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    SBTA Board Won't Stop
Pushing For Height Limit
At Sunset Beach
The Sunset Beach Taxpayers Association says it
wmi'i give up iiying to influence suuiigci building
height regulations on the coastal town's island.
After a meeting last Friday of the SBTA board of di
rectors, a decision was reached to
"determine the feelings of our mem
bers," as well as to enlist the support
of local government officials, said
SBTA President Cletas Waldmillcr
in an interview Saturday.
The SBTA board has not suc
ceeded, in two attempts, in persuad
ing the Sunset Beach Town Council
7)1 to request the state legislature to set
a height limit of 35 feet for buildings
WALDMIMER constructed on the island.
That rule already exists in the town's zoning ordi
nance, subject to change by the town's governing body.
However, the proposed legislation would provide
that the rule could be changed only by a referendum of
residents of Sunset Beach, which is exactly what the or
^uriiuuiuM naPllS.
A letter from the SBTA board of directors printed in
the Feb. 6 issue of The Brunswick Beacon stated the
board's interest in "adding muscle to our existing 35
fool height limitation zoning ordinance," which the let
ter suggested could be threatened by the addition of a
sewer line to the mainland.
"Currcndy, the height limitation may be changed at
any time by a majority vote of the town council. In other
words, three people have the power to changc radically
"Our ultimate goal is to take it up with Mr. Redwine''
? Cletus Waldmiller, SBTA President
the landscape and future of our community," the letter
stated. "What is wrong with having a decision of such
vital importance to the future of our community made
by the people of our community?"
That group fears the addition of sewer lines would
invite developers to build high-rises on the island,
adding that "new council members may not have the
commitment to low-rise development that our current
members do."
Copies of the letter were also sent to Sunset Beach
Town Council members for consid
eration before their Feb. 3 town
The proposal was introduced by
Councilman Bud Scrantom at that
meeting. He withdrew his motion al
ter discussion by other members.
While engineers with Powell
Associates of North Myrtle Beach
were speaking to the council about
their sewer system study.
Council woman Julia Thomas asked SCRANTOM
them if the sewer lines presently being proposed could
serve high-rise development.
Engineer Jim Billups answered that the system he
and Joe Tombro were planning for Sunset Beach would
be suited to accommodate the community under its cur
rent conditions.
When Scrantom brought up the height limitation is
sue later in the meeting, Ms. Thomas said she'd asked
the question for the purpose of knowing that the sewer
system would put a "check" on high-rise development.
The rest of the council agreed that no need exists to
change the present policy on height limitations.
Councilwoman Chcrri Cheek concurred with Ms.
Thomas, stating that she believed the limits on the sewer
system would limit the ability to build a high-rise on the
Waldmiller, present at the council meeting, asked
that the council reconsider, stating that the sewer system
could be modified. Larger pumps and larger lines could
be installed if larger buildings were built on the island,
he argued.
"I don't understand the reluctance on the part of the
town council," he said in his rebuttal.
The issue of height limitations was initiated at a
Dec. 2 meeting of the Sunset Beach town council, but
failed then as well.
At that meeting. Councilman Bud Scrantom moved
that the coastal community follow the direction of near
by Holdcn Beach and Long Beach by having the state
enact legislation that would change height regulations
only by a majority vole of its residents.
Scrantom's motion did not rcctivc a second at that
meeting, and was dropped from consideration.
In a telephone interview last Thursday, Ms. Thomas
explained her reasons for i.ot siding with Scrantom on
the issue.
"Height regulations could be changed even if it were
given over to the state," she said of
the proposed state legislation. "You
don't have any guarantees."
"The sewer system has been
planned for our present height limits,
and 1 don't feci like anyone would
do anything to change that," Ms.
Thomas continpucd. "But I do feel
there's a definite need for a sewer
system, if you look at the over
crowding we have in the summer."
"It's too small, and too pretty
like it is," she said of the island's low-rise development.
"And I can't see that a sewer system would mean high
rise development. There's no reason to get shook over
For now, the issue will be handled by the SBTA
board, which Waldmiller said will be in touch with its
members to get a feeling for what they want.
"All the feed back we've received has been support
ive," Waldmiller said Saturday.
The board also plans to ask State Rep. David
Rcdwinc for support on the issue.
"Not until wt have more information from our mem
bers," he said, "but our ultimate goal is to take it up with
Mr. Rcdwine."
mi- -II- . 4 - *: rss&ssrr
Believe !t
When they said nine feet, they meant it. This sign over the drive leading from Coastal Plaza shopping center to First Investor's Savings
Hank in Shallotte was struck last week by a tractor being hauled on the bed of a truck, reported teller Sonya Potter. "I guess they didn't
read the sign," she said.
County Takes First Step To Link Libraries
Brunswick County Commission
ers look the first official step in
forming a countywidc library sys
tem Monday
A joint resolution approved by a
4-0 vote will revert the title to
Southport's library branch to
Brunswick County on July 1. That
will allow the county to operate the
library as a department of county
government and also establish a new
board of trustees.
District 3 Commissioner Gene
Pinkerton was away on a business
trip and did not attend Monday's
meeting. He has expressed support
in the past for a county-opcrated li
brary system and chaired the com
mittee that recommended the move.
The agreement signed by com
missioners Monday is subject to ap
proval by the Soulhport Board of
"1 don't see that as being a prob
lem," said County Attorney David
Clegg. "It's what they've agreed to."
As low as $14.95
Batter replacement $4
Hwy. 130 E.. Shallotte ? 754-2717
Commissioners Chairman Kelly
Holden called it "another historic
vote" for the county board.
Presently, the cities of Southport,
Shalictlc and Brunswick County
fund the three library branches ? in
Southport, Shallotte and Leland. A
formal agreement between South
port and the county previously es
tablished a board of trustees, with
six appointed by commissioners and
six by the city of Southport
But under the county system, a
new board of trustees will be select
ed and library workers will become
county employees.
"We are looking at a new library
board that geographically represents
all areas of the county," said Holden.
Shallotte officials must make the
first move if it wants the town's
West Brunswick branch library to
become part of the county system.
Monday's resolution doesn't address
the Shallotte or Leland branches for
the county had no formal agree
ments regarding those two sites.
i/Nri 1 1
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necklaces, rings. Starting at $19.95
| Hwy. 130 E . Shallotte ? 754-2717
"I don't see any problem there,"
said Holder
Plans to reorganize the library
system surfaced last fall when resi
dents in the Leland area planned to
build a new $207,000 branch in
Leland. The building committee and
board of trustees became deadlocked
over who should have control of the
The board of trustees learned that
by state law a library system cannot
own buildings or land if it's not part
of county government. Leland resi
dents asked that the county assume
responsibility for building the new
Leland branch and form a county
wide system.
Monday's agreement will allow
the county and Southport time to
make budget decisions for the 1992
93 fiscal year.
"This is one area I want to put as
much effort to, in our budget, as we
can," said Holden.
Oak Island and Calabash resi
dents are also asking for library
branches. A group on Gak Island is
raising money to help build a
Other Business
In other business Monday, the
?Appointed Charlotte Buckley as
minor Coastal Area Management
Act (CAMA) permit officcr for lot
permits issued through the Bruns
wick County Planning Department.
?Approved budget amendments to
accept more than $15,000 in slate
funds for five Brunswick County
Health Departmc". programs.
?Adopted a resolution asking utc
N.C. Department of Transportation
to erect a sign at Goodman Road
(S.R. 1414) and U.S. 17 to mark the
Spring Hill community, as requested
by residents.
?Set a public hearing on March 2, at
6:15 p.m., on the changing of 30
county road names for various rea
sons as needed for the county's 911
emergency program.
?Accepted Wilmington Communic
ations' low bid of $226,299 for ra
dio equipment for the county's en
hanced 911 communications pro
gram set to begin in April.
?Appointed William Browning to
the Brunswick County Utility Ope
rations Board to replace Charlie Lor g
of District S, and tabled naming of a
replacement for D.V. Jones, an at
large member who recently resigned.
?Appointed Jonathan Hankins to
the Nursing/Domiciliary Advisory
?Held a public hearing on changes
in the N.C. Community Develop
ment Block Grant program, which
awards money to counties for com
munity revitalization, economic de
velopment and low-income housing
projects. Proposed changes make the
county eligible for more programs
and encourages minority and local
contractors to bccome involved in
area projects, said Clegg. No one
commented on the changes ex
plained by Brunswick County
Public Housing Director Pcrita
Carolina Contract
Window Coverings
?Mini, Mid-Size and Micro Blinds
?Wood Blinds
.Pleated Shades
\V/^ Free Estimates
Contract Prices
316 N. 15th St.
'92, 70x14, 3 BR, 2 baths with residential siding,
shingle roof, stereo system, furnished. Delivered
and set up. Payments under $1 80 per month.
New doublewides
Starting at $250 per month
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? '
BCC Trains 14 In CASAS
Literacy Instruction Method
Fourteen people have completed
16 hours of training in a competen
cy-based adult literacy program
Brunswick Community College is
using now on its three campuses.
By this fall, all BCC literacy
classes will be taught using Com
prehensive Auull Student Assess
ment System (CASAS) methods.
Completing the training were
BCC literacy/GED instructors Rich
Dixon, Bill Ganey, Kathy Sessions,
Rita Ramphal, Carl White and Ethel
R Gore; BCC Learning Lab staff
members Lynn Ruark and Betty
Singletary; BCC Literacy Recruiter
Catherine Godley; BCC Brunswick
Interagency Program staff member
Joy Knotts and Brunswick County
Literacy Council representatives
Edith Bridger, Lila Milieu and
Gladys Wagenseil.
Anita B. White, director of the
Brunswick Interagency Program,
served as facilitator. CASAS uses a
common sense, life skills approach to
teaching. Adult learners arc assessed
by their mastery of basic functional
skills needed in carrying out their
daily lives. Also, emphasis is piaced
on critical thinking, problem solving
and communication skills.
The next CASAS training is
scheduled for two consecutive Sat
urdays, May 2 and May 9, from 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at BCC's main
Anyone interested in teaching
adult literacy can sign up for the
training. More information about
participating in the literacy program
as a student or as an instructor is
available by calling the college;
754-6900, 457-6329 or 343-0203.
Area Students Receive Honors
Two Brunswick County residents
made honor's lists at Campbell Uni
versity for the 1991 fall semester,
announced Paul Johnson of the
school's public information office.
Daryl Wayne Trexler of Southport
made the president's list, showing
eligibility for the dean's list and liv
ing a cumulative average of 3.5 or
higher. Valerie Lynn Smith of South
pen made the dean's list, achieving
a grade point average of 3.25 or
higher for 12 semester hours.
On Dean's List
Frankie K. Nichols, a graduate of
West Brunswick High School and
former Brunswick County resident,
attained the 1991 fall semester
dean's list at North Carolina State
University in Raleigh.
Miss Nichols is a junior at NCSU,
majoring in English.
To attain the dean's list, a student
must earn a grade point average of
2.50 or beuer.
Sent Overseas
Airman First Class Bryon F.
Chandler, assigned to the U.S.
Central Command Air Forces, has
been deployed to Saudi Arabia to as
sist in the aftermath of Operation
Desert Storm.
Chandler, a security specialist, is
the son of Carroll F. Chandler of
Bolivia and a 1988 graduate of
South Bn,m . ick High School, Boil
ing Spring Lakes.
Promoting Drive
Sky Bramlcy, exalted ruler of
Calabash Elks Lodge No. 2679, was
to be interviewed on a Wilmington
news program Wednesday, Feb. 19.
He was to be featured in an inter
view segment with Angela Sparrow
during the evening news on WWAY
TV-3, promoting the Elks' Feb. 22
blood drive.
Makes List
Jennifer P. Culpepper of Shalloue
has been named to the dean's list at
High Point University for (he 1991
fall semester, announced Bobby
Hayes, director of media relations.
To qualify for the honor, Ms.
Culpepper completed 12 semester
hours with a grade point average of
3.5 or higher.
Schools Won't
Brunswick County Schools will
not hold a countywide curriculum
fair this spring, Gloria Yount, public
information officer, said Thursday.
Instead, she said, "We will ask
each school to have its own curricu
lum fair."
That should still accomplish the
main goal of the event, she said,
which is to get information out to
the parents on what children are
studying and accomplishing in
Curriculum fair winners can ad
)o County Fair
vance to district competition in three
divisions: science, math and com
puter science.
On a related note, Lola Jackson, a
Shallot te Middle School art toucher
and youth exhibit coordinator for
Franklin Square Gallery in South
port, is encouraging school art in
structors to hold their own school
wide competitions in the absence of
a county curriculum fair art show,
and to display the winning art works
at the Youth Gallery in Franklin
Square Gallery.
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