suspect did not report for
?An estimated 54,319 in antique
tumiture and household items were
stolen from a home at Hickman's
Crossroads Saturday, reported De
puty R.W. Long III. Suspects may
have entered through a garage win
?A 35 hp Johnson boat motor worth
SI, 700 was stolen from a Route 9,
Shallotte, home Saturday, Adams re
?Three shotguns and a six-pack of
beer were stolen from a home on
Cherry tree Road (S.R. 1406) near
Winnabow, Hewett reported. The
items are worth around $570.
?A suspect ran from the Carolina
Shores 76 station Saturday with
three cases of beer. Long reported.
Two cases were found in the
Pinecrest subdivision.
?Items worth S3.915 were stolen
from a Carolina Shores home Satur
day, including two handguns, jewel
ry, a camera and a typewriter.
Deputy Phil Bryant reported. Dam
age was estimated at S75 to a bath
room window.
?Two video recorders, a television
and some silver serving trays were
stolen from the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints on Old
Fayetie.villp. Road in Leland. Deputy
Steve Mason reported. A side win
dow had been broken with a water
sprinkler, blood was found on the
wall and paneling.
?A Calabash woman told Deputy
Kcithan Home thai a man who had
been staying with her temporarily
knocked her to the floor and took
her money, watch and baby's clothes
by force on Saturday.
?A bicycle valued at S30 was taken
from Community Chapel Church on
N.C. 130 east of Shallotte Sunday,
Ms. McDonald reported.
?Rods and reels valued at S430
were stolen from a home in West
Tanglewood subdivision between
Dec. 7 and Feb. 16, Ms. McDonald
reported. A front window had been
?Vandals cut holes in a surfboard
and broke a number of model air
planes in a home at Northridgc in
Supply Sunday, Ms. McDonald rc
ported. Damage was estimated at
54,000. A storage shed had also
been broken into.
?Mailboxes were damaged or de
stroyed at a number of locations.
Damage was estimated at S60 to one
at Route 3, Supply; one was ripped
from a post and placed on the front
porch at a home on Old Maco Road
Sunday; one with a winter scenc
painted on it was stolen from a
home on Airport Road, Long Beach;
and six were destroyed with a blunt
object at Daniels Mobile Home Park
on Blue Banks Road near Lcland
Friday, resulting in S245 in damage.
Recovered Property Was Worth $56,225
Brunswick County Sheriff's deputies recovered property valued at
$56,225 during January, according to the monthly departmental report.
OlLcers answered 1,252 calls last month. 111 of which were domestic
in nature.
Officers made 35 arrests as prosecuting witness, conducted 290 inves
tigations, served 558 civil papers and 439 local warrants, summoned 234
witnesses and discovered one fure. They also served five mental and ine
briate papers, served four juvenile papers and found six doors or win
dows open.
Crime prevention officers conduclcd 20 meetings in January, and the
Narcotics Division seized no marijuana plants, according to the report.
Officers traveled 103, 126 tnuCS, using 7^04 gallons of met auu mak
ing 1 5 trips out of the county.
Officers spent 10 hours in court while off duly and 27 hours in court
while on duty.
Few Are Talking About
Proposed County Noise Ordinance
A proposed Brunswick County
noise ordinance drew few comments
Monday night
Seven people attended the public
hearing, and only a few spoke.
An ordinance was First written in
1990 in response to residents' com
plaints about unruly neighbors, but
the draft never made it to a public
hearing. County commissioners
pulled it from the shelf last month in
response to more complaints from
the Holden Beach area, where loud
music was reportedly knocking
items off of residents' walls.
Commissioners took no action on
the ordinance Monday.
Glenn Gwens of Bolivia told
commissioners the ordinance would
involve the county in "policing of
neighbors' squabbles".
"I think it's going to be a lot of
money spent unnecessarily," said
Brunswick County sheriff's depu
ties are now powerless when re
sponding to noise complaints. With
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out an ordinance on the books,
r4/*ni ilioo oon /\?l?i ooLr nni nkkr\rc ?a
uvpuuvj vuii uiuj tun itvigi ii/v/i J m/
tum down their stereos, to stop ham
mering or to quit making other nois
es in areas where there is no munici
pal noise ordinance in effect.
Punishment for violating the ordi
nance would be up to a 5500 fine or
a 30-day jail term. Warrants would
have to be filed through a magis
trate's office.
It would only be enforced when
there is a "blatant disregard and dis
respect for one's neighbors," said
County Commissioners Chairman
Kelly Holden.
But Owens said it may prompt
feuding neighbors to make more fre
quent calls to the sheriff's depart
ment The document sets no decibel
level to help define when a noise is
labeled a nuisance.
"You have to take a reading on
it," said Tom Yeagle of Supply.
"There's not a noise level stated in
The ordinance pruhibiis Glaciating
a radio, television, tape recorder,
musical instrument, loudspeaker,
phonograph or other electronic ma
chine so that the noise or sound is
audible at a distance of SO feel from
a building, structure, property or ve
But many noises arc heard be
yoncl 50 feet swsy, s?id Ycsglc. The
ordinance should define nuisance
noises rather than just loud noises,
he said.
When persons learn that there is
no ordinance, they often "turn the
boom boxes even louder," said
Holden, "knowing that nothing
could be done."
He said the most complaints have
come from the Holden Beach,
Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach and
Boiling Spring Lakes communities.
"I'm just mighty concerned about
it," said Owens. "You'll start putting
an ordinance in effect for the south
end of the county that's going to af
fect the whole county, in areas with
out the urban development."
District 4 Commissioner Frankie
Rabon said he is concerned that a
paragraph prohibits the keeping of
any animal that causes a noise to
disturb, injure or endanger the quiet,
comfort, repose, health, peace or
safety of any other person.
We rc not gosng to put 2 muzzle
on Mr. Rabon's deer dogs," added
Rabon owns "about 46" deer dogs
in rural Town Creek, but they are far
enough away from neighbors so that
they do not disturb anyone, he said.
But what about other animals in
more populated areas? he asked.
Rabon agree that ii would be dif
ficult to enforce a noise ordinance
unless a reading is taken on volume.
Wiiii luuu music, "oncc you get
the decimeter out they're going to be
gone anyway," said Rabon. "It's dif
ficult, unless you have a constant
noise to gel a reading from."
Some feuding neighbors have re
sorted to taking out trespassing war
rants against one another because of
loud noises, said County Attorney
David Clegg. It's up to the courts to
decide if noise damage is a form of
Tlie proposed ordinance would al
so prohibit excessive noises from
firms and corporations; loud horns
or signaling devices except as dan
ger warnings: noises from chain
saws, power mowers, motorboats or
vehicles without muftlers; unneces
sary grating, grinding or rattling
noises from an automobile, motor
cycle or other engine; shouting or
crying of peddlers, hawkers and
vendors; and drums or musical in
struments to attract attention to a
show or sale.
It would not apply to fire, rescue,
sheriff or other emergency vehicles;
parades; sporting events; public
functions; churches; and activities
conducted in a gym, arena, theatre,
amphitheater, swimming pool, stadi
um, rifle range, gun club or other
similar sporting facility.
Two Drivers Escape Injuries
Two drivers escaped injuries Sun
day afternoon in a wreck on U.S. 17
near Calabash.
Melvin Russell Riley, 80, of
South pert was charged with fail""*
lo yield after his car pulled into the
path of another car, State Trooper
B.L. Wilkes reported.
According to Wilkes" report,
Riley had slopped at a stop sign at
the intersection of Persimmon Road
(S.R. 1167) and U.S. 17. He then
pulled his 1986 Ford into the south
bound lane of U.S. 17, Wilkes stat
The Riley vehicle was struck by a
1990 Mercury iravoling north and
driven by Donald E. Blair, 69, of
Nassau, New York, Wiikes stated.
Damage was estimated at 52,500
to the Riley car and $2,000 to the
Blair vehicle. Neither driver was
transported to the hospital following
the 3 p.m. accident.
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